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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Lost Kingdoms"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lost Kingdoms (Gamecube)
Submitted By: PinkPig
Lost Kingdoms Guide and Walkthrough

This walkthrough is written entirely by me (PinkPig) for Please don't copy it elsewhere on the
internet, since I'll get very angry. If you want to contact me
for any reason, please feel free to send an e-mail to
[email protected]

Welcome to Lost Kingdoms

The Gamecube's first RPG had high standards to live up to, and
it didn't quite reach them all. Poor continuity, the lack of
voice acting and the relativaly disappointing graphics didn't
help the game, but the mission-based action RPG is still unique
in it's own way, and well worth playing if you're a fan.

The walkthrough contains a guide to playing the game, and
information on how to complete each of the missions. This
includes a detailed strategy for the more difficult bosses
towards the end of the game.

So read on!

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with Lost Kingdoms is just to
play the game from the beginning. You hear news that the Black
Fog has reached Alanjeh Castle, and that you must take the
legendary Runestone, and follow your father to try to save the

Using the analogue stick to move, leave the room, and turn
right. You can talk to the soldiers if you wish, but they have
nothing interesting to say. Continue straight on, and you'll
come to a chest. Move up to this and press A to find the first
Runestone. You'll then be attacked by two skeletons. One of
these is automatically defeated, but you must use your cards to
defeat the second.

The battle is explained briefly; you should move up to the
skeleton, and press the button that corresponds to the card that
you want to use. What happens now will depend upon the card you
selected, but it's almost impossible to lose this first battle -
the best thing to do is just to keep trying. If you really need
more help, look at the "battle system" section below.

Once you've defeated the skeleton, move back out of the chest
room until you meet Gurd. She'll talk to you briefly, and the
first mission ends. Congratulations! You'll be able to choose
cards from a selection of 5 - if you've managed to get a 5 Star
rating, you can choose 3. None of these cards are rare, so it
doesn't really matter which you choose.

The World Map

After the first mission in Alanjeh Castle, you are put onto the
world map with access to the training mission, Plains Of Rowahl.
You'll probably want to save your game here, by pressing start
and choosing System, then Save. You'll need two blocks on a
memory card. Then, go onto this first mission - see the
"walkthrough" section below for more information.

Later on, there's more that you'll want to do on the world map.
You can visit Alexander in the Fairy House and turn the red
fairies that you've collected into cards - the cards that he
gives you are listed at the end of the walkthrough. You can
also visit Gurd, at the Apothecary, where you can buy, and sell
cards, and (when they have enough experience) duplicate and
transform (Pokemon fans - read "evolve") them into other (more
powerful) cards. You'll also want to talk to her to gain access
to the sidequests (optional missions)

These two locations appear as missions on the map, but are
always available and do not need to be completed. Think of them
as shops. Other missions can only be completed once, and only
after previous missions have been finished.

Finally, you can use the menu on the world map to Load, Save,
look at your card collection ("inventory"), and vitally, build
your deck of cards. You can have a maximum of 30 cards for each
mission, so at the beginning you'll simply use all of them, but
this decision becomes vital later on in the game. The best way
to find out what works best is just to experiment.

TIP - Unlike many games, it doesn't hurt to fail a mission. In
fact, it's best to do so - you get to keep any cards you've
found during that mission, and there's no penalty. Therefore,
you can work these into your deck, and increase your chances.

Battle System

Lost Kingdoms uses a unique card system. You choose a deck of
thirty cards for a mission, from a maximum of 105 different
possible cards. In each battle, the four cards given initially
are chosen randomly. The cards have three types:

1) Attack Cards - these are used to attack an enemy at close
range, and can usually be used more than once before being used

2) Summon Cards - these are very powerful monsters that replace
Katia in battle, attack once, and then disappear. The card then
vanishes. Note that some Summon Cards (e.g. Fairy) may not
attack the enemy.

3) Independant Cards - these create your own monsters that move
around the battlefield, attacking the enemy until their health
is used up. At this point, the card is removed from your deck.

Using a card requires magic stones (which are also used by
certain items on a map). When you don't have enough stones, the
cost of each card is deducted from your health, which you should
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Always pick up the most possible number of
magic stones when they are dropped by an enemy.

Another important point that can be easily forgotton is that
every card has an attribute. These are Fire, Water, Earth, Wood
and Neutral. Earth beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats
Wood, and Wood beats Earth. Neutral cards are not affected, and
are therefore very rare. Use these attributes to your
advantage, and playing the game becomes a lot easier.

Other Tips

Capture throw - you can hold L when choosing a card to perform a
capture throw. You should do this when the enemy has little
health - if successful, the enemy will become a card that you
can use or sell.

Card Discord - you can hold R when choosing a card to discard
it. Discarded cards cannot be used for the rest of the battle,
but will remain in your deck after the battle for the rest of
the mission.

Mission Walkthrough

After the first mission at Alanjeh Castle, the first proper
level to be chosen from the map is the Plains of Rowahl.

Plains of Rowahl

You are guided by Gurd throughout this mission, and she will
tell you just about everything that you need to know. Walk
through the area, open every chest, and follow her battle tips.
When you get to the boss (1 Sand Golem, 3 hobgoblins), just do
the same, and you'll be through very quickly.

During this mission you should find 5 chests, containing the
following cards: Man trap, Mandragora, Dark Raven, Hobgoblin x2

NOTE - After the first mission you have access to the
Apothecary. You should go here after every few missions to find
out about any sidequests! (You can also buy, sell and tranform
Because you can take part in them at any point, I have listed
the sidequests seperately at the end of this guide.


Well...this town used to be thriving.... Unfortunately, just
like every other level in the game, it's now empty. Except for
the monsters, of course, so there's still plenty of work to do.

In this mission, you need to activate each of the four coloured
Capstans, which you'll find in the main area of the level. Once
you've done this, a gate opens. You can talk to the people if
you wish, but most of them are dying. You won't learn anything
useful that way, but you can find a Mealstrom card in the
fountain by turning the switch nearby - you'll find the right
sequence for it on a plaque in the main area of the level.

Once you've got past the gate, you'll meet Alexander, who will
exchange your red fairies for cards. From this level onwards,
you'll find red fairies everywhere - speak to them and they'll
give you a hint before being added to your total. After this
level, you'll find Alexander in the "Fairy House" on the world
map. Head north from Alexander to complete the level after
fighting another very easy battle - the Fire Golem.

During this mission you should find 12 chests; a Hobgoblin, 2
Skeleton, 2 Lizard men, a Mummy, 2 Dark Ravens, a Sea Monk,
a Carbuncle, a Lycanthrope and a Plague Rat. Onto the next

Burial Grounds

Yet another dark and gloomy level in the middle of a
graveyard.... ;-)

As you travel through this level, you'll see 4 special
gravestones, giving you an order of colours. Pretty obviously,
the 4 gravestones at the end have 4 colours on them, and you
must press them in the right order. Get it wrong, and a fight
ensues, which is bad if you're low on health or cards. If you
missed it, the order is Yellow, Green, Pink, Red. This time,
the boss is a Necromancer. Again, just keep using loads of
cards, and he'll die.

During this mission you should find 6 chests; 2 Skeletons, a
Mummy, a Wraith, a Ghoul and a Dark Raven.

Shayel Passage

Onto Castle Grayl! Mysterious enough, rather than going
anywhere where there might be living people, we have to go via
this underground passage, which inevitably results in another
dark and gloomy level.

Along the path, you'll find some white switches. These puzzles
are very easy - press the switch, the gate opens, you go through
the gate. Be aware that you'll usually need to go in the
opposite direction to the gate in order to find a red fairy or
one of the chests. Eventually, you'll have a battle against a
Mind Flayer. Easy enough - but you'll need quite a few cards,
so make sure that you haven't wasted any earlier on in the
level. Independant cards seem to work best, since you can keep
out of the way of his nasty attacks.

After the boss battle, keep on going in the same way as before,
and you'll find the exit into the Castle Grayl.

The Castle Grayl

At long last, a level that shouldn't be too dark or dreary.
Unfortunately, everyone still seems to have either vanished or
died... :(

The secret to getting through this level easily is pressing the
switches that are hidden on the statues around the paths of the
castle. After a few of these switches, you'll find a chest
containing your second runestone! Simple... Now just talk to
the king....

Yes, predictably enough, you have to fight another boss.
Helena, the Card Duelist. This is the hardest boss fight so far
because she has her own summons, independant monsters, and so
on. The best way to do this is to cast every independant the
moment you get it. With other cards, run up to Helena herself,
use the card, and get away again. Leave her monsters for your
independants. She's easy enough, really. The Runestone
increases your maximum magic points and health.

Once you've defeated her, you'll need to visit Gurd again,
regardless of your sidequest progress, in order to continue with
the main game. You'll be heading for the Bridge of Sarvan

Bridge of Sarvan

The hardest thing about this level is the drawbridge system in
the middle of the bridge. To get through this, you need to turn
the first switch to the right, then go upstairs to the other
switch that you now have access to. Turn this, then continue
accoss the bridge.

Amazingly, there's no boss at the end of the level, making this
one of the easiest in quite a while.

Kendarie Castle

OK, the last level was easy but this is ricidulous. No, you
don't have to do anything at all. Just let the sequence play,
and you're off to The Yyprek Mines.

The Yyprek Mines

I was missing these - another dark and dreary level. Follow the
path straight on and to the left until you meet a knight.
Follow him, making sure not to go too far ahead, or you'll have
to start all over again. After a few battles started by the
knight, a final battle with the Puppet Master begins. This is
much easier than Helena's battle, though you'll probably want to
get rid of the minions first. As long as you've conserved cards
throughout most of the level, this shouldn't cause too much

You get another Runestone for defeating him, which again
increases your maximum health and magic points. Again, you have
to see Gurd after this level for more information.

Brenden Field

This level sees you back on the good ol' "deserted ancient
place" level again, which is good for stamina, I think. The
biggest difficulty in this mission is that there are essentially
two bosses. The first is the Dragon Knight, who you'll
encounter in the first part of the level. Once he's gone, go
through the gap in the cliffs, and you'll see the dreadful sight
of Katia's father dying. Ahhhh..... its a shame that it's
impossible to feel emotional at this point. Anyway, you'll now
have to fight Beezlabub, along with some archer trees. You'll
need a bit of accuracy in dodging his attacks, but your strategy
can be the same as normal. I haven't described the actual level
here, but its very obvious. Just keep moving forward - there's
plenty of chests to collect along the way, which are absolutely

Castle Wyht

This level is pretty much the same as The Castle Grayl earlier
on. The enemies are a bit harder than we've seen before, but
keep pressing all of the switches as you get to them, and you'll
find yourself at the end before you know it. You now need to
use the switches to activate platforms that you can travel up
and down on. On the upper floor here, you'll eventually find a
guard that you can talk to. Just as in the Bridge of Sarvan,
there's no boss here, and you'll quickly be on your way through
the game. It seems that someone's about to get kidnapped...

Grenfoel Church

So, the prince is gone - it's time to search to the church that
he attends. Lets see what we can find! Around the main area of
the church, you'll find a whole bunch of cards, so get these
first before going any further. As you collect these, you
should also find 4 candlesticks in chests around the church.
Then, head through the new passage into the lower levels of the
church. Again, there's another Runestone which will give you
more health and magic points. You'll need it, because there's
another boss battle coming up pretty soon...

Oh dear. It's a Vampire. But don't worry, despite his looks,
this fellow is pretty easy. Set up your independants, then run
in, use a summon card and run back out again. As long as you've
got loads of cards left, its best to discard your attack cards
as soon as you get them, since they're really not strong enough
to do much damage. If you get a fairy, save it (but not more
than one) until your health gets a bit low, since you might well
need it later in the battle.

After this level, you'll need to head back to Gurd to be told
that you now need to go to the Colliseum, and face Helena once


This isn't really a proper level - simply a boss fight against
Helena. This battle is much harder than anything you've seen
before, since Helena can heal herself - she'll always do this
towards the end of the battle.

Before you start the level, make sure that you have 2 or 3
fairies (if she heals herself, you'll probably need to do the
same), your strongest independants and your strongest summons.
It you want to include your favourite attack cards, do so, but
don't waste too much space with them. This level is actually
pretty easy because you won't have used up any of your precious
cards before meeting Helena in the arena.

In the battle, avoid all of the things that Helena summons, or
just let them attack your independants. You want to go for
Helena herself, so get ready to use all of the cards that you
got ready. When you use a fairy or any card that you don't need
to be near to her for, get away as soon as you can, since it's
easy to be caught unaware at these times.

Overall, that was pretty easy, and you'll soon be on your way to
Mt. Jarndunn.

Mt. Jarndunn

I found this level surprising difficult, due to all of the fire
and dangers that appear in the battlefield. However, you can
use this to your advantage, if you get on the other side of some
lava, and let the enemy attack you through it, since he'll lose
quite a lot of his HP. Like most other levels, go straight
ahead, open all of the chests, before reaching the Ruh-Arok
Temple, alongside another boss.

Unlike most bosses, this Dragon actually has a "fire" status,
which means that "water" cards will have a big effect upon him.
Then again, he's pretty easy anyway, and you don't really need
to worry about this if you don't want to. There's no particular
strategy needed here - keep hitting him hard until you finish
him off.

Ruh-Arok Temple

This is the point where this game actually starts getting
difficult. The hardest thing here is that most the monsters
will heal themselves automatically unless you defeat them
quickly - you'll therefore want to quickly discard any cards
that can't do this. There's no need to worry about doing this
before the final boss, since discarded cards reappear in your
deck immediately after the battle.

The actual level is still pretty easy. Go to the west and press
the switch, before collecting the White Gem. In the east part
of the level, you'll find a Black Gem. Once you've got them
both, go through the magic barrier at the back of the level, and
you'll be able to go through.

You'll now have to defeat the Black Dragon. The most important
thing to remember here is that you always get as far away as
possible, since some of the Black Dragon's attacks are strong
enough to remove almost half of your HP. Other than that, your
only problem will be that you may have used some of you best
cards already, in fighting the other nasty things lying around
the level. If you can, use a card like the Mind Flayer, which
can return discarded and used cards back into your deck. If
you've got the cards that you need, though, this is another easy
boss to defeat.

Once the boss is down, you have a big choice to make. There are
5 different ways to go here - one takes you straight to the
final level of the game (Brock Black), which is fine if you just
want to get finished as quickly as possible. On the other hand,
if you want to collect all of the 105 cards, you'll have to
visit the 4 elemental temples; defeating the mythical creatures
in each of the temples gives you one very rare card from each,
all of which are very useful in Brock Black.

If you want to visit these temples, you'll first need to have at
least one card of the relevant element. Earth leads to the
Temple of Amentankh, Wood leads to the Hupon-Jen, Water leads
to the Terjon Temple and Fire leads to Yalwog. After you've
completed any of these levels, you should return here to open
the next (or alternatively Brock Black, the final level.)

Temple of Amentankh

Right, so you need to get help from a Great Turtle? Well, I've
heard about equal opportunities, but I'm still not sure about

Anyway, follow the path as normal, until you find the Necklace
of the Pharaoh in a chest. You can use this to open a gate at
the back of the level. Be sure to open all of the 4 chests, and
collect the Mummy card from the Tomb in order to make this level

In order to finish, you need to fight the Great Turtle,
alongside 2 Sphinxes. This battle can be tricky at first, so
here's a few tips. Use your powerful summons (particularly the
Steel Skeleton and Whip Worm), and use Mind Flayer if you begin
to run out of cards. You might also want to make sure that you
have a Goblin King, which can restore your Magic - useful if you
want to avoid wasting HP. Once you've finished this level,
you'll need to go back to the Ruh-Arok Temple in order to enter
one of the other 3 temples, or Brock Black. Your reward for
bothering with this level is the Great Turtle card, which can
only be found here.


I'm beginning to worry about the people who made this game -
we've finished with the Great Turtle, and it's now time to move
onto the mystical White Tiger. This level is a little
off-putting at first, since you end up going round in circles a
few times, but you'll soon find a room with a Totem, which you
should examine. This changes a few things - be sure to go back
and look for any more red fairies if you're collecting them.
There's nothing else of real interest in the level, until you
eventually reach a room containing the White Tiger - and yes,
this is the level's boss.

After the Great Turtle, this boss is surprisingly simply -
following the normal strategy of using every card as soon as you
get it seems to be the best way forward. If you're having
trouble, make sure that your deck contains a few Chimera -
you'll want to cast some other independant monsters for them to
target, which causes enormous damage to the White Tiger. If you
don't want to worry about this, don't bother - you'll be able to
defeat him anyway. Your reward for completing Hupon Jen is the
White Tiger card, which can only be found here.

Terjon Temple

As with a few previous levels, your aim here is to press each of
the 4 switches. Its easy enough, and you'll soon come face to
face with the Blue Dragon. Remember to get all of those chests
and red fairies, as well. The Blue Dragon boss is actually
pretty easy - I'd suggest that you use Steel Skeleton cards to
do as much damage as possible. If you can get 2, 3 or even 4 of
these to attack at once, then the Blue Dragon won't be able to
do much in the way of attacking you. While all of this is going
on, keep as far away as possible.

Your reward for finishing off the Blue Dragon is, predictably
enough, the Blue Dragon card.


Except for the boss battle, this level is one of the simplest so
far. There are the usual fairies and chests to open, but go
straight on and you'll find the last of these optional bosses -
the Golden Phoenix. This battle is very easy, so long as you
remember to use the Great Turtle card, which can wipe out most
of the creature's HP. You'll probably also need to use the Blue
Dragon, but wait until the Great Turtle is nearly wiped out
before doing so.

Your reward for getting to the end of this animal mayhem is yet
another rare card - the majestic Golden Phoenix. Once you've
finished each of these 4 levels, or just want to get the game
finished, it's time to visit Brock Black.

Brock Black

Brock Black is the final level of the game, and contains the
final boss, who is considerably harder than anything you've seen
so far. Before you enter, if you want the level to be as easy
as possible, or you just want to complete your card collection,
you should have;
-Visited each of the 4 optional levels accessible from the
Ruh-Arok Temple.
-Completed each of the 5 sidequests accessible by speaking to
Gurd in the Apothecary.
-Sold any unwanted (and most duplicate) cards at the Apothecary,
and purchased rarer or more useful cards.
-Transformed ("evolved") your experianced cards into rarer or
more useful cards (also at the Apothecary)

Once you're ready, it's time to enter Brock Black. This level
actually looks a lot more complicated than it really is.
Go straight on from the start, and collect the cards to the left
at the first junction. Going the opposite way from this spot, go
straight along the passage. You shouldn't get the treasure
chests for now. At the end of the passage, you'll see something
resembling a bird, which you should examine in order to be
teleported to a new ledge. Bear in mind that when you teleport,
you will end up facing a particular way. You will be facing
AWAY from the teleport that you arrived in, which can make this
level confusing for a while.

Keep going through the opposite teleport, until you arrive at a
platform containing two chests. Open these - you'll get one
card, as well as a Stone of Darkness. Now, when you return to
the first passage of the level, 2 Puppetmasters will lock you
in. You should fight them, exactly as you did earlier in the
game. Don't waste any of your most valuable cards, though,
unless you're sure that you'll be able to use a Mind Flayer to
get them back. You can open the two chests safely now, and also
use the Stone of Darkness to go through the door.

The next bit is a bit tricky. Keep using the teleports into you
find 3 teleport devices near to each other. Go right, then
straight where there are 4 teleporters. Now go straight again
before turning right at the next intersection. If you've done
that properly (right, straight on, straight on, right), you'll
have to fight another 2 Puppetmasters. Open the two chests. If
you now go back to the last intersection and go the other way,
you'll have to fight 2 vampires, before opening another 2
chests. Bear in mind that any of these battles could be a boss
in their own right, so don't treat them too lightly. You should
still make sure that you leave your most valuable cards alone in
the deck (just discard them if they arrive in the battles).

We've nearly finished. Go back to the intersection, and through
the new passage. Collect the three new cards, and use the deck
point to add everything that you've found into your deck. There
are now two bosses to fight before you've finished the game.

The first boss here is Thalnos. This battle is similar to those
against Helena earlier on in the game - don't worry about using
all of your cards up, since you'll get them back before the
final boss. Don't bother using any weapon cards, since Thalnos
will be able to summon something is you get that close to him.
Only get in close if you're going to use a powerful summon; your
main attack should be in your independant monsters. Summon
everything you've got, but go slowly, since its very easy to run
out of cards here. You'll want to make sure that your deck
includes around 6 Mind Flayers (to return your most valuable
cards to you), and the same number of water birds (to restore
you to full health). This way, you can hopefully always have
one of each of these cards.

Once you've managed to finish off Thalnos, you'll be given your
entire deck back, as well as being fully healed. You should be
grateful, since you've now got to cope with the REAL final boss,
the God of Destruction. To be honest, there isn't much for me
to say here. If you're determined to win, you'll know every
that you have to do. Make sure that you don't waste your Mind
Flayers and Water Birds. As long as you found them, use the
four legendary creatures cards (from the optional temples), but
only ONE AT A TIME. This makes sure that they can attack most
efficiently in the time that they're alive. Use every other
summon creature that you've found, and you'll hopefully get
there before you completely run out of cards.

Your reward for completing the game is the God of Destruction,
probably the second best card in the game. You want the best
card? The only way to get the 105th card, the Doppelganger (who
can kill the first enemy he touches), is to collect 9999
experiance points on the God of Destruction, and use the
transform function at the Apothecary. Since you'll probably not
want to lose the second best card in doing this, you'll also
want to create a copy of the God of Destruction. This also
needs 9999 experiance points, so your work isn't over when you
defeat the final boss!

Whether or not you make the effort to collect all 105 cards,
that's the end of the main game. Hopefully, you'll want to play
it again to improve your time, or increase your total number of
cards. Alternatively, you might just want to have fun playing
through the game again! I hope that this walkthrough has been
helpful, and that you've enjoyed Lost Kingdoms (despite its
flaws), as much as I did!


These sidequests are all accessed by speaking to Gurd during the
game. There's nothing else that you need to do in order to get
here, and you can find some impressive cards which are only
available in these special levels.

Dahi-Hok Valley

This level can be accessed by speaking to Gurd at the Apothecary
at most points in the game. You'll probably play Dahi-Hok
Valley towards the beginning of the game, and therefore it's
very easy to complete. You need to find each of the bee-hives,
and destroy the giant bee that appears at each of them. The
hives are shown on the mini-map, so you shouldn't have any
trouble finding them. The giant bees are also very easy to
defeat - just keep using your cards as normal, and you'll get
there eventually.

Gromtull Desert

This level can only be accessed by speaking to Gurd after having
completed Dahi-Hok Valley. Your aim in the Gromtull Desert is
to defeat the Sand Worm. If that's all you want to do, just
look for the big column of dust, go up to this, and the battle
starts. In this battle you'll want to hit the Sand Warm as hard
as possible, as quickly as possible. It's not easy, since he'll
run away a lot, and you'll have to look for the column of dust
again. Fortunately, his HP stays as it was at the end of the
last battle, so you'll be able to defeat him eventually.

If you want some good cards, though, you'll want to press all 4
of the switches in the level before fighting the Sand-worm. Two
of the switches are easy to find, but the other two are a little
tricky. You need to start a battle with the two Round Cactus',
who are near two lakes in the level. Keep wandering around the
green area beside the lakes, and you'll eventually get into the
battle. These battles are very easy, and your reward will be
access to another switch.

Once you've pressed the four switches, go through the newly
opened gateway, then open the chests to get 2 carbuncles and a
Crystal rose - pretty rare cards at this point in the game.
Once you've done this, you may want to exit the level (you'll
keep all the cards that you've found), before going in to defeat
the sand-worm with a fresh set of cards.


This level is another very simple sidequest, which can only be
accessed by speaking to Gurd after having completed Gromtull
Desert. As in the Dahi-Hok Valley, the trees that you need to
find are shown on your mini-map in a different colour, so it's
easy to find the herbs that Gurd wants you to collect. When you
approach the right tree, you'll begin a battle with a Yeti. Be
careful of the Yeti's ice attack, which can cause a lot of
damage. Apart from that, keep using weapon cards and each of
the Yeti's will die pretty easily. After each battle with a
Yeti, you must examine the tree again in order to actually
collect the herb.

Once you've found all three herbs (in three seperate trees), the
level ends automatically.


Unlike most levels, Gurd accompanies you to Lumsted, which you
can only access by speaking to Gurd after having completed
Rohbach. OK, she just stands at the entrance, and you've still
got to do all of the work. Completing this level is very easy
indeed. Look for the 4 wells around the level, and place the
herbs into each of them. You'll then complete the level.

BUT - If you want a decent reward from Gurd, you'll need to
fight lots of battles before completing the level. The easiest
way to do this is to throw herbs into 3 of the wells, then fight
lots of battles near to the fourth well. As soon as you run out
of cards (or if your HP gets dangerously low), throw the last
herb into the last well. This way, you can avoid fighting too
many battles and running out of cards in the middle of one of
them - in this situation, you'll always lose.

Once you've finished with Lumsted, there's only one more
sidequest left...

Lake Bestriel

Lake Bestriel is certainly the hardest of the sidequests, but
still not particularly challenging - you can access it by
speaking to Gurd after having completed Lumsted.

Follow the path around and across the lake, using your magic to
cross the bridges. Just keep going - its as simple as that.
You'll quickly come across the boss, a Hydra. This boss is very
easy to defeat because he is so slow. Move around to the side
opposite to where he is facing, then quickly run to the other
side. He takes so long to recover from the attack, and start to
turn around again, that you'll be able to summon another card
before he's ready to attack you. This strategy obviously works
best using summon or weapon cards - your independant creatures
are only useful if nothing else is strong enough.

Once you've finished with the Hydra, continue until you find the
Stone of Cleansing. Put this in the statue on one of the
islands, and the lake will be cleansed - this finishes the
level, and finishes the last of the sidequests.

Other Stuff

Alexander will exchange fairies for the following cards at any
point in the game:

10 fairies gives you a Banshee
20 fairies gives you a Stone Head
30 fairies gives you a Whip Worm
50 fairies gives you a Goblin Lord
70 fairies gives you a MegaMandragora
80 fairies gives you a Chaos Knight
90 fairies gives you a Steel Skeleton

--I presume that there is a card available for 100 fairies - but
I haven't found that many yet! Good luck to anyone who wants to

That's about it. I hope you enjoyed reading, and that this
guide helped you get through a few of the trickier bosses and
levels. Overall, I was very impressed by Lost Kingdom's as an
innovative and fairly successful RPG. With the sequel in
production now, hopefully the developer will be able to avoid
quite such a high proportion of dark and empty levels and create
a deeper storyline, along with the promised graphical
improvement, and increased numbers of cards to collect. But I'm
happy for now - there's plenty to look forward to from this and
loads of other great Gamecube RPGs in the future - Happy RPG

(Again, I'm PinkPig, and I've written this walkthrough myself
for Please don't put it anywhere else
on the net. If you want to contact me about this guide, have
any questions, or just want to get on my nerves, please feel
free to email me: [email protected] )

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