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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Drakengard (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: bruce666
Where each weapon is and how to get them.


Glory's Bane: ( follow from Knights vow)
Chapter 1 Verse 10:From where you entered the second floor this time the chest containing the Glory's Bane should be in the closest room to the north.

Chapter 11, Verse 1: To get both weapons you have to follow a specific path. This is the way you have to go. From the start head down the right path. You'll enter a room, immediately turn right and head down that hallway. When you hit the middle of the next room turn left down a long hallway. Make sure you turn left again when you hit the first hallway. Then after a little ways take a right into another room, and take another right down a hallway. When you hit the end of the hallway kill everyone in this room to get the treasure box to appear here. Grab the Kingsblood and leave. Head downstairs to the fourth floor. Now its time to grab the other hidden weapon.(edacious)

Hunter's Joy:
The Castle Environs: To get this weapon, all you need to do is kill everyone around or in the canyon. After doing this a treasure chest will appear at the end of the canyon with the Hunter's Joy inside.

Castle Of The Goddess: In The Sky: The only requirement to receive the Deathdance is annihilating everyone on this level. You must destroy all towers, air balloons, and anything else that might be in your way. After you do that and complete the level you'll be awarded the deathdance.

The Imperial Capital: In The Sky: To get this hidden weapon you must complete the level within five minutes and have at least half of your life remaining.

Chapter 4, Verse VI: Head NW to get this chest, but leave a few enemies or it might disappear on you. After you get it you can kill at will.

Seere's Prayer, Verse 2: It really isn't that difficult to find the Dragonhook. It's actually just down a canyon near the last group of enemies. Make sure you get it before you destroy them all.

Butcher's Joy:
The Silent Forest: In The Sky: To get the Butcher's Joy you must complete this mission within two minutes and thirty seconds. The good thing is that you can use magic.

Maiden's Kris
Chapter 2, Verse 6: To snag this lovely weapon all you need to do is find the hut with a chest in it. Grab the Maiden's Kris and follow the little arrow out of there.

Chapter 2, Verse 7: Run NW from where you started out and you should come across a chest containing the Swordsmasher. Then kill some enemies and run to the exit.

Long Swords Moonfire:
Chapter 8, Verse 4: After beating the four corners of enemies a treasure chest should appear. The placement of it kinda sucks though. You have to trudge all the way back to where you picked up the second key. A single undead knight guards the Moonfire. Kill him to acquire it.

Chapter 10, Verse 11: To get this weapon defeat all the enemies on the second floor. The best way to dothis and conserve time to finish with both hidden weapons is to start with the room you first entered. Kill all the enemies here and move left, then continue clockwise until you finish with the bottom right room. The treasure will appear in the room just above it. Get you new weapon ad continue on.

Soldier's Sword:
Forest Of The Seal: In The Sky: First off, you have to finish within four minutes and ten seconds. The second requirement is no magic.

Skald's Song:
Chapter 1, Verse 8:Make sure you make it down to the southwest point and kill all the enemies down there to get the hidden weapon Skald's Song.

Guardian's Sorrow:
The Blue Mountains: In The Sky: To claim this weapon for your own you must complete this mission in under two-hundred seconds. Also you aren't allowed any magic if you want to get the weapon.

The Winter Wastelands: In The Sky: This weapon will be given to you if you can complete this within three minutes and twenty seconds. You are also allowed to use magic, making this level a lot easier.

Hymir's Finger:
Seere's Prayer, Verse 8: You are set-up in an arena where you have to fight ten rounds of enemies after you beat them all Hymir's Finger appears and you can snag it.

Chapter 6, Verse 4: Kill all the enemies on the second floor to get the hidden weapon. You can do it in whatever order you want to. They are so spread out it doesn't really matter. The Flamberge will appear in the middle of the room you first entered.

Chapter 5, Verse 6: To get this just make sure to talk to the fallen soldier two times. He'll hand over your new weapon and you are free to leave.

Chapter 12, Verse 3: To get the first hidden weapon you'll need to kill all of the grotesqueries in the little passageways on the side. This will bring out your first weapon. Go grab it and move on to the middle to kill some nasty little undead knights.

Greed's Reward:
The Crimson Mountains: The Impassable Valley: Kill the five black ogres to get this weapon. After you've vanquished the evil ogres go collect your prize. It's located directly across from where you started this mission.

Forest Of The Seal: The Imperial Garrison: Move through this area killing all the targets but one. When twenty-five minutes are up, the weapon will appear next to the last target. At this time you should run to the last target, and search for your treasure box.

Forest Of The Seal: The Imperial Garrison: This is an event mission, so make sure you don't kill the ghosts by accident. First you have to grab the Demonbane out of the chest, and then you can slay the ghosts.

Caim's Sword:
This is Caim's default weapon

Sky Fortress: Inside The Sky Fortress: You have twenty minutes to kill 150 non-target enemies before you leave. This time you will be going back the opposite way that you came the first time. The hidden weapon is on the second floor.

obber King:

Castle Of The Goddess: The Castle Keep: this time all you need to do aside from clearing out the few targets on each floor is to find the stairway that leads to the isolated room on the second floor opposite of the third floor stairs. Kill all the enemies in this room to make a chest with the Robber King appear.

Knight's Vow:
Chapter 1, Verse 10:Just enter the room from the stairs you just went up and open the treasure chest for the sword. Then head back down the stairs. Now after heading down the stairs you need to get to the stairs due west of where you are. So wander over that way (it should be no trouble now since you already took care of all the enemies). Head up those stairs and make your way to the square looking part in the middle of the map. Kill all the enemies around the square. This will make the second hidden weapon appear.

Balberith's Tears:( follow from Takamasa)
Chapter 12, Verse 3: Then find the rest of the grotesqueries and finish them off (stun them if possible, it makes it easier). Then go to pick up the second hidden weapon.

Broken Dogma:
The Sky Fortress: In The Sky: You can use magic and anything else you want in this level. To get the hidden weapon all you need to do is have at least seventy-five percent health or better.

Seere's Prayer, Verse 6: To get Battlelust, ignore the enemies and head towards the NW. There you will find a chest containing the hidden weapon. Destroy the enemies to move on.

Victor's Spoils:
The Silent Forest: The Elf Village: Use your dragon on the whole first side of the bridge to take out everything. Head over the bridge after this is done and kill all the enemies on the south side (they are opposite the last few targets). This should make the chest appear. Go grab your new weapon and finish off the guys in the NE part of the screen for the mission to end.

Wolf's Plague:
Chapter 3, Verse XV: To get this particular hidden weapon, all you need to do is find a burning house and look inside for the chest containing the Wolf's Plague. Then leave this area.

Ozymandias's Might:
Inside The Ocean Fortress: This is one of the most unique missions in order to get a hidden weapon. You have to gather ten keys from boxes scattered throughout the all three floors. The best way to do this is as follows. There are seven keys on the first floor, and six targets. Hit them all before moving on to the next floor. On the next floor you'll want to grab two more keys and hit the eight targets before heading up to the third floor. On the third floor just pick up the key (don't kill any targets). Then head back down to the first floor to grab the hidden weapon. It's across from the entrance

Mermaid's Feast:
Desert Of The Moon: In The Sky: This is a little tougher, you must complete this mission in under three minutes. Oh yeah, and you can't use magic.


Magi's Sorrow:
The Blue Mountains: The Highlands: To get this all you need to do is kill one-thousand non target enemies. But don't kill all the targets, you need at least one alive otherwise the mission will end.

Chapter 2, Verse XIII: This weapon is pretty easy to get if you can find it after you kill all the enemies you need to. Kill all the enemies in the little canyon in the North Central part of the map. Then treasure box will appear on the opposite side from where you started this mission. The far SE part from where you are.

Chapter 11, Verse 1: (follow from kingsblood) All that's needed to get this little gem, is to find the room its in and wait for it to show up. If fifteen minutes have already passed you can already grab it. Otherwise you'll have to wait a little bit for it to appear.

Philosopher's Staff:
Seere's Prayer, Verse 5: To get the Philosopher's Staff you need to destroy two-hundred-sixty-four goblins in six minutes.


Chapter 10, Verse 11: Make your way to the third room from the stairs to the second floor, then kill all the enemies in this room to make the Lovekeeper appear.

Crimson Hood:
Chapter 3, Verse XIV: head right and into a cave to the far side of the map. Upon killing everyone in this cave you will see a message about a treasure chest appearing. Head to where the next targets are it should be in the middle of them. Kill them and then gather your prize.

Foul Blade:
Chapter 9, Verse 2: Run as far as you can straight forward. When you hit a wall turn right, then run all the way to the end of that one too. Turn right when you are at the end. Go all the way down again and turn left. Head into the next passage on the left. Follow it to the end to get the Foul Blade.

Chapter 1, Verse 2: To get the bonebreaker just complete the mission.

Chapter 10, Verse 3: Take the normal path to get to the second floor it should be pretty obvious, just consult the map constantly. When you get to a certain point on the first floor it will tell you that a treasure box has appeared. Quickly backtrack four rooms, it will be near the entrance to the fifth.

Executioner's Song:
The Winter Wastelands: The Hidden Mountains: After you pass through the canyon its time to get the hidden weapon. Head for the very crazy canyons to the East and enter them. The idea is to find all ten ogres and kill them. Then at the end of the crazy twisting canyons the treasure box will appear. So after you find and kill all of them in the canyons, look for the treasure box.

Poleaxes Twin's Fang:
Seere's Prayer, Verse 8: As soon as this mission starts, you'll want to kill the arbalesters. After that just kill all the goblins (it appears when the goblin leaders are destroyed, but why not kill them all). All that's left after that is picking up you new weapon and killing the two trolls left so you can get the key to the coliseum.

The Imperial Capital: The Destroyed City: To get this weapon, fly straight to the end of town and jump off. As soon as you land there it should say a treasure box appeared along with a crapload of enemies. Run back to the first square (fighting your way through enemies) and grab the chest containing your new weapon

Widow's Death:
Chapter 10, Verse 3: Go the same way as before but when you get to the second floor take a right immediately. Then take a left to the end and the last room on the right side of the map. Grab the new weapon

Fheng's Glaive:
Chapter 4, Verse 5: To get this all you need is to get to the corner of the long line of enemies. There will be some enemies on the corner you have to beat to make the chest appear. Use the dragon to beat them safely and easily.

The Crimson Mountains: The Coliseum: This is just like the Coliseum before except the enemies are a little rougher. To get the hidden weapon you need to beat nine rounds of enemies in nine minutes. After round nine, the treasure box appears, make sure you get it before you kill all the empire guards.

Chapter 11, Verse II: To get the Devilscale you need to make it to a certain room within five minutes of the stage beginning. Head right through the passage where you began from. You'll be in another room. Take a left into a big ol' room. From here take a left and follow the passage into another room. Turn right when you get to that room, go a little ways through the passage and turn left to head up the stairs to the fifth floor. Once you are on the fifth floor head straight through the passage and into another room. Take a left through the opening, then a right down a long passage. When inside this bigger room kill everyone as quickly as possible to make the treasure box appear. Pick up your Devilscale and exit the room through the other doorway. You'll be in a smaller room, take a right and the next room you get to is the home of the other hidden weapon.

Reaper's Scythe:
Chapter 11, Verse 2: Fight your way to a treasure chest, then fight your way to the exit.

Apostate's Misery:
Leonard's Regret, Verse 6: This is just like the mission where you got the Carrion-Maker. Except in this verse you just go one way, you don't come back after. Kill all the enemies in a straight line West, including any targets you see on the way. When you finally get to the west side, take out all the black knights on horses. When you kill them all, you not only get a Chest with your hidden weapon in it, but you also get to leave via the target.

Mage's Promise:
The Crimson Mountains: In The Sky: All you need to do to get this weapon is beat this area in under two-hundred-fifty seconds. Magic is allowed in this level too.

Leonard's Regret, Verse 3: To get this particular weapon you need to defeat all the silver knights in a particular area (there should be five of them). After doing this rush back to the other side of the map and grab your treasure from a gap between two buildings.

Holy Mace:
Chapter 5, Verse 3: Use the dragon right away to destroy at least two-hundred enemies. This will bring out a treasure chest on the East side of the large circle in the middle of the map. It contains the Holy Mace.

The Silent Forest: Valley Of The Faeries: Fly all the way to the shrine on the opposite side you started on and kill everyone near it for your weapon to appear. Grab the Dragonstroke out of the treasure box and head back.

Pupil's Club:
The Ocean Fortress: In The Sky: You will receive this fine weapon upon completing the level in under three minutes and forty seconds. You also must have at least twenty-five percent of your life intact when you finish the stage.

Spiked Wisdom:
The Desert Of The Moon: Temple Of The Desert: Just take out all the targets, but no big rush. You have to wait around twenty minutes anyways before the treasure box appears so leave a target or two if you get done before the twenty minutes is up. The treasure chest is located in the middle of the bottom island where the canyon leads to. Grab it and beat your remaining targets to finish this level.

Iron Scraps:
Chapter 2, Verse V: When you come here eventually you will see the Iron Scraps in a treasure chest in a hut.

Sorrow's Companion:
Chapter 10, Verse III: Just snag the weapon in the chest directly left of where he starts.

Skull Banquet:
Chapter 11, Verse II:( follow from devilscale) Just chill in this room until fifteen minutes have passed off the clock since you started the mission. Then bamů.. a treasure box appears containing the Skull Banquet.

Hammers Souldouser:
Chapter 12, Verse 6: To get this weapon just wander around for fifteen minutes until the weapon appears on the screen. You can do whatever, Dragonstorm:

The Temple Of The Ocean: In The Sky: This mission has three stipulations. You must complete it in under eight minutes. Your health has to be at least twenty-five percent or better. And finally, you cannot use your magic. So to the actual mission.

Treasure Builder:
The Altar In The City: To get this special weapon you have to follow these instructions perfectly. You must look at certain pictures in a certain order. Here is the order: The 1st picture on the right, then the 1st picture on the left, then the 7th picture on the right, and finally the 7th picture on the left. A treasure chest will appear with the Treasure Builder inside. After that you have to defeat nine waves of enemies, so pick a weapon you like that is powered up to the highest level. You also have two treasure chests filled with HP in them in case you are getting low, plus you have your allies to spare. After you kill the last enemies you'll finish the level.

Tyrant's Hammer:
Chapter 2, Verse 3: Kill the remaining enemies on the bridge to make the treasure chest appear (it will appear where you killed those targets with the dragon). Scoop it on up and head on past the bridge. Kill the remaining targets in the NE part of the map, then look on your map to see where you have to go to leave the stage (its directly North on the map to where you killed the last few targets).

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