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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Mega Man Battle Network"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mega Man Battle Network (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: GenYLun
Scenario 1

1-1: Lan's house

Get your PET on your desk.
Get the CrosGun C in your E-mail.
Get the Recov10 A chip on the dinner table.
Go to school.

1-2: School & Training

Talk to everyone in class until the bell rings.
Start the battle training. (R-Button)
Go back to home.

1-3: First walk on the 'net

Jack into Internet with your computer.
Meet Glyde and find the missing Program on Internet.
Log into Yai's portrait via the Internet.
Jack out.

1-4: Oven Trouble

Go to the kitchen and jack into the oven.
Talk to a little guy that will give you Ice Blocks that will help you to make your way through the fire.

1-5: Water Gun

MegaMan will be stuck, so get your Water Gun in your room and use it on
the oven.

1-6: FireMan

Continue into the oven and fight FireMan.
Don't stand in front of FireMan when he's raising his arms and shoot him
whenever you get the chance.

1-7: Sleep

Go to sleep.

Scenario 2

2-1: A new teacher

Go to school.
Meet the new teacher: Mr. Higsby.
Talk to everyone.

2-2: The school's been hacked!

Go to the blackboard and talk to Mayl to get Roll Battle Chip.
Jack into school's network via the blackboard.

2-3: Find the password

Unlock the green doors by entering a 2-number password, the password
changes about every five times if you put a bad one.
Some passwords are fixed: 9, 30, 15.
Free MegaMan by unlocking the left-most terminal in the AV room.

2-4: Free Ms. Mari

Untie the teacher who is in the closet and talk to her.

2-5: NumberMan

Enter the server room by touching the panel next to it and fight NumberMan.

NumberMan does not move, stand in front of him and blast him.

Scenario 3

3-1: The Metroline is stuck

Read Dad's E-mail.
Go to the Metroline to confirm it's not working.
Try to access Internet-2, next to Dex's access.

3-2: Where is the Recov50 L?

Dex is searching for a Recov50 L.
Jack into Mayl's piano and get the chip.

3-3: GutsMan

Fight GutsMan.
Avoid staying in front of GutsMan too long, move a lot.
Get Dex's link for Internet-2.

3-4: Search for hints

Jack into the Internet and access Internet-2.
Take a left in the beginning and look for the Metroline's problem.

3-5: StoneMan

Fight StoneMan.
StoneMan does not move, shoot him and move when you see a large shadow under you.

3-6: Take the Metroline

Jack out and use the Metroline to get to the Government Complex.
Fight with Sal to get her link to access Internet-3 later.
Take the red elevator to reach Dad's lab.
As you get to Dad's lab, jack into his computer and talk to the little
robot to leave a message.

3-7: Message from Dad

Go back home and get Dad's E-mail attachments: HPMemory and PowerUp.
Go to sleep.

Scenario 4

4-1: Water panic

Talk to Mom.
Go to school.

4-2: Official Netbattler Chaud

Go to SciLab and meet Chaud.
Get the SciLabID from Dad's lab coat.
Get into the Water Works facility and talk to Chaud again.
Talk to Dr. Froid.

4-3: Lunch time!

Wait in Dad's lab for lunch time.
Jack into the Water Works facility network with the water cooler next to the blue elevator.

4-4: ProtoMan

Meet ProtoMan and continue your way.
Turn on and off pipes to access deeper areas.

4-5: Cold Bears

At the fourth section, you'll fight the Cold Bears and unfreeze the network.

4-6: Poison water

Go back to school and see a poisoned man.
Get to the Metroline and read your mail.
Check the car next to the school to free the boy and get the Handle program.

4-7: Figure skating

Jack into the Water Works network again and use the Handle on
the faucet that didn't have one to access the fifth section.
Don't forget to get the PowerUp hidden below the large iced area.

4-8: IceMan

Fight IceMan.
IceMan moves a lot, and you should do the same when he shoots his bombs.

Scenario 5

5-1: Mayl's mail

Meet Roll by jacking into your computer and send back an E-mail by logging into Mayl's computer via the Internet.

5-2: Den Town

Get to Den Town with the Metroline and visit the city's summer class in
Den Block 4.
Get to Den Block 2 and enter Miyu's shop.
Fight SkullMan to get Miyu's link for Internet-4.
Go to ACDC Town to meet Mayl and get Roll2.
Go back to Den Town and get Roll2 by E-mail.

5-3: Den Block 1

Get to Den Block 1 and see the trafic lights go crazy.
Jack into Den Town's network with the light post.
Travel trough the puzzled network until you solve the problem.

5-4: Madd

Jack out and meet Madd in Central Den.
Get to Den Block 4 and jack in again.
Get a message from Mayl and jack into Den Block 2.
Repeat the process with Den Block 3.
Get to Central Den and jack in again.
Finally, jack into the bus to stop ColorMan.

5-5: ColorMan

Fight ColorMan.
ColorMan does not attack much, but has two penguins to complicate matters.

Scenario 6

6-1: Let's party!

Get a mail from Dad.
Talk to Mom about the party.
Go back to SciLab and fight with Masa, he will give you a HPMemory.
Go to the lobby and meet Chaud.
WALK into the lobby in front of the TV, do not run if you want to access the next part.

6-2: Restaurant

Meet Dad and Mom and get to the restaurant.
Talk to everyone and Count Zap will shut off the lights.
Get out the restaurant and get into the Dust bin.
Visit the power plant, talk to everybody twice to access the console in the last room.

6-3: Jack-in!

Jack into the power plant's network.
If you deplete all MegaMan's energy, you'll have to use a small generator.
Half of the way is invisible, try to find your way in the dark.
Meet a little guy that will give you batteries.
Try to place the batteries in the good sockets and turn on the switch to
make appear a way.
If you batteries are dead, talk to the little guy again to recharge them.

6-4: Shut the power

Meet ElecMan and try to fight him.
Go to the next room and shut down the power.
Fight ElecMan.
ElecMan moves a lot, but try to stay in the middle.

6-5: ProtoMan attack!

After you beat ElecMan, ProtoMan will challenge you.
ProtoMan is a pushover: Wait for five moves and use a powerful attack when he is right in your face, repeat.

Scenario 7

7-1: Search for clues

Talk the scientific next to the red elevator at SciLab.
Meet Chaud in Central Den.
Back to Higsby's, get behind the counter and talk to Higsby.
He will give you Hig Memo, for Internet-5.

7-2: Internet accesses

Fight at the Internet-5 access.

7-3: Get the Link Memos

Get Higsby's E-mail and talk to three people:
A scientific in the lobby of SciLab. (Lab memo, Internet-6)
The teacher of the Den Town's summer class. (Yuri memo, Internet-7)
An old man in ACDC Town. (Pa's memo, Internet-8)

7-4: Deeper in the 'net

Use the three Link Memos to access Internet areas 6, 7 and 8.
Fight BombMan.
BombMan moves and hides himself behind bombs, use long range attacks.

7-5: No access?

Jack out and talk to Dad at SciLab.
Sleep at home.

Scenario 8

8-1: WWW's attack

Wake up and look at the WWW leader on TV.
Go to Higsby's and get the Metroline pass on the counter.
Talk to the Metroline employees.
Search behind the statue in front of the school entrance.
Try to enter the Metroline and trigger the alarm.

8-2: Hack the card

Go see Dad to make him modify your pass.
Get to WWW's lair and free the people tied up.

8-3: Floor locks

Jack into the first locked door:
Revisit FireMan's lair until you reach the lock.
Get Roll3 from Yai.
Jack into the second locked door:
Revisit NumberMan's lair until you reach the lock.
Jack into the third locked door:
Revisit IceMan's lair until you reach the lock.
Jack into the fourth locked door:
Revisit ColorMan's lair until you reach the lock.

8-4: WWW leader's picture

Enter the room and jack into the picture:
Revisit ElecMan's lair until you reach a little guy.
*WARNING!* Point of no return! Save your game before going beyond the little guy because you will not be able to save after MagicMan! BUT, the money, items or Chips you collect will be saved when you finish the game.

8-5: MagicMan

Fight MagicMan.
MagicMan does not move, but summons other enemies to complicate matters.

8-6: Hacking Rocket

Get the hub.bat program from Chaud.
Enter the passage behind the picture and talk to the bad guy.
Fight Life Virus.
Life Virus does not move, but has a 100-points shield and summons allies.
Don't stay close to him when he's done charging.

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