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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Secret Weapons Over Normandy"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Secret Weapons Over Normandy (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare

This walkthrough is written by me, (Killer Nightmare), and if you're having trouble giving Jerry a right kicking then you've come to the right place what ho. Chocks away!

i. Credits:

1. Dogfights
2. Bombing Runs
3. Objectives
4. Upgrading Planes
5. General Tactics
6. Credits

1. Dogfights:

Dogfighting is a big part of the game, and it is well worth learning how to do it properly. The best approach is to try and get behind your opponent and use the machine gun to pepper his plane with lead. It's best to try and be above your opponent, as climbing can cause your plane to stall and thus leave you a sitting duck. By coming down from above, aiming should be easier, and you'll find that your shots are generally more accurate. It is also worth easing back on the throttle to give yourself a little extra time to line your shots up. Most importantly of all, don't forget to use the O button to enter 'bullet- time' and slow everything right down to a crawl. This will allow you to get even more shots away at your target.

If you are being fired on, then the best plan is to turn so that your assailants are side on, and then move up and down in the plane. This makes you quite a tough target for them to hit, and gives a much better chance of escaping the enemy. Be careful not to climb too heavily though, you'll stall.

2. Bombing Runs:

When up against a ground-based objective, it might well be prudent to take out any anti-aircraft defences in the area; however, this isn't always the case. If you only have one or two targets to hit, you will probably find you sustain less damage by going straight for them and then getting out of the area fast and sharply. Making out each AA gun can take a while, meaning you spend more time in the danger zone than you ordinarily would. Of course, if you want to complete all the secondary and bonus objectives then the AA guns will probably have to go, but if you just want to complete the mission, leave them be.

3. Objectives:

Take note of what your objectives are at the start of each mission, and check back as new ones are added. Be aware that the mission ends once all primary objectives are completed, so if you want to complete bonus and secondary objectives too, you need to concentrate on them BEFORE finishing all the primary objectives! You should keep an on how you use your weapons too; if one of your objectives is to destroy an enemy base, it would be daft to waste all your bombs attacking trucks, wouldn't it?

4. Upgrading Planes:

Upgrading planes is a tricky subject, as new planes are unlocked throughout the game, so wasting all your upgrades on the earlier planes is a waste of time. As a rule, most missions can be completed without upgrading the plane, but if you are struggling then upgrade the armour of your chosen craft so that you can take more of a beating from the enemy. If the mission you are on requires plenty of bombs, then you might want to double your bomb capacity; it's all common sense really. Once you have unlocked the Messer Schmitt Me-262 A-1A, it is well worth maxing out the stats on that one, as you'll be using it all the time afterwards; the speed it has makes it a valuable weapon to have.

5. General Tactics:

Make sure that you make good use of any wingmen at your disposal. If a target is too well defended and you don't fancy it (coward!) simply send them in to mop up the AA guns first. Similarly, if you are on your last legs, don't be slow in getting them to cover you. They are expendable. You are not!

You should also take note of where partisan runways can be found on each mission. If you are in trouble, then break off and head to one for some repairs and rearm your plane. This is harder on levels where you must defend targets, but on offensive missions it is much more possible to take time out to repair any damage that has been caused.

Finally, it is possible to replay from the last checkpoint following your death, but it isn't actually always the best policy. If you have completed a checkpoint but are in a bad state, replaying from that point will perennially leave you struggling on in a beaten-up plane. Sometimes, it is better to go back to the start and play the first checkpoint again, until you complete it with much more energy left over. This, believe me, makes it much, much easier.

6. Credits:

This walkthrough is written by me, Ruchir Gupta (Killer Nightmare), and I hope this walkthrough has given you some helpful pointers on this game and I hope you enjoyed reading it as well. Thanks.

A Killer Nightmare Walkthrough :)

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