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Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow Walkthroughs

This game is also available on PC.
Submitted By: Cycloon
Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.


The mutliplayer of Pandora Tomorrow is one of the deepest, and consequently trickiest multiplayer modes I've ever played. This guide is centred around the Xbox version, but I'm pretty sure it's applicable to the PS2 and PC versions as well.

So, to begin. Basically, it's 2v2. 2 mercenaries against 2 spies, and each have distinct advantages. Mercs have heavy firepower, spies have stealth. There are three game modes - neutralisation, sabotage and extraction. Personally I only ever play neutralisation, but I'll try to desrcibe the other two as best I can - on ranking these modes are imbalanced, so there's no point in playing them at all, unless it's a free game. Each time, the spies have to decontaminate 2/3 ND133 Pods, or 'viruses' as I shall call them, as that's what they are, (incredible the amount of times I've said 'get the virus' and people go "what? Where's the virus?!").



Spies have NO lethal equipment except their bare hands, which come in handy for some neck snapping. Or their legs, for duble jumping, but more about that later.

TAZER; This is the standard spy gun. It basically shocks a merc (or a spy) for a few seconds, which is enough time to then do something else.

FLASHBANG GRENADES; Almost essential every time. When fighting a merc a flashbang really, really does help you. Put it in quick-use if using at all.
SMOKE GRENADES; Vital. Without these to smoke up escape routes and mercs you'r e in trouble. Effectively, they create very short lived, near-impassable walls.
CHAFF GRENADES; Similar to flashbangs - you need to consider the level before taking these. Firing these usually misfires any security device (cameras, lasers), and also when fired at a merc, messes up his vision modes and also makes him unable to reload.
SPY CAMERA; The bane of many mercs. These things are extremely useful. basically you fire them onto a wall, look around for a merc and when he comes close, you gas him.
ALARM SNARE; Deceptively useful really. These trigger sounds and activate you can send mercs entirely the wrong way, especially if they don't know what they're doing. Very, very useful
SPY BULLET; This effectively marks a merc on your radar, and by pressing 'white' you can listen to his communications (but only that merc, not both sides of the two way conversation)

In general, I always have Smoke/Alarm Snare/Spy Camera, and then, depending on the level either Flash/Chaff. I'll tell you more about the choices later.

Vision modes;

Night vision - standard night vision modes
Thermal vision - Heat seeking - incredibly useful for close combat, but you can't see stuff like grenades!

WARNING; When in either vision mode, you are lite up like an EMP christmas tree - the Mercs electro tracking will see you if close enough!

Also when your tazer is out, press up on the D-pad, and the laser will turn off - so the mercs can't see it. It is harder to hit stuff though.


Mercs have far more lethal equipment.

ASSAULT RIFLE; This beast is a multi-purpose marvel. A fast firing rifle (with two modes, changable by holding X, burst or auto -you want auto), a sniper rifle (click right tumbstick), a grenade launcher and more.

FRAG GRENADES; Take these without fail. Will save your butt more times than I can count.
PHOSPHOROUS GRENADES; Limited use. They will coat anyone who runs through their cloud in green paint, meaning you can track their steps, but it's not worth it. Useful mostly for fooling spies into thinking it's a frag and running.
MINES; Also absoloutely vital. Available in two modes, laser or proximity, these will save you butt as well!
SPY DEVICE - Basically a laser trip wire that wne hit by a spy, puts them on your radar and removes anll vestiges of stealth! You can hear their conversation by pressing 'white' as well.
FLARES; Pretty useless. Light up the area you fire them at. Reload them at ammo boxes.
TAZER; The nastiest merc weapon. Hit a spy with this (Very short range) and you'll freeze him. He'll collapse and you can do with him what you will........

Regardless of level, youy should have Frag/Spy Device/Mine/Tazer. No question.

Vision modes;

NOTE; Spy chaff negates your mode until you escape the chaff cloud.

Motion tracking - Tracks any movement of anything. So usually, spies. Very useful. Be warned, cannot see motionless.....spies very well, so keep checking. You'll soon learn what a spy n motion tracking standing still looks like.
Electromagnetic Tracking - This basicaly picks up any electromagnetic charge....such as that given off when a spy is using either of his vision modes. It is slightly short ranged, but can see through boxes, and is useful to flick to.
Torch; A simple torch, effective.
Laser; A laser line that boxes any target it hits. However, you lose your crosshair while using it.

In general, you should flick between normal sight and the two vision modes, and use the torch when searching, and you know a spy is near.


Right, this is where I get lost, because there are so many possible tactics to use. Bear with me.


-Don't play Ranking (points to be won/lost) if you're unsure of what to do OR generally without a trusted and known accomplice.
-If there's lag, sort it quick.
-TALK to your friends.
-Don't leave a ranking game. It costs you MORE points than it does to lose (which many idiots can't seem to work out) and annoys everyone involved.
- Find a regular PT partner. It makes the whole thing so much easier if you have one or a few people who you play regularly with.
- Don't glitch. PT is buggy, without the retards who glitch the whole time.
- LEARN THE MAPS. Go online with a friend who knows the game, and go through each map, looking about and deciding what to do.


- Quickly use vision modes. Try not to use them constnatly.
- USE TEAMWORK. Unless you are good and playing awful players, teamwork is the only way of winning.
- Consequently, TALK the whole time about what you are doing and where you are.
- Also, when going for a virus, it is more effective if one spy covers and the other does the pod. If for example it's on sabotage, you should both then hide and wait for a merc to come and try to remove the hacking modem - at which point you grab him! On neutralisation, you should hide while the spy decontaminates, and then attack any mercs who come near. You can also warn the spy to be ready to hide or run.
- If you're not sure, or there's lag, you should run. Simple.
- Neck breaking. Trust me, this takes a lot of practise, and as such, just try it on deathmatch/free games at first. What I tend to do is one of two things, A/B.

A - Hide. When a merc approaches, just wait. If he runs past you, run out and grab him (check around for mines beforehand) and snap him double quick. If however, he looks into your corner, run before he tazers you and then pop a flashbang in his face. If there are two running past, grab the second one who passes.


B - Once you've either been discovered OR you approach a merc (check he's alone) tazer him, fire a smoke at him, and run up to him. Novice players will have difficulty here, but advanced players will dodge and weave away. Basically, flash him again if needs be and run up behind him and grab and snap as fast as possible. It takes an awful lot of practice, trust me. Often, you can combne B wth A - have a spy hide, then get the other spy to run out and run away, luring the merc past the other spy.

- Sometimes, killing a merc is the last thing you want. For instance, if you have a few lives left, one more virus to get, and it's free of mines. If you kill a merc he'll come back with more mines. If you knock him out however, he won't......and you can quickly get the virus!
-Jumping. This is both the most annoying and most secretly useful tactics. When a spy jumps on a merc from up high, it knocks him out. This is useful if you are just trying to run. If you have time, you can climb back up wherever, and when he starts to get up, jump on him again, to kill him. Personally, I use this tactc only on those who do it themselves, as it's utterly rubbish and highly annoying, as well as relying on something a bit unrealistic. It's called double jumping.
-Try to tazer a merc's visor - it messes up his HUD.
- Use sticky cams - you can then double jump if appropriate (try not to though!) or escape, or whatever.
- Use chaff to clear laser grids. Often, in levels such as Rivermall, the ND133 are guarded by three lasers. A chaff will rid you of these - but not any mines!
-Use sticky cams to check for mines. When you are about to leave a vent, just pop a sticky cam outside to check (note, obviously only do this at vents where mercs are about).
- Alarm snares are extremely useful. On levels like Vertigo Plaza, you can fool enemies to go entirely the wrong way. Try to set of alarms in other places, and then shoot another alarm out the opposite way, and run in that direction.
-Choke bottlenecks. On levels like Warehouse, attempting to do Sector 1, once the two mercs are dead (IF they are dead), then have one spy send smoke grenades up to their spawn in Sector 1. This'll choke them up!
- If you see a merc camping and watching a particular point (Federal Bank vault vents being a good example), drop a flashbang down the hole and then jump down straight after it. It'll either blind him or make him look away - and you can move.
-When tazering a merc, to really mess him up, quick fire (tap L) different types of grenades into him. This will send him into scared mode, and make him spin and fire. Dangerous, but also easier to kill.
- When hacking/sabotaging, set your camera to the angle the mercs will come from, and pop on thermal vision.
- When going for a virus, SMOKE the doors, if applicable. Even better, smoke the corridor outside, so they can't fire grenades in.
- If you grab a merc and your mate is hacking, just leave him grabbed and wait for the virus to finish/friend to escape. This means you have more time after the virus is hacked to escape. However, the merc's mate appears, break it and run/attack.
- Zipwires on Vertigo Plaza = instant death.
- Some viruses are not to be touched unless under particular circumstances!
- Use thermal vision to check ofr mines around viruses.
- Once you learn a level, you can rush. Very, very fast.

There are many more, that require practise to learn, so just play a lot!


- Teamwork again. Notify your mate what you're doing, what you're looking at - sometimes your mate will spy some movement and snipe, and it could well be you.
- Mine entrances and viruses according to the level. More about this later.
- Use your crosshair. Sounds stupid, but when attacking a spy fire in short controlled bursts and note the size of your targeting reticule - it will diminish very quickly when running.
- Also, note the spikes coming off your target? That's sound. Up is in front, down behind, etc. IMPORTANT - this can really save your butt. This basically tells you where a spy is by the noise he makes. Now, look at the inside of the targeting reticule. If this is CLEAR and the spikes appear, it means the spy is on the same level as you - so beware, as he's very close. If there are clouded pulses, it means he's either above, below or left/right of you, through a floor/wall etc. This means, when learned enough, you can predict a spies movements.
- Torchlight and laser are both useful, but also serve as early warnings for spies. If for example, you are running to a spy who is hacking a virus and you have a torch on, he'll see the light long before he ses you, and run. So turn it off and go in!
- When you tazer a spy, just shoot him once in the head to conserve ammo. If you're messing about, put LOADS of mines about him. Tis funny.
- Little trick this. Often, when a spy attacks, you get tazered and smoked. So. You might see mercs charging forwards but having their neck snapped anyway. To charge,run forwards and press A. Sometimes this hits the spies, which means they'll be easy targets. However, most of the time, they'll be running behind you. So charge, and at the end of the charge, just before, jump with Y and then QUICK-TURN. This is done by turning the left stick twice in either direction, so basically hit it to turn and then hit it again - practise this. This means you will jump in mid air but also spin around very quickly, and usually you can shoot/tazer the spy before he knows what's happening.
- The quick-turn is very useful on the ground, but the reason I say jump is because it means you will ALWAYS do it. When on the ground the game sometimes thinks you just want to turn, and it doesn't work - which often means your dead.
- When passing dangerous areas (i.e, the bridge on Warehouse, as a merc, the spies will jump down from above from the catwalk above), eother charge or jump along so you can't be grabbed.
- Press A when standing to do a melee attack - useful for in close comabt.
- Reload when possible. Never be empty and facing a spy!
- Sniping has limited use, except for levels like Vertigo Plaza.
- Kill spies, do nothing else. You don't not need to kill them, just get rid of them.
- Put spy traps/devices down. These'll really help, and press 'white' - often you'll catch them unawares and hear them talking about tactics - 'you go to cafe' for example. And you'll be waiting!
- Keep your ears open. If you hear a little 'bleep!' sound, it's most likely a sticky camera. These are visible with electro-vision - little white blobs. GET RID OF THEM! Just shoot them once.
- If you are surrounded by sound in all 4 directions and it's incessant, it's probably (not always) an alarm snare.
- When you play with a partner, immediatly assign an area to yourself, agree on it, and do it!
- On some levels, you can leave some viruses to the spies. It'll make it easier for the mercs to defend.
- When learning the levels, experiment with mines on the viruses etc, to see which place/type gets the best result.
- If on levels with sectors, if you can, grab any mines/spy traps off redundant areas. ONLY if you have time.
- Never stop moving. Ever.
- Put mines behind objects so spies won't see them. Putting them behind lights is cruel and mean and oh so useful!
- Shoot glass. You never know when a vital grenade will be needed, and you don't want to have to have it bouncing off glass....
- On Sabotage, Spies get new modems from Ammo boxes. Mine/Trap them.


Here's the real stuff, the levels, including the downloaded maps. However, each level never plays the same way, so practise makes perfect. This is a very rough outline.


This is the most popular map in the game, because it loves cheats. It's an alright map, but is extremely hard as spies. Mercs have a good time unless the spies play the map and nothing else, which is quite probable.

GRENADE CHOICE? Flash/Chaff? - Flashbangs

MODES; Neutralisation/Extraction.

Sector 1;


These three are bunched very close together and are nasty for spies. It really, really is a matter of what occurs on the day in the game. Each of the three is easily grenadable by the mercs. My advice is to have one spy gassing/killing the mercs, and the other hacking. The spy who is attacking the mercs MUST keep the other one up to date as to when (if) he should quit hacking. Keep eating away at the 10 seconds and you should be fine. On Extraction, you should gas as well, and the other spy should run as fast as possible, but beware - the mercs will head stragiht to the exits.


Now, this is tricky. If you are playing in somebody elses room, pop a mine on the inside of the entrance to the white corridor just outside your spawn (where you come from Sector 1 into the white corridor, pop a mine on the wall on the right). Also, put spy traps along the insides of the girders to your right on the walkway - spies love to hide here and also this will trap the Sector 2 entrances. Then, mine up the lower entrances (the tunnel and the fence) and the viruses. Experiment with proxy mines on each thing. If on Extraction, go straight to the floor and mine the exits.



This is a little better, but still hard - there's a light hacking point if you can get it in the computer mainframe area. My reccomendation is again to hit with a double team - both the office and computer viruses can be got by smoking up the corridors and the other spy hacking. The lower virus is gettable right after you hack sector - run into the downstairs entrance to 2, climb up the vent, right, drop, run around and down the stairs, smoking the stariwell up.

Mercs; Mine and run about, patrolling, simple enough. This is a pretty standard tactic, so I'll call it 'Patrol' - i.e, mine/spy trap/patrol the area.



This is again an enclosed area, but the spies have height advantage - they can jump on the mercs. The three are grouped closely, so you'll have to both attack the mercs - sticy cams and jumping is probably your best tactic. Quick entrance though from the spawn (go right), but beware of mines.


Now, here it gets interesting. Never stop moving, and mine the viruses and also the entrances behind the large tanks. Keep an eye out. Climb up on the boxes in the middle to give yourself more scope, but always, always watch out for spy cams and spies up high - if you fall chances are you've lost.


This is one hell of a large level, and something of a speciality level. i.e, you get very advanced players. It also appears to favour spies........but good mercs can turn this on its head. The three areas are far apart and difficult...but each virus takes 20 seconds. Extraction is just silly. The spies effectively have NO chance of losing!

Flash/Chaff? - Chaff

MODES; Neutralisation/Extraction


Right, from the off, double team an area. For example, rush to the Data Bank, have one spy neutralise and the other waiting on the bridge to the office, ready to jump down on any mercs. OR you can sticky cam from afar. Alarm snares are essential - for example you can trigger library alarms from the data bank! Watch out for snipers - try to stay off the bridges as much as possible. Also, mercs will often sacrifice the Library, so they can snipe out of the Data Bank and Offices. In that case, hack one library virus, but leave the other on 1 second. Then, try everything to get another virus in the data bank/office (preferably the data bank). This then means you force the mercs to strecth themselves out!

Also, stay off the zipwires. Your best friend in this level is teamwork and deception. Setting off alarms across the level is helpful as mercs can never be totally sure of your intentions. Teamwork is vital.


This level appears very difficult. It is quite hard. If you wish, sacrifice the Library. I don't like doing that, but it's up to you. Right, run out onto the bridges and snipe. Have one of you going to Data Bank, the other to Library. Rush into these and mine up the vent entrances - in the data bank, you can mine up the upper and lower vents and a virus. To get to the upper venting, you need to run up the stairs that go up to the space in the ceiling, jump on the railing of the stairs, run up and jump on the roof. Run accross to the vent, crawl in and plant a mine on the corner where another vent branches off to the office bridge - make sure it's not visible from the spawn vent!

In the Library, laser mine the lwoer vent in the room with the sofas, and mine the viruses. Then, both of you should run onto the bridges between the office and your respective building, and snipe. HOWEVER, always come out of snipe to check about you, to recheck the buildings. Often you'll get spies/interference, so you'll just follow what happens. Under no circumstances, let them get both office ND133. You'll be finished.


I like this level - it's balanced and a good little level.

Flash/Chaff? - Flashband



Right, you need to split. One needs to rush to the Water Tank room, the other to the Train Room. This is really again about what happens and when. As a rule, the mercs will split up. If not, punish them in whichever area they've left unguarded. There are only 4 viruses, so they will mine each one a lot. In the Water Tank there are lots of cameras - near the merc spawn in the corridors, behind the train room is a hacking point to turn them off. If possible, do so. Also, those explosive barrels are indiscriminate killers.... ;) The Water Tank room also has lockable gates - Lower water tank is easier to get if you lock them down for few crucial seconds. Watch out for mines!

The shadows are very friendly here. There are a lot of them and you can fool mercs a lot.


1) Don't enter the shadows near the Train Room.
2) Mine/patrol. in the Train Room, patrol along the landing upstairs. In the Water Tank room, patrol the top. Put a mine in the corridor along the bottom (behind a light) or at the bottom of the pole at the end of the corridor. At the start of the level, if you see 'Security failure', it means they're going lover Water Tank. However, after this, it could be a camera or anything - but most likely Water Tank.
3) Electromagnetic is useful for the Train Room and the deep darkness by the train-less platform.
4) Keep in contact with each other at all times.
5) On sabotage, they need ONE virus. So be extremely careful. My advice? Don't play it, or extraction, on ranking, EVER!


Another specialist level really. Extremely well balanced


Flash/Chaff? - Chaff


Double team room 116 first. I always do this. One spy wait outside, the other hacks/strikes. Outside is dangeorus as the mercs will occassionally snipe out the windows. However, each of the upstairs rooms ha e distinct advantages, particularly 205. When you break into them, there is only one entrance - which should be smoked to hell! Be careful - even if you smoke 212/202, you might get a grenade from the other room, a s mercs can fire between 212 and 202 thorugh the windows. 102 is tricky - you can rush this instead of 116. Getting 116 and 212 is a good idea, as it seperates the mercs, and you can rush 212 after 116 IF very lucky!

Note the little side rooms - you can access important rooms through these, such as 100 next to 102 (it does have an alarm in it though). Also, there are lots of shafts and roof vents to crawl about in....


One take lower, other take upper floor. Patrol, simple really. Lower will probably see action first. Often spies split up - one high, one low. In 116, mine just inside both doorways. Other rooms, just mine the viruses. Peek out the windows occassionally and snipe.


Never played, ever, which is a shame as it's good. There is a horrible glitch on it (you fail instantly!), so only play if you're hosting/with friends.


Flash/Chaff? - Flashbang


Split. One head for warehouse, the other for Lab. Simply take your time, be cautious. Back of the lab is a hacking point for quick entry to Irradiation. Once Warehouse/lab done (if), head for Irradiation and double team it. Lots of sensors about - be careful.


Right, one take warehouse/lower floor, other take Lab/Irradiation. When in lab, call the lift. Mine the two labs, and go down the lift to irradiation. Mine the virus FURTHEST from the lift, and then go back up. This means if irradiation is attacked, the mine might kill the spy at the furthest, while the closest virus is an easy, easy grenade.


Another very popular map, with good reason. It's great. Balanced too.

MODES; Neutralisation

Flash/Chaff? - Flashbang


Rush upper/lower lobby. This is a well known tactic, and you will enounter enemies. If you want, run through the lobby, leaving alarm snares, and enter the video games/cafe rooms - attack/double team these. Lots of sensors about, so be careful. Try to get video games and lower lobby OR cafe and upper lobby to mess the mercs up and split them. Deception is useful - i.e alarm snare upper lobby towards cafe, then shoot out the alarms near Video games and go that way.


Mine up cafe/video games, where ever you start, and then rush to the lobby, one upper, one lower. Then, one merc should take the lobby, the other the back, OR one take upper lobby and video games, the other merc the remaining two. This is perhaps better as the merc guarding upper lobby can stay upstairs and fire grenades down at videogames from above, while the cafe is impossible to grenade from above. Mine/patrol. In the lower and upper lobby, if you can, pop mines behind the fire extinguisher in the lower lobby corridor leading to the screen, or the lights in the upper lobby - will always mess the spies up if they go that way!


Popular for deathmatches, rather than serious games, but it's good, if hard.

Flash/Chaff? - Flashbangs

MODES; Neutralisation, Extraction


This is a tricky level. Nearly always, mercs will sacrifice Sector A (if you hack one in a sector, both dissappear). So, hack A to 1 second, and then try all you can to get C/B. If they don't sacrifice A, just go for B. Each sector has a main door, which you have to hack (and the mercs will be alerted as to where you are by this), and also a back entrance/vents/pipes etc. Basically, you need to double team. Inseide all 3 sectors it's very, very easy to smoke up the entrances/corridors and have a go at the mercs. Id the mercs are running about the walkway, sticky cam them - beware of mines on the stairs and the railing. If mercs go down to the boxes in the front area, make them pay. Each area is also full of security devices, so be extra careful. Learning this map before playing is pretty neccessary.


Basically, sacrifice A and mine up C/B. C and B are extremely close to each other, and A is harder to defend. If you can, go to A and kill the spies, but if you can't it doesn't matter so much. Patrol the railings outside, being constantly aware of sticky cams and the spies. When the spies respawn, you might be able to grenade/snipe them as they come over the wall at the end/zipwire etc. Be careful - if B or C gets infiltrated by both spies, you'll have a hell of a time getting rid of them, and try not to go down into the boxes too much.


MODES; Neutralisation

Another small map, but a good one at that.

Flash/Chaff? - Both, leave Alarm Snares. Put Flash in quick use, chaff elsewhere.


Now, there is a rushing tactic that requires luck, but you can do it. Rush into the vent from the spawn, qick roll accross the ceiling, into the vent, look to see if people are in the corridor, drop down, jump/roll through the lasers, go to Monolith, shoot the camera, run, jump over the lasers/check for mines and smoke the doorway, before hitting lower monolith. This is a very useful tactic and not that well known. Elsewhere, try to attack the mercs. Double teaming is a good idea, as there is only one really realistic way into each of the 3 rooms, so one guy hits the ND, one guy smokes and sticky cams. There are LOTS of laser tripwires in this level. Every area is full of them. This is tricky, and you do need to be careful.


Split and mine up Cafe/Exhibition room, and if you can, Monolith. Then, one guy patrol the back rooms (stay in the corridors mainly, and watch the roof every now and then), and the other should alternate between corridors/cafe. This map requires good teamwork and quick response to alarms!



A great map this, this is also highly tactical.

Flash/Chaff? - Chaff


Right, first off, there are several hacking points in this level. The first are beneath the waterfall - if you hack both, the mercs will know exactly where you are, so hack the vent fans if you need to hack any, and access the vents here. Otherwise, run thorugh the main corridors to the parking lifts (kill the camera). Run right, up the stairs, taser the camera and chaff the lasers, and get the Office. You will most likely enouncter some type of mine, so be careful. Then, head for the Video Games. Basically, if you get the office and video games, the mercs are split between the up-till-then useless kiosk, and the Hi-Fi room. Which is far to far away to be easily defended. If you can't get the office, get a hi-fi - Video games is the key stone in the defensive wall. Hit this and a virus at the back and the game is yours, as you just need to double team a virus - either the Kiosk or one at the back. When exiting vents from the spawn, check for mines outside the exits.


Basically, mine up Office/Video games (in the office, go over to the doorway to the stairs, look downstairs from INSIDE the office, and put a laser mine a little loweer than mid-height - i.e, your normal level, on the wall. Then, below this, put a proxy mine on the small "lip" of the doorway), and ignore the kiosk. If you see TWO hacks, one after the other, they're beneath the waterfall, so drop down the lift shafts and nark them. The Hi-fi showroom should be mined (the bottom one) and the upper Hi-fi spy trapped. One merc should stay in hi-fi (VITAL - shoot out the windows in the office, so you can grenade into the office virus if it gets hacked, from the show room floor. If the spies hack the curtains, get them back open as quickly as possible. The other merc should patrol around video games/upper lobby and kill as many spies as possible. Often, a spy wil ltry to get all the way to the back. So just screw him over and wait.


MODES; Neutralisation, Extraction.

A little in favour of the mercs, but probably one of the best maps.

Flash/Chaff? - Flashbangs


This is a tricky map at first. There are two ways in, entry or vault. In the Entry there are two hacking points, to turn off the lights and activate EMP protection (i.e, mercs can't see sticky cams, etc). If you can, hack these, but the mercs will probably mine them and guard, as the vault is very close by. I tend to double team rush into the vault and try to knock out the mercs and then hack. EMP protection is good, as you can sticky cam endlessly! Once Sector 1 is hacked, you can rush the gold reserve - once the doors (finally!) open. Run down the stairs and smoke them up. Often, mercs will take the lift in their spawn, but sometimes this pays off. The reserve is basically the same as the vault - unless you can rush it, you need to work together - hack the lights/door from the Entry room. Teamwork is key. Wacth for mines when coming out of vents.


Mine the hacks/the vents in the vault, and just patrol, simple. When sector 1 is done, use the lift to get down to 2 (in your spawn, not the big lift by the stairs), and mine/patrol again. Not much else to say really.

So, that's all the levels.

Here are some free mode variants you'll certainly come accross - these again are rough outlines, people will have their own modes, but these are good for practise;


Spy lives - anything from 5+ to infinite
Merc lives - anything from 1 - 15, or whatever.
Banned equipment/moves? - None

- Basically, the aim of this game is to kill the other team. Simple.


Spy lives - 1
Merc lives - 3
Banned equipment/moves? - Sticky Cam, Mines, Double Jumping

- This sucks, yet people play it. Basically, each spy has to survive the merc, and the three spies have to kill the merc 3 times with neck breaks. If the Merc loses, he remains merc. First spy to die becomes merc. It's really, really crap, and nowhere near as good as the mode below.


Spy lives - 2
Merc lives - Inf.
Banned equipment/moves? - Sticky Cam, Mines, Double Jumping

A variant of tag, but far, far better. Each spy has to beat the other two spies to break the mercs neck. The spy who loses both his lives first or who doesn't break the mercs neck becomes merc next round. Basically, if you break a neck, you are clear, ev
Submitted By: MightyBag
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Alternate Routes FAQ V4.0
Authored by VampireHorde

Update V1.1: Couple new additional paths and some revisions
Update V1.2: Additional paths added and more revisions
Update V2.0: More paths found and added; more revisions
Update V3.0: PS2 version update
Update V3.1: Special walkthrough added for the Indonesian
jungle level and LAX elevator platforming level for PS2
players; revisions
Update V3.2: Additions and revisions.
Update V4.0: Gamecube version added; addition and revisions




Thank you for clicking here. My FAQ will explain all the obvious
and alternate paths of the game Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow.
Ubisoft announced early in its production that Pandora Tomorrow
would incorporate multiple paths for Sam to take on his various
missions. Well, it's only half true but it is a breath of fresh
air from the first games' linear mechanics. Apparently there are
only a few areas in the game that use multiple paths while
everything is else is pretty linear. This FAQ will point them
all out. If the path you've taken doesn't seem to work then try
the alternate ones listed here. I will mention the obvious path,
an alternate one, and then give my opinion of the best one to

**Before reading my FAQ, I highly suggest playing the single-
player game before attempting any of the methods mentioned
here. I WILL NOT give any tips or hints for multiplayer, so
look away if that's what you came for. Let's start the game!




-You'll be spending almost 90-95% of the game in Night Vision.
Get used to the blurry effect of far away distances (
especially in sniper mode).
-Always hold your breath when using sniper mode.
-For multiple guards, use the "whistle and lure" for one guard
near a doorway and knock him out. Hide his body AWAY from the
door and repeat for the other ones.
-Use the SWAT-Turn anytime you see rows of columns, doors or
-In the jungle levels, turn on you Thermal Vision when walking
through thick foliage to see tripwires.
-ALWAYS walk slowly when approaching a guard who is looking
for you! YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS! If you move any faster he will
hear you!

That should about do it for this section. Start the game!

*WARNING*If you have not played these missions yet then try
them now before reading the FAQ because you'll be clueless!
There are certain moments in the game that require some
scripted gunplay but follow my methods and you might not even
have to fire a shot. All the paths I have chosen are based
on Hard difficulty.


Timor, Dili Mission 1


Land Mines Tutorial

-Obvious path: Walk underneath the porch to avoid being blown
-Alternate path: Walk on the porch itself

**Best path: Neither. The paths are basically on top of each
other anyway.

Embassy entrance path

-Obvious path: Walk underneath the bridge while avoiding the
flashlight-wielding guard
-Alternate path: Shoot out the light post before climbing down
the pipe (the one behind the boarded-up window). Walk into the
water then head to the left side of the bridge (your walking
around it) and back into the water. (The light post has been
removed from the PS2/GC versions)

**Best path: Alternate. Walking under the bridge is more risky.
Take the time to walk to the left but watch out for the
guard's flashlight before moving.
PS2/GC UPDATE: A guard is watching TV in the room prior to the

Heading to the embassy

-Obvious path: After interrogating the officer, neutralize or
ignore the other guard. Climb the pipe near the burning drum
to enter the embassy.
-Alternate path: Near the burning drum is a narrow alleyway.
Do a half-split jump to climb up the wall to the embassy.

**Best path: Both.

Location of Douglas path

-Obvious path: Climb the pipe to the roof, shimmy to the
right, jump down silently and open the window. Head inside
and smack the guard.
-Alternate path: Take the second pipe near the window, walk
in and smack the guard.

**Best path: Both. Either way is fine.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path was removed.

Embassy courtyard path to Ingrid after using the spotlights

-Obvious path: Climb the pipe at the end of the courtyard up
to the roof and silently jump down to Ingrid's room.
-Alternate path: Enter the door at the end of the courtyard.
Walk up two flights of stairs and enter Ingrid's room from
behind the sniper.

**Best path: Obvious. It's stylish and sneakier than taking
the stairs.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path was removed. And there is
only ONE spotlight in the courtyard.

Extraction path

-Obvious path: Take the stairs back down to the first floor
-Alternate path: In Ingrid's room is a window that can be
opened. Walk out and you can rappel down to the first guard's

**Best path: Alternate. Again, it's stylish and sneaky BUT you
might get spotted because it's near bright lights.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The window in Ingrid's room was moved to a
separate room next door.



Saulnier Cryogenics Lab Mission 2


Entering Saulnier Cryogenics Lab path

-Obvious path: After neutralizing the first guard near the
abandoned train, walk inside the darkened train car all the
way to the end.
-Alternate path: There is a ladder in front of the train that
can be used to climb up to the roof.

**Best path: Both. Neither presents anything stylish, though.

The File Room (the room after dousing the flames)

-Obvious path: Neutralize the guard and head for the door at
the end.
-Alternate path #1: Jump to the top of the bookshelf in front
of you and watch the guard. Silently jump down and crawl through
the bookshelf opening on the right (watch the guard). Jump to
the opening in the middle of the next bookshelf (while watching
the guard) and head out the door.
-Alternate path #2: Shoot out the first fluorescent light and
jump on top of the filing cabinets. Put your back against the
wall and crawl to the corner at the end (there's two lights but
if you shoot out the first one and crawl down past the second
light, the visibility meter will still be dark even if you
don't shoot the second one). Watch the guard then head for the

**Best path: Alternate path #1. It's the most effective method
without having to alert or neutralize the guard.

The auditorium

-Obvious path: Wait for three guards to finish "searching the
area". When the first one leaves, neutralize the other two.
-Alternate path: To the left of the door you enter is a pipe
you can climb. Shimmy with your head over feet to the other
side of the room and silently creep out.

**Best path: Alternate. I was hesitant to try the alternate
path, but it works and you don't have to neutralize the two
guards if you're silent enough. (Although sometimes the guard
will "hear something" if you shimmy too fast resulting in all
three staying in the room)
PS2/GC UPDATE: At the back of the auditorium is a long row of
shelves. Climb up on top of one of them and you can stay
hidden from the guards.

Reaching Francois Couldebouf for his phone.

-Obvious path: Take the metal walkway and neutralize two
-Alternate path: Shimmy on the left side of the metal walkway
while avoiding cold steam blasts.

**Best path: Neither. Both paths are too risky. If you want,
use two sticky shockers to neutralize both guards instead of
PS2/GC UPDATE: The steam blasts have been removed. Sam can
shimmy to the other side unharmed (but the guards will still
"hear something").

-The upper ventilation shaft from the XBOX/PC version to the
Body Processing room is gone. A trapdoor to an underground
walkway has been added instead. The extraction path is still
the same as the XBOX/PC version though.



Hesperia Railways Mission 3


Entering the second train car after jumping off the plane.

-Obvious path: Enter the first or second roof door of the
first train car then exit to the second car.
-Alternate path: Crawling all the way to the end of the train

**Best path: Neither. For fun press the B button to make Sam
stand while on the roof and just watch the hilarity ensue.

Reaching Norman Soth

-Obvious path: Shimmy on the right side of the train while
avoiding lights and stupid passengers.
-Alternate path: Turn off the lights inside the passenger car
and slowly sneak through the aisles.

**Best path: Both. Either one presents a challenge and is
pretty fun to attempt.



Jerusalem Streets Mission 4


The Church Courtyard (with one policeman and two rabbi)

-Obvious path: Neutralize the policeman and slowly sneak past
the two rabbis using the left wall. (Or you could put your
back to the wall for safety)-Alternate path: Sneak past the
rabbis by shimmying on the left wall.

**Best path: Obvious. Why was shimmying on the wall even
considered an option at all? You'll be seen anyway!

Reaching Saul Berkovitz's place near the cafe area

-Obvious path: Walk around the lone streetlight and hide
behind the first crate. Do SWAT-Turns to reach Saul's place.
-Alternate path: Near the stairs (After passing the two rabbi)
is a pipe that you can climb to a zipline. Shimmy around the
corner and silently land behind the first crate.

**Best path: Both. If you take the alternate route, there is
a chance you might be heard (but not spotted though) by the
civilian upstairs.

After the third checkpoint

-Obvious path: Shoot out the light and sneak by the two
-Alternate path: Climb the pipe to the roof, drop into a
bedroom window, and exit through the other window to the
streets (watch out for the civilian across the balcony).

**Best path: Both. Regardless of which path you take, the
two officers will still walk away anyway.

Reaching extraction path

-Obvious path: Neutralize all four guards then go to the
gate area
-Alternate path: Shoot out the lights on the leftmost area
while evading guards.
-Alternate path #2: Taking the route to the right.

**Best path: Obvious. It's safer than shooting out the
lights and avoiding the bonfire.





I have decided to include a mini-walkthrough of this specific
level. Follow it closely and you'll get by unscathed.

-Head into the water and walk onto the ledge on the left.
(Don't worry about making noise there are no guards here.)
Climb up the palm tree and shimmy up to the top
-Head for the zipline and use it. Climb up and run around
the path to the right.

-Keep going until you reach an area with two guards. Jump
down silently and wait in the darkness for the first guard.
When he approaches and stops in front of you conk him in the
face. If you did this correctly the other guard WILL NOT hear
you. Hide the body. Put Sam's back against the wall and
creep up behind the sitting guard. Neutralize him and hide
the body.
-Across the sitting guard is a rappel point. Creep around the
ledge on either side and rappel down and you'll see a wooden
post. Climb the wooden post to the top and shimmy to the
middle. Drop down three times and climb up to another rappel

-Hear that barking? Before rappelling down, turn around and
you'll see a dog barking. Snipe the guard then snipe the dog.
NOW rappel down. Cross the water to a wooden post and climb it
to the area with the dead dog and hide the guard's body. Head
down the tunnel. (Shoot the lamp in the tunnel to darken it.)
-When you reach the small bridge, quietly jump into the water
on the right side and whistle and lure the guard towards you.
Snipe him from the water Rambo-style. Do the same for the
guard on the other side. Hide both bodies. Continue into the
tunnel at the other end of the bridge.
-From the dark tunnel, whistle and lure the outside guard into
the tunnel and smack him when he gets close.
-Dead end? Nope. Exit the tunnel and look for a wood post on
the left side and climb it to the top.



Kundang Camp Indonesia Mission 5


(***The encounters I mention with Sadono are the ones when he
enters from house to house, not when he gives the passcode***)

After meeting with Douglas

-Obvious path: Zipline down to the shrubbery below
-Alternate path: Rappel at the tree stump close to Douglas

**Best path: Both. Look at all the weeds.
PS2/GC UPDATE: Where did all the weeds go?

After rappelling down or using the zipline, Sam can sneak
around the back of the tent on the right side. This wasn't
possible in the XBOX/PC versions.

Planting the explosives on Sadono's plane

-Obvious path: Whistle the guards one by one and neutralize
them and then plant the explosives.
-Alternate path: Silently enter the hangar and climb the
ladder on the left side to the upper floor. Use the switch to
turn off the lights. <<>
PS2/GC UPDATE: The door to the hangar is closed. (You can open
it though). There is another path to the left of the hangar.
Climb the fence around and then climb up a pipe to the upper
floor. Enter the door and use the switch to turn off the

The guard and his dog; near the electrified gate

-Obvious path: After opening the electrified gate, neutralize
the guard and his trusty dog when they emerge.
-Alternate path: Run to the left and you'll see a little hiding
area (it's a large piece of plywood). Hide underneath it and
let the guard and his dog pass by you.

**Best path: Alternate. Believe it or not, the dog WON'T detect
you if you hide underneath this plywood.

First encounter with Sadono

-Obvious path: Neutralize the first guard then enter through
hallway that Sadono entered.
-Alternate path: Neutralize first guard and wait for the
second guard to come back. When he turns around head for the
crawlspace underneath the hallway Sadono entered (there's an
opening you can see underneath).

**Best path: Alternate. Walking up the hallway means you have
to deal with the second guard.

Second encounter with Sadono

-Obvious path: Neutralize the immobile guard, and then enter
the door Sadono entered.
-Alternate path: Neutralize the immobile guard, and then take
the pathway on the right side of the house (near the burning
-Alternate path #2: Neutralize the immobile guard, and then
enter a small narrow alleyway to the left side of the house.
Use half split jump to reach a window ledge to the second floor
with a health pack. (Thanks to Matt Benson for the tip)

**Best path: Obvious. Only take the second alternate path if
you're low on health.

Third encounter with Sadono (after the burning sacks)

-Obvious path: Enter the door he went through.
-Alternate path: Use a back to the wall maneuver on the right
side of the door.

**Best path: Alternate. From here you won't be seen.

First passcode recording

-Obvious path: Snipe two guards, the dog and then enter the
door Sadono entered to a small room with a Health pack and a
noisy TV.
-Alternate path: Near the crates (where Sadono gave the
passcode) is a pipe that can be climbed to the second floor
walkway (with an extra Sticky Cam on one of the crates).

**Best path: Alternate. Stylish and you can see the second area
without having to resort to the "whistle-and-lure" method.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The second guard is now located on the balcony
and the dog was removed.

After exiting the heroin labs; heading for the shooting range

-Obvious path: Walk forward and try to shoot both guards while
trying to deal with two turrets.
-Alternate path: There is a pipe near where the two guards
were talking. Climb it up to the top scaffolding and onto the
roof. There is a trapdoor further down that leads inside the
shooting range.

**Best path: Alternate. Using the obvious path will get you
shot in four different directions (and you'll raise an alarm).

The shooting range

-Obvious path: (If you entered through the front door)
Neutralize the three guards and exit.
-Alternate path (if you entered from the roof): Shimmy on the
pipe all the way to the end. Neutralize the coughing-kickboxing
(?) guard then the rest. (Thanks to Tom Dixon for the reminder)

**Best path: Alternate. Watching a guard kickbox a punching bag
AND coughing from the dust? Priceless.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The guard still coughs but does it silently.



Sadono's Submarine Mission 6


First area

-Obvious path: Walk around the shrubbery, deactivate the
turret, and neutralize the wandering guard. Deactivate a trip
wire and head for the shack at the end (while avoiding the
laser and two guards). There is a narrow alley next to this
shack where you can do a half-split jump. (Big thanks to Evan
Harris for the tip.)
-Alternate path: Neutralize the wandering guard from your
position. Take the left path to the first shack and enter
(while avoiding the laser).

**Best path: Alternate. This way you won't have to deal with
the turret or the trip wire.
GAMECUBE UPDATE: The tripwire was removed.

Second area with two guards sitting at the tables

-Obvious path: Sneak past both guards and head for the shack.
Creep by the sleeping guard and exit around to the narrow
alley where you can use a half-split jump.
-Alternate path: Sneak past both guards then walk into the
stream on the left, ducking underneath a shack with a caged
guard dog to the narrow alley.

**Best path. Neither. Both paths don't present any danger.
BTW, if you alert the dog it'll start barking and alert the
first guard. Stay underneath the shack until the guard walks
away. Try to sneak out and the dog will bark again. Hide
underneath the shack while the guard investigates. Repeat
this one more time and the guard will SHOOT the dog dead.

Third area with a guard watching television and another guard
doing terrible target practice

-Obvious path: Neutralize both guards then head to the left
while avoiding the turret at the other end.
-Alternate path: Ignore the TV guard or neutralize him (for
some reason there's a pipe you can shimmy on here), and then
enter the crawlspace on the left side. Exit the crawlspace to
emerge behind a stack of crates. Use a SWAT turn to stay hidden
and then creep through the darkness in the left area.
Neutralize the second guard when he sits down.

**Best path: Alternate. Any path that utilizes the SWAT-turn
is always the best one.
PS2/GC UPDATE: You CANNOT do a SWAT-Turn here.

Entering the submarine control room.

-Obvious path: After neutralizing the target-practice-guard
(or sneaking past him), head to the doors and deactivate the
turret. Enter the room with invisible laser wires.
-Alternate path: There is a pipe near where the guard was
sitting. Climb it and head over to the roof. Climb inside to
avoid the turret.

**Best path: Both. The turret presents no problem if you're
on the left side anyway.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The invisible lasers have been replaced with
an automated turret guarding the shack entrance.

After raising the submarine

-Obvious path: Take the pulley to the next metal walkway
(while shooting those flashlight guards)
-Alternate path: Let the pulley go by itself. Underneath
the pulley is a zipline that you can take to the next metal
walkway (it basically takes you the submarine's floor).

**Best path: Alternate. Very stylish and can fool the guards.
PS2/GC UPDATE: There is a trapdoor on the walkway before the



Television Free Indonesia Mission 7


Heading to the TV station entrance Part 1

-Obvious path: Try to avoid all the civilians while heading
the next area.
-Alternate path: The first civilian you see stands in front
of a doorway next to a pipe. Neutralize this civilian and
climb the pipe to the roofs.

**Best path: Alternate. From here you can see the guards
from above.

Heading to the TV station Part 2

-Obvious path: Neutralize all the guards in the area then
open the door at the end with the Lockpick.
-Alternate path #1: There is a ladder that has a spotlight
covering it. Shoot the spotlight then climb the ladder. Use
the zipline at the top to enter the building across without
having to use the Lockpick.


--Alternate path #2 (bear with me on this):
-Stay on the roofs! There are three pipes on the left wall of
this roof. Climb the middle one and use the zipline.
-Shimmy head over feet to the other end and jump down on the
-Go all the way to the other end and a broken air-conditioner
will block your way. Have Sam shimmy underneath this broken
A/C and then land on the balcony underneath the broken A/C.
-Next to this balcony is another A/C. Have Sam jump on top
of that A/C and look forward.
-In front of Sam is an iron bar and to his left is a pipe.
Ignore the pipe!
-Run (DON'T JUMP!) and Sam will fall but grab the iron bar.
Shimmy to the left all the way to the other end of the
-At the other end, have Sam drop down one more time and catch
another ledge. Shimmy all the way to the end and drop down to
the roof. Head for the barbed wire fence, climb over and head
for the room and slide down the pole to the next checkpoint.

**Best path: Alternate #2. This is the very best way to sneak
past all the guards undetected. You can also attempt this path
from the ground but it's more dangerous.
(Credit to D. Timmer for the discovery.)
PS2/GC UPDATE: The lock pick door was moved to the upper floor,
which means you HAVE to climb the ladder.

Heading to the TV station Part 3

-Obvious path: Entering the TV station from the front and deal
with two turrets and numerous guards.
-Alternate path: Climb the fence at the very end and deal with
three guards and the thunder flashes.

**Best path: Neither. Both paths are very dangerous and require
definite patience and skill to pass through. IMO, this is one
of the few most frustrating areas of the game.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The metal fence has been replaced with a brick

Heading to the TV station Part 4 (after passing the landmine

-Obvious path: The front doors with one turret guarding it.
-Alternate path: To the left of the front doors is a ledge
to jump up to. From here you can do a half split jump to the

**Best path: Alternate. The front doors don't work anyway.

Heading into the first auditorium after exiting the elevator

-Obvious path: Follow the guard into the auditorium
-Alternate path: Use a half-split jump at the pillars near the
auditorium entrance. From here you'll reach the top area of
the audience area.

**Best path: Alternate. You can snipe from the higher vantage

The Auditorium

-Obvious path: Neutralize all four guards then head to the
room where Ingrid is being held.
-Alternate path #1: Turn off the stage lights (the switch is
on the right side of the stage). Head for the upper balcony of
the audience area and just circle around to the other side of
the stage in darkness.
-Alternate path #2: In the upper area of the auditorium is a
pipe you can shimmy head over feet on. Before reaching the end
of the pipe, Sam can jump down on a VERY narrow ledge on top of
the soundstage. (You need to turn off the stage lights before
doing this!)

**Best path: Alternate #1. It's quicker and less

Capturing Sadono

-Obvious path: Neutralize two guards then climb the pipe to a
vent at the other end of the room. This takes you to an upper
walkway above the soundstage auditorium.
-Alternate path: Shoot out the light and the neon "cocktails"
sign with your pistol. Whistle to get the first guard's
attention and neutralize him. Hide his body and then slowly
creep up to the immobile colonel looking outside the window.
Grab him from behind and drag him to the retinal scanner near
the armored camera. You'll enter the auditorium from the lower
floor. (Thanks to Dr_Deez Colosus for the tip)

**Best path: Obvious. For some reason taking the alternate
path raises an alarm even if you disposed the last two
bodies. (Maybe it's my mistake, who knows why)
PS2/GC UPDATE: The upper balcony in Sadono's studio is gone.
Instead a trapdoor is found that brings Sam to the studio



Los Angeles International Airport Mission 8


PS2/GC UPDATE: When equipping Thermal Vision in the PS2
version, the terrorist's heat signature is green. In the
Gamecube version, the heat signature is yellowish-red.

Infiltrate LAX parking lot

-Obvious path: Enter the back of the loading truck to sneak
-Alternate path: Enter the lower parking lot while avoiding
cameras and two guards and a dog.

**Best path: Obvious. Taking the truck makes it easier and
the dog won't detect you.

Kill the first terrorist

-Obvious path: Wait for the walking security guard and the dog
to walk away from the shack. Head over to the shack and snipe
the terrorist behind the window or the front door.
-Alternate path: After the security guard and his dog walk
away from the shack, head over to the shack and jump on the
roof. On the roof is an open shaft looking down at the
terrorist. Snipe him from up there.

**Best path: Alternate. This way you're safe from worrying
about being detected by the dog. (If for some reason your
low on health this early in the level, there's a door at the
other end of the parking lot with a health pack and a dead

Finding the second terrorist

-Obvious path: Neutralize the cleaning lady and then the
guard when he walks out of the Keypad-locked door (turn off
the lights in the room if you want). Enter the keypad-locked
door before it closes and enter the other door to the baggage
-Alternate path: Neutralize the cleaning lady and turn off
the lights in the room (ignore the guard). Enter the restrooms
area and climb up the vents above the sink.

**Best path: Both. Either path leads to the same area anyway.
PS2/GC UPDATE: The obvious path has been removed.

Locating Soth after killing the last terrorist

-Obvious path: Go to the outside walkway and shoot all the
lights (or don't shoot the lights) while avoiding curious
-Alternate path: Stay inside and enter the door at the other
end to enter a meeting room. Take a right and do a back-to-
the-wall maneuver behind the presentation board. Turn off
the lights when you reach the civilian drinking coffee.
Slowly sneak by all of them (smack them in the head if they
see you).

**Best path: Alternate. Taking the outer walkway is more
PS2/GC UPDATE: The civilians in the room will not move
until Sam exits the room.


I've decided to add this mini-walkthrough for all you spies
who aren't used to the platforming of the game. Follow the
walkthrough carefully and you'll kick yourself for not
finding this path out yourself. (In the XBOX version, all
Sam had to do was climb and shimmy up two pipes and enter
the neighboring elevator from underneath.)

LAX elevator level

-Climb out of the elevator onto the roof. Climb the pipe to
the top ledge. From there, jump across to the next ledge.
Jump again to the entryway across from Sam. (Don't enter the
door it does not work.)
-Go around the entryway to a pipe that Sam can climb. Climb
up then shimmy all the way to the right. Drop down and catch
the next pipe. Shimmy the corner and get up on the entryway.
Use a back to the wall to enter a narrow room.

-Use a half-split jump and grab the ledge. Shimmy around
the corner and get up on the ledge.
-Turn around and shoot the metal grate across from Sam. Run
and jump to the newly opened crawlspace. Crawl around the vent
to the other side and shoot another metal grate. DO NOT JUMP
DOWN! Have Sam hang on the ledge beneath him and shimmy to an
entryway to his left. Get up and climb three sets of ladders.
-When you reach the top there are three sets of rappel
The closest one brings you back to the beginning of the
elevator level. DON'T TAKE THIS ONE. The second one takes you
to the end of the level. The third one takes you to a stopped
elevator with extra Pistol ammo inside.
If you took the third rappel point for extra ammo (and can't
figure out where to go), just climb the nearest pipe to the
top and have Sam hang on the ledge and drop down twice.
Jump up to the crawlspace to get to the next checkpoint.




Congratulations on beating the game. I hope this FAQ was
helpful on your playthrough. After hours of trial and error
on Hard Difficulty, I have been able to conjure up this guide
so that you can benefit from my mistakes. Trust me, nothing
looks more stylish than taking an alternate path as opposed
to the obvious one. IMO, this game is easier than the original
because of the new additions made by Ubisoft Shanghai but
it's still a very frustrating experience. But don't fret my
fellow spy-friend, if your reading this part of the FAQ then
that means you are a super spy. If anyone has an additional
path or even one that I've missed, then e-mail me at
[email protected] with your comments. If the method
described works then I will post it up. Thanks for reading!


This FAQ is only for use on Freeola, GameFAQS and IGN. You may
not reproduce, link, or print this FAQ on your website without
my permission. If you want to use my FAQ then please e-mail me
at [email protected] I have no problems with anyone who
asks. April 2004.


Reproduced with kind permission from VampireHorde
Created 6/17/04 (Last Modified 7/26/04)

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