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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers"

This game is also available on PS2, GBA and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lord of the Rings : The Two Towers (Gamecube)
Submitted By: El Pinko
This is a walkthrough to help you, the people, defeat the bosses on the multi-format Lord of the rings: The two towers game, and though I written the walkthrough whilst playing the gamecube version, they should all be the same (except for the button lay outs). I apologise in advance for not knowing the real names of the boss’s, but the descriptions should be enough! Right, lets start with the first boss!

The name of the level these bosses dwells in is ‘Weathertop’. Frodo is under attack from 5 grim reaper like creatures and you need to both kill them and keep him alive, so your work is cut out for you. However, this is the first difficult battle, so it’s fairly easy. Your normal attacks don’t hurt these guys, and since Frodo has a health bar you need to think fast! In the centre of the level there is a fire, if you go to this and lift your torch weapon (press the ‘Y’ button) then use your fierce attacks to do damage to the grim reapers! After 2 have died Frodo will put on the ring and turn invisible, now you need to act faster, if your torch goes out, just relight it, as you cant do ANY damage without it. The final pair will go for Frodo like crazy, so be ready. Fairly easy stuff.

This thing attacks you from inside a pond, and you need to work out a rhythm to beat it. The method goes like this, Press ‘B’ and block the tentacle attack, then while the tentacle erects in the air, shoot it with an arrow (alternatively you could just attack the tentacles, but I prefer the arrows), now run in and smack the now venerable head, go crazy on it, but retreat when it begins to move. Repeat this process to defeat him.

DO NOT waste your time attacking this bloke, he’s to quick and will knock the hell outa you, instead, what you must do, is lure him into a trap and beat him with another rhythm. When he shoots arrows at you block them (he shoots them in threes) when he’s finished, he takes a break, now return the favour and shoot him with an arrow. Once you’ve done this a few times, the battle style changes, he tries to cut you up! What you need to do is stand by the pillars surrounding you and when he swings for you he’ll get his sword stuck in them, and you can bash him. Watch out for any regular enemies that might join the fight, they tend to get in the way. That’s should be enough info for you to beat him.

Ok this guy has a sword, instead of a bow (like all the other people on the hogs) but beating him is simple, as long as you make use of your abilities. He will charge at you, if you want to beat him you need to have balls, wait till he gets right up close, then dodge out of the way with the left shoulder button. Repeat this and after 2 or 3 times he will stand up, now you need to charge at him and go melee on his ass! Repeat this a couple of times and he’s yours. See, easy as pie when you know what your doing!

When your guarding the gate to the castle, the enemy bring a big ole catapult in, to defeat it you need to charge in, knocking down any enemy that gets in your way, then when you reach the catapult, smack the three shields off of it (they surround it) and then go crazy on it, being sure to check behind you. No real strategy here, just button bashing!

The two trolls will be bashing the hell outa the gate and you need to stop them, but if you start to combo them they’ll kill you, so you need to hit run, hit run.

That’s it really, all the LOTR bosses exposed. Good luck to you and thanks for reading.

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