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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Call Of Duty (PC Games)
Submitted By: Lil Bro
‘The aim of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other b@stards die for theirs’

US weapons

M1A1 Carbine – This is a brilliant gun for the larger maps such as Hurtgen and Rocket if there is a large server, with many people. This gun delivers a fast rate of fire, whilst an accurate aim over a longer distance. If you find yourself involved in close combat, then this gun can transform into a rapid fire gun, again very accurate. So, this is a great weapon for both close combat, and long range firing. One drawback to this gun is its lack of damage and over a long distance; it takes a few body shots to kill.

Overall rating: 8/10

M1 Garand – If no Sniper rifle is available, then this is an almost perfect replacement. Whilst not having quite the same range of a sniper rifle, it makes up for this with its speed of fire, as the gamer gets a bullet for every click of the mouse. Reloading is fast, thus making the gun thoroughly mobile, although I would not advise it for the smaller maps as the number of bullets in a round might disappoint.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

Thompson – A short range, but no shorter than would be expected for a standard machine gun. A very fast rate of fire and a large amount of bullets in a round makes this one of the best machine guns available. Deadly from a close range and a couple of bullets will see off any enemy.

Overall rating: 8/10

BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) – In my opinion, one of the worst guns in the game. Although it has a long range and a fast rate of fire, its accuracy is very poor and the sight is appalling. While all the others have clear sights that you can aim through, this one merely has a piece of metal, so you cannot judge what height you are firing at. To add to all these negative attributes, it takes an age to reload, in which time you could be killed three times over. Awful gun, steer clear.

Overall rating: 3/10

Springfield – This is the ultimate gun when it comes to the larger maps like Hurtgen and Rocket. Blend into the surroundings with the white of the German uniform and wait, ready to pounce on all that moves. With deadly accuracy and a concise cross-hair, there is no way you can miss a stationary target with this gun. The rate of fire is slow, but this is acceptable because it is not used for close combat and if you are crouching behind a rock or suchlike, you have time to reload. With an incredibly long range, this gun can stretch right across maps unless hills or suchlike get in the way.

[Extra Tip: As the game allows you two primary weapons, always pick up a machine gun too just in case you find yourself in a close combat situation!]

Overall rating: 9/10

Russian Weapons

PPSh – Probably the best machine gun available, due to its surprising accuracy and fast rate of fire. This is a machine gun, but with the accuracy of a rifle. Although it is intended for short range, it will send shots reasonably accurately into the distance at a fleeing target. It has a superb rate of fire and delivers maximum damage. The re-loading is quick and efficient and there are many shots in a round.

Overall rating: 9/10

Moisin-Nagant – A rifle with a very accurate shot, through a concise and small crosshair. A very long range without being a Sniper rifle, and has the added bonus of being rapid firing (well, for a rifle). Deadly if the enemy is hit cleanly in the ‘right place’ and highly damaging if hit anywhere else. Moderately mobile, but again not advised for close combat maps.

Overall rating: 7/10

Scoped Moisin-Nagant – Very alike to the Springfield, but with a slightly worse cross-hair, as it does not perform a complete cross. With another exceedingly long range, this gun boasts accuracy over distance and a brilliant damage amount. As with the Springfield, reloading is slow and this can cost lives, especially if you get involved with any close combat dogfights.

[Extra Tip: As the game allows you two primary weapons, always pick up a machine gun too just in case you find yourself in a close combat situation!]

Overall rating: 8.5/10

United Kingdom Weapons

Lee-Enfield – Possibly the worst of the various rifles, with a disappointingly in-accurate cross-hair, thus leaving the weapon lacking in the accuracy department. If you do manage to hit your target, then it does serve high damage over a reasonable range. Fast reloading, but only six shots in a round, thus sometimes leaving you stuck for shots if involved with close combat (not recommended).

Overall rating: 6/10

Sten – The worst machine gun on show, with the cartridge at the side instead of the customary underneath. Highly inaccurate with a large aiming area, lacking damage with hits this gun simply is not up to the standards set by others. One redeeming feature is the quick reloading, but only use this weapon if necessary.

Overall rating: 5/10

Bren LMG – Again, a highly accurate machine gun with a fast rate of fire whilst still being accurate. For a machine gun, it has a very long range and an exceedingly high damage rate. One let down however is the position of the cartridge, which is on top of the gun. This is thoroughly annoying and gets in the way when trying to aim at targets.

Overall rating: 8.5/10

German Weapons

MP40 – A good solid performing machine gun with reasonable accuracy and a good rate of fire. Quick to reload and a moderate amount of damage if the enemy is hit.

Overall rating: 7/10

MP44 – As above, nothing particularly special in the machine gun category but a long range is boasted by this particular gun. It also has a high amount of damage sustained if the target is hit cleanly. Again, quick to reload and very mobile.

Overall rating: 7/10

Kar98k – The best rifle in the game, with a great amount of accuracy over a very long distance. Unlike the scoped version, it is mobile and reloads quickly, so it isn’t so bad in close combat situations. A very high damage rate means that this gun is almost always one hit kill, very rare with the other two rifles. Thoroughly recommended if on offer, as it boasts both accuracy and mobility, very rare.
Overall rating: 9.5/10

Scoped Kar98k – The Scoped version of the above rifle lacks some things the non-scoped version does, but makes up for it with it superb accuracy over a supremely long range, and it’s deadliness. However, it does again lack that mobility and quickness of reloading that the non-scoped version does boast.

Overall rating: 9/10

FG42 – If you are lucky enough to find this weapon then you are in luck as it is a deadly, accurate machine gun. Even without the sniper, its accuracy is greater than most rifles, but with the scope, you get a machine gun with the accuracy of a sniper rifle. However, of course there is jolting. The best gun in the game.

Overall rating: 10/10


Mp_bocage – A new map which you may only get if you install the latest update, but even so it’s worth the wait. This is a huge baron area of grass, with many bushed for cover scattered around the place, along with half flame-eaten tanks, planes and anti aircraft guns. These again provide good cover for you. In the middle there are two steep hills, which server no purposes except to split up the two main battle fields. At one end is a derelict house, which can server some cover.

For this map I would recommend that you use a rifle. This is because it is a large map and if you can find good cover in some of the bushes, then you will have a field day. Even so, I would not advise a Sniper rifle, as close combat is inevitable, and the mobility is poor. I also advise that you pick up a machine gun in your travels, in case some b@stard tries to nick you bush!

Mp_brecourt – Very much like the previous map, but with an added bonus of trenches. These trenches are where the main battle normally takes place, trying to hold the trenches, or have them overthrown by the opposition. They also provide good cover if you want to snipe people out while they are running through the field. At the other end, protection is sought through a couple of ruins and many bushes, even a few dead cows.

Again, for this map I would choose a rifle, however it is necessary that you pick up a machine gun as fifty percent of the action is close combat. However, if hiding or crouching somewhere, the rifle will give you some long range kills. It is also less common to the machine gun, so there will be more machine guns around to pick up than rifles.

Mp_carentan – Perhaps the best map for close combat, as the buildings obstruct any views that could be used for sniper rifles. It consists of a little town, some of it blown to pieces. Players simply find it best to hide in one of the buildings and machine gun people below them. Either this or take route one and leg it through the streets blowing the heads off everyone who you meet.

I would recommend a machine gun for this level, because, as I said there is little range for scoped guns or even rifles.

Mp_Chateau - A rather non-entertaining level situated in a large mansion, hence the name. With little items to hide behind, quite surprising if you see the situation, this is purely a running round shooting aimlessly mission, which may appeal to the more direct of you, but not myself.

Recommendation for weapons on this level would have to be the machine gun, because there is no space to snipe anywhere, and the rifle is not mobile enough for the direct action.

Mp_Dawnville – A place for all you budding ‘rifle’sts’, huge map but a lot of cover in a pretty open space. Again based on a bombed out town, with low walls around for you to crouch behind and pick out your targets. Also holes in many walls for you to lean around, and again hunt down your targets and deliver them one deadly blow. Also a good map for machine gunning as it so very open.

For this map, as I said above, a rifle is probably the best option, although some of you would prefer the machine gun approach. Both are totally usable on this map as there are things to hide behind for the rifles, and big open areas for the machine gunners within us.

Mp_depot – This map is based at a huge factory type thing, with a big warehouse of tanks. Partially bombed out, this map can only be tried with the machine gun approach, as there is no open space to use a rifle, or a scoped rifle. All the area is enclosed in small warehouses except for a rail track that runs through the middle of the factory area. This provides a little cover, in or around the un-used train carriages.

For this map, the only weapon really in contention is a machine gun, due to the small enclosed areas.

Mp_Harbor – This is a snowy map in quite an enclosed space. You can fight inside some of the building, or outside in the snowy surroundings. Most of the play normally revolves around two balconies facing each other on top of warehouses. Many factorial boxes around the area provide good cover if you want to lie low and sneakily take out your targets. If not, then there is open space for you to run through for the more direct approach. A great map which fulfils the ambitions of both machine gunners and riflers.

As mentioned, both machine guns and rifles are good for this map, depending on what you feel most comfortable with or which you prefer.

Mp_Hurtgen – This is a great map for all the Snipers in you as it is so large, with plenty of cover for you to hide behind. The map is huge, so it is good that the snipers have the same range, with incredible accuracy. Playing in the snow, there is no alternative to sniping. Find yourself a good spot, either in a bush, behind a rock or in one of the bunkers and catch your enemy unaware.

As said above, the only weapon for this map is a sniper rifle, or if this is not available, the Kar98k is a good stand in.

Mp_Pavlov – This is a map with two main building facing each other, with a series of trenches and ruins in the middle. Again, set in the snow, this map provides maximum cover, in a surprisingly open space.

Any weapon is good for this map, because there are three different ways of approaching it. You can either hided in on of the windows in one of the building and snipe people in the other building, for this, obviously a Sniper rifle is advisable. Or there is the slightly more direct approach, whilst still maintaining a small degree of stealth. For this, a rifle is probably the route to take. Or there is the totally direct route where you run straight in aimlessly firing rounds into the air, for this a machine gun.

Mp_Powcamp – As the name might suggest, this is a POW camp. It is a small area enclosed in barbed wire, with no open space, simply a whole load of buildings in which POW’s go about life. In the centre is a big turret, perfect for you snipers, although it is the first place other look to track down snipers. If you want to be a bit sneakier, try getting onto the roofs, or the smaller turrets dotted around the map.

As said above, a rifle or sniper rifle is good if you want to lay back and wait for other to come into sight. But, this map is also good for you machine gunners as it is such a small area.

Mp_Rocket – Another personal favourite of mine, very much a sniper’s map. It is another snowy map, much like Hurtgen but to a smaller scale and with a huge rocket in the centre. Around the edges, trees, bushes and rocks provide the perfect cover, while underground bunkers are good for close combat battles. Also, around the rocket in close proximity, is an open space, which is good for you machine gunners to have a real dog fight, although there may well be snipers round the edges just waiting to take you out.

Again, as explained above, any weapons are advisable for this level, it depends what kind of a gunner you are. There are open spaces and underground bunkers for those of you who enjoy close combat fighting, or plenty of cover in a large landscape for those who enjoy the rifling side of the game.

Mp_Ship – I do not like this map as the area in which to fight is so limited, and it is easy to get lest. Most of the action takes place down, inside the ship, where windy passages and steep stairs dominate. If you meet someone down here, then there is no space to move for a real fight, but merely a long very thin passageway in which to fire your bullets. Having said that, there is the deck for open space combat, but this is limitedly used by others.

The recommended gun for this has to be the machine gun.

Game types

Deathmatch – Possibly the most popular, this consist of an all on all battle. No teams, just everyone kills everyone.

Team Deathmatch – You are split into two teams (use the ‘Auto Assign’ option for teams) and you have to kill as many people as you can on the other side. Play for yourself and individual score, or play to help the team, either way the more you kill the better you do.

Search and Destroy – Again, you are split into two teams; the aim is to kill the opposition, and to either protect or destroy two targets. Targets are marked on your radar, and it will tell you whether it is your job to destroy or protect them. Once you are dead, you are out of the round, and the game ends either when the destroyers have destroyed the objects, or the protectors have killed all the destroyers.

Retrieval – One of the least popular game types, again you are split into two teams. One team must locate and retrieve documents scattered around, and return them to the safe zone. The defending team must hold out the attackers until the timer runs out, and the attacking team by getting all the documents. Or, more simply, either team can win by eliminating the other team.

Behind Enemy Lines – A small team of Allies are outnumbered and surrounded by Axis players behind enemy lines. Allied players score points by killing Axis players, and staying alive for a period of time. Axis players score by killing an Allied player, and then they become an Allied player to try and get even more points.

Alec’s Tips

It may sound obvious, but I cannot stress how important it is to both take cover, and not stay there for long. If you’re hiding behind a rock and kill a few people, they will know where you are because of the killcam. They will come back immediately looking for revenge, so you must move on to the next rock and catch them out. Cover is obviously useful as you can peer out the side, but others can’t hit you if you are hiding behind the object.

Secondly, if involved with close combat fighting, don’t stand up straight. When they notice you and start shooting, go to prone and lie there and shoot at him. If he is doing the same then get up and jump around a bit, go from prone to crouch, back to prone then stand, be unpredictable, be a winner.

Don’t chat whilst playing unless you have Teamspeak. There are some people who just keep asking stupid questions and chatting, yes it is very annoying. There’s meant to be a ‘pact’, a bit like no grassing at school, that if someone is typing (observed by a light bulb above his head) you are not meant to kill him. People don’t take any notice, and neither should you. Moral; keep chatting for msn and killing for Call of Duty.

My final tip to you is simple; win.

Hope this helps!

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