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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Medal of Honor: Frontline"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on GameCube and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Medal of Honor: Frontline (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Tribute
This mission starts off like a movie. If you�re playing this game
for the first time don't get frustrated or confused. Right
before you get loaded off your Higgins�s boat an artillery
strike knocks you clear off the raft. You are forced to watch
your allies struggle underwater.
Your feet touch the ground and u walk onto the beach. Move to
the destroyed Higgins�s boat to the left where you will see your
captain. Ounce you reach him you have completed the first
objective (meet Captain on shore). Stay in cover and follow his
orders. He tells you to aid 4 pinned down soldiers. Start all
the way down the right. Once you see the medic then you're
close. The soldier is waving to you. He's taking cover behind a
hedgehog (iron cross's) move to his position and give him some
cover fire. To cover him shoot at the closest bunker and he will
take off to the shingle (mount of sand). Move farther left and
do the same for the other 3 soldiers. Once you've rescued all
the soldiers move to the shingle where you see the captain
accompanied by the 4 soldiers you rescued.

Take cover near the captain. He directs a man named Iverson to
get the bagalores down the line but he�s cut down be4 he even
takes ten steps. Now u have to go all the way down the line to
the west (remember when u land on Omaha Your facing south) where
you see pvt. Jones with a load of bagalores.

Take cover in the Belgium gate like him. Fire at the closest
bunker, when u do Jones will take off with the load. Move with
him and provide cover from the far bunker. When he reaches the
shingle he'll blow the fence so make sure you�re out of range!
Ounce the wire is cleared move w/ Your fellow soldiers to the
foot of the left bunker (don�t wander off too far right or u
will step on some mines be4 u need to. from there the captain
gives u orders to cross the minefield and man the mg-42 in the
trench to take out the mg nests (the machine gunners in-between
the two pillboxes). When u crosses the minefield u have no
choice but to step on some mines but u won�t take heavy damage.
When u reach the trench turns right and eliminate the nazi in
your path. If your low on health don�t worry, he leaves a med
kit. Climb the ladder and press "x" to man the mg-42. B4 u take
out the mg nests take out the enemy soldiers in the trench
below, there will b about 4 waves of them.

Once u eliminated the soldiers look up to the left and take out
the mg nests. Once u do, go down in the trench and wait 4 your
buddies. U beat the level
Submitted By: Tribute
by Graeme

If you walk on the right path in the big room then take the guy
out at the microphone with a good shot with your handgun then
you can cross the walkway with ease because there is no-one left
in the room. If the guy does fire a rocket, you'll need to go
downstairs and use the now fallen walkway as a ramp to the top
level. Remember to check behind the painting!

After that there are a couple of room with a couple of guards in
them. The documents are in the billiards room so don't bother
with the clocks. There is a library next with quite a few
guards. Once cleared. Don't go up th stairs, use the door behind
the book case on the left of the room as you go in. The first
room on the left is a changing room with 3 guards. Shoot them
but then go past this room into the billiards room. Oh yeah, you
should get a warning from a speaker system that you are
surrounded, ignore it. In the billiards room there are 4 of 5
guys. If your quick you can get 2 of them before they notice
they're under attack.

Take out the rest and look for a cukoo clock. Shoot it and you
should find more documents. Go back to the changing room and
take out the 2 men inside. Press the valve to open a secret
passage and then meet with the radio operator. You'll get loads
of supplies in the room. Follow the stair case and open the
door. I don't think there are guards in this room but there are
in the next. Shoot them and go back into the room. Go to the
other bookcase and open the secret passage. At the end of the
corridor there is a room with lots of guards and you can't even
see them. I suggest using a grenade on them (have it ready
before you open the bookcase) then get your machine gun out and
empty a couple of clips.

The problem is that more guards come in from the door behind the
screen so you don't know where they all are. Find the keys and
eliminate any guards in the hallway before you open the cell to
find the person your looking for. Go upstairs and onto the roof.
There are 6 or 7 guards maybe. Shoot them quick before the guy
you're protecting comes out the door. Move over to the small
fence, wait for the guy, then "motivate" him over the edge of
the building by pressing square. Then follow him and walk over
to the vehicle.

PS I got discovered by the first guy and had to do it the hard
way, by shooting everyone!!!

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