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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Sega GT"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sega GT (Dreamcast)
Submitted By: Smile Dude

You only have to pass one test in each class to get your license
for that class.
There are 6 tests in each Class with 6 different car
manufactures.Beat the Time
On each Track,to unlock a Race in the WORK CUP.
Win all Races to unlock in the WORKS CHAMPIONSHIP:



Suzuki Sport Alto Works RS/Z 107 PS
STI Subaru Pleo RS 101 PS
DRS Opti Aerodown Beex 108 PS
Mugen Honda Z Turbo 135 PS
Mazda Speed Autozam AZ-1 107 PS
Ralliart Toppo BJR 106 PS


DRS Storia X4
160 PS FF
TRD BP Apex Kraft Trueno
392 PS FR
Nismo Pulsar VZ-R N1 Version II
233 PS FF
Mugen Civic Type R
228 PS FF
Mazda Speed Roadster Special Package
196 PS FR
Ralliart Mirage Cyborg ZR
226 PS FF

A Class

STI Cusco Impreza
406 PS FR
TRD Momocorse Apex MR 2
400 PS MR
Nismo Xanavi Arta Silvia
365 PS FR
Mugen Integra Type R
304 PS FF
Mazda Speed Roadster C Touring Kit C Spec
263 PS FR
Ralliart Lancer Evolution VI
425 PS F4WD


STI Impreza STI 22 B 572 PS
TRD Castrol Toms Supra 565 PS
Nismo Pennzoil Nismo GTR 628 PS
Mugen Castrol Mugen NSX 537 PS
Mazda Speed RE Amemiya Matsumoto-Kiyoshi RX 7 391 PS
Ralliart GTO Twin Turbo 562 PS

When you win all Driver Tests in first Place you get
Impreza WRX Type R tuned by STI
299 PS F4WD


This area of the game allows you to gain sponsors by winning

Cars to win on the Tracks

McDonalds Race 2 Lap Mazda Roadster Special Package
125 PS FR
Megane Super Open Race 2 Lap Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
130 PS FR
Ana Open Race 2 Lap Nissan 180 SX Type X
205 PS FR

Wonda Novice Car Cup 2 Lap Daihatsu Storia X4
120 PS F4WD
Lawson Original Car Cup 2 Lap Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice Honda Z Turbo
64 PS M4WD

Na Small Car Race 3 Lap Civic Type R
185 PS FF
Ajinomoto Time Attack 1 Lap Toyota Celica SS II
190 PS FF
Calbee Time Attack 1 Lap Toyota MR-S
140 PS MR
0-400 Tournament Drag Race Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice Mazda RX-7 Type RB
265 PS FR

0-1000 Tournament Drag Race Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice Mazda RX-7 III
215 PS FR

Rinrei Novice Car Cup 3 Lap Altezza TRD Racing Modell
210 PS FR
Tarami Original Car Cup 3 Lap Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice 3 Lap Nissan Pulsar VZ-R
175 PS FF

Na Light Car Race 3 Lap Integra Type R
200 PS FF

NTT Communications Novice Car Cup 3 Lap
Nissan Silvia Autech Version KS MF-T
250 PS FR
Jomo Original Car Cup 3 Lap Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice 3 Lap Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo
280 PS F4WD

Na Large Car Cup 3 Lap NSX Type S Zero
280 PS MR
Pionier Max Speed 1 Lap Mazda RX-7 Aspec Type 15 th
308 PS FR
Bridgestone Endurance 15 Lap Body for Carfaktory
beat it Twice Subaru 22 B STI
280 PS F4WD

First you have to win all Races of the Cup to get a Car and
Play it once more and loose one Race of each Cup to get another

Entry Class 2 Laps

Entry Class Cup Suzuki Cappuccino
64 PS FR
Or Honda Z Turbo
64 PS M4WD
Entry Class Special Race Mazda Roadster RS
145 PS FR

B Class 2 Laps

B Class Cup Nissan Pulsar VZ-R N1 Version II
200 PS FF
Or Mirage Cyborg ZR
175 PS FF
B Class Special Race Nissan Silvia Spec.R Aero
250 PS FR

A Class 3 Laps

A Class Cup Honda Roadster A-Spec
153 PS FR
Or Honda S 2000
250 PS FR
A Class Special Race Nissan Fairlady Z Version 2 Twin
Turbo 280 PS FR

SA Class 3 Laps

SA Class Cup GTO Twin Turbo MR
280 PS F4WD
Or Chaser Tourer V Turbo TRD Sports
280 PS FR
SA Class Special Race Subaru Impreza 22 B STI
280 PS F4WD

W.S.K 3 Laps

Front Drive Car Cup Corolla WRC
299 PS F4WD
Rear Drive Car Cup Supra TRD 3000 GT
301 PS FR
4Wheel Drive Car Cup Skyline GT-R Tuned by Nismo R 34
360 PS F4WD


There you can see all Cars available and if you have a Key for
Type of Car you will get Minicab Truck TD 48 PS

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