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"Fifa 2004"
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This game is also available on GameCube, Xbox and PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Fifa 2004 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Forest Fan
FIFA 2004

In this walkthrough we cover every aspect of FIFA Football 2004 from stadiums, to teams to tournaments, all the information and more is available in this guide on the greatest EA Sports accomplishment to date.

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Anything and everything you need to know before you enter a friendly matches with each team reviewed rated and the stadiums and conditions can be found here.


In this section we take an in depth look at the thirty stadiums featured in FIFA 2004, the twenty official grounds and the ten original designs coupled with authentic capacities. This year sees the inclusion of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge and Marseille’s Stade Velodrome.

Stadium Home Team Capacity
Ali Samiyen Galatasaray 40000
Amsterdam Arena Ajax 51300
Anfield Liverpool 45362
AOL Arena Hamburg SV 55000
Bay Arena Bayer Leverkusen 22500
Calderon Atletico de Madrid 56000
Closed Square Style - 25300
Constant Vanden Stock Anderlecht 28063
Delle Alpi Juventus 69041
Euro 1 - 18500
Euro 2 - 11400
Euro 3 - 2700
Felix Boilaert Lens 41649
Highbury Arsenal 38500
Mestalia Valencia 55000
Muncipal de Gerland Lyon 41000
Nou Camp Barcelona 98600
Old Trafford Manchester United 68210
Olympic Style - 62200
Open Square Style - 28821
Oval Style - 40500
Parc des Princes PSG 49000
San Siro AC Milan 85700
Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid 106500
Stade Velodrome Marseille 60215
Stamford Bridge Chelsea 42500
UK 1 - 21700
UK 2 - 13100
UK 3 - 5800
Westfalenstadion B Dortmund 68600


You can choose to play FIFA 2004 in the Saturday afternoon sun or under the imposing midweek night floodlights.



Here we take a closer look at the 465 teams featured on FIFA 2004, including the new Dutch and Portuguese leagues, but starting off with the 37 international teams. All sides have had their formation and strategy checked, as well as a rating from Mediocre, Average, Good, Very Good or Excellent.

Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Argentina 3-4-3 Neutral Excellent
Australia 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Austria 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Belgium 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Brazil 4-4-2 Attack Excellent
Cameroon 3-5-2 Attack Very Good
Chile 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Costa Rica 3-4-1-2 Neutral Average
Croatia 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Good
Czech Rep 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Very Good
Denmark 4-3-3 Neutral Good
England 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Very Good
Finland 4-4-2 Neutral Good
France 4-3-1-2 Neutral Excellent
Germany 3-5-2 Neutral Very Good
Greece 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Hungary 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Italy 4-4-2 Neutral Excellent
Mexico 3-5-2 Neutral Very Good
Nigeria 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Norway 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Paraguay 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Poland 4-4-2 Attack Average
Portugal 4-4-1-1 Neutral Very Good
Rep Ireland 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Rep Korea 4-2-3-1 Attack Good
Russia 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Scotland 3-5-2 Defend Average
Senegal 4-3-3 Defend Very Good
Slovenia 3-5-2 Neutral Average
Spain 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Sweden 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Switzerland 4-4-2 Attack Average
Tunisia 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Turkey 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
United States 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Uruguay 4-4-2 Neutral Good

Rest Of World
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
AC Sparta 4-4-2 Attack Good
America 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Good
Boca Juniors 4-3-1-2 Neutral Very Good
Galatasaray 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
Leg Warsaw 4-4-2 Attack Average
Monterrey 3-4-1-2 Neutral Average
Olympiakos 4-4-2 Neutral Good
PAOK 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Panathinaikos 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Paniliakos 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Pol Warszawa 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
River Plate 4-3-1-2 Neutral Very Good
Sig Olomouc 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Toluca 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
U.N.A.M 4-4-2 Attack Average
Wis Krakow 4-4-2 Attack Average

Austrian T-Mobile Bundesliga
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Aus Memphis 4-4-2 Attack Average
FC Karnten 3-5-2 Neutral Mediocre
Liebherr 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
SK Rapid 4-4-2 Attack Average
Mattersburg 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
SV Pasching 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
SV Salzburg 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
SW Bregenz 3-5-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sturm Graz 3-5-2 Neutral Average
VfB Admira 3-5-2 Neutral Mediocre

Belgian Jupiler League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Anderlecht 4-4-2 Attack Good
Antwerp 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Good
Beveren 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Brugge 4-3-3 Attack Good
Cer Brugge 3-5-2 Neutral Average
Charleroi 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Excelsior 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Germinal Br 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Heusden-Zold 4-4-2 Attack Average
KAA Gent 4-4-2 Neutral Average
KRC Gent 4-4-2 Neutral Average
KSC Lokeren 4-4-2 Neutral Average
KV Westerlo 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
Lierse 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Louvieroise 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
RAEC Mons 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
St.-Truidense 4-3-3 Attack Average
Stan de Liege 4-3-3 Neutral Good

Brazilian League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Atl Mineiro 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Botafogo 4-4-2 Attack Good
Corinthians 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Good
Cruzeiro 3-5-2 Attack Very Good
Club Bahia 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Club Vitoria 4-4-2 Defend Average
Flamengo 4-4-2 Defend Good
Fluminense 4-4-2 Attack Average
Gremio 3-5-2 Attack Good
Internacional 3-5-2 Neutral Good
Palmeiras 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
Paranaense 4-4-2 Attack Average
Sao Caetano 3-4-1-2 Neutral Good
Sao Paulo 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
Santos 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
Vasco Garma 4-4-2 Attack Average

Danish Superligaen
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
AB 4-4-2 Neutral Average
AGF Aarhus 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Aalborg 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Brondby 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Esbjerg 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Midtylland 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Nordsjaelland 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Frem 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Herfolge 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Kobenhavn 4-4-2 Neutral Good
OB Odense 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Viborg 4-4-2 Neutral Average

Dutch League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Den Haag 4-3-3 Neutral Average
AZ Alkmaar 4-4-2 Attack Average
Ajax 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
FC Groningen 4-4-2 Neutral Average
FC Twente 4-5-1 Neutral Average
FC Zwolle 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Feyenoord 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Very Good
NAC Breda 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Nijmegen 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Average
PSV 4-2-3-1 Neutral Very Good
Roosendaal 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Waalwijk 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Roda JC 4-3-3 Defend Good
Heerenveen 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Utrecht 4-4-2 Attack Good
Vitesse Arn 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Volendam 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Willem II 4-3-3 Neutral Good

FA Premier League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Arsenal 4-4-2 Attack Excellent
Aston Villa 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Birmingham 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Blackburn 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Bolton 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Charlton 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Chelsea 4-4-2 Neutral Excellent
Everton 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Fulham 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Leeds United 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Leicester City 3-5-2 Neutral Average
Liverpool 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Man City 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Man United 4-2-3-1 Neutral Excellent
Middlesbrough 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Newcastle 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Portsmouth 3-5-2 Defend Good
Southampton 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Tottenham 3-5-2 Neutral Good
Wolverhampton 4-4-2 Neutral Average

English Division 1
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Bradford City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Burnley 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Cardiff City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Coventry City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Crewe 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Crystal Palace 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Derby County 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Gillingham 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Ipswich Town 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Millwall 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Norwich City 4-3-3 Attack Average
Nottm Forest 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Average
Preston NE 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Reading 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Rotherham 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sheffield Utd 3-4-3 Neutral Average
Stoke City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sunderland 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Walsall 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Watford 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
West Brom 4-4-2 Neutral Average
West Ham 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Wigan Ath 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Wimbledon 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre

English Division 2
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Barnsley 4-4-2 Attack Average
Blackpool 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Bournemouth 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Brentford 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Brighton 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Bristol City 5-3-2 Neutral Mediocre
Chesterfield 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Colchester 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Grimsby 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Hartlepool 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Luton Town 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Notts County 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Oldham Ath 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Peterborough 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Plymouth 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Port Vale 4-4-2 Neutral Average
QPR 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Rushden 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sheff Wed 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Stockport 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Swindon 3-5-2 Attack Mediocre
Tranmare 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Wrexham 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Wycombe 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre

English Division 3
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Boston Utd 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Mediocre
Bristol Rov 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
Bury 4-5-1 Neutral Mediocre
Cambridge 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Carlisle Utd 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Cheltenham 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Darlington 3-5-2 Neutral Mediocre
Doncaster 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Huddersfield 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Hull City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Kidderminster 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Leyton Orient 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Lincoln City 3-4-1-2 Neutral Mediocre
Macclesfield 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Mansfield 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Northampton 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Oxford Utd 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Rochdale 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Scunthorpe 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Southend Utd 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Swansea City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Torquay Utd 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Yeovil Town 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
York City 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre

German Bundesliga 1
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
B Dortmund 4-3-3 Attack Very Good
Bayer Leverkusen4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Good
Bayern Munich 4-4-2 Defend Excellent
Ein Frankfurt 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
FC Cologne 4-3-3 Neutral Average
H Rostock 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Hamburg SV 4-3-3 Defend Very Good
Hannover 96 4-3-3 Neutral Good
Hertha Berlin 4-4-2 Attack Good
Kaiserslautern 3-5-2 Defend Average
Monchengladbach 4-3-3 Defend Average
SC Freilburg 4-4-2 Attack Average
Werder Bremen 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Schalke 04 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Stuggart 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
TSV 1860 Munich 4-4-2 Neutral Good
VFL Bochum 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Wolfsburg 4-3-3 Defend Average

German Bundesliga 2
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Regensburg 3-5-2 Attack Mediocre
A Aachen 4-2-3-1 Neutral Mediocre
Bielefield 3-5-2 Neutral Average
E Cottbus 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Erzgerbirge 3-4-3 Neutral Mediocre
FC Nurnberg 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Union Berlin 4-4-2 Attack Average
Greuther 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Karlsrusher 4-4-2 Neutral Average
LR Ahlen 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
Duisburg 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Mainz 4-3-3 Defend Average
Oberhausen 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Trier 3-5-2 Attack Mediocre
Unterhaching 4-4-2 Neutral Average
VfB Lubeck 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Osnabruck 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Burghausen 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre

Italian Division 1
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
AC Milan 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Excellent
Ancona 3-5-2 Neutral Average
Bologna 3-4-2 Attack Good
Brescia 3-4-3 Neutral Average
Chievo 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Empoli 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Inter Milan 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Juventus 4-3-1-2 Neutral Excellent
Lazio 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Lecce 3-5-2 Neutral Good
Modena 3-4-3 Attack Average
Parma 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Perugia 3-5-2 Defend Good
Reggina 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Roma 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
S Genova 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Siena 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Udine 3-4-3 Defend Good

Italian Division 2
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Albinoleffe 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
Ascoli 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Atalanta 4-5-1 Neutral Mediocre
Avellino 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Bari 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Cagliari 3-5-2 Attack Mediocre
Como 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Hellas Verona 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Livorno 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Messina 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Napoli 3-4-3 Attack Mediocre
Palermo 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Pescara 3-4-3 Neutral Mediocre
Piacenza 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Ternana 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Torino 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Treviso 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Triestina 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Venezia 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Vicenza 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre

Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Anyang 3-4-1-2 Neutral Average
Bucheon SK 4-3-3 Attack Mediocre
Busan Icons 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Chonbuk 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
Chunnam 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Deagu FC 3-4-3 Attack Average
Daejon 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Gwangju 3-4-3 Attack Average
Pohang 4-3-3 Neutral Mediocre
Seongnam 4-1-2-1-2 Neutral Mediocre
Suwon 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Ulsan Horang 4-3-3 Neutral Average

Ligue de Football Professionnel 1
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
AC Ajaccio 3-5-2 Attack Average
AS Monaco 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Auxerre 4-4-2 Attack Good
Bastia 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Bordeaux 4-4-2 Attack Good
Guingamp 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Le Mans UC 4-4-2 Defend Average
Lens 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Lille 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Lyon 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Marseille 4-4-2 Neutral Very Good
Metz 4-4-2 Defend Average
Montpellier 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Nantes 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Nice 4-4-2 Neutral Good
PSG 4-4-2 Defend Very Good
Rennes 4-2-3-1 Neutral Good
Sochaux 4-4-2 Attack Good
Strasbourg 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Toulouse 4-3-3 Neutral Average

Ligue de Football Professionnel 2
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
AS Nancy 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
ASOAValence 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Amiens SCF 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Besancon 3-5-2 Neutral Mediocre
Chateauroux 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Clermont Foot 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Creteil 5-3-2 Neutral Mediocre
ES Troyes AC 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Grenoble Foot 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Gueugnon 3-4-1-2 Neutral Mediocre
Istres 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Laval 4-2-3-1 Neutral Mediocre
Le Havre AC 4-4-2 Attack Average
Lorient 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Niort 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Rouen 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
SCO Angers 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
SM Caen 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Saint-Eteinne 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Sedan 4-4-2 Attack Average

Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Chicago Fire 3-5-2 Defend Average
Colorado Rap 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Columbus 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
DC United 3-5-2 Defend Average
Dallas Burn 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Kansas City 3-4-1-2 Neutral Average
Los Angeles 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
NY/NJ Metro 3-4-1-2 Neutral Good
New England 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
San Jose 4-4-2 Neutral Good

Norwegian Tippeligaen
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Alesund FK 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Bryne FK 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Bodo/Glimt 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Lillestrom SK 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Lyn Oslo 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Molde FK 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Odd Grenland 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Rosenborg 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Brann Bergen 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sogndal IL 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Stabaek IF 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Tromso IL 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Valerenga IF 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Viking FC 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre

Portuguese Superliga
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Alverca 4-4-2 Defend Average
Belenenses 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Benfica 4-2-3-1 Neutral Good
Boavista 4-4-2 Defend Good
Coimbra 4-4-2 Defend Average
Estrela 4-4-2 Defend Average
FC Porto 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
Ferreira 4-4-2 Defend Average
Gil Vicente 4-4-2 Defend Average
Maritmo 4-4-2 Defend Average
Moreirense 4-4-2 Defend Average
Nacional 4-4-2 Defend Average
Rio Ave 4-4-2 Defend Average
SC Beira-Mar 4-4-2 Defend Average
Sport Braga 4-4-2 Defend Average
Sport Lisbon 4-4-2 Attack Good
Uniao Leiria 4-4-2 Defend Average
Vitoria SC 4-4-2 Defend Average

Scottish Premier League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Aberdeen 3-5-2 Attack Average
Celtic 3-5-2 Attack Very Good
Dundee 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Dundee Utd 3-5-2 Attack Average
Dunfermline 3-5-2 Defend Average
Hearts 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Hibernian 5-3-2 Neutral Average
Kilmarnock 3-5-2 Neutral Average
Livingston 4-3-1-2 Neutral Average
Motherwell 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Partick 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Rangers 4-4-2 Attack Very Good

Spanish Primera
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Albacete 4-2-3-1 Neutral Good
Ath de Bilbao 4-4-2 Attack Good
Atl de Madrid 4-3-3 Defend Good
Barcelona 4-2-3-1 Neutral Very Good
D La Coruna 4-2-3-1 Neutral Very Good
Malaga CF 4-4-2 Defend Good
Osasuna 4-4-1-1 Neutral Good
Celta Vigo 3-6-1 Defend Very Good
RC Santander 4-4-2 Defend Good
Espanyol 4-4-2 Defend Good
Mallorca 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Real Betis 4-2-3-1 Neutral Very Good
Real Madrid 4-2-3-1 Neutral Excellent
Real Murcia 4-4-2 Defend Good
Real Sociedad 4-4-2 Attack Very Good
R Valladolid 4-2-3-1 Neutral Good
R Zaragoza 4-4-2 Neutral Good
Sevilla 4-4-2 Defend Good
Valencia 4-5-1 Neutral Very Good
Villarreal 4-2-3-1 Neutral Good

Spanish Segunda
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Algeciras 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Almeria 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Cadiz 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Cordoba 4-4-2 Neutral Average
C Murcia 5-3-2 Attack Average
Dep Eibar 4-4-2 Attack Average
Dep Alaves 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Dep Leganes 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Ejido 4-4-2 Attack Average
Elche 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Getafe 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Levante 4-3-3 Attack Average
Malaga B 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Numancia 4-4-2 Neutral Average
R Vallecano 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Rec Huelva 4-4-2 Defend Average
Salamanca 4-2-3-1 Neutral Average
Sport Gijon 4-4-2 Defend Average
Tenerife 4-3-3 Attack Average
Terrassa 5-2-3 Attack Average
Las Palmas 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Xerez 3-4-3 Attack Average

Swedish Allsvenskan
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Orebro SK 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
Orgyte IS 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Osters 4-4-2 Defend Mediocre
AIK Solna 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Djurgardens 4-3-3 Neutral Average
Elfsborg IF 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Enkoping SK 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Sundsvall 3-5-2 Defend Mediocre
Gotenborg 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Halmstads 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Hammarby IF 4-4-2 Neutral Average
Helsingborgs 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Landskrona 4-4-2 Attack Mediocre
Malmo FF 4-4-2 Neutral Average

Swiss Axpo Super League
Team Formation Strategy Overall Rating
Aarau 4-5-1 Neutral Average
Young Boys 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
Basel 1893 4-3-1-2 Neutral Good
FC Thun 4-5-1 Neutral Average
FC Wil 1900 4-4-2 Neutral Average
FC Zurich 4-3-3 Attack Average
Grasshopper 4-4-2 Attack Good
Neuchatel 3-4-1-2 Neutral Average
Servette FC 4-4-2 Neutral Mediocre
St Gallen 4-4-2 Defend Average

Game Modes

You can play the most challenging modes in FIFA 2004 in this section, with tournaments and career mode as well as Practice and Football Fusion Modes.

Career Mode

This section will explain to you the various stages of career mode. This new and improved feature in FIFA 2004 is the nucleus of the game and with lower league teams available this feature is well worth a go.

Selecting a League

You can select any team from one of the 23 divisions available, opting for any of the 396 available teams. The divisions you can compete in are the following.

Division Continent Number of Teams
Austrian T-Mobile Europe 10
Belgian Jupiler Europe 18
Danish Superligaen Europe 12
Dutch League Europe 18
FA Premier League Europe 20
English Division 1 Europe 24
English Division 2 Europe 24
English Division 3 Europe 24
German Bund. 1 Europe 18
German Bund. 2 Europe 18
Italian Division 1 Europe 18
Italian Division 2 Europe 20
K-League Asia 12
Ligue de Professionnel 1 Europe 20
Ligue de Professionnel 2 Europe 20
MLS North America 10
Norwegian Tippe. Europe 14
Portuguese Superliga Europe 18
Scottish Premier Europe 12
Spanish Primera Europe 20
Spanish Segunda Europe 22
Swedish Allsvenskan Europe 14
Swiss Axpo Europe 10

Prestige Points
FIFA 2004 Career Mode centres around prestige points which reward you with more training opportunities, more chances to buy players and more respect as a manager.

Individual Training

You can train any of your players individually. To train players it costs prestige points, with better player costing more per training session. Outfield players can be trained in up to any three of six categories per week; Sprints, Shooting, Passing, Heading, Tackling and Technique. Goalkeepers can be trained in up to two categories per week; GK Agility and GK Skill. Alternatively the slots can be left blank at no cost.

Team Physical Training

You can train your whole team physically. To physically train all your players, it costs prestige points depending on which you choose. The choice is Standard Physical Training, Extra Physical Training or alternatively No Physical Training at no cost.

Transfer Market

You can attempt to purchase any of the 10,000 players in FIFA 2004 Career Mode. To bid for a player, it costs prestige points as well as money if your bid is accepted. You can also sell players but must have a sufficient squad with enough players and two goalkeepers.

Team News

You can check up on your team here, all current injuries are listed along with how serious the injury is and when the player is expected to return to action. If you turn the page (press R1) you can re-cap all board objectives for the season. Your target each year will be 1000 prestige points which should you succeed will be added to next season’s total. Should you fail in your quest to earn 1000 prestige points you will be sacked from the club. It is possible to lose prestige points, for example being relegated could cost you 400 points. Some examples of objectives including finishing in a certain position, i.e. champions, top half or even not relegated! Other may be to do with positive and negative goal difference. The final page in Team News shows you if any of your players have attracted interest from other clubs. Head to transfer market and highlight your club to negotiate with clubs.

Career Help

If you are unsure about anything this guide fails to cover Career Help will advise you about aspects of Career Mode from Prestige Points to Weekly Training.

Match Day Central

Before Match Day, you can either jump straight into the action or discover a pool of extras in More Options or you can Save Career.

More Options

Statistics, news and settings can all be viewed and customized in this screen, which is packed with different information at your fingertips about the season so far and more about FIFA 2004.

Stats Central

You can view your position in the league table, with information regarding your home and away wins, losses, goals, points and goal differentials. In the fixtures section you can view upcoming matches, reflect on past results and even simulate your matches. ‘Stats’ tells you everything you ever wanted to know about your players, team or anyone else’s in the league for that matter. Amongst the 13 statistics analysed, tackles passes and shots are looked at.
Team Management

You can customize your team any way you want here with all players available for selection including substitutes and reserves. Turn the page to change Corner, Free Kick and Penalty Kick takers from your starting 11. The last page is about tactics where you can change your formation, team mentality, attacking and defending styles and have an offside trap option.

Team News

Once again you check up on all the latest team news ahead of your match.

View Squads

You can check out any squad on FIFA 2004 in this mode, including International, Brazilian and clubs listed under Rest of the World. To toggle between clubs cycle the L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons, pressing CIRCLE to view Players Biography’s.

Career Help

Once again you can view help on FIFA 2004 Career Mode.

Game Settings

You can customize your career mode between different half lengths and game speeds.


You can choose any of 17 club competitions. Those featured are all national competitions except the Americas Club Championship.

Tournament Country Teams
FA Cup England 92
League Cup England 92
Coupe France France 40
Coupe Ligue France 40
Deutscher Pokal Germany 36
Copa de Espana Spain 42
Coppa Nazionale Italy 38
Austrian OFB Cup Austria 10
Belgian FA Cup Belgian 18
DONG Cup Denmark 12
Netherlands Cup Holland 18
Norwegian Cup Norway 14
Portuguese Cup Portugal 18
Scottish Cup Scotland 12
Swedish Cup Sweden 14
Swiss FA Cup Switzerland 14
Americas Club Championship North America 16

Practice Mode

You can practice any aspect of your game in FIFA 2004’s brand new Practice Mode; you’ll find the training regime for you to perfect your game.

Free Practice

You can play a match at ease in Free Practice. With no free kicks or penalties any thing goes. You can vary your squad from 8 to 11players and your opponents either 1 (a goalkeeper) of from 8 to 11 players.


You can practice the new corner formula from either side and jostle for space in the penalty box as you try to score a goal before the ball goes in front of the eighteen yard box or the goalkeeper claims it.

Direct FK

You can practice direct free kicks from a choice of six different locations, each time trying to lift the ball over the wall and past the goalkeeper.

FK Practice

You can practice free kick set ups in the six chosen locations. You can either run players into space or shoot directly at goal.

Football Fusion Match

You can play matches from Total Club Manager 2004in Football Fusion in FIFA 2004.

Import Football Fusion

You can import data, teams and your saved game into FIFA 2004 from Total Club Manager 2004

Play Online

You can play over a Broadband connection to meet thousands of other competitors and play FIFA 2004 over the web.

My FIFA 2004

Here you can view and save your EA SPORTS BIO, earning yourself rewards like third choice kits, as well as viewing all unlocked kits in the Hall of Kits option and you can edit or create user profiles for FIFA 2004.


You can view settings as well as squads here in this large and useful mode of FIFA 2004.

Game Settings

You can customi
Submitted By: $L!CE
hey hey friends here is a rough guide to help you with your skills in fifa 2004, i will guide you through the things you will need to do and do not need to bother trying.

passing is one of the fundementals of playing football, there was once a time under Graham Taylor when engand were accused of not being able to pass the ball. was it realy that drastic??? well the team did not reach the world cup. i am warning you not to go the same way. to get anywhere in fifa you wil need to be able to pass the ball quicklyto be able to take advantage of any of the gaps in your opponents line up and any runs made by your felow teammates. rather than hoofing the ball out off your area try passing the ball through your opposition making them look stupid. you can ary the detination off your pass by using the directional buttons and as you approach your opponents goal one-twos are efficient in getting a player through the oppositions backline. to perform this, after pressing x, press L1 and the player who passed the ball will make a forward run, press x to play him in and you are almost certainly going to score.!!!

the bread and butter of the creative midfielder, through balls are the bast way of unlocking opposing defenses. when you hold triangle a power bar will appear, determining the strength off the pass. youlle also have to set the direction of the pass and for this reason i strongly suggest you us ethe analogue stick instead of the d pad.

the long ball is one off the most efective means of exploiting the space left by a defence under pressure. if the play is centered down one wing and you have no obvious outlet for a pass nearby, hold square and face across the pitch to send a crossfeild ball to your other winger. your opponents defence will be out off possition and you will be clean through, also pressing l2 will select one off your other players and pressing square will send a pass to them wheter they are close or near.

the power and the length of your shot is set by the length of time you hold down circle, if you put too much power on the shot theyll be picking it up from outside the stadium, the flight off the ball will also be affected. but if you underhit the ball the keeper will have time too make a cup of tea before the ball reaches him.??? there are many ways off geting the ball on target, my favourite is pressing R2 before shooting, this enables you too shoot with power but also keeps the chot low down, which the keepers hate.

you have two defensive staples at your disposal: the slide tackle (sqare) and the block tackle (circle).
rushing at the opposing player in possesion of the ball will result in one off two things: a) youl give away a free-kick and maybe get a card, or b) youll be left flat on your arse while they bear down on your goal. the best tactic is to try and manouvere your opponent into areas that dont threaten your goal, while doing this press R2 and a second defender will rush across and take the ball. remember to only use slide tackle when you are sure you will win the ball otherwise you will be in very hot water.!!!!!

i hope this helped no actually im sure it helped so good luck...
by mubine din

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