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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Animal Crossing"

This game is also available on PC and DS.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Animal Crossing (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Angel2462
In Animal Crossing,once you have finished your job you just start la la la la la la!Well,just think how far you are going to do by doing that,Ha!If you want a trophy,a nice big house,and money like me and my mom,try your best to do what this walktrough says.First of all,get a fishing net,and every time you see a fish try to fish it out!If you think it's too small,it could be a pharahna,or if you think it's too big and you think it's a tire,it could be a redsnapper.Also try your best to catch a lot of big bugs.And even if it's a cockroach that's worth a no good 5 bells,every bit counts.I even believe you could be the mayor!Try your best to give your animal crossing person not just a dilly-dally-hippy-skippo kinda life.Make them enjoy themselves.And believe me I'm not saying you can't have no fun or nothing,I'm just trying to give you and your animal crossing person a good experience of life.Well...all I can say now is goodbye,and I hope this helps...a lot.Submitted by:Angel246
Submitted By: Angel2462
Hi,it's me Angel246.This is my third walkthrough and if you did'nt see my other walkthroughs you should and I hope they are helpful.Theres this guy in your town that you like and it's April 1st.Then you look at your calendar and see this really cool event on December 1st.So you chnge the date to December 1st.Quikly,you look in your mailbox and see a letter from the guy you liked.It says that the guy you like moved.Try not to move the date to far.Keep it the same time and date as in real life.That way you can enjoy your events and keep the people you like in your town.Do the best as you can to stay on track.Have fun and I hope this helps you!Submitted by:Angel246.

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