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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Unreal Tournament 2003"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Unreal Tournament 2003 (PC Games)
Submitted By: Blaskerwitz

- A lot of people say one of the prime rules of First-Person Shooters is to never quit moving, and while this is a VERY good rule to follow, don't take it totally to heart. Everyone knows that it's easier to aim if you're not moving, so don't feel like you can't stop for a second to headshot a player posing little threat to you.

- UT2003's double-jump can be useful at times, but you should practice only using dodge and dodge-jump to move around and evade in combat. You'll run into way too many problems if you use double-jump, or even worse single-jump, constantly.

- Always aim for someone's head when using a Minigun or Lightning Gun;otherwise you're not using them to their full potential.

- At mid-range and close range, ground fire is essential for rockets. Don't try to aim for someone's body.

- Shields and Double Damage are very important items; don't underestimate them.

- Zoom on the Lightning Gun offers a much bigger target.

- Jumping on Low Gravity makes you an easy target.

- Don't spam! Take the time to aim, and you'll begin to find yourself improving. Spam might work sometimes, but it won't help you against a good player.

- Don't use trick jumps just for the hell of it; only use them if they're actually serving a purpose. Far too many people do them just because they can and these people often find themselves dying because of it.

- The translocator is incredibly useful. Use it to get to hard to reach places and to move around with, but be careful not to fire one where it can be destroyed. Definitely don't try to teleport to one you have shot at the enemy, or you will more than likely be telefragged.

- In team-games, don't just dive into a large group of enemies; try to find some teammates so you'll have a better chance of surviving and getting kills.

- Though many people hate campers, it is sometimes the best strategy in Team Deathmatch -- guard a weapon so the enemy can't get it(mainly useful if Weapon Stay is off)

- Hotkey all of your weapons. Some people can get by with the scroll wheel, but it is a lot easier to hotkey them because you'll have to discard weapons often if you use a scroll wheel. Make sure all of these weapons are near WASD(or whatever movement keys you're using).

- Make use of weapon switching often. If you're in a close range situation, switch out to Flak Cannon. Long range? Lightning Gun, then Shock Rifle during the Lightning recharge time.

- Dodge(tap any direction key twice)

- Dodge Jump(tap and direction key twice and press jump immediately afterwards)

- Wall Dodge(jump against a wall and tap the direction key opposite the side of you the wall is on twice)

- Double Jump(tap jump twice)

- Elevator Jump(jump right before the elevator reaches its peak)

- Boost Jump(trickiest move in game) When against a wall, press the opposite direction + jump, opposite direction + jump, and jump all in rapid succession. If done right, you will do the equivalent of triple dodge-jump, gaining massive height and distance.


- Turn your music off! You need to hear people's footsteps, elevators and weapons firing at all costs.

- Always be aware of your surroundings. In 1v1 matches, make sure you know where the other player is.

- Either get a pair of headphones with two working speakers or a very good set of stereo speakers. Without these, you're going to have trouble perceiving what direction sounds are coming from.

- All of the best players use a very low mouse sensitivity(most around 2) for better aim. To fully utilize this sensitivity, you will need a large mousepad(I recommend a RATPAD) and also an optical mouse preferably.

- Turn the Gamma up so you can see people in dark areas.

- Look before you leap. The high ground is always the best place to be, and diving into a trap or losing your advantage and dying because of it is not good.

- The best place to hang out in a level is around the Big Shield.

- In 1v1 matches, watch the other player to see what his pattern is and his stlye of play -- lots of mid-range players are very predictable.

- Don't be predictable yourself. Never chase the enemy unless you think he's just about dead because he'll almost always lead you into a trap.

- Time the power-ups! This is essential in 1v1 matches.

- (CAPTURE THE FLAG ONLY) Capture the Flag is not a game of frags. You should either be defending the flag, protecting the flag carrier, retrieving the flag or taking the enemy's flag. People who aren't doing these(i.e. DMing in the middle) are hurting their time. Strategies like these might cut it on pubs or rookie ladder matches, but good players will just translocate right by you.

- Switch out weapons a lot in combat; it will confuse the other player.

- Power-up control is the key to winning 1v1 games in a match with two equally skilled players.

- Hide your weapon from view. A visible weapon not only gives you a blind spot, but no good players have visible weapons.

- Turn off the blinking when taking damage. This obscures your view, is incredibly distracting and is used only by beginners. A good player will know from the sounds around him and his health indicator if he or she is taking damage.

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