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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Final Fantasy X-2"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy X-2 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Morbo
100% completion guide, each numbered part is not a single percentage, it is only one part of that sections total percentage some events will help other events later on in the game. Some events happen automatically and some you will have to activate by doing it yourself. By doing every point listed below you will get 100% at the end of the game and will get to see the perfect ending.

Chapter 1

1. Finish mission

1. Event on the airship
2. Conversations with Rikku, Paine, Brother and Shinra
3. Talk to Barkeep in the cabin
4. Watch the treasure sphere, Journey’s start
5. Take a rest in the cabin, then talk to buddy

Mt. Gagazet:
1. Event upon arrival
2. Event – look for a different route
3. Event – the lift crashes
4. Event – before the fight against Leblanc
5. Event – after the fight against Leblanc
6. Event – before the fight against Logos
7. Event – Leblanc gets upset
8. Event – before the fight against Ormi
9. Reach the mountain peak within the time limit
10. Event – before the fight against the boss Boris
11. Finish mission

1. Return to the airship
2. Talk to brother and choose to comfort him
3. Look at sphere

Calm lands:
1. Event – entrance to calm lands
2. Start a publicity campaign and earn more than 400 points by the time you reach the calm lands in chapter 5

1. Event – entrance to Luca
2. Talk to man at the stall to trigger event
3. See what happened after Leblanc left the stadium
4. Talk to Rin in the stadium basement A

Mi’ihen Highroad:
1. Event – entrance to the highroad

Mushroom rock road:
1. Event – entrance to the road, follow Ormi and Logos
2. During the conversation with Yaibal, reply “sure we’re game”
2. After the mission talk to Clasko twice
3. Event during mission – see Ormi and Logos follow them into the ravine
4. Follow them and take the sphere
5. Talk to Maroda
6. Finish mission – foggy fiend frenzy!
7. Event – entrance to the youth league HQ
8. Talk to Lucil twice (in front of the HQ)
9. Talk to Maechen in front youth league HQ, without interrupting him and then let him shake your hand
10. Talk to Clasko in mushroom rock and invite him aboard the ship
11. Watch the crimson report 1 treasure sphere on the Celsius
12. Talk to Clasko in the cabin

Djose temple:
1. Event – entrance to the temple
2. Meet Gippal
3. Event – Gippal’s interview
4. Receive the letter of introduction

1. Event – at south wharf
2. Talk to Tobli
3. Finish mission without losing any luggage

1. Event – entrance to Guadosalam
2. Approach Farplane

Thunder Plains:
1. Event – entrance to thunder Plains

Macalania woods:
1. Event – entrance to the woods
2. Talk to Bayra
3. Talk to Donga
4. Talk to Pukutak
5. Talk to Tromell four times
6. Go to the travel agency and then follow O’aka
7. Finish mission – follow that O’aka and allow him aboard the ship
8. Talk to O’aka on board the Celsius

Bikanel desert:
1. Event – entrance to desert
2. Follow Rikku
3. Talk to Nhadala and start mission
4. Finnish mission

1. Event – entrance to Bevelle
2. Talk to Baralai

Kilika Island:
1. Event – entrance to Kilika Island
2. Event – visit Dona’s house
3. Talk to Dona

Mt. Gagazet:
1. Event – entrance to Mt. Gagazet

Besaid Island:
1. Event – entrance to Besaid
2. Talk to Lulu
3. Take a rest and talk Lulu again
4. Find Wakka
5. Event – new from Celsius
6. Fight the boss
7. Talk to Wakka again
8. Event – walking back to the village with Wakka

Zanarkand Ruins:
1. Event – entrance to Zanarkand
2. Talk to Isaaru at the entrance
3. Meet the kinderguardians
4. Event – listen to the goon
5. Event – inside the ruins
6. Reply yes to Cid
7. Enter the beyond
8. Obtain the password (Monkey), and reply, “is that you, Isaaru?”
9. Finish the mission and take the sphere
10. Finish mission and take the sphere

1. Event – onboard the Celsius

Kilika Island:
1. Event – entrance to the residential area
2. Listen to Nooj’s speech
3. Finish the mission

Chapter 2

1. Event – onboard the Celsius
2. Talk to Shinra and look at the sphere
3. Event – after you looked at the sphere
4. Talk to Brother
5. Event – is that music near to the bridge door
6. Event – mini concert
7. Yuna awakes from a dream
8. Brother decides that Yuna should decide
9. Decide to hand the Sphere to the youth league

Mushroom rock:
1. Event – on mushroom rock

1. Event – aboard the Celsius

Besaid Island:
1. Event – arrival in Besaid
2. Accept Beclem’s challenge
3. Complete mission

1. Be interviewed by Shelinda (answers have no affect)

Mi’ihen Highroad:
1. Enter the agency
2. Talk to Calli and answer “of course!”
3. During the mission guess 4-6 times which way the chocobo will run
4. Event with Clasko, then reach Calli within the time limit and defeat the Chocobo eater

Mushroom rock road:
1. Event – arrival on mushroom rock road
2. Talk to Nooj and obtain the Crimson sphere 7
3. Event – Rikku is curious about Paine and Nooj
4. Go to the entrance of the youth league HQ
5. Look at the sphere when back on board the Celsius

1. Talk to Tobli and complete the mission he sets you

1. Talk to Leblanc’s goons at the gate

Thunder Plains:
1. Talk to Cid

Macalania woods:
1. Talk to Hypello and accept the mission he gives you
2. Talk to Bayra
3. Find Donga
4. Find Pukutak

Calm lands:
1. Event – say goodbye to Clasko at the entrance
2. Follow Clasko and accept the mission
3. Complete the mission
4. Capture a chocobo before the end of chapter 3
5. Talk to Lian and Ayde

Zanarkand ruins:
1. Event – arrival in Zanarkand
2. Talk to Isaaru

Djose temple:
1. Event with she-goons
2. Defeat Logos and Ormi

Bikanel Desert:
1. Talk to Nhadala and accept the mission

Mt. Gagazet:
1. Talk to Kimahri twice and journey to the Fayth scar
2. Event – goons spotted
3. Do not follow the she-goon beyond the save sphere, climb up the cliff-face and then go bathing
4. Complete mission

1. Event – aboard the Celsius

1. Go to château Leblanc and you will automatically put on the Syndicate uniforms
2. Enter the building
3. Talk to Ormi and Logos
4. Climb the stairs and give Leblanc a good massage
5. Go back downstairs and discover the switch on the wall
6. Event – taking off the Syndicate uniforms
7. Find the sphere after the battle
8. Look at crimson sphere 10
9. Event – with Ormi and Logos
10. Event – before the battle against Leblanc
11. Event – after the battle against Leblanc
12. Complete mission

1. Event – aboard the Celsius

1. Event – arrival in Bevelle
2. Activate the lift in the temple and use it
3. Event with Leblanc
4. Event upon reaching the goal
5. Solve the puzzle before the battle against Baralai
6. Event with Baralai
7. Event after the fight
8. Event before the battle against Bahamut
9. End mission and chapter

Chapter 3

1. Event at the beginning of the chapter

1. Event – arrival of Luca
2. Win three sphere break games
3. Defeat Shinra in the final

Mi’ihen Highroad:
1. Event – arrival on the highroad, accept the mission
2. Finish the mission with more than seven units dismantled

Mushroom rock road:
1. Talk to Yaibal and Lucille

Djose temple:
1. Talk to Gippal

1. Talk to Tobli

1. Talk to Ormi and Logos
2. Talk to Leblanc
3. Talk to Ormi and Logos again
4. Look at the spheres you just received
5. Find another sphere
6. Look at the sphere
7. Event – Maechen appears
8. Talk to Maechen without interrupting him
9. Pick up crimson sphere 4 and view it later on board the Celsius

Thunder Plains:
1. Talk to Lian and Ayde

Macalania woods:
1. Event – the agency is attacked
2. Win six battles in a row
3. Event – O’aka appears
4. O’aka says he will look after the shop

Bikanel desert:
1. Event – arrival in Bikanel desert
2. Talk to Marnella in the cactuar nation

Calm lands:
1. Accept the mission and enter the cavern of the stolen Fayth
2. Rescue the tourists and defeat the boss

Mt. Gagazet:
1. Talk to Kimahri, obtain the trainer dresssphere and accept the mission
2. Climb the mountain and defeat Garik

Zanarkand ruins:
1. Talk to Isaaru

Besaid Island:
1. Talk to Lulu
2. Event with Beclem
3. Event with Beclem in the temple
4. Find Wakka during the mission
5. Event before the battle against Valefor
6. Complete mission

Kilika Island:
1. Visit Dona
2. Dona offers to help
3. Take secret path trough wood
4. Meet with Barthello
5. Fight Ifrit

1. Event – aboard the Celsius

1. See Gippal in the Antechamber
2. Watch Gippal, Nooj and Baralai in Limbo
3. Listen to Paine’s tale after the battle
4. Pick up crimson sphere 1 and watch it on board the Celsius

Djose temple:
1. Event at entrance
2. Event before the battle against Ixion
3. Event after the battle against Ixion
4. Event with Nooj and Gippal
5. As soon as Yuna is alone in the dark, press the X button repeatedly to whistle four times

Chapter 4

1. Event – beginning of chapter
2. Event near lift
3. Meet Paine on the deck
4. Go to the bridge
5. Watch crimson spheres 2&3

Shinra’s commspheres aboard the Celsius:
1. Talk to Wakka (Besaid)
2. Talk to Dona (Kilika)
3. Talk to Yaibal (mushroom rock road)
4. Talk to Maroda (Bevelle)

1. Talk to Paine after deciding to organise a concert

Shinra’s commspheres aboard the Celsius:
1. Take a look at all the regions of Spira via the commspheres

1. Event – people are also looking for Tobli
2. Event – Tobli falls from a tree
3. Meet Tobli

1. Event with Hypello
2. Rehearse for the concert in the cabin
3. Event – after the rehearsal

Shinra’s commspheres:
1. Take a look all the regions of Spira again

Thunder Plains:
1. Event – arrival in the thunder Plains
2. Event – after leaving the fiend haunt

1. Talk to Brother or Buddy, then Rikku to start and event
2. Talk to Tobli and choose to go ahead with the concert

Thunder Plains:
1. Event – Yuna’s thoughts prior to the concert
2. Yuna’s appearance and the song 1000 words

1. Conversation between Paine and Yuna
2. Maechen tells Lenne’s story on the bridge
3. Talk to Leblanc in the engine room without having spoken to Shinra beforehand

Chapter 5

1. Event – beginning of chapter
2. Event – we have to jump into one of the holes
3. Watch crimson sphere 5
4. Talk to Buddy
5. Rest in the cabin then listen to Brother
6. Talk to Buddy in the Engine room

Zanarkand ruins:
1. Event – arrival in Zanarkand
2. Talk to Maechen and let him finish… again

Besaid Island:
1. Event – arrival in Besaid
2. Talk to Wakka in Besaid village
3. Meet Beclem on the beach
4. Talk to Wakka on the Promontory
5. Go to Besaid village

Kilika Island:
1. Go to residential area
2. Event – reaching the pilgrimage road

1. Event – blizball season has started
2. Start the mission by going to the outskirts
3. Follow the moogle as far as dock 2

Mi’ihen highroad:
1. Event – an Al Bhed will talk to you, the case of detective Rin will be solved outside the agency.

Mushroom rock road:
1. Go towards the revive to trigger an event
2. Talk to Yaibal and answer “you bet!”
3. Event – before the battle with Elma
4. Event – before the battle with Lucil
5. Defeat Lucil
6. Talk to Lucil on the balcony of the war room and obtain a sphere
7. Watch the sphere aboard the Celsius
8. Event – Shuyin tells you his nightmare
9. Event – after the nightmare
10. Event – before the battle against Paine
11. Event – after the battle against Paine
12. Event – after the battle against Baralai, Gippal and Nooj

Djose temple:
1. Visit the temple
2. Defeat Experiment once before it attains its strongest form
3. Defeat Experiment in its strongest form

1. Talk to Tobli
2. Say that you’ll join in

1. Event – arrival in Guadosalam
2. Talk to Tromell
3. Talk to Tromell again to enable you to access the time capsule
4. Talk to the boy in the time capsule
5. Find a sphere and watch it aboard the Celsius

Thunder Plains:
1. Event – arrival in the thunder Plains
2. Find Cid
3. Defeat the boss
4. Meet with Cid on the deck of the Celsius
5. Go to the bridge to start the next event

Macalania woods:
1. Go to the spring near the road to Bevelle
2. When there stand close to the water
3. Visit O’aka in the travel agency

Bikanel desert:
1. Event – arrival in the desert
2. Event – the camp is attacked
3. Defeat the boss
4. Talk with Marnela

1. Event – arrival in Bevelle
2. Enter the temple and meet the kinderguardians
3. Event – during the 20th cloister of trials after the boss battle
4. Find both crimson sphere 6&8 and watch them aboard the Celsius
5. Event – during the 60th cloister of trials after the boss battle
6. Event – during the final cloister of trials after the first boss battle
7. Event – during the final cloister of trials after the second boss battle

Mushroom rock road:
1. Use all the crimson spheres, which you should have collected by now to open the sealed door in the ravine

Calm lands:
1. Visit the calm lands should have earned over 400 points for a company
2. Catch the amazing chocobo after the cave ruins

Mt. Gagazet:
1. Talk to Kimahri
2. See Lian and Ayde return
3. Talk to Kimahri again

1. For getting all regions complete (which you should have if you followed the guide) you will get the mascot dresssphere from Brother.
2. Talk to Brother and choose your route, get to the Farplane via all 5 routes.

1. Event – following the battle against Anima
2. Meet Leblanc

1. Event – on the deck
2. If completed score is more than 80% (should be well over 80% if you followed the guide) go to the cabin to start another event
3. If your completed score is more that 95% (also should be over that amount as well) go to the deck to start an event with Rikku

1. Go back to the Farplane and talk to Gippal
2. Watch the sphere he gives you
3. Event – after watching the sphere
4. Event – a point of no return
5. Event – conversation with Nooj
6. Defeat the tail
7. Leblanc cheers Nooj on
8. Event with Ormi and Logos
9. Event prior to the battle against the head
10. Battle against Shyin
11. Event with Lenne
Submitted By: Sora-Ryuu
Chapter 1

Zarnarkand Ruins

When you arrive here you will notice that the place has now become a tourist attraction. When the mission begins go up onto the hill to the right were you will meet a man. If you’ve played Final Fantasy X then you will know him and he will introduce himself as Isaaru. Next, head towards the dome. When you are inside you will meet some children and over hear a part of the password “key”. Carry on towards the chamber of the faith. On your way you will encounter goons and obtain the final part of the password “mon”……”monkey”. There are also two treasure chests containing Mega Phoenix and Phoenix Down. When you are in the cloister of trials you will find a monkey that seems to be in love then go to the middle platform which leads to the chamber of the faith. Here you will find a save sphere and further along Cid. After your conversation head to the great hall through the door north were you will find 6 treasure chests containing ether, remedy, remedyX2, elixir, phoenix down and hi-potion. After you have collected the items go up the stairs and through the door. When you are in the beyond you will be asked to give a password…”monkey”… then you will be asked another question. Answer the bottom option…”is that you Isaaru” and you will get the Heart Reborn garment grid. Make sure that you save your game before you start looking for the sphere. Now head back to the beyond and go down the steps to the north. The guardian beast will be at the end of the treasure chamber so make sure that you are prepared. Make sure that one of your characters uses the white mage dressphere to provide healing using pray and white magic such as cure and cura. If you want to heal all of your characters press right when selecting a character to heal, which you will see 3 arrows. Use the songstress so that you can blind your target with Darkness Dance. The guardian beast will use Damocles Photon which will cause major damage to your party members. Use shell to reduce the damage and keep healing your party. If you are cursed use holy water. Once you have defeated the boss you will find a sphere fragment instead of a whole one. You then will be back aboard Celsius and then you should go to Kilika Island.

Kilika Island

When you arrive at Kilika docks you bump into Tobli. He will tell about the show in Moonflow. There are many treasure chests around the dock go exploring. Once you have explored the dock go to the residential area to the north. Climb up the first flight of stairs and then go left. When you get there you will see a sequence of Barthello and Dona. Go inside her house and then after listening to her go up stairs to get a treasure chest containing 1500Gil. Leave the house and get the chest around the houses. Once you’re ready head to the wooden gate and go through. After you have heard Nooj’s speech a mission will begin.

When you enter the woods, you should save your game which is located further back as it can be dangerous up ahead. You may have an encounter with the Stalwarts which has huge armour. Depending on your level at this stage, you may not be able to defeat this monster. Now go down the small side path where you will get the youth league password “Squirter Monkey”. The left and right roads will be blocked so you will have to take the narrow path through the centre, and then run to the north. When you have got to the furthest point north you get the chance to hear another password. If you carry on eavesdropping then you get the second password. Just before you make your way to the steps go along the right path next to the river and you will find a tree trunk hanging over the water. You can jump onto it and you will find a chest containing a Megalixer. This restores all party members HP and MP.

When you reach the guard at the steps count how many soldiers there are and answer either Carved Monkey or Craven Monkey. If it’s an odd number of soldiers, answer Carved Monkey, otherwise Craven Monkey. You’ll have to do this several times but each time that you are correct you will receive an item. You will get a Hi-potion, Ether, Turbo Ether, and a Menace of the Deep Garment Grid- that’s only if you get it all correct. If you get it wrong then you will be drawn into a battle. When you get to the plateau at the top of the steps, you will face the boss YSLS-Zero.

Use power break against it and use white magic to heal yourself. Keep your party’s HP above 50% as it can take half of your maximum HP in one attack. Attack quickly and you may be able to defeat YSLS-Zero without it even attacking you. If you have Protect or Armour Break they can be proved to be useful. Once you have defeated the boss you will return to the Celsius and completed the chapter as well as the mission.

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