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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Metal Gear Solid 2 : Substance (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: The Untimate B.O.W
Here are some help for the puzzles.


Located after the Engine Room. There´re three bombs bolcking a short corridor ahead, each consists of a control unit and a motion deterctor. The solution is simple shoot out the control untis and you can pass through undetected. The first controller is visible in the middle of the corridor at waist height. Shoot it with your USP. The next can only if you stand on the block with the USP ammo. It very high up you may havt to stand on tiptoes (L1 and R1 together). The final controller is on the ground level. Crawl along a bit and you should see it on the floor at the end.


Not much of a puzzle really. After getting caught out once (and getting escorted away by hunderds of guards) you should suss that you can crawl right under the projector´s beam. Watch out for different types of flooring in this area too tread slowly and carefully (or crawl) to aviod making a noise.


After meeting Peter Stillman you´ll have a race against time locating and freezing a series of bombs. Here´s where they´re all at:

Strut C, Dining Area: Above the sink and mirror in the ladies loo.

Strut D, Sediment Pool: On the bottim level under a trapdoor in the floor.

Strut E, Heliport: On the underside of the Harrier jet on the roof.

Strut F, Warehouse: Behind the boxes. Go to the upper level then dangle and drop from the balcony.

Strut A, Boiler Room. Under the pipes. Go up then down the little stairs to the right, then crawl left under the two pipes. Stop underneath the thrid one. Now crawl down (south) and you see it.

Strut B, Trensformer Room: Behind the open transformer door. Close the door and it´s on the wall.

Strut A, Deep Sea Dock (before the boss battle with Fortune): On the underside of the submarine above the pool where you started.

Strut E, Heliport (before the boss battle with Fatman): On the roof with Boss Fatman waiting.


You need the AK-47U to complete your disguise. It´s behind the Level 2 door in the Strut F, Warehouse. Equip your uniform and arm yourself with the gun to continue undetected.


Wait by the door until a patrolling guard turns his back on you then uneqiup your AK-47U. Approach him and go for a choke hold from behind (hit and hold square). Now drag him struggling to the retinea scan for a cut-scene.


He´s in the Shell 1 Core, B1 Hall. Use the D-Mic bagged from the B2 room in this area. As you get close you´ll hear his pacemaker (it makes a metallic noise rather then a heartbeat sound). He´s in the bottom row, middle right.

THE BRIDGE BOMB PUZZLE (before the boss battle with The Harrier): There are ten bombs to find on the bridge between Shell 1 and Shell 2. Once again you´ve got to shoot the control boxes (the shoe box-sized things with the green lights) with the PSG-1 so you can pass. Some are obvious, some are not. Here´re the eight hid ing places:

1) On the cylinder ahead.
2) Two on the left side of the bridge just ahead on the floor level.
3) Above the door you entered from.
4) On the ground level on the left, midway across the bridge. Move forward and right to see it better
5) Two either side of the door on the other side of the bridge.
6) On the head of the Cypher device flying in the distance.
7) On the far side on the right low down behind the seagulls. Move right and forward for a better wiew.
8) Behind the Sons Of Liberty flag on the left of Shell 2.


In the Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification room stand on the crate at the bottom of the area and face the hole in the wall. Fire a Nikita and press and hold down R2. Use the D-pad (not the left Analogue stick) to drive the Nikita. It´s a fairly simple process of driving the missile round to the right avoiding the walls. When it emerges in the room head for the far right corner, avoid the President and steer the missile into the control unit (the big box with Danger written on it).


You can either use the coolant to scare the bugs away but it easier to choke-hold Emma and drag her through or just punch punch kick her unconscious.

THE BRIDGE PUZZLE (before the second boss battle with Vamp):

You´ve got to take out the guards in the distance (as Emma heads towards them) and shoot out the invisible mines she comes across. Simple really. Just equip your Infrared goggles to see them then pick them off with the PSG-1. As you use up your ammo another box will keep appearing next to you so just keep shooting. Don´t forget that the Cyphers in the distance will need picking off too.


Remember the torture chamber scene in the original Metal Gear Solid? Well Metal Gear Solid 2 has got ont too. Fortunately, this new torture scene is nowhere near as hard or extensive like the original Metal Gear Solid. When Solidus makes a grab for your nack (he should only do this once right at the end of his speech) just hammer triangle to stop yourself from suffocating.

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