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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Great Escape"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Great Escape (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Freeola

Here are the first 9 levels out of 18, if u get 2 the 9th level before I have finished the others u have 2 go it alone. NOW GOOD ESACPEING!!

BOMER RAID is exactly what it sounds like. The level is probably the shortest 1 you have 2 do. This level your Macdonald (The Intelligence Officer), you start of in the plane cockpit flying over Germany. It starts of with your plane catching on fire, and your co-pilot going to check it out, which burns him. So now Macdonald is at youíre disposal, so you go out the cockpit, and you can see the fires, but before you get close to them there is a fire extinguisher so u pick that up go towards the first fire and press X and keep youíre finger on it until the bar a the bottom of the screen is empty, that means you put the fire out. Then you move on to the next 1 and do exactly the same as you did before. After the fires out some German planes appear and shoot out youíre back gunned, so now you have to control that, shoot every plane that comes near you, doesnít matter if you miss a few but they can kill you the plane. Once they have bin shot down, they retreat and the flack guns start again. Then your left engine is on fire so you have to abandon the plane, but before this you have to run back to where the radio man is and burn the code book (time limit), once it is burnet you go back to where the gunners nest is and grab youíre parachute. But donít be alarm when the side of the plane is blown open and you collapse on the floor, you have completed the mission but you got the wind knocked out of you. Then you see all your crew parachute of the place and you see the plane flying away on fire. Once you reach the ground two German officers are waiting for you and they take you to a camp, which is the next mission.

This level your still Macdonald, but youíre in a prison camp. The mission is only at dark. You start of in a barracks; most of the people in the barracks are a sleep except the 1 you need to talk 2. At the end of your barracks is a senior British officer; he is in charge of the escape team, you talk 2 him, and he tells you 2 go 2 the next barracks 2 get a fake pass. There are 3 doors out of youíre barracks. 1 at the front, and 1 on each side of the barracks. You take the left door out which comes out side and you can see the other hut, but there is no door this side, so you wait behind a box until the guard walks past, but donít run out because there is a searchlight comes past. Once the light had gone past you walk 2 the next barracks and enter using the front door, once in side you go straight 2 the back where two British officers are there, you go and talk 2 them, talk 2 both of them and they will tell you 2 get a real pass from the German officers room. 2 do that u have 2 go out of this hut using the left door, and straight through 2 the other hut, and go 2 the front door. Once there look through the keyhole, 2 see where the guard is once he is a good distance away, open the door and turn left, but be careful there is also another searchlight there, once past that head for the hut. Open the door but keep your finger on L1, so not 2 disturb the sleeping guard, go into the room with the fire place and pick the pass of the table, (once you pick it up there is time limit 2 get it 2 youíre man and back on2 the table with out be caught), now head back outside, still holding L1 at the door look through the keyhole 2 make sure the guard is not there, if not go out side and hide behind the water troth laying down. When the guard has gone again stand up, go 2 the gate, but watch out 4 the searchlight again, and go into the nearest hut, this is the 3rd hut, you need the 2nd 1, so go through the side door 2 2nd hut and give the pass 2 the man sitting down. He will look at it and say something, then you have 2 take it back, so go 2 the 3rd hut, look out the keyhole at the font door, wait till the guard has gone and go outside 2 the German hut, avoiding the search light, and put the pass back on the table, BUT donít forget 2 hold L1 so not 2 wake the guard. Once you have placed the pass on the table, you now have to go and speak 2 the man in the 3rd tunnel, he is know as the Big X, he is the tunnel man. Once you are there, speak 2 him, and he will tell u he needs a shovel, there is a shovel behind the hut you r in now. So down out the right door, round the back, BUT watch out the searchlight 4 the German officers hut can see you behind the hut. So wait till its gone and go 2 the fence of the compound and get the shovel and return 2 Big X. once in the hut u can now see that Big X is not there, he is in the tunnel, 2 get 2 him walk 2 the box on ure right hold down X and pull the stick 2wards u, this moves the box 2 uncover the hole he is digging. Once u get down there and give him the shovel. He will say he needs more wood and gives u a key, as soon as that happens a man from up top says look out, so u have 2 get out the tunnel quickly and push the box over the tunnel entrance. Once that is done two soldiers will come in and inspect the barrack, Waite till they have left and go 2 the front door, look 2 see if the walking guard has gone by, get outside tune left again and go into the gats, BUT watch out 4 the search light again, once in this area on ure left there are 2 small huts, in these hut are wood, u use the key Big X gave u 2 open and get the wood, the wood u need it the nearest one 2 the gate, once opened and got the wood, make sure u shut it so no guards find it, and head back down 2 Big X. when he has the wood you go back 2 topside, cover the whole again, and head 2 the 2nd hut 2 get ure pass, when u have ure pass go back down the tunnel, and u will see it is finished, crawl through 2 the other side and up the ladder, once up the ladder u will be caught, and put in the castle, which is the next mission.

You are still Macdonald, this time ure in a cell, which u cant get out, well they think that, on ure right side is a empty sell and on ure left is another prisoner in a cell, go and talk 2 him, he will give u a hacksaw blade, which u can saw the grill 2 get into the empty cell, once done the blade will brake, no worries u wont need it any more, go back 2 the guy and he will distract the guard 4 u, while he is doing this u a time limit 2 crawl through 2 the empty cell, open the door 2 the cell, which is not lock, and head out side. Once outside head straight 4 the wall in front of u and down 2 the passageway 2 the left of u, there u will be safe 4 a bit. Now u can see there is one guard walking round near the cells and one searchlight the is going round, wait till both things are not looking at u and turn right, past a door with a light and stop and a double door. Waite he, cause there is another searchlight, this 1 is high 1, which only goes on the ground a bit, when itís the light is up high, head 2wards the searchlight. Once their u can see some bows, climb up the boxes 2 the roof go along the roofs, BUT watch out the searchlight goes around up here. When the searchlight is on the ground run towards a balcony, which has a door, get in it before the searchlight is back, BUT makes sure the door is close or the searchlight will call the guards. When in side u will notice it is dinner room and it has a door, so know 1 can see u. look through the keyhole, u will see there is 1 guard walking around, so wait till he has gone through the door and go out turn left and then left again, I know itís a dead end, but u can make it 2 the door u need with out him spotting u. once he has gone past, run out and tune left, past the door he goes in and on the right there is a laundry room where the uniform is. Once in there go round the corner and u will fine a uniform, put it on, BUT as soon as u put it on a guard will come in and wash his hands, he is the guard u will be so, hold L1, and creep up 2 him press R1 when a hand sign appears and keep taping it until the bar has vanished, this means u have strangles him, then press x to drop him. Now u r a guard, so know one will stop u. So now go out side and turn right 2 the end and go in the door there, in here is a key, u need this 4 later. Now go back 2 the guard that keeps walking around, wait behind him and strangle him, do this because he will find the dead guard and sound the alarm. Now go into the door he goes through and down the stairs and there will be another guard strangle him, 4 the same reason as before. Now go out side, now in the middle of the court yard there are two trucks, behind them is a tunnel, head towards that, in the tunnel there are 2 ways 2 go, the left is clear but the right has a guard, he wont let u pass if u donít have any papers, and u cant get nay either. So u have 2 go 2 the left side, do round until u come into the room, in there, there will be a speaker system, press X in front of this make that guard move, once he u have done that run back 2 where he is standing and will b walking away, quickly strangle him b4 he gets out side, because he will come back and find u down there. When u has done that go down the right side and u will fine a meat hook this is 4 u 2 slide down. Now u has the hook u need the searchlight off 2 slide down the wire. So now go out 2 the courtyard and head toward some door on the left hand side, u want the door in the middle, go in side and it should be red. Go round the corner and u will find a generator behind a gat, that key u picked up earlier opens it, once open go 2 the leaver and press X, this shuts the power off, now the power is off head towards the searchlight on the right again, head up the boxes 2 get the rood and run round 2 that door on the balcony, But this time donít go in go past it and u will fine some stairs, at the bottom of the stairs its says HALT, ignore that they can see u, now run up the stairs onto the castles wall and head 2 the wire, press X and u will slide down 2 the bottom of the mountain, which is the next level.

Again u r McDonald, now ure at the bottom of the mountain, u cross the little bridge and there is a hut with a guard outside, and u are still wearing ure uniform, and now there is a guard head 2ward the hut, cause the phone is ringing 2 say u have escaped, run in the hut and straggle the guard before he answers the phone or it is all over. Once he is dead go out side and cut the phone line but be careful there is enough guard walking around. Once cut head toward the gates, open them and head 2 ward the hut, u have 2 go round 2 get it, once round the back there is a ladder, climb up 2 the roof and enter the building using the sky light, now in side there are guns and medical kits for u, and the key 2 get out. Once u are out of the hut there is a patrol gate and a searchlight, the guard at the gate will ask 4 papers, which u donít have, so the only way up there is 2 shoot ure way through, so get some where with cover, shoot the 2 guards, and the one on the searchlight, there should b 2 coming down from the mountain and two over by the first hut shoot them, there might be more but it depends. Once these lot are killed u head up the hill follow the path and there will be a truck with 2 guards there kill them, and now it get a bit hard, now ure run past a check point and a hut, killing them men at the same time, now there is another big open, kill the man coming out the hut, also watch ure health, u health packs if necessary, now hind behind a blown up truck this is because there is a machine gun post, try and kill the man using it and the two men beside it, once they are dead there should be some men coming up behind u, u can kill them or run 2 the machinegun nest and use that, once they are dead got past the machine gun nest and u have completed the level.

This level u play as Sedgwick (A manufacturer), and again the title means what it sound like, u have 2 burn the code book, cause before he parachute out the plane he forgot 2 burn it so now u have 2 go back and burn it. Right u start on a train track, down 2 the left is an army depot, run 2wards it and then u have 2 get a vehicle, 2 do this go round the back of the 1st hut there, hide being the boxes until the guard has walked away again, once he had gone run across 2 the next hut and run 2 the end of it. Now go round the side and look round the corner, the small guard is there, wait until he had gone again, now run being the vehicle between u and the other hut, and then 2 the hut, stay out of site until he had gone. Now u buy the 3rd hut, u can see the guard clearly, when he has turned round, HOLD L1 2 creep round 2 the door of this hut, open it and in side is a mechanic, strangle him so he does call the guards, once done grab a spanner and head 2 the vehicle and use the spanner to repair it. If the mechanic sees u before u strangle him before he calls the guard run out the hut where the vehicle is and head left this is a big gun there u can use, shoot all the men there then go and do the truck. Once the truck is repaired get in and head 2wards the tunnel, the men canít hit u cause u are dropped down. Go thought the tunnel out the other side, past the barrier, u can run over the men, follow the road past the turning on the right and round the corner. Once u around the corner a tank fires at u but misses u, head straight for the tower buy make sure u are out of the tanks range. When at the towel, get out the vehicle head up the stairs, in the room and pull the leaver, this makes the train come through and smash into the train once that is done carry on following the road, take the right turning after the train. Keep following it until u come 2 a barn; park the vehicle in the barn. Once parked get out and go 2 the house, and go 2 the other door, u will see when u get out there is hedge 2 u are right, go 2 the end and look round the corner, u will see a guard there, wait till he has tuned round and run to the trailer, hide there until he looks away now run 2 the gap way once in there u can go left or right, doesnít matter which, they both lead 2 the field. Once in the field u will see the plane and the guards. Now it doesnít mater, just run toward the plane ignoring the guards, get in side it & find the book and burn it using ure lighter. Once done they guards will capture u and take u 2 a prison camp. That means this level is finished.

This level u is playing HILTS (THE COOLER KING) because he spends most of his time in the cooler. This level u are in a prison camp once again, u start of in a barrack, these barracks have 3 doors as like the other barrack, where u start of, u need 2 go 2 the right door out and through 2 the other barracks and get the lock pick, which is on the right part of the barracks by a side lamp. Once got this go 2 the right door again and look out the keyhole, u can see a hut there, that is a cooler, in there is a man u need 2 speak 2, also there is guard walking round and a searchlight going round, once both of these have gone, run out side through the gat and go left round the hut until u are round the back, wait again, and now when the guard has gone go into the hut, make sure u shut the doors the guard doesnít notice it, and head 2 the end cell, where is the man u need 2 speak 2. Use the lockpit 2 open the door and speak 2 him. BUT be careful the guard outside can see through the window so make sure u talking after he has looked. He gives u a stamp, now u have 2 go and get some ink and paper, which is in the opposite hut, well the best way 2 get him is 2 go back the way u cam, into the 3rd hut, now the 2nd 1. Go 2 the door at the front u can see another hut there, but a guard is walking around, wait until he has gone and go into that hut, now go 2 the right door and 2 through 2 the 3rd hut. And go 2 the door in front of u and look through the keyhole u can see the hut, No.4. As u look around u can see the guard that guards the coller huts walks up here, wait until he goes then run into the hut. Once u picked them off the table go back the way u cam 2 the hut opposite the one u are in, and gibe the stuff 2 the forger. He will tell u that u need a map, 2 get the map u need a distraction, so go back 2 the hut where u got the ink and paper and there is a guy there that will distract the guards out side the commandants hut. The man will go out the door nearest 2 his bunk, so wait until the guards and the searchlight is on him, BUT u have a time limit until the distraction is up, so hurry 2 the hut the door nearest the gate, grab the map off the table, u still have time 2 get back 2 hut 4 with out anyone noticing u. once u are back there go 2 the forgers barracks 2 get ure pass. Now u have 2 go 2 the end hut on this side 2 the entrance of the tunnel. Once their u have 2 pull the bed out 2 get into the tunnel. Once done climb down the ladder into the tunnel. Then the man goes down there and the tunnel collapses, which makes the guard come in, so u have 2 move the bed back over and wait till he has gone, if u want u can strangle him so u donít run in2 him outside (its up 2 u though). Now u need a trowel which is on the opposite side of the side but in front of this hut, so go 2 the front door, make sure it is still clear and go into the hut and see the man. Once he gives u the trowel go back 2 the tunnel and dig the POW out. Once u have dig him out u crawl through the tunnel, now he goes one way and u go toward the truck depo, which is the next level.

This level u is still HILTS, and u start of in the forest with guard walking around so ure best bit it 2 stay 2 the left. Run a few yards up until u see the 1st guard, when u do lay down and crawl but keep 2 the tree trunk on the ground, this covers u from the 1st guard, the other guard is walking on higher ground, but there is a low passages way under a log, go that way and head for the little hut 2 ure left. Once u near the hut, but not 2 close u can see some light, they are form the men at gat 2 the truck depo, BUT also around the left hand side of the hut is a guard be careful of him, once he turns round go 2 right side of the hut 2 the door, open it BUT hold down L1 cause there is a guard asleep, go into the other room and put the uniform on. Now go 2 where the guard is slapping, on the table there, there is a pair of binoculars and a bottle, grab them cause u will need the bottle later. Now u have the uniform on head 2 the gate where the 2 guards are, once there show ure pass and they will let u in. once in there is building surround with fence, u are not allowed in there, thatís what they say, go right around the other side 2 where there is a gate, pick the lock when the guard in there is not looking 2 get in. once open stay out side but behind the boxes so the guard doesnít see u, now the bottle u picked up in the hut, get it and through it over, the guard will go see what it is, now u walk in holding L1 and go behind him and strangle him, then drag his body over behind the boxes. Now go round the front off the building to the door, wait a bit cause a man comes out, and he will go past him but strangle him and go in side. Once u are in the building u will see boxes, now go 2 the left side and round the corner will be a table with a key on it. Take the key, now u need some papers, which are on the top floor, so go round 2 the stairs, go up them but there is a man in the office walking around, so wait until he goes in there run and hide behind some boxes and then when he comes out strangle him and take the papers. Now u have the papers, go out side 2 where there is a truck, get in it, drive it 2 the gates, get out, give them the paper work, then drive off following the road, which completes the mission.

This level you are MacDonald again, first of all you start of in a hut, a big 1 than that, now u need 2 get a officers uniform, there is 1 right under neither youíre hut, so go 2 any of the doors go out side, BUT be careful, there is a guard walking around so make sure he doesnít notice u going under and coming out. Once u got the uniform put it on so u crawl out with it on, so the guards donít think much of it, now you have 2 get a pocket knife which is under the commanders hut, 2 get 2 this u need 2 get out of the prisoners area, but 2 do that u need a pass 2 get pass the guard buy the gate. NO Worries, just go up 2 the guard and he will let u thought this time, well itís the only time u go that way, but anyway go thought the gate head 2wards the hut, make sure no 1 is looking go under get the knife and come out with out being spotted. Once u have the knife go 2 the hut beside the commanders hut, which is where the telephone wire is make sure the guard walking around is not there, u donít want 2 be caught, once done that go 2 the other before the checkpoint and in there should be a delousing pass on a table, in there are two guards, one buy the opposite door, another buy the table drinking tea, make sure he is not looking when u swipe it, when u do swipe it, walking out quickly or the other guard will come and ask 4 youíre papers, which u donít have. Then when youíre out side on the speaker, says there is a roll call, so u have 2 get back inside, change youíre clothes and go 2 the roll call, BUT before that u have 2 stamp youíre pass, which is in the commanders office, go in there make sure no 1 sees u going in, stamp the papers, then the commander comes in, you can either hide from him or wait behind the door and then strangle him, then go 2 the roll call. Once the roll call is over go and get the 2 POW from the barracks, walk them 2 the gates, show them your pass now head over to the checkpoint, once there u are nearly walking thought but there is a surprised inspection buy a higher officer, so the men run, u are left there, but u must no be seen buy the officer, hide behind the truck there and move slowly round the opposite way 2 them and get back 2 the camp. Now this mission is over and u havenít escaped wearied right.

This level u are Hilts again, youíre in the same camp as the last level, first u need some wire cutters, go 2 the door on the side, make sure the guars isnít looking and run out into the next hut, and then the next hut 2 that. Once in there u are about 2 the wire cutters but the hut is about 2 be searched, so u have 2 help hide the tools, first pull the big bookcase back, then the 2 small 1s. Once the guards have gone u get youíre wire cutters. Now u have 2 go back 2 youíre hut, because the outer fence there has a blind spot where the search lights cant get it, so there u must cut it and get out. Once u got quite far into the wood u are safe, so u think but the guards no u have escaped and are after u, so u have 2 run and make sure not 2 get caught, the best way is 2 keep along the left hand side so the guards go past u. now u have got away from them there is a little hut in front of u, there are only 2 guards there but they are good at spotting u, 1 is in front of the hut and the other 1 is walking around the right hand side of it. U have 2 go past it, so u have 2 crawl up 2 some logs, then a piece of the wall, make sure the guard walking around is always facing the other way before u move. Once he had gone crawl round past the bush and keep going, u will miss the other guard and once a good distance away u can stand up. Now go hind behind the house, u need 2 kill those guard 2 go on, 1st kill the guard buy the hut, u need 2 get near him with out them seeing u, then once the other guard has gone, open the door 2 the house, strangle the guard and pull him in2 it. Now u donít have 2 kill the other guard, once he walks around again following him and then head straight 2 the wall and lay down, then he goes again and now stand and run out of site. U will come 2 a road, u have 2 follow the road 2 finish the level, but trucks come past so donít get seen. At the end of the road is a gat with 2 guards, first kill one then the other, now open the gat, it doesnít, so u have 2 follow the fence 2 another 1. It leads u 2 the rive, climb in it and go down a bit till u can climb back up, once up head north and there will be a gate there, it doesnít open either, but there are some longs there which u can jump over the wall with now go forward and u have finished, but on the next level u are caught, that was 4 u 2 look around and go back so donít worry.

Submitted By: Munson
The Great Esape ( walkthrough by Munson ). 19/01/04

Chapter 1. BOMBER RAID

Once you take control of McDonald, leave the cockpit and grab the fire extinguisher along the left hand side, it should be opposite the navigator's station.
Run towards the back of the plane putting out any fires along the way,when that's done go to the very back of the plane and use the rear gunners position by pressing the 'X' button.
Begin shooting at the waves of German fighters that start to attack, you get unlimited ammo in this gun turret so don't be shy on the trigger, shooting down about half a dozen planes should do the trick.
Now head back up the plane to the navigator's station and look for the code book on the table, you will need to destroy this book so just stand next to it and press the 'X' button again.
Go back to the rear gunner position again and collect the parachute from the right hand side then run back up to the front of the plane and you will automatically leave the aircraft.


You now find yourself a prisoner in the Dulag Luft X camp, the first thing you need to do is find the officer in hut 1, he will be in a room at one end of the hut and he gives you a compass which you can used to point in the direction of various objects.
Leave the hut and go to the left and make your way to the adjacent 'hut 2',go in and search the rooms until you find Big X who will be sitting behind his desk.
Also in this room is the forger who you need to talk to as well, he tells you to get a German pass from the guard hut.
Head back out the front of the hut and make your way left and down the side of 'hut 3' watch out for the search lights.
The guard hut is in front of hut 3 in a fenced off area, but there's a gate open in the fence.
Now here's the tricky part, there's a guard patrolling the guard hut, so watch his route and nip through the gate at the right time.
Go over and enter the guard hut through the side door, press the R2 button to take you into stealth mode and sneak into the hut as there's a guard asleep inside, creep over to the room on the right and get the German pass from the desk in the corner.
The next part of this chapter has a time limit on it, but if you don't mess around too much you have plenty of time.
Retrace your steps all the way back to the forger in hut 2, and then when he's copied the pass return it it back to the guard hut where you borrowed it.
Now return to hut 3 and enter through the front, your looking for the tunneller who will be in a room on the right, after chatting you need to find a shovel so head back out the front of the hut and around to the left, don't forget to watch out for guards and the searchlights, the shovel will be leaning by the fence near the side of the hut.
Go back to the tunnellers room and stand by the big crate and press 'X' to grab the crate and pull it away and reveal the tunnel entrance, then go down and talk to the tunneller again.
Go back up the ladder and quickly push the crate back so the Germans don't find thr tunnel, then after they finish searching make your way outside and head to the guard hut area, the tunneller has given you a door key and you need to get some wood from the little storage shed, just check your map for it's location.
Once you've colected the wood, go back to hut 3 through the front door and take the wood down to the tunneller.
return to the forger in hut 2 to get your pass then go back to the tunnel again, crawl through the tunnel and up the ladder at the other end, job done.

Chapter 3. THE CASTLE

You find yourself alone in a prison cell so start by having a chat with the prisoner next door, his name is Gerry who gives you a hacksaw blade.
Go to the bars on the opposite wall and use the hacksaw blade to cut through,now go and talk to gerry again who will distract the guard for you.
While he's doing this crawl through the bars into the cell next door, out of the cell and through the door to the right which takes you into the main courtyard.
You need to get hold of a uniform, watching out for the patrolling guards and searchlights make your way over to the lorry that's furthest away from you in the middle of the courtyard and use it to hide behind.
Now you need to get to the North East corner of the yard and hop onto the boxes in the corner, climb up onto the sloped roof and make your way around to the two chimneys, when the searchlight moves away go over to the door on the left and enter.
Look through the keyhole into the hallway watching for the guard patrolling, when he's heading away go out into the corridor and sneak down and through the first door on the right which is the laundry room.
You will find a uniform on the table of the room to the right, a guard will enter the laundry so get the uniform on quickly.
leave the laundry and carry on up the corrdor and through the second door on the right where you should find a generator key on the wall.
Back to the corridor and through the open doorway to the right, then go down the stairs and back out into the courtyard.
Head through the archway over by the lorries, at the end of this tunnel there's an officer who won't let you through so go down the corridor to the left and into the room at the end, use the PA system in here to draw the officer away then go back to the unguarded corridor and down the steps into the torture room and grab the meat hook from the table.
Go back to the courtyard and check your compass, head towards the door it's pointing at and go through into the generator room, unlock the gate and pull the switch near the generator to cut off the power.
Go back into the courtyard and over to the North East corner again and up the crates once more, go pass the chimneys and the door this time and up the steps to the battlements.
Now just go over to the telegraph wire in the corner and press 'X' to escape.


Start by crossing the small bridge and enter the hut on the right.Go into the room on the right and answer the phone that's ringing.
Once you've put the phone down, turn around and talk to the guard that's entered the room behind you.
When he turns his back on you, sneak up and strangle him, take the first aid kit and the luger ammo from the desk near the door then go into the room opposite for the luger and some more ammo and don't forget the sniper rifle ammo.
Go outside and watch out for the guard that's patrolling, sneak up around the side of the building and strangle him also.
Now head through the gate in the small fence into the area with the searchlight.
Go around the back of the building on the left and climb the ladder onto the roof, jump through the skylight into the storeroom for more first aid, grenades, the sniper rifle and ammo.
Get the storeroom key off the wall and unlock the door and leave the hut.
Go into the small fenced area by the hut for some more first aid near the crates.
Now go back behind the storeroom where the ladder is and fire a shot from the luger, a guard will come to investigate so wait until he turns back to his post then sneak up and strangle him.
Next climb on top of the storeroom and equip the sniper rifle, shoot out the searchlight you can see and the lone guard.
Get off the roof and head to the now unguarded mountain trail, follow the trail along until you reach a bend, just around this bend are two guards you can take out with the rifle then carry on.
Look around the barbed wire fence when you reach it for a sub machine gun and ammo and follow the trail past a lorry and around the corner.
when you pass three oil drums, get into the crawl position and get as close as you can to the left hand side of the trail, up ahead is a guard standing near some oil drums, shoot him or the drums with the rifle then wait for another guard who comes into view as well.
Carry on and shoot the guard near the lorry and one that comes running up the trail.
Continue and search the oil drums where the guard was for some sniper ammo and carry on along the trail.
As you pass between a wire fence and the lorry snipe the guard in the distance then carry on to the next lorry but get ready for a couple of guards who approach from behind you, after these are dead snipe the ones ahead of you by the wire barricade as well.
Further on, ahead of the next lorry is a gun emplacement, so go to the front of the vehicle and take cover.
Try lobbing a grenade at the gun emplacement then equip the sub machine gun and shoot the guards that appear, carry on past the gun emplacement and down the trail to finish the level.


Run down the left hand verge and hide behind the back of the first building, hiding behind the crates by the corner of this building, wait for the guard to walk out of sight of the building opposite then run around the side of that building and make your way around to the far side.
From here you can see a broken down lorry on the left and a side door of the opposite building.
When the guard is out of sight, run over and hide behind the crates next to the building opposite.
Go into stealth mode and sneak into the side door, look through the keyhole and wait for the mechanic inside to walk away from the door, then sneak in and strangle him.
Get the first aid and a wrench from the bench and go into the garage area next door.
Equip the wrench and go around to the far side of the truck, open the panel near the front by pressing 'X' to fix it then 'X' again to jump in the truck.
Before driving off, take conrol of the mounted gun and shoot any guards that appear in front of the garage doors.
Drive out of the garage and head through the exit of the depot.
Once outside, stop and shoot the guards at the blockade near the depot then follow the road until it bends around to the left.
Get out of the truck and walk around the corner where you will see a massive great tank, sneak into the building on the left of the road via the stairs and operate the signal lever and this will take care of the tank.
Now return to the truck and carry on up the road, taking the right hand road after the train line.
Just follow the road to the farmhouse killing any guards along the way.
Get out of the vehicle and enter the farmhouse through the door behind the broken down lorry.
Go through the house and out the back door. Now run across the garden and off to the right across the gravel path, you will be chased by the guards in the garden but just keep going, run through the archway in the wall then follow the right hand path and through another archway into the field where the crashed plane is.
Follow your compass needle to the wreckage and enter the plane through the hole in it's side, find the code book near the front of the plane and burn it with your lighter.


Before leaving the hut, run to the end door, open it and wait for the guard to see the open door and come to investigate, just waiy until he turns around to go then strangle him.
Go back inside the hut and exit through the left hand door and go across to hut 7, get the lockpick from the corner of the right hand room.
Go back to the door you entered the hut, open the door and use the same tactic to strangle another guard.
Now leave the hut and make your way over to the Cooler through the open gate in the fence.
Enter through the side door and use the lockpick to open the cell with the prisoner, have a chat with him and he gives you the official German stamp.
Leave the Cooler and make your way to hut 4, search the bookshelves for the ink and paper you need.
Now go to the forger in hut 3 and speak to him.
Go back to hut 4 and talk to the prisoner in one of the middle rooms who will cause a distraction for you.
This is another timed section, you need to make your way to the kommandant's office and sneak through the side door, get the map from the desk and take it back to hut 4 before the guard returns.
Go speak to the forger again then make your way to hut 1 and talk to the prisoner in the end room by the bunk beds.
Pull the beds out of the way and enter the hole that is revealed.
After the cutscene, go and push the beds back before the guard finds it, and strangle him when his back is turned if you like.
Go to hut 5 and talk to the prisoner in the end room to get the trowel then go back to hut 1, pull the beds back and go down into the tunnel and use the trowel to dig out the trapped tunneller.


Assume the crouch position and stay to the left of the forest trail, make your way right along avoiding the guards searching the forest.
After a while you'll reach a clearing with a white building, there's a guard to the left, so sneak around the right hand side then when the doorway is clear, sneak into the hut.
Sneak past the sleeping guard and get the uniform from the bed and put it on.
Leave the hut and walk over to the truck depot, at the gate you, equip your German army permit and walk into the depot.
Head around the back of the large warehouse where there is a fenced area.
wait for the guard in this area to turn his back and pick the lock of the small gate on the side of the fence.
Go through and hide behind the crates, when the guard patrols the front of the warehouse, sneak down to the next crates and hide behind these, then when the guard comes back past you make your way to the front door of the building and enter.
Run and hide behind the crates on the left, when the Guard appears at the rear of the warehouse, sneak up and strangle him when he looks at the notice on the wall.
Get the truck keys from the table by the notice.
Go to the opposite side of the warehouse and go up the stairs to the balcony, enter the storeroom area on the right where a guard ask's for your papers, just go behind him and strangle him.
Go into the transfer office and take the transfer orders from the desk.
Leave the warehouse and sneak back past the guards patrolling the fenced area and out through the gate you opened earlier, run around to the left and get into the truck parked in front of the warehouse.
Drive out of the depot and follow the road to the checkpoint, get out of the lorry and show the transfer papers to the guard, get back in the lorry and off you go.

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