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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Brute Force"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Brute Force (Xbox)
Submitted By: Mr-Softy
'Brute Force DNA Canister' Owned by Mr-Softy
(c) 2003 All Rights Reserved

Welcome to 23rd [Confed Marine]:
In the second or third bunker. When the commander tells you this is a good time to use Tex's Berserker power, it's in that area.

Rescue Brutus [Feral Colonist][chapter 2]:
Behind door with a slit after you rescue Brutus. Use Grenades to destroy the door.

Cemetery gates [Feral Outcast]:
Right Before the foggy canyon, inside the hill to the left.

Hunting for Shadoon [Seer Follower]:
Short alternate path before the second (?) Teleporter. you are on the right path if Tex says "the road less traveled." The DNA is held on some sort of a shrine; it's hard to miss. After you grab it some eneimies will appear, so watch out.

Terrorists Ghetto [Militia]:
Directly in front of the machine you need to destroy.

Lonesome death of Edward Kingman [Confed Marine]:
1 path that doesn't lead to the end of a level, In a building near the end before you kill Kingman there is a path at the left. Take it, it is in a building there.

Ship Graveyard [Outcast Shaman]:
In the second part of the stage in a big area with a lot of structures. The DNA is in a small hut to the right of a big area when you enter.

Return to osrisis [High Priest]:
Near the begining of the level there is a hologram head of Shadoon, it's behind it.

Seers of the Bayou [Feral Shaman][Chapter3]:
You'll reach a path that leads to a bidge and further up a tree. The left bridge is the correct 1. Further up there is an outcast rolling bombs at you, kill him and it should be there (Might be behind a destructable door).

Squirm [Gunther Ghent]:
At the fork in the road go left. You'll have to kill the objective before he reaches the landing zone. After, DNA is located in a small building to your forward left on a wall, assuming you just walked in through the gate into the area.

Supermutant [Militia]
After you kill the supermutnat and open the rear gate, turn left. There is a big pipe in the back which contains the DNA canister. The pipe is across from the exit point.
Submitted By: Dadio500
Day 1, Planet Estuary

Nothing too bad about your first mission, since you will be given a
tutorial on the controls and commands, if you need it. Otherwise,
the Red Hand Mercenary soldiers aren't too tough to handle. Just
take good care of Tex, and kill every Red Hand you find. There is
a DNA sample the commanding officer will lead you to. Grab it.

Maximum Scores (Standard/Hard/Brutal): 5040/ /11760

Day 3, Planet Fenix
Primary Objectives: Locate Brutus, find the alien technology.
Secondary Objective: Save Feral colonists.
** Chapter 1 **
Tex is your lone squad member in this chapter. Follow the paths downward until you're on the other side of the tree. From there, you will run into a few Feral Outcasts. Take them down. At the third tree, you will be notified of Feral Allies. Take out the Outcasts, then escort the 4 surviving allies to the evacuation ship, taking out the Outcasts the pop out on the way. The two doors that were locked earlier are now open, revealing items inside. Take the surviving allies to the ship. 1 surviving ally = $150. When they're safely at or near the ship, go back to the third tree, taking out a couple of Outcasts that pop out from the right side of the second tree. The new opening also has some items and weapons, but for Tex, the rifle will do fine. Follow the paths from the third tree onward, taking the alien technology at the top floor in the third tree, and then taking out Outcasts along the way onward. One of the tougher ones will drop a minigun. Take it, and then proceed onward until you find where Brutus is being held captive. When all Outcasts are slain, swap your rifle, cutter, or shotgun with the second minigun, and then approach the cage, and Brutus will break himself free.

** Chapter 2 **

New Primary Objectives: Kill evil Shaman, but Brutus must survive.

Brutus joins Tex, but you need to keep the Feral warrior alive.
Proceed along the given paths, taking out all Outcasts along the
way. One opening contains a myriad of items, and in there, there
is a door that can busted apart with a grenade for a DNA canister.
Grab them if you need them. One opening is blocked by Feral furniture that can be taken out with a grenade. Take out the Outcast within and take the items. Eventually, you will come to a long bridge with some Outcasts along the way. Kill them all, then proceed on. Throw a grenade into the last tree to take out a few Outcasts or send them scurrying about. Once inside, have Tex go Berserk, for there will be a few tough Outcasts with miniguns to beat. When they're all gone, proceed upstairs and to the balcony for extraction.

Maximum Scores: 12120/ /28280

Day 9, Planet Caspian

Primary Objectives: Find downed Chopper & recover the lost
documents. Locate the mutant stronghold after you find the
Secondary Objectives: Liquidate all mutants from this sector.

It's just Tex and Brutus against a pack of Caspian mutants. I would use Brutus as the active character for his Vengar ability to see the mutants in the distance. Watch out for the mutants running with a flaming Molotov, the flames are devastating. Past an area with plenty of mutants to liquidate and a fuel tank, which you can blow from a distance, there is a DNA canister in one of the mutant shelters. When you get to a foggy area, use Brutus' Vengar ability, and stick to the high ledges and connecting pipes until you get to a ruined industrial area. There, you will find the lost documents, then proceed to the high platform for extraction after you have cleaned out all mutants.

Maximum Scores: 17400/ /40600

Day 17, Planet Osiris

Hawk joins you for this one, and she will be very useful for taking
out Shadoon's minions. Along the way, you will find towers with a
blue light. Take them out so that the Seers cannot warp to it.
There are huts that when a squadmate enters, much-needed items will
be farscaped in. Take this slowly. Have Hawk use her stealth ability to take out the enemies in an area ahead, especially the Seer Priests. Tex and Brutus can hold a position and take out anything that comes their way, especially if they chase Hawk.

** Chapter 1 **

Primary Objective: Rescue the Spy

Move along the canyon, using the objective marker as a guide. Eventually, you will find a teleportation gate, which the CO will
tell you about and you'll hear a response from Brutus, which is quite funny. Proceed into the gate and move on. A good tactic at the next area is to have Tex and Brutus hold position along the mountain walls on the other side of a Fire field and a large boulder while Hawk uses stealth and her powerblade to take out a few Seers. Across the river of Fire, over a couple of rocky bridges, is another hut, and a path that takes you to another DNA canister. Take it, but be ready to take out a couple of Seer Priests when you do. Kill them and take their ruby that heals the taker lightly. Go across the bridge and to the next teleportation gate. On the other side of the teleportation gate, are some energy cages. Some of the opened ones contain the dead recon squad that the Confederacy sent hours ago. Take what you need, then proceed carefully by taking out the glowing red crystal in the shielded
cage. A pack of small Fire Hounds will come out and spew fire at you. Take them out as quickly as you can, then proceed past the rocky bridge. The first time I went through this, both Tex and Hawk were blasted, that's when I found out about the Seer Pylons. Have Hawk take out a few Seers with stealth, while having her or Tex use their lasers to take out the towers. Proceed to the next hut, take the Medkits and ammo clips, then go to the next teleportation gate.

** Chapter 2 **

New Secondary Objective: Investigate the landing pad.

At the start, there will be a few Confederate grunts attacking the
Seers. Give them as much assistance as you can by taking out the Seers and the Seer Pylons. Proceed cautiously through the canyon, methodically using Hawk to stealthily kill a few Seers and possibly
a few Seer Pylons, then bringing in Tex, Brutus, and any surviving grunts to clean up. Enter the hut to get some supplies, then you can approach the spire in one of two ways: stealth or assault. Either way, take out the lone Seer and the three Seer Pylons, activate the control pod, and then move out and on to the next teleportation gate. The next area is where the Seer Spy is being held captive. Take out all the Seers. A good tactic is to have Tex and Brutus hold at a vantage point along the canyon that leads in, then have Hawk use stealth to take out the Seer Priests. You can also use the sniper rifle Hawk is using to take out a few Seers you can see from a distance, but that increases the chance of alerting them. When all the Seers are taken out, the Spy will be freed.

** Chapter 3 **

Now you must escort and protect the spy. He will raise a bridge to
the cross another Fire flow, then the hard part will come. You must not get him killed while taking out all the Seers that attack. Take them all out and their Seer Pylons. When you're done, enter the hut and resupply. Now, use Hawk to thin out the remaining Seers and Fire Hounds between your present location and the next hut. Take out any Seers and Seer Pylons you see, and then guard the next hut. The spy will enter it, and a farscape portal will extract him. Good work.

New Primary Objective: Retrieve the new technology.

But you're not done yet. The CO gives you a new primary objective.
Get the ball rolling by bringing Hawk up the high road, taking out
any Seers she finds along the way, then sniping from a distance.
When they're thinned out significantly, rejoin Tex and Brutus and
go down the load road, taking out any remaining Seers and Seer Pylons, resupplying at the next hut, then taking the path up to the next teleportation gate.
On the other side of the gate, follow the rocky path, taking out
all Seers along the way. At the opening, a cutscene will occur. Have your Medkits ready. There will be plenty of Fire Hounds and Seers to take out. Afterwards, take out the Seer Pylons. Have Tex and Brutus cover you for them to take out any Fire Hounds while you take the high road with Hawk and her sniper rifle, and take out any Seers you can find. When ready, take the low road, clean out any remaining Seers and take out the Seer Pylons. Enter the spire, take out the Seers within, and retrieve the new technology. Mission complete.

Maximum Scores: 53700/ /125300

Day 34, Planet Estuary

Primary Objectives: Destroy all targets marked on radar & eliminate
all terrorists.
You start on a small beach. There is a high road and a low road.
Go the high road first. Use Tex to take out the Red Hand soldiers
up there and disarm and take the sentry mines. There will be a great vantage point for Hawk to use her sniper rifle on the soldiers near the ruins and down below. Take her there, while Tex joins Brutus in taking out the Red Hand soldiers that come from the low road. When most, if not all, of the soldiers in visible range are dead, bring Tex and Brutus in. Take out the chopper, then proceed across the opening to the path leading up to the ruins. Take out the mutants. Have Hawk take a position at a point in the upper part of the ruins so that she can snipe any soldiers that come from the temple, while Tex and Brutus can head down and take care of the mutants down below. While you're at it, activate the control pod. Proceed into the main temple. Use Hawk to stealthily kill the soldiers within, and then chuck a grenade at the control center to destroy it. Do the same for the turret, if you haven't done so already (you can have Hawk do this with a sniper rifle from the cliff early on), and then the satellite dish. When those three things and all Red Hand soldiers are destroyed, proceed to the
farscape portal for extraction.

Maximum Scores: 17640/ /41160

Day 42, Planet Caspian

Primary Objectives: Proceed through the mutant shanty. Eliminate
Kingman's associate and Assassinate Edward Kingman.
Secondary Objectives: Retrieve Edward Kingman's briefcase.

Flint joins you here. Her sniping skills will be very useful for
this mission.

** Chapter 1 **

Proceed carefully, taking care of all the mutants. Use Flint's advanced Targeting on some of the mutants. You will come to three possible paths: a high, sweeping road, a direct road heading up, or
one heading down. The latter has a sentry mine in the middle. Use
Flint to take out some of the mutants on the other side, then bring
Tex in to disarm and take the Sentry. I then use the sweeping high
road to take out the mutants on top, then snipe with Flint on the mutants below. When all the mutants are taken out, proceed past the shanty. You will see a small path going across the toxic pool. Move carefully, with Flint leading the way to snipe the mutants on the other side and on the vantage point to the left. In the middle of the path is another sentry mine. As usual, use Tex to disarm it, then disarm another mine on the other side, while the other neutralize the incoming mutants. Move past the next set of shanties, taking what you need; watch out for the mutant hiding behind a wall. On the high side of the area, take a left and approach the cliff.

** Chapter 2 **

Move everyone to the opening in the left and engage the mutants.
Up a slope, take out the mutants on the left, dead-end side, then proceed downhill to the shanties on the right, being careful of the
hiding mutants. Past the shanties, is a passageway between some pipes and the side of an outcropping of rock. Watch for the mutants that will jump down from above. Grab the gas grenades and other items in the shanties to the right, then proceed towards a bridge. Two problems occur. One, the bridged is rigged with mines. Two, mutants will attack from the left and from the other side. The best approach is to use Flint to snipe the mutants, and Tex to disarm and take the sentry mines. On the other side of the bridge, watch for more mutants; one of them has a Molotov grenade. Clean out the mutants on the left side first, being careful of another sentry mine in the shanty. Afterwards, move to shanties on the other side, clear out the incoming mutants, and then move on to the next area.

** Chapter 3 **

No mutants here, but you will have to deal with Kingman's associates. These boys in black are genetically enhanced, so they will be much tougher to kill. Proceed carefully, following the path to a intersection. Hold the squad near the intersection. Switch to Hawk, and have her use stealth to slit a few of the patrolling associates with her blade. The rest of the squad should pick off the other patrolling associates. Be careful, some of them will use bio rifles that will cause some nasty damage to all, except Flint. In the building on the left path is the DNA canister. To the right, is a path that leads to a good vantage point for Flint. Have Hawk slit the sniper, then bring Flint there. She should be able to snipe a few of the associates down there. Return to the left side and snipe any associates you can see. You may even be able to take a few shots at Kingman himself. Whatever you decide to do, make sure Kingman and his thugs are dead, then retrieve his briefcase and move to the extraction point.
Maximum Scores: 32940/ /76860

Day 48, Planet Fenix

This will be a tough fight against a determined group of Outcasts.
Well, as Tex says, "Time for a good old lizard hunt."

Primary Objective: Secure the crash site & the munitions site.
Secondary Objective: Investigate all dwellings.

** Chapter 1 **

Move carefully along the path. The Outcasts can either charge in,
leap out from the water, or take sniping or missile shots at you from the dwellings. A good tactic is to let Brutus lead the way with the squadmates covering and use Flint when you need to snipe a few lizard heads. Don't forget about the medkits and healing fruits. They will come in handy soon. Eventually, you will reach a Feral fort. Watch out. There are Outcasts posted at the sentry towers and wall. They either have sniper rifles or sweeper rocket launchers. More Outcasts will come out from the fort. Be careful of the tougher ones, for they will carry more sweepers. Enter the fort and take out the remaining Outcasts in the area while investigating the dwellings within. When all Outcasts in the area are clear, head for the extraction point.

** Chapter 2 **

This time, you will start among a yard of ships. Move carefully and take out all Outcasts you find; some of them will come from the Confederation ships. Going through an opening in the wall, a pack of Outcasts will try to ambush you. Take them all out while trying to keep everyone alive. Move in and take out any remaining Outcasts in the area. Now move carefully. Use Flint to take out the two Outcasts wielding sweepers. From there, move carefully, watching out for hidden mines. In the next area, take out all the Outcasts. Flint can snipe from the elevated platform. In a shanty, there is a DNA canister. Take it.

Maximum Scores: 35940/ /83860

Day 74, Planet Osiris

Primary Objective: Destroy the Dispersion Wave Transmitter.

** Chapter 1 **

As in the previous Osiris mission, a slow, methodical approach is
probably your best option to completing this mission. Have Hawk lead the way. Take a left towards the opening, but do not show yourselves yet. Have Hawk cloak and slice a few Seers, then retreat back to the rest of the squad. Rinse and repeat, moving the squad forward on the way. When you arrive at an opening, noted by the hut in the distance, hold in the canyon. As Tex says, "Looks like we've interrupted prayer time." Tex or Brutus can take out a pylon, while Hawk can slice apart a few Seers. Creep closer and methodically mop up the remaining Seers and pylon in the area; you will know when the image of Shadoon disappear. That said and done, enter the hut, then proceed to the next passageway.

New Secondary objective: Investigate the first spire.

Take out the next two pylons you find along the way. Creep towards the opening with Flint. There are some Seers here you can snipe while the CO reports the spire Delta Squadron reported. Use stealth or brutal force to neutralize any Seers in the spire, take what you need (I would get the Ion Beamer for Hawk), then exit. Move carefully down the passageway, taking care of the pylons and any Seers you find. Creeping in, use Hawk to move up the path on the right and enter the hut, silently taking out any Seers and pylons. Bring her back to the rest of the squad and move down the passageway to your left. Things get harrowing in the next opening. There are six statues here. When you move across with one character, the statues will activate, and a pack of Fire Hounds will appear and attack. Take out the small statues and the glowing ball on the hands of the larger statues as soon as you can. A good tactic is to have the squad hold near the opening and use someone with an energy rifle to take out the statues. When all this is
done, move on to the teleportation gate.

** Chapter 2 **

New Primary Objective: Investigate the "Hot Zone."

Two paths lie ahead of you. The left one sloping upward leads to a
Seer Priest and a vantage point for Tex or Brutus to take out the nearby pylon, and for Flint to snipe. Tex, Brutus, and Hawk should
hold ground near the passageway leading into the large opening from
the path to the right; while Flint snipes as many of the Seers and
Fire Hounds as she can. When the Seers are thinned out, move Hawk
carefully, entering stealth mode and slicing off any Seers she finds. Move her back as quickly as you can, for when a squad member passes the pipes, those Fire Hounds will appear. Snipe or assault the stragglers, take out any pylons you see, then proceed left and clear it of Seers and active pylons. At the T-intersection, take the right passageway to the hut and resupply, then head left, taking out any Seers, Fire sounds, and pylons you see up to the next hut. By then, you should have or nearly completed your investigation of the "Hot Zone."

Follow the passageway to the next opening. A few Seers will attack
from the other side of the passage, and on the higher elevation to the right. Move towards the next hut, but not too close. When one of the squad members approaches the hut, the Seers will attack, as well as a trio of Fire Hounds. Take out any visible pylons, and then use Hawk to stealthily slice off any Seers left on the high ledge. When the area is secure enough, enter the hut and get the things you need. Move carefully down the passageway, taking care of any pylons, Seers, and Fire Hounds you encounter. Hold at the hairpin turn. Take control of Flint, and have her enter the teleportation gates until she is at a tower. Have her hold there while she snipes any Seers she sees. Down below, move Hawk, Tex, and Brutus carefully. There are some rocks that provide cover for you, but also the Seers. Take out the pylon you see along the way. As you move past the rocky obstacles, more Seers will attack, especially on the left ledge that can't be reached. Take out the Seers perched there, and destroy the pylon. Move Tex and Brutus
carefully to the other side, taking out the remaining Seers and ecuring the hut on the high ledge. Make sure you have plenty of ammo and medkits from here. Take the squad down the narrow passageway towards the section where the Dispersion Wave Transmitter is. A good tactic here is to have Hawk and Flint hold near the opening so they can snipe or draw some heat away from Tex and Brutus. Use the boys to destroy any Seers and Pylons you see.

There are three control pods that need to be used in order to take
down the shields guarding the beams of the transmitter. One of them has to be reached through a teleportation gate. The other two are on each side of the transmitter. Be careful when you destroy two of the beams and activate the third pod, for a pack of Fire Hounds will appear and attack. Dispatch them, then destroy the last beam. Mission completed.

Maximum Scores: 53700/ /125300

Day 82, Planet Fenix

Primary Objective: Locate crashed Seer ship.
Secondary Objective: Save Ambassador Shaman Oil-Oak.

This will be your toughest fight so far. The Outcasts will fight
hard and in number.

** Chapter 1 **

Proceed carefully along the passageway, taking out all Outcasts on
the way. Behind a log, is a dead Confederate grunt. Next to it, are some ammo. Approach the first fort carefully. Use Flint to snipe any of the visible Outcasts, then carefully move close to the opening. An elevator shaft will come up, bringing in a horde of Outcasts, who will try to ambush you. Take them all out.

New Primary Objective: Locate New Elevator Lift.

Move in carefully and to the other side of the fort. It will open,
and another pack of Outcasts will attack. Get a good view of the
dwelling in the distance and snipe the Outcast within.
New Secondary Objective: Rescue besieged colonists.

Move in, you will hear the CO inform you of some remaining colonists. Try to save them all, if you can, but there will be a lot of Outcasts attacking their position. When all is said and done, escort any surviving colonists to the farscape portals, then take any ammo and supplies you need from the slain Outcasts and the dwellings. When everyone is ready, move across the next gate to end the chapter.

** Chapter 2 **

You start in a narrow passageway guided by a small creek. Follow it to the opening. A lot of Outcasts will attack, so be ready. A good tactic is to position the squad on the near side of the rocky wall to engage a minimal amount of Outcasts. There will be a few of them with sweeper rockets, so be very careful. When all Outcasts in the area are dead, move on. There will be a few narrow passageways to take. Some of them have pockets of ammunition or healing fruits. Whichever path you take, you will arrive at another opening. This opening is ripe with Outcasts. Take out the Outcast on the wooden ledge, then move onto the natural ledge and pick off the Outcasts you see. Jump back down and onto the next outcropping of rock. Take out the Outcasts that attack and have any wounded squad members take a fruit or two. If possible, use Flint to take out some Outcasts in the dwelling up head. Using either a frontal charge along the opening or using a flanking
attack via a narrow passageway through an old pipe, mop up the remaining Outcasts nearby, and secure the dwelling. Carefully move
to the next gate. There is another gate to the left of the first
one if you're up to using a sneaky approach to taking out the Outcasts in the dwellings and down below. Additional supplies can be found on the far southeast of this area. When ready, move to the next gate and up the elevator shaft.

** Chapter 3 **

Time for a little treetop assault with an assault trooper leading the way (most of us will use Tex). Methodically proceed along the paths, moving from tree to tree, taking out all Outcasts in the trees and breaking up some wooden doors and furniture to reveal hidden passages. When you hear Tex talk about an awful smell, take out the attacking Outcasts, then break open the doors nearby to find slain colonists and some extra grenades. Above you is a balcony. If you can, take out the Outcasts with the sweeper rocket up there, carefully move up the path, evading the roller bombs until they roll off the path; then charge up and kill the outcasts. Blast apart the doors, then take out the Outcasts within. Grab the ammo and fruits if you need them, then take the DNA canister in the balcony. Proceed across the bridge, taking out the Outcasts that attacks while you head down the tree and onto the next passageway.

** Chapter 4 **

The second part of this treetop assault. Again, have Tex lead the
way so he can go berserk if a lot of Outcasts attack. Follow the passageway methodically, moving to the far end of the path to get the medkits in an opening before crossing the bridge. Blast open the first set of doors, then take out the Outcasts within, moving in to take the ammunition and supplies. Head upwards and out, take out the attacking Outcasts, then cross the bridge and into the next tree. Clear it out, then head downwards to the captive Ambassador Shaman. Take out the Outcasts below, then free the Shaman. He will give his thanks, then the Confederacy will extract him. Proceed by heading to the next passageway. Take out the Outcasts in the tree ahead, then head downwards to the elevator.

** Chapter 5 **

New Primary Objective: Kill Seer Priest.

Brutus should lead once more, carefully moving along the swamp floor, taking out all Outcasts on the way. Be careful when you move up to a ledge. Outcasts will ambush you on two sides. When they're all dead, proceed to the left. Here, you have multiple options. You can proceed straight ahead, or sidetrack to the right and take out some Outcasts down below. Near the next gate, have Flint take out an Outcast with a sweeper rocket. Carefully, move to that gate and in. Alternately, you can use the ledge to the right of the gate and attack from above; a more preferable option. When ready, move down and attack any remaining Outcasts that attack. On the other ledge, are a couple of fruits. Move towards the vast opening. The CO should tell you that you're nearing the Seer ship. Carefully proceed, taking out any Seers and Outcasts you find along the way.

New Primary Objective: Kill all crash survivors.

When you get close enough to the Seer ship, your new objective is
given. Explore around the crash site thoroughly, taking out all outcasts and Seers along the way. When all is said and done, proceed to the farcast portals for transfer. The Confederacy will blast apart the Seer ship with an Ion cannon.
** Chapter 6 **
Poker in the field?! Tex and Hawk raise the stakes in a hand full
of Outcasts and Seers. Going through some tree stumps, a pack of Outcasts attack. Kill them all. A dwelling can be seen to the right. Use Flint to snipe the Outcasts over there, including one wielding another sweeper rocket. Move up a narrow passageway to your left. Flint can snipe from that spot. Be careful when moving across the dwellings. More Outcasts will attack hard. When all nearby Outcasts are gone, your next objective waypoint is given. Flint can take out another Outcast in the distant dwelling in the last fort. Approach the fort slowly, taking care of any attacking outcasts. Inside, attack with care. Eventually, the Seer Priest and his fellow Seers will appear. Kill them all and their Outcast friends. I would suggest using Tex for his berserk so you can mow them all down. Clean house and extract.

Maximum Scores: 80460/ /189980

Day 90, Planet Caspian

Primary Objectives: Locate terrorist compound. Find and liquidate
the rogue colonel.
Secondary Objectives: Destroy all fuel storage tanks & missiles at
the compound.

The Confederacy wants to send a clear message to everyone who
supports their enemies, and the rogue colonel is one of them. The
mentioned rogue colonel has been helping the Red Hand, but Brute Force has been warned that he may escape once he knows you're coming.
Most of his hired guns will be well armored and use a variety of weapons, usually bio rifles or sweepers. Carefully move across the fields, with Flint leading and sniping. On the way, take care of any fuel tanks you find and thoroughly explore the fields, taking out all enemies on the way. Two paths branch off at the second field. The left one leads to a door that goes to the next section, but it is locked. The right one leads up a slope to a building that contains the console that opens the door on the left path. Open the doors, then clear out the terrorists in front and behind the doors.

You will come to an area where it branches off into two paths. The
path of the left is a more direct route to the compound. The path to the right is an indirect approach, and as you'll find out, a more useful approach. First, take out the terrorists on the left path, blasting the fuel tank there. Return to the intersection and take the right path, taking out any soldiers you find. Activate the console on the platform and move through the door. Take out the enemies there, clearing out the terrorists on the right path up to the locked set of doors that has no console. Return to the left. Hold the squad there, for the passageway to the opening is rigged with mines. Use flint to snipe on the terrorists there, take out the missiles, and be prepared to take out the colonel when he flees. This is why you're here and not on the direct approach. The colonel and his guards will come through this passageway, and you can pick him and his guards off with relative ease. When he's dead, carefully move towards the compound, taking out any remaining terrorists and missiles. In the compound, watch out for a mine; disarm it or blow it from a distance. In there, is the DNA
canister. Return to the last intersection and take the right path
to the now-opened doors. Take out the terrorists beyond it, including a few in the pipes. Carefully move towards the extraction point. There is a turret guarding it with several terrorists. Chuck a grenade or fire a rocket at it to destroy it, then move in slowly, taking out any terrorists and destroy the last missile there. When all is done, extract.

MAXIMUM SCORES: 37080/ /86520

Day 95, Planet Caspian

Primary Objectives: Liquidate the Supermutant. Open the main gate.
Secondary Objectives: Eliminate all mutants in the area. Destroy
all missile racks & fuel tanks.

You're back in Caspian, this time to deal with the mutants and their leader, a green supermutant. The first section is treacherous. Carefully sweep across the fields, taking out all mutants and securing any ammo and medkits you find. In a compound to the far left, is a console that opens doors to the right. Move carefully, taking out any mutants you see. Try to get to the high ground, for the supermutant will appear on the far side and attack. Try to keep him on the ground, for he will chuck roller bombs that can kill anyone still on the sands.

New Primary Objective: Open the rear gate.

When he's gone, clean house, taking out all mutants as well as all
fuel tanks and missiles. On the far side, is a building with a console that opens the last set of doors. Carefully move through the doors and clear out the mutants. Eventually, you will have to go up a set of ramps up to the top of a battlements to reach the extraction point. All done.

MAXIMUM SCORES: 27840/ /64960

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Everybody thinks I am an IT genius...
Nothing but admiration. I have been complimented on the church site that I manage through you and everybody thinks I am an IT genius. Your support is unquestionably outstanding.
My website looks tremendous!
Fantastic site, easy to follow, simple guides... impressed with whole package. My website looks tremendous. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to set this up, Freeola helps you step-by-step.

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