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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sonic Advance 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Vergil
Sonic advance 2:-

--------Special ring locations: Part 1--------

This is just for leaf forest act 1, I will be doing more when I get some free time!

---First special ring---

Okay, as soon as you begin run forward and jump over all of the cliffs that you come across until you reach your first loop. Once you are there, you will need to jump on top of that or climb, whichever character you are using, and you will find a grind pole. You will need to grind across that to reach your second loop and you will find your first special ring there!

---Second special ring---

Continue from where you are and step over the right side to find a slope with a blue spring on a flat at the end of it. You will need to keep bouncing off of the spring until you get high enough to do your special by pressing up and r.

---Third special ring---

Once you have that, jump off directly opposite from the spring to get into another area. Continue on until you find a twisty path(a corkscrew), once past it, imediately stop and turn around. Drop down and you will find your next ring.

---Fourth special ring---

Continue going until you find a fairly big loop the loop and there will be a ring inside that, located at the top of it.

---Fifth special ring---

Continue going the way the level takes you, which should be the right and you will come across 2 sections of water, it isn't the first one you need, it is the second section. Once you are there you will need to be running fairly fast to run across the water where the ring is located.

---Sixth special ring---

Get back on the main path, continue along to your right and you will find a ramp which you need to use to fling yourself upon yet another loop. Keep running and jump over any gaps that you come across to find another ramp which you need to use to get onto another loop. Keep running left and let spring on top of the loop throw you up to the floating ring.

---Last special ring for this act---

From here drop down to the next platform and continue the level at a steady pace(not too fast), and continue until you get to yet another ramp! Jump over that to reach the bottom of the level again, turn around and run for a while as you will need to be going quite fast for this next bit. Once you feel that you have got enough of a run up you will see a spring. Use that to send you flying back up the loop and back down the slope to reach the ramp, which will send you flying over an upslope, onto a platform which contains the last ring.

Please note:- You do not need to get the special rings from act 02 if you already have them from leaf forest act 01!

Any queries just email me.

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