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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Megaman Network Transmission"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Megaman Network Transmission (Gamecube)
Submitted By: GenYLun
Megaman Network Transmission.

The WWW is trying to delete everything but lucky Megaman blast him quickly. Even though WWW have been destroy a few month there is still loads of virus around

Basic Controls
Joy Stick: Move Mega Man (RockMan)
Up: climp lader
A and Up : jump and hold on to wire
L/R: Select Chips (Weapons)
A: Jump
X: use Chip
B: Normal Fire
Z: Chip Menu change (You will need it)
Left B: when you haning on a lader shoot enermies
B and Down: Slide
Start: Menu = Jack Out, Map, Email, Folder etc

Virus Busting
your main job in the game is Virus busting. Lan is an expert on this also trying to avoid doing homework.
Virus busting basically mean Rockman shoot enemies in the game also killing the boss.

Save Game
You only can save the game when you in the real world so after the boss save it. Try not getting megaman deleted.


Scenario 1: Den 1 (Lan's house), Den 2, Net on Fire -> FireMan
Scenario 2: Den 3 (Mayl's house), Global 1, OuterNet, Global 2 -> GutsMan
Scenario 3: Garden (Yai's house) / Water Works (Subway) /
Shopping (Subway) / Bank (Bus Stop)
Scenario 4: Arcade (Bus Stop) / Power Plant (Subway)
Scenario 5: Global 2 (Dex's house), Global 3, Old area
Scenario 6: Global 3 (Lan's house), Strange Grav area
Scenario 7: Global 3 (Lan's house), No Grav area
Scenario 8: Global 3 (Lan's house), Zero Account
Scenario 9: Global 3 (Lan's house), Dark Navi -> ProtoMan
Scenario 10: Global 2 (Dex's house), OuterNet, Legendary WWW / Vacant WWW (School)
Scenario 11: Global 3 (Lan's house), Undernet

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