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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Kung Fu Chaos (Xbox)
Submitted By: George89
Kung Fu Chaos Ninja Challenge Walkthrough

Kung Fu Chaos is a fun party style brawler based on the 70ís Kung Fu movies. You play as 9 characters on fun and interactive movie sets. The game supports up to 4 players all on the same screen and is exclusive to Xbox.

First for those who donít exactly know the controls here are the basic controls of the game. (and donít worry, training scenes pop up once and awhile to explain more complicated combos)

X - Normal Attack
Y Ė Strong Attack
B - Trip/pick up object
A - Jump
L - Taunt
R - Block
L + R - Special Attack

This is pretty much the main part of the game. It consists of a bunch of movie scenes where getting a certain amount of stars can unlock the next scene. You need 3 stars to go onto the next scene, but to get to scene 26 and beyond, you need 4 or more stars on scenes 1-25 (see message after scene 25).

1. Riot on the Set
This is the first scene of the game. It is a mini fight and takes place on a small wooden stage. This level is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is kill enough ninjas to get 3 stars. The ninja types are the generic (a few hits will kill them) and the red ninjas which block your attacks. For the red ninjas use B (throw, trip) to get them on the ground and then use B again to pick them up and throw them off the edge. For extra stars use L (taunt) and then unleash your special attack (L+R) , but make sure there are a good amount of ninjas on stage before you unleash the special.

2. Way of the Basic Combo
This is a training scene, which all you have to do is complete the button combos to the wooden dummy. Complete 15 of the listed combos to go to the next stage. (No stars for this scene, just completion is necessary)

3. Legend of the Drunken Bastards
This is a big feature film scene. You start out in a bar on a wooden platform. The only enemies at first are just simple generic ninjas which can be killed easily. After a little while the floor will collapse and youíll be in the next section of the scene. Now youíre under the bar still getting attacked by the same ninjas. Soon youíll see a barge floating on the water, jump quickly onto it because the restruant will then completely collapse. When on the barge youíll have to fight some red ninjas, just trip them and throw them into the water. Youíll then see another barge with watermelons, jump onto this one and continue to fight the ninjas. Soon youíll see a police boat and it will crash into your barge. Your barge will fill up with water and sink so jump onto the stair like structures in front of you. Make sure you keep moving because they will eventually collapse. Once youíre at the top youíll be on a giant circular shaped stage with a few straw hat ninjas. They take a little while to start their attack so attack before they get it off. Since they have a lot of life, throw them off the platform instead of beating them up. Soon the stage youíre on will become heavy and drop onto the next section. Now youíll be on a dock, quickly start to move left because the dock starts to fall apart and flood. Youíll then see another platform with the boss (Xui Tan Sour), run onto this platform and the boss fight will begin. When fighting, she doesnít die from just throwing her off the platform (though this does take away a large chunk of life) throwing her off and then taunting will help your special grow. After about 3 throws into the water youíll have completed the stage.

4. A Few Good Stuntmen
This is a mini game type scene. It involves you with a trampoline type thing over your head. You must run or jump back and forth and bounce the stuntmen who fall out of the bar window above you. Only cautions are watch out for the cows that fall out as they will result of you losing a life.

5. Waterwhirl
This is another mini game scene. It involve you on a stump in the middle of the water. There are also 3 other ninjas on 3 other stumps. In the middle there is a man on a big pipe thing that spins around and tries to knock you off your stump. You can either jump over it or use your spin attack to knock it in the opposite direction. The point of the game is to survive the spinning pipe long enough for enough ninjas to fall off so you can get 3 or more stars.

6. The Way of the Terrible Taunt
This is another training scene. Itís on the same stage and now youíre fighting a trainer. You must knock him down, taunt him, and unleash 2 special attacks to complete the level.

7. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Princess
This is another feature film scene like Drunken Bastards. Itís mostly a seris of bridges that you have to get across to get to the princess. You start out on an enclosed bridge and youíll get attacked by ninjas on the bridge and ninjas launching out of cannons. After a little while, a ninja will launch into the enclosed site of the bridge where you can run to. Quickly run to the next platform because the bridge will soon fall apart. Once on the platform, try to stay near the next exit, because soon the platform will collapse. Before it collapses run onto the next narrow passage. Ninjas will start automatically push you forward while youíre fighting some generic ninjas. Then youíll run over a set of holes (if youíre not quick spikes will pop out and kill you) and jump in front of a big door. To open the door you must pick up (with B) and throw the boxes or ninjas against the door to break it open. Once the door breaks open run inside. Youíll then notice the room starts to fill up with green gas. Then, start running up the ramps to get away from the gas. Then once youíre at the top of the ramp youíll come to a wooden elevator where youíll fight the boss (Ninja Fu Hiya). Use the same tactics you used against the first boss and if you end the stage with 3 or more stars itís off to the next scene!

8. To Catch a Princess
This is a mini game scene and it is actually pretty hard. It involves you on a bamboo platform with the princess on the ground. All of a sudden ninjas attack! The ninjas attack with waving poles so getting hit will kill you. The object is to use the princess to throw at the other ninjas. Youíll have to move fast and remember that you can only throw the princess at them, so make sure they donít corner you away from her.

9. Four Poles and a Princess
This game is another mini game scene. It has you and 3 ninjas each on separate poles making a square shape. The object is to pick up and throw the princess at the other ninjas and knock them off their poles. Itís pretty straight forward, press B to catch and B to throw and you can jump over the princess if the ninjas throw her at you.

10. The Way of the Swift Strike
This is a training scene. In this scene you learn blocks and counters. Otherwise itís exactly the same as the previous training scenes.

11. Lights, Camera, Attack!
This is a mini fight scene exactly like the first scene except with some new enemies. Here youíll have to fight some new ninjas like the blindfolded, spinning, and white ninja. They can be pretty difficult if you donít know how to fight them. For the spinning ninjas, once they get dizzy they stop spinning for a few seconds, while theyíre dizzy you can attack them any way you want. For the blindfolded use combos like X, X, Y or X, Y. For the white use things like trip moves so they canít block it.

12. Night of the Living Fog
This is another big feature film scene like Drunken Bastards. This one has a few more challenges and obstacles than the other feature film scenes, but it is a lot more fun to play through. Youíll start out on a haunted movie set and youíll be surrounded by white fog. You must follow the lantern because if you stay in the fog you die. Along the way youíll find many spike traps with button activators, make sure that your enemies donít use these against you and try to lure them to some. Keep moving and youíll come to some hopping vampires looking things. Run away from them because they kill you when they touch you. After the vampires you will see a ying-yang symbol on the ground, walk onto it and youíll start the next part of the scene. The ying-yang will fall out from under you and youíll start falling down a long shaft. You can move your character in all directions when free falling, but watch out for the red spikes jutting out of the walls! When you get out of the shaft youíre on platform which is entirely a spike trap with 3 small sections of stage with activation buttons. Quickly run to the buttons to kill all of the ninjas on the platform, but make sure youíre not stepping over any holes. A big white creature then throws you on to one of the two beams. You can jump back and forth between the beams. The beams have spike holes and the red beam button activates the blue beam spikes and vice versa. After this little section youíll then go on a little platform to fight the boss (Master Sho Yu). The only difference from the other boss battles is that there are potion bottles scattered on the platform which cause damage when thrown at someone. After you beat Sho Yu, and you have 3 or more stars, you go onto the next scene.

13. Tomb Robber
This is a mini game scene. This is Pac-Man just with the hopping vampires from the previous level instead of ghosts. If you donít know how to play pac-man, you must run around the area and collect as many golden dots as possible while avoiding the enemies. Watch out because one touch from the hopping vampires will kill you, and you have a time limit so move fast!

14. Fry Hard
This is a mini battle scene. In this scene your in a room with two large stone heads with their mouths open. There are also 2 switches that close the mouths. The object is to kill the other ninjas, but you can also throw them in the mouths and press the switch which closes the mouth with the ninja inside. Thereís a large assortment of ninjas on this level, but no new ones. If you dare to do it, there are also potion bottles in the stone mouths which you can pick up, but someone could press the switch while youíre inside.

15. The Way of the Advanced Combo
This is another training scene. Itís exactly like all other training scenes except you practice advanced combos.

16. Gigantic Crack
This is a big feature film scene. This scene is like titanic in the way it plays out. Youíre on a sinking ship and you run around until you get into the life boat. The first part youíll be in a small enclosed area of the ship fighting with the ninjas. The ship will then hit an iceberg and pieces of ice will land on the ship which can be used as weapons. Move towards the right because the boat will tip and a piano will come down and drag everything on the left into the water. The piano will break the rail which was enclosing the area and quickly run out and go to the right where the stairs are, stay her because a huge chunk of ice will slide down the left side. A little door thing will open and you can exit the stairs to the right. Youíll then walk along a thin path but keep moving toward the right because the walls will fall and crush you. Now, you will be on a big area of the ship and it will be slanted. When itís like this many objects will start sliding down so watch out! Once you get to the top point of the ship, jump to the other side of the rail, the ship will then split in half and fall. Now whatís left of the ship is turned side ways and you must keep moving up or the water will drown you. Watch out because giant crates will start falling and can crush you. Once at the top there will be a ramp to a life boat. Quickly jump into the life boat, and then the rest of the ship will sink. Then youíll have to fight the boss on the very small life boat. If you beat the boss and have 3 or more stars, youíre going on to the next scene!

17. Seal of Destiny
This is a mini game scene. It involves you, the only person to make it to the life boats, trying to rescue all of the drowning ninjas. Youíll use the life preservers on your boat and toss them to the drowning ninjas. Donít mistake a ninja for a seal because a seal will hit it back at you causing you to become dizzy, which wastes precious time.

18. Big Trouble on Little Iceberg
This is another mini game scene. This one is actually pretty fun. Youíre on an iceberg with a bunch of ninjas. You have a bouncy life preserver around your waste, and the object is to bouce into, and knock the other ninjas off the slippery iceberg. Itís like bumper cars. The only catch is that the iceberg has no gaps to knock them out of so you must first bash them into the walls so the walls break off, and then hit them into the water.

19. Enter the Dino
This is a big feature film scene, and itís pretty funny. You start out being chased by a dinosaur thatís on a railroad track, youíll then fall into the water where the level starts. Quickly wade over to the small boat that is in the water because deadly piranhas lurk in the water. Soon after fighting on the boat for awhile a dinosaur will start chasing the boat. The dinosaur will break away at the boat so watch out. After going on the boat for awhile the boat will crash and youíll have to jump onto a giant frogs head. After a few seconds more frog heads pop up and you must jump from one to the other to keep from getting eaten by the vicious piranhas (which takes about 3 seconds in the water for them to kill you). After the frogs youíll jump onto a raft which will float past many obstacles including vines which knock you off the boat. Eventually youíll come to a waterfall and youíll fall and land on a bridge which is where the boss fight begins. The boss is the monkey and itís practically the same as all other boss fights. If you beat monkey and have 3

20. Climbing Fish, Falling Turtle
This is a mini game scene. It involves you the character at the top of a waterfall. At the bottom is a big fish that swims up the waterfall. The object is to throw turtles at the fish and make sure it doesnít reach the top of the waterfall. Some things to watch out for on this scene is that the turtles get up and can hurt you if you donít pick them up fast enough, and if the fish gets to the top, it eats you and you lose.

21. Fish of Fury
This is a mini game scene. It involves on a rock surrounded by
lilypads, when suddenly, ninja attack! Itís a straight forward fight except for that there are the piranhas in the water and a giant fish swims up every once and awhile and gobbles up a lilypad. If you happen to be on the lilypad, you lose a life when the fish eats you. My advice would be to watch the fish throughout the fight and thereís a rock in the middle which the fish wonít attack.

22. Behind the Scenes Brawl
Itís exactly like the first mission except for there are harder enemies this time around. Just remember to save your special for when thereís a large group of ninjas on stage.

23. Revengence Day
This is a big feature film scene. In this scene you run around roof tops as you are chased around by ninjas and alien ships. Youíll start out on a helipad, ships come and drop large bombs which kill you instantly if one gets thrown at you. After fighting on the helipad for a little while, a giant space craft will come with a giant bomb and put it in the center of the helipad. Quickly run into the elevator before the bomb explodes. Now you fight for a little while in the elevator. Try to find the places where the glass is broken to throw the ninjas out of. Another alien ship will shoot the elevator and youíll be thrown onto a rooftop. Soon another ship will come and start blasting the building your on. The building will start to crack in half so quickly jump to the next building (youíll be assisted by funny wires). Just keep moving and jumping from rooftop to rooftop because the laser will chase you. Eventually youíll land on a semi-circle ledge. Stay to the left side because the ship will fire lasers at the right side. Quickly jump again to the next place. Youíll now have jumped onto one of the spacecrafts. Try not to go near the edge because it tilts and spins as it flies. Eventually youíll land in a big room, but watch out! An alien ship will suddenly crash into the building and will crush whatever is in itís path! After fighting in this room for awhile, a rescue helicopter will come. Jump onto the helicopter and the boss battle will begin. The boss is Lucy Cannon and you really only need to use the same strategy you used against the other bosses. If you beat Lucy Cannon and get 3 or more stars then you go onto the next scene!

24. Invasion of The Brain Snatchers
This is another mini game, and itís quite hard. In this mini game, youíre on a helipad with a bunch of little aliens. Your objective for this scene is to catch them (with B) and toss them into the box at the top of the screen. The aliens run away from you, and they run fast, so my best advice would be to try to herd them all into a big bunch and then try to grab one. Try to keep them near the box so you donít have to run over to it when you

25. Close Encounter of the Worst Kind
This is a mini battle scene, which is exactly like the previous one except that it takes place on a flying saucer (which tilts slightly) and the enemies are a little tougher.

To go onto the next scene, you need at least 4 stars on all previous scenes

26. Everyoneís a Critic
This is another mini brawl but MUCH harder. In this one, your co-stars (other characters) get jealous of you and want to kill you! To go onto the last scene you need to get all 5 stars on this. There are though a certain amount of characters you can kill so I would recommend doing the following tactic: The actors come out in sets of 2, so my strategy is to get one down on the ground and taunt it, then toss it into the other (making the other one dizzy) and throw only 1 off. Now with this one, knock it down and taunt it 2 times before killing so you can get your special, DONíT use your special on this single character. Throw the character off and use your special on the next set of 2. If you repeat the process and get it down a couple of times, you should be able to get 5 stars. I recommended throwing one off and taunting the other because these characters are VERY hard to fight when there is two. Once you survive and get 5 stars you go onto the next scene!

To go onto next scene you must have gotten at least 5 stars on Everyoneís a Critic***************************************************************

27. Shou Tingís Big End
This is the final mission and it is a mini battle in a cage with the director!!
There can only be one star in the film and your director, Shou Ting, wants it to be him! Shou Ting has a lot of advantages over other
characters. He hits hard, he taunts after every combo
or knockdown, he catches objects thrown at him, and
you CANNOT BLOCK ANY HIT he throws. Also he has one of
the best special attacks in the game. Combine those
all together and you have a serious problem on your
hands. Shou Ting is easy. Run away from Shou and he will
start to follow you. Then turn around and meet him
halfway. Usually this will catch him flatfooted. Now
combo him and TAUNT. Don't try to throw him, don't try
to throw objects at him, and don't hesitate to use a
special. Shou Ting will ALWAYS counter a combo, like a
Blindfolded Ninja. He will either counter on hit #2 or
#3 of your combo. So make sure to mix up the X, Y and
X, X, Y combos. You will counter his counter, and
stagger him. ALWAYS follow up with a combo. You need
that taunt. Special him every chance you get, and he
will go down with a 5 star rating. Pretty much, once you get down how to taunt him, youíve pretty much won, because special attacks do a lot of damage.

**Once youíve beaten this level, you can come back and beat it to get character endings.

Well, now youíve beaten the main mode of Kung Fu Chaos. Thereís still more though to do in the game! There is the mini-seris missions, but you can just look at the above information because the mini-seris missions are just altered Ninja Challenge missions (ex: Faster movement, enemies harder, ect.) Now go and play some Kung Fu Chaos!!!!!

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