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sly Racoon Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 2)

Submitted By: HighflyerVII
Sly Raccoon – Boss Walkthrough

General Tips – It’s always useful to be heading into the boss fights fully equipped with lucky charms and lives. If you’re running low, the ‘Prowling the Grounds’ section of Raleigh’s map has a large concentration (2 extra lives and 1 lucky charm) in a very small area (lives in the window near the guard straight ahead and in a window after climbing trees to the immediate left of the starting place, and a lucky charm in a window to the right of the guard).

The Eye Of The Storm – Raleigh
Useful Thievius Raccoonus Pages: Water Safety

As the first boss, you’d expect him to be fairly easy, and you’d be right. The general pattern of this fight is that Raleigh will bloat up and attempt to squash you, so keep moving. In the first instance, Raleigh will just attempt to land where you were when he sets off, and will bounce 5 times before returning to normal size. When he turns to normal size, this is when he is vulnerable to attacks. Attempt to stay on the same platform as Raleigh when he is due to return back to a vulnerable state as he does not stay in this state for very long.

After your first attack lands, Raleigh will lower all but the platform that you are situated on. This means attempting to avoid his squash attack on a much smaller platform. Stay still until he lands and then run to the other side of the platform when he jumps up again to avoid his attack. Again, Raleigh will bounce 5 times before returning to a vulnerable state.

The third attack pattern Raleigh uses is a combination of the first two. Raleigh will chase you in an attempt to squash you, as with the previous two times, except each platform he lands on will cause it to prepare to submerge. Raleigh becomes vulnerable upon landing on the fifth platform, which also doesn’t submerge, so you should wait and attack there.

Finally, Raleigh will again submerge all but the platform you are on, bloat up and join you on the platform. However, unlike the previous three occasions, he won’t be attempting to squash you this time. Raleigh will do a spinning tongue attack that you will have to avoid by jumping. After a little while, he will deflate and become vulnerable. Attack him for the final time to complete this boss fight.

Last Call – Muggshot
Useful Thievius Raccoonus Pages: Roll, Briefly Defy Gravity

Muggshot is far too big to be attacking yourself, so you’ll have to figure another way of defeating him. The crystals hold the key to defeating Muggshot, as if you activate them all, Muggshot’s guns become useless. Basically, you have to turn all the mirrors to face inwards. On the first level, this is fairly simple, all mirrors are situated on the outside of the square. Once you’ve turned all nine around, Muggshot will head to get his second set of guns from upstairs. It is worth noting that Muggshot’s attacks will also turn mirrors, and mirrors can be turned “off” as well as “on”.

The second level has a more difficult array of mirrors, and the crystals are spread out, meaning that Muggshot will have a clear shot on you more often. If you have collected it, roll will help you avoid Muggshot’s attacks if you can’t stay hidden from them (although they can still hit you whilst rolling if you are on the slightly higher edges. Also, beware of the sides, as you can fall off. Again, turning all nine mirrors around will lead to the third and final level.

This time, you’re a little more vulnerable, and will need to be fairly quick in moving between mirrors. Using the ninja spire move, you will need to head from mirror to mirror. Wait on the spire closest to the mirror until Muggshot fires. Then attack the mirror to turn it round, and rush to the next mirror. Repeat this pattern until all mirrors have turned to defeat Muggshot.

A Deadly Dance - Mz Ruby

Possibly the most irritating boss fight of the entire game, and one that requires patience, timing, and a bit more platforming that any of the other boss fights. You’ll start off by needing to platform your way through the “chewing” skull. Be sure to time the jumps through the sharp teeth to ensure that you don’t get squashed. Eventually you’ll get to Mz. Ruby. Avoid her tail slam attack shockwave by jumping and attack.

Mz. Ruby will then teleport and you’ll start a game of Simon Says with an annoying timing element. Just follow the buttons which she tells you to do and you *should* be fine, but the timings can be a little tricky. The patterns for this section go like this:
| | , | | , | |
/ , / , /
O , O , O
| | , O , | |
O , | | , O
| | , / , O
O , / , | |
| |

Then attack Mz Ruby, avoiding the tail slam as before. This will trigger her teleporting again and another game of Simon Says, this time she’ll be a little slower, so the timing of the presses is more important. The patterns for this section go like this:
| | , O , X
O , | | , X
| | , | | , / , / , O , O, X
O , O , / , / , | | , | | , X
| | , O , | |
/ , X
O , | | , O
/ , X
| | , O , | |
/ , X
O , | | , O
/ , X

Again, attack Mz. Ruby and she will teleport. Time for the final section of Simon Says, which Mz. Ruby does a lot faster than the previous occasions, meaning that faster reactions is more important this time round. The patterns for this section go like this:
| | , O , | |
O , | | , O
| | , O , | | , O , | | , O , /
O , | | , O , | | , O , | | , /
| | , / , O
O , / , | |
| | , / , O
O , / , | |
/ , / , /
/ , / , /
/ , / , /
/ , / , X

Finally, attack Mz. Ruby to finish this boss fight off.

Flame Fu – Panda King

Panda King is not a difficult boss, but can cause a few problems if you don’t know his patterns. Whilst you are on the outside of the centre, he will send fireballs at you, move to avoid them and attempt to get up to the Panda King’s level. Panda King will start using close range attacks whilst you are on his level, but will helpfully shout what he’s about to do before he does it. In the first phase, he will only use Fire Wheel, which can be avoided by simply jumping. Unlike the other bosses, you have to hit Panda King quite a lot to change phases, so continue attacking until he bumps you back to the lower levels.

In the second phase, Panda King adds Paws of Thunder, where he slams both palms into the floor making jets of flame appear. Again, this is fairly easily avoided by either jumping, or just getting out of the way. Continue attacking until he bumps you down again for the third phase.

By now, you should be fairly competent at getting back to Panda King’s level quickly. Again, there is a new attack to deal with this time, namely Booming Chop. This attack is easily avoided by running around to the back of Panda King. This is the final attack, and whilst he will bump you down to the lower levels a few times more, he should be finished with fairly quickly.

A Strange Reunion – Clockwerk

So this is the final boss. It’s fairly self explanatory as you’ll see when you play it, but anyway. You start in the jetpack. Clockwerk will send dark orbs at you and you’ll have to avoid them the best you can. You also can’t damage Clockwerk directly, and can only do any sort of damage once Carmelita has caused a weakness in his armour (as can be seen by the electric field around it. Carmelita will first aim at his head until he is a quarter damaged. She will then attack his feet until half health, his tail until quarter health and then his right wing. Clockwerk will then plunge into the lava, easy, huh?

Of course, this is the final boss, so it doesn’t end there. Clockwerk will now change his attack to an electric ring. To get through these attacks undamaged, you will need to head through the centre of the ring. Carmelita will continue to create targets on Clockwerk for you, in order, this will be: right wing (your left) until three quarters health, left wing inner (your right) until half health, head until quarter health and left wing outer (your right) until dead.

Of course, this isn’t the end. You now have a platforming section, where you will need to navigate the laser protection system and more Clockwerk energy attacks (although the Clockwerk attacks are fairly easy to avoid). Eventually, once the laser system has been navigated, you will reach Clockwerk’s head. He’s pretty helpless in this position, so bash his head with your cane until his health has depleted fully. Congratulations, you have finished Sly Cooper.

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