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Iss Pro Evolution 2 Walkthroughs

Submitted By: many goats

Hi! I hope my walkthrough for ISS Evo 2 is helpful to you. Here,
I will focus on the Master League mode. I will give you a dream
team, the most useful players and of course, hints and tips on
free kicks, little tricks and corners etc. I will also tell you
how to score some goals with your dream team just in case you
are having trouble getting the onion bag to bulge. Also, I will
give you a few cheap players so that you can build up that win
tally quickly and therefore get more money to buy players.

1. The Dream Team
2. Special Skills
3. Set Pieces
4. Unlockables
5. Scoring the Goals

1: The Dream Team

GK: Chalivert
RB: Caffu
LB: R.Corlos
CB: Hierro
DM: Oliseh, Davids
SH: Geags, Denilson
AM: Zidane
CF: Shevchenko, Ronaldo

This formation should bring you endless goals, happiness and
league wins. Lets have a look at why this formation is so good�
To start with, the goalkeeper, Chalivert, is as good as any
goalkeeper on the game; the only one with higher attributes than
him is Compos, and he is too easy to lob.
In defence, you have got a truly solid bunch of stars. To start
with, R. Corlos is the fastest player on the game, and even if
someone goes past him he�s likely to catch him up soon enough.
Hierro is a massive player, and very few can beat him in the
air. This means that you are unlikely to be penetrated by balls
being played over the top. The final defender, Caffu, is simply
solid, quick, useful in attack and great in the tackle. If you
time his tackles right it is nearly impossible for someone to
get past him.
In defensive midfield, you have got probably the two most
powerful shooters on the game. Oliseh and Davids both hit the
ball VERY hard. Also, they are nippy and although not
particularly agile, both make a solid wall that prevents your
defence being hit by counter attacks. They are good for
supplying the forwards with the ball, and are also a good outlet
for the defence.
Your two wingers, Geags and Denilson, are not particularly
quick at all, but both are excellent crossers of the ball, and
have excellent ball control and passing abilities. They may both
actually be wingers, but their forward presence is taken down a
notch as a wide midfielder, and they can provide outlets for the
The attacking midfielder, Zidane, should be used as probably
the most important player in any attack. You should assign him
to all corners and close range free kicks (make R. Corlos take
the longer ones) and if you really want he can be your penalty
taker. He also makes a good captain and can get on the score
sheet. He can provide through balls for the two pacey forwards
as well.
Shevchenko and Ronaldo are the two quickest forwards on the
game. Shevchenko is slightly faster, Ronaldo slightly better.
Play one-twos between the two strikers and you can tear apart
nearly any defence. Once one on one with the keeper, go for the
lob if he strays from his line, to finish stylishly.
For subs, any well known player will do really, as they are all
quite good (use Mbama as a substitute winger; he is very quick),
and try to make sure they all have at least one very impressive
quality, whether it is speed, shooting or heading or whatever.
Look forward to winning!

2. Special Skills

These are not as useful as you may think, but they can make you
look good in front of your mates, especially if you pull them

Fake shot/side step

Command: square , X (quickly)- Not incredibly effective, but if
you can pull it off in front of the keeper you can wrong-foot
him and have an easy finish in the open goal.

Step Over

Command: Quickly tap L2- More of a showboating move really, but
it is useful for wrong-footing a tough defender.

Quick Turn

Command: Opposite direction when sprinting- Not really a
�Special� skill, but this is the most useful so far. Wrong-foots
the defender.

Kick Ahead

Not very special but it�s still useful. If you are racing down
the wing and the defender is coming over to tackle you, use the
kick ahead to play the ball further away from you (and the
tackle) so that you will either fly past the defender or he will
pull you down.

3. Set Pieces

Set pieces are very useful for scoring goals, as long as you
know how to do them.

Free Kick- Edge of the Box (16-24 Metres)

Simply hold down the power to about 2/3 full, and then press
down as the shot is released. Aim for the corner away from the

Free Kick- Further Out (24-30 Metres)

Pretty much the same as above but do not hold down the down
button this time. Also, you have space to bend the ball around
the wall if the angle isn�t too good.

Free Kick- Long Range (30-40 metres)

It is possible to score from 40 metres, but you�ll need a player
with a 19 curving stat. Hint for those with the dream team: R.
Corlos CAN score from here. You need to push the power up to
just under full, and bend the ball well around the wall. You
should aim for the top corner with enough pace to beat the

Free Kicks- In Your Own Half

You can either play it Wimbledon style and belt it up field, or
pass to a nearby player and build an attack from there. It does
not really matter.


The best way to take a corner is to aim slightly out from the
near post, where your centre back will wait, and aim for his
head. If it is the right height he will score if you aim the
header right. Another good strategy is to curl the ball away so
it hits your players around the penalty spot. If you have a
player running in, they can give the ball a lot of power as they
are running at good speed, so even a header is hard to stop.

4. Unlockables

Club House Stadium: Win The Konami Cup
Euro All-Star Team in Exhibition mode: Win the International
World All-Star Team in Exhibition mode: Win the International
Your Master League team in Exhibition mode: Win the Master

5. Scoring the Goals!

I will just mention that this is for people using the team given
at the beginning of the walkthrough, but you can try it with
whatever team you want if you like.

The best way to score a goal is a very simple way. Get the ball
to Ronaldo, make him turn towards Shevchenko, play a one two and
he will run on to the return and will have the pace to get away
from the defence and have a pop. It works the same with
Another great attacking strategy this one. Give Geags or
Denilson the ball. As they attack the wing back, get them to
play a through ball INSIDE the full back, beating him and
rolling the ball into the path of the on-running striker,
whoever it may be. If the striker is in a wide position, try to
pull them across the goal and curl it into the far corner.
Want to get Davids and Oliseh on the score sheet? Well, this is
how you do it. Get a corner, and then if it is cleared, try and
force the ball to one of those two about 30 metres out. Do a
short sprint (just hold down for a second or two) and then hit a
shot to about * full power. If you ain for the far corner, you
may be able to score an absolute rocket that is not only a vital
goal, but also it is one that you can save and show your mates
how great you are.
Another is mentioned in the �Corners� section. Do a near post
corner to the head of Hierro, and hopefully you can send a
blistering header into the net.

These are all very useful, and don�t forget to simply run down
the wing and cross the ball, a lot of goals are scored like
that. With the dream team, you should be almost indestructible,
even on the hardest difficulty level. If you have any other
great scoring strategies then please tell me!

Thanks go to Station Solutions Magazine with help on this
walkthrough; you really helped me out lads! I hope this
walkthrough comes in handy to anyone who needs help.

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