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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Eternal Darkness"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Eternal Darkness (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Unknown
You begin in the main hall of your grandfather's mansion.
behind you is a small clock. Again the time displayed is 3:33,
will help later. Examine the clock in detail and you'll find a
Key. If you go up to the second floor of the main hall you find
double door. If you check you inventory you'll find you were
already in
possession of a 2nd Floor Key. Using the key will cause it to
break in
the lock. Don't worry, you'll be able to fix it later. Go back
down the
stairs and enter the room to your right(none of the other rooms
important right now). This is the library. Ignore the door and
through the library. You'll come to a small room with a
fireplace, a
picture, a desk, and a grandfather clock. Examining the clock
allow you to turn the hands. If you remember the two other
clocks from
earlier where the time said 3:33 this puzzle is simple; just
turn the
hands to 3:33 and a bookcase will move and a passage will open.
Go down
the secret passageway and through the door. You'll come into
grandfather's secret study. On the far wall is a Gladius, your
weapon. Take it down and head back to the desk. There is a large
on the desk. Open it to continue the game as the Roman
Centurion, Pious

Chapter 1

Chapter 1, Act 1: The Chosen One
Pious Augustus-Persia 26 B.C.

When you open the Tome Alex will have a vision of a monster
later know as Mantorok. She then begins to read and the story of
unfolds. Pious is talking to his soldiers about a recent battle
just fought. After the soldiers leave Pious hears an eerie
calling to him. He follow the voice to a ring of stones.
Stepping in
their center the stones begin to glow and a ring of electricity
formed. The electricity shoots into Pious and he disappears,
only to
reappear moments later in an underground dungeon.

When you gain control of Pious you start in a large square room
with a
hole in the middle and a ladder leading down. Taking the ladder
you'll find a hallway with a couple of the skeleton monsters,
the ones
that Alex fought in her dream, laying on the ground. At the end
of the
hallway Pious will spot a cube with a red rune symbol. Behind
the cube
is a skeleton zombie that will get up when Pious sees the cube.
towards the zombie and you'll find two more zombies lurking in
shadows. These monsters are easy to dispatch. Take their head
off and
they'll stay facing in one direction, swinging aimlessly. Taking
both arms kills them. You can also finish them off when they're
on the
ground. This is not necessary now but will be when you start to
your sanity meter. After destroying all three, take the cube and
through the door.

In this room there are two more zombies that will attack. Kill
grab the Granite Block with the green rune symbol, and leave
the door into the next room. There are five zombies in the next
and it's a rather tight squeeze. Take all their heads off so
they stop
moving, then proceed to disarm and kill them. Grab the blue
Block and head down the ladder on the left side of the screen.
covers the floor of this chamber. There is a zombie, one locked
and one open door. Kill the zombie and go through the open door.
the short hall you'll find a large, circular room. Kill the
zombies and grab the purple Granite Block from the center of the
There are four cube-shaped holes in the wall, with a colored
symbol above each. Place the Granite Blocks in their
holes to open the locked door from the previous room. Head back
way and through the newly opened door. You come to a room with a
of Pious in its center. Hack off the head, arms, and finally the
of the statue to open the door blocking your path and go down
hallway. Kill the three zombies and push the button in the
corner with
the light coming out of it. Three pillars at the room's center
rise and a circle of light will appear. Step in the circle.
reappear in a hall with 3 artifacts at the end. Depending on
which you
choose, the game will vary. For now, this guide is based on
the red artifact. Picking it up will end the act.

Chapter 1, Act 2: The Eternal Darkness
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Pious will be filled with energy from the artifact and this
turns him
into a demon. He is now much more powerful, as he explains at
the end
of the act, but, unfortunately, as of now your time playing as
him is

You'll get control of Alex once more. Near the door of the study
is a
Chapter Page of the Tome of Eternal Darkness, which you received
at the
beginning of this act. All you need to do is Use it from the

Chapter 2

Chapter 2, Act 1: The Binding of the Corpse God
Ellia- Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia 1150 A.D.

Ellia is reading a story when the voice of the demon that was
takes over. It is speaking to the gigantic monster known as
The demon casts a spell causing pillars with purple energy
filling them
to crash down into the body of Mantorok.

Ellia then speaks of a yearning for adventure. A door closes
behind her
and you gain control. Straight ahead of Ellia is a statue of a
Around its neck is a Strange Necklace. Take it and a door will
The necklace can be used to heal some lost health up to 10
times. There
is still one open path from this main hall. Head down it and
come to a room with skeleton zombies lining the floor. There is
also a
design on the floor depicting a setting sun. Notice the candles
and the
design behind them. The design shows a setting sun as well. The
represent 3 times of day. The lit one on the right hand side
the end of the day, or the sun setting, as do the designs on the
and floor. Remember this for future rooms. The next room is
lined with
booby traps. Ellia will automatically step on a tile that causes
to fall from the wall. If you notice the lighter color of the
tile she
steps on you can easily avoid setting off future traps. Move
the blades and try to avoid the light tiles to avoid more
blades. None
of the zombies come alive. In the next room a door will close
you and a monster will arise. You will then learn of your sanity
Kill the monster and finish it off to regain your sanity. Now
look at
the designs on the floor and wall. They show a sun at midday.
Extinguish the candle on the right side so the candles represent
too. This will cause two doorways to partially open. Grab the
Necklace and head back to the main hall with the goddess statue.
the way some zombies will come alive. Finish them off to regain
lost sanity. Back in the main hall place the Bronze Necklace on
goddess statue and the doorway that closed earlier will re-open.
that room the candles are already set to what they need to be.
through the hallway and you'll come to some more booby traps.
make your way down the hall to another candle room. The door
will shut
behind you and a monster will attack. Fight back and destroy it.
wall and floor designs depict nighttime so extinguish the two
candles. This will open the door that closed when you entered
the room
that the two partially opened doors. Move through the newly
door. Avoid the booby trap tiles and make your way to the center
of the
hall. On the right is a zombie, on the left is a blowpipe on a
pedestal. Taking the blowpipe will cause a trap door under Ellia

She'll fall down a chute and land in another hallway. Her short
shatters and she's left with only the blowpipe. To make matters
worse a
man is being attacked by zombies. This is the toughest battle
because the blowpipe is so weak, but it's still rather easy.
protect the man and kill the zombies from a distance. Grab your
sword from the ground and have the guard repair it. If you
stepped on the trap tile while fighting the zombies there will
blades swinging in the hallway. Avoid these and any more trap
along the hall to the next room. You can't do anything in this
room yet, so just dispatch the two zombies and go through the
door. It's another trap-laden hallway so do your best to avoid
hurt. You'll come into another large room with 4 zombies. If
lucky they'll start fighting each other to the death. Finish off
that you need to regain your sanity.

Chapter 2, Act 2:Chaos Entombed
Ellia- Angkor Thom Region, Cmabodia 1150 A.D.

The next room is the room where Mantorok dwells. It'll eat two
guardsthen the Pious demon will enter and tell Ellia to leave.
will then be zapped unconscious. She'll awaken and a man will
give her
one of Mantorok's hearts and tell her to guard it well. Take the
Staff in the arms of the statue in from of Mantorok. Zombies
will spot
you when you make your way back to the previous room so kill
them to
regain your sanity. Go back through the trap room. In the large
kill the zombies and use the Metal Staff as a lever to open the
behind Mantorok. Go back through the trap room one last time. In
room with Mantorok, go behind it and through the now open door.
In the
next room the demon will enter and ask where the essence of
is. Ellia will stay silent and the demon will cast her into

Chapter 2, Act 3: Death of a Dancing Girl
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

In the next room the demon will enter and ask where the essence
Mantorok is. Ellia will stay silent and the demon will cast her

When you're back as Alex, the candles in the study will light.
On the
wall is a picture of the sun rising, much like the pictures in
quest. Extinguish the second and third candles so only the one
representing the rising sun remains. The chest under the candles
open and a Message Tube will be laying inside. Take it and open
it in
the item menu to find the next Chapter Page.

Chapter 2, Act 4: The Absent Horror
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

A cinema will begin and the demon will be talking with an
Ancient. They
speak of Charlemagne the Frank and how his death has been
planned and that nothing but a miracle could save him.

As Alex use the Chapter page in the item menu.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3, Act 1: Suspicions of Conspiracy
Anthony- Amiens, France 814 A.D.

Anthony is given a message by a man and told to deliver it to
Emperor Charlemagne, and that it's for his eyes only. The
Anthony takes a peek at the scroll when no one's looking. A
spell is
cast upon him and he moves to warn Charlemagne of the danger of

You gain control of Anthony in a temple, where a funeral of
sorts is
taking place for a dead monk. There is a door in the temple with
behind it. It's locked and you need the Bishop's key to open it.
Go to
the front of the temple and you'll find a casket. Open it and
all the
monks will flee in horror of the gory corpse. One monk, however,
stay behind and give you a sword, a Scramasax. Make your way up
stairs to the entrance door at the back of the temple. You'll
transported to a walkway with screaming faces on it. At the end
is a
giant hand containing the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Take it and
be transported back to the stairs. Continue up the stairs to the
floor. As you reach the top of the stairs, the spell from the
scrollwill begin to change Anthony. Grab the Blue Urn off the

On one of the podiums is your first Circle of Power. Take it,
then go
into the item menu and use the Blue Urn. Anthony will drop it
you'll find a Magickal Rune in the remains. Examine the middle
bookshelf behind the podiums. Pull the book out and the shelf
with the
feather pens and ink will move away revealing a hidden passage.
Go down
the ladder.

At the bottom there are three zombies, and one contains a
Rune. Kill them all and from the one you'll get the Rune. In the
room a monk is being attacked by zombies and lights one on fire.
zombie rolls around and lights up a tapestry, which reveals a
Finish off the zombies and pick up the torch. Talk to the monk
he'll tell you that the Bishop went crazy and dropped his sword
and a
Green Urn when he went ahead. The monk will give you the
Sword. Equip the torch and move over near the door. There are 3
of the Green Urn on the floor. Pick them up and mix them in the
menu. No you can go through the door. There is a zombie with a
Rune at the bottom of the stairs. Going down them you'll see a
on the floor. Pick it up and you'll find that it's a Magickal
Codex to
decipher Magickal Runes. Continue down and kill the zombie to
get the
Rune. When you go through the door at the bottom the spell from
scroll will do some more damage to Anthony. There are some more
in this room so kill them all. Take the Codex off the pedestal
and the
Filled Red Urn off the platform beside the fountain. To avoid
backtracking combine the three Runes you have right now on the
of Power to form the Enchant Item spell. Use it on your Broken
Blue and
Green Urns and fill them both with water from the fountain.
Torch the
tapestry on the wall and go through the door behind it. There is
single zombie in the next hall. Space is limited so you might
want to
avoid using the Two-Edged Sword so you don't hit the wall so
Continuing through the next door you'll come into a chamber
filled with
books. As you enter the Bishop will be limping through a secret
which closes securely behind him. On the table is a Spell
Scroll. There
is also a Codex on the floor. For future reference the Codices
you to tell what a Rune is. Scrolls allow you to know exactly
Runes are needed for the scroll. With both you can identify the
needed to make a spell. Since you've already repaired and filled
Urns, place them on the special tile near the door you entered
This will open the door that the Bishop went through.

Through the secret passage, the next hall is empty so just go
the door. The next room is where the Bishop is and he will
attack. Keep
attacking his head and the battle should be short. There are two
zombies in the room so dispatch them as well. On the Bishop's
dead body
is the Bishop's Key, which you need to open the door in the
temple. Go
to the previous room and Anthony will be damaged by the spell
further. There are two zombies as well. There are more zombies
in the
next room too. In the next hallway a Trapper lurks. Avoid it by
sneaking(hold X or gently tilt the Control Stick). There is
Trapper in the next room too. If you get caught, just follow
colored portals to the exit. In the next room, the stairway,
there are
three zombies. Again, with the limited space, don't use the
Sword. Continuing back to the ladder leading to the temple
Anthony will
be damaged by the spell even further.

Back in the Temple's second floor a large, three-headed monster
waiting, and the stairway is blocked off. Slice off it's 3 heads
the Two-Edged Sword to kill it and the stairs will open. Go down
stairs, kill the zombies, and use the Bishop's Key on the door.

Chapter 3, Act 2: Conspiracy Revealed
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Anthony will find Charlemagne dead and the spell will almost
kill him. A demon will rip out of the monk and the chapter will

You'll be back in control of Alex now. Use the Enchant Item
spell on
the Broken Second Floor Key to repair it. Now go out of the
study, into
the library, and back into the main hall. Use the Second Floor
Key on
the double door and open it. Go into the room at the end of the
hall on
the right. There is some .38 Revolver Ammunition on the
nighstand next
to the lamp. Go through the door in this room and into the
Examine the bathtub and you'll find the shotgun.

Heh, just kidding. Were you scared? On top of the toilet is a
page from
the journal of Maximillian Roivas. Take it and exit the bathroom
the bedroom. From there go to the end of the hall and go through
door on the right(it's the only door on that wall). Inside there
is a
painting. A Chapter Page is sticking out. Take it and use it to
the next chapter.

Chapter 4

Chapter 4, Act 1: The Gift of Forever
Karim- Persia 565 A.D.

Karim will be walking through the desert. He will remember the
conversation he had with the lady of his desires, Chandra. Karim
to marry Chandra, but she wants him to do her a favor first:
find an
ancient treasure which she seeks. He sets out to find it and
the same circle of pillars and energy that Pious Augustus came
upon so
many years before. He is transported to another underground

As Karim, you're in a large, square room filled with zombies and
a dead
man. There is also a hole with a ladder leading down. Try to go
down it
and you'll be transported to the walkway with the screaming
faces on
the floor. Take the Tome of Eternal Darkness to be returned to
dungeon. The zombies will have come alive and you'll have to
kill them.
After that's done go down the ladder. Moving through the tunnel
cause three zombies to come to life. Take the Statuette from
pedestal. Moving further down the tunnel will awaken another
containing a Rune. Kill it to get the Rune and then go up the
ladder to
the next area. Here, place the Statuette on one of the 3 circles
on the
floor and move toward the barrier with the Rune symbol on it.
With the
Rune in Karim's possession the barrier will fall and you can go
the ladder. Down the ladder there is another tunnel with more
a Codex and another Statuette at the end. Kill the zombies and
both the Statuette and the Codex. Move back through the tunnel
and take
the torch on your way. Go up the ladder and in the large room
place the
Statuette on another circle on the ground. Now two of three are
and Karim can step on the last on to raise the elevator in the
of the room. Trappers come out so sneak to the elevator and take

In the next hallway there are three dead bodies and one contains
second Tulwar for Karim to wield. When you try to go through the
the dead body that you took the Tulwar out of will attack. Avoid
it and
move to the next room. If you fight it a demon will come out and
away more sanity than you can recover by killing it. In the next
there are two more zombies. Kill the one to the upper right on
screen when you enter the room but don't kill the other one
since a
demon hides in that one as well. Avoid the remaining zombie and
the "Recover" Spell Scroll from the dead man's fingers. Now go
to the
next room. Kill the three zombies in the next room. You can't
get past
the Rune barrier until you get the Rune from the monster in the
room so go through the other door. Aim for the monster's head to
it and get the Rune, and also pick up the Codex on the shelf.
Exit the
room. Watch for the Trappers and go over to the Rune barrier,
will lower itself. Go down the ladder. A sequence where Alex's
grandfather appears to her may begin here. He tells her that
always be with her and that he'll keep the darkness away. Back
as Karim
head down the ladder. In this hall there is another Codex. Once
pick it up the Recover spell will automatically be formed. This
you to recover lost sanity. There is a pile of rubble in front
of one
door so go through the other.

Here there is a Ram Dao broadsword in stone. Taking it will
cause the
door to shut behind you and a group of enemies will come at
Killing each wave will cause another to come until a monster
with a
Rune appears kill it and get the Rune to open the door back up.
Now use
the Enchant Item spell with the red Rune alignment to enchant
the Ram
Dao. Go back through the door and up the ladder. Move past the
carefully and back into the room with the zombie you left alive.
can now kill it and the demon that pops out of it since you have
recover spell(which can now be used to recover health as well
sanity). Use the enchanted Ram Dao on the lock on the door to
open it.
Kill the zombies in this new hallway. Move down the hallway and
go up
the ladder. There are two Trappers in here so move slowly and
carefully. In the center of the room is the Ruby Effigy. Take it
and go
down the ladder. Walk over to the pile of rubble and climb over
You'll hear a monster come. Aim for it's head with the Ram Dao
and two
hits should kill it. Go down the ladder to a small room.

Place the Tome of Eternal Darkness in the bone hand in the
sculpture in
the middle of the room and a doorway will open. Take your book
back and
go through the opened passage. In this hall a red barrier will
pop up
and wave after wave of enemies will attack. Use the enchanted
Ram Dao
to kill them all. Move as far back as you can to avoid being
The last beast will be a big beast but one or two swings to the
will drop him and the barrier will be gone.

Past the barrier is the green artifact that was not chosen by
years before.

Chapter 4, Act 2: The Shadow of Corruption
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

When you examine it Chandra's spirit will visit you and tell
Karim how
she was killed when she met with a man and his mistress had her
She then says that the artifact is not for them and that they
protect it and that Karim must make a sacrifice. She then kisses
and he makes the sacrifice she spoke of.

Back in the mansion as Alex go out of the study and library and
the main hall. Go over to the other side of the hall and enter
one of
the two doors on the left wall. Inside there is a lock on a door
you need to insert a sword. Enchant your Gladius with the red
Enchant spell and use it on the lock to open it. When you open
the door
a rat will scurry out. In the small supply closet there is a
Spice Jar
with a Chapter page in it. Open the jar to get the page and use
it to
start Chapter 5.

Chapter 5

Chapter 5, Act 1: The Lurking Horror

Maximillian Roivas- The Roivas Family Estate, Rhode Island 1760

The opening cut-scene tells the chilling story about Edward
finding the mention of one of his ancestors, Dr. Maximillian
After the death of his wife and after his children went off on
own to start their own adult lives, Max is left alone with the
in the Rovas Masion. We see Max writing a letter, seemingly into
journal. He speaks of the recent death of his father and how he
inherited the Roivas Family Estate. He knows there are many
secrets to
the mansion, and he sets out to find them, and learn his family

You begin as Max in the same room that contained the Chapter 4
behind the painting. On the desk Max was writing at s some
Pistol Ammunition. In your inventory you will see that you
already have
one Flintlock Pistol, as well as a medical journal which Max
will use
later when he encounters some monsters. Some autopsy information
these monsters is displayed in the same part of the pause screen
as the
cinemas. The ammunition is the only item in the room so after
it up make you way into the hall. There is a door right next to
the one
you just came out of. Enter it and you'll find some more
Pistol Ammunition. There is also a servant with some "strange
qualities" that you might come across later, or if you attack
him now.
Don't unless you want to battle a Bonethief. Move back out into
hallway and continue straight down it to the other end. Along
the way
there is a dresser with some Flintlock Pistol Ammunition. Enter
door at the hall's end to a bedroom. Inside there is a letter
Aaron Roivas, Max's dad, on the nightstand, Letter #1. The
letter tells
you that the Tome of Eternal Darkness, shich Max is looking for,
is in
the mansion, but most scholars are unable to understand it. Also
on the
mantle above the fireplace is the Redgormor Magick Rune Codex.
You can
also go into the bathroom from this bedroom and pick up another
bag of
Flintlock Pistol Ammunition. Move back out into the hallway and
through the double doors to the first floor.

Going down the stairs you'll see a flashing item on the table in
middle of the room on a table. It's Letter #2 from Aaron Roivas
and it
tells that the Ancients have forsaken the house and that Max is
to leave and bring the Tome of Eternal Darkness with him, that
it's a
very potent tool, and it could swing the battle against the
Ancients in
their favor. In the room to your left(go through either door on
west wall) you'll find the Ulyaoth Rune Codex. Over on a cabinet
is some more Flintlock Pistol Ammunition. Over on the other side
of the
room is the pantry where Alex found this Chapter Page. Inside it
Max is a Pump Handle, which will come in handy later.

Now back out in the main hall enter the lone door on the north
Inside is a servant and a simple puzzle by the fireplace.
Examining it
will tell you that the path to truth will open when the wings
darkness are spread before Chattur'gha's greatest foe. Since
Ulyaoth is
Chattur'gha's greatest foe, move the bird statue in front of the
rune symbol. The flames of the fireplace will die and a passage
it will be open. Enter the secret passage to enter a small
Inside there are plenty of items, a Reveal Invisible sell
scroll, a
sabre mounted on the wall, a second Flintlock Pistol mounted on
wall, and the Tome of Eternal Darkness sitting on the desk.
picking up the Tome, you'll see a scene of a Horror appearing in
main hall. Back as Max, a letter will drop out of the Tome and
Max will
catch it. It's Letter #3 from Aaron telling about the ancient
city of
Ehn'gha beneath the mansion. It advises Max to gather men and
seal the
entrance to it in the basement. It also tells Max where his next
is, near the light on the upper floor, which means the
window. Go back into the main hall(a servant will attack you
along the
way and a Bonethief will come out) and fire two shots from your
Flintlocks then switch to the Sabre and finish off the Horror,
performing an autopsy if you wish to. You'll get the Redgormer
after killing it and, if you've picked up everything so far, the
Invisible spell will be made automatically.

Go up the stairs, through the door and to the stained-glass
Behind the stand next to it you'll find a Sealed Envelope.
picking it up a Bonethief will shatter the glass. Two quick
strikes to
the head are enough to kill it. You can perform and autopsy here
if you haven't done one on a Bonethief yet. Check the sealed
and open it. Inside is Letter #4 and the Basement Key. The
letter tells
of how the Ancients are getting closer and that they want the
Tome for
themselves, and it explains the special seal further. Go back
out into
the main hall and the screen will flash. The screen will also
black, and white, like Alex's dream at the beginning. Moving
down the
stairs will show a Horror with a Rune in it. Again take two
shots with
the Dual Flintlocks to wound it and finish it off with the
Sabre. After
picking up the Rune the screen will flash again, like it was an
insanity effect, but you'll have the Ulyaoth Rune in your

Go down the stairs to where the Horror was in the hallucination
you'll find a triangle/rune symbol and some more Flintlock
Ammunition. Us the Reveal Invisible spell aligned with
Ulyaoth(blue) to
reveal an invisible door to the basement. Use the Basement Key
enter the door. Down the stairs you'll find two zombies, and out
of one
will pop a Bonethief. Over by the well in this room is the
Magickal Codex. There is also one more bag of Flintlock Pistol
Ammunition in a corner, and the Damage Field spell scroll. Move
over to
the well and use the Pump Handle that you picked up earlier to
the well. Move down the stairs and you'll encounter a single
containing the Bankorok Rune. Kill it to get the rune and the
Field spell will automatically be made. Move down the steps and
get a view of the city Aaron was talking about, Ehn'gha. Just
past this
is a barrier. With the Bankorok Rune in your possession it'll
and you can continue down the stairs.

At the bottom a small cut-scene will commence and you'll see a
barrier form behind you and the monster will teleport to the
other end
of the room. The trick to this guy is to get to him and damage
before it forms a Damage Field around itself. It also casts the
spell that Horrors do that sends an energy bolt your way. These
fairly simple to avoid. One last spell it casts is the Summon
spell, which, obviously, summons a zombie. The zombies are best
leave alone and avoid. Keep attacking the big spider monster
before it
has a chance to form a barrier and you'll kill it easily.

Chapter 5, Act 2: Humanity Prevails
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

A cut-scene will start showing Max examining the creature. He
says he
killed one of them, but could not fend off a whole city of them
help. He knows there's a way to stop them but couldn't figure
out how.
Max is now in an asylum and speaks how he tried to gather men to
him but people thought he was crazy and placed him in the
asylum. He
then starts to go crazy(say it don't spray it Max) and continues
curse those that put him there, and blabbers on about the
damnation of
the human race, that the Darkness is coming.

Now your back as Alex without a single clue. But you do have a
Key that, until now, has remained unused. Go up to the second
bedroom where the door to the bathroom is and use the Reveal
spell aligned with Ulyaoth on the dresser in the corner to
reveal a
keyhole. Use the Dresser Key to open the door. Inside is the
Page for chapter 6 and a Revolver. Take them and a cut-scene

Chapter 6

Chapter 6, Act 1: Corrosion of the Dead God
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Pious speaks of locating the Essence of Mantorok and that it
will be
theirs in a short time. Chattur'gha tells Pious to get the
Essence from
the jungle as soon as possible.

Now as Alex, just use the Chapter Page to begin your quest as
Dr. Edwin

Chapter 6, Act 2: A Journey into Darkness
Dr. Edwin Lindsey- Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia 1983 A.D.

Edward speaks of the Ancients and their Guardians having great
influence on the world and that their influence has swept
through all
parts of the world.

Edwin Lindsey is an archaeologist who is hired by Paul
sound familiar? Augustus anyone?) The scene starts with both
walking into the temple that Ellia explored many years ago. Paul
puts a
gun to Edwin's head, but Edwin knocks it away. A shootout ensues
Paul eventually reveals his tru form, Pious Augustus. After
shooting Pious summons some Guardians of Chattur'gha to deal
Edwin. Here's where you come in.

Equip your Kukri short sword(this dudes got a lot of items,
huh?). The
easiest way to defeat Guardians is to equip a melee weapon and
around behind the Guardian and slash at it's head. Always make
you're moving behind it so it can't trap you, steal you energy,
and use
that to summon a zombie. After about 5 slashes it'll drop dead
and the
floor will clean up from blood colored to a more traditional
color of

All doors are shut for Edwin, but lucky for you, he's got 7
items in
his possession when you start. If you think back to Ellia,
remember that a necklace was put on the goddess statue to open
doors. Now where is that necklace? One item, your
Brush, can give you the answer. At the room's center is a small
covered with dust. Use the Brush to reveal not a nexklace, but
bracelet instead, sitting on the all-too-familiar pattern of
runes. Pick up the Bronze Bracelet and place it on the goddess'
Moving toward the newly opened passage will transport you to
walkway to the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Grab it with Edwin and
be taken back to the temple. Now go through the passage. You'll
encounter your first two zombies with Edwin in this room, but
nothing else of interest. Moving through the next doorway you'll
to a trap-riddled hallway, the same one's Ellia came across.
There is a
single Trapper in the room, so take out your Automatic Pistol
and blast
it before it triggers any traps. When going down these halls
it's a
good idea to carry your torch. This makes it much easier to see
pressure sensitive trap tiles. Partway down this hall is a small
which contains a Metal Bracelet resting on a pedestal. Take
it(no trap
door this time) and go down near the end of the hall, where
you'll see
some cobwebs. Use the Archeaologist's brush to reveal the Tier
Codex. Now go down the rest of the hall. In the next room is a
protected by a Damage Field. You can't do anything to him now
and it
won't hurt you. Grab the Bronze Necklace off the pedestal and
run back
through the trap room and room that held the zombies to the main
with the goddess statue. Put the Bronze Necklace on its neck to
the other door in this room, and the other door in the room with
Horror. Go through the door to the next room. There is a simple
here. Take the Silver Bracelet off the stand in front of the
statue. Immediately put the Metal Bracelet you picked up earlier
on the
stand and the statue won't shoot darts at you and it'll re-open
doors. Now continue through the other door in this room.

Through this door is another trap hallway. Take out your torch
to see
the tiles better. You can also just torch the zombies in this
hall. At
the end is another cobweb so brush it off to find the Nethlek
Codex. The next room contains four zombies and space is limited.
off some head and they'll fight one another. Kill any that
remain and
one will release a rune, Nethlek. That's it for this room so
move to
the next hallway. A zombie attacks so either cut it up with a
trap or
kill it yourself. There's a cobweb with the Dispel Magick
underneath in an alcove. The Dispel Magick spell will be mad
now. In
the other alcove is a goddess statue. Drop the Silver Bracelet
off now
and you can return later with the Silver Necklace. Go down the
hall to
the next room, the one with the Horror. Use the Dispel Magick
aligned with Ulyaoth to break the barrier. Equip the shotgun and
keep a
little distance from the Horror. 3 shots to the head will kill
it. Take
the Silver Necklace from this room and move into the previous
where you put the bracelet on the goddess. Now put the necklace
on the
statue to open another passage. This passage is dark so equip
the torch
unless you're fighting. There's a normal zombie, a zombie
containing a
rune, and a guardian here. Kill them all and go down the stairs
to the
next room, past the barrier that lifts when you've got the

Look at your map and take the south path first. In the next
there's a statue in the middle, a goddess statue, and a
platform. Step on the platform and the guard statue will turn to
Quickly run over to the goddess and steal the Gold Bracelet. In
next room you may step on a tile filling the hall with green gas
so if
you do, make your way quickly through it. The next room contains
magick field that needs to be brought down if you want the
Rune. It's blue so align the spell with Xel'lotath. Down the
next trap
hall is another goddess statue so drop off the Gold Bracelet.
The next
room has a green barrier so use Dispel Magick aligned to
Continue on to the next trap hall. Just avoid the traps and
through to the next room. Kill the Horror and Dispel the barrier
fully bring down the purple barrier you saw earlier. Use the
brush to
unveil a Necklace under the cobwebs. Continue to the next
first one you entered on this floor) and continue down it past
the room
with the statues and past the hall where the barrier was
down(note it's location for future reference) to the room with
elephant head statue and an acid bath. Put the Necklace in the
pool the
press the switch to clean the Necklace and turn it into the
Necklace. Now move to the next hall where the goddess statue was
place the necklace on it.

The next room is a stairway with two zombies and a horror. Take
out the
zombies with your Kukri and the Horror with the Shotgun. The
next floor
is a one-way only path so move in the only direction you can,
some more traps(who put all these here. In the next room you'll
your fill of zombies and there's also a cobweb on the burning
statue. Brush it off to reveal the Aretak Codex. Continuing on
is a
dark trap hallway so whip out that torch. The traps in this hall
easy to avoid so make you way to the next room, killing the
zombie at
the end of the hall. The next room contains more zombies so kill
all and continue to the next hall. Avoid the traps and enter the
room. There are some zombies and one has a rune. Kill them and
pick up
the rune. The barrier will dissipate and you can go through.
hallway, more traps, you know the drill. Kill all these zombies
take the Summon Trapper scroll, which will make the spell. Now
if you
want you can go back to where the purple barrier was and get
Mantorok Rune. So go back to where it was(I told you to
remember) and
summon a Trapper. Go through the hole and across the bridge to a
platform. Step on it to open a hidden door and then gain control
Edwin again. Grab the rune and a Horror will burst through the
wall and
attack. Kill it with the Shotgun. Now go in the room whre you
sne your
Trapper and sweep the cobwebs away to find the Mantorok Codex.
Now go
all the way back to where you found the spell scroll. Yeah it's
a long
way, but you had to get that rune didn't you? The next room is
the one
that Manotrok is in.

Chapter 6, Act 3: In the Hands of Kali
Dr. Edwin Lindsey- Angkor Thom Region, Cambodia 1983 A.D.

A cut-scene will begin and Pious will tell Edwin that the
Essence of
Mantorok is not easily controlled. He then sends more guardians
to kill
Edwin, but the power of Mantorok stops them and then opens a
behind Mantorok. Go through it to start another cutscene.

Chapter 6, Act 4: Daughter of Light
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Edwin will find the corpse of Ellia, hanging from a statue. She
you not to touch the Essence. She tells how she hid from the
all these years. She then gives up the Essence of Mantorok and
takes it.

We then see Edwin giving the Essence the Alex's grandfather,
Roivas. He takes the Essence and hides it behind a book written
Edwin Lindsey.

When you gain control of Alex search the area where Edward put
Essence and you'll find it right where he left it. Now go
upstairs to
the stained-glass window and the the Dispel Magick spell aligned
Ulyaoth. The glass will dissapear and a Chapter Page will be
above you. Taking it will start a cut-scene.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7, Act 1: The Black Guardian
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

In the cut-scene we see Pious summon a great beast that is
supposed to
protect the Essence of Ulyaoth.

Back as Alex just use the Chapter Page to start the next Act.

Chapter 7, Act 2: Heresy!
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D

Edward speaks of corruption is France. Devilry and heresy are
rampant in Amiens France. Under Martial Law, Paul Luther cannot
the town.

A strange monk welcomes Paul and Paul requests lodging and a
viewing of
the Hand of Jude. The monk tells Luther that he wants to purge
the town
of deviancy and plays along like a true monk, speaking of his
and "faith". We'll see how faithful and truthful he is later.

As Paul, you start in vestibule of the same cathedral that
explored many years earlier. It's raining fairly heavily outside
it's night. All you have in your inventory is a Meditation Rod,
can restore some sanity. The door to Paul's right is locked and
stairs to his left don't lead to much right now. So go through
large double doors to enter the main hall of the cathedral. Stay
out of
the middle of the aisle for now. I f you go up it a cut-scene
start and you'll be captured. Instead stay to the side aisles so
can gather some items before you get locked up. The room is
shaped like
a T andon the left side of the hall you can grab a torch off the
Through the door on the left is a small room containing a chest,
closet of sorts, and some demonic pictures. Open the chest to
get the
Crossbow. If you look at the rack of cloaks a small Podium Key
drop out. Take it and leave the room. There is a podium to the
right of
the main altar and you can use the Podium Key on it to open a
containing Diary Page 1 from the diary of the monk, Andrew. He
of his journey to Amiens to see the sacred relic, the Hand of
Jude. He
also speaks of what a kind town Amiens is, filled with good
people and
his doubt that it is a town of witchcraft. On the pew near the
are some Crossbow Bolts. If you go down the stairs behind the
you'll arrive in the basement of the cathedral.

In the first room you see is the Book of Reliquaries, which
tells that
certain relics, including the Hand of Jude, are false. There are
some Crossbow Bolts in the room too. Go back out into the hall
and move
to the next area, which contains the bellows for the organ
Next to it is a Mace, which is a nice weapon to start with.
There is
also another quiver of Crossbow Bolts on some boxes here too.
There's a
monk that tells you you need to go back since you can't go into
next room. This is as much as you can explore right now so go
upstairs and walk down the middle aisle of the cathedral to
start a

Chapter 7, Act 3: A Murder
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D.

Paul will call for the guards but instead the monk you met at
beginning of the chapter will come instead with two other monks.
make Paul the first suspect and Paul is then imprisoned after a
lecture on why he shouldn't fear of being accused.

You're now locked in a room with nowhere to go. For some reason
guards left you with all your weaponry. There are two pictures
on the
wall and one contains an Emerald. When you lit the Emerald a
will begin.

Chapter 7, Act 4: Light Within the Darkness
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D.

A man will come in. It's the custodian. He's here to free you
and tells
you that there are strange things going on in Amiens. He tells
you that
the dead monk was Brother Andrew, the monk that wrote the Diary
you found earlier. He says you can find him in the bell tower
later and
that he'll give you a key to the Old Tower then he'll make his

Trying to exit the room will take you to the walkway of
faces. Grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness to go back to the
Exit your prison room and go across the vestibule to the set of
and go up. The room is empty, save for a few candles, so
continue to
the next room, the cathedral balcony. There's one zombie that
awaken here so either torch him or use you Mace. Moving on
you'll enter
the bell tower. Go up the set of stairs. At the top is a rope to
the bell. Ring it and the custodian will come. Talk to him and a
scene will begin.

Chapter 7, Act 5: Conversation in the Bell Tower
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D.

He tells of all the things that inhabit the cathedral and he'll
ask for
proof of the heresy at work. He tells you to continue the task
Brother Andrew started. He asks you to bring him proof of the
who started all this and gives you the Old Tower Key. Go back
the balcony and the empty room to the vestibule, and then
through the
main doors of the cathedral. Go all the way to the altar and
take the
right hall this time. Use the Old Tower Key and open the door to
the old tower.

You'll see a short cut-scene of a Bonethief burrowing inside a
monk. The monk then proceeds to attack you. Attack it until the
Bonethief pops out and kill that. At the altar is the Shield
scroll and next to the altar is an empty casket, intended for
before he was even killed. Now go into the room that you use
Bishop's Key on in Anthony's chapter and you encounter Anthony
He's a little worse looking than the last time we saw him, as
the spell
has taken it's toll on him thoroughly. Kill him(I know, it's
sad). Just
stay behind him and he won't even be able to touch you. After
his death
Paul will say a short prayer and then you'll receive the Ruby
and Two
Edged Sword. Back out in the smaller cathedral make you way up
stairs. There is a single Bonethief waiting to make you it's
victim. Shoe it who the boss is and grab the Diary Page 2 from
podium. It tells that the order will not allow Andrew to see the
and that he thinks it's strange that their preparations don't
incorporate the traditional acts of their faith. There is also a
of Music on the shelf in this room. Take it make your way to the
cathedral hall where the organ is. Examine the organ and you can
to play the organ. After playing the correct notes the cabinet
on the
other side of the altar will open. Inside is the 5-point Circle
Power. Now go back down the stairs behind the altar. The monk
your path earlier near the bellows is no longer there so go
through the

There are two Trappers in the room so use the Crossbow to take
out. The second wine cask on Paul's left hand side(your right)
special. Turn the spigot to open a path at the end of the wine
Go through it to meet a lovely Horror. Use the Two-Edged Sword
to keeps
at least some distance between you and the Horror. Paul doesn't
much health so be careful here. The Horror contains a Sapphire
gem to
go along with you Ruby, and Emerald. At the back of this room is
plate that will hold the gems. Put them in to open a path on the

Through the door beneath the room is a hall with 3 zombies.
through the door will bring you to a zombie infested room with
the same
statue that's on the second floor of the Roivas mansion. One
contains the Pargon rune. Go through the next door to a
leading down. Go down to find a single zombie and a door. The
leads to a room with two horrors. Let them fight until only one
left. It'll be wounded for an easy kill. You can even pick up
Crossbow Bolts while they're fighting. In the corner is a statue
looks like your friend, the custodian. There is only one open
door in
this room besides the one you came through. Enter it to a
corridor with
some zombies. Kill them and proceed to the next room. The next
room is
the secret study with the secret door. There's some Crossbow
Bolts here
before you push the door open. Grab them then push open the
passage. Kill the zombies and continue into the room where the
was in Anthony's chapter. Kill the lone zombie and grab both the
Codex and the Diary Page 3. This one tells of Andrew's knowledge
the whole order of monks are heretics and that the relic they
guarding was not the Hand of Jude, but rather the Essence of

Now that you have the proof the custodian required make your way
through all the tunnels back to the wine cellar then back up to
cathedral's main altar. Now go to the vestibule and up the
stairs to
the empty room, across the balcony and finally up the stairs to
bell tower and the waiting custodian.

Chapter 7, Act 6: Suspicions Confirmed
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D.

Paul will tell the custodian that he's found the truth that
wrote that Augustine is a heretic. The custodian shows Paul a
that foreshadows that his days are numbered and that Augustine
moving to silence him. He tells Paul to keep his faith. Right
you gain control of Paul again, a small ball of light looms
behind the

Now make your way back through the main cathedral hall, down
stairs, through the wine cellars and halls to the room with the
that looks like the custodian. There will be a few new zombies,
Bonethieves, and Trappers along the way so stay sharp. Use the
Sacrificial Dagger on the custodian effigy. You'll hear a
scream issued by the custodian in another room nearby,
confirming his
death. Nice, you just killed him. But hey, another passage
opened so
that's okay. Go through the passage to a large room. There is a
Damage Field blocking your path so power up your Dispel Magick
with two Pargon runes and use it aligned with Ulyaoth. The field
disappear so move past it to the sacrificial altar where the
dead body
of the custodian is laid. A cut-scene then starts.

Chapter 7, Act 7: Heresy Revealed
Paul Luther- Amiens, France 1485 A.D.

Augustine comes and tells him the truth. Augustine then leaves
Bonethieves to kill Paul, but a tough guy like him can handle
right? After killing them go back around into the room with the
custodian effigy where you used the dagger. You'll se Augustine
through a door with an emblem on it. Follow him through. You'll
come to
a empty hallway. Moving on through the door you'll come to a
leading down. Nothing here either, move through the door.
Surprise, an
empty tunnel. Move to the decorated door and go through to start
a cut

Chapter 7, Act 8: The Black Guardian's Lair
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Paul enters a big room and then the Guardian of the Ulyaoth
pops out of the ground. Pious tells it that he'll take care of
himself. The beast has others plans. It smashes Paul like a bug,
this poor monk's adventures.

When you're Alex again you'll find a Note From Edward in the
Tome. You
next clue is in the letter. Apparently Alex must find 88 keys in
to continue. Sound tough? Sure does. Is it? Nope. 88 keys are
not what
you may think. How about piano keys? Okay, head top the room
with the
piano in it and check it out. Play the notes and the piano will
and you'll find the Chapter Page.

Chapter 8

Chapter 8, Act 1: Flesh for the Pillar
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

A cut-scene starts and we see 3 guards standing over a week man.
man reveals one guard as Pious. Pious tells the man that he'll
be given
a special place among the suffering.

All you need to do as Alex now is use the page.

Chapter 8, Act 2: The Forbidden City
Roberto Bianchi- The Middle East 1460 A.D

Edward tells of a special monument to be built by a great
Roberto Bianchi is forced to survey the site for construction.
guards toss him into a hole and force him to finish his work
they'll drag him out.

As Roberto, your only starting item is a torch. Time to find
weapons. Move down the first passage and go down the ladder.
enter a room that should look familiar from Karim's chapter.
There's a
man in here but nothing else of interst. Go down the next
There's a zombie in this tunnel, but I'd advise you just move
past him,
unless you like wasting time trying to kill him with your torch.
Go up
the next ladder and you'll enter the first room you need to
There are some Crossbow Bolts near the ladder so grab those.
also a very nice blade nearby as well, a Saif. Go to the middle
of the
room and Examine to survey the room. That's all for this room so
down the next ladder. It's a cross-shaped room with bars
blocking 3
rooms. Pull the lever in the room's center to open the first set
bars. Set this zombie on fire then pull the next lever. You
can't light
up these next guys so take out that beautiful blade you got and
'em up. Pull the next lever to open the last set of bars. Lay
guys to waste and climb the ladder.

You'll find the crossbow and two men here. Grab the crossbow and
your map to see where you need to survey this room. It's on the
hand side where there is rubble falling. Now try to climb down
the next
ladder. You'll be taken to the Walkway of Screaming Faces where
Tome of Eternal Darkness reside. Pick it up to move back to
reality and
climb down the ladder. A cowardly man is at the bottom, and a
curved tunnel is ahead of you. Move down the hall to a ladder,
out any and all Trappers you see with the Crossbow. At the top
of the
ladder is the room where the Ruby Effigy was in Karim's
There's a Guardian of Chattur'gha and a zombie in here so kill
both and take the Summon Zombie spell scroll at the room's

Go down the ladder at the room's opposite and and you'll be in
an area
where two Horror's lurk. Let one kill the other and then kill
second, weakened one. There are some Crossbow Bolts in front of
ladder you just came down. Move around the tunnel to a door and
through. Upon entering the next room you'll see a zombie walk
under a
crusher and get squished. This causes bars to com crashing
blocking your way through to another ladder. Use the Summon
spell to create a zombie and walk it under the crusher. It'll
crushed and the bars will lift, Move down the ladder and you'll
come to
a hallway with a zombie and a Guardian of Xel'lotath. Kill both
move down the hall.

Chapter 8, Act 3: Guardian of the Temple
Roberto Bianchi- The Middle East 1460 A.D.

A cut-scene will begin and you'll see Karim. He'll attack you
and you
won't get hurt. This shows Karim that you are the Chosen One and
artifact he's been guarding is can be taken by Roberto.

After the cut-scene pick up the artifact and you'll also receive
Ruby Effigy if you got it with Karim. You also need to survey
room, so go ahead and get it done. Now move back down the hall
and up
the ladder to the crusher room. Now do through the other door,
on the
left, and you'll enter a room with four zombies. Kill them all.
are some Crossbow Bolts on a ledge in this room. Go through the
\door in this room to enter a room that needs surveying. Survey
oom. When you do the 3 men will chase after you(their infested
Bonethieves). Just avoid them and go into the last room. Now go
the ladder in this room. There are two Trappers here so lay them
with the Crossbow. One door is blocked so you've got no choice
but to
enter the open one. There are a few monsters in here, including
Horror, so let them fight it out before you join in on the fun.
all the monsters are done, look to the center of the room.
There's a
key, but no visible way to get to it. But there is an invisible
Cast a 5-point Reveal Invisible spell aligned with Ulyaoth to
reveal an
invisible platform. Now you can get to the "Forgotten Corridor"
Now go back to the room where the Trappers were and grab the
Effigy. Now go back up the ladder. Use the "Forgotten Corridor"
Key on
the double doors in this room.

On the other side is a long hallway, with a yellow, damaging,
energy on
the floor. Use a 5-point Shield spell and you'll be able to
cross the
floor unharmed. Through the door on the other side you'll find
circular chasm that you need to cross. Bars will slam down
behind you,
and you'll need to pull a lever before it will open. There is a
being held aloft by a rope above the chasm. Slice the rope and
bridge will crash down, bridging the gap. Go towards the middle
of the
bridge and two worm-like beasts will come up. One whack on the
will drop each beast. Move to the bridge's center and survey the
That completes your survey so now you just need to get back to
you started. On the other side of the bridge is a lever that
will open
the door that shut behind you when you entered the room. Go back
the room and use the Shield spell to get back across the floor.

Now move back through the double doors then past the door and
ladder to
the crusher room. Go through the door on the right hand side.
past all the filthy rats and dead bodies to the ladder. Next is
room where the Ruby Effigy was so just move to the next ladder.
that is another long tunnel. Move down that to another ladder
up, by the cowardly man. Another room, another ladder. Down this
one is
the cross-shaped one so move straight to another ladder. Move
this one to...another ladder! Going down this one will bring you
to a
zombie(hopefully you didn't kill it before). This is pretty
Another ladder. Go up it and a cut-scene will begin.

Chapter 8, Act 4: A Monument for All Time
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Roberto tells the guards that the foundations are infested with
and that many lives will be lost if it is built. The guards then
Roberto that the demons are the reason the monument it to be
built. The
guards are then seen throwing bodies down the "living pillar" to
as the monuments foundation. Roberto is thrown down, then we see
body in the pillar.

As Alex you're once again left with no clues...except a
ceiling. Playing the role of Roberto Bianchi, survey the area as
near the picture in the study of the living pillar. You'll find
Chapter Page and Alex will realize Roberto's spirit guided her
to it.

Chapter 9

Chapter 9, Act 1: Binding the Black Guardian
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

A cut-scene ensues and we see Pious performing a human
sacrifice, how
nice. A man tells Pious that the Black Guardian is growing
restless and
the binding holding it is weakening. Pious tells him that it
must be
kept in place, and that Chattur'gha does not like failure and
that more
flesh and bones must be fed to the Black Guardian guarding the
artifact below the Amiens cathedral.

As Alex, just use the Chapter page to begin your journey as

Chapter 9, Act 2: A War to End All Wars
Peter Jacob- Amiens, France 1916 A.D.

We see Peter speaking of the countless horrors of war. As he
speaking about this and how this hospital is Oublie cathedral
has more
patients than it can cope with, we see a dying soldier being
dragged to
a bed by a nurse.

As Peter you find yourself rocked every so often by nearby
There is Soldier's Letter #1 straight behind you on the table.
Pick it
up and read it and you'll get your first letter from Private
Jackson. In this letter that he writes to his love, Margaret,
about the
injury he has sustained to his legs. He also tells how he thinks
cathedral is haunted and the disappearance of many a soldier
each day.

Now go out of the main cathedral hall through the double doors
to the
vestibule. There is a set of stairs to the screen's left, go up
You'll come into a room filled with medical supplies and a
nurse(no, not that kind of single). Through the next door you'll
to the cathedral balcony. There's more medical supplies here as
but not much else. Continue through the next door to the bell
tower. On
a medical crate is Soldier's Letter #2. In this one Reggie tells
ghostly voices belonging to no one echoing through the cathedral
night. He also tells of the talk of other young soldiers and how
too hear the voices. He also tells of cries of help in the
night, cries
that are answered only with snarls of rage. And he lastly speaks
Lance Corporal Haskill who has gone missing.

Make your way back to the main cathedral hall now. Go up near
the altar
to the podium and take the Sealed Envelope off it. Open it to
get the
Soldier's Orders. They are to a certain Private Thompson,
telling him
to leave his post and rally in the streets surrounding Oublie
Cathedral. There's nowhere else to explore as of right now,
soit's time
to find Private Thompson and get him out of your way. Go through
hall's main double doors and back into the vestibule. There is
only one
man there and guess who it is? Private Thompson! Give him his
and he'll move from in front of the door. Go inside and you'll
find a
Revolver. Pick it up and there'll be an explosion that got too
close to
the cathedral, and now the lights are out. Time to restore power
to the

As you try to leave the room you'll be sent to the Path of the
Ones so go grab that Tome. Outside the door you'll see a single
Bonethief. With only a Revolver to defend yourself, simply
ignore it
and go back into the main hall through the double doors. You'll
immediately see a Bonethief digging itself into a nurse. If
quick you can shoot it and knock it off but it's worthless now.
If the
Bonethief bores into here there will be two Bonethieves and two
infested by Bonethieves in this room. Run past them all to the
Grab the Rifle. Again, this is a very tough weapon to use
Bonethieves. Instead of attacking anything yet. Go through the
door on
the right side of the main hall to the Old Tower. There are a
zombies, a Bonethief, and a nurse. Ignore all and go up the
stairs to a
familiar room. Hanging on the wall is a much needed melee
weapon, the
Two-Edged Sword. There's also some 8mm Revolver Ammunition on a
Take it if you think you'll need it and go back down stairs.

Now you actually have a chance against these guys. Kill all the
monsters in this room, preferably the Bonethief first. In the
where Anthony was in Paul's chapter you'll find a big load of
Kill all and take the two boxes of .303 Rifle Ammunition. Then
take the
Torch off the wall. Now, we can really get to restoring that

Go back into the Old Tower hall and then back into the main
hall. There
will be quite a group of enemies in there, four
possessed by Bonethieves in there so you've got you work cut out
you. After killing them all go down the stairs behind the
Turning left at the stair's bottom you'll see two doors. Take
the one
on the right first. Equip your Torch if you can't see. Take the
box of .303 Rifle Ammunition and leave the room. Now go in the
door. Inside is a single box of 8mm Revolver Ammunition. Take it
leave the room.

Now go through the corridor to the bellows of the church. On the
in this area are two boxes of .303 Rifle Ammunition. Take both
then go
through the door nearby. There are three Trappers in here so use
projectile weapon and kill all three. Now go in the left
right, assuming you haven't moved around yet). Examine the
boiler and
turn the wheel on it. This transfers power to the generator in
room, but there's one more thing to do here. Summon a Trapper
and send
it through the small hole in this room. On the other side is the
point Circle of Power and a dead man leaning against the door.
can't take the Circle of Power so target the dead man and send
him to
the Trapper Dimension. Now go through the newly accessible door
grab the 7-point Circle of Power with Peter. Now go back into
boiler room then out the door and across the hall to the room
where the
generator is.

Grab the box of .303 Ammunition and go over the the fuse box on
wall. There is a fuse missing. Get this. THERE IS NO ACTUAL FUSE
CATHEDRAL. So stop searching. Instead you'll have to improvise a
Ever wonder about that Lucky Penny in Pete's inventory? Well
what it's for. Jam the Lucky Penny into the fuse box to complete
circuit. Now power up the generator and the lights are back! Now
your way back up stairs to the main cathedral hall.

As you move away from the stairs leading down, an explosion
shatter the stained glass. Go over to the organ and grab the
Sheet of
Music. There may be a few bonethieves about so watch your back.
play the organ to open the familiar cabinet. In case you can't
and since the sheet doesn't show the whole tune the buttons at
A, B, Y,
X, B, Y, A. Grab the Door Handle and then go to the branch of
the main
hall opposite the door leading to the Old Tower. You'll see a
red Circle of Power type deal, indicating that the Reveal
spell is needed to proceed. First create it then align it with
and cast it. A door will appear, but it's missing a handle. Hmm,
to do now? Use the Door Handle to open it and go through.

In this room there's one box of .303 Rifle Ammunition and two
boxes of
8mm Revolver Ammunition. Take them if you want and go down the
Go through the corridor at the bottom to an open room with four
zombies. Two have Bonethieves inside so watch out. Kill them
all and
proceed through the next door. Go down the stairs, through the
and into another open room. There's a Horror and two zombies in
here so
let them fight it out before you join in. Kill them then use
your map
and go through the door on the west wall.

Shoot the Trappers and go through the next door. There's a
but it doesn't see you so you can get in a swing or two before
it even
spots you. On the table is Soldier's Letter #3. This one talks
mysterious shadows, more disappearances and all that. Now push
the red
shelf inward to go to another corridor with a Trapper. Kill it
and go
through the door. Have a gun equipped when you do and quickly
shoot the
Trapper. Now take out your sword and kill the zombie. Grab the
Hall Key off the podium then make you way back to the room where
I told
you to go through the west door. Now go through the south door.
This is
the chamber where the custodian was sacrificed in Paul's
chapter. There
are quite a few Trappers in here so be wary and shoot them all
with a
gun. At the sacrificial altar is the Magickal Elixir which will
all your Magick in an instant. This will come in very handy
later on.
Now go back into the room you just came from, use the Binding
Room Key,
and go through the last door, the one with the emblem on it.

Kill the three zombies and go through the door at the hall's
end. Go
down the stairs and grab the box of .303 Rifle Ammunition along
way. At the bottom of the stairs is a spell scroll. Take it and
Magickal Attack spell will be made. Go through the door and
you'll come
to a hallway with a door leading to a boss. Make sure to save

Chapter 9, Act 3: Food for the Beast
Peter Jacob- Amiens, France 1916 A.D.

BOSS: as you go through the door you'll come to the large hall
wherePaul met his death. Paul walks down it and finds himself
at the Essence of Ulyaoth. The Black Guardian of Chattur'gha
comes out
of the ground and sets up a barrier around the hall, preventing
escape. The Black Guardian will begin by launching missile-like
projectiles at you. Simply run back and forth until he stops.
When he
does he'll shoot his tongue out at you. Avoid it by running
As soon as it's tongue misses you begin a 7-point Magickal
aligned to Ulyaoth. The barrier will get closer and he'll then

Cast a Damage Field spell and the zombies will be no problem. As
as the zombies are summoned begin another 7-point Magickal
spell. If your quick enough it'll get to him while he's
flashing. If it
misses, kill the zombies and he'll summon more, and he'll start
flashing again.

The barrier will the be moved closer and the Guardian will begin
smash it's claws down at you. Avoid them until the guardian
stops and
raises it's head up. It'll begin flashing. I'd advise using a
magickal attack in favor of a 7-point one since the time he's
is rather short. Two hits from the 5-pointer are all it takes
and the
battle is finished. Grab the artifact to start a cut-scene.

Chapter 9, Act 4: Memories that Haunt
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

69 years later we see Peter as an old man talking to Edward
Roivas and
giving him the artifact. They then drink to the artifact and
chapter ends.

Alex will find a Lucky Penny on the back of the chapter page. Go
out of
the study and back into the library. You'll se the ghost of a
appear saying "Help me!" Go over to her and talk to her. Here
face is
rather torn up and she says "I can't get the blood out!". Hmm,
interesting, lady. Anyway, she'll drop the Basement Key. Go out
of the
library to the main hall and go to the basement door and unlock
it. Go
down the stairs and grab the Shotgun off the wall, as well as
shells for it on the well. On the wall is a fuse box. Open it
and "pull
a Peter" by using the Lucky Penny as a fuse and trip the
breaker. The
circuit is complete for the dark room on the second floor. Make
way upstairs and go through the door on the west wall. There is
Journal of M.Roivas, p2 on the chest and a chapter page in the
above. A cut-scene begins.

Chapter 10

Chapter 10, Act 1: Dark Servants
Alex Roivas- Rhode Islan, USA 2000 A.D.

Pious is talking to a Guardian of Ehn'gha. He then is talking
Chattur'gha about another Roivas and how horrible his death will
Nice to know, since Edward is next.

Use the Chapter Page.

Edward is talking about Freud, Jung and other such people and
psychiatry. He then begins his search of his family history.

Chapter 10, Act 2: A Legacy of Darkness
Edward Roivas- Roivas Family Estate 1952 A.D.

Edward is talking about Freud, Jung and other such people and
psychiatry. He then begins his search of his family history.

Grab the Historical Journal off the fireplace. Check it to find
Minute Hand. Now go out of the library and across the hall to
kitchen. You'll find a single box of .38 Revolver Ammunition. Go
out of
this room and to through the double doors to the room with the
piano. Inside you'll find the Sabre mounted on a display. Take
it and
leave the room. Back in the main hall, go upstairs to the second
and through the door. Turn right to go to the bedroom. Inside is
a box
of Shotgun Shells. There's nothing in the bathroom so leave this
and go all the way down the hall and through the door on the
wall. Take the Shotgun Shells and Elephant Gun Ammunition off
the desk.
Opposite the desk is another Historical Journal. Examine it to
get the
Hour Hand. Now go back downstairs to the library. Go to the area
of the
library with the clock and a cut-scene will commence.

Chapter 10, Act 3: Echoes of the Past
Edward Roivas- Roivas Family Estate 1952 A.D.

We see the ghost of Maximillian Roivas. He speaks to Edward
about dying
in an asylum because of trying to warn the world about the
Ancients. He
then tells Edward to set the clock to 3:33. Grab the spell
scroll off
the chair before doing anything, then put the hands back on the
and do as Max says, setting it to 3:33. The passage to the
secret study
will open and Edward will walk down it to the study.

Chapter 10, Act 4: The Legacy Unveiled
Edward Roivas- Roivas Family Estate 1952

Max is there and tells Edward to use the items in the room to
his wasted death.

Rambo must have been here because there's plenty of ammunition
and a
Revolver. Take them all, as well as the Tome of Eternal
Darkness. The
Magick Pool spell will be made automatically. Go back out into
the main
part of the library and you'll see a vampire-like creature
blood through the air from a poor, helpless maid. After getting
fill the monster will disappear and run, knocking over a vase on
way. The waman will be alive and well, but feeling an urge to
you. Kill her and grab the Bottom Half of the Basement Key that
was in
the vase. Exit the library and you'll be able to hear the
monster going
up the stairs. Go up them youself. To be able to see the monster
can use a Reveal Invisible spell aligned against its color, in
case use Ulyaoth. You'll see a scene of the monster in the
bedroom. Go
there and attack it until it leaves.

You'll then se it in the basement, apparently regaining energy
from a
pillar. Talk to the servant you just saved to get the Gun
Cabinet Key.
Now go to the room with the gun cabinet in it(the north door on
second floor) and use the key to get the Elephant Gun. Leave the
and go back out into the main hall. You'll see the vampire
going up the stairs. He now goes into the room you were just in
the gun cabinet. Go in there and save the man. The vampire will
knocking over a chair. It then recharges itself in the basement
It's next victim is in the main hall. Go there and you'll see it
from the basement.

Take it out another time and it'll drop the Top Half of the
Key and go recharge itself. It'll now be waiting in the basement
you. Put the key back together and enchant it to repair it, then
the basement door.

Make sure you've got the Reveal invisible spell running so you
can see
this guy. First take out his pillar so he can't recharge. Now
running behind it and slashing its head to destroy it. Grab the
Horror spell scroll of the shelf, as well as all the ammo lying
You'll also find the Double Shotgun displayed on the wall so
take that

Go down the ladder in the well and you come to a familiar
locale. Go
down the stairs and you'll come to the large room where you
fought a
Guardian of Ehn'gha with Max. This time, however, there are two
horrors. I'd advise using the Double Shotgun to kill them.

Go through the open gate and you'll come to another large
hallway with
a Guardian of Ehn'gha and a Horror, and a barrier will form
you. Concentrate on the Guardian since sometimes the Guardian
accidently hit it instead of you with it's attacks. Now go
through the
door at the end of the hall. Inside examine the left most stone
press it. Go through the portal.

At the top of the tower put the Pargon rune in place and go
the portal. You'll come into a large room with two Horrors.
Ignore them
and go straight up the stairs, then down the other side to a
Pull the lever and a barrier will be brought down. Go through
doorway where the barrier was and back out into the main hall.
Go back
into the room where you pushed the stone and push the second one
the left(I'll be moving left to right throughout this thing).

Inscribe the Redgormor Rune at the top of the tower and go
through the
portal. There's a Horror and some Trappers in this room. Ignore
all and go across the bridge and pull the lever. A barrier will
dissipate. Go through the open passage to the room you were in
time with the 2 Horrors. Ignore them again and make your way to
main hall, then to the stone room. Press the next one and go
the portal.

Inscribe the Pargon Rune and go through the portal. Flip the
lever up
the stairs to the right of Edward when he comes out of the
Another barrier will lift, but monsters will break out of their
on the wall. Ignore them and go through the passage to the main
Back in the stone room, activate the fourth one, go through the

Inscribe the Pargon rune, go through the portal. In this room
there's a
lever near the open pit in the middle of the room. Flip it and
will hallucinate and see a worm-like monster attack him. Bottoms
up on
the old Liquid Courage will have Edward back to his senses. Now
go back
to the main hall and to the stone room. Activate the fifth stone
and go
through the portal.

Shoot the Trapper, inscribe the Ulyaoth rune and leave. Ignore
Guardian, make your way up the two flights of stairs and flip
the lever
at the top. Go through the open passage to the main hall, back
to the
stone room, activate the sixth stone and go through the portal.

Inscribe the Pargon rune, leave through the portal. Go straight
for the
lever. Shoot the Trappers if you want, or just ignore them and
through the now open doorway. Ignore the monster(s) in this room
it's back to the main hall, then the stone room to activate the
stone and go through the portal.

Inscribe Pargon, leave through portal. This is a very mundane
wouldn't you agree? Ignore all the monsters and flip the lever.
a Guardian blocking a doorway so if he's got a damage field up
it and shoot him once to get him out of your way and then go
the doorway. Ignore the monsters leave the room, back to the
main hall,
then the stone room to activate the next portal and continue.

At the tower's top kill the Trapper and activate the Nethlek
Leave through the portal. Go either way around the large block
in the
middle and avoid the Trappers. Dispel the damage field around
Guardian and shoot it to get access to the lever. Flip it and
leave the
room to the mains hall. Go to the stone room and activate the

Inscribe the last Pargon rune to complete the 9-point Dispel
spell and the path back to the mansion will open. Edward also
energy inside the city to build up and now he's got to make his
Go through the portal. Kill the Horror and make your way around
area to where the Guardian is. Go around it and flip the lever.
through the open passage to the room with the large block in
middle. Avoid any and all monsters and make you way back to the
hall. Four Guardians of Ehn'gha will come, but they're flying
around in
their glowing ball form so just run for the exit. Go back up the
leading back to the mansion and a cut-scene will begin.

Chapter 10, Act 5: Death Comes to Us All

The city of Ehn'gha and it's inhabitants will be blasted by a
from the spell Edward made in the towers.

We then see a red glowing ball of a Guardian of Ehn'gha floating
Edward, who is reading in a chair many years later. This is

Chapter 10, Act 6: A Vision of Victory
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

Pious is then speaking to Chattur'gha and Chattur'gha tells him
of a
vision he had of his dominance.

As Alex you'll get a note from Edward telling you that you can
some of the tipple in the barrels in the basement. Another clue.

Go down to the basement and look at some of the barrels. You'll
the Pickax. Go up to the second floor and near where the stained
was you'll find something unusual about the wallpaper. Use the
to unveil the servants quarters from Max's times.

Chapter 10, Act 7: Maximillian's Dark Duty
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

You'll see a cut-scene of Max killing his servants, who he
thought were
possessed by demons.

Dispel the Magick in the room and grab the Stethoscope and the
of M. Roivas, Closing Notes telling of his plan to murder his

Go back to the basement(there are some enemies along the way)
examine the large safe. With the stethoscope you can open it.
Read the
on-screen instructions. Once it's open you can collect the
Essence of
Ulyaoth, a Crankshaft, a Letter From Edward, and the next
Chapter Page.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11, Act 1: A Storm Rises
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

A cut-scene showing Pious and a servant begins. The servant
speaks of a
storm of young blood, which Pious says he will sacrifice for

Use the Chapter Page to begin Chapter 11.

The cutscene begins with Edward talking about the Ancients and
involved they are in everything. We see Michael Edwards and his
firefighting team trying to put out a ferocious blaze in the
East. He sys it's the worst fire he's ever seen and that
used to put out fires is in place. We hear a growl and
electricity from
an unknown source triggers and exlosion from the equipment.
then wakes up underground and finds his comrades dead. He then
the"living pillar" and Roberto Bianchi's spirit comes out. He
Michael the Essence of Xel'lotath as well as the Ruby and

Take out your Fire Ax and hack away at the zombies that attack
Over on the right hand side is a fallen soldier. I seems Rambo
following you through your journeys, as he's left you plenty of
weaponry and ammo. It includes and Assault Rifle, 5.56 Rifle
Ammunition, a Pistol, 9mm Pistol Ammunition, and OICW Grenades
for use
with the Assualt Rifle.

In the next room take out the Guardian of Chattur'gha and
zombie, then move on to the next room, down the ladder. There's
a few
zombies and Trappers so keep your guard up. Go up the first
ladder you
see. At the top is a dangerous room, occupied by two Guardians
Chattur'gha. Avoid them since it's pointless to kill them or go
down this path. Take the Gold Amulet off the pedestal. Now go
back down
the ladder you came from.

Continue down the corridor to the next ladder leading up. Go up
kill the zombies in the room. Take the Staff off pedestal in the
center. Combine it with the Gold Amulet to make the Staff with
Now go back down the ladder you came up on.

Continue down the corridor to the final ladder. At the top is a
replica of a city. There is a shaft of light oppsite the ladder
came up. Put the Staff with Amulet in the hole under the light
to star
a puzzle. Shine it on both golden domes on the city to open up
hidden mirrors. Lastly shine the light on the obelisk in the
This causes light to be reflected from the obelisk to one mirror
the other, then finally a building in the middle. This sequence
opens a
hidden panel on the floor. Try to go down the ladder to be
to the Walkway of Chosen Ones. Grab the Tome of Eternal Darkness
to be
transported back. Now go down the ladder.

This room is Trapper filled so kill all of them with the Pistol
continue up the next ladder. There's two Horrors here, but with
Assault Rifle, who cares? Lay them out and go down the next

Make your way around the tunnel and past the ladder. You'll see
a hole
in the ground and some worms will pop out. One whack on the head
each will put them down. Dispel the damage field around the
Effigy and take it. Now go back to the ladder you just passed
and go up
it. At the top are 2 zombies and a Horror. Let them fight as
much as
they want then take out what's left. Go down the ladder at the
center to another long hallway. There are a few zombies and a
Take them out or avoid them, whatever fits your style. Now go
the door at the end.

Quickly take out your Pistol and shoot all four Trappers in this
in quick succession before they ban begin anything. Now go
through the
door to Michael's left when he first entered the room. There's
quite a
battle for Mike here. Wreak some havoc on the 5 zombies in this
Now go through the only door(right now) in the room. Inside are
zombies so waste them. If you collected all 3 effigies here's
where you
use them. Place the Emerald Effigy in front of the red warrior,
Sapphire in front of the green scholar, and the Ruby in front of
blue sorcerer. Two rooms back some panels will shift and a
will open. Go back to that room and down those stairs.

At the bottom is a display holding up the permanently Enchanted
Gladius! Too bad good ol' Mike can't use it. Apparently, he's
not the
Guardian of Light. Wonder who that is, huh? Now go back up the
and through the door you just came through. You were just here,
I know,
but there's more to do. See that obelisk? Summon and Trapper,
it, and send it to the Trapper Dimension.

Now with Mike go down that ladder. There's two Trappers at the
so shoot them with the pistol. There's a single ladder leading
down. Go
down it. You'll see a glowing object in the small shrine. It's a
scroll for Bind, which will automatically be made. Now go
through the
doorway opposite the shrine.

There are two Horrors creating a seemingly impassible barrier.
Use a 7
point version of the Bind spell you just learnes on one of the
creatures. Kill the remaining Horror after the battle and take
Plastic Explosives on the floor. Now go back to the shrine room
and up
the ladder. Go down the hall and up the next ladder. In this
you'll notice that one wall looks strangely like a door should
there. Use Reveal Invisible aligned with Ulyaoth to reveal it.
Open it
and go through.

On the other side you'll find a fallen soldier with the
Detonator Caps.
Take them, then cast a shield spell(5-point should be enough)
and go
across the floor to the next room. Go onto the bridge that you
need to
destroy and some worms will come up. Kill them. Combine the
Caps with the Plastic Explosives to form the C4 Bomb. Enchant it
with a
7-point spell to power it up. Then place it on the bridge.

UH OH! 3 minutes?! That's it?!

Believe me, it's plenty of time. Shield yourself and cross the
floor. You might want to use the Flashlight, as things have
gotten much
darker. Avoid the Horror and go through the door. Avoid the
zombies and
go through the door opposite the one you just came through. Now
through the one next to that one. Move down the long corridor
and go up
the ladder. Move across the room to the other side and another
Go down it to another corridor, inhabited by two Horrors. Avoid
and move along it to the last ladder. The way you cam in has
blocked off by rubble, but all the shaking has revealed another
behind the rubble that was there when you first came through
here. Go
through the double doors and up the ladder in the next room. A
scene will show the place exploding.

Chapter 11, Act 3: Back to Civilization
Alex Roivas- Rhode Island, USA 2000 A.D.

We then see Mike walking up to an elderly Edward. He gives him
mysterious package. Mike will not tell Edward what is in the
leaving its contents a mystery unsolved. He then tells Edward
that he
has one last task to do before the Ancients find him. He then
bidding Edward good luck.

The observatory is now lit, so after a few things you can head
Leave the study as Alex and you'll find a few zombies outside
door. There's more zombies in the other area of the library so
them too. Go out to the main hall and you will hear the doorbell
the door close, and footsteps running away in a hurry. Who was
Anyway, grab the package, the Brown Paper Parcel, and open it to
its contents. Inside is the Essence of Xel'lotath and the
Gladius, if you got it. Remember, only the Guardian of Light can
the blade. Try to equip it. What?! We now know Alex as the
Guardian of

Now go to the observatory and now that you have the Crankshaft
you can
move the mirrors around. Maneuver the mirrors to each other,
ultimately, make the light shine on the spot on the globe. Light
shine through and open a passage in the basement. Go down to
basement and through the door, which leads to the hole you just
Go down the ladder to the stairway leading to Ehn'gha. Go all
the way
down the stairs and across the walkway leading through a set of

You're now back in the "main hall" that we saw in Edward's
only now, the floor is covered by magickal yellow energy. Cast a
point shield on yourself(you'll be doing this a lot) and go to
the end
of the main hall to the door. You'll need to stop on one of the
sets of
stairs to your right on the way to cast another shield. Do so
then go
to the door. There's a damage field in front so dispel it and
go through the door. In the stone room(I'll now call it the
Circle of Power, since that's what it is) there are two pieces
of a
pedestal. Grab both off the floor then put them back together
repair it with an enchant spell. Now place it on the empty stand
the other two pedestals. Place an Essence of a god on each
This will power up the Circle of Power. Activate the first stone
to go
to the first tower through the portal.

On the tower there are 3 Trappers so shoot each with the
Revolver then
inscribe the Pargon rune. Go out the portal to the same room
encountered after activating that first rune. Blocking your path
to the main hall is a pit. Use a Reveal Invisible spell to
reveal a
floor over the pit so you can go through the doorway. Cast
shield spell and make you way from the main hallway to the
Circle of Power. Engage the second array and go through the

On the tower inscribe the Aretak rune, then go through the
Shoot any an all Trappers that get in your path to the doorway
on your
right. Go through it to the room where the pit was and go across
to the
main hall. Cast another shield, go the the CoP(Circle of Power)
and activate the third stone.

Inscribe another Pargon rune and leave the tower through the
You'll now see some tiles with pictures and colors of creatures.
you need to do is put the creature of those colors on each tile.
a blue Trapper, a Red Zombie and a Green Horror to complete the
and fill the display on the wall. This will bring down the
barrier and
now you can go through the doorway to the main hall. Shields up,
go to
the CoP room and activate another stone.

Shoot the Trapper and inscribe the next Pargon rune. Go to the
You'll appear in a room with a glowing purple floor. If you just
try to
run across the floor you'll go insane and when you recover you
reappear at the start of this room. The trick is to sneak across
floor, going very slowly. Then you can go out to the main hall.
Get a
shield, go to the CoP, power up a stone, go through the portal.

At the tower inscribe the Ulyaoth rune and leave through the
There are a few Trappers in this room so either avoid them or
them. You've got plenty of ammo so just waste them. Then got out
doorway to the main hall and back to the CoP to activate the
next stone
and go to the next tower.

Shoot the Trapper at the top and inscribe the Pargon rune.
Through the
portal is a room where the Trappers disappear. Cast a Reveal
spell aligned with Ulyaoth to see the Trappers. Continue to the
room, which lead to the main hall. Then go back once again to
the CoP
room. Activate the seventh stone and go through the portal.

Inscribe the Pargon rune, leave through the portal. There are 3
obelisks in this room that need to be hit with a Magickal
Attack. Any
color will do. Go through doorway the barrier was blocking and
the next room back to the main hall, then to the CoP room.
Engage the
eighth array and go through the portal.

Inscribe the Tier rune and leave the tower through the portal.
Go to
Alex's left around the big block and you'll see a damage field.
Get a
shield up and dispel it from the stairs, then go down the stairs
out of the room. Now go through to the main hall and into the
CoP room
and activate the last stone.

Inscribe the last Pargon rune to complete a 9-point Summon
spell, which will summon an Ancient god, Ulyaoth, to battle
Pious god of choice, Chattur'gha. There are three Horrors
creating a
barrier. Use bind on one, then after it dies, another until only
remains. It'll be pretty weak for an easy kill. Now finally go
out of
the room. You'll be in the room with the yellow floor so get a
and walk across to the main hall. Go the the CoP room for the
last time
and into the portal at its center. You'll be asked if you want
to save.
Do so if you want, then step into the portal to take on the
final boss,

Alex will see Pious telling of the completion of his summoning
Alex will then come back telling of her seizure of three of the
Ancients' Essences. Pious then summons Chattur'gha. After
is summoned the towers will begin there summon and Ulyaoth will
rise in
the heavens.

BOSS: The Essence of Chattur'gha will appear and will cast a
around Pious. First hit Pious once. This battle is much easier
with the
Enchanted Gladius. If you have it, throw it at him to get the
hit. This will cause the Essence to reappear. Now target the
and hit it with the Gladius.

What was that? Hit Pious again to make the Essence reappear
again and
hit it again. I'm sure you know what that place is now, but what
it have to do with this final battle? You'll find out soon

Hit Pious once again and then the Essence. You'll then be
to that place and gain control of Ellia's spirit. Go grab that
Tome of
Eternal Darkness for old times' sake and then you'll be in
control of
Ellia fighting Pious! Hit the Essence with Ellia to be back as
Hit Pious again with Alex and you'll then gain control of
spirit! Hit the Essence. Repeat this process for Karim and
you'll be
treated to a scene of Ulyaoth kicking Chattur'gha's butt.
Continue the
process with Maximillian Roivas, Paul Luther and Roberto Bianchi
will completely destroy the Essence. You'll then see Ulyaoth
take of a
claw of Chattur'gha.

Continue throwing the enchanted Gladius with Alex and avoiding
attacks. After a good number of hits he'll finally go down for
good and
you'll then see Ulyaoth finish off Chattur'gha.

Alex then decides to finish off Pious by jamming his own staff
into his
stomach. Alex then realizes that allowing Ulyaoth into the
universe was
just as bad as having Chattur'gha.

You'll then assume control of Grandpa Roivas to bind the
Choose the Bankorok rune to bind the creature. "Ahh, that's the

Sit back and watch the ending.
Submitted By: GnomeKiller
Eternal Darkness : Sanity�s Requiem is very hard in some places
and it is very easy to become stuck, bearing that in mind I have
made a complete walkthrough for completing this great game.

Chapter One : The Chosen One

After the opening cut-scene ends you take control of Alex in her
Grandfather�s mansion. Start in the main hall. Examine the clock
next to the stairs to get the Dresser Key. Go through the door
on the right which leads to the library. Go around the corner to
find a Grandfather clock next to a fireplace. Examine it and
turn the hands so the clock reads 3:33. A secret passage will
then open. Go through it into her Grandfather�s study. Take a
look around the room, get the Gladius off the wall and read the
Tome of Eternal Darkness on the desk, you�ll then play the first

You�ll take control of Pious after the cut-scene. Climb down the
ladder and take the Granite block. Go through the next rooms,
pick-up two more Granite blocks in here too. Climb down the
ladder on Pious� left. Go through the door at the end of the
corridor. You�ll then go into a large room. You�ll find the last
Granite block in the centre. Put all of the blocks into the
corresponding holes in the wall. A gate will open, go through
it. Destroy the statue in this room when prompted. Go through
the next door. You�ll then have to chose an artefact to claim.
These will dictate the difficulty of the rest of the game. I�m
not exactly sure which one is which, but I think it is Green for
easy, Red for medium or Blue for hard. You�ll then get a

Chapter 2 : Binding of a Corpse God

When you regain control of Alex, you should find another
chapter page on the wall behind the desk, read this for the
second chapter�.

You�ll now play as Ellia, who lived in Cambodia way back in
1150. When you start take the Necklace from the statue of the
goddess. Enter the room on the right, and go down the corridor.
Look at the painting of the sun and snuff the candles so that
one candle remains lit under the sun, do this to all of the
candles that you see. Take the Bronze Necklace from the urn and
go back to the room you started in. Put the Necklace on the
Goddess statue and then go through the door on the right.
Remembering to snuff out the candles in the next room carry on
down the corridor, watching out for those monsters on the way.
Take the Blowgun from the alcove, then fall down the hole.
You�ll have broken your sword, but pick it up anyway. Rescue the
guard before he gets killed by the zombies, he�ll fix your
sword, however, don�t fret if he does die, on t you can still
take out all baddies you need to with your blowgun. Carry
through the corridor to the left, keep moving through the rooms
with huge murals, and the corridors. You�ll eventually get into
Mantorok�s lair. You�ll see a cut-scene where Pious talks to
Ellia, you get given Mantorok�s heart. After the cut-scene has
finished get the metal staff from the statue. Go back to the
first mural room and use the staff in the slot at the centre of
the room, this opens a door in Mantorok�s lair, go through it to
end the chapter.

Chapter 3 : Suspicions of Conspiracy

When you return to the mansion as Alex examine the candles and
do just as Ellia did in chapter 2, snuff the candles except the
one under the sun. You�ll then open a cupboard and receive
chapter 3�.

You now take control of young Anthony in Amiens, France, 814
AD. Talk to the monk�s and make your way to the front of the
church, open the coffin to reveal a hideously disfigured corpse.
One of the monks will then give you a sword. Go up the stairs at
the back of the church and the screen will appear to melt.
You�ll appear in a strange kind of hall with statues of Pious
and Ellia .Walk along the path to the hand which opens, take the
Tome of Eternal Darkness. You�ll be transported to the stairs
again. Go back up. You�ll enter a small library, take the blue
urn and drop it on the floor to get a magical rune. Take the
circle of power on the desk. Then, move the bookcase at the back
to reveal a ladder, climb down. Once down get the rune. Go
through into the next room and save the monk. He will give you
the Bishop�s Sword. While your in this room grab the torch.
They�ll also be pieces of a Broken Urn on the floor, pick these
up, use the mix button to put them together, they are, however,
still broken. Go into the next room and down the stairs to get
the Magkical Codex. In the next room there is a Red Urn and
another Magickal Codex, pick these up. Burn the tapestry with
the torch and exit through the gap, go through the corridor
until you reach the study. In the study you�ll find the Enchant
Spell Scroll and another Codex. Cast the Enchant spell on the
broken urns to fix them. Then return to the fountain where you
found the Red Urn and fill-up all the Urns. In the study put
them on the pressure plate. Go through the door and follow the
passage to the Bishop�s room, kill him and take his key. Head
back to the church - minding trappers on the way. In the library
you�ll come across a Horror. Target its heads and take them out.
Go down the stairs and open the side door with the Bishop�s key
to end the chapter.

Chapter 4 : The Gift of Forever

In the mansion go up the stairs in the main hall. You�ll
already have the Second Floor Key. Use it in the door. The key
will break, but don�t worry use enchant item on it, just like
Anthony used on the Urns in chapter 3. Open the door. Go into
the east-wing bedroom, you should find some ammo here. In the
bathroom you�ll find Maximillian Roivas� journal. Now, go to the
west-wing bedroom and when you examine the picture above the
desk you�ll find the Fourth Chapter Page�..

You�ll now take control of Karim in ancient Persia. Have a peek
at the corpse laying on the floor at the start, then go down the
ladder. You�ll warp to the strange hall where you�ll find the
Tome of Eternal Darkness. Notice Anthony�s statue has been added
to the path. Once you take the book you�ll be transported back
to the start again. The previously inanimate zombies will now
attack you so try to get down the ladder before they do any
damage. Head down the path and get the Statuette and a Rune.
Then climb the ladder just around the corner. You�ll appear in a
room with three pressure pads on the floor, ignore them for the
moment and examine the rune barrier to break it. Climb down the
ladder and find the torch on the wall. Walk through the passage
way, do battle with the monsters you encounter and pick up
another Statuette and a Codex. Go back to the big room and place
the Statuettes on the pressure pads you noticed earlier, stand
on the free one. The centrepiece will then rise and four
Trappers will come scuttling out. Kill them with Karim�s
throwing discs. Step into the centre, from where the Trappers
came, and you�ll go down into a corridor. Walk along and examine
the corpses, take the sword from the back of the last one, it
will come back to life so kill it. Go into the next room, and
take the Recover Scroll. Go through the next door, there is a
rune barrier here, which at the moment you can�t break. Go
through the next door. They�ll be a Horror in here, aim for its
heads with Karim�s throwing discs. Get the Codex and return to
the rune barrier which will promptly break. Go down the ladder
and take the last Codex in the level. You�ll now be able to cast
the recovery spell, which will make the game a bit easier. Go
through the door on the right. You�ll enter a large circular
room. Pull the Ram Dao sword from the centre, you�ll need it to
fight off the monsters which will now come your way. Be warned
there are quite a lot. Go back to the room where you found the
Recover Scroll. Cast a green enchant spell on the Ram Dao and
insert it into the door on the left�s emblem. Go through this
door and down the corridor and up the ladder to the right, here
you�ll find the Ruby Effigy. Go back down the ladder and examine
the rubble to climb over it. Fight the Horror and go up the
ladder. Place the Tome of Eternal Darkness in the hand. Pick the
book up again and head on. You�ll come up against a strong force
of monsters so be ready. Afterwards collect the Artefact to see
the final cut-scene.

Chapter 5 : The Lurking Horror

Back in the mansion, go into the kitchen to the left of the
main hall. Use a green enchant item spell on the Gladius and
insert it into the door on the cupboard. In here you�ll find a
chapter page hidden in a spice jar.

In this chapter you play as Maximillian Roivas as he explores
his newly inherited mansion. When you start head to the
east-bedroom and get the letter and the codex. Before heading
downstairs search the upstairs rooms for Flintlock Pistol ammo.
Go into the kitchen and get another Codex in there. Also find a
pump-handle in the pantry. Go into the dining room and examine
the fireplace. Move the Raven to red and a secret entrance will
open. Find the Reveal Invisible Spell Scroll, and take the Sabre
and another Flintlock Pistol off the walls. Examine the Tome of
Eternal Darkness and read the letter which slips out. Go back
through the secret passage way. One of the servants will attack,
kill him. Try performing an Autopsy on the monster that jumps
out of the servant once disposed of, by pressing B. Get rid of
the Horror and the other monsters in the main hall upon
re-entering. Afterwards grab the letter on the table and the
Horror�s rune. Go upstairs to the stained glass window and find
a envelope hiding behind a stand. Inside the envelope is the
basement key. Go back down the stairs to enter a dream where you
fight a Horror, you�ll get a rune from him. Afterwards return
down the stairs and use a reveal invisible spell on the strange
insignia to the bottom right of the staircase. Open the revealed
door with the basement key. Dispose of the monsters in the next
room and find the Damage Field Spell Scroll, a Codex and some
ammo. After your search use the pump-handle to drain the water
in the well. Go down the stairs, get the rune on your way. Turn
left and head down the stairs. You�ll find a Guardian. Cast
damage field to render its attacks harmless, then shoot at him
and whack him with your sabre. After a while he�ll have had
enough and keel over. Then watch Maximillian�s final cut-scene.

Chapter 6 : A Journey Into the Darkness

As Alex go into the mansion�s east bedroom and cast the red
reveal invisible spell on the drawer. Open it with the key you
found earlier and inside will be a Revolver - handy - and
Chapter 6�..

You�ll now play as Edwin Lindsey visiting a Cambodian temple in
1983. You are betrayed by �Paul Augustine� and he sets some big
creatures on you. Take care of the monsters you are first faced
with. To take care of these huge beasts wait for them to open
their wings and shoot them in the head. In the centre of the
room will be a patch of dust, use Edwin�s brush on it to reveal
a Bronze Bracelet. Place it on the statue of the Goddess and a
door to the left will open. Go through and you�ll once again
warp to the Tome of Eternal Darkness room. Pick up the book and
you�ll warp back. Go left once again. In this first corridor
you�ll find a Metal Bracelet. Keep going and brush the cobweb on
the ground, you�ll find a Codex. In the next room pick up the
Necklace and the Bracelet. Go back to the centre room and put
the Necklace on the statue. The door on the right will now open,
go through it. In the next room swap the statue�s Silver
Bracelet for the Metal one you have. Down the next corridor
you�ll find another Codex. Progress to the corner room and
you�ll get a rune for your troubles. Go to the corridor and get
the Dispel Magick Scroll. Cast this new spell on the Horror
which doesn�t attack you. Kill it and take the Silver Necklace.
Go back to the statue of the Goddess in the corridor you opened.
Put the Necklace and the Bracelet on it and enter this secret
door. Cast Dispel Magick and dispose of the Horror. Take care of
a Zombie for another rune. Go through the rune barrier and go
north, checking the map. In the first room get the Tarnished
Necklace. Cast a Green Dispel Magick Spell on the stand in the
centre of the room. In the next corner room use a Dispel Magick
Spell on the stand. Go into the bottom-right corner room ,
where you�ll find a goddess statue. Cast a Dispel Magick Spell
on the rune to remove the shield. Then put the Tarnished
Necklace you have into the basin. Press the button to release
the acid. This will make the Necklace Golden. Head on down the
next corridor. Remember the tiny hole covered by the purple
shield, you�ll need to come back here later. Go past this into
the last corner room and step onto the pressure pad. Grab the
Gold Necklace from the Statue. Go back to the corner room with
the statue of the goddess. Put the Bracelet on her and the
Necklace. Move downward and head for the north-east corner room.
Find a Codex in a web and grab a rune from the room in the
bottom-left. Go through the barrier and get the Summon Trapper
Spell. Head all the way back to the tiny hole. Cast the new
spell and send the Trapper through the hole. Move it onto the
plate to get a rune. From the hole find a Codex. Now go all the
way to Mantorok�s tomb and go through the exit to end Chapter

Chapter 7 : Heresy

In the mansion go upstairs to the stained glass window and cast
a Red Dispel Magick Spell on it. Get the chapter page behind it;

You�ll play this chapter as Paul Luther , a monk, in Amiens,
again. When you start go into the main church. However, don�t go
down the center aisle go to the right and head to the front of
the Cathedral. Once there go to the left and enter the door.
Have a look around to find a Crossbow and the Podium Key. Get
the torch from the wall and head back to the altar. Go down the
stairs behind it. Have a poke around and you should find some
Crossbow Bolts and the Book of Reliquaries. Head further down
and grab the Mace from the wall, you�ll be prevented from going
any further by a monk. Go back up to the main church. Head down
the center aisle and you�ll see a cut-scene. You will now
reappear in the Tower, imprisoned, accused of murder. In the
room is a strange picture of a monk, take the Emerald in the
center of it. The Custodian will now come into the room and tell
you get meet him in the Bell Tower. When you attempt to leave
this room you�ll warp to the Tome Room. Pick up the Tome and
once back in the Tower, go through the door. Now head across the
hall and up the stairs to the Bell Tower. Ring the Bell and the
Custodian will rear his head. He will give you the Old Tower
Key, and tells you to come back once you have evidence of heresy
within the cathedral. Head to the Old Tower - to the right of
the altar - and fight off the Bone Thieves that you encounter.
Enter the door on the left and you will be attacked by the
hideously deformed Anthony. Put him out of his misery to get his
Sword and a Ruby. Go to the Old Tower�s altar for the Shield
Scroll. Climb the staircase at the back. In this room you will
find a Sheet of Music and a Diary Page. Go back to the Main
Church�s altar and open the podium with its key to get another
diary page. Go to the Organ and play the notes on the Music
Sheet. You will then open a cupboard to get the Five-point
circle of power. Go down the steps behind the altar again,
proceeding through the door that was previously guarded by the
monk. Examine the wine barrels. Upon finding a hollow one turn
the Spigot. Carry on and you will come up against a Horror. Kill
it to get the Sapphire. Place the Sapphire, along with the Ruby
and Emerald on the pedestal and head down the revealed steps.
Head on down the path to the study. Push the bookcase to one
side and proceed. You will come to the Bishop�s room and here
you should find a Codex and the last Diary Page. Take the Diary
Pages, as evidence, back to the bell tower to show the
Custodian. He will give you a Sacrificial knife. Take it to the
room with Monk Effigy in - which you should have gone through to
get to the Bishop�s room - and insert the dagger into the statue
to open a secret door. Go through and use a Five-point dispel
magick incantation to get through the barrier. Keep going and
you will see a monk lying on a slab. Then Augustine will set
bone thieves on you which you should dispose of. Go back to the
room with the effigy and follow Augustine through another door.
Keep going and you will reach an ornate door at the end of the
passage, enter and end the chapter.

Chapter 8 : The Forbidden City

Back in the mansion with Alex, after reading a note from
Edward, go into the dinning room and play the instructed notes
on the piano. You will then get Chapter 8�..

Roberto Bianci is a surveyor and he has been captured and is
forced to examine the ruins of an ancient city in Persia. You
will take control of him in his quest. At the start head along
the tunnel and climb up the ladder. They�ll be a worker in this
room, go down the ladder and keep going. You�ll find a dead
slave along the way, climb up the next ladder you encounter and
do a structural surveyor by pressing B in the middle of the
room. Get the Saif and Crossbow bolts, and climb down into a
caged area. There is a fairly simple puzzle to solve here. Pull
the levers in succession and smash the beasts that attack you.
Climb up the next ladder survey the area and get some more
Crossbow Bolts. Use the ladder on the far side and you�ll warp
to the Tome Room. When you return carry on down the ladder. Go
through the tunnels, then use the ladder by the scaffolding. Run
to the center to get the summon zombie spell, then fight of the
Dark Guardian and other monsters that attack. Climb up the next
ladder, be careful of the Horror as he fires bolts, casting
shield would be useful. In the next room Summon a Zombie and
send him into the trap, this will result in a gate rising, go
down the ladder. Keep going and you�ll see a cut-scene with the
ghost of Karim. Pick up the artefact and the Ruby Effigy. Survey
the room then head back to the one where you sent the zombie
into the trap. Go through the other door now and enter the door
on the right and survey the room. Be careful of the Bone Thieves
here. Go back and use the next ladder. You�ll come to a large
room with a key sitting on a podium in the centre. Use a
five-point Reveal Invisible spell to get a bridge to reach the
key, pick it up. Go back upstairs and pick up the Sapphire
Effigy on the way. Use the key then find a bridge hung in the
air. Be careful of the worm-thing that attacks. Chop the rope
and the bridge will lower. Perform your last survey, then head
back up to the surface to finish the chapter.

Chapter 9: A War To End All Wars

Back in the mansion you should see dirt falling from the
ceiling. Examine it to get chapter 9�..

At the front of the church get the Soldier�s letter and the
Sealed Envelope from the podium. Open the envelope to get the
Soldier�s orders and give them to the soldier standing in front
of a door near the entrance to the Cathedral. He will now leave.
Go into the room and have a look around. Try to leave and you�ll
be warped to the Tome Room. Once back go into the main church
again. Be very careful of the Bone Thieves, it will help to stun
them with the Flash Pan. Get the music sheet from the organ and
to the old tower, through the door on the right. In the side
door is some ammo and a torch, but there are a lot of monsters
in there, be wary. Get the Two-edged sword and go back into the
main church. Get the rifle from the altar and head down the
stairs. Find the boiler room and turn the boiler on. Summon a
trapper and send it through the hole. Teleport the corpse away
and enter the room to find the Seven-point circle of power. Then
find the generator room and use your lucky penny in the fuse
box. Turn the generator on to get back the lights. Go back
upstairs and play the organ. The covered note is a Y. Get the
door handle then use a Reveal Invisible spell on the symbol on
the opposite the entrance to the old tower. Fix the handle to
the door and enter. Go through the tunnels beneath the church
using the same route Paul Luther took. Once you reach the
Bishop�s room get the key from the altar. Go back and unlock the
door. Go down the stairs and pick-up the Magickal attack scroll.
It would be very useful to save here. Head through the ornate
door. Now you will face the very big guardian you saw at the end

of Paul Luther�s chapter. Get ready. Dodge its magick attacks
and when he is glowing hit him with a three-point magick attack
of your own. After you�ve hit it enough times it will bring the
barrier towards itself. Repeat the same process until the
barrier is increased right up to the hole in the floor. Keep
running around the hole and when the Guardian starts to glow hit
it with three-point magick attacks, keep hitting it and it will
give up eventually, and you�ll see the final cut-scene.

Chapter 10: A legacy of Darkness

As Alex get the Lucky Penny. Go into the library and you�ll see
a cut-scene. Get the basement key. Go down to the basement, get
the shotgun and jam the penny in the fuse box and hit the switch
to get lit in the dark room above. Head upstairs and enter. Get
the diary page and chapter 9�..

In this chapter you play as Alex�s grandfather Edward Roivas.
When you start take the big book from above the fireplace and
get the minute hand. Go to the study and listen to Max�s ghost.
Put the hand in the clock and take the Magick Pool scroll. Go to
the dinning room and take the Sabre. Search the bedroom to find
the Historical journal and the Hour Hand. Go back to the study
and put the hand in the clock setting it to 3:33. Then follow
Max�s ghost into the hidden study. Get the Tome and the
revolver, then head back to the library and kill the maid that
attacks you, to get half a key. Go into the main hall and poke
around the house until one of the servants is attacked. Go to
where the servant is assaulted and save him to get the gun
cabinet key. Go to the gun cabinet and get the Elephant gun. Go
back outside take a look around and the servant in the Gun room
will be attacked. Save him and he�ll give you some ammo. Go back
downstairs and soon the last servant will be attacked, save him
and you�ll find the second half of the key. Enchant both halves
to fix it and use it to go down into the basement. Hit the
obelisk to destroy the monsters source of power, then bash the
thing until it gives up. Collect the stacks of ammo and the
shotgun in the basement, including a summon horror spell. Head
down the ladder and into the area where Max had his battle with
the Guardian, and take out the Horrors. Keep going and you�ll
come to a big passage-way. Head to the end and through the big
door into the array chamber. It is best to save your game here.
Activate the arrays then use the portal to get to the towers.
From there scribe to runes, most of which are Pargons. Go into
the portal which opens and you�ll be transported into the city.
The usual way to get back to the big passageway, and therefore
the array chamber is to pull a lever and this will deactivate a
barrier allowing you to get back or to go to a room you have
already deactivated a barrier for. Some rooms you enter require
you to solve simple puzzles. If a magickal barrier is blocking
your way use dispel magick, if a guardian keep hitting it until
it transports. If you�ve put the runes in the correct order
you�ll be given a warning message to leave the city. So once
transported back leave the way you came in to end the chapter.

Chapter 11: Ashes to Ashes

As Alex get the axe in the basement and go back upstairs to the
odd patch of wallpaper. Use the axe on it to be treated to a
cut-scene. Use dispel magick to get rid of the barrier and grab
the stethoscope. Go to the basement and crack the safe (right
60, left 80, right 45) to get chapter 11��

You now play as Mike Edward�s a rock-hard fire-fighter who�s
fallen into a lost city after the Gulf War. When you start take
the zombies with the axe you have and collect the weapons and
ammo from the dead soldier. Use the double doors and run past
the monsters. Go along the corridor and use the first ladder on
the left, grab the Gold Amulet, and go straight back down. Go
along the corridor further to find a ladder on the right. Go up
to find a Staff and combine it with the Gold Amulet. Go back
down and to the end of the corridor, where there is another
ladder, go up. Use the staff and amulet to shine light on the
two domed golden buildings, then on the one with a spire. Go
down the stairs revealed. You�ll be warped to the Tome room for
the last time. Keep going, finding rooms filled with trappers
and Horrors until you find a corridor in which you are attacked
by some wormy-things. Then cast Dispel Magick on the barrier and
pick-up the Emerald effigy. Then go back a few paces to the
ladder in the middle of the U-shaped passageway. Keeping going
until you find the corridor with an obelisk in it. Go into the
other room in that corridor to find three large pictures on the
walls coloured in blue, red and green. Put the effigies on the
opposing pictures e.g. green to red. Go down the secret steps to
get the Enchanted Gladius. Go back to the obelisk and remove it
by summoning a trapper. Go down the ladder and get the bind
spell and cast this on the barrier the tow Horrors have created.
Attack the remaining Horror, and find some C4 behind him. Go
back to where you took away the obelisk and examine the back
wall. Use a reveal invisible and use the door. Examine the
corpse to find the detonator caps. Then cast a seven-point
shield and run through the yellow energy. Go into the centre of
the bridge and combine the detonator caps and C4, then enchant
the bomb with a seven-point spell. You will now have three
minutes to get back to the surface. Run back as fast as you can,
you will be forced to take an alternate route as rumble has
fallen across one of the doors, however, this new way is much
quicker, so no need to worry. You�ll then see the end cut-scene
to finish the chapter.

Chapter 12: The Eternal Darkness

In this chapter you will control Alex as she sets about
wrecking the ancients� plan once and for all. Get the heart of
Mantarok from the library, if you haven�t already got it, and go
to the observatory. Adjust the mirrors so the beam of light
bounces off them. This will unlock a ladder in the basement. On
the way to the basement you will find a parcel containing the
Enchanted Gladius and the Essence of Ulyaoth. In the basement
head down the newly revealed ladder. Head to the array chamber
as Edward did, but this time you�ll have to cast a seven-point
shield to reach it, as there is a yellow energy field over the
passage. In the chamber find the two parts of the pedestal and
enchant them together and fix them to its top. Then put the
three artefacts on the pedestals. Now use the same method Edward
did for scribing the runes on the towers and return to the array
chamber each time to activate the next one. There are now
puzzles to get through to return to the passageway as Edward
pulled all the levers. There are a few difficult ones, but they
shouldn�t detain you for long. There will be one, where you must
tip-toe across a purple floor, so you don�t arouse a worm-type
thing. Once all the runes are scribed correctly and you are in
the array chamber, you will be asked to save your game, it would
be very wise to accept. You will now be teleported to your final
battle against Pious.
In the battle don�t both too much about casting shield, as
Pious will cast dispel magick, instead cast recover health,
don�t bother with sanity as it will always be low and doesn�t
matter too much. The battle is split into three parts. Use the
Enchanted Gladius and attack Pious, then hit the artefact. Once
you have repeated this for the third time you will then gain
control of the previous characters who died and you must do the
same as Alex did in the first part of the battle, while doing
the same with Alex between characters. Once you have done this
with the last character you�ll enter the last stage of the
battle. Keep hitting Pious and he will transport. Use this time
to cast recover, and if he starts quite far off you might be
able to use a magickal attack. Once you have hit him enough
times, he�ll start to limp around. Then a few more times and
he�ll be finished off. You will then the final cut-scene��

And that�s it! You�ve, hopefully, completed one of the best
GameCube games to date!

I hope this guide is of help!

Thanks for reading.

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