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Digimon World 2003 Walkthroughs

Submitted By: Protectobot Maximus
Digimon World 2003 Walkthrough

By Matthew Wilson [Protecyobot Maximus

Contents: Version History
Side Quest Info
Item Explanation and List
Digi-Battle Section
Digivolving Section
Tech List
After Galacticmon [PAL only]
Version History

10th December 2004: Began walkthrough and added Contents.
16th December 2004: Continued Walkthrough up to Seiyru City.
18th December 2004: Added more walkthrough up to search for Blue card.
19th December 2004: Added walkthrough up to end of Bulbmon1.
20th December 2004: Changed mistakes and added more walkthrough.
15th May 2005: Slightly updated Walkthrough and fixed Contents.
Also made layout.


Kusanagi City

You begin, as Junior, waiting for your friends to arrive. They are buying passes to a virtual Digimon game called Digimon Online. On a tv screen you see that the police and army have captured the A.O.A, an evil group doing bad things with Digimon. Finally Teddy and Ivy come out and you start arguing with Ivy. You eventually go in to Digimon Online.

Digimon Online Center

You all go in , and start choosing your digimon. You canít decide. Here are your choices.

A=Balanced Pack
Kotemon=Strong attack, can heal.
Patamon=Can heal, good magic techs
Renamon=Can use Ice and lightning techs

B=Power pack
Monmon=Can use guns and other shooting weapons
Agumon=Strong fire and attack Digimon
Renamon=Can use ice and lightning techs.

C=Maniac pack
Kumamon=Can use martial arts related weapons
Patamon=Can heal, strong magic techs
Guilmon=Strong fire and attack

Once youíve chosen you will go into the chamber room and go to Cyberspace. Here, you get a good video clip. Next stop,Asuka City!

Asuka City, Login Room

You teleport in here and talk to the navi, who tells you to go into the Main Lobby to collect your Digimon. Follow her orders and exit the login room. In the room talk to the Navi and she will call up your Digimon. Teddy and Kail [Ivy] come in and then your Digimon willappear. You decide to split up and head outside. You will go automatically.

Asuka City

As soon as you go outside, an old man will come up to you and challenge you to a Digimon battle.

Digibattle: Kuwagamon 4exp 50bit
Tactics: Welcome to your first Digibattle. If you chose pack A you will start with Kotemon, if you got pack B Monmon will start.
If you chose pack C, Kumamon will start. To beat that flying red beetle just keep hammering it with SwingSwing or Hot Head, or
in Kumamonís case, use its normal attack as it does not have enough MP. You will automatically go to the Digimon Lab. Exit and go to the inn. Here Gatomon will heal and Guardromon will save. Do what you need to and then exit the inn. Walk to the shop next to the inn and enter it. This contains the shop. Here Wizardmon sells items, Gargomon sells Armour and weapons and Gomamon sells rings that help your Digimon. Stock up on some Power Charges and exit the building. After that, exit Asuka City and enter Asuka Bridge.

Asuka Bridge

Just continue on from here. Talk to the guards if you like.

Central Park

Enemies: Tapirmon 5exp 20bit
Kunemon 6exp 10bit
Train up here to reach LV5. Every level you will get Training points. These will allow your Digimon to train with Leomon. Once at LV5 go back to Asuka City, crossing Asuka Bridge.

Asuka City

Go into the inn and take the stair case. Go through the west and end up in the underground path. Here, take the left path to reach our destination. Or you can take The Right path and find 300 bits. By taking the left route, you end up at the lower
Asuka City. Here, Go into the yellow building and talk to the Divermon at the desk. He will tutor you on card battles and give you a starter folder. If you want you can talk To the two guys for more tutoring. Finally head out to Main Asuka city and leave to Central Park.

Central Park

Here go to the east path. This will take you to Wire Forest Entrance.

Wire Forest Entrance

Enemies: Kunemon 6exp 10 Bit
Tapirmon 5exp 20 Bit

Just follow the path to reach West Wire Forest.

West Wire Forest

Kunemon 6exp 10 bit
Kuwagamon 11exp 22 bit
Betamon 10 exp 25 Bit Power Charge

Youíll see an intersection. Take the East path for a Buckler.
Head back and go south for another intersection. Take the west path For a card battle. Take the South path and follow the path to get to East Wire Forest

East Wire Forest

Kunemon 6 exp 10 bit
Kuwagamon 11exp 22 bit
Betamon 10 exp 25 bit Power Charge

Yet another annoying intersection. Take the south path and reach the Forest Inn. Here just save and heal and go down the stairs to the Forest Inn Basement. Here take the path to get a nice Power Charge. Now go upstairs and exit the building. Take the path and go down the exit.

Divermonís Lake

Crabmon 19 exp 40 bit
Take the path to get through here. If you want walk down the ladder and talk To the Divermon. Remove the fish bone and heíll give you the Red Snapper. This is used for the Fishing Pole. Take the path to Wind Prairie.

Wind Prairie

Kiwimon 15exp 35 bit
Yanmamon 16 exp 30 bit

Just walk up east to Seiyru City. Funny Cactus on the wall.

Seiyru City

In the closest tower, you will find Gatomon and a Divermon. In the second tower you can find Pixiemon and Guardromon. Heal and save or open boosters. Whatever you need to do. Finally, go up in the Guardromonís tower and talk to the boy Next to the door. Repeating Tom will say the Seiyru leader is in Protocol Ruins. Save and depart for Protocol Ruins.

Wind Prairie

Just leave for Divermonís Lake.

Divermonís Lake

Same here just continue on to East Wire Forest.

East Wire Forest

Go upwards to reach a ramp, and go up it. You can card battle the man. Heís strong and has a good folder. Go up a bit and turn right to enter Protocol Forest.

Protocol Forest

Dokugomon 21 exp 40 bit Spider Web
Goburimon 22 exp 45 bit

Keep advancing until you find a maze of dark grass. Just follow the Path. You see a Spire like on TV. Cool. Any way go up the stairs and enter Protocol Ruins.

Protocol Ruins

Goburimon 22 exp 45 bit
Minotaurmon 27 exp 55 bit

Darker and scarier. Take the right path and keep going up to get to Pharoahmon. Talk to him and he will challenge you. He will be your first Boss battle. Here we go.

Boss battle: Pharoahmon
Attacks: Normal attack, Necromist.
Spoils: 120 exp 240 bit Old Wand
Hit Points: about 900
Recommended Level: 7-9
Description: Heís quite easy for a boss. Just pound him with your techs.
If, however he can hit you with his Necromist you might be poisoned. Also, if you used something like Double Guard, Necromist will cancel itís effect. The good thing is that Necromist will deal less damage than itís normal Attack. It wonít take long to beat him. After the battle he will give you the Old Wand, which will power up your magic.

Now go around the path next to Pharoahmon and you will see the Seiyru leader.
Talk to him and he will demand you beat MasterTyrranomon in Tyranno Valley. So head back to Seiyru City via East Wire Forest , Divermonís Lake and Wind Prairie. See you there!.

Seiyru City

Just save and heal and buy new equipments. Donít sell that Old Rod. You will need it later. You could equip it to Patamon or Renamon. Once youíre done head to Wind Prairie.

Wind Prairie

Head east this time to exit the Prairie instead of west to exit. You will come to an exit Sign. Go through it.

Kicking Forest

Woodmon 25 exp 50 bit
Gizamon 19 exp 40 bit
Vegiemon 20 exp 40 bit
This forest has kicking trees which you will find out about later. Take the North-east path and climb up the ladder. Continue on and climb up the Next level to reach a door way. Go in to Tyranno Valley.

Tyranno Valley
Airdramon 29 exp 70 bit
Tyrannomon 31 exp 60 bit Fire Power 1
Triceramon 30 exp 60 bit TNT Ball

Quite a maze here. Take the second ladder and follow the path to MasterTyrannomon. He will challenge you to a boss battle. Let it begin!

Boss Battle: MasterTyrannomon
Attacks: Normal Attack, Master Fire
Spoils: 140 exp 280 bit Old Claw
Hit Points: About 800
Recommended Level: 7-9
Description: This could be a hard battle. There are mainly three ways To beat him.
1. Use Growlmon with high strength and defence and Use Double Power to beat it down with your normal attack.
2. Use Kyubimonís Ice techs [Dinosaurs are weak to Ice] like Ice Blow or Ice shower .
3. Use DNA Digivolve. If you started with Pack A, use Agunimon.
If you started with Pack B use Paildramon or Agunimon. Finally if you began with Pack C, use BladeGarrurumon. When the battle is over he will give you the Old Claw. Again, do not sell it.

Now head back to Seiyru City to fight the leader.

Kicking Forest

Here just go down the ladder and jump down the platform. Then continue to Wind Prairie.

Wind Prairie

Same here, just continue up the steps to Seiyru City.

Seiyru City

Here go and save and buy a couple of power charges. Now go up to Repeating Tom. He tells you that the Seiyru leader is ahead. Go through The doorway and talk to the leader. He will challenge you to a battle.

Leader Battle: Seiyru Leader
Digimon: Minotaurmon, Tyrannomon, Apemon
Spoils: 310 exp 475 bit , Seiyru badge, Silver ticket
Recommended level: 7-10
Description: He is easier than MasterTyrannomon, just more lengthy. Hammer his Digimon with everything you have. Minotaurmon and Tyrannomon are not new but Apemon can be a tricky character.
He has quite good speed so you wonít often get two attacks in a row on him. As said earlier Tyrannomon is weak to ice and most things will bring down Minotaurmon. Beating Apemon is harder. Thunder techs are good, but donít try Bug Buster. Tyrannomon may drop Fire Power 1 and Apemon may drop Wind Power 1. After the battle, you receive congratulations on your win and the
Seiyru ticket plus the Silver Training ticket which allows Tolerance training.
Talk to Repeating Tom and he will say you need to use the Gondola to reach South Sector. However that is not yet our destination. Return to Asuka City via Wind Prairie, Divermonís Lake, East Wire Forest, West Wire Forest, Wire Forest Entrance and Central Park, making a possible stop at Forest Inn. But heal and save first.

Asuka City

Here, you should have a high enough Charisma [210+] to get into the blue building Next to the Yellow Cruiser. If you do you will be allowed in. Talk to the Ponchomon At the desk and he will give you the El Dorado ID and offer Item information. Go down
The ladder and out of the door to a water tunnel. Walk to the end and through the door to Find a auction going on. You can buy the Divine Barrier here, which is a Patamon exclusive Weapon.
Leave and go to the Armoury. At the Armoury talk to the person blocking the door and he will let you through. You can now access the Heavy Armoury and Black Market. Heal and save if you need it. After that go to Central Park and train your tolerances with Leomon, who will now train all but Dark and Machine tolerances. Finally, go back to
Tamer Gengi who will battle you again.

Digibattle: Kuwagamon, Kuwagamon [Green]
Spoils: 63 exp 115 bit
Description: That Kuwagamon reminds me of Red Gyrados but it is definitely weaker than it. This should be a cinch so just hammer it with techs. After that , head back to Wind Prairie.

Wind Prairie

Just continue to Kicking Forest.

Kicking Forest

Take the south path and go over the wood bridge to see a load of trees. Itís a maze.Eventually you can go to a graffiti covered building called East Station. Go inside.

East Station

In here you can talk to the girl for a digi-battle.

Digibattle: Betamon, Red Vegiemon, Kiwimon
Spoils: 100 exp 225 bit
Description: This is easy. Weíve not seen Red Vegiemon before. Betamon and Kiwimon are down with a normal attack, and Red Vegiemon down with fire or ice techs like Triple Fire or Ice Shower. Betamon may drop a Power Charge. Afterwards head to the
Computer terminal and poke the computer to find out that you need a Blue Card to activate the Gondola and only a Digimon born from a Blue card possesses a Blue Card. You automatically think that it is Guilmon. Leave for Asuka City.

Asuka Bridge

Here you will Digi-battle Keith. He is quite good.
Digibattle: Kuwagamon, Triceramon, Kunemon
Spoils: 161 exp 475 bit
Description: Well Kuwagamon and Kunemon are easy, one or two fire techs
Brings Kuwagamon down and maybe one normal attack might bring down Kunemon.
Triceramon is stronger and itís Normal Attack can do very high damage to digimon with Low defence. However, like all its Dinosaur brothers Triceramon is slow. So take Advantage of that by using something like Ice Blow during your two turns. Or use a trained Ultimate like MetalMamemon or Digitamamon to wipe it out. Triceramon may drop a TNT ball. After the battle, Keith will praise you and walk away. Enter Asuka City.

Asuka City

You can buy a few more equipments here and heal and save. Now go to the upper floor of the
Inn and you will see Guilmon lying on the bed that was previously empty. He says that he does not have the card, but his cousin does and his cousin was on his way to Seiyru City, but he might have taken a rest at the Forest Inn. Head to the Forest Inn.

Forest Inn
Guilmon is here alright on the floor with Guardromon. He says that his cousin in Seiyru City
Has it. Heal or save and head for Seiyru City.

Seiyru City
Go into Zephyr Tower [ the one with Gatomon ] and go up the stairs next to the Divermon.
Youíll see Guilmon. Talk to him and he says he has the Blue Card and gives it to you with a devilish laugh. If you check your important items, instead of showing Blue card, it says
8lue Card. Go to East Station.

East Station
Touch the computer and insert the 8lue card to find out it was a fake! Head back to Seiyru City to teach that Tricky Guilmon a lesson!

Seiyru City

Go up to the Guilmon next to Seiyru Tower. He will tell you that it was his cousin, Tricky
Guilmon who tricked you as he is the town trickster. He does like dark places with Ghosts. Head to Forest Inn.

Forest Inn

Go down to Forest Inn Basement. Then follow the path to where you found the Power Charge. Tricky Guilmon will be there. He will give you the real Blue Card. Great! Now we can access the Gondola. But first go to Seiyru City.

Seiyru City

Here save and heal and buy equipments and curative items, like Power Charges and DV Plugs. Now go to East Station.

East Station

Walk up to the computer and enter the Blue Card in the Computer Terminal and you will register your account. You now automatically enter the Gondola.

Deeper Crevice
Everything is alright until a red alert siren activates and an Earthquake happens. Then due to the Earthquake a big rock slide happens [how does that miss you as it was so close]. Then something octagon -shaped falls down and you wonder what it is. Slowly itís head [small might I add] emerges and the two arms are about to hit you. You are whisked into a big Boss fight, a hard one at that if you have not trained.

Boss Fight: Bulbmon
Spoils: None
HP: 900-1000
Recommended Level: 10-14
Attacks: Normal Attack, Mad Pump
Description: This is a hard boss because he can deal huge damage to a Digimon like Renamon who has weak machine tolerance with his Mad Pump. Here are ways to beat him:
1. Again DNA Digivolution is good. Train your Digimon high on water tolerance and DNA them together.
2. As Bulbmon is a machine type Digimon you could try water techs on it like Angewomonís Divine Rain or Rosemonís Grand Wave. These work exceptionally well against Bulbmon.
3. Use MetalMamemon. He has high machine tolerance, high defence and high attack. You could try using machine techs or just use
your normal attack. It may take a couple of tries to defeat him. However he will run if his health is in critical status. That is why there are no spoils from the battle. After the battle you will arrive at South Station.

South Station

Here, if youíre Digimon are not weak from Bulbmon, you can Digi-battle someone.

Digi-Battle: Tamer Andy
Digimon: Triceramon, Tuskmon
Spoils: 101 exp 190 bit
Description: Triceramon is easy and youíve seen it before. My mega level Rosemon did
Over 1500 damage to it using Grand Wave. Tuskmon can be hard but I found it simple.
Rosemon did 1000-1500 damage to it with Grand Wave. Triceramon may drop a TNT ball and Tuskmon may drop a counter crest. Look in Items info to find out more about crests.
When done walk out of the building.

Bulk Swamp, South Sector
Yanmamon [green] 40 exp 80 bit
Coelamon 40 exp 80 bit Water Chip
You can digi-battle the guy [check the Digibattle section] but you might Card Battle if your Charisma is low. Follow the path straight to get to Bulk Bridge.

Bulk Bridge
Yanmamon [Green] 40 exp 80 bit
Coelamon 40 exp 80 bit Water Chip
Geckomon 41 exp 85 bit

Here follow the path so you can see the bridge and instead of going over it go north. You will come to Tranquil Swamp.

Tranquil Swamp
Yanmamon [Green] 40 exp 80 Bit
Geckomon 41 exp 85 Bit

In here youíll find a Shaman House, a Ghost buster [Puck] who is scared of the place and a Tranquil Inn. Go inside the Shaman House and you will be scared off by a ghost in the rafters. Heal and save in the Inn and then start training. If you want to fish, you will find Seadramon and 1 card Cardmon. Train a Rookie or two to Level 20 [with an Ultimate] and leave Tranquil Swamp.

Bulk Bridge

Continue over the bridge and keep going until you get to a point sign. Enter.

Jungle Grave
Coelamon 40 exp 80 Bit
Yanmamon [Green] 40 exp 80 Bit
Musayamon 180 exp 330 Bit

Boss: Zanbamon

I will warn you that Musayamon is very powerful and I suggest running from him. I didnít find him luckily when I went in. You will eventually reach Zanbamon. You will challenge him.

Boss Battle: Zanbamon
Spoils: None
Attacks: Normal Attack

It is impossible to beat Zanbamon at the moment. One hit from him and your Digimon will flee. You will find yourself directly outside of Jungle Grave.

Bulk Bridge

Head to Tranquil Swamp.

Tranquil Swamp

Talk to Gatomon in the Inn. She will say that Sepkimon should have an item to repel Zanbamon but she hasnít seen him in ages. If you head to the Shaman house, you will talk to Sepkimon and he will come out [with a Paper bag on his head]. He will say that he lost his mask and he will only tell you how to defeat Zanbamon if you find it for him. He says he probably lost it on his way to East Sector with Baronmon. Leave Tranquil Swamp and head to Bulk Swamp. There you will see Kail, who says that she saw a Digimon with an amazing face heading to East Sector. Get on the Gondola back to Kicking Forest.

Kicking Forest

Head to East Wire Forest.

East Wire Forest

Head to Protocol Forest and pass through the maze into Protocol Ruins.

Protocol Ruins

Take the left path, then the first left and go up the ladder. Baronmon will be there. He will say that Sepkimon is in Asuka City. Go there.

Asuka Bridge

Before going into Asuka City turn right. You will see Sepkimon there, complete with Mask. He will say that as he found his mask, he will not tell you how to defeat Zanbamon. Just continue into Asuka City.

More To Be Added Soon!


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