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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Alien vs Predator"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on SNES and Jaguar.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Alien vs Predator (PC Games)
Submitted By: Little Hobbo
This is Hobbo's essential playing guide for Alien's vs Predator. Swot up well!!

When playing as a marine:
The only thing that puts marines on a par with aliens and predators is their technological advancements (read weapons). Their huge array of deadly firepower makes them a formidable foe, although without their weapons they are pretty much useless. His weapons make up for any natural skills and abilities the other types of enemies possess. All his weapons are different though, so get to know each one thoroughly, and learn which hotkey selects which weapon.

When playing as a marine:
You will frequently be surprised by enemies, whether by an alien dropping from the ceiling or a cloaked predator. Either way you need to stay alert constantly, ready to spring into action at the first hint of danger. To help you with this is a very welcome tool, the motion detector. Your detector will pick up any motion from the 180' angle to which you are facing. This will give you advance warning of enemies, and is far more reliable than your eyes, so don't doubt it. To make the most of your motion detector, you need to be constantly swiveling round to face backwards as well as forwards. This way you can keep tabs on all directions, and are far less likely to be taken out in an attack from behind.

When playing as a marine:
The game tends to use an excess of extremely dark areas. This is not good for your marine because his normal vision is very limited indeed. Thankfully he does have an image intensifier that enables him to see in the really dark areas. The problem here is that normal vision and the image intensifier work against each other, one can see well in the light and not at all in the dark, the other can see well in the dark, but not at all in the light. This means that you will constantly be changing between the two view modes, so assign the hotkey to some easily accessible button. There is nothing worse than having your motion detector beeping furiously at you while hearing the screech of aliens, but not being able to see them because you can't find the right button to change views. If you don't want to use the image intensifier though, you can always resort to your flares to find your way about. You have infinite flares so don't be afraid to use them.

When playing as a marine - Using the Pulse Rifle
This is your default weapon but it still manages to be effective in the right hands. When being attacked, you need to run backwards, which will make the enemy change direction to head straight for you. Once he is running in a straight line towards you is your cue to fire a concentrated burst of primary fire at him; aiming will be easy because he is unlikely to change direction if he is chasing you. Alternatively, use your secondary fire to launch a grenade that will kill any alien and most predators. One thing to avoid is running madly about to dodge enemies while shooting wildly at them. This is because your Pulse Rifle drains ammo very quickly indeed and you'll soon run out. Ammo clips aren't very big either, so frequent reloads are necessitated.

When playing as a marine - Using the Smartgun
This is an ideal weapon for amateurs and newbies owing to the god-send that is a tracking device. This wonderful weapon will do all the hard work of aiming for you and leave you to simply pull the trigger. You'd think that this marvel would have some sort of weakness to counter it's strength, but it had no weaknesses. The nearest thing to a weakness is simply the lack of a secondary fire capability. Pressing secondary fire turns your tracking device on and off, but there is absolutely no reason why you should ever turn it off. Obviously though, your Smartgun can't track enemies that are off-screen, so you will have to do a little work by keeping your enemy in view, but this is hardly hard. This is the ideal weapon for dealing with multiple enemies, as soon as one has been killed the gun will automatically aim at the next, and so on until all your foes are dead. Too easy.

When playing as a marine - Using the Minigun
Make no bones about this, the Minigun is extremely powerful, more so than both the Pulse Rifle and Smartgun. It's niggling problems make it hard to use though. Firstly it jerks up whenever you fire, which is VERY annoying, and it also goes through bullets like hot cakes. These small niggles make the Minigun a weapon for professionals only who can manage to correct the recoil without too much trouble. Anyone who can't use this weapon should opt for the far easier Smartgun instead. If you do have the patience to master the Minigun though, the rewards are bountiful. Your best tactic is to shoot in short bursts rather than sweeping strafes as this can deplete your ammo too quickly. A well aimed burst can turn an alien to acidic bubbles in under a second.

When playing as a marine - Using the Flamethrower
Although this is not great as a direct killing tool, your flamethrower has the unique ability to set enemies on fire. Unfortunately, the comparatively weak AI won't realise this in the single-player game, so they'll carry on attacking you, regardless of whether they are on fire or not. But all the time that enemies are on fire their health will deplete steadily until they die, so your best tactic is fire a short burst of flame at your foes, and then run away until they have died.

When playing as a marine - Using the Sadar
This is the FPS substitute for a rocket launcher, and true to it's nature it deals death in a very large way with hugely powerful explosives. A direct shot with this momma will obliterate any enemy that stands in its way. The explosions are huge and cause great shock waves to emanate from the blast, so even if your Sadar rocket misses it's target, you still have a good chance of killing them with the shock waves. When launching your Sadar be very careful not to shoot it at close proximity to yourself, because it can hurt you as much as anyone else. If you see multiple enemies in an enclosed area then take advantage and score easy multi-frags.

When playing as an alien:
The Aliens are unique for their incredibly fast speed and their ability to climb on any surface, such as walls, ceilings etc. They are not very robust however, and only need a concentrated burst of firepower to be dispatched. But given their immense speed, it is hard to hit them anyway. Rather disconcerting is the total lack of weapons; they only have their tail, claws and jaws with which to defeat their enemies. So enemies can only be attacked at close-range, anything further away cannot be touched. Playing as an alien can be deadly if you are a skilled player, but if not then you would be more suited to an easier character to master such as the marine.

When playing as an alien:
Be sure to utilize your forward jump when attacking an enemy. This is incredibly fast and makes it a lot harder for enemies to hit you. It's also a good dodging move when running away.

When playing as an alien:
Your ability to climb any wall can be used to deadly effect. Approach foes from the ceiling, as their instincts will look for you on the floor, and you are also harder to spot on the ceiling. If you are not spotted, simply letting go of the crouch button will let you drop from the ceiling and decapitate your enemy in a single blow. The sheer speed that the alien can perform these actions in gives it the edge in an indirect fight. When running away also, a ceiling escape will ensure that marines and predators cannot follow you.

When playing as an alien:
Never be afraid of falling off high edges because the alien doesn't sustain any falling damage.

When playing as an alien:
Use both your vision modes to full advantage.

Hunting: Ideal for most circumstances, and is especially useful as it highlights enemies in bright colours, making it rare for you to be caught by surprise. Marines are tinted blue, predators glow green and other aliens are red.

Navigating: The only solution for finding your way through dark areas of the map. Beware though that enemies will no longer be highlighted, so this vision mode is not very useful for combat.

When playing as an alien:
You only have three attack modes, and all of these are close-range, so get to know them well.

Claw attack: Hold down the left mouse button to initiate a fast clawing action. This only does fairly light damage, but the swift clawing speed makes up for that. Best used for moving enemies.

Tail attack: Your tail attack is very powerful, and the best bit about it is that you can build up power in it. This built up attack can be held for any period of time, ready to be unleashed with tremendous force onto some poor enemy. Best used for still enemies, as it has a slow reload time.

Jaw attack: This will always kill an enemy instantly, but is the hardest to operate. You have to have your head within inches of your target's head, and wait for your jaws to visibly slide onto the screen. You can then chew off their head in one swift bite. This isn't usually possible to pull off on alerted and armed enemies, but can be done on civilians and unaware marines with reasonable ease.

When playing as an alien:
As your health depletes, the only way you can replenish it is by sucking on the life blood of enemies. To get health from an enemy just use your jaw attack on them and watch your health bar increase. You will always get far more life by doing a jaw attack on a living enemies than dead ones, which gives you a good reason to be stealthy.

When playing as an alien:
If you are set on fire by a devilish marine then you can extinguish this by running for a short period at full speed. Hard to do in an enclosed area.

When playing as an alien:
The missions are designed to make full use of your wall climbing abilities, so be sure to check everywhere for passages leading onto the next area. It is not unusual to find tunnels in the roof.

When playing as an alien:
During combat, keep moving constantly as motion is your only defence against the firepower of the marine and the predator. When on an attacking run, keep dodging, weaving and jumping as you approach your foe.

When playing as an alien:
Always keep near a wall. If you are exposed on an open tract of ground then you have virtually no chance if a minigun-equipped marine spots you. If you are near the edge then you always have an escape route should things go wrong.

When playing as an alien - Fighting marines
Marines are nearly as delicate as yourself and so can usually be dispatched with a single tail attack. This makes sneaky ambushes your best line of attack, disposing of them before they have chance to injure you.

When playing as an alien - Fighting predators
Predators cannot usually be killed outright in a single attack, so your best bet is to do lots of swift hit-and-run attacks. If you time your attacks well, then you might catch them healing themselves, in which case you have a few seconds to attack them before they can draw a weapon.

When fighting an alien:
If you kill an alien then be aware that when he dies he will spurt acidic blood from his arteries. This can be very damaging, so don't go near a dead alien until its body has faded away.

Hope that helps!

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