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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: "HubbaHubba"
This aim of this walkthrough is to let you complete the game, in a user-friendly way that you can understand. It is highly likely you have already defeated Bowser, but that is easy compared to this: what this will guide you through is the Special World – by far the hardest world in the game. It firstly tells you how to find the Special World and then guides you through all the levels’ difficult parts and gives helpful hints. Completing this world (and completing all 96 levels in the game) unlocks a whole host of rewards.

Remember, to help with completing any level, go back to a previous level and get a cape/flower – press START and click on BACK from the menu to exit the level. Alternatively, use the Top Secret Area.

I’m assuming you’ve found this level, right?
Anyway, before starting this level, get a cape from Star World 1. By avoiding or jumping on the Koopas, make your way to the ‘P switch’. Hit the block to the right – that annoying music plays and the coins roll out. You can control the direction it rolls out with the arrow buttons. Try and make it go left (this is to avoid Koopas when taking off). Jump on the ‘P switch’ and run along the platform (left) that you will have created. Now run to the right and take off. Keep flying high, by diving and ascending (keep holding on to the B button!) and eventually you should reach a platform high up. Run along, ducking where it is necessary. You should reach a key and a keyhole – don’t tell me you don’t know what to do.

This is one of the easier levels so enjoy it while you can. Spring up to the vines and make your way up the level using the vine on the far right. Spring on to the musical notes and bounce up. On the way down there are no enemies except one Koopa at the bottom so WATCH OUT! Use a cape if you want to catch all the Dragon coins by floating down slowly. After the pipe, you’ll see three ‘P’ Switches. Jump on all three and peg it to the end.

The key to completing this level is to use your Power balloons efficiently, as they don’t last that long. One way of doing this is to use Luigi, as he can jump further. After jumping over the initial pipes, jump on the ‘P’ switch that turns blocks into coins. Hit the block below this by jumping down and using the spring. Then wait for 3 ‘boings’ on the spring before leaping and grabbing the balloon, this will gain you more time to float. The next balloon is located en route in one of the upper blocks. Hit the block as soon as possible but don’t get the balloon immediately - follow it until you begin to flash back to normal state, when this happens it is time to get the balloon. Its best to float at the top of the level, making sure you avoid the plants of course! At the end go as far as possible – just because you can see the gate doesn’t mean there is safe ground below.

This one’s easy, if you know where to go! Hit the third ‘On’ button and the ‘Off’ button that comes next. This should lead you to a yellow pipe. Get Yoshi and exit through the pipe as usual. Then hit the block when you come out and get Yoshi’s wings. Complete the bonus and the level is clear.

Use Luigi on this level. His jumping abilities are extremely useful in the latter part of the level and the fact that he slides about more than Mario means nothing on this level, because it’s ice anyway. When you come to the ‘P’ switch, carry it with you (hold the B button) until you reach an upside-down pipe and the surroundings appear to change. Jumping on the switch now will allow you to get an invincibility star. Don’t rush just because you have invincibility. Keep Luigi steady and don’t slip off the edge (which is highly possible, believe me). Get the fire flower and try to keep to pipes rather than blocks as they are safer to land on. It is possible to use no blocks other than the very last one, providing you do very large jumps with Luigi.
Useful tips just in case you didn’t know them: 1) A spin jump will kill the crocs in one go 2) A spin jump can also kill flashing Koopa shells 3) Yoshi can fly with blue/all colour shells – flying is extremely hard though in the second half of this level, so I recommend you don’t.

'Ang on, are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Yes, that’s right - this is the level that the opening video is taken from. The Pokeys gets annoying in this level – Yoshi becomes essential for clearing your path. Make sure you use Mario because Luigi and Yoshi don’t mix – you have to spit out everything Yoshi eats when riding with Luigi. Strange.
On the ‘multiple choice’ block, try and get either an invincibility star or the cape (so you can float and have more control when jumping). At the end of the level, it all gets a bit mad – either just force your way through and hope for the best or take it bit by bit (if you have Yoshi and a cape). Groovy, baby!

This strange level is difficult at first but after playing it a few times you should be able to comfortably complete it. It is handy to know that the water rises, then falls; as opposed to falls then rises. Whether you wait until the water falls or not is up to you. If you play safe, wait until the water falls before bashing the Hammer Brothers. When it begins to rise again, make sure you are in a safe spot away from the Hammer Brothers. It is possible to go down the 3rd pipe and get a shortcut as well as some bonus coins. Or you can decide to ignore that and get a 1-up instead (right in-between 2 of the pipes). From then onwards, the only hard part is bashing the hammer brother and using his wings to get up onto the finish. If you need a mushroom, bash all the ‘?’ blocks in the long parrallel rows and there is one in the middle there.

(Note: If you use Luigi the springs are not needed and you don’t have to carry them with you along the level — arming yourself with a couple of capes could also help BUT don’t start the level with Yoshi as it will replace the Yoshi later on in the level with a 1-up regardless of if you still have him or not – Yoshi is near impossible to take through the first half of the level safely).
Possibly the hardest level in the whole game, this forest-of-illusion style level is very, very difficult. Try to avoid what you can, spin jump what you can and eat up (with Yoshi) what you can. When you get to the 1st spring go on top of the Bullet Bill and jump to the next one making sure you stay off the ground. Jump from Bullet Bill to Bullet Bill, then make a big leap for the tall yellow pipe (only Luigi can do this). When you reach the Hammer Brother knock him from below and jump onto his wings and jump onto the tall, red pipe. Now be very careful – walking through the fish will kill them (they need water, y’know) but those apple things need more attention; a spin jump will kill them in one go, a normal jump will turn them upside down – you can then use them as a ‘weapon’ by holding the B button. Between the two yellow pipes, be aware that those piranhas spit out fireballs at you every time they pop up from their pipes. Get Yoshi when it is safe and proceed until you meet another Hammer Brother. Again, knock him from underneath and ride on his wings up onto the blue pipe. Then comes another nasty part – try to ignore the Wiggler and knock the Hammer Brother, aware that there is a low Bullet Bill. Get on the wings and leap to the finish gate.

As long as you do this level carefully, it is quite easy compared to the other levels - but watch your time.
After pressing the ‘P switch', make sure you are Super Mario or better so you can spin jump through the spin blocks. Avoid the Chargin’ Chucks at all costs. Immediately after them are a series of ‘Grab blocks’ which if you press the B button while standing on will be picked up – if you do this here, you’ll fall and die, so don’t! Hold ‘B’ before jumping on these blocks and KEEP HOLDING IT DOWN! To kill the Chargin’ Chuck by the pipe quickly and easily, use a Koopa shell. As long as you get the cape available after this, you should be alright getting past the trio of Chargin’ Chucks at the end.
Finally, a message will be spelled out in coins for you – I’ll let you find out what it says.

One last note, that is this walkthrough is my own work. Only copy it for your own personal use please.

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