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Retro Game Walkthroughs for House Of The Dead 2 (Dreamcast)
Submitted By: Chaterbox
This walkthrough is a guide to defeating all the bosses step by

Judgment Type 28:
Kuarl's weak spot: Judgment
Judgment's weak spot: anywhere
The first part of him is simple. If you shoot the body (Kuarl),
supposedly nothing is supposed to happen. But lo and behold, he
does take a little bit of damage. If you're fast enough' it'll do
some decent damage and you can shoot Judgment when he gets in the
way. However, if you're no so fast with the trigger, the best
time to shoot Judgment himself is to wait until he says "Go
Kuarl!" He'll be at the top of the screen right where the energy
bar is. But you'll have to be fast to shoot him, or he'll hide
and you'll get hit by Kuarl. After he loses 2/3
of his energy, Kuarl will fall over and you'll have to kill
Judgment himself. This is a pain since Judgment's fast. For this,
you'll need to get a clear shot; usually it'll be right before he
hits you. Unfortunately. BTW-10 points per shot at Kuarl's
body, even when he gets fixed up. 0 points for his sackcloth.

Hierophant Type B 05:
Weak spot: Chest cavity
Fighting him on the wharf is easier. Why? Because if you fight
him on the bridge, three things. One: He can jump into the water,
in which he can summon a lot more piranhas at you. Two: it's
harder to hit his weak spot in the water, and Three: on the
bridge, he'll jump from the left, center, and the right. On the
wharf, he won't go in the water. If he jumps, it will always be
straight at you from the center. Plus he'll summon the fish right
where he is. His weak spot can be hard to hit since he opens and
closes his weak spot. If you're on Sunset Bridge, when he's low
on energy, he'll jump off the bridge, and he'll randomly jump up
and attack you from the left or the right. Hint: James or Gary
will say "left" or "right" for those with slow reflexes or didn't
see where Hierophant popped up from.

Tower Type 8000:
Weak spot: Mouth
You can shoot his (her) mouth whenever it's open, not only when
it's charging up or when it's about to bite, but ANYTIME it's
open. The center never bites, so don't worry. Once that's done,
the blue worm will ditch the other four and like I said depending
on how you played the level will determine whether or not you
fight him on sand or water. Fighting on sand is a bit harder
since there are more obstacles plus you only can target half of
Tower's head. But he does the same thing otherwise. Make sure you
shoot the mouth when it's open like before.

Strength Type 205:
Weak spot: Head
This is a harder boss since his head's the weak point...and his
head's tiny. Plus he jerks around a lot. There's no real tips I
can give, other than watch for when he pops up above you, to the
left or to the right. Usually the best time to hit him is when
he's about to strike and his chainsaw is overhead. And shoot the
knife that he'll throw at you.

Then you'll have to fight Hierophant, who's a bit different.
He's easier
because he doesn't jump down from the bridge, and he doesn't
summon those
piranhas. But he still jumps from the center straight at you.
Use the same tactics for beating him.

Magician Type 0:
Weak spot: All open black spots (Right leg, left thigh, left arm,
right forearm, sides of his hips) Same thing as the first HOTD,
but MUCH faster. Just make sure you shoot his weak spots (those
ugly black limbs) before he hits you. He'll first try throwing
fireballs. If you can hit him twice, he'll starting charging
around the screen, trying to smack you. If you weaken him enough,
he goes up and charges for and nice fireball shower. Shoot his
weak spots as fast as you can. This is when he's most vulnerable.
If you can't shoot him fast enough, try to dispel his fireballs
by shooting at them (which can be pretty difficult).

Emperor Type alpha:
Weak spot: "unknown" (yeah right, isn't it obvious?) Glowing
rotating orb Well, here's one case where having a DC controller will be a slight disadvantage for the first part. He'll either throw his "balls" one by one at you and you need to shoot them to avoid getting hurt, or he'll throw all of them at you at once. During this time, you need to shoot his weak point, the purple ball (isn't that dumb? G wrote that the Emperor's weakness was unknown. Hmmm...then I have to wonder what the purple ball could be?). But the ball is tiny, and you'll have lots of opportunities to shoot at it, so don't try to aim for it all the time and disregard the Emperor's ball attacks. Best time to shoot him is while he's getting ready to attack you and at the beginning of his attacks (don't shoot him when he's about to hit you! Unless he's morphed into one of the previous bosses). After a short while, he'll morph into any of the previous bosses (except Magician) and will hit you. Basically, just remember the weak spots and shoot for it, which is easier said than done. The hardest is probably Tower. I've actually found a sweet spot, which I'll let you find yourself. After you've got him down to less than half energy, he'll do some weird thing and turn into a floating energy field. Basically, it's the purple balls with those other balls flying around it REALLY fast. It looks simple; shoot the purple ball. But it's hard. Try to get a couple good shots in when the balls slow down. Only a couple shots will keep the Emperor from hitting you.

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