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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Tenchu 3"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Tenchu 3 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: cal13
Table of Contents


--------------- I. INTRODUCTION ---------------


It was a time of hiatus in a period of bitter wars and great turmoil.

The Azuma ninja clan conducted the traditional ceremonies to end its year of mourning for the tragic death of Rikimaru. Meanwhile, the land of Lord Gohda celebrated the passing of the fourth season of peace since the defeat of Lord Mei-Oh. Only the Azuma ninjas knew the truth about Lord Mei-Oh's

disappearance into a portal after he was defeated. It was a secret that even Lord Gohda did not know.

Lord Gohda did know that the Azuma ninjas served him with their lives and their honor - delivering midnight messages to neighboring states and punishment in the shadows to those who turned against him. They were a feared yet unknown group, a faceless arm of justice masked in a cloud of secrets. Most importantly, they were his merciless forces of silent assassins.

This is the sequel to a tale of two shadows born into darkness and destined to die in darkness.

- From the Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven Instruction Manual

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is the true sequel to the original Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins was actually a prequel). This time around an evil sorcerer named Tenrai gathers an evil army of ninjas, demons, and the undead in a plot to resurrect the demon king Mei-Oh who was defeated by the Azuma ninjas Rikimaru and Ayame. Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven features the same game play as its predecessors with a few changes in its Playstation 2 incarnation.


- Movement is now controlled by the left analog stick. The control pad now controls item selections.

- Blocking is now accomplished by holding the O buttion.

- There is now a lock-on feature to face attacking enemies (R2).

- The camera can now be controlled by using the right analog stick.

- Characters always have their weapons drawn and cannot run.

- Characters can now do stealth kills by dropping on their target.

- Characters can earn new moves by getting nine stealth kills in a certain level.

- Characters can now pick up and use enemy weapons such as spears and bows.

- There is no stage editor as in Tenchu 2.

- Stages once again have background music unlike Tenchu 2. You can still turn the music off though.

- There is no longer any swimming or body dragging as there was in Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins.

- The game has much longer draw distance than previous games (i.e. no more fogging effects).

- Enemies have a much tighter defense and attack more aggressively than in previous games.

- Each stage has three different layouts for enemy and item placement. The stage design itself remains unchanged.

- There is now a versus mode and cooperative mode for two players.

------------------- II. VERSION HISTORY -------------------

Version 1.0 (3/15/03) - First completed version of this FAQ/Walkthrough. Finished Tesshu's walkthrough. Finished Bonus Stage walkthrough. Made more corrections. Version 0.2 (3/14/03) - Finished Rikimaru's and Ayame's walkthroughs. Started Tesshu's walkthrough. Made a whole lot of corrections and additions. Version 0.1 (3/11/03) - First version of this FAQ. Completed Rikimaru's walkthrough up to the fifth mission.

------------- III. CONTROLS -------------

Left Analog Stick: Moves the character. Tilt the stick slightly to walk slowly. Hold down to run (well, ninja shuffle anyway). Holding the R2 button down allows you to strafe.

Right Analog Stick: Controls camera movement. When leaning against a wall turns the camera around corners.

Control Pad: Press left or right to select items. Press up to select Grappling Hook. Press down to select Health Potion.

L1: First person view. Use the Left Analog Stick while holding down the L1 button to look around.

L2: Scrolls left through your item inventory.

R1: Stealth Mode (actually a crouch). While in Stealth Mode your profile is greatly reduced and enemies that would normally spot you will think you are something else. This of course does not work at close range. While in Stealth Mode you can do the following moves:

R1 + Left Analog Stick: Move in a crouched position. (near low opening): Crawl. (near flat wall) : Flatten against wall.

R1 + X + Left Analog Stick: Roll.

R1 + X: 180-degree roll.

R1 (while falling): Performs a stealth landing. Falling long distances without holding the R1 Button will cause the character to crash into the ground, stunning them for a second.

R2: Lock on. Pressing R2 will make your character face the nearest enemy. Holding R2 will lock your character facing the nearest enemy. While locked on the Left Analog Stick will move you around the target enemy.

R2 + X + Left Analog Stick: Strafe.

R2 + X: 180-degree somersault jump.

Start Button: Skip Cinematic/Pause Game.

Select Button: Open/Close Map Screen. Note that the game is not paused while the map is open.

Square Button: Attack. Press repeatedly to perform a combo attack, or in conjunction with the Left Analog Stick to perform special attacks. Combos depend on the character used.

Triangle Button: Uses selected item. For items that can be thrown/fired holding down the Triangle Button aims while releasing it throws the item.

X Button: Jump. Pressing the X Button again in mid air performs a double jump forward.

O Button: Block. Can only block attacks in front of the character. Some attacks cannot be blocked.

O Button (near enemy): Performs character's special attack. Rikimaru will throw the enemy, Ayame performs a knee to the head, while Tesshu grabs and head butts the enemy.


Square x 3: Three hit combo. Square x 3, Away + Square: Three hit combo + roundhouse kick. (Rikimaru and Ayame only) Square x 4: Four hit combo (Ayame only). Square (enemy on ground): Attack prone enemy. R1 + Square: Crouch attack. X + Square: Jumping attack. 360 degrees on left analog stick + Square: 360 degree attack. Towards x 2 + Square OR Hold R2 + Towards + X + Square: Lunge attack. Hold R2 + Away + Square: Overhead attack.

----------------------- IV. KI METER/KUJI METER -----------------------


The Ki Meter next to your health bar is an indication of how close another being is relative to your location. Although this is supposed to be an indication of how a ninja can detect a living being by their life force, strangely enough in the game this also can detect undead beings as well as automatons that aren't alive at all. Go figure. Anyway, the number by the Ki Meter is a relative distance between you and a target. The higher the number the closer you are and vice versa. Be warned that your Ki Meter will not differentiate between hostiles and innocent bystanders so be sure to look before you leap. As a good rule of thumb anyone that is carrying a weapon (well other than Gohda's guards in Rikimaru's second mission), that looks like a demon, or looks like they were just dug up from a grave is fair game. Next to the number is an icon that indicates the awareness level of the target of your presence.

No Icon: There are no living (or unloving) targets in the area.

?: There is a target in the area, but they are completely unaware of your presence. The larger the icon the closer the target is and vice versa. You can only determine distance to targets in this condition.

!?: The target has been alerted by a disturbance, but does not know what (or who) it is. The target will actively search for the source of the disturbance. If the character is not found for a period of time the target returns to the ? condition.

!: The character has been spotted, but has not actively identified as a threat by the target. If spotted from a distance the character can sometimes use Stealth Mode to return the Ki Meter to the ? condition.

!!: The character has been identified and will be attacked by the target. If the character can hide from the target's visual range the Ki Meter change to the !? condition. Note that the !! condition will also alert any other targets in the vicinity of your presence.

Note that innocent bystanders and cats will not attack you, but they will alert any enemies in the area to your presence.


New to the Tenchu series, the Kuji Meter is an indication of the character's spiritual strength. Each time a character performs a stealth kill a Kanji is filled in the Kuji Meter. When the Kuji Meter is completely filled (9 Kanji) a new special move is learned by that character. Each character learns a different special move for each mission, and once it is learned it can be used in any mission. You can only learn a special move once per mission, but as the Kuji Meter is filled the character's attack power is increased, so it's a good idea to fill it up even if you already learned the special move for the mission. Note that Tesshu does not have a Kuji Meter. Instead he earns money for every stealth kill he makes. Killing an enemy with the blow gun earns only half a kanji, while killing an enemy from the front earns one and a half kanji. Killing an innocent bystander empties the Kuji Meter completely.

---------------- V. STEALTH KILLS ----------------

In order to perform a stealth kill the target must be either in the ?, !?, or ! condition. You cannot perform a stealth kill while under the !! condition. The type of stealth kill performed depends on the direction the character approaches the target. Note that you can immediately cancel the stealth kill animation by pressing the O button. You can also disable the stealth animations completely in the option menu. Also some enemies such as the dogs or Chibots have no stealth skill animation, but killing them unseen will count as a stealth kill. Killing enemies with a stealth kill increases the Kuji Meter, or in the case of Tesshu adds money to his inventory. Performing a stealth kill temporarily disables the Ki Meter to the !? condition, so be careful when there are multiple enemies in the area.

RIKIMARU'S STEALTH KILLS ------------------------

From Behind: Rikimaru grabs the enemy from behind and slits their throat with his sword. Can occasionally decapitate the enemy.

From the Right: Rikimaru moves around the enemy while cutting open their neck with his sword.

From the Left: Rikimaru stabs the enemy in the back, then follows up with a slash to the front.

From the Front: Rikimaru stabs the enemy in the stomach.

From Above: Rikimaru runs the enemy through with his sword, twisting it for good measure.

Enemy is on a slope: Rikimaru jumps on the enemy's shoulders and runs his sword through their head.

AYAME'S STEALTH KILLS ---------------------

From Behind: Ayame places her swords against the enemy's throat and slices their neck open. Can occasionally decapitate the enemy.

From the Right: Ayame knocks the enemy face down into the ground, then pulls their head back and cuts their throat.

From the Left: Ayame kicks the enemy in the head and follows up with a slash to the neck.

From the Front: Ayame stabs the enemy in the stomach with both swords.

From Above: Ayame grabs the enemy with her legs, twists their neck, then smashes them to the ground.

Enemy is on a slope: Ayame grabs the enemy with her legs, twists their neck, and then jumps off springing off of their head.

TESSHU'S STEALTH KILLS ----------------------

From Behind: Tesshu grabs the enemy from behind and pierces their skull with a needle.

From the Right: Tesshu grabs the enemy from behind and drives his hand into their spinal column. He then prays for their departure to the spirit world. =)

From the Left: Tesshu breaks the enemy's elbows, then twists their head 180 degrees.

From the Front: Tesshu grabs the enemy, drives his hand into their chest, and pulls out their heart.

From Above: Tesshu pins the enemy face down on the ground, then dislocates their spinal cord.

Enemy is on a slope: Tesshu jumps on the enemy's shoulders and drives his needle into their skull.

Tesshu has a seventh stealth kill animation if he uses the Kumihimo on an unaware enemy.

----------------- VI. SPECIAL MOVES -----------------

Filling the Kuji Meter during a mission will unlock a new special move for that character. Each character earns the same moves for each stage with the exception of the first one. Once the move has been learned it can be used in any other stage. Tesshu automatically begins the game with all of his special moves.

RIKIMARU'S/AYAME'S SPECIAL MOVES --------------------------------

SHOULDER THRUST (Rikimaru)/SOMERSAULT KICK (Ayame) (Mission One) Command: Square x 2, Away from opponent + Square (Rikimaru) Command: Square x 4, Away from opponent + Square (Ayame) A powerful attack that knocks the enemy back quite a distance if it connects. Useful for knocking enemies into pits or when you need to buy yourself some time to use an item.

NINJITSU BLOCK (Mission Two) Command: Press O at the moment the enemy attacks you. This pushes the enemy off balance, leaving them open to attack. Hard to time but useful against enemies with a tight defense.

NINJA VISION (Mission Three) Command: While in first person view (L1) move the Right Analog Stick. This allows you to "zoom in" as if you had a pair of ninja binoculars. Not only does this allow you to observe enemies from a distance, but you can attack enemies from a much greater distance that normally possible. It's also useful to look closely at the details in the game, such as the flower tattoos on the Kunoichi. =)

GRAPPLING HOOK COMBO (Mission Four) Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + Square, Triangle This attack hits the enemy with a 360-degree attack, then grabs them with the grappling hook and draws them next to you. You can repeat this move over and over again for an infinite combo.

CLING TO CEILING (Mission Five) Command: Hold R1 while grappling to a flat ceiling. This allows you to stick to the ceiling, where you can drop on the enemy for a stealth kill, or drop items such as poisoned rice. You can only stay on the ceiling for a limited time though.

FEIGN DEATH (Mission Six) Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + R1. Press Square when enemy is near. When this move is executed you will stab yourself doing 20 damage and fall to the ground in a seemingly comatose state. Guards will approach your "dead" body to investigate, where you can execute a surprise attack by pressing the Square button. Note that while you are feigning death you will lose health, but your health will not drop to less than 1. Guards that examine your body long enough will realize you are playing dead and will attack.

WALL KICK (Mission Seven) Command: Press Square while jumping towards a wall. Another attack to add to your repertoire, but most enemies will usually block it if they are aware of your presence.

NINJA MIND CONTROL (Mission Eight) Command: While holding down R2 press Up then Down then Square. You must hit the opponent to activate this ability. This causes the targeted enemy to attack other enemies for a period of time. This works great when you're up against multiple opponents. Just remember that it does wear off eventually, and does not work on bosses.

WRATH OF HEAVEN (Mission Nine or Ten) Command: Press X and O at the same time. This attack instantly kills an enemy if it hits. Unfortunately, this attack also reduces your health to 1 regardless if it hits or not. It also has a very short range so be careful on how you use it.

TESSHU'S SPECIAL MOVES ----------------------

Since Tesshu doesn't have a Kuji Meter he begins the game will all of his moves from the start.

UPPER STRAIGHT COMBO Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + Square. This replaces the standard 360 attack for Tesshu. It's a bit hard to hit with in combat, but when it does connect it sends the enemy flying farther than the Shoulder Thrust or Somersault Kick.

MIMIC ANIMALS Command: Press the O button while crouched (R1). This has the same effect as the decoy whistle. Tesshu makes a random animal noise to alleviate the enemy's suspicions. This is pretty funny when a guard runs up to a horribly mangled corpse and Tesshu makes a rooster crow. "Oh, it must have been a rooster that did this. I'll just go back to patrolling." Hilarious.

FEIGN DEATH Command: Rotate 360 degrees on the Left Analog Stick + R1. Press Square when enemy is near. This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's technique.

CLING TO CEILING Command: Hold R1 while grappling to a flat ceiling. This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's technique.

POWER BLOCK Command: Press O at the moment the enemy attacks you. This is the same as Rikimaru's and Ayame's Ninjitsu Block technique. Since Tesshu isn't a ninja I guess they can't call it a Ninjitsu Block now can they?

ENRAGE Command: Press the X and O buttons at the same time. This takes a few seconds to activate, leaving Tesshu vulnerable to attack. When used it powers up Tesshu's attacks for a limited time. While using this technique any hit that connects sets the opponent on fire.

----------- VII. ITEMS -----------

Various items can be found during the missions either in hidden locations or dropped by enemies. After each mission you will receive additional items based on your efficiency. Obtaining the rank of Grand Master (or Master of Assassins for Tesshu) for a certain mission will earn special items unavailable anywhere else. Being spotted by an enemy (or anyone else for that matter) during a mission will deduct 150 points from your score. For each time you are spotted after that an additional 30 points is deducted.


Mission Rikimaru Ayame Tesshu ------- -------- ----- ------ One Super Shuriken Exploding Arrow Super Needle Two Exploding Arrow Invisibility Spell Kumihimo Three Chameleon Spell Super Shuriken Magazine Four Dog Bone Chameleon Spell Exploding Arrow Five Invisibility Spell Fire Spell Disguise Six Fire Spell Ninja Armor Bamboo Gun Seven Ninja Armor Fireworks Eight Fireworks Dog Bone Nine Decoy Whistle Decoy Whistle Ten Binding Spell Binding Spell

Super Shuriken: Fires eight shuriken in a fan pattern.

Exploding Arrow: Causes explosive damage and sets enemies on fire. The explosion can hit you so be careful if you use it at close range.

Super Needle (Tesshu only): Fires eight throwing needles in a fan pattern.

Invisibility Spell: Turns you completely invisible for a short period of time.

Kumihimo (Tesshu only): Cord weapon that strangles enemies. If the enemy is unaware of Tesshu it does a stealth kill.

Chameleon Spell: Transforms the character into an enemy for a short time. The character will not be recognized by enemies during this time. Attacking an enemy nullifies this spell.

Magazine (Tesshu only): A diversion item. When dropped on the ground causes enemies to come to look at it.

Dog Bone: Summons the Azuma ninja dog Semimaru (from Tenchu 2) to fight by your side.

Fire Spell: Creates a wave of fire around your character, burning any nearby enemies.

Disguise (Tesshu only): This is Tesshu's version of the Chameleon Spell.

Ninja Armor (Rikimaru and Ayame only): This reduces the damage inflicted to your character for a single mission. It also looks really cool. =)

Bamboo Gun (Tesshu only): A powerful crude gun that inflicts heavy damage.

Fireworks: Distracts all enemies in the area. This does not work against enemies that have spotted you.

Decoy Whistle: Mimics the sound of an animal. This causes enemies in the !? condition to return to the ? condition much faster.

Binding Spell: Paralyzes all enemies in the area of effect.


Basement Key: Found in Tesshu's first mission. This unlocks the basement area in Echigoya's mansion.

Blow Gun: Kills enemies instantly if they are unaware of your presence. This weapon does not work on the undead.

Bow: Fires arrows at enemies. Dropped by archers.

Caltrops: When enemies step on this they become temporarily immobilized, leaving them open to attack or buying you time to escape.

Colored Rice: Marks your present location on the map.

Dokuto (Ayame only): A pair of swords that can poison the enemy. Ayame herself will be poisoned while using this.

Explosives: Used to open a path in Ayame's eighth mission.

Fugaku Sword: Deals more damage than Izayoi but is much slower.

Gate Key: Used to open a gate in Echigoya's mansion.

Grappling Hook: Used to grapple to ledges, walls, and roofs. This item is permanently in your inventory.

Grenade: Causes explosive damage on contact. If the grenade misses it burns on a delayed fuse and explodes after a certain period of time.

Hamada's Key: Dropped by Hamada in Rikimaru's second mission. Used to open a door later in the mission.

Health Potion: Restores 100 health.

Health Potion (small): Restores 25 health. This item can only be found during missions.

Kasumi and Shizuku (Ayame only): This sword is capable of killing the undead. It constantly drains the health of Ayame when used, but will not lower her health to less than 1. Killing undead with this sword restores Ayame's health.

Mine: Causes explosive damage to enemies that step on it. The mine will damage you as well so be careful where you place it.

Money: Boxes of money found during Tesshu's missions. Adds money to his inventory.

Muramasa Sword (Rikimaru only): This sword is capable of killing the undead. It constantly drains the health of Rikimaru when used, but will not lower his health to less than 1. Killing undead with this sword restores Rikimaru's health.

Ninja Rebirth: Resurrects your character if their health drops to 0. This will not prevent death by falling. You can only bring one from the item selection screen, but you can carry more if you come across any during a mission.

Poison Antidote: Cures poison. Characters that are poisoned will slowly lose health and periodically be stunned. Poison wears off after a certain period of time.

Poison Rice: Attracts enemies and paralyzes them if they eat it.

Prison Key: Found in Tesshu's fourth mission. Unlocks the exit to the limestone cavern.

Shuriken: Can be thrown at enemies for a small amount of damage. If the shuriken misses the target it can be picked up and used again.

Smoke Bomb: Incapacitates enemies with blinding smoke.

Spear: Has a longer range than a sword. Dropped by spearmen.

Staff: Similar to the spear. Found in the Buddha Temple. Dropped by monks.

Steel: Found in Rikimaru's sixth mission. Required to repair the Izayoi sword.

Sticky Bomb: Shuriken weapon that sticks to objects or enemies. Can be detonated by pressing the R3 (Right Analog Stick) button.

Stone of Power: Increases damage inflicted for an entire mission.

Strength Potion: Temporarily increases damage inflicted.

Tetsubishi: Chain that grabs enemies and pulls them toward you.

Throwing Needles: Tesshu uses these instead of shuriken in his missions.

Tiger Trap: Enemies that step in this trap are immobilized and rendered helpless for a period of time.

---------------- VIII. CHARACTERS ----------------


Rikimaru: Leader of the Azuma ninja clan, Rikimaru was supposedly killed after rescuing Princess Kiku from Lord Mei-Oh. Years later he appears once again, this time to fight the forces of the evil sorcerer Tenrai. Wielding the mystical sword Izayoi, Rikimaru possesses a high degree of honor and is always willing to put his life on the line for his lord.

Ayame: Sharp of both blade and tongue, Ayame has been trained in the arts of stealth and assassination since birth along side Rikimaru. Using her twin swords, her fighting style is both swift and deadly. Ayame is both hot tempered and impulsive, preferring to jump straight into any situation and slice up her foes with her blades. She has a soft spot for Princess Kiku, whom she considers to be like a little sister.

Tesshu Fujioka: A member of the underground vigilante organization Muzen, Tesshu is a doctor by day, hired assassin by night. While he kills for money, he will only do so if it serves justice. Using his knowledge of anatomy, Tesshu's barehanded assassin techniques are just as deadly as any blade. Tesshu inadvertently becomes involved with the Azuma ninja's fight against Tenrai's forces.

Lord Godha: A just and honorable ruler, Lord Godha is the patron lord of the Azuma ninja clan. With the help of both Rikimaru and Ayame he survived the coup attempt by the rogue Burning Dawn ninja clan, as well as rescued his daughter Kiku from certain death at the hands of the evil Lord Mei-Oh.

Sekiya: An advisor for Lord Godha, Sekiya worries constantly about the safety of his lord, but knows that the Azuma ninjas have never let Lord Gohda down regardless of how dire the situation.

Ressai: A skilled blacksmith capable of repairing mystical blades. He fixes Rikimaru's Izayoi blade and gives him his family's heirloom sword Muramasa to combat the undead.

Zennosuke Otou: Leader of the underground vigilante organization Muzen.

Senkichi: A runner for Muzen, he relays orders and payments from Zennosuke to Tesshu.

Semimaru: The Azuma ninja dog, Semimaru helped Rikimaru and Ayame track down the location of the Burning Dawn's underground base.


Tokubei Echigoya: Although his father was assassinated by the Azuma ninja for corruption, Tokubei has also become a corrupt merchant, loaning large amounts of money to villagers and taking their daughters as payment when they fail to pay him back. He has recently begun bribing one of Gohda's officials to "overlook" the process.

Nasu: A statesman for Gohda, he is as corrupt as Tokubei and has a fondness for wine, women, and money.

Tajima: A hired thug with a sword, tri-barreled gun, and a major attitude problem. He thinks he can handle anything, but apparently has never encountered the Azuma ninja before.

Hamada: A traitor within Gohda's ranks, he's in cahoots with Tokubei and Tenrai.

Onikage: Formerly Suzaku, one of the four lords of the Burning Dawn, Onikage plotted to resurrect the evil Lord Mei-Oh but was killed by the Azuma ninja. Resurrected by Tenrai, he is given another chance to bring his unholy lord back to life.

Dr. Kimaira: A mad scientist, Dr. Kimaira has created an automaton army to assist Tenrai.

Hyakubake: A shape-shifting magician who can impersonate another being with perfect accuracy.

Kagura: An evil sorceress who can summon evil spirits from ofuda (talismans).

Ganda: A giant of a man strengthened by evil energy. He leads a cult of evil monks.

Tatsumaru: Former leader of the Azuma ninja. He lost his memory and joined the rogue Burning Dawn ninja clan against Lord Gohda. While he eventually recovered his memory, Tatsumaru committed suicide in atonement for his dishonorable acts. Tenrai brought him back to life once again to do battle with the Azuma ninja.

Tenrai: An evil sorcerer with the power over life itself, Tenrai plots to resurrect the evil Lord Mei-Oh and spread darkness throughout the land.

Jinnai: A mysterious swordsman who was a former member of Muzen alongside Tesshu.

------------- IX. ENEMIES -------------

Samurai/Ronin (sword): The basic guards are much better at blocking than they were in previous games. Their attacks aren't too difficult to dodge, but they can be a problem in large groups.

Samurai/Ronin (spear): Spear carrying guards have a much longer range than swordsmen so you'll probably want to block or sidestep and then

counterattack. They will usually drop a spear upon their defeat.

Samurai/Ronin (bow): These guards can see farther than normal guards and are usually posted in high places or across chasms, making them difficult to attack. They will usually drop a bow upon their defeat.

Dog: These creepy looking dogs are hard to see due to their size. They will aggressively attack if they see you and will alert any guards in the area.

Bees: Found in a beehive at Echigoya's mansion, bees will aggressively attack any nearby enemies if their nest is disturbed. It's great fun to gather a large group of guards near the beehive, then from the roof let loose an arrow at the nest and watch the fun begin. =)

Ninja: Ninjas are much better at chasing you than ordinary guards and will usually do flips to avoid your attacks.

Kunoichi (red): Their attacks are similar to Ayame, but they're nowhere as fast as she is. From a distance they can appear to be geishas. Unlike geishas they will frequently jump on top of buildings so be careful.

Geishas (innocent): They won't attack, but being spotted by one will count as being spotted by an enemy, and any guards in the area will come to investigate.

Cat (not so innocent): Starting as little balls of fur on the ground, cats screech immediately when you approach them and run around like crazy, alerting all guards in the vicinity. As far as I know you cannot kill a cat.

Jonin (red): These sword-wielding demons are very aggressive if alerted. Otherwise, they behave the same as ninjas.

Samurai Automaton: Found in Amagai Castle, these wooden soldiers are much tougher than their flesh and blood counterparts. They are armed with either a spear or bow. Despite their appearance they can be stealth killed.

Chibot: These freaky looking short samurai dolls roll around looking for annoying Azuma ninjas to kill. They have a spinning attack that does crazy amounts of damage. Avoid them as much as possible. Even though they are too short to stealth kill you can kill them with one hit if they are unaware of your presence. Be warned that a Chibot on the brink of death will detonate itself in a kamikaze attack.

Fire Demon (undead): These short loincloth wearing ghouls look harmless but are actually quite dangerous. They have a fire breathing attack that covers a huge area and cannot be blocked. At close range they have a claw attack that hits repeatedly and does quite a bit of damage. What makes them hard to deal with is that when they move they tend to flail their arms around, making it difficult to determine which direction they are moving in.

Undead Samurai (undead): These are easily identified from their living counterparts by their decaying flesh, swarm of flies, and arrow sticking out of their head. They are armed with a sword or bow, but also have a close range bite attack.

Ghost Head (undead): These floating decapitated heads are surrounded by a blue glow, making them easy to spot in the gloom. They attack by bashing into you, spewing vomit from long range, or biting you at close range.

Jonin (blue): They look just and act just like their red counterparts, except they have claws instead of swords. And they have a last ditch kamikaze attack when their low on health.

Shikigami: These spirits look like thin ghosts, and are usually positioned in areas where they can alert other guards. They have a long-range attack and can latch onto you draining even more health. While you can stealth kill them, they do not give you any kanji for it.

Werewolf: Funny how they look like ordinary white wolves. Maybe they're just in lupine form. Anyway, think of them as aggressive dogs.

Ninja Dog: You'll find these during Ayame's eight missio

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