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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Shenmue 2 (Xbox)
Submitted By: jim-hat
Returned, I have, to bring the word of the fantastic Shenmue 2 on the Xbox. Rather than helping you with earlier quests in the game, I shall help you with later areas in which prove very difficult. Go forth Ryo, go forth and learn.

So, to set the scene, you're still in pursuit of Yhunda Zhu, but you must first speak to Ren of Heavens. You've gained access to the Heavens' base courtesy of a certain lighter sporting the Heavens logo. You'll have noticed a distinct increase in the number of punks who'll be wanting to kick your head into a fine pulp. For the main part, you can use a simple evasion technique, whereby you dodge every move they can throw at you (using 'Y') and simply use a grabbing move and throw each opponent into each other (using 'B' and pressing backwards). You should come across a rubbish dump, where Cool-Z, Sam (who?) and some other unknown character are listening to some tunes. A cut scene will commence explaining that you need to gather $500 to meet Ren of Heavens. Obviously, if you have $500, good on you, but that sort of money is difficult to come across. So basically - you have to get earning.

You could try and walk around the whole of the city looking for part time jobs at 'one shot' stalls or you could pawn in all your figures and items - but you'd end up with little cash. So, remain in the Heavens base and lurk around the streets, looking for a centre. Here, surrounded by buildings, there is a small stage with people cheering and shouting around it. Approach this place and press 'X'. Basically, you have to hurt the wild-man/beast to earn some notes. The betting begins at only $10, but as fight more it can reach $60, so you should soon have $500. I used some basic combos, which you can find in your move handbook (you can access this by pressing 'Y' and selecting it from the menu - remember you must learn the moves first!)
As I can tell you have no ambition to learn these combos yourself, I'll list a few which shall help you scrape up enough money.
- Hold the left trigger and press X or A (each is a different move)
- Press backwards, backwards X
- Note - 'B' (grappling-esque) type moves cannot be used, neither does excessively pressing X and A.

Once beaten, and collected $500, return to the rubbish tip to give the cash to Cool Z. Obviously Ryo Hazuki isn't going to trust anyone, so he insists on giving the money to Ren in person. They take you to a warehouse.

Here, you meet Ren and hand over the cash - but keep alert, as you shall need to react to Ren suddenly trying to knife you. If you dodge Ren's blow - you shall continue to a cutscene. You will find that Ren and his cronies will suddenly make a run for it, across the streets of the town. Concentrate on one of the men and chase, manually running (not a cutscene) by holding the right trigger. If you have chased Ren, skip this next bit. If you have chased one of his men, then fight them using the evading technique I mentioned earlier (this should be no problem, although they are quite hard). If you win, the crony will offer to tell you where to find Ren, but you insist on him taking you to him - a building site.

Here, Ren will eventually make another run (this time in cuscene form with QTE's, so get ready) Here are the commends you shall need to follow, firstly, press down, then left, then A, then left, then right, then left, then- finally up A up (quickly). You should then end up falling off of the constructed building onto the top of a lorry. Mission complete. You will watch a cut scene, describing how you plan to go to Kowloon to track down Yhunda Zhu (and Ren, basically thinks there is money involved, so he plans to meet you there).

You will wake up on the boat, where you can save or sleep etc. You shall finally, then, have to thank all of the main characters you have met along your quest and tell them what you plan to do. Your journey then continues to Kowloon, to hunt down Yhunda Zhu - the man who knows the person who killed your father - but that, my friend, will have to wait until another day.

In the words of Ryo Hazuki "Okay, I'll have a little fun", and so should you, so enjoy, and I hope you find use in this guide of some of the latter events in such and extraordinary game.

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