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"Mario Kart 64"
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This game is also available on Wii.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Chaterbox
This walkthrough is to help you choose the best character when


Donkey Kong

Here are descriptions for each driver, and stats (steering,
speed, and power.)

Mario - An all around good character. Good for beginners and
maybe experts.

Steering: Good
Speed: Ok
Power: Medium

Luigi - Almost like Mario, but faster. He is not as strong as
him, though.

Steering: Good
Speed: Ok/Good
Power: Ok/Medium

Peach - A very good driver. She picks up great speed at start and
gets to a medium pace.

Steering: Fine
Speed: Very good
Power: Weak

Toad - My favorite charater. He is fast and has good turning. He
lacks power, though.

Steering: Good
Speed: Very good
Power: Weak

Yoshi - A pretty average character. A very good choice for anyone.

Steering: Good
Speed: Good
Power: Weak

Donkey Kong - A powerful character. May lack a little speed.

Steering: Good
Speed: Medium
Power: Strong

Wario - Another strong guy (fatty) and has good speed and steering, too!

Steering: Very good
Speed: Good
Power: Strong

Bowser - A very strong turtle, and may be a little slower than

Steering: Fine
Speed: Medium
Power: Strong
Submitted By: Minjo
A walkthrough for Mario Kart? Odd, yes, but I've found a few hints and tips to help you along.

First off, a lot of people say there's a difference between the driver you pick. Well, I've looked into it, and there isn't. They drive at the same speed, and their acceleration at the beginning of each race depends on how you tap the controls. You can blast off at the start by pressing A repeatedly and then holding down on it just a few seconds before the green light dings. Bowser makes characters fling back when they hit his shell because of the spikes, not because he has a higher level of power.

As for the tracks, I find a good thing to do is jump occassionally (by tapping R - the top right button on the controller). When making sharp turns, hold R down to turn faster without losing as much speed as you usually would. If you're good and quick at the controls, and you're starting a Grand Pre race, you're going to have people in front of you. After accelerating quickly at the start, press R as fast as you can to leap over anyone in front of you. I've flipped an entire line of characters with this, and it's not tricky once you time yourself well.

Luigi's track is very simple, as it's just a big circle. There's no real way to get ahead on it, except by using the latter information to keep a good pace.

The Moo Moo Farm track is simple, but full of bumps. Jump a lot and hold R on turns to avoid from sliding, especially over the gopher holes.

My favourite track, Koopa Troopa Beach, is the easiest to win if you're able to line yourself up on the ramp that will get you into the tunnel. You cut the course in half quite easily. (I find if I jump on the last possible second on the ramp, I make it into the cave more frequently.) If I miss the jump, however, I go for the narrow ramp that takes me over the large rock. The box there always contains a blue spiked shell. If you can't cut the course, I find blasting characters off one by one works too.

Wario's track is easy, just bumpy. Avoid slipping by jumping a lot, and holding R on turns (just holding R won't do it, though; you also have to maneuver the control stick). There will always be a weird noise before you slip, so if you can catch it on time, release A until a music note appears above your driver's head to signify that he (or she) has control again, and then continue to accelerate.

On Donkey Kong's track, well, not much I can say there. Just jump a lot if you hit the turf (the grassy area) to avoid setting off the trigger that shoots the spiked balls (coconuts?) at you.

On Yoshi's track, keep right when beginning the course. Take the first right, then a left, then swerve right and go across the tiny bridge. It's the fastest cut by about ten seconds. I've timed it before. (I'm aware by this point that you think I have no life whatsoever, and you're right.)

Ah, now my ultimate, most favourite course-cutter. On Rainbow Road, I'm sure you've all seen the track below you to your left when starting. This will take a bit of practice, but it's sweet for winning Grand Pre races. Now, once you've jolted off at the start of the race, just as the road starts to curve down, jump clear off the edge to your left. Try to line yourself up with the strip of road you hope to land on. (If you think you may not make it then let go of A, because you do accelerate in the air.) Take note that this will take a while to get the hang of, and it's fun to practice while on a single/double/triple/quadruple player race. But it works great, again, when you're set out to win.

I can't say much for the other tracks. I've tried to find tips and hints by racing them over and over, but no such luck. They're all quite straight-forward, but if you find a trick on one of them, good stuff. I hope this helps for when you're bored and playing Mario Kart (like me).

If you would like the submit more ideas for this game (or with any of the Banjo Kazooie games) please do. If you would like hints on other games (such as new-found Mario Kart cheats, or tricks for Banjo Kazooie/Banjo Tooie, and Pokemon Stadium (1 and 2) or for Pokemon snap, or Hey You, Pikachu (Pokemon games had me addicted a few years back, I still know a few helpful hints)) then just Email me at [email protected] - make the subject line "N64 Tips" or something to that effect so I don't think it's junk mail. (If you happen to know where to find the Blue Jinjo in Grunty Industries on Banjo-Tooie, I would love you to death if you could Email me the location. I can't find the little bugger.) Anyways, hope this 'walkthrough' helps... Have fun.

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