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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Kingdom Hearts"
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Kingdom Hearts (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Trish

Snow White Platform:

Jump onto one of the 3 platforms to select 2 of either sword,shield or dream rod. After choosing 2 the platform will disappear.

Cinderella Platform:

Hit the button you're told to attack. Kill a Shadow to continue. Kill next 4 shadows after prompts to move on.

Three Hearts Platform:

Approach door and pick examine option. Approach chest and select new Open option. Attack box to break it and pick up potion to activate Item menu. Go to barrel and select Lift option to grab it. This will make the door solid for examination. Open door.

Destiny Islands:

Speak to Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie. Speak with each until they ask you a question. Pick your answer and move on.

Sleeping Beauty Platform:

Move to centre of platform. Scroll through instructions and then kill Shadows that attack. Move to save point and save game. Go down new passage.

Belle Platform:

Move forward and Darkside will appear. He shoots energy balls and creates Shadows. Attack his hands to defeat him.

Destiny Islands:


Talk to Kairi and choose the first answer to her question. Collect 2 logs,1 cloth and 1 rope to complete task. First log: Lying on beach near you Second log: On small island where Riku is. Cloth: Inside high shelter left of the waterfall. Rope: On wooden platform where Tidus is. When you have items return to Kairi to get high potion. Select top option to move on.


Go through door that Kairi was blocking to go to the Cove.


Talk to Kairi at the new raft. Then talk to Riku and name your boat. You and Riku will fight over it and then race him to the star and back. Beating him will earn you a Pretty Stone. After the race go back and talk to Kairi. Collect 1 Seagull Egg, 3 Mushrooms, 2 Coconuts, 3 Fish and Drinking Water.

Drinking Water: On far side of the cove there is a small waterfall from a hole. To get water use container to get water. Mushroom 1: Push rock in front of cave until you see mushroom. Mushroom 2: Found left of tower with rope pulley. Go back to the seashore.


Coconut 1: On small island where Tidus is bash trees until light coconut falls. Coconut 2: Do the same on trees directly across from small island. Seagull Egg: Across from island where walkway meets beach, climb thin tree. Jump backwards from thin tree to fruit tree to grab egg. 3 Fish: Swim around the sea to find 3 fish. Mushroom 3: Go to Secret Place near Wakka to grab mushroom.


Go back to Kairi.


Talk to Kairi twice. Confirm to end your stay.



You can't hurt shadows so run for the island in the centre to find Riku. Receive KeyBlade and head for the Secret Place (now a door) to battle Darkside again. Attack his hands again.

Traverse Town:

First District:

Head to Accessories shop and use save point. Jump on cabinet and open chest to get Mythril Shard. Go up stairs and along path to door to Second District.

Second District:

Kill shadows and then turn and head back to First District.

First District:

Kill shadows you first encounter and enter Accessory Shop. Leave through front door(up the stairs)to meet Leon in cutscene. Fight him but don't worry about winning.


Second District:

When you wake up talk to Yuffie and Leon. Talk to Leon after opening chest and he will attack you. He runs away leaving you with heartless to kill. Get the potion in the chest at end of alley after battle. Use the doors to get back to First District.

First District:

Head to Third District via the long alley near white building.

Third District:


Kill heartless. Time to fight Guard Armor. Concentrate attacks on one piece of him at a time to defeat him using R1. Winning will win you Brave Warrior.


You learn Fire Magic and Dodge Roll. You can explore Traverse Town to your hearts content now and then board the Gummi Ship to your next destination.


Rabbit Hole:

Follow White Rabbit to the Bizarre room.

Bizarre Room:

Approach Doorknob and a table appears behind you. Push bed out of the way, then take drink and go through passageway.

Queen's Castle:


Save game at save point and head to Lotus Forest.

Lotus Forest:

You meet Chesire Cat. After he leaves start searching for evidence. Footprints: Found near the 2 toadstools. Stench: Jump up the toadstools, across the leaves, and into tree trunk. You drop back into Bizarre Room on top of fireplace to find Stench. Antenna: Go back to forest, and head to group of 3 toadstools. Antenna is on a leaf. Claw Marks: Use potion on the yellow flower to grow large. Jump on top of tree stump. Eat fruit to grow small and jump up on top of the two brown mushrooms close to one another, and from there jump across the leaves to the one you just raised to the one in the corner with exit to Bizarre Room.

Bizarre Room:

You'll end up on the tap and to the left is a platform with the Claw Marks.

Queen's Castle:

Talk to Ace of Hearts. Pick a box to open. The cards will then attack. Whack wheels of the tower that came up and then when they're gone bash the tower until it crumbles. Head back to the forest.


Grow big by giving yellow flower potion. Kick the rock to make new platforms before shrinking again. Jump up where the 3 brown mushrooms are and go across to the branch with the fruit Go through opening to Bizarre Room.

Bizarre Room:

Select bottom option to light either lantern. Hit the latch on the shelf containing the teddy bear to drop it. Go through doors near ceiling to end up on the other wall. Defeat Heartless and turn on the tap to create an exit out of the pot to grab Dalmatians. Go back to the Bizarre Room via the Castle. Drink the Red bottle to grow large. Move the Teddy Bear to make the clock pop out and then move the clock to reveal a new exit. Shrink again and take the new exit to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party and take the house door to the Bizarre Room. Now you're on the ceiling. After a battle light the two ceiling lamps and flip the latch on the wall to open exit out for Dalmatians.

Queen's Castle:

Go to Bizarre Room again for boss battle.

Bizarre Room:

Jump onto table and talk to cat. Fight boss to win Ifrits Horn. You'll end up back at Rabbit Hole. Go back to the ship and pick your next world.
Submitted By: Lezo
Kingdom Hearts bosses


Strategy: there is no strategy for this game really all you need to do is hit Darksides hands or wrists. Weapon to use : dream sword/shield/rod

2. Guard Armor

Hp: Torso,700
Strategy: Defeat armors legs and hands first so that armors attacks won't affect as much as normal then go in for the kill. Weapon to use: Kingdom Key Keyblade.

3. Trickmaster

Hp: 600
Strategy: Keep jumping up onto the table in the middle of the room and jump at Trickmaster while attacking him. Weapon to use: Kingdom Key Keyblade

4. Cloud Strife

Strategy: Block Clouds attacks then hit him from behind keep using lots of potions. Weapons to use: Kingdom Key Keyblade

5. Cerberus

Strategy: Run up the stairs at the side and send Donald and Goofy to attack or jump onto cerberus' back and hit his heads. Weapon to use: Kingdom Key Keyblade

6. Clayton + stealth sneak

Hp: 250 + 750
Strategy: Defeat the stealth sneak first by jumping and attacking it's head then running away. Keep hitting Clayton before he can heal himself.
Weapon to use: Kingdom Key Keyblade

7. Opposite Armor

Hp: Torso,900
Strategy: Same as Guard Armor
Weapon to use: Jungle King Keyblade

8. Pot Centipede

Strategy: attack it's body till it falls apart and then attack
its head.
weapon to use: Jungle King Keyblade

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