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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Grand Theft Auto 2"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS1.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Grand Theft Auto 2 (PC Games)
Submitted By: Little Hobbo
Welcome to Hobbo's GTA 2 playing guide. This should help you maximise your performance on this classic game.

Whether engaged in missions or just roaming the city, a lot of your time will be spent in escaping the fuzz. These come in 6 different difficulty levels, so it is best to be prepared for how each one will attack you.

If your Wanted level is 1 or 2:
The law enforcing parties will be your standard blue-uniformed cops. Officers on foot will shoot at you as you drive by, while cop cars will chase you on sight. These aren't too hard cope with as they although they are effective at what they do; the cops never really show proper intelligence. They will overtake you and pull in front of you to cut you off. This can be avoided if you always steer inside of the cop cars, or try and stay directly behind them. A quick turn-off will then be sufficient to lose your current pursuers, but be warned that the streets are literally crawling with coppers. If they do manage to stop you though, their technique is to open your car door and bash you over the head with a baton. If this happens you are arrested, and will fail almost any mission that you are currently on, so do anything to get away.

If your wanted level is 3:
The coppers will now erect roadblocks across every major road, and some of the smaller ones as well. When meeting up with a roadblock you have a good chance of being arrested if your car comes to a stop, so aim to keep moving at all costs. There are two basic ways to do this.

1. The roadblocks consist of alternate cops behind barriers, and parked cop cars, and are spread across the entire width of the road. The easiest way to get past them is to aim at the weaker parts of the roadblock, the cops themselves. The cars will obviously bring you to a halt, so avoid these and aim for the cops. The barriers they hide behind are fairly ineffective, so they won't slow you too much.

2. Dodge the roadblock altogether and ride along the pavement. Just beware that you don't scrape against the wall too much, as you could lose a lot of speed.

If your wanted level is 4:
A swat team is now called in to deal with you, and you still have the police to deal with as well to make things harder. The swat team are fairly easy to dispatch or avoid. They follow you in big van, and as soon as you stop, four swat operatives leap out the back and head for you. These are essentially cops in different attire, so they still just have pistols. Due to their slow unloading method of waiting for you to stop before attacking, the swat team are pretty useless, and very easy to avoid. Just wait for them to unload and then start off again. By the time they have loaded themselves back into their van, you will be miles away.

If your wanted level is 5:
Things now hot up a bit as the FBI are called in to deal with your unruly behaviour. These will take over from the police, and are almost the same bar a few details. Most importantly they now carry machineguns, so roadblocks can become very messy if you muck up. They use the same technique as the police when ramming you off the road, except for the fact that when they haul you out of your car they massacre you with their machineguns rather than arresting you. The FBI are not too deadly as long as you can keep on the move, but they are heavy threat.

If the wanted level is 6:
If you thought the FBI were tough, then you'll wet yourself when you see the army. The biggest problem is the sheer mass of soldiers that the army brings. All civilians disappear and are replaced by armoured soldiers all equipped with machineguns. Every pavement is literally smothered with green uniforms. You are now chased by machinegun-equipped jeeps as well, and the roadblocks are made up of rocket-firing tanks. To survive this positively enormous threat you must act quickly. Drive as quickly as you can to one of the gang-controlled areas (preferably someone who you are friendly with). The reason for this is that gang members are the only people not to turn into deadly soldiers, and so deep in the base of a gang you should be reasonably safe. But if you have to get somewhere, such as a respray point, then staying in a gang's hideout isn't going to do you much good. So what you now have to do is approach a small road within the base. 80% of traffic is now army vehicles such as jeeps, transports and tanks. The next time a tank passes, just steal it like you would an ordinary car. This beast is immune to bullets, so don't worry about soldiers, and can fire rockets. You should be able to drive anywhere with reasonable safety in it, just watch out for tank roadblocks, as a few of their rockets can destroy your tank.

Do huge jumps, or fall long distances at speed to receive an 'insane stunt bonus'. Watch out where you fall though, because landing on another car can blow you up.

For a great laugh, lay oil slicks on the road. Any cars passing over these will lose control completely, and hilarious consequences can follow. My most memorable moment was when six cops were chasing me on foot, and a car hit my oil slick and ran them all over.

If the cops are chasing you on foot, don't try to jump into a vehicle, because you won't usually be able to accelerate away quickly enough. Just turn round and start running backwards. That way you pick can off the cops at your leisure with any weapon. Handily, you can run backwards as fast as you can forwards.

When on foot it is quite hard to avoid being run over by your enemies. The best way to survive is to keep your eyes on the indication arrows that show where everyone is. If one of these starts to move quickly, it means that they are approaching you, so prepare yourself. As soon as they enter the screen, tap jump to leap in the air, and the enemy vehicle will pass beneath you. An added trick at this point is to press the enter car button while you are in the air. This will not always work, but 5 times out of 10 you will be able to steal your opponents car from under their very noses. The hunter then becomes the hunted as you chase them down.

When you are chasing enemies who are on-foot, your best bet is to equip your car with machine guns. As you approach your selected target blast your guns at them, and when you get nearer, handbrake your car into a wide arc to make sure of hitting them. This technique is effective because enemies cannot jump while being fired upon, so you should have an easy kill. If the roles are reversed and you are the one who is being chased by a machine-gun equipped car, you have to be extra wary of how near they are to you. The way you can avoid such an attack is by jumping even earlier than usual to ensure the guns do not reach you.

If a player is doing well, then there is an extremely simple little trick you can pull on him/her to take them down a peg or two. All you have to do is wait on foot by a place where there is an un-fenced drop to the ocean, and stand right on the edge. The player will come rushing up sooner or later. As they approach you, even if they know the map extremely well, they should inevitably end up in the ocean. The reasoning behind this is that it is incredibly hard to brake a fast car normally anyway, but when there is the added attraction of you waiting there, ripe to be run over, their impulses will get the better of them, and they should hesitate long enough to ensure themselves a watery grave. Of course you need to jump out the way at the last minute, but even if you don't there is no harm done, as he loses a point by falling in the water.

The rocket launcher is an extremely powerful weapon, but there are some tactics to make frags with it even easier. Firstly get a fast car, and attract the player's attention by driving close to them, and belting off down the street. They should give chase. Slow down slightly to let them catch you, and just when you are about to rub bumpers, turn sharply into a side street or alleyway, the smaller the better. He will overshoot, no matter how good his reflexes are, and so will automatically skid round and join pursuit again down the alleyway. What he doesn't realise is that the second you turned in, you leapt out of your car with the rocket launcher equipped. Fire it at his car as it enters the street, and this shouldn't be too difficult because he has just slowed down to turn around. Just be prepared to jump over the flaming remains of his car in case it comes too close to you. Hey presto, a neat little ambush.

Vehicle mines come in very handy, and have two extremely effective uses.

1. Litter them round a popular weapon or important area, so that the next unaware opponent to arrive there is in severe danger, or if you want to be more crafty, lay a mine directly underneath a power-up so that it is totally invisible, and the next collector is a guaranteed roadkill.

2. When you are being chased by another car, let them catch up with you slightly so that they are nearly touching you, and then lay a mine. If they are directly behind you, you have another guaranteed roadkill.

If your target is on foot then the flamethrower is the most laughably easy weapon to use if you have it. The main problem usually lies in finding a flamethrower, as it is quite rare, but when you have got one, you can notch up a frag with consummate simplicity. Simply touch your opponent with the flame and you have virtually got the kill already. This will set them on fire, and they will die within 5 seconds. If it is you who have been flamed, and you don't want the culprit to get a point from it, then try and kill yourself before you die from the flames. This will lose you a point, but the person who flamed you won't get anything for his troubles.

Be sure to explore the other multiplayer modes as well as deathmatch. These are Tag, and Points. In Tag you have to get as much time as possible on your clock. Your clock counter starts when you kill the current tag holder, and only stops when you get killed.
In Points you simply have to rack up the biggest score you can within the set time. Extra points are awarded for wasting other players.

Now go carve up the bad guys!! Hope this guide has helped.
Submitted By: Silent Thunder
Grand Theft Auto 2 weapons, gangs, authorities and places of interest walkthrough.

By Silent Thunder

A walkthrough that will guide you through every single weapon and gang you will encounter in the game. Also I will go through places of interest that you will be likely to visit whilst you play. I have included some detailed uses of the weapons and when and how to use them efficiently through out the game. I hope it helps!


Pistol – This is the standard weapon in the game that you will find literally anywhere, this could include inside gangs territory, in neutral territory and scattered upon roof tops and in streets or roads. Every single gang in the game will always be equipped with the pistol whatever level of respect they are with you. As there is so much of this weapon you can use it for many different types of tasks, as it is almost unlimited ammo, such as taking out unwanted gang members. If you get a clear shot of a person it will be one shot, one kill, if you miss you will provoke who ever you shot to return fire or call for the aid of the police. Although this gun is good at one shot, one kill, it is pretty terrible at blowing up cars. It will take many shots to finally blow up car, unlike the machine gun. Another point you may need to know is the police and police S.W.A.T team are armed with pistols and have very accurate shooting skills. Finally if the police do hear you firing this weapon or any other weapon for that matter they will approach you and arrest you or maybe if they feel the situation worse enough kill you.

Machine Gun – This weapon does a lot more damage than the pistol. Its rapid fire will shred through a car’s body and it won’t take long for it to explode. It is also a very effective weapon against enemies, as it will also kill them in limited time. This will always be the gang’s number two weapon of choice and they are trained how to use it effectively. Against police this weapon is very useful because the police and police S.W.A.T teams will easily be killed when you use this weapon against them as it pierces through their body armour. Where will you find this weapon? Again like the pistol it is popular and can be easily found lying around on rooftops, amongst streets and also at hospitals. The army as well as the gangs are equipped with this weapon and won’t hesitate to use it as they fill the streets. The best weapon to use against them is the machine gun as it is unlimited ammo, as you will keep picking it up when you kill a soldier.

Rocket Launcher – One of the most powerful weapons on the game, but its down side is that it takes ages to reload and fire again. Its primary use will be of course blowing up cars, whether they are armoured or not. With most cars it will be a simple one shot, one explosion, but some cars are slightly armoured and will need a second hit to finish the job. Using this weapon against people is unwise because getting a target is hard and it will be wasting valuable, rare ammo especially if you have obtained this weapon on the first or second level, in the third it is easier to find. In the third level this weapon will play a large part in how you survive, you will be faced by the army remember and the army have heavily armoured vehicles and tanks. On their small land rovers it is quite a simple one shot to destroy it if you get a clear hit, but on their troop trucks it will take about two to three hits as they are heavily armoured. Finally the tanks these are very hard to destroy without being killed yourself, your best option is to keep moving so the tank can’t get a clear shot on you. It will take four clear shots on a tank to finally leave it in pieces. Where you can get your hands on this weapon will be from gangs such as the Zaibatsu and other concealed places around, even if you do have to go down into the sewers.

Flame Thrower – A nasty weapon to confront when you aren’t the one holding it. As soon as it touches you, you are dead; you can’t escape the burning and will quickly die. The only one way of putting out the fire is by being sprayed by a fire engine’s water cannon and what are the chances of that happening? But if you are the one in charge of this weapon treat it with care. It is a multi-purpose weapon that will make quick work of people and cars. If in one of the missions you are required to take out many gang members the best weapon to use will be the flame-thrower, you don’t need to be accurate, as it is very hard to escape the flames. As for cars this weapon will set fire to them and after a quick rapid firing upon the car it will explode, just make sure you are far enough away from the car so it doesn’t kill you at the same time. Another great use of this weapon is to use it when you are on level three and the army arrives, they will quickly surround you and the flame-thrower is a great way to escape for shelter. Simply do a quick spin whilst firing the area will be cleared in no time.

Silenced Uzi – It does exactly what the machine gun does. It fires very rapidly and will shred easily through body armour and the bodywork of any car, assuming that it is not armoured it should only take seconds until the car that is under fire explodes. Now what’s new? This weapon comes with a silencer; it’s a very good thing when you want to pluck out a single gang member without anyone noticing. You can fire this gun right next to a police officer and he wouldn’t even notice making this weapon great for silent and stealthy kills. Just remember: as soon as a single bullet touches your target he will no what you are up to and either return fire, arrest you or call for the aid of the police. Another thing that is new is that it has armour piercing bullets, which will make easy work of any people, especially police or police S.W.A.T teams who wear body armour. The time that it takes to blow up a car should also improve as it can pierce it faster. Finally the gun is great when you need to take out a very important person who is guarded by gang members who will attack you as soon as they see you are trying to take out this person. This weapon is brilliant for such cases as you can simply shoot the person before their bodyguards no what is happening.

Grenades – There are only two weapons in the entire game that can actually be thrown, the grenades being one of them. Grenades are very limited in the game and should be only used for large amounts of cars or gang members. If there is a large group of cars that will trigger each one of by the previous explosion then the grenade is the weapon of choice, which is highly recommended. Unlike any of the other weapons the grenades allow you enough time to throw the grenade cause the explosion and be no where near by. You can throw grenades great distances, which allows you to be no where near by of course. To throw a grenade tap the action key once, it usually is ‘Ctrl’ holding down ‘Ctrl’ and then releasing it will cause you to throw it very far, hold it down for short or long times, depending how far away the target is. For people it is harder because as soon as they see the grenade they will run away so you may need to use two. Here’s how: throw a grenade onto the floor and all the people around will run away, usually they will follow others in instinct. So you will have all the people in one area so throw another grenade to that area just before they reach it and they won’t have to get out of the way.

Molotov Cocktails / Petrol Bombs – The second and final hand thrown weapon in the game. You should use it much like you did with the grenades. With these you can actually throw them further by holding down the action key, which is usually ‘Ctrl’ hold it longer for the far throws, and hold it for a short period of time for small throws. Simple, but unlike the grenade it doesn’t roll and give you time to run away it explodes on impact, which makes throwing it essential. They’re mainly for vehicles, but are quite good for taking out many gang members because it doesn’t give any time for running away. But their main purpose is vehicles as they are very effective. They will work on every single vehicle from taxis to tanks. For cars like taxis it should only take one, for vehicles like bank vans and S.W.A.T vans it will take two and finally for tanks they will take four of these exactly on the centre.

Microwave Gun – As this game is slightly set in the future this gun sounds somewhat unrealistic, but I’ll give you all the information you’ll need on it all the same. This gun sends out electricity into any near by conductors, things that can have an electrical current run through them, these include vehicles and people. As this gun is hard to come across you should probably only use it when, either essential or there is an opportunity that just can’t be missed, such as loads of enemy gang members all together. This weapon has a limited range and so you’ll need to be quite close to your targets. When you use it on a large group you will have to keep chasing them as they will run away like any sane person. It takes a while to actually fully kill a person this is why you will need to stick to them for a while, until the job is done. As this gun is so noisy you will probably be best using it away from the police otherwise you will attract their attention.

Water Cannon on the Fire Truck – You wouldn’t of thought it was a weapon would you well it is, using the strength of the jet propulsion it pins down the target and kills them slowly. All you have to do is turn the water cannon on top of the fire truck towards a person and fire the water. Of course you could always just run them down. The final thing to say about the water cannon is that it can put out fires on your car. But remember just because the car looks healthier again doesn’t mean that it is, if you crash your car once more after it has had a fire it is likely to explode still.

The following weapons can only be acquired on vehicles; you must drive through one of the garage’s doors where your car will be equipped with one or more of the following for a small fee:

Land Mines – Any vehicle can have these equipped any they are great for police chases that you want to leave in a hurry or if you just want to cause mayhem! Firstly in a police chase, simply equip your vehicle with these mines and then when you are getting chased release a single mine, usually you do this by pressing ‘Ctrl’ the action key, this will destroy the police car in one. If you have FBI cars chasing you do the same, but it will take two mines to totally destroy it this time. Finally for the mayhem fun. Simply equip your car and just place mines everywhere, you’ll get the money for destroying the cars and the police won’t blame you! You get land mines primarily from the garage, obviously, but you can also sometimes find about ten just left on street corners look out for a green square with a red dot in the middle.

Car bombs – Again absolutely any vehicle can be equipped with this. Car bombs have one main purpose and that is to destroy as many vehicles in a row you can, simply by placing your car near a few others it will wipe out a whole area of a very large proportion. The explosion is huge, so avoid being caught in the blast and don’t stay in the car whilst the bomb is going off either. Another use of car bombs will sometimes be found on missions where you have to blow up buildings or armoured car, don’t worry you’ll get a refund of your money you spent to rig the car.

Car mounted machine guns – These weapons can be either used for taking out gang members, which needs to be done on a job, or blowing up vehicles. Either way they are very effective at what they do. The bullets are tough armour piercing ones that can shred through the bodywork of a car in seconds and destroy it. Fitted underneath your car lights they are perfect for assaults on gang members, it should make quick work of them too. You will also sometimes find these around the map, look out for machine guns coloured gold.

Oil Slicks – The final thing you can buy at the garage are oil slicks, the non-violent way of escaping police chases and, again, causing absolute chaos. Any vehicle can be rigged up with oil slicks, which makes it easier rather than searching for a specific car. In police chases if you are rigged with oil slicks simply place one, usually by pressing ‘Ctrl’ the action key, and the police car behind will skid right away into the opposite direction. The good thing about oil slicks is that they never disappear after they have been placed, which means you can have real fun with them without getting into any trouble with the police. Simply place a lot and I mean a lot of oil slicks in one area, step back, and watch the mayhem you cause!

People in the Game:

Civilians – They’re innocent, you shouldn’t kill them. Occasionally you may see a thief mugging one but don’t worry about it, gang members will deal with him the only way they know how: death. It’s best not to get involved. If you kill a gang member the police won’t care a less, but if you kill a civilian the police will be on you straight away. The only time when you should really kill them is when you are doing a “Kill Frenzy” mission otherwise you won’t be able to complete it, as often it will be the task set.


Listed below are the gangs you will find in the first level, Downtown Sector:

The Loonies – Like the name says they are totally crazy. They can easily be spotted wearing bright green clothes and driving small green cars with a giant yellow smiley face upon the top. They are armed with pistols and machine guns and because they are that mad they will actually kill anyone even if they do have respect for them. Just do as your told and you’ll be find. They’re only on the first level and own a compound that is hard to enter without the right amount of respect. But it is quite good fun to make them really angry and then just drive round in their complex, see how far you can get!

Zaibatsu – These guys appear in every level each with their own different, unique missions for you. In the first level the missions will be quite simple, but they will develop as you go along. In this level they armed with pistols and machine guns. They drive around in their cars that can be easily spotted due to the large yellow Z on top of their blacked out cars. It may be worth while stealing one of these cars, as they are very fast and quite strong, but just remember that your favour with them will go down a bit. As it will when you kill any of their gang members also.

Yakuza – The only Japanese gang in the entire game, they wear cool dark blue clothes and drive equally cool blue cars with a Japanese symbol upon the roof. They are usually in every drug deal going down on the first level and rival gangs will happily offer you money to take a few members out here and there. They are equipped with pistols and machine guns and so should be taken very seriously. They occupy their own island just off the main land and like Loonies place it is hard to enter without the right deal of respect. This is their only appearance in the game.

Listed below are the gangs you will find in the second level, Residential Sector:

Rednecks – Like many other gang members they own their own compound. It’s actually a trailer park that has been taken over by the Rednecks, but what are you going to do? These guys stick together and will quite happily protect each other by killing a traitor. They wear light blue clothes and have red hair, so can be easily seen. They blue drive pick up trucks that have a red flag with a blue cross going through it on the top of the roof. They are heavily armed with Molotov Cocktails and pistols. If you ever need the said weapons simply go down to your local trailer park and pick them up.

Zaibatsu – The Zaibatsu gang also make an appearance in this level, for more information please see above. The missions they need you to complete on this level are more challenging, but are more than possible. On this level they have their own village, which you don’t want to be in when the Zaibatsu gang doesn’t favour you too highly; you will be surrounded in seconds. They are armed with dual pistols and machine guns. So if you need of those weapons go down to the village and “acquire” them.

Scientists – I mentioned before that this game is set in the future, well the scientists are here to prove it, they now have cloning abilities and that’s why there are so many scientists that look identical. Their bright yellow clothing that they ware and their weird futuristic small yellow cars quite easily give them away in any crowd. Armed with machine guns, pistols and flame-throwers this is one tough gang. Their missions they give you are usually experiments they wish you to carry out upon rival gang members and such. They’re a very interesting gang with usually a wise word or two to say.

Listed below are the gangs you will find in the third level, Industrial Sector:

Krishna’s – Remember the orange guys who used to run around chanting in the original? Well they have returned, but they don’t walk around in a line any more, no, they have moved on to bigger things. They now have their own gang and would like to see more people join their religion. You’ll have to carry out missions to make this possible of course. These guys can be easily seen as they dress in gold robes and drive large gold buses that have a flower upon the roof. They are armed and dangerous, even though they are the most religious and sane gang out in the game, with machine guns, pistols and flame-throwers for a little spice.

Zloty – The Russians. These people want everything they can get their hands on, weapons, drugs and vehicles all make fine examples. Dressed in red these guys take no nonsense, they are heavily armed with machine guns and shot guns. Their vehicle is red, like their clothes, and will be often found driving around the main industrial estates making up new schemes and deals. The missions are mainly focused around industrial activities such as food and weapons, but they will quite happily do a long with any drug dealings.

Zaibatsu – Once again the Zaibatsu gang appear in the final level also, for information about them look above. In the final level their tasks and objectives they set you will become more difficult and if you get them wrong or mess up you are likely to be harshly punished. On this level they are armed with silent machine guns and the total opposite the loud rocket launcher. Don’t get these guy’s way.

Places of Interest:

Churches – Whenever you start a new level you will always start next to a church, it is easily spotted because in giant white letters on the roof is written, “Jesus Saves”. You will probably also notice that there appears to be an entrance into the church, if you enter here it will save your current game, but there is a charge of money, which is quite hefty. You shouldn’t save regularly, only when you really need to; otherwise you will lose all the money you have earned. There is only one church on each level and usually they can be a real pain to find here’s the solution: Firstly hijack a TV van, now follow the satellite’s direction on the roof, it will always point towards the church.

Green, Yellow and Red Phones – As you are probably aware the phones are your source of missions, when you pick up a phone you will be told what your objective is, when you will need to complete it by and how to do so. But why are they in different colours I hear you ask well each gang has different missions each one with its own difficulty. The green ones being the easiest, the yellows a medium difficulty and the red phone the hardest. But you can’t just do the missions in any order you like you will need to increase your respect with the gangs first, then they will trust you enough to allow you to complete more difficult missions. There is an easy way to find out how much respect you have with the gangs by looking at the respect gage, the close to the plus the bar is the better. Underneath you may notice a green, yellow and red light on or off. If the green light is on you will be able to do the green phone missions, if the yellow light is on you will be able to do the yellow phone missions and finally if the red light is on you will be able to do the red phone missions. If they are not, you won’t be able to do them. To increase your respect with the gangs do the easy missions first and work your way up.

Gang Information Phones – In all the gang’s territories there will be a gang information phone. The gang leader will give you a brief run down of his gang, who he dislikes (rival gangs of course) and what he has in mind for you. Pay attention so you know whom to kill if you want their respect, which you will need if you do their missions. They’re quite easy to find they’ll be the only phones that aren’t coloured and are on their own.

Garages – I have run through what you can buy at garages, oil slicks, paint jobs and more above. They can be easily found, as they are long metal buildings with the items you can buy from painted on their roofs. If you have difficulties finding them look at your map and look for the mechanic’s tool; head towards that and you’ll find the garage.

Hospitals – Whenever you die in the game you will always reappear at the hospital. There isn’t really much to say about it except from when you do reappear there is always armour and a machine gun waiting for you so you can get back on track. Also found at the hospital is health, it is a large red heart next to the armour and machine gun. When you need it simply run through it and your health will restore.

Crane / Car Crusher – This is an easy and simple way to earn money and get a free weapon out of it! Simply drive to a crane or car crusher mainly found at the docks and drive underneath the crane, get out and the crane will take the car and crush it. Big wow? Big wow indeed, you earn a lot of money by letting some crush a car, the more expensive the car the more money you get out of it. Also at the other end of the crane there is a rotating belt that carries the crushed car away, on one of these rotating belts three weapons will appear. The weapons vary depending on which car you have crushed. Keep experimenting!

The Authorities:

Police – Whether they are walking or driving you should probably steer clear of them, as you won’t be able to carry out your usual activities with them around. They don’t bother you unless they catch you stealing a car or firing a gun, then they will attempt to arrest you. When they do arrest you, you will have your weapons removed and will be dropped off into a street. They have the fastest cars and so can be quite hard to lose in chases, but with a few oil slicks you’ll be away from them in no time. With one police head if you stay away from the main streets you will quickly lose them and they won’t bother you any more. Any more than one police head and you won’t be able to lose them by hiding. Sometimes the police will make roadblocks out of men, cars and blocks; the easiest way through them is to drive through a block. Finally many police officers will have no weapons and will rely on punching you to the ground, but some will be armed with a pistol and they are highly trained in using it. Once the police heads on your screen go up to four they will call upon the S.W.A.T team’s help.

S.W.A.T Teams – Once the police need backup these guys will be on the scene. They drive a large S.W.A.T team van, which is very strong. To destroy one of these vans it will take two hits by a rocket launcher. Each van can carry four men; each armed with a pistol. They are highly trained and can surround you very quickly. They are not there to arrest you, just kill you. These guys will take a lot of bullets to finally kill so perhaps it would be better to just avoid them altogether.

The FBI – Once the S.W.A.T team has tried but failed the FBI will be onto you in their fast, cool green cars with a single flashing red light upon the roof. These people are not here to arrest you either: they want you dead. And armed with a silenced machine gun and shotgun this could be possible. When in car chase you will often have about four cars on you, trying to box you in, but again like the police car oil slicks will save you. As for the roadblocks they are exactly the same as the police’s except that they’re using stronger cars and the men in between the cars will have a greater range with their silenced machine guns.

The Army – If you do manage to get past both the police and FBI these are the people you will be dealing with. The whole map literally fills up with soldiers, tanks and many other types of vehicle driving around the streets; you can’t hide anywhere. You will never find a soldier on his own either; he will always have about a dozen other soldiers with him so that you are vastly out-numbered. So maybe you could escape by driving? Nope, the army orders no civilians to be out whilst the army is. So the army controls the roads and they create roadblocks as well. These will be the toughest roadblocks you have ever encountered in the game yet, built out of tanks and nothing else you’ll be lucky to get very far. Not only are tanks now travelling the roads, but there are now also troop trucks and land rovers armed with machine gun turrets. A good thing about the army though is that you can steal these vehicles, tanks included!

Well that is every single gang, authority, weapon and place of interest in the game, I hope this helped you get a clearer understanding of the game and all that is in it. Enjoy the game!

By Silent Thunder.

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In my opinion, the ISP is the best I have ever used. They guarantee 'first time connection - everytime', which they have never let me down on.
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I think it's fab that you provide an easy-to-follow service, and even better that it's free...!

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