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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lylat Wars (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: 64_FrEaK
Mission 1
At the beginning just shoot everything in sight. If you wish to accomplish the mission save falco from the three ships. When you reach the water go through all of the arch things and falco will lead you to a special boss. Although if you are just starting out I recommend that you just defeat the ordinary boss and move onto the asteroids.

Mission 2
Into the asteroid field once again just shoot everything and try to get a good score at first. If you wish to accomplish the mission go through all of the blue gates and defeat the boss it doesn't make a difference you will go onto the same level either way.

Mission 3
This is one of the most annoying levels in the game because if you don't take out star wolf and the other 3 freaks in the time limit then you will go onto sector x. So do your best to beat star wolf and his gang and accomplish the mission. By the way if you want to get a medal on fortuna just kill star wolf before you only have 1 minute left.

Mmission 4
Out of the frying pan....
Be very careful not to fly to low on this level because you will take damage from the heat. The boss on this level is mildly easy compared to some others just shoot it's arms off and go for the head until he dies. When he starts spinning a good way to avoid the fireballs is to fly as high as you can.

Mission 5
Mcbeth - The forever train
This is one of the harder levels for all first time players. At the beginning shoot the train carts with the rocks in them so he can't use them against you and it also gives you some good points. I recommend that you don't try to accomplish this mission because if you only complete it the next level is easier and more fun. To defeat the boss shoot the head and the claw thing of the big robot thing. After that keep an eye on the back of the train because once that opens you need to shoot it and then fire countless shots at the robot. Keep doing this until it is

Mission 6
The last hurrah
This level is quite easy just shot the top of all 6 energy towers until the shield is destroyed. Then a whole lot of ships come out and you will hear a lot of distress calls from peppy, slippy and falco. After a while a big tower will come out of the middle. When this happens shoot all of the yellow things on it. Bombs might come in handy here.

Mission 7
Venom - Andross home world
All through this level is a big shooting frenzy there will be ships everywhere. Once up to the temple you will see a big stone guy. Shoot him but don't go for the head until you have destroyed all of the rest of his armour. Belive it or not this is not the final boss. Fox will then fly into a tunnel and there will be many power ups all over. Once up to Andross
shoot him in the eyes so he is paralysed for a moment. Then shoot the hands until they are destroyed. Keep repeating until done. Once his hands are gone aim for the eyes still but you can go for all around the head. Once his face is gone you will see a kind of bat looking thing. SHOOT IT EVERYWHERE till it is destroyed and that's it.
Submitted By: hotmale dot com
basically this game has 7 levels, but you can choose which course to take.

lv 1
COMPLETE: this level is very simple,you dont have to do anythin special to complete it, the boss is easy: shoot his legs till he falls then just attack the body
ACCOMPLISH: when you cross the water, fly through all the arches and follow falco under the waterfall. the boss opens hatches to shoot at you so aim for them, when theyre all gone just keep pounding the body.


lv 2 easy
COMPLETE: when the boss rotates his shield, shoot the yellow triangles, and when he turns over, do the same to the yellow squares.
ACCOMPLISH: fly through all the blue circles to enter the warp to katina

lv 2 hard
sector y
COMPLETE: again just beat the bosses at the end, simply by shooting them.
ACCOMPLISH: score more than 100 hits in the whole mission, same boss


lv 3 easy
COMPLETE: simply hold off star wolf for allocated time
ACCOMPLISH: defeat star wolf before timer runs out.

lv 3 medium
COMPLETE:hold off enemies until time runs out.
ACCOMPLISH:blow up hatches on mothership when they open and destroy core within 1 min

lv3 hard
ACCOMPLISH: defeat bio-weapon by shooting the 2 columns then hitting them with torpedos. then fire on the mound and torpedo the eye.


lv 4 easy
sector x
COMPLETE:defeat secret weapon by shooting yellow eyes, then the little red button on his head, after he gets slippy
ACCOMPLISH:defeat same boss before he hits slippy
ACE:you can get straight to sector z from here if you pummel the grey radiator looking things until they open. then you can take a warp from there.

lv4 medium
ACCOMPLISH:only one place to go from here, so shoot the weapons arms, then the head. original, i know.

lv4 hard
COMPLETE:defeat boss by bombing periscope, then his exhaust, then the two side cannons. shoot the cannonballs for extra smart bombs. bomb the crane when it goes to get the cannons back and then use your laser for the main body.
ACCOMPLISH: afoid detection by searchlights, same boss.


lv5 easy
ACCOMPLISH: another one way level, shoot its arms, then its head. just like solar.

lv5 medium
COMPLETE: shoot bits off the flying boss then finish him.
ACCOMPLISH: avoid the tricky boss by shooting the 8 switches, then the switching lever and the train will blow up.

lv 5 hard
sector z
COMPLETE: just live long enough to see out the level
ACCOMPLISH: destroy all six missiles before they hit great fox.


lv 6 easy
bolse defence sattelite
ACCOMPLISH: your always goin to venom on this one, so shoot he 6 energy towers and then shoot holes in the core when it arrives.

lv 6 hard
area 6
ACCOMPLISH:the better way to go to venom, you can clock up nearly 300 hits sometimes. shoot the energy balls as the boss opens, then the core. shoot his tentacles to open him up again and repeat as necessary.


VIA BOLSE: fly to thetemple and shoot bits off the stone guy, then shoot his head, then just shoot him anywhere. proceed to andross. shoot the coloured spots on his hands, brake and barrel roll when he tries to suck you in. then shoot his eyes. he becomes a robot and shoot the lights.
VIA AREA 6: you move straight into a fight with star wolf, this time with upgraded ships. do exactly the same to andross until you shoot his eyes, once you do that he shows his true form - just a brain with eyes. shoot the eyes, then go for the greenish bit at the base of the brain. hes fast so be careful not to get too close. follow your dad back out the way you came, follow him closely or you will die.

ENDGAME enjoy final cutscene :)

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