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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Monkey Ball"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Monkey Ball (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Sibs
This is a walkthrough for Super Monkey Ball EXPERT MODE ONLY.
The floor numbers are indicated on the left.

1) A very simple level, just look out for the holes!

2) Getting to the blue exit is simple, but you should try the
red warp exit. Just line yourself up with the thin ramp and jam

3) Blue Exit: While waiting for the platform to spin back round,
move to the right side of the platform and face the goal. As it
spins back into position press forward hard and steer yourself
Green (Warp) Exit: This time move to the left of the starting
platform and wait for the blue exit to be on top again. The
green exit platform will spin underneath you and just before
it�s level with the start platform press forward and guide
yourself into the exit.

4) From the start just move round the platform and over the
humps, then wait for the moving platforms before crossing over.
After crossing the moving platforms, jam forwards to get over
the jump and then the small wall. Align yourself with the ramp
ahead and press forwards hard to grab the banana bunch, but jam
back as you land so as not to hit the bouncers. Carefully
navigate through the bouncers and move along the thin platform
slowly until it�s straight, then line yourself up and hold
forwards until you�re through the goal!

5) Bonus Stage- To get all the bananas go round the outer
square, then inner square, then nab the remaining 2 bananas and
any you missed.

6) Move to the far end (either side) of the starting platform.
When the small squares come, get on the far one (that diagonally
touches the starting platform) and wait for it to move back to
it�s big square. When it has, get the banana on your big square
and wait for the 8 big squares to meet. You can move onto any of
the 3 big squares that are closest to the exit platform, then
when the big square you�re on breaks into the small squares,
ensure you�re on one that will meet with the exit platform and
just roll through the goal!

7) A tough one- jam forward at the start, but ensure you don�t
fall off the end! Line yourself up with the ramp on the right
and hold forwards. As soon as you�re over the peak hold back so
you don�t fall off the other side. Go down the steps at a medium
pace- too fast and you won�t be able to stop. Move to the right
of the platform below the steps and put yourself between the 3rd
and 4th little squares from the far edge. Then face the
checkerboard bit and hold forward. With enough momentum you�ll
jump all the holes. Hopefully you�ll have 30 odd seconds left to
navigate the long thin path to the exit.

8) You have only 30 seconds, but it�s easy if you can jump off
the edge of a few platforms onto the ones below.

9) The thinner the wire you navigate, the shorter the distance
you�ll have to travel, so take your time on the thinner ones,
but don�t go too slow if you choose a thicker wire!

10) Bonus Stage- Follow the circular waves to try and go round
the outer, then inner banana circles.

11) Practice makes perfect in this relatively simple one- just
don�t go too fast and don�t hit the bumpers!

12) Another easy one as long as you stick to the wider parts of
each cog.

13) Press forward hard at the start and hold until you reach the
final platform, then pull back and a little to the right so you
don�t fall into the hole. Turn 90 degrees right and move down
the ramp. Pick up some speed over the straight so you can get
back up the ramp. Turn 90 degrees right when up, and take the
left track. Pick up speed so you jump the gap. Try to turn right
slightly as you jump so you don�t go off the opposite edge. Move
along the platform then cross over the two ledges that touch
corners and roll to the goal!

14) This level is quite easy as long as you study the bumpers�
movement patterns. To get past the last 3 you�ll need to put
your monkey on the very edge of the ledge.

15) Simply a matter of timing this one. Get close to the goal,
and push forward just before it lines up with you.

16) Move along the ledge on your left to start and just before
you reach it�s end swerve off to the right and immediately pull
back against the slope. If you get it right you should be able
to slowly guide your monkey diagonally over the first, uppermost
middle tile then into the goal.

17) Timing and momentum. As soon as you see the bumpers pass you
run onto the conveyor belt, run against it and move back into
the safe part again, hopefully moving a section closer to the
goal each time.

18) Just hold forwards and try to stay on the top side of the
tilt. If you�re about to fall off let go of forwards and push
directly against the slop until it levels out again.

19) Not too difficult when you get the hang of it. Just remember
not to go so fast that you fall off the other side (going up or

20) Bonus Stage- To get all bananas try to follow the diagonal
lines of them in between the bumpers. And don�t hit any

21) Not too bad when you get the hang of it. When the right wall
is about to hit you, move to the left of the ledge and vice

22) Appears very hard at first. Move to the slope, but stay at
it�s near corner. Face the jutting out ledge on the ramp and
push forward so you hit it. You should (hopefully) land on the
right section of the �S�. As you land hold back and steer
yourself to stop yourself flying off the edge. Go round the
curve until you reach the straight section facing the �E� and
keep holding forward. You�ll bounce onto the �E�, keep holding
forward until you�re on the inside section of the �G�. Turn
around and follow the �G� until you�re facing the �A�. Hold
forwards until you�re on the inside section of the �A�, then you
can reach the goal.

23) Easy one this, just take your time and wait for the ledges
to line themselves up.

24) You just need to practice on this one, learn when you can
speed up and when to slow down for sharp corners.

25) An easy one if you know how. Move slowly and fall into the
first divot and hit forward. As soon as you�re over the peak,
let go of the control stick, then hit forward again as soon as
you hit the ground. Repeat until you reach the goal.

26) Easy again. Just ensure you�re going off the right side of
each ledge and don�t push forward too hard so you won�t fall off
the opposite edge.

27) The left route is easiest. For this one you just need to
have a decent amount of speed so you won�t falloff when crossing
the diagonals between squares.

28) At the beginning you need to make sure you don�t fall off
the right of the spiral and towards the end ensure you don�t
fall off the left. The hardest part is hitting the goal tape
rather than one of its sides�

29) Hard at first, it is useful to watch the birds-eye map (in
the bottom right corner of your screen) to see when the conveyor
belts will meet and so when you can hop between them.

30) Bonus Stage- I find the easiest way to get all bananas here
is to just systematically go up and down each row.

31) At the start press and hold forward. Before you hit the
banana turn right slightly and you should jump the gap. Do the
same on this block by moving to the far outside corner, facing
the centre of the stage, then holding forwards and turning
slightly right just before you get the banana.

32) Speed along the first few ledges and slow down as they get
thinner. Not a difficult one but the thinnest few sections at
the end may take some practice.

33) Just try to keep you momentum and don�t hit any pegs
sticking up and you should roll around to the goal without
falling into the pit in the middle.

34) Move onto the first roller just before it reaches its
furthest right position, then wait for the next 2 to align and
hold forwards. Then just roll from the third roller to the goal

35) This one�s all about taking it slowly. Keep moving very
slowly forward when on the rotating bit and you shouldn�t fall

36) Just aim to keep up with the bumper in front of you and you
should be fine!

37) Pretty easy, just remember you only have 30 seconds, so try
clearing two (or even three) of the walls in one bounce.

38) Simple. Just wait for each turning platform to touch the
next before crossing and you�re done.

39) The best way to do this is to stay on the left or right of
the swinging platforms. ie move onto the first platform as it�s
swinging to the right, cross over to the second one when they
touch and the second platform will be swinging to the right,
etc. Carry this on until the end.

40) Bonus Stage- The only advice for this one is to try and
match the pace of the bananas once you�re level with them�

41) You won�t fall down the hole as long as you keep your pace
in this one. So make sure you hit the goal tape and not one of
its sides!

42) Just practice this one. Moving over the checkerboard squares
isn�t too hard when you�ve got it. The blue exit is easiest,
then green, and finally red. But it is advisable to go for green
at least (red if you�re good enough). Green isn�t much harder
than blue and with it you skip stage 43 which is a really
annoying one�

43) If you didn�t skip this one (why the hell not?!?) then move
to the first rotating ledge. The first platform that passes you
won�t touch the platform you�re on so ignore it. The second will
touch so get on it. It won�t touch the platform you need to get
onto, so wait till the moving platform you�re on is a little
higher than the one you�re aiming for and hit forward to jump
onto it. Then wait until the next moving ledge is coming towards
you from below. Jump on and when it�s at it�s peak SLOWLY edge
off and you�ll land on the other moving platform below. This one
will move up and forwards, and touch the goal platform at which
point you roll off, and through the goal. Phew!

44) Not too bad, just stick to the green topside of the cylinder
and don�t dawdle!

45) For the first part just wait until the inside of each of the
two ledges is on an upward rotational movement and jam forward.
The second one needs exact timing� Wait at the edge of the
platform farthest from the goal, and just after the rotating
ledges go vertical slam forwards. If you get enough speed before
going between the platforms and time it just right you�ll make
it to the end.

46) Momentum is the name of the game here- keep plenty of it and
you won�t fall down any holes. If you don�t plan on taking the
warp exit at the end, turn left, not right at the start to make
your life easier. And always try and crossover the circles where
the �nanas are placed.

47) A weird stage this- just get up some steps. The only advice
here is to try to get a lot of speed before colliding with each
step, and it seems to help if you hit them at a slight angle
rather than head on.

48) Another one where the only sure fire way to succeed is
practice. You�ll need to get your speed perfect to navigate all
the banked corners, but don�t rush yourself. You do only have 30
seconds, but the course looks longer than it is.

49) Not very difficult as long as you just focus on the goal not
bananas� The rotating bumpers that move with the goal are the
only threat but get past them and you�re home free.

50) Looks A LOT more difficult than it is. At the start move to
the right and front of your platform while you wait for the box
to return. As soon as the green floor folds out in front of you
run onto it. Then as soon as the red unfolds on your right, run
onto that. After that it�s just a case of running diagonally
across the unfolding box and getting through the goal before it
begins to fold up again. Once you�ve broken the tape you�ve
completed the expert mode!

Everything contained in this walkthrough is my own work.
Submitted By: codinghands

Hello and may I say Welcome to my game walkthrough for Super
Monkey Ball on Gamecube! I'll try and cover as much as I can,
through the mini and party games and the full normal mode, every
level! I hope it helps, and any comments can be sent to
[email protected]

- 1A - Beginner Level
- 1B - Advanced Level
- 1C - Expert Level
- 2A - Monkey Race
- 2B - Monkey Fight
- 2C - Monkey Target
- 3A - Monkey Billiards
- 3B - Monkey Bowling
- 3C - Monkey Golf
1A Beginner Level
Stages 1-4, Grass Areas
Stage 5, Bonus Level
Stages 6-10, Pink Sky Areas
Extra 1-3, Space Areas
Stage 1

Basically, collect the bananas and reach goal. Try to get it done
quickly, as more time left means more points.

Stage 2

On Stage 2, the idea is that you avoid the diamond, collect the 3
bananas and reach blue goal. But, if you turn around at the
start, run up the ramp and land on the little platform, you'll
reach a green goal, with higher points. You'll also be warped to
Stage 5.

Stage 3

It's basically a half-pipe. Roll at speed, making sure not to
topple over the sides, to get to the goal. Or, collect the two
top bananas, roll back, get the other two, the go for the goal.

Stage 4

Roll along the path and wait at the end until the middle spinning
section touches connects with the piece you started on. Then
roll along the middle section as it spins and wait at the end
until it connects with the platform that has the goal on it.
Then, just cross the goal.


Your at the half way point! Go right from the start, in a square
fashion turning left each time. Then collect the centre banana
and finally the banana on the ledge. Get them all for a

Stage 6

In this stage, roll down the progressively thinner ledges and
reach the goal without falling (or bouncing off the goal post) To
do it faster, right from the start, turn right and fall. You
should land on the next platform. Do it once more, then go for
the goal!

Stage 7

You'll need to gather momentum to make it up the small hills, and
the final steep hill. Otherwise, just speedily collect the
bananas and follow the winding path. And you can get every banana
and the time bonus together!

Stage 8

This is beginning to get tough. Wait until the huge 'Dole' logo
spilts up and get on the piece coming towards you. Balance on it
until all pieces come together. Run straight ahead to piece
nearest goal. Stay on, and through goal post.

Stage 9

Run along the basic length of platform, thne position yourself on
the arrow. Roll down, off ramp and try and not bounce off wall on
other side. Head straight to the goals. This may take a few

Stage 10 *FINAL FLOOR*

This will test your nerves! Firstly, run I mean *RUN*) the first
section of thin course. Stop and perform U-turn on to next piece
going up. Again, do U-turn to reach top. Repeat until narrow
bending path. Be careful and make no sudden movements of the
Control Stick or you WILL fall. Reach goals!!!
Well done! But did you complete it without using ANY lives? If
so, you're not finished yet....the Extra stages still must be
Extra 1

On this stage, wait till the first platform comes along, and
board it. It will move to the right, and the other will follow
with a small time delay. Use this to your advantage. Cross the
pieces as each one moves away. On the last piece, on on the the
goal platform and pass through goal. It is advised to ignore the
bananas in this level.

Extra 2

On this level, avoid the goal, and collect the bananas from right
to left, then turn to the goal. The goal should temporarily slow
down. Use this time to pass through.


On this stage, the big 'AV' logo moves. Try and move opposite to
it's direction to cancel out all the movements, then let it take
you to the far edge, turn, and head down to the goal. Don't try
and get the banana bunch, as you'll fall or run out of time.
If you got this far, excellent work. That's beginner OVER! Do the
'Credits' mini game and move on forwards to advanced! Register
your high score and go!
1B Advanced Level
Stages 1-4, Grass Areas
Stage 5, Bonus Level
Stages 6-9, Pink Sky Areas
Stage 10, Bonus Level
Stages 11-19, Night Sky Areas
Stage 20, Bonus Level
Stage 21-30, Hydro Sky Areas
Extra 1-5, Space Areas
Stage 1

Very simple, just roll straight ahead to the goal!

Stage 2

Go fast right from the start over the hills to get the banana
bunch. Wind your way through the obstacles, past the bumpers,
over the little holey area and into goal.

Stage 3

On this stage, head to the right and wait for platform. Roll on,
then oll on to next platform, landing on right. Head for goal,
and can be done in less than 10 seconds.

Stage 4

Beginner Stage 4 has an almost identical strategy.


Beginner Stage 5 is exactly the same, except that Advanced has a
30 second, not 60 second, time limit. Still easy though.

Stage 6

Basically Beginner Level 2, except the level has a hinged end,
where the goal is. Just wait for the hinged area to be at it's
top most point, then start to climb. The area will fall, and you
can roll right into the goal. On the otherhand, you can turn
backwards, off the little ramp, straight to a green goal, where
you warp to Stage 10.

Stage 7

Nice little easy thick curved path to follow. At the start, you
can drop to the right of the sharp corner to avoid the first
curve to get to the goal in a quicker time.

Stage 8

Just roll down the hill without hitting the stone walls. Go at
speed for the time bonus as well.

Stage 9

Its basically Beginner Stage 8 with a huge hole in the middle.
Instead of going straight across, though, go to the left, wait,
then go ahead, wait, and through the goals.

Stage 10 *BONUS LEVEL*

This floor is rather annoying, as it ripples. Keep resisting the
currentbut not going over the wave. Practice really does make

Stage 11

A nice guitar shaped level. Take one of the threads, ranging in
thickness and bananas, to the path, hill and goal. The smallest
thread has a green goal at the end of it, but it's impossible to
reach. If you do want to try, match up with the checkerboard and
run, making only slight adjustments. You'll need luck though.

Stage 12

A bowl! Just gather momentum round the sides and go straight
through the goals. It's all good fun.

Stage 13

An interesting stage, this is. Go on to each piece as the red
bits race along the sides. You'll be thrown up, so press forward.
On the last one, run at it like if it was a ramp. You'll either
a) get in the goal or b) bounce into oblivion.

Stage 14

This stage is a devil. Either wait for the buffers to make a
feasible gap or use my method. Go round the sides. It's quicker
and easier, and if you're good you can do it in 10 seconds.

Stage 15

A walless, dipfull level. Make it to each end but do not go over
the little top of the bump on each platform as you CANNOT recover
from these points. Repeat until you reach the goal.

Stage 16

Baically a load of moving belts on platforms. Cross over each
without speeding up or slowing down in big amounts. Oh, and don't
fall off as our reach for the goal.

Stage 17

Theres one of these floors in every difficulty. This one isn't oo
bad, but if will frutrate you if you can't do it. Try practising
Beginner stage 10 and this one to get past it.

Stage 18

Its a big musical note style thing. Its pretty simple to reach
the running goals. To get the blue and green ones, just run round
the course, not falling off, and through. To get the red one, at
the start, go forward lsightly then fall off to the right. You
should lan near then end of the course, where the red gate will
come running round and you can go straight through. Note green
gate takes you to Floor 20 and Red gate to Floor 25.

Stage 19

On this floor, roll forwards and hit off the ramp onto the
platform. Go right, and get on to the moving platform over to the
other side. Then run the length of platform, and go slightly left
of the arrow. Avoid the bumpers yet try and stay on the ramp. Hit
on to the other side without falling to oblivion then go to

Stage 20 *BONUS LEVEL*

Another bonus level....with lots of bumpers. Just go diagonally
through them but if you bounce even once its almost impossible to
do, so avoid the bumpers at all costs!

Stage 21

Go forward and turn left on to the thin length of platform. Keep
up with the bumper and in the middle, go faster and turn right.
At the end, turn left again and carry one to the goal.

Stage 22

On this course, just don't get sucked into the middle. It's
basically a bowl, with a hole. The just go for the goal! You must
keep momentum though.

Stage 23

A large holey course. First avoid all the squares, then postion
yourself so that you go inbetween all the big squares. Roll down,
and up again. Follow the level through to the goal, although
there are some tight turns.

Stage 24

This level can be a challenge. Go straight but when it tips go
diagonally in the opposite direction of the floor. You only need
to do it once though.

Stage 25

Another bumper course, except with holes. Firstly, wind your way
through the bumpers and the 4 pillars. The pass the bumper,
banana and holes and keep momentum up the hill. Pass the 4
pushers things with speed to keep them moving, then turn and
follow the bumpy road. Turn at the top, gather speed and jump to
the goal. For the green goal, turn left at the blue goal nad
choose whichever path you thing you can do. The furtheset away is
thickest, and the closest is thinnest. Pass the bumpers to reach
the goal and warp to Stage 28

Stage 26

This stage is basically a huge spiral. Run to the end of the long
straight and fall on to the big spiral. Run round the spiral,
keeping momentum so that you don't fall. Keeping high for the
goal is crucial, and keep fast as well. But dont hit off the goal
post into oblivion!!!

Stage 27

Just go a tiny bit to the left or right, then straight. You'll
head up the ramp, and if you're fast enough, you'll jump to goal.
Not good enough first time? The 30 seconds will give you 2 or 3

Stage 28

Take it slow. As each set of spikes moves forward and bacward,
move to the next available slot. Funnily enough, it is possible
to run, but I only ever managed to do it once. Don't try it at

Stage 29

Huge blocks move up and down. Reach the second block on your
right and when it tips, try and stay at the top. As soon as it
falls to earth, run across the final two tiles to the goal.

Stage 30 *FINAL FLOOR*

This course is pure evil. From the start, go on the first
possible Part 1, then the first possible Part 2, then the first
possible Bumper Piece. Catch the first Part 4 and then the first
possible Bumper Piece 2. Hopefully, you'll be in front of the
bumper. Then, as you reach the goal, catch the Final Part and
through the goal. It's imperrative that you catch the first piece
of each part that comes along.
Did you get that far? Congratulations if you did! But the
challenge isn't over yet if you managed to complete it without
using any lives, oh no! You still have the Extra levels to
Extra 1

Basically Beginner Extra 1, except the course is speeded up.

Extra 2

Basically Beginner Extra 2, except the goal sides are bigger and
(I believe) it spins faster and slows for a smaller amount of

Extra 3

What an evil course. Aat the start, speed up and try to reach the
next layer of the course by jumping. With speed and accuracy, you
will. Continue on the winding square fashion, speeding on the
straights and taking on tight corners, until you reach the path
to the goal. Take your time, but if you do it how I do, you'll
need to hurry!

Extra 4

Basically Beginner Extra 3, but the disc moves faster and more
sharply. Take much caution on this level, and try and cancel out
its direction with your own.


You thought Advanced Stage 30 was hard, huh? Think again. Follow
the same techniques to bumper one, then go ahead until you see an
almost static piece. Stay until a fast piece comes along. Jump on
and go over 3 pieces moving in varying direction diagonally
north-west. Find the only longways piece and go on. Cross to the
3rd outer rim. Go the the point where the 2nd outer rim is hinged
on. Cross when flat onto Outer rim. Move along, not falling off,
to the goal.
If you completed all these then spectacular, you;re definitely
ready for the expert challenge. So are you sitting
1C Expert Level
Stages 1-4, Grass Areas
Stage 5, Bonus Level
Stages 6-9, Night Sky Areas
Stage 10, Bonus Level
Stages 11-19, Hydro Sky Areas
Stage 20, Bonus Level
Stage 21-29, Desert Sky Areas
Stage 30, Bonus Level
Stage 31-39, Ice Sky Areas
Stage 40, Bonus Level
Stage 41-50, Colosseum Sky Areas
Extra 1-10, Space Areas
Stage 1

Simple level, just run forward (you'll jump the gaps easily)

Stage 2

Run forward to the junction. Either turn left and forward to get
the blue goal or turn right, along the thin path, up the
exceedingly thin hill and through red gate to warp to Stage 5 and
get huge points!

Stage 3

Run forward to the spinning area. There are 2 goals, one of
either side. The blue goal sides stops for a second but the green
goal doesn't. Just run and tip into blue goal, as green goal only
warps you 1 level to Stage 5.

Stage 4

Quite a mix, here. Go forward, turn right, forward, turn left,
forward, turn right, forward and turn left. Then run up over the
hills to the moving platform. Board the platform, then roll on to
the next platform. Get off the platforms and run over the gap and
the little bump in the ground to the next hill. Cross it, and
avoid the bumpers. Then start going round the thin platform. At
the dip 'n' straight, jus run forwards to the goal.


Basically the same Bonus Level as in Advanced (that is with a 30
second time limit)

Stage 6

A hellish level. The level as 8 blocks. Each block has 8 parts.
The shape goes from being 1 big shape, to 8 blocks, and then the
8 blocks separate into 8 parts. There are also 4 corner shaped
things round the edges, one which you stand on, one which the
goal is on (straight ahead) and two on either side that have
banana bunches. Basically wait till the nearest block to the
start seperates and catch on to the nearest piece. When the shape
forms again, cross as mnay tiles as you can to get as close as
you can to the goal. Repeat until you reach the goal block and
are on the part of the block which heads to the goal corner.

Stage 7

This is just pure nastiness. Firstly, cross the thin section
straight ahead, then on the oppostie platform, turn and go down
the stair narrow platform. Then cross the cris-cross of squares
either bu going edge to edge or running very fast through them
all, subsequently falling off the edge, if you're not careful.
Then try and balance yourway along the long, narrow winding path.
At best you'll do it with 10 seconds to spare, but thats not
Super Moneky Ball but Miracle Monkey Ball.

Stage 8

Similar ot Beginner Stage 6, except my shortcut for that stage is
difficult to do as each platform has a huge whole in it. Either
role down each ledge or you can attempt to jump. I always jump as
I seem to always run out of time the other way. But you'll need
precision and a whole load of luck.

Stage 9

Its basically a little race course with varying degrees of
thickness of track. The thinner the track, the shorter the course
and the more bananas. But my advice is always go for the biggest
width of track. Bananas aren't really important and neither is

Stage 10 *BONUS LEVEL*

The ripples! See strategy for Advanced Stage 10, its the same

Stage 11

Mildly similar to Advanced Stage 8, but with a longer track, and
bumpers instead of walls. Try and do it within one continue, as
if you don't do it then it will take a long time to do it. Also,
at the end, don't bump off the goal post into oblivion.

Stage 12

This is a bunch of gears. I find it best to cross from one gear
to the next on a thin section going to a thick tooth of the next
gear. This one is not very hard.

Stage 13

Another holey course, but with jumps (always bad). Go diagonally
left and jump over the ledge, then sharply turn right and get
ready to cross the second jump. After that, avoid the hole and go
round the course. Further on, line up with the ramp so that you
don't go down the holes and so that you do go up the hill at the
end. Follow round and run so that you make the next jump. Follow
path, cross the path switch by going over ledges and go for the

Stage 14

Follow the bumper patterns and dont worry when monkey teeters on
the edge of doom. You have too. Then hit the final strip at
speed. Not difficult.

Stage 15

The goal moves side to side. Let it do it once, and when it goes
for a second try you should be going fast, and land right in

Stage 16

A big checkerboard. Cross the straight then fall down, but hold
back on the control stick. Go to the middle piece and cross over
it. The cross over the other end. If you hold back and push to
the goal at the same time you can get just through the goal.

Stage 17

What an ingenious level. Wait for the first bumpers to come, then
turn out ang back in. Then go to the other side, wait for the
bumpers, then out and in. Repeat until you reach goal, though the
goal has a little bump to cross, so you must hit it at some

Stage 18

Basically it's Advanced Stage 24, except tiwce as long. Not
tipping off once is easy, but twice is close to impossible. Try
and almost balance on the edge the second time. Also don't go too
fast or slow, as you'll fall or run out of time.

Stage 19

A steep hilly course and fast, downward course at the same time.
Basically, go down the first slope carefully, then speed up,
cris-crossing, to the bottom. The, gather momentum and try and
get up those hills to the goal. You cannot just run the gauntlet
with speed,though.

Stage 20 *BONUS LEVEL*

Basically Advanced Stage 20.

Stage 21

A small length of track and a shunting rectangle. In this one,
start as the barge thing finshes, making only small adjustements
as it comes to hit you. Go straight into the goal, as the barge
does not end at the platform end, and it will shunt you off the
goal platform.

Stage 22

The huge 'Sega' logo. Go down the hill and ramp and try and get
on the inner 'S' of the logo. Jump over to the E, then do a
double jump to the G, following it wround and jumping onto the A
and the goal

Stage 23

Quite easy. Just go ledge to ledge, from right over to left and
back again. No problems if you have got this far.

Stage 24

A long, winding and corner based course. Go down the long section
until you reach the core. Then wind yourself up the course being
fairly fast, as you're really against the clock. There are
shortcuts, but I'll let you find them :)

Stage 25

This course took me a while to figure out. It's not speed you
need, but precision. Roll along the start platform at medium
speed, then you should roll up to the next one and so on. If at
any point you don't make it over, you might as well fall off, as
you don't get 2 tries. You're most likely to fail at the very
first loop or very last, so be careful.

Stage 26

A falling level. Just follow the arrows onto the next platform,
limiting bounce to a minimum. The final jump may cause you to
bounce off. A shortcut is to go right at the start and jump off
there. You'll seriously reduce your time this way.

Stage 27

Similar corner crossing. Just cross the corners of each tile
diagonally, switching direction when necessary. Speed will keep
you balanced, and at the end, fall on to the goal platform and
through the goal.

Stage 28

Another spiralling level. Just go straight ahead and then follow
the arrow round the spiral. Note the spiral sides are quite thin,
considering its Advanced counterpart. There are, again,
shortcuts, if you fall at a certain time (57 seconds that is).

Stage 29

More conveyoer belts, but instead of just the blets moving, the
level sections move to. The biggest problem with this level is
the end, where you must fall onto the goal platform without
toppling over. It's fairly difficult, but practive makes

Stage 30 *BONUS LEVEL*

Each banana is placed on a separate little hill, and I've yet to
find a pattern, although some bananas are in diagonal rows. 50
banana, 60 seconds, no pattern...good luck...

Stage 31

This stage basically involves speed. Get as far back as you can
and jump the ledge on to the next block. Repeat on to goal block.
Sounds easy, but it's very difficult.

Stage 32

The path goes from being gigantic to miniscule. The only
difficulty you should have is the super thin curve at the end. Do
not go to far in, or you'll fall.

Stage 33

Remember the sucking vortx spinny level from Advanced? Well, this
is basically it, except with pegs sticking out of the groud,
ready to push you into the hole. Use them to your advantage, and
bounce up off them. Or avoid them altogether. Your call.

Stage 34

3 huge rolling drums try and make you fall. Head on to the first
one as it heads right. Cross over 1 and 2 onto drum 3. It will
pass the goal platform. Roll on and go for the goal!

Stage 35

The grand ol' twisty thing. The only rule for this stage is to
take it slowly and then follow it round. Nowhere near expert
level, I think.

Stage 36

This is just Advanced Stage 21 but with faster moving bumpers.
Speed and precision are both require to succeed. See Advanced
Stage 21 for strategy.

Stage 37

Huge platforms jump every so often. Gte the first jump over to
the central platform, the th next jump to the final platform, and
the last jump will be small, to the goal platform.

Stage 38

Simple. All you do is get to the end of each parallelogram block
and on to the next. The goal is on the last parallelogram. The
floor, though is very, VERY shiny. Don't get distracted.

Stage 39

This is basically a very 'bitty' half pipe. Try and stay as close
to the bottom of each section as possible, and go in the
direction the next platform you're moving to is swinging in.

Stage 40 *BONUS LEVEL*

The most difficult bonus level by a long shot. Line yoursel up so
when the bananas rush from behind you can collect as many as
possible. Then speed forward as they pass and try to keep up,
collecting more. Note this is the only bonus level with a goal

Stage 41

The big bowl returns. Fall in lightly, but with enough speed so
that you go round. You get one shot at the goal, or you fall down
the hole. Simple as pie.

Stage 42

This level has several tiles which are only connected by corners.
Either go left from start to reach blue gate and get few points
and no warp. Go right, the more difficult route, crossing corner
to corner at speed, to hit green gate and warp to Stage 44 or
take the plunge with a mad run to the red gate and Stage 45.

Stage 43

Follow the path along to the turning platforms. Roll on to the
first downward platform and stay on. It will rise, and roll off
it on to the middle section. The wait for the second platform to
rise. Catch on to the first part and fall off onto the second
section underneath. It will rise, and you can roll onto the goal

Stage 44

A funnily easy stage. Simply stay on the bright green section of
track and follow round the 'G'ish like shape. Its pretty simple,
and your only problem may be time.

Stage 45

This stage may look tricky at first, but it's not. Cross the
first set of stick like platforms to the middle. When they are
just narrow enough to roll on without falling, do so. Then tilt
the board diagonally left, and you'll run faster, reaching the
goal before you fall.

Stage 46

The holes of dooom! Heh-hem. Still. Make your way round the first
circle at speed so that you go in the second one with momentum.
As you go faster you should stay up, until the last one where you
may need to go round twice, then up to the goal. There is a green
goal, but you must go through another circle which is steep and
the warp is to Stage 48, which ain't that good. Still, if you

Stage 47

This is a weird level. Just hit the ledges at an angle an you
should make it up, though sometimes you simply don't. Mostly
luck, and little strategy, will get you through.

Stage 48

A stage with twirly whirly corners. Go at a speed to make sure
you don't simply fall of the sloping ages. When you go round the
flats gather speed, but not so much that you can;t control. And
at the end, don't fall off as you head for goal!

Stage 49

An irratating stage. Wait for a couplt of seconds for it to come
round, try and avoid the bumpers, as the spell doom, and head
into the goal. You should, though, have time to try quite a few
times, so if at first you don't succeed, try try again!

Stage 50 *FINAL FLOOR*

This floor is a giant cube. It follows a zig zag patter going
from bottom left to top right. As one flap goes down, get on, and
run to the next in the zig zag shape. Keep in mind though, that
you'll only really have one chance at the goal before being
flinged off!
Congrats if you made it this far...but did you use any continues?
If so, then it's game over, but if not...
Extra 1

This is the same as all the Extra 1 floors. Except a bit

Extra 2

This is a series of squares, which alternatingly drop. Since you
don't have enough time to make it square by square, you will need
to corner a few of the squares. You also MUST do this near the
end, when there are gaps in the squares. Be sure to hurry when
you corner, and take it slowly otherwise.

Extra 3

This is Extra 2 floor from Beginner and Advanced...except with
bigger flaps to hit you with!!

Extra 4

This stage has weird camera angles. Roll onto the first banana
platform and simply roll off onto the goal platform. But as I
said, the map will help...

Extra 5

Follow the platform round rather than running to try and catch
the goal, then turn at the end and charge into the goal. Simple.

Extra 6

A huge turning corkscrew. Basically, follow the arrows on the
floor by moving the control stick in those directions. It will
give you the momentum to make it over.

Extra 7

The best way to do it is to get to one of the end platforms as
fast as possible, because it is very difficult to balance and
control your camera angles if you try and stay stationary. Also,
the steeper the angles you need to turn are, the harder they are
to make. Wait for the platform to extend and go for the goal.

Extra 8

This is Beginner Extra 3 and Advanced Extra 4, except a bit more

Extra 9

Practice, practice, practice. Thats the key thing for you to
succeed in this level. Control your speed and lean back when
neccesary. Thats the best you'll get strategy wise.

Extra 10 *FINAL FLOOR*

Follow the hammer until it goes for a 6th time, the simply fall
to goal. But if you leave it once more, BAM, the floor is
Did you do it? DID YOU? Well if so, well done. And if so without
using any lives, god help you. Another mode lurks, but you're
good enough to find that out for yourself...
2A Monkey Race

Control Stick - RUN
A Button - Use Weapon

There are 6 tracks, and I call them:-

JUNGLE which has a difficulty of 1/5
HYDRO which has a difficulty of 3/5
NIGHT which has a difficulty of 3/5
ICE which has a difficulty of 4/5
SPACE which has a difficulty of 41/2/5
DESERT which has a difficulty of 5/5
2B Monkey Fight

Control Stick - Move
A Button - Use Item

There are only 3 arena, and I call them:-

JUNGLE SQUARE, which no obstacles and side walls.
ICE OCTAGON, with dividing walls and no side barriers
SPACE DISC, with nothing to hold you in whatsoever!
2C Monkey Target

Control Stick - Run
A Button - Select item, open ball, close ball

There is 1 flying area with varying targets:-

10 points - RED - easy to hit, but hard to miss
20 points - ORANGE - most common, but always surround 10's and
40 points - PURPLE - fairly re-occuring, but can be small and
50 points - BLUE - annoying covered by lesser amounts, awkward to
100 points - CYAN - fairly hard to hit, but easy on the pyramid
with items
200 points - LIGHT ORANGE - hard to hit, and don't occur often at
300 points - ? - Only 1 in whole game, and is impossible to hit
*500* points - YELLOW - Tiny sinlge targets that are impossible
to hit

And there are 5 items:-

1 - NO WIND - Means all wind is taken out of game.
2 - BRAKEBALL - When landing, you brake after land
3 - X2 - Score is doubled
4 - MAGNET BALL - Stay exactly on land spot
5 - X3 - Score is trebled

Gain items using bananas found whilst flying and on ground.
Finally, there are 4 wheel of danger items.

1 - NOTHING - No danger item
2 - CLOUDS - Cloud come making it difficult to see
3 - BOMB - Landing areas are laiden with bombs
4 - SPIKE BOMBS - Sky is infested by sky bombs
3A Monkey Billiards

They vary throughout game, with Control Stick to place position
and A to determine speed etc


Get the 9 ball in the pocket without foul (ie after pocketing all
other balls)

There are various type of shot, as follows:-

COMBINATION SHOT - Hit one ball, which hits another, and the
second ball goes in.
KISS SHOT - As Combination Shot but with second ball going in.
POCKET - Average Joe hit.
ACE BREAK - Hit in 9 ball on break (ie immediate win!)
CANNON SHOT - Cueball hits ball, bounces, hits another ball, and
ball 2 goes in.
3B Monkey Bowling
Controls in Normal Game:-

Control Stick - Position monkey
A button - Choose course and speed
Shoulder Buttons - Add spin to ball

Same applys for challenge mode.

No much to put here, but off shots must be spun vigourously!!!
Challenge mode strategies are few and far between, but for the
strike, try and hit the pins just off right or left from pin 1.
3C Monkey Golf

Control Stick - Aim monkey
A button - Choose course, speed

There are 18 holes, the first 9 being ok, and the second nine
being horrific. Try and get as many hole in 1's as poss in the
first section to prepare yourself for holes 9-18. Especially
4 Closure
Well, I hope this guide has helped. Note it mainly focuses on the
main game, and it's all Paul Holmes 2002. Hvae monkey fun, and
e-mail me with questions at
[email protected]
Thanks for playing!!!!

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