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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Mystic Heroes"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mystic Heroes (Gamecube)
Submitted By: GenYLun
**Mystic Heroes**

FAQ Made by GenYLun
E-Mail: [email protected]
Game Cube Version
Year Produced: 2002
Played: June 2003 (cos too busy playing other game)


How long will the game take:
Depend how long you put an effort in to in.
I say 7 Hours or 2 weeks.. all fighitng game is short
Is Naja Female or Male:
It’s a female but sound like a Male
How Many Disc is it:
One so it shouldn’t take forever
What Type of Game is it:
It Look like Final Fantasy but the fights like Onimusha best way to describe It’s kid version of DYNASTY WARRIORS
Hardest part in the game:
Beating the Boss and jumping
How many maps in each stage:
3 some of them have 4 and their 8 stages all together

Game Cube Fights

Ok need fighting lesson here they are

A – Attack
B – Jump
Y keep hold and Joy Stick – Target magic
Y – Direct Magic attack
B and A – Jump Attack
3 A and X – Fight turn to magic attack
R – Block
R – Block
R and Joystick - Dodge
Joystick - Move around
R and Y - Get Magic

Select start and choose a mode

Easy Mode:
Enemies easy to kill at the beginning but get harder at the end. good for beginers/just getting use 2 playing vdeo games

Normal Mode:
A bit more enemies’ then easy mode and a bit harder to kill them

Hard Mode:
So many enemies beating you up. Kind of hard to get magic and health up

Stage 1-7
Go though the map and Fights them all it get very hard when it get stage 4

Stage 4-4:
Boss: Sheva
Difficulty: Hard

Attacks her until first move. She will do a illusion thing ( make a few or herself)
Use jump spell to make a few fade away and attack the rest
She will do more illusion >.< but using the same skill will do it

Tip: look for a solid sheva and attack her

Stage: ?-? (cant remember)
Boss: Aria
Difficulty: Normal
She got two good attacks and I hate it
1) freeze you (damage a lot of HP)
2) bringing enermies back to life
However there is a way to kill her
1) attack and direct spell at her or
2) hide beind a rock and target spell. Change rock between them

Stage 7-2
Difficulty: Easy … Hard with Shiga
When you inside the Tower thing
There will be a few enemies and uh oh the floor will fall down (half way to the main)
Ok Target em and soon they will die charge magic when it down
Shiga not very good in long distance target so run and fight them
Once you got end of the map


Stage 7-3
Difficulty: Normal
kill all the enemies =p
you will notice a blue thing teleport you back down to the bottom . while you going up there a few weak walls. destroy the wall go out. run around you will see a dragon statue thing holding a blue ball attack the dragon and the ball will fall out go back in. do this to all everyone of em (wall n dragon) after that the blue bit will disappear.
once you go to the top


Stage 7-4
Difficulty: Normal
Defeat Kang
He quite Easy. just use direct magic when he in the air and attack him when he close told you was easy. the cutscene will tell you he son will take all Kang energy (lol) making him STORNGER )


Stage 8-1
Difficulty: Hard (easy with Tai)
use jump magic or attack his feet to kill it. watch out for his fire attack you can dodge it (DO IT FAST)
Easy way to defeat Roc/T'ai Shan ... works best using Tai or Lani cos their magic/spell is powefull and their can gd with long distance magic

- Use Aimed Target spell on the boss
- use aimed target spell a few times
- do it quite far away
- doge his attacks
- sometimes u can hide behind the solid rocks and can't get hit
- This will defeat him


Stage 8-2

T'ai Shan Weak Point = Magic
Difficulty: Hard
go near to him and use either Jump Spell or Tai direct spell to defeat him... he quite fast and keep moving so Naja jump fire magic isn't best to kill him but target is when using Naja. You can doge his attacks ... make sure you change your magic and try to not get shock by lighting that will do a bit of damage to you

Stage 8-3
Difficulty: Normal
When he close to you attack him
When he coming down of a rock use direct spell/magic (this do a lot of damage to him)
When he use illusion (is that how you spell it) making a lot of himself use jump spell/magic
His tail attack - just dodge it


Stage 8-4

Final Boss Transform
Difficulty: Easy
If you watch the previous cut scene you will know he transform again

Kill him by attack his front about three quarter (his HP)
Then rests just attack his spine/back it (do a lot of damage)
He soon learn a new attack just dodge it
Once he broken to pieces (his has a little 20% I think health left ) just finish him off with a direct spell/magic or an attack but it better with attacks cos get new high score and get runes, watch cut scene once that done you complete the game

Thanks To:
Game Cube and Koei making this cool game

This site found in: (walk thu and hints)

GenYLun Copyright © 2003 Inc

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