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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Far Cry"
(PC Games)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Far Cry (PC Games)
Submitted By: ukJames_007
Far Cry Walkthrough


This walkthrough is for the first level of the game only; Iíve also included a guide to the weapons and some general game play tips that will hopefully help you to survive longer. Iíll be adding the walkthrough for the other levels at a later date. Despite being one of the best games of recent years, Far Cry is also one of the hardest FPSís around, with its lack of a quick save option, instead confiding you to checkpoints and almost certain death, literally around every corner Ė its one tough game! Due to the free roaming nature of the levels itís impossible to write a guide for every possible route but this is the way that I think is the best route through the levels (although Iím sure that someone will be able to claim to have found a better route!).

Weapons Guide

Name: Machete
Primary attack: Melee attack
Notes: Devastating in close quarters. Good to have in claustrophobic maps(like the carrier level).

Name: Falcon 357,
Primary attack: Semi-automatic
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon
Notes: Very powerful when in close range and very effective against the mercenaries. Keep close at all times.

Name: P90 SMG
Primary attack: Automatic mode
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon
Notes: Very high rate of fire and large magazine makes this useful in close quarters. Inaccurate at a distance though and uses up ammo quickly.

Name: MP5 SMG
Primary attack: Automatic fire
Secondary attack: Single shot
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon
Notes: Silenced weapon ideal for stealth situations, however inaccurate at a distance and high rate of fire means that ammo doesnít last long.

Name: M4 Assault Rifle
Primary attack: Automatic fire
Secondary attack: Single shot
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon.
Notes: One of the best weapons, high rate of fire, reasonable accuracy and plenty of ammo. Keep this with you at all times during the early stages of the game.

Name: AG36 Assault rifle
Primary attack: Automatic fire
Secondary attack: Grenade launcher
Zoom mod: Scope
Notes: An good all-round weapon has a high rate of fire and under slung grenade launcher makes this weapon useful for clearing out groups of enemies. It also has a scope for increased accuracy over distance. Watch out though as it really eats up ammo.

Name: OICW Assault rifle
Primary attack: Automatic fire
Secondary attack: High explosive munitions
Zoom mode: Scope
Notes: This weapon is great for mid to long range combat and is found in the later stages of the game. It is similar to the AG36 rifle.

Name: Jackhammer Shotgun
Primary attack: Semi automatic fire
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon
Notes: Semi automatic shotgun perfect for clearing out corridors and close quarter combat. Not good over distance though.

Name: Sniper Rifle
Primary attack: Single shot
Zoom mode: Adjustable sniper scope
Notes: A great weapon for long range shooting, useless in close quarters. Lie prone to increase accuracy when using scope. Shortage of ammo though.

Name: Machine Gun
Primary attack: Automatic fire
Zoom mode: Aim down the weapon
Notes: A machine gun Ė does what it says on the tin. Extremely high rate of fire, at the expense of accuracy.

Name: Rocket Launcher
Primary attack: Single shot
Zoom mode: Adjustable scope
Notes: Slow and heavy, not much ammo but has a devastating attack useful for taking out vehicles.

General Survival Tips

If you use these tips you might just survive a bit longer!

Get to know all the weapons available to you. Know what situations are best for each weapon and use them accordingly.

Watch your stealth meter, it shows how likely you are to be sensed by nearby enemies.

Keep low Ė youíre much less likely to be spotted and it also increases accuracy.

Aim down the weapon to increase accuracy.

Donít be afraid to wander off the beaten track, you may well find a shortcut or at least meet less resistance.

The wooden huts seen throughout the island are not bulletproof and can be shot through. This makes them useless to use as cover, however you can use this to your advantage though in taking out enemies inside them.

Use the night vision goggles to spot the invisible mutants and enemies in the undergrowth. These are invaluable later on.

Use flashbangs to blind your enemies, they have a wide blast radius and are useful for blinding enemies giving you a few seconds to shoot them.

Sometimes itís better to just run! In later level it becomes a three way battle between you, the mercenaries and the mutants. Sometimes itís just better to leg it out of the area and let the mercs and mutants battle it out. This can save you a lot of ammo and you might just last a bit longer.

Remember that some materials produce louder noises when stepped on than others, try and keep away from metal walkways and water where there are mercs around.

A good tactic for tacking out the big mutants armed with rocket launchers is to actually get as close to them as possible, this way they donít use their rockets! This means that all you have to do is aim for the head with your most powerful weapons and unleash hell!

As with all FPSís aim for the head.

Use the environment to your advantage, in some places the Trigens seem to be unable to use stairs and instead try to jump at you but they canít reach. Also the larger mutants (the ones with the rocket launchers) can not fit through single doors!

The small trigens leap at you and attack with their claws, they are very dangerous and can kill you in two attacks. To kill them simply sidestep when they jump and when they land take them out with a quick burst of the M4 or similar weapon while their backs are turned.


Mission 1 Ė Training

Walk through the pipe in front of you and maneuver your way through the next two rooms.

Crouch under the door to the next room and crawl under the debris, turn right and go up the ladder.

For this section stay silent and move across until you see the merc, press ĎGí to throw a stone behind him, this will distract him giving you time to get by. If you get spotted by him then just leg it through the door at the other end of the room.

Simply follow the corridor and after the cinematic collect the Falcon, ammo, grenades and body armor, now exit the room.

Stay crouched and move slowly down to the large rock in the ground in front of you.

From here advance down the hill to the wooden hut directly in front of you.

Sneak round the side and enter the hut from the front. Be careful because you make more noise while moving on the wooden floors.

Take the knife from the table.

Try to make your way across to the next two huts, however staying hidden here is difficult and you may be spotted. If this happens quickly dispatch them Ė one of them carries an M4 so it might be worth taking them out for the weapon and ammo alone.

Search all three huts for ammo and health packs.

Walk up to the hut on the hill and take the binoculars from the table.

Walk down to the beach directly in front of you.

Cross at this point to avoid detection by the sentries.

Take cover in the foliage on the opposite side.

Turn left and advance up the beach using the grass for cover.

Go up the small hill and take cover behind the large rock to avoid being spotted by the merc in the tower.

Slowly advance on the beach using the foliage as cover.
Note Ė stay under the trees to avoid being spotted.

Slowly move behind the large fuel container.

To your right there should be a 4x4. Quickly sprint and get in it and head south out of the base.

Follow the road and use the mounted machine gun to take out any mercs that get in your way or simply run them over.

For this section simply follow the road.

Use the machine gun to take out any enemies you meet.

If your vehicle is damaged then simply take an enemyís Ė thereís plenty of them about.

Drive forward along the road. Shoot the two mercs stood by the road and drive onto the beach.

Once you are on the beach head south-east until you see an old Japanese fighter jet.

One the beach you will come across many enemy vehicles so take them out with the machine gun. Watch out though as one of them has a rocket launcher which does a lot of damage to you.

Drive through the foliage at full speed and jump out of your vehicle as you drive over the cliff.

As you fall into the water turn right and swim onto the small island. Watch out for the enemy patrol boat and the rocket launcher armed merc on the ship.

Take out the merc before he spots you.

Move north along the hull of the ship until you get to a large hole, swim into this.

On one of the walls there should be a small opening, swim into this to complete the level.

Walkthrough for the later levels coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

This walkthrough was written by me and please do not copy it or post it on any other website without my permission.

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