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Sonic Heroes Walkthroughs

This game is also available on GameCube, PS2.
Submitted By: Mr. GTA
~Egg Emperor~

After taking at least 5 seconds to show off it's deadliness, showing
where the Weak-Point is. The Egg Emperor's total hit-count is 150, while his shield takes 100 hits.

(The following walkthrough is mostly for Team Dark, but can be used for the other teams)

Firstly, dodge his energy-swipes and collect the three level-ups. From here get more Rings before switching to Fly-Formation. As you approach the edge, make sure that the Emperor is on the other side before jumping to get the level-up for the Fly-character. Then, making sure you dodge his energy-swipes again, land on the runway and then switch to Power-formation. If you so wish, remain in Fly-Formation to thunder-shoot his missiles. Give chase until you come acros a 'gong-sandwich'. It is best to use the Power-Formationand hit the gong. Upon landing on the large-ring, Thunder-shoot the enemies, and if you're lucky, you might just whack the Emperor with a few shots. Then, at this time, use the Team-Blast. This will give you the chance to whack the Emperor for a while; use either the Speed or Fly formations for this bit.

Then, as he fires more missiles, you'll notice a pole. Tornado-Jump the pole, but you'll need to be quick as the Emperor can whack you if you let him get too far away. By this time, you should have 2 levels on your characters, but it is likely that you may have got an extra one for one character. Whichever character it is, go over the zipper, it's likely to be the Fly or speed characters that may be on 3. Continue to give chase, while grabbing the rings and the Level-ups. Again, get the Power-Level up and smack the enemies with Thunder-shoot. If you destroy the four cannons around the Emperor, you'll get 5-rings from one, ten-Rings from another, and the other two just hide Gold-robots. It is at this point that Team-Blast must be used. Again, take advantage of the fact that as you hit it's chest, it won't flinch or wave its sword at you.

Hopefully, you'll have whittled down its hits to 30-40, while the shield is on its final 10. Give chase, and grab the rings. Follow it and use Thunder-shoot every time you get close to it. Congratulations, you've just de-throned the Egg-Emperor.

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