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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"CT Special Forces"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for CT Special Forces (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: spoonbeast

To the initiated, this is a crash course for CT Special Forces. Here weíll teach you about using your kit, general survival, combating your enemy, the surroundings theyíre in and weíll cover each boss walkthrough. In addition, you will be issued passwords to make new players lives even easier. Listen up and listen carefully, there isnít much time and the world is under threat again terrorists.

Lets start with discussing your kit.

Weapons are the only comfort factor when on dangerous behind enemy line missions. But to make the most out of them, players need to understand them. Here are the weapons which players can get their hands on:

[Combat knife]
A sharp knife adopted by military forces for the very purpose of killing. When players get close to an object (box, barrel or enemy etc), the knife would b resorted. Although it has reasonable speed, it delivers small damage and can take a long time to kill more stubborn enemies. Despite this, itís the only weapon for close quarter fighting, thus making it a commodity rather then a luxury. On the plus side, most enemies donít have close quarter weapons; players should exploit this on those enemies.

A 9mm automatic pistol sidearm with unlimited ammunition, the pistol is your starting weapon for all missions with infinite ammunition. Speed and the damage of bullets is low, so players should switch to the assault rifle when enough bullets have been accumulated, or take up more cautious tactics until they do so. It is not advised that this weapon is used in times of extreme danger such as against bosses or crisis points.

These are explosive frag grenades that detonate after several seconds upon release, which provides effective damage to surrounding enemies and objects in the vicinity. Grenades are highly versatile as they can be bounced around scenery and be used to flush out troublesome pockets of resistance. Grenade supplies are plentiful, with most enemies and boxes holding such explosives. Players should be warned, later stages most enemies prefer to attack using hand grenades (that explode upon impact) instead of bullets and these can cause immense damage.

[Rapid fire]
An automatic rifle that fires identical bullets to the 9mm pistol except in much copious amounts, making it a better alternative than the 9mm pistol. Ammo for this weapon is plentiful and can be found in boxes and fallen enemies. Its recommend that players accumulate a large amount of rounds before use (100+ ideally) and if used responsibly, players should be able to use this weapon to the very end of each level.

[Rocket launcher]
When raw firepower is needed, the rocket launcher is the weapon of choice; able to eliminate foes in 1 or 2 shots. Ammunition for this weapon tends to be limited throughout the whole game, therefore players should consider using this only in emergencies that grenades canít resolve, or against boss encounters. Players should be warned that this is the only weapon in the game that doesnít allow firing directly overhead or below.

[Shotgun] (Stealth owl only)
Stealth owl excels in close quarter combat and infiltration; itís hardly surprising that this young recruit considers this his special weapon. The shotgun provides large amounts of firepower like the rocket launcher whilst keeping the weapon versatile and nimble at the same time. Although rate of fire is slow, the time it takes for projectiles to make contact with enemies is instantaneous. Ammunition for this weapon is most limited being a special weapon. Players must therefore restrain themselves and restrict its uses for against bosses or in extreme times of crisis only.

[Grenade launcher] (Raptor only)
Raptor is the operative who specialises in heavy fighting in the most hostile of situations. The grenade launcher therefore suits him well as a special weapon. The grenade launcher is a medium ranged explosive weapon thatís able to kill enemies quickly. Again limited ammunition means it should be restricted only for bosses or extreme problematic situations only.

Fires flame shots or a continuous stream of fire against foes. Although flamethrower shots can go through units, its performance is disappointing. The main and most critical drawbacks include range and damage dealt. Flamethrowers are best used against stationary targets or against the weakest of enemies as a method to conserve ammo for better weapons.

[Tank] (To enter press R)
During kalingrad and atoll the pom-pom-galli tanks can be used. It has 2 weapons, a main cannon and a heavy machine gun. Both which can make short work of any foe that opposes it. The cannon can be used to destroy mines as well. Both weapons have problems with aiming, The main cannon has a blind spot which means that it canít shoot units up close (unless it backs up), whilst the machine gun is difficult to control. Recommendation: use tanks main cannon and fire constantly, reversing whenever required. Use machine gun when things get out of hand. Whilst itís possible for players to make road kill and human pancakes by running anyone over, it can be costly in damage.

Only in helicopter or rescue mode can you actually use the helicopter. In helicopter mode, players can use the machine gun to take out rival planes and bombs to destroy all ground targets. Players should attempt to pick up any special power ups to make the helicopter even more deadly. Make sure that bombs are dropped early as they glide and take time before impact. During rescue mission only the machine gun is active. Make sure the plane is properly righted if players wish to shoot directly ahead of them.


The suspected terrorist group involved with the kidnappings (the ALK) have almost unlimited funds to purchase plentiful well equipped security forces. Suggested ways that players can use to thwart all ALK forces will be provided with their description..

Riflemen form the backbone of the ALK forces. Dressed in military uniforms and a black mask, they are all equipped with assault rifles and grenades. They will frequently switch between these weapons when need. In earlier levels riflemen tend to use their rifles and occasionally their grenades. Later stages they become more aggressive and use grenades as their staple weapon instead. Rifleman should be best tackled from a distance to avoid grenades and allow plenty of time to dodge their attacks. Grenades should be used to eliminate more troublesome rifleman.

[Riot officer]
A rifleman that holds a metal shield and a pistol, when the shield is destroyed, he switches back to a rifle again. Despite slow rate of fire, they have high defence allowing them to take plenty of bullets before dying. Frequently accompanied by more aggressive units like grenade throwing rifleman or located in areas where time is of the essence. Close quarter fighting is not advisable against them, as it takes even longer for them to die. Recommendation: tackle them with 2 grenades or rocket shots. If time isnít of the essence, a heavy amount of firepower usually does the trick.

[Machine gun post]
A rifleman that operates a machine gun thatís behind a metal barrier. Machine gun posts can fire large amounts of bullets and usually deployed near areas where there are fuel barrels or seemingly difficult choke points. Machine gun posts take time to shoot and reload. Itís best to take them out before it starts shooting using assault rifles or rockets. Otherwise, players should fight them behind some decent cover or indirectly (eg a top of a box). Grenades would be ideal for this situation.

The second most common enemy in the ALK, they are dressed in dark tracksuits with hoods and carry Uzis. At the start of the game, these units donít pose much of a threat. As they rely on close quarter fighting to attack. However, later stages these units become highly dangerous because they are highly versatile, and can be parachuted into levels (shooting all the way in some cases). Turning the tide of battle sometimes. In addition these units have multiple attack methods, either by firing directly ahead or spraying bullets in a 180 degrees angle. Frequently, those deployed on ledges, at odd angles, high areas and platforms resort to the latter method of attack, thus making them very annoying. Their speedy knife work also makes them even more dangerous.

Recommendation: stay as far away as possible from these units, as this would reduce the chances of players getting hit. If there isnít sufficient space for dodging, the situation should be resolved quickly using heavy weapons or a burst of the assault rifle.

Snipers are longhaired female terrorists that are armed with sniper rifles. They can appear out of windows and on the top of train carriages to provide the odd shot or 2. Snipers only appear at the start of the game. Snipers are slow to shoot and weak, as they are easily taken out with 3 shots or knife attacks. Provided players are cautious throughout the level, the threat of snipers is low. Those on top of trains pose more of a threat; these are best attacked during their the pause after firing.

[Rocket launchers]
A burly bald ALK terrorist member that welds a rocket launcher, he is capable of absorbing a fair amount of damage. Although slow to fire, the rockets can do extensive damage. Recommendation, shoot him from a distance to allow ample time to dodge his missiles when he fires. Usually one well-timed jump does the trick.

A large terrorist who wears black shades and carries a Minigun for company. Minigunners are extremely hazardous being able to fire almost a continuous stream of bullets, which without the use of cover can make dodging them all but impossible. Itís recommended that players should either fight close quarters or behind some good cover, throwing 2 grenades to dispatch them.

ALK divers are equipped with the latest in marine diving equipment, sporting heavy metal suits with a metal booster system for fast movement. They are armed with harpoon guns similar to the operatives on missions. Divers are relatively easy to beat because they have a large surface area and numerous blind spots that make them very vulnerable. Players should simply float above or below the divers harpoon gun and keep shooting till defeated.

Divers are not the only underwater aquatic threat players will face. Occasionally (especially in large bodies of water) subs are deployed. Although they have front metal arms, which suggest used for grabbing, they only use homing missiles to attack.
Fighting subs up close is not advised, as this allows little time for players to dodge the homing missiles. Its best that players keep their distance whilst shooting at the sub, and swimming out of corners when needed.

There are 2 types of sailors:

Unarmed sailors have no equipment and delivers hard punches to players. Keeping on the move and picking them off from the distance will be more then enough to eliminate them. If cornered, players should roll past them quickly. If players have ammunition to spare, using rockets or special weapons can be effective against them.

Missile carrying sailors carry explosive missiles, which they hurl at players when spotted, causing extensive damage. These units are best tackled close up and resorting to the combat knife as this renders the sailors useless.

It appears that the ALKís ruthless ambitions are only equalled by their lack of moral ethics to achieve it. The ALK considers these units their secret weapon for their diabolical plans. There are 2 types of super soldiers identified:

Undeveloped super soldier
Although still contained within test tubes, the undeveloped models are still deadly and can break out of their tubes when alerted by outside cameras. Unlike humans, super soldiers have enhanced strength and resistance making them tough to kill. If possible destroy the camera outside their chambers before proceeding past them. Otherwise, Players should best tackle these units at a distance and use large amounts of firepower

Developed super soldier
The finished phased of super solider. They are dressed in green armour plating and are armed with shock rifles that create explosive electrostatic balls. Even more dangerous then their undeveloped brothers and should be best dealt with behind cover or from a long, long distance away.

[Forklift truck]
A forklift truck that holds a box to provided added protection to the passenger. The masked driver will pull out a gun to shoot players. Easy dispatched with a large dose of bullets. Players should simply crouch and shoot at the forklift truck till itís destroyed.

A two man operated vehicle where one drives and the second provides additional fire. The driver throws grenades to provide extensive damage and ensure that no one gets too close. The passenger fires long range shots to keep most players pinned or stay well away. The bullets can easily jumped over, however the grenades are extremely dangerous. Recommendation: destroy jeeps quickly using plenty of explosive firepower and stay a distance away from them to avoid grenades.

[Mortar soldier]
Mortar units can come in 2 variations: jungle and all-purpose white. Their primary method of attack is to use their mortars. When players get close, they draw out pistols or knives. They are frequently used to back up harder units or placed at choke points. Mortar shoot medium ranged projectiles. Players should attack these units from a distance or over power them close up. In most situations its ideal that they are eliminated first as they frequently pose the main threat of certain situations.

[Machine gun tower]
Terrorists those are perched up in a high tower who is operating a machine gun. They are only found on the atoll of pom-pom-galli. Positioned frequently near choke points or where air strikes occur. They are ideally tackled at the same height as the gunner himself and picked off from a distance. Otherwise they should be attacked during the small time that they take to reload and fire again

A cannon that is attached to a spherical metallic body, these enemies can be found on the transiberian and on the outside of Ian Mavravitchís boat. Extremely dangerous, especially those that are on elevated positions that are above players. They are frequently aided by additional hoodies and mortar units to make fighting turrets very annoying. Players should attack these units from a distance to reduce their cannons, using grenades and rockets to dispatch them quickly. Those that are on elevated positions will need to be destroyed quickly, if possible get underneath the turret or have good evasive skills to survive.

[Wall cannon]
Any missions that are played inside structures, security wall turrets are found. Frequently found guarding ladders, switches and even platforms. They are slow to fire and take only one shot to destroy. Its best that players counter attack after it has fired using a single shot of the assault rifle or pistol.

Terrorists of Asian origin who wear cloaks and are armed with swords. Fast, swift and very proficient in their weapon of choice. Assassins should be observed from a distance for movement patterns before attacking. Once loopholes from their attacks have been found, exploit them fully to defeat them. Assassins can only be found on atoll the pom-pom-galli.

[Female terrorist]
Female terrorists in jumpsuits and are armed with pistols. Although very weak (requiring one shot to kill) they will continuously shoot without reloading once they get a lock on players and this can cause problems. They are best taken out quickly. Additionally, they drop medical packs, which can heal small amounts of damage.

An ALK soldier that is armed with a flamethrower and wearing a trench coat and welders mask. Slow to react they will shoot copious amounts of fire when ready. They are found near barrels or important sites. Recommendation: best killed quickly and from a distance or behind cover with an assault rifle.


[Water Mine]
Extremely hazardous, water mines explode when players collide into them or getting too close to explosions. Players should be extremely careful in water and dispatch any from a distance, as there are mines that float around freely and due to lack of flexibility underwater can cause all sorts of problems. Mines that are tethered to weeds will unhook themselves and float upwards when players get too close, detonating over a set period of time. These are frequently placed at the bottom of flooded corridors or pathways going downwards and can cause many problems.

[Land mine]
Landmines are small and difficult to spot. Once players step onto one they explode within seconds causing immense damage. They are frequently placed on empty straights or on ramps. Mines are best tackled by moving past them quickly throwing a grenade near by and setting them off prematurely with the explosion.

[Torpedo tube]
Underwater security defences for the ALK are not restricted to mines, subs and divers. Torpedoes are also used. Shafts built into the wall launch missiles at a fast rate that can cause serious damage upon impact. Torpedo tubes usually protect useful items or on right pathways. Strategy consists of waiting for the first torpedo tube to launch its torpedo and then swimming quickly past the rest without stopping. Players should be careful, as water mines frequently greet players at the end of torpedo tube runs.

TIP: If the missile tube is not on the screen, it cannot shoot at you.

[Mortar pods]
During the upper decks of Mavravitchís boat and the transiberian train, the ALK will use the deck security to use vast payloads of mortar explosives to remove players. Panels from the floor will open up and shoot up rockets, which deal damage as they explode on the ground. Players should roll past them after theyíve finished shooting, taking out any terrorists that block their way using rockets.

[Steam pipes]
Poor maintenance within Mavravitchís ship and inside the ALK base ensures that these hazards are frequent. Simply jump over pipes when there is no steam to bypass it.

Waste disposal on Maravitchís ship consists of pipes collecting waste and filling up designated areas. Players should be careful as to not jump into the toxic murky pools at the risk of taking damage.

Self explanatory as to what they are. Roll past them to avoid.

[Waste shaft]
Inside the secret ALK base, waste disposal shafts for highly explosive material can be found everywhere. The contents of the shaft can drop hazardous contents on players and inflict damage. Players should wait for the red light before crossing underneath it.

[Air strikes]
The ALKís extravagance goes beyond credibility by having air strikes, raining missiles down from the sky. Players should be extremely cautious when the distinctive sound of an airstrike can be heard, as they can cause immense damage if taking direct hits or splash damage. Players should find what cover they can or move through areas, quickly and carefully and never hanging around areas too long. Players can shoot down missiles, but its difficult and pointless.

[Spike traps.]
During the Vietnam War, the VC used spike traps made with pun gee sticks to catch unsuspecting enemy soldiers. The ALK have gone 2 steps better by making them automated and having the spikes made out of metal. They are frequently found near ledges or at the end of ramps to catch unsuspecting players. These traps can be bypassed safely by jumping over them or rolling past them.


[Platform mode]
There are several things players can do to make this game easier:

-Players should attempt to investigate everywhere they go. Plenty of items are scattered everywhere on missions. Sometimes items are located in areas where people simply over look. For example, boxes of supplies can be found behind the starting position of the players.

-Knowing when to keep your distance or retreating will keep players alive longer. Enemy bullets disappear over a certain distance and enemy attacks are generally ineffective over long distances. But retreating will RESET THE ENEMIES, allowing players to make quick easy kills when needed. Also most crisis points (situations when the screen doesnít scroll forward unless all enemies on the screen are eliminated) can be resolved by keeping at a distance.

-Donít stand too close to objects; this will force players to use the combat knife to swipe at objects. This can prove fatal sometimes, especially when players want to shoot someone over the other side of an object. Therefore, donít completely hug onto objects.

-If players need to shoot directly underneath them, jump up and push down to shoot directly underneath.

[Sniping bonus rounds]
The key to success to these missions is speed, as there are a lot of terrorists players have to snipe in order to accomplish the sniper exercise. Move in the direction in which the arrow is pointing as quickly as possible until it disappears and the terrorist is located, one shot anywhere at a terrorist will do the trick. As soon as the shot has been taken and another arrow appears, move quickly as possible to it. If you canít see the arrow, check under the HUD icons as they are frequently obscured underneath them.

[Parachute mode]
The 2 bars during parachute mode indicate different things. The Vertical bar (altitude) tells us when to deploy the parachute, whilst the horizontal bar (position) tells us the position. This is simply a control exercise; players should immediately push the opposite direction as soon as the tab moves the different way to adjust the horizontal bar and align the tab accordingly so it is in the green area at the centre. Players should not deploy parachutes until both are at the right position. Too early or too late and the whole exercise is repeated at the expense of one life.

[Helicopter mode]
A simple side scrolling shoot-em-up exercise, use the standard machine gun (b) to hit the helicopters and press A to drop payloads of rockets and bombs onto any ground units. Donít attempt to eliminate all the enemies on screen, as there are far too many to dispatch. Collect the Special weapons to improve killing power.

[Rescue mode]
This consists of players rescuing hostages. Lose too many and the mission will have to be repeated. There are several important things to remember.

-No itchy trigger fingers. Players could easily hit hostages and if players want that extra life, theyíll need to save all of them.

-Right yourself, If players attempt to land without properly righting the helicopter (ie, move, stop and land), then players will guarantee that the helicopter will crash, killing all the occupants inside. Thus, losing the chance to get a life.

-Stay low, this will avoid all but the SAM sites from hurting you. Fly close to the ground to take out the cars and the SAMs. Only one shot is needed to destroy any unit.

-To repair any damage, players will need to rescue hostages and return them safely to obtain repairs.


As the title suggests, mission hints for all levels have been included for all levels giving you tips as to how to how you can survive these areas. In addition a boss guide for each level has been provided.


Nothing remotely difficult, Players should take their time and Keeping their distance throughout will get most players through unhurt. Thereís a notably lack of ammunition for the rapid fire, therefore resort to the rapid fire in boss situations, ambushes and places where enemies are placed in strategic areas.

Think very carefully before destroying barrels (especially those propped against walls) as they will be needed to actually back track areas where much needed supplies are placed.

[Boss: Train cannons]
Switch to the assault rifle and shoot the cannons when they protrude out to shoot. The cannons arenít particularly dangerous, as their projectiles donít detonate on impact and take time to explode. Whenever one lands nearby, simply roll or move away. Players should not think about throwing hand grenades at the cannons, as they canít be used here.


The game ramps up the difficulty with plenty of new enemies and improving on the old ones. Most noticeably are the once close-quarter-fighting hoodies that begin to shoot and these are pain. Also the rifleman will prefer to throw grenades instead now, so be careful.

On the early part of stage one, use some of the destroyable boxes to jump up to higher areas where better equipment is stashed. There are a lot of platform-based areas here and if players miss a jump it can often prove fatal.

Boss: Ian Mavravitch
Before fighting Ian, many of the yellow panels that protect Ian from attack have to be destroyed first. To relieve the pressure, destroy as many panels as possible using the assault rifle before confronting Ian. Once within the area, Ian will rain explosive barrels onto the playerís position, which can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes Ian randomly throws barrels that can start small fires that deal damage. Provided players keep moving and avoid hiding in corners, players should survive the barrel attacks. If possible direct the barrels away from the centre. Just keep firing at Ian using the assault rifle and rocket launcher till he dies to win.


Before a proper investigation of the boat can be done, the upper decks have to be cleared out. The first stage will require players to destroy the enemy turrets which compromise landing or evacuation when the mission is complete. The turrets can be easily dealt with by either taking them out quickly using heavy firepower or fighting them from long distances. To find all the turrets investigate all areas of the ship and systematically investigate all areas and youíll find them all.

The enemies here frequently rely on hand grenades as their main form of attack so keep your distance or youíll take severe damage. Youíll come across hoodies which are positioned on slopes, to tackle them, you can jump towards their positioned and either shoot them on the way down or ignore them altogether.

Try jumping on the top of the orange metal girders to get to certain areas, most of these orange metal girders tend to hold extra lives or lead to areas where special equipment can be found.

With be around as well, they can easily be rolled past without any trouble. The rockets incidentally donít do any damage until they impact onto the ground. Just make sure that nothing blocks your path especially the riot officers will halt your progress and leave you vulnerable to the rockets. In this situation, rocket launchers are recommended.

Go through as many doors as possible, most will lead to new areas with lots of handy supplies and goodies. To get in a door press up and A.

[Boss: Outer wall cannons]
As soon as the turrets are ready, shoot the closest one as much as possible before the sailor arrives and before the cannons begin shooting. When the sailor does arrive dispatch him quickly or heíll cause trouble. Provided you keep on the move and only to stop to provide quick pot shots you should be able to avoid most of the projectiles that come flying your way. The shotgun works wonders here thanks to its power that can make short work of the sailor and some of the turrets.


Be extremely careful in this level, there are plenty of hazards which players have to over come if they intend to survive. Donít jump off ladders immediately or players could face a massive drop in certain sections of the level. Toxic waste, steam pipes, crushers all greet players and challenge their skills. Frequently most areas are guarded by extremely annoying hoodies. Players should observe attack patterns and strike quickly when needed.

Later on in the level, youíre expected to plant explosives. Push down and B for the duration of time to plant them. A systematic approach to the level will ensure that no sites are missed out. Whenever players locate the site, they should be prepared for action, as usually flamethrower soldiers will attempt to ambush you.

Some swimming is expected in the level. Try and investigate all areas within flooded areas as they frequently contain plenty of health, ammo and extra lives inside. But watch out for water mines that float freely in the water.

[Boss: Tanya]
As you enter the final area, bars will barricade your character in the centre of the room, severally restricting movement. Tanya will appear with 2 laser pistols. She has 2 generic attacks depending on which level she stands.

On the ground level sheíll shoot a laser beam (which cuts across the floor) or deliver a charged shot. Whenever you see Tanya appear from one of the lower doors, move to the opposite end of your enclosure. If she shoots a laser beam, jump up as it passes below you. If she uses her charged shot instead, crouch and hit her hard with assault rifle fire and rockets. As this will be the most ideal time to attack and thus defeat her.

When sheís above you, sheíll shoot 2 shots at you and cartwheel (and shooting) to the opposite side of the room only to repeat the 2 shots at the opposite end. To dodge her attacks, run to the bars on the side sheís standing to avoid the first 2 shots. Afterwards, head across to the opposite end of the enclosure (whilst dodging any stray laser fire) to repeat the process.

NOTE: You can shoot at Tanya when sheís charging up her pistols for the 2 shots, but players have to be quick to get out the way before she shoots.


Potentially one of the hardest levels in the game, traps litter the floor, mines are everywhere and expect plenty of ambushes. The ALK have established a lot of hardware here and players will have to act quickly and decisively or expect death in most situations in this level. Air strikes are incredibly frequent with plenty of platform jumping. Donít be afraid to retreat when needed because the ALK forces here prefer to shoot more frequently instead. No itchy trigger fingers again, frequently (especially on the first stages) there are plenty of statue heads that can be jumped on to get to higher areas. But be careful not to destroy them or players will lose out on a lot of heavy equipment.

Players will be doing some considerable swimming in this mission so watch out for water mines as the whole level is littered with them. If players get lost, follow the signs through out the level or look around your surroundings carefully before making your move. Watch out an X sign thatís close to a pool of water. The sign is made to fool players, but also itís to indicate a very nasty trap underneath. Players should jump over this sign or expect painful consequences,

In addition, there are helicopter and rescue mode missions in this level. Consult the general tips section for more details.

[Boss: Sub]
This boss is virtually identical to the normal sub enemies except this one takes more damage and can use the claw arms when needed. The sub can be dispatched exactly the same way as the normal ones (see the sub enemy profile for details). But make sure that you stay well away from the front or the claws will get you. If possible, try and get round behind the boss as to render the arms useless making it highly vulnerable.


To enter the deeper corridors of the ALK base, players will have to activate the switches. Be very careful when doing this, apart from a wall turret guarding the switches, players will be ambushed from behind as soon as they reach the button. So they should turn around and face the enemy before hitting the switch. Fighting at a distance is almost paramount in this level as the enemies have improved very dramatically by now, for example rifleman are faster and throw grenades further then the player.

Apart from mini health packs, health pick-ups are rare, it therefore pays to be slightly careful and play the mission passively. Retreat when ever possible as frequently, most of the enemies are on elevated positions. Watch out for security cameras, if players destroy them, they can expect very few undeveloped super soldier attacks. Again, turrets will guard ladders, destroy those before going down them.

[Boss: Kev-1]
As players approach the area, kev-1 will appear inside a battle suit. His first (and primary) attack method is to throw an electrostatic ball to pin you first and then deal the real deathblow by shooting electricity across the floor. To avoid this, roll under the electrostatic ball and past kev-1 himself. Open fire at him with all your hardest hitting weapons once you roll passed him. After his attack heíll fly off the screen and attempt to flatten unsuspecting players on the way down. Always keep on the move when he flies off screen. Repeat prescribed process to win.

Occasionally, he will take a swipe or deploy his force field if players attack from the front and watch out for his close quarter attack, which creates an electric discharge around him when players get close (which is why its important to roll right past him before attacking). REMEMBER: This tactic needs speed for it to work properly. Lastly donít get cornered, or heíll mercilessly tenderise trapped players.

Canít be bothered to play the easier missions? Find certain levels too difficult? Or lost a password? Donít fret, hereís a list of passwords for all the levels in the game (except level 1 stage one obviously) with enough lives for each one to complete each stage with.

[Level 1: Transiberian 5.42pm]
Stage 2 4697

[Level 2: Kalingrad port 6.34pm]
Stage 1:1574
Stage 2:4015
Stage 3:7961
Stage 4:8721

[Level 3: Movravitchís boat 5.45am]
Stage 1: 9146
Stage 2: 9345
Stage 3: 4796

Level 4: Movravitchís boat 8.15am]
Stage 1: 3496
Stage 2: 1592
Stage 3: 4168
Stage 4: 1364

[Level 5: atoll the pom-pom-calli 12noon]
Stage 1: 1527
Stage 2: 9108
Stage 3: 5739
Stage 4: 3716
Stage 5: 6820

[Level 6: Secret ALK base 2.10pm]
Stage 1: 3428
Stage 2: 4590
Stage 3: 0842


Training has been concluded. You know your surroundings, you know your foe, you know your tools of the job, passwords and finally you know what to do. Get out there and fight. If you survive your latest mission, perhaps try the new CT Special Forces game (fire for effect) when it comes out soon. Youíre dismissed soldier.

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