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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Mario and Luigi"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mario and Luigi (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Krykos™

Rite now I’ll tell u that '+' means ‘and’ so u don’t get confused.

BOSS #1: Bowser
This is easy just keep attacking Bowser + use Toad's tips 2 help u.

BOSS#2: Fawful
This guy's a pushover. Whenever he says something, look at the colour of the text. If it's red, he'll attack Mario; and if it's green, he'll attack Luigi. When his hat comes off, jump over him when he tries 2 attack. Keep on hitting him with strong attacks 2 beat him.

BOSS #3: Tolstar
He only has 1 move which is throwing spiky balls (please don't laf). Some bounce + some don't. Jump over the 1s which don't bounce, + stay still when the bouncy 1 comes along. Use ur newly learnt Bros attacks 2 fight him, + if possible, use them on level 3. Tolstar should soon b beaten.

BOSS #4: Hoohooros
Destroy the pillar Hoohooros isn't in first, + then the 1 he is in. Keep on attacking him + smash any pillars that appear. The pillars attack by shooting a laser beam at the character opposite 2 them. Hoohooros uses a laser beam as well, but fires it at both brothers, avoid these moves by jumping. The best way 2 attack him is using Bros attacks, + use syrups + mushrooms when it is vital 2.

BOSS #5: Dragohoho
This boss attacks by firing Hoohoo blocks at the Bros. Jump over them 2 avoid damage. Keep attacking it and he'll eventually frow up a large hoohoo block. When it comes to this, focus all the attacks on the rok until it breaks, otherwise it'll b hard 2 dodge the hoohoo blocks. Repeat this process over + over until it's defeated.

BOSS #6: Queen Bean
The queen’s been takin steroids!!! Attack her arms 1st, do 1, then the other 1. Her crown should fall off and then u can attack her head. Her arms will soon regenerate + her crown will cum bak, so repeat this process. Her attacks are hitting the ground with her arms, creating a shockwave, jump over this. When her crown falls off, she'll spit beans at u, jump over these as well. She should soon b beaten.

BOSS #7: Popple + Rookie
Popple's attacks r 2 cum out and hit u, or 2 steal 1 of ur items (the fiend). Use ur hammer 2 avoid this. Rookie's attack is 2 frow hammers, use ur hammers 2 knok them away. Keep on attacking Popple, even though this p's off Rookie who'll frow more hammers. Popple will b defeated quick, so start on Rookie 1ce he’s gone. After a while, Rookie learns 2 use fireball, jump over this. Eventually, the battle will b over.

BOSS #8: Wiggler
2 begin with jump on the 4 other parts of the caterpillar, + not on the head. They’ll turn yellow. When all his body parts r yellow, his head’ll turn yellow; now u get 2 attack his head. Its attacks r shockwave + running at u. Jump over these attacks. When its beaten, get the red chuckola fruit.

BOSS #9: Chuckolator
Isn’t it funny that a large bottle of Coca-Cola’s tryin 2 kill the bros. Its probably angry that the bros have been drinkin 2 much Pepsi. Break its shield 2 begin with, + then attack it with a Knockback/Splash combo. It has 2 attacks, 1 is 2 fire little slug-like fings at u, hammer these. The other is shootin a bullet at u, jump over this. When it shrinks, its almost dead, but Bubbles will tell it jokes 2 heal it, + it has ramming attack, which can poison u.

BOSS #10: Cackletta
This is a really tuff + long battle. Make sure u have loads of mushrooms, herbs (mmm) + syrups b4 u fight her. Cackletta has many attacks, but here is how 2 dodge all of them. Her most common attack to is when she sends thunderbolts down, hitting the bros. If Cackletta raises her rite (ur left) arm, the lightning bolt will try 2 hit Mario 1st, then Luigi. If she raises her left arm (ur rite), it’ll b vice-versa. When she raises both arms, the lighting will try 2 hit both the bros. All u have 2 do is jump over the bolts when they try 2 hit u. Sometimes, Cackletta duplicates herself, + therefore u have 2 find out which 1 is the real her, + then attack her. To find the real Cackletta, watch her when she duplicates. Notice the shadows that r formed when she duplicates? Do ya, do ya? Well, that’s the real Cackletta (please stand up). If u do hit the rong Cackletta, it’ll transform in2 sum bats that’ll fly at the bros. U have 2 jump over these as they can cause poisoning. Also she creates holes in the floor, u have 2 jump over.

BOSS #11: Popple and Rookie
There bAAAaaak!! Didn’t they learn from last time? Ok, same tactics, but this time they have bros attacks, uh oh. Oh wait, they’re easy 2 avoid, oh well, its an easy battle then. 1 move of there’s is 2 make shockwaves travel along the floor. Jump over this. The other is when Rookie frows Popple at 1 of the bros . Jump over Popple.

BOSS #12: Mom (or Mum, if u prefer that) Piranha
Evil, evil. The buggerous plant heals itself 10 HP 4 every plant that’s the same colour as her, so make sure that 1s blue, + the others red. Also if both plants r the same colour as 1 another, but a different colour 2 her, she will change her colour and heal 20 HP, the stupid #@$£*!? *!@+!! Prepare 4 a long battle, have u got ur mushrooms and other items ready, good. 2 ur advantage though if a plant is red, use Luigi's thunder 4 a critical, but Mario's fire will heal the plant. It’s the same kind of fing with blue, but vice-versa. When you attack Mom/Mum, the smaller plants will fire fire/thunder balls at the bros (I said stop laughing). Make the bros jump at the same time 2 make this easier. Mom/Mum has 2 attacks; 1 is swishing a vine under the bros feet, which u can jump over. The other is firing a ball of light at one of the bros (if ur still lafin by now, go c a psychiatrist). Always attack the Mamma plant, 4get the little 1s, they’re no threat.

BOSS #13: Trunkle
Prepare 4 a long battle, it took me 20 mins 2 beat Trunkle because his defence is incredibly high. Use red peppers in this battle, and it will give more damage 2 Trunkle. Trunkle’s main attack is when he spins his arms around, sending boulders at u. B careful because sometimes the boulders switch targets, + this will undoubtedly trick u. Its better 2 press A + B 2gether because both bros will hit the rocks simultaneously, but this doesn’t always work. His next attack is when the screen scrolls 2 the left. Trunkle will start sucking in random objects (I give u permission 2 laugh here). This objects r a goomba, a poison mushroom, and a normal mushroom. Avoid the goomba, + especially the poison mushroom as it will poison u (u don’t say). The normal mushroom will heal u 5HP. This move heals Trunkle by 10HP, another reason y this battle is looooong. After a while, Trunkle creates 4 mini versions of himself. U should notice that 1 has an orange ball bearing in its mouth, well that is the 1 u wanna hit. But the mini Trunkle’s will switch around so keep ur I on the 1 with the ball bearing. If u hit the rong 1, it’ll crumble. If u hit the 3 rong Trunkle’s, he’ll regenerate bak 2 his normal self, + u don’t want this 2 happen, cos then the battle will b longer.

BOSS #14: Hermie III
Hermie’s defence is high, but the battle won’t b as long as Trunkle’s. Hermie's main attack is trying 2 hit the bros with his claw. If his bottom claw stretches out, its going 4 Luigi, + if the top claw stretches out, its vice-versa. Hermie can b sneaky though, sometimes he’ll send out 1 claw, make it retreat, + attack with the other claw. Remember, if the claw starts to shake a bit, it WILL ATTACK. If it don't shake, it won’t attack. Sometimes, Hermie will create pink bubbles that can poison the bros. Nintendo decided 2 have a little fun when makin this battle because sometimes when Hermie’s attacking, small crabs run up and down the screen, along with a goofy noise, but don’t worry here as they’re 2 distract u. Make sure u always attack Hermie's face, + use a red pepper 2 increase ur POW. Use a bros attack combo like bounce bros and knockback bros, as these bros attacks do more damage than the other 1s. Hermie, being a hermit crab, will withdraw in2 its shell, + this’ll heal him a lot. When this happens, use Mario’s fire, to burn Hermie’s xmas decorations (pyromaniacs will luv doin this). The battle should soon b over.

BOSS #15: Popple
Hehehe, now Rookie/Bowser’s gone, u dont have 2 worry about avoidin flames. Start of with a thunder bros 2 lower Popple’s defence, + keep on hitting him with a bounce/knockback combo. Popple has sum new moves now. 1 is when he whips out a bag, + starts chuckin random objects at the bros. He frows mushrooms (dont avoid, they heal), coins (don’t avoid, 3 money), bombs (avoid, or get a 3 facelift), + poison mushrooms (avoid, u no y). If an item bounces, it’ll bounce over ur head; if it rolls, jump over it. This attack decreases Popple’s defence. His other attack, is when he turns his bak on u. Here he’ll run at 1 of the bros, + try 2 steal their hammer. 2 avoid this from happenin, hit him with ur hammer. If he manages 2 steal it, he’ll keep on smackin 1 of the bros with it till the end of his go. Also, hammer attacks 4 that bro will b disabled. As b4 Popple steal items from u, but should no how 2 deal with this.

BOSS #16: Piranha Bean
U’ll only have Luigi fightin 4 this battle, so u’ll have no bros attacks. Piranha’s attacks, r frowin fireballs at u, and chuckin up the beanfruit it just ate. With the fireballs, the longer Piranha charges up, the faster it’ll b. The beanfruit sometimes passes overhead as well. Keep on hittin Piranha with Luigi’s thunder as its critical 2 it.

BOSS #17: Chucklissa/Oholina/Hoohoolia/Teeheena & Jojora
Some relaxation?! Another bloomin battle!! N-e-who…at the start of the battle, Jojora’ll try 2 freeze 1 of the bros in an ice spell. Knock his wand out of her hand, + Jojora will disappear 4 sum turns. When Jojoras with C/O/H/T (that’s what I’m gonna call the ugly snow fing), theyll both heal themselves after every turn, so make sure Jojoras barely ever there. When Jojora’s bak, DON’T attack C/O/H/T! Jojora will b b*tchy and attack with a very strong ice move. C/O/H/T has 2 attacks. 1 is when she turns herself in2 a snowball, + u will no she does this when she runs off screen, this is a hard move 2 avoid, charge the hammer until the last second, + release. The other is when she tries 2 hug 1 of the bros, and this can poison, this is easier, just jump when she gets close. Sometimes C/O/H/T changes her hair colour 2 try 2 attract the bros, but let me fink about this. Er………….NA!!! If her hair is pink, fire attacks r useless, her defence is high, but she’s weak against lightning. When her hair is yellow, lightning is no use, but she’s weak 2 fire. Use a thunder bros 2 lower her defence. When C/O/H/T is beaten, Jojora will run off.

BOSS #18: Popple + Birdo
Popple has the same moves as b4, so I aint goin over them again. Birdo uve never fought b4, so she has sum u haven’t seen b4. 1 is when she tries 2 suck in 1 of the bros, but all u have 2 do is smack her with ur hammer (the whole of that sentence sounded rong). Her other move is when a large X appears on 1 of the bros, b careful cos she’s just about 2 frow a bomb. Remember this kind of fing from Yoshi’s island? Sometimes, Birdo uses her bros attack, more like power of lover attack…n-e-who here she’s eats Popple + produces 4 eggs, in 1 of the eggs is Popple. If u hit the rong egg, a little chick appears + runs at 1 of the bros. Use Luigi’s thunder bros to lower both Popple’s and Birdo’s defence, + use a knockback/bounce combo. Focus all attacks on Birdo, as when she’s gone, Popple will do a runner.

BOSS #19: Iggy Koopa
Iggy has 2 attacks, 1 is launching fireballs at the bros, but use ur hammers 2 hit them bak 2 Iggy; this’ll cause damage 2 him. Also, Iggy’ll spin in circles round u, but use ur hammer 2 stop him. If u dont the bros will get dizzy, + u mite miss a turn. Use thunder bros, and the usual knockback/bounce bros combo.

BOSS #20: Morton Koopa
Morton has the same fireball move, but he has a different move 2 Iggy. Instead of spinning around, he creates shockwaves along the floor. The # of shockwaves he makes depends how many times he spins in the air. Use the same technique as u used on Iggy 2 win.

BOSS #21: Lemmy Koopa
Again, Lemmy has the fireball, but he can duplicate himself so theres 4 of him. When this happens use thunder bros, as it’ll hit all 4 Lemmy’s at once. Thunder bros doesn’t lower his defence though. Use the usual combo.

BOSS #22: Ludwig Von Koopa
Ludwig’s special attack is 2 withdraw in2 his shell, and try 2 ram 1 of the bros or both. He 2 has the fireball. Use thunder bros then the usual combo 2 win.

BOSS #23: Roy Koopa
Here’s where the boss challenges start, u only have 8 turns 2 keep the crap out of Roy, or the bob-omb will cum + blow the bros up, and it’ll b game over. Roy’s attacks r fireball, Morton’s shockwave, + Ludwig’s shell attack. Use the usual technique.

BOSS #24: Wendy Koopa
Again, u have 8 turns 2 beat Wendy. Her main attack is firing rings at the bros, jump over it when it heads 2wards the bros, + again when it starts 2 shake. She has fireball 2, + also Lemmy’s duplication move. Use thunder bros when she duplicates, but this don’t lower her defence. Use the usual combo 2 win.

BOSS #25: Larry Koopa
Hahaha, Larry, innit a funny name. U still have only 8 turns 2 beat Larry. His fireball attack is different 2 the other koopas because he can hit it bak 2 u. So u’ll have 2 have a rally until 1 of u gets hit. If Larry is hit by the fireball, his mirror will disappear 4 the rest of the battle. Larry also has Iggy’s spinning move, but u should no how 2 evade that. Use thunder bros, + the famous combo of knockback/bounce.

BOSS #26: Fawful
Ah, probably the most annoying boss in the game. I found Fawful harder than the final boss! It took me a month 2 beat this guy. Equip Mario with wool trousers, bros rock, + the greed wallet. Equip Luigi with school slacks, bean badge, + the excite spring. Now, what should happen is this, Mario will recover 2HP after every turn, Luigi’s turn will always b after Mario’s, + Luigi can float in the air if u hold down the B button (in battles only). Fawful’s main attack is firing fireballs at the bros, but this is easily avoided because by watching the shadows of the fireballs, u can c where they r goin. Use the hammer 2 knok them bak 2 Fawful. His next move is when he flies in the air, and kamikazes 1 of the bros twice. This is a hard move 2 avoid, but if u let go of the hammer at the rite time, the hammer should hit home (more like Fawful. Fawful’s last move is when 2 blocks appear over the bros head, here u have 2 jump the # of times the block says so b4 the timer runs out, + this’ll destroy the blocks. When the timer reaches 0, Fawful will fire a laser that moves up + down + causes a lot of damage. All u have 2 do though is jump over the laser. His station-like-fing has a move as well when it fires lasers. U’ll no when 2 jump because the lasers flash b4 they move. Thunder bros does absolutely nothing 2 Fawful, so prepare 4 a long match. When he’s in his station, he can not b hurt. 2 get him out, use an advanced fire bros. He’ll switch + fire purple blobs at u, hit them with a hammer or u’ll have 2 jump over them l8r. His station’ll overheat forcing him out, + here’s ur chance 2 do damage. Use the knockback/bounce combo. Repeat this until Fawful’s beaten.

BOSS #27: Bowletta
This is quite an easy battle compared 2 Fawful. She’ll (or he’ll/it if u prefer) start off by firing fireballs at the bros. Jump over the fireballs that r aimed at u (its best 2 make both bros jump at once), + Bowletta should make 3 Flarets. 4get about the flarets as they do no damage 2 u, attack Bowletta all the time. The flarets will heal her but usually destroys the flarets with another attack. Similar 2 Fawful’s move, blocks will appear above the bros head, + u have 2 destroy the blocks within the time limit. She’ll then fire a massive flame at the bros which u have 2 jump over (this is where the excite spring comes in handy). Her last move is when she turns black + fires stars at the bros. The colour of the star indicates who it’ll hit; red 4 Mario, green 4 Luigi, + purple will hit no1. 2 beat Bowletta use thunder bros 2 lower her defence, + then the usual combo. When she turns black, use chopper bros instead of bounce bros, because she will b invincible against attacks directed at her head.

FINAL BOSS – BOSS #28: Cackletta
2 begin with, Cackletta will probably use her fire move, which u most jump over; or her thunder move, which u must hit with ur hammer; or her move where she creates a ball of light, that u must hit 4 times 2 destroy; or her move where she sends out both her arms 2 flick the bros; or her move she spins her arms round + round (watch her eyes 4 this) which u must jump over or stand still, depending where the arm is.
If ur still alive, the 1st fing u should do is heal as u’ll only have 1HP. I have already x-plained half of Cackletta’s moves, but I should warn u that further in2 the battle, these moves get harder 2 avoid.
She has 3 other moves that will only appear depending how much HP she has. 1 of them is when she produces a ghost of Fawful, jump over the laser it makes, + hit him when he gets close, otherwise he’ll keep on shooting lasers.
The next move occurs when Cackletta goes cross-eyed + stars start 2 appear. Depending where her eyes r, u should co-operate (not with her). Her rite eye (ur left) will affect Mario, + her left eye (ur rite) will affect Luigi. Depending whether the eye is up or down u should jump. If the eye is lookin up don’t jump, if it’s lookin down, jump. It is best 2 jump 1 second after the stars appear. The cool thing about this move is when time freezes, but this shows u where the bros r, + whether they’ll get hit or not.
Her last move is when white balls appear on random places on the screen, + start turning red or green. If its red, its goin 4 Mario, if its green its goin 4 Luigi. Here it is best 2 make both bros use their hammers at the same time, + keep a metronome goin in ur head because the balls will always hit the bros at regular intervals (stop lafin, I told u b4). 4 every ball u hit, it’ll cause more damage 2 Cackletta.
2 beat her hit both her arms until they disappear, then attack her head. When that disappears, her heart will appear + everyfing else will regenerate, focus all attacks on her heart using the knockback/bounce combo. Thunder bros has no effect on Cackletta so don’t use it. After 2 turns, her heart will return in2 her body, so repeat this process.
Make sure u have brought loads of mushrooms, 1-up mushrooms, + syrups 4 this battle because u will need them.

Now u have beaten the final boss of the game, all u have 2 do is escape the castle in 3 mins via the new route, + watch the ending credits.


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