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Retro Game Walkthroughs for 1080 avalanche (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Ghost Killer
1080 Avalanche may look like your simple snowboarder, but with so many tracks, routes, boards and players it's hard to keep track of it all.

1. Choosing A Boarder
2. Choosing A Board
3. Racing Tips
4. Trick Attack Tips
5. Gate Challenge Tips
6. Choosing A Boarder
7. The Tracks Themselves
a. Novice Tracks
b. Hard Tracks
c. Expert Tracks

Choosing A Boarder

All five boarders are rated on speed, acceleration, balance, turning and jump. In my opinion I think that speed is most important as you must remember that you are racing towards the finish line and not always trying to pull the best tricks, so speed is vital. Of the five boarders, the best bet is to go for Rob Haywood as he excels in two areas rather than one like the others. His balance as well as his speed are both high ensuring a better chance at winning races. Kemen Vazquez is also a good bet as he has the highest speed out of anyone. Akani, Tara and Ricky are best left till when you feel more comfortable with the game.

Choose A Board

Although a bit of a no-brainer, I still feel I should let you know what board to use. You are only allowed to use one board to begin with, but when you unlock more it will be best to know which one to use. The last one usually has the best all round stats, but until then itís best to use different boards depending on the type of competition you enter. For example if you are racing then go for a board with high speed, if you are going on a run down the gate challenge then get a board with a high turning ability and if youíre going for a trick attack then itís best to get a high jump.

Racing Tips

Racing is all about speed. To win you need to focus on finding the best routes and performing tricks occasionally to boost your speed. So here are some tips to get you started:

Hold L and youíll end up sacrificing some turning ability for speed. Only use this on straight areas of the mountain as on turns you need to let go of the L button so you can turn sharper.

Hold forwards as youíll increase your speed.

If you are slow on speed then simply perform a quick trick like a method. Hold A and jump, then simply press B and any direction. When you land the trick you should get a boost of speed.

Get a full power bar and youíll have the ability to knock over your opponent. If you touch them youíll send them crashing. Also when faced with pedestrians and skiers when hitting them instead of slowing down, youíll simply push them aside. Try to keep your power bar full.

Always keep on your correct side. If youíre goofy face goofy. If your normal the face normal. Facing the opposite way will slow you down.

Trick Attack Tips

When faced with trick attack you need to take a different approach to racing. Itís not about speed this time. Itís about your ability to master trick combos. So here are some tips:

On the Air Make area simply perform a turning move and hold it while performing different moves. Remember itís combos. Performing one single move will get you nowhere.

On the halfpipe all you can really do is go up and down the halfpipe performing as many different combos as you can.

Terrain Park is best memorised. Go through it repeatedly until you find all the areas where you can pull off some major combos.

Remember to NEVER EVER keep performing the same moves over and over. Go for variety as performing a move more than once will lower itís score value.

Gate Challenge Tips

Gate challenge is perhaps the most advanced mode out of the three. Here are some helpful tips:

Remember to slow down occasionally as gates can be tightly packed together meaning you need to slow down and concentrate on turning. Simply hold backwards and your rider will slow down.

Get all the gates in between checkpoints and youíll earn an additional 1000 points. Try to aim for this. If you miss one then start again.

Never try to miss any on purpose as time is vital. If itís too far away then still go for it. You need those seconds.

The Tracks Themselves

Novice Tracks

Enter The Cold Ė Ski School

Difficulty: *

A nice little track to get you started because there isnít really anything to get you worried about. This is a track with a wide area and a few jumps in between. Just follow the major path and watch out for the occasional trees.

Easy Life Ė Tenderfoot Pass

Difficulty: **

Very similar to that of Easy Life. The only difference being that the track is smaller and there are more obstacles. To begin and end with on the track avoid the skiers. Halfway down the track watch out for the trees and also turn through the occasional sharp corners. If you need to slow down and approach the area. Otherwise this track isnít too taxing.

Angel Light: Frosty Shadows

Difficulty: **

This track isnít too difficult but can cause problems first time round. Firstly when you get to a broken gate jump over it and head towards the barn. Go through it and itíll shave seconds off. Next youíll need to dodge the houses that litter the track ahead. You can even use the roofs as ramps. After the first set of houses head left through the streets (while knocking over garbage cans if you wish) and head for the balcony ahead. After this youíll see a rail. Grind it and balance. After this itís just a huge downhill run from there.

Hard Tracks

Easy Life Ė Power Threat

Difficulty: **

Similar to Ski School but a little more hazardous. Firstly follow the jet-ski down the slope and go into the garage so you can make the huge jump while performing a trick. Next avoid the trees down the long stretch ahead. Do this until you reach a rail. Grind it then grind the next one. After this all you need to worry about is two sharp corners and one massive cliff. Simple!

Angel Light Ė Tree Top Trauma

Difficulty: ***

Alright to begin with head over to your right and go up the snow slope performing a jump so you make the gap after. Next youíll come across a valley so head down that until you reach a broken tree. Grind that and when you reach the end jump so youíll make the next tree ahead. Then head to the right tunnel as there are less icicles there and then youíll reach the tree cutting factory. For this area head left to avoid the swinging logs on the right and side then jump down the steps and head inside the building ahead. To avoid these logs simply go left then gradually move right. Once outside grind the rail so you move over the wall to your left. Then itís just a matter of heading downhill avoiding trees and icicles.

Aspen Lake Dam Ė Grits ní Gravy

Difficulty: **

To begin with just head downwards while avoiding the trees, until you reach a bridge. This will collapse when you go over it so grind along the side of it. After this the rest of the track is easy going so no real problems there.

Ride Easy Railway Ė Trestle Trouble

Difficulty: **

To begin with make your way through the tunnel along the ice then head towards the slope and jump over it. This will save you time and boost your speed. After this head downhill avoiding the trees, deer and sharp turns. Then youíll reach the train going overhead and at this point itís more or less the same as before with valleys and long runs.

Expert Tracks

Easy Life Ė Revolution Cliff

Difficulty: ***

To begin go right and head up the snow slope. Jump across the gap and head through the avalanche sign. It shaves off seconds, but will also trigger a downfall of snow and boulders so watch out. Next grind the rail ahead and avoid other obstacles like trees. Then after a long twisting winding valley perform a good trick over the cliff to increase speed. Then more twisting areas and another jump. After this itís more trees and finally a cabin ahead to avoid too.

Angel Light Ė Midnight City

Difficulty: ***

Avoid the snow mounts along the road to begin. They are situated right, left then centre. Next follow the road some more then turn right and head down the icy area until you reach a metal grail. Then head into the car park entrance on the left hand side and grind down the rail. Then come out of the car park and avoid oncoming cars. Then grind the rail down again and follow the path ahead avoiding people walking by. After this youíll leave the city and be faced with a load of trees to dodge. Then itís just downhill to the finish line.

Aspen Lake Dam Ė Rotted Bridge

Difficulty: ****

First thing you want to do is grind the rail as falling down will cause wood and other things to fall down with you. Next thing you want to do is when you reach the metal cage jump out of the gap. After this dodge falling boulders and when you reach the stone bridge jump and perform a move. After this itís more boulders to dodge and thatís about it.

Ride Easy Railway Ė Diesel Disaster

Difficulty: ****

Follow the road to start, making shortcuts where available, then when you reach the snow, avoid the stones and jump into the snow storm. Then this is the tricky part. When you see the metal girders, turn hard left and avoid the jet-skiers, then jump onto the small train carriage and use the slight ramp to just over the yellow train ahead. Then avoid more trains and then youíll reach the road again. Jump over the carriage at the crossing and avoid yet more jet-skiers.

Frozen Melee Ė Stick With It

Difficulty: *****

After watching the pretty birds fly by make your way downwards, through the tunnel then avoiding the large rock after you exit. For the rest of the track there are so many different routes to take but I prefer to head down as far as possible and into the ice tunnel. After this itís more trees and turns to watch out for. The rest will become easy as there arenít really any surprises.

So there you go. I hope this has helped with any problems you may have had with this game and as always thanks for reading.

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