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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Pokemon Ruby"
(Game Boy Advance)

This game is also available on GBC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pokemon Ruby (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: aztec12345
The three Regi are the legendaries that not many players know about(I learned about them from another guide). To catch them, you must be almost or totally done with the game; you will need the HMs Surf, Dive, Dig(no, its not an HM, but you still need it), Strength, and Fly. (If you are not done with the game yet, then READ THIS: IT IS IMPORTANT! At some point in the game, you will find a team aqua/magma hideout near Lilicove City. Here, you can find the Master Ball, an item that allows you to catch any pokemon of any level without any chance of missing! The important thing is, this cave vanishes after you fight team aqua/magma out of it!!! This means if you don't get it now, you never can. So take the time to look for it.) You will also need to catch Wailord(the evolved fornm of Wailmer)and the very rare Relicanth. If you already have them, skip this section. Wailord can be found 2 ways. You can train and evolve a Wailmer, which can be fished for anywhere and is almost as common as Magikarp. Or, you can find them by surfing on Route 129-a little known fact . Relicanth is harder to find. You must dive underwater and search the grassy areas underwater. He is very rare; you're gonna get really tired of running into all those Clamperl. Once you've caught both, put them in your party and fly/surf to Pacifidlog Town. Also bring a pokemon with Dig and one with Dive. Go to the southern part of town and you will see a log sticking out into the water. Surf off the end of this and surf west, trying to go north as little as possible. If you did it right, you will eventually find a diving hole. Dive into it and swim down. You'll see a big rock with an inscription. Read the inscription(which is in Braille)and use Dive again to land in a funny cave. Walk to the back wall and use dig in front of the center inscription. The wall will burst open. Walk through the hole and go to the back of this room as well. Now, put Relicanth as your first pokemon and Wailord as your last, and touch the center of the back wall(the inscription). The ground will shake, and it says a door opened. Actually, three doors opened. Now, you can leave the cave and deposit all those extra pokemon. Next, you will need to bring someone with Strength. Go to the desert area that you(hopefully)noticed earlier in the game and go to the south end. You will see a cave with six rocks around it. This is a pattern that shows this is the location of one of the Regi; you may have noticed it in the underwater cave earlier. That cave is one of the three doors that opened. Go in and read the center inscription. Walk 2 squares right and 2 squares down from this position and use strength. The door will open. Walk through to see Regirock. It is level 40, and, like the others, is surprisingly hard to catch. Remember to save before fighting it. My reccomendation for all legendaries is to paralyze them from the word go, since it never goes away, slows them down, and makes them a lot easier to catch. Paralyze it, then weaken it carefully. Don't use too many powerful attacks. When it's really, really, really weak(I mean it), start throwing Ultra Balls and Great Balls. They have some powerful attacks, so don't make the fight last too long. If you kill it or run out of balls, just turn off the game and try again. When you do catch it, head to Dewford Town and surf up, staying on the left as much as possible. You should see another, similar cave. Walk to the back and start reading the inscription. Don't do anything; just wait. Eventually, the door will open by itself. Walk in to see Regice. It has the exact same attacks, except it has Icy wind instead of Rock Throw. Use the same strategy on this one. Catch it, then head to Lilycove City and go to the west. Go up the set of stars when you see them and continue up from that point until you see the now-familiar cave. Walk in and read the inscription. Now, go to the middle of the room and use Fly. The door will open; go through. Here you find the final one, Registeel. It has Metal Claw, as well as the 3 attacks the others had. Catch it, and you finally have them all!
Submitted By: usmantuk
Beginning the Game ------------------ After the title screen choose the first option to start a new game. After the professor stops talking you choose your gender. Top is male, bottom is female.

Next you choose a name. The first option is to put one in yourself, the other four are predefined names. I suggest that you choose a name. Press Select 2 times to access the English alphabet. Put in a name. When you are done choose the bottom choice on the far left of the screen to submit the name. For the next choose the top option to confirm the name. There is a bit more talking before you appear in a truck. A few moments later you can get out of the truck by exiting to the right. An arrow will appear to show you where to exit. You are now in Mishiro Town(1 on the Map).

Mishiro Town ------------ A person comes out and there is more talking. You automatically go inside a building. Then there is more talking. When it stops, head up the stairs and look at the clock. Set the time using the Left and Right arrow keys and press A to submit the time. Choose the top option to confirm the time. Then there is more talking. Look at the computer on the far right of your room. Choose the top option three times to withdraw the item. Press B a few times to turn off the computer. Go downstairs. Even more talking. Next head outside. Enter the building to the left/right of where you are. A little more talking. Go upstairs and talk to the person there. That's your rival. He/she will be the opposite gender of the character you choose. For this guide the rival will be referred to as a guy. Go downstairs and leave the building. Go up to leave the town. A person will stop you to talk for a moment, then continue on.

You will see a Pochiena chasing the professor. When you have control again go look at the bag. Choose your starting Pokemon. You will enter your first battle. You have four options: Attack(top left), Item(top right), Switch(bottom left) and Run(bottom right). The only item you have is a Potion. Since you don't have any damage, you don't need it right now. You have no Pokemon to switch to. You can't run so your only option is to attack. The Pochiena won't be too much of a challenge. Just use the attack that does damage.

After the battle, you go to the lab back in Mishiro Town. After some talking, you get to keep the Pokemon you choose. You are then given a choice to nickname it. Top is yes, bottom is no. After a bit more talking you get another choice. The game won't proceed until you choose yes, the top choice. Next we finally get to leave the town. Exit north onto Route 101.

Route 101 --------- Continue upwards through Route 101. You may encounter some wild Pokemon. They aren't too powerful and you will easily be able to beat them by just using a damaging attack. The path is straightforward. Eventually you will reach Cotoki City(2 on the map).

Cotoki City ----------- The first building you see is a Pokemon Centre. It has the letters P.C on it. This is the place where you can heal your injured Pokemon for no charge. When you enter it, there is a lady at the desk beside a large machine. Talk to her to heal your Pokemon. There is a Pokemon Centre in every town. You will be visiting them frequently. When you are done, leave Cotoki City through the northern exit on to Route 103.

Route 103 --------- Battle the wild Pokemon here to level up to Lv 6+, you have a tough battle ahead. After you are done, go back to town to heal at the Pokemon Centre, buy Potions(first item, cost 300) then come back to Route 103. At the top of the route you will battle your rival for the second time. When you talk to him, he will challenge you to a battle. Just use a damaging attack, you should win due to your higher level, use a Potion if you need to. Head back to Cotoki City to heal.

Cotoki City ----------- After healing at the Pokemon Centre head for the South end of town and talk to your rival again. Afterwards, travel south back through Route 101 to Mishiro Town.

Mishiro Town ------------ Go into the large building at the South end of town. Walk up and talk to the professor who is standing beside your rival. You will get a Pokedex and 5 Pokeballs. Leave the building and head back try to go back to Cotoki City. Before you can leave town, your mom will stop you and give you a pair of Running Shoes. Now you can hold B to run! Travel back to Route 101 and gee to Cotoki City again.

Cotoki City ----------- As always heal when you reach the town. If you like you can buy more Pokeballs here now. Anyways, this time exit the town through the West exit. You will enter Route 102.

Route 102 --------- The Pokemon on this route are a little stronger but still no match for your Pokemon. But now you face a new challenge, trainers. Trainer battles are one time events. After you beat them you can't fight them again with exception to trainers that are recorded in your Trainer Eye. They will sometimes want a rematch. You can't run from a trainer battle and frequently you must battle more then one Pokemon in a row. On the upside, Trainers give 1.5 times more experience and give you money when you win. The Trainers on this Route are still no match for you. Just use your damaging attack and you won't have to heal. Keep going left along this route. Like Route 101 it's very straightforward. You will eventually reach Touka City(3 on the map).

Touka City ---------- This town has a special place in it called a gym. As you progress through the game, you will need to defeat all the 8 Gym Leaders for badges to enter the Pokemon League. Heal your Pokemon and enter the Gym. Talk to the person inside. Another person will then come in. You will automatically leave the gym so the person can show you how to catch Pokemon. Afterwards you will automatically go back to the gym. You can't battle in this gym until you have 4 badges so leave it and exit the town to the left to access Route 104.

You may want to catch some Pokemon for your team. To do so, you need to get into a battle with a wild Pokemon. After weakening it, use the Pokeball item. If you are lucky, you will catch the Pokemon. If not try again. Careful if you faint the opponent Pokemon, the battle ends and you don't get a chance to catch it. You can also go back to the previous routes for different Pokemon.

Route 104 --------- There are a few trainers on Route 104. They are a little tougher, but your Pokemon is still a higher level and you should win easy. Keep in mind to heal as needed. Route 104 is really short. Just go left, then up the left. Eventually you will reach the entrance to Touka Forest. Go in.

Touka Forest ------------ From the start go right. In the lower right corner of the Forest you can find an exit that leads to an item. The item is a Pokeball. Go back into the forest and go all the way to the left. Continue down this path and you will meet up with a member of Team Aqua/Magma who challenges you to a Pokemon Battle. He is a little more difficult then the previous trainers but he is still not too hard, but you might have to switch or use a Potion if your Pokemon gets too weak. For your troubles you get a Great Ball. Follow the path and you will leave Touka Forest and onto the other side of Route 104.

Route 104 --------- There will be a building in front of you. Enter it and talk to all the people. Next go behind the building for an Potion. After that continue down the path to the right. There are still a couple more trainers. Head onto the bridge. One of the trainers here will challenge you to a 2 on 2 match. Its just like a normal battle with two changes. You need to choose the target of your attacks. Second, you must assign attacks to both Pokemon. However they won't battle if you only have one Pokemon in your team. Keep going up and at the end of the road you will get to Kanazumi City(4 on the map).

Kanazumi City ------------- The first city with a Gym you can fight in. Once again heal your Pokemon at the Pokemon Centre. Buy some Potions and X Defends in the shop, you will need them in the gym. Finally, head for the Gym in the top right corner of the town. This is a Rock Pokemon Gym. The first trainer has a Lv10 Geodude, Lv8 Geodude and a Lv6 Geodude. The next trainer has a Lv11 Geodude. Neither of them will be too much of a problem. The Gym Leader has a Lv14 Geodude and Lv15 Kuchiito. She might be a problem. Start the battle by using your X Defends and Potions. Then attack use either a Special Based attack or a Physical Attack that isn't resisted by the opponent. The X Defend bonus and healing from Potions should keep you alive to win the battle.

ii. Up to the Second Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kanazumi City ------------- After the gym battle, heal and exit the town to the northeast onto Route 116. You will be stopped by a person. After he stops talking continue to the right.

Route 116 --------- Keep going right along this route. At the end of the route there is the Kanashida Tunnel. When you try to enter it a person will talk to you. Afterwards go into the cave. Inside there is a Team Aqua/Magma member. Try to talk to him. Eventually he will battle you. After you beat him, return to Kanazumi City.

Kanazumi City ------------- The person will stop and talk to you again. You will be taken to a building. After some more talking leave the building. Go to the building to the left of the Pokemon Centre and talk to the person inside to get HM01 Cut. Teach HM01 to a Pokemon, remember HMs can NOT be overwritten. Milo Town doesn't have a store so stock up on Potions here. You may want some X Defend for the next Gym Leader. Heal your Pokemon and head for the South end of town. Talk to your rival there then leave the town through the South exit. Go through the Forest again. You will come to a house with a boat in front of it. Talk to the person inside and say yes. You will arrive in Milo Town.

Milo Town --------- The 2nd Gym is in this town, but first we should go get HM05. Exit the town through the North exit, you will enter Route 106.

Route 106 --------- Follow the land part of the route until you reach Rock Cave. Enter it. Talk to the person in front of you to get HM05 Flash. Head back to town and heal.

Milo Town --------- Now go to the Gym. This one is a Fighting Pokemon Gym. First off you will notice that it is dark inside. You can't use Flash yet either. Anyways head up until you reach the wall. Next go right 6 spaces. You will enter a Trainer battle. The trainer has a Lv14 Asanan. Just use your strongest attacks to win, if you can't win without items leave the gym to level up your Pokemon. As you will notice after you beat a trainer the light gets bigger. Next, head all the way up to the wall. Go left six spaces. You can go left to fight a Trainer battle or go up to skip it. The trainer has a Lv14 Machop. Afterwards head up to the wall. Go left for a trainer battle or right to face the Gym Leader. The Trainer has 2 Lv 12 Asanan and a Lv 12 Machop. The Gym Leader has a Lv17 Machop and Lv18 Makunosita. If you have any X Defends, they are very useful here.

iii. Up to the Third Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Milo Town --------- After the battle, heal and head back to Rock Cave.

Rock Cave --------- Teach one of your Pokemon HM05, remember HM attacks can NOT be overwritten. Follow the path and go down the stairs. Have your Pokemon use HM05 Flash to light up the cave. Keep following the path. At the split take the top route. Go down the next set of stairs. Keep following the path and go up the next set of stairs. And the next set of stairs. Continue down the path again. At the end talk to the person. You will be seeing this guy a lot in the future. He will give you the Pokemon Navigator and TM47. Afterwards leave the cave. Go back to Milo Town.

Milo Town --------- Heal your Pokemon then go talk to the person beside the boat on the right side of town. Choose the middle option. You will board the ship and head for the next area, Route 109.

Route 109 --------- Fight the trainers in front of you. Head up to Kaina City(6 on the map). It's not very far.

Kaina City ---------- Heal at the Pokemon Centre. Enter the brown building on the right side of town beside the boats. Go straight up and talk to the person there. Then leave the building. Go into the green building that is above the brown building. Pay the entrance fee and then go up the stairs and prepare for battle against two members of Team Aqua/Magma. Talk to the scientist to start the chain of events leading to a battle. After their defeat, go heal your Pokemon and exit the town through the North Exit. Now entering Route 110.

Route 110 --------- After you go up a bit you can head west onto Route 103 to fight some trainers for experience and money. Otherwise continue to the right. After the next turn you will meet your rival who challenges you to a battle. I suggest healing before you fight him. You might also want to stock up on Super Potion. After you win continue upwards into the next town, Kinsetsu City(7 on the map).

Kinsetsu City ------------- Heal then go to the building to the right of Pokemon Centre. Talk to the person on the right. Choose the top option for his first question. Then he will ask which type of bike you want. The top option is for the Mach Bike, the bottom option is for the Dart Bike. The Mach Bike is faster but you need 4-5 steps to accelerate to top speed. It will allow you to go up mud slopes and cracked floor. The Dart Bike allow you to hop sideways. This is used on the thin white rails you will see in the future. Either one is good for now. Talk to the person again and choose the top option if you want to switch between the two Bikes. Next go to the Gym. The person in front of it will want to battle you. He has a Lv16 Rarutosu. You can go back to heal or enter the Gym. This is an Electric Pokemon Gym. The person with the yellow hair in front of you has a Lv18 Rakurai and Lv18 Magnemite. The person above him has a Lv19 Jiguzaguma. Go up and step on the button. The trainer on the right of you has three Lv17 Voltorb. Go all the way to the right and talk to the person for a battle. She has a Lv19 Asanan. Next head upwards to the Gym Leader. The Gym Leader has a Lv22 Magnemite, Lv20 Voltorb and Lv23 Magneton. I suggest leveling up to Lv25 for the battle. If you need exp you can fight trainers to the left and right of the town if you need more experience points. Also keep in mind that Magnemite and Magneton are Steel type and are weak to Fire attacks. Useful if you chose Torchic to start. If you still have any spare X Defend, they won't help too much in this Gym. You can buy X Speed in the mart if you need help out running Voltorb or to compensate for when you get Paralyzed.

iv. Up to the Fourth Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kinsetsu City ------------- Now that you have your third badge, heal and go to the building to the right of the shop. The person there will give HM06 Rock Smash. Find a Pokemon to teach it to. Then leave the town by the left exit.

Route 117 --------- This route is very straightforward. Just keep going left. You will eventually reach Shidake Town(8 on the map)

Shidake Town ------------ When you reach the Shidake Town, heal and enter the cave in the top left corner of town. Head up and use Rock Smash to break the cracked rocks. The person behind them will give you HM04 Strength. You won't need it for a while, but find a Pokemon to give it to anyways. Afterwards, leave the cave the way you came in. Then leave the town and go back to the Kinsetsu City. When you get there heal and head up to Route 111.

Route 111, 112 & 113 -------------------- On the left side of Route 111 you will see a person standing in front of a yellow house. If you talk to him and say yes, you will fight 4 trainer consecutively. Afterwards enter the house and talk to the person in the top right. You will get some sort of item. Exit the house and continue upwards on Route 111. Use Rock smash to break the cracked rocks in your way and continue upwards. Eventually you will reach a desert. You can't go in so stay on Route 111 and go to the left. You get to a mountainous area. On the left you will see a lift leading to Chimney Mountain, but it's blocked by Team Aqua/Magma members. You can't make them move yet. So just remember this place for when you need to go to Chimney Mountain. On the right you will find a cave called the Flame Loophole. Go into it. It's basically just a long tunnel. At the end you will come out on Route 112. But you will soon go back to Route 111. When you reach the split in the road, go up. You will see a person standing in front of a large tree. He will give you TM43 which is used to make secret bases. Next you will see a house. The person inside will heal your Pokemon. When you are done go left onto Route 113. On this route you will see red bumps that resemble a Pokeball. These are actually trainers who will challenge you if you get close. Continue to the left. You will find a house. Go in and talk to the person in white. He will give you an important item. Afterwards continue left on Route 113. After a while you will come to the Hajitsuge Town(9 on the map).

Hajitsuge Town -------------- Heal. There is nothing else to do so continue left on to Route 114.

Route 114 --------- Head down and across the bridge. Continue going down. You will reach some mountainous area. You can use the steps on the left to get on it. Head down and follow the path. At the end of the path is Meteor Waterfall. Go into it.

Meteor Waterfall ---------------- Go left across the bridge. You will see several Team Aqua and Magma Members. They will talk for a while. Remember that lift near the Flame Loophole? That's our next destination. Leave the cave the way you came in and go back to Hajitsuge Town.

Hajitsuge Town, Route 113 & 111 ------------------------------- Heal and continue on backwards to Route 113. Eventually you will reach Route 111 again. Head back to the house on this route for healing. Then continue back down into the Flame Loophole. Go through the exit on the other side. Head all the right to get to the lift again. Now the Team Aqua/Magma members are gone. Take the lift up to Chimney Mountain(0 on the map).

Chimney Mountain ---------------- You will see a Team Aqua and Team Magma blocking your path down. So we must go up. Eventually you will reach a group of Team Aqua and Magma members. None of them will battle you. Continue to the left. Now you will reach the Team Aqua/Magma members who will battle you. Just a little bit further up you will find a Team Aqua/Magma trainer beside a machine. Talk to him to start the battle. He has three Pokemon and he can be difficult as his Pokemon are at quite a high level. Use Super Potions to heal as needed. After the battle, start going back down. Don't use the lift this time. Just keep going down the path that was previously blocked. You will enter Decoboco Sandou. Keep going down and you will arrive on Route 112. Go left to find Fuen Town(A on the map).

Fuen Town --------- Heal and go to the Gym. This one is the Fire Gym. The pools of water either send you somewhere or have a trainer. In the first room, the pool on the left goes to the next area. The one on the right has a trainer. The trainer has 2 Lv22 Slugma and a Lv22 Donmeru. In the next area go into the only other pool. The pool in the top left is the exit. The pool in the top right has a trainer. The trainer has a Lv24 Kecleon. In the next area enter the pool just above you. The top left pool goes to the next area, the bottom right pool has a trainer. The trainer has a Lv23 Donmeru and Lv23 Slugma. Once again go to the pool just above you. The top right pool goes to the next area. The top left pool has a trainer in it. The trainer has a Lv24 Asanan. Go into other pool in the next area, the bottom left pool takes you to the next area the top left pool has a trainer. The Trainer has a Lv23 Slugma and a Lv23 Donmeru. Finally go into pool below you to reach the Gym Leader. The Gym Leader has 2 Lv26 Slugma and a Lv28 Kootasu. I suggest getting to Lv30 and stocking up on lots of Super Potion. The Kootasu has a really powerful Fire attack called Overheat. But it greatly decreases it's Special Attack every time she uses it. So if you can survive it the first few times, it will get easier. Also Kootasu has a lot of defense. If you are planning to use physical attacks, buy some X Attack to increase the damage you do. After you win exit the gym. You rival will stop you outside and give you the item Gogo Goggles. Now you can enter the desert!

v. Up to the Fifth Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++ Fuen Town --------- Exit the town to the right. Now we need to go back to Touka City. The one with a gym we couldn't fight in. Touka City has another Gym, so if you struggled with the Fuen Town Gym, you should take some time to level up. Head right on to Route 112. Continue right onto Route 111. Then go down to Kinsetsu City. Use the exit on the left to leave town onto Route 117. Continue left to Shidake Town. Enter Kanashida Tunnel to reach Route 116. Continue left on Route 116 to reach Kanazumi City. Exit down to reach Route 104. Continue downward into Touka Forest. Continue downward back onto Route 104. Follow Route 104 to Touka City.

Touka City ---------- As always heal. The shop in this city has changed. Stock up on Super Potion and X Defend. The next Gym uses Normal type Pokemon so X Defend will help a lot. Finally enter the gym. This Gym is in a Diamond shape. G /\ 3 3 /\ /\ 2 2 2 \/ \/ 1 1 \/ E

E- Entrance 1- Trainer 1 Lv27 Enekororo 2- Trainer 2 Lv27 Massuguma 3- Trainer 3 Lv27 Zanguusu G- Gym Leader

Follow any path you like to the Gym Leader. It's suggested that you fight all 7 trainers before the Gym Leader for the experience points and money. Next leave the Gym to heal. When you come back follow the doors to reach the Gym Leader. The Gym Leader has a Lv28 Kek-king, a Lv30 Yarukimono and a Lv31 Kek-king. The Kek-king have very high stats, but they also have a set back. Their characteristic makes them lose every second turn. Use the turn to heal or use an X Defend.

vi. Up to the Sixth Gym +++++++++++++++++++++++++ Touka City ---------- After the battle heal your Pokemon and visit the house to the left of the gym. Talk to the person inside to get HM03 Surf. Teach it to a Pokemon. Next we need to go to Kinsetsu City. Leave Touka City by the right exit to reach Route 102. Continue to the right to reach Cotoki City. Head North to Route 103 and Surf across the gap. You will come to Route 110. Head down a bit and enter the building to reach the Bike Path. Take the Bike Path all the way up. After you leave to Bike Path continue up to Kinsetsu City.

Kinsetsu City, Route 118 & 119 ------------------------------ Take this chance to heal your Pokemon. You have a long road ahead. From Kinsetsu City go East onto Route 118. You will get to a large pool of Water. Use Surf to across it and continue right. Eventually a person will stop you to talk for a moment. Afterwards continue to the right a bit and the head up to Route 119. Follow the long Route up. You will find a large patch of tall grass just continue up through it. Then go across the bridge and continue upwards. Go up the next set of tall grass. Just keep going up. Eventually you will reach a large building. The path right is blocked by Team Aqua/Magma members so go inside the building. In the top left corner of the first floor you can heal your Pokemon by pressing A on the bed. The stairs to the next floor are in the top right corner. On the far left of this floor you will fight one of the head members of Team Aqua/Magma. After her defeat, all Team Aqua/Magma members will leave. The scientists will give you a Powarun for saving them. You can heal at the bed again if you like. You have a tough battle ahead. Exit the building and continue to the right. After a bit your rival will challenge you to a battle. He only 3 Pokemon, but they are quite strong. After the battle he gives you HM02 Fly. Just ahead is the next town, Hiwamaki City(B on the map).

Hiwamaki City ------------- Heal at the Pokemon Center. If you try to enter the gym, you will find an invisible object in your way. Go to the top right house in the town. Talk to everybody there. Then leave town to the right onto Route 120.

Route 120 --------- Go all the way to the right. Then head downwards into the tall grass. After you come out of the tall grass, go left. You will come across a person standing on the bridge. Talk to him and choose the top option to his question. This lead to a battle with a Lv30 Kecleon. After the battle, he will give you an item. Now you can find the invisible Kecleon. Go back to Hiwamaki City.

Hiwamaki City ------------- Heal at the Pokemon Center, then head for the Gym. Press A on the invisible Kecleon to make it appear and move out of the way. This is a Flying Pokemon Gym. From the start go right. Walk through the first Black gate. The trainer there has a Lv30 Doduo. Walk through the next black gate. More 1 space right and 1 space up to fight the next trainer. She has a Lv30 Chirutto. Next move one space to the left and one space down to unblock the path so you can continue on. You will see two more black gates. Walk through the black gate on the left. Then move it clockwise once. Walk through the black gate on the right. Walk through the black gate on the left again. Then move it clockwise twice. Walk through the black gate on the right. Then continue on to the left. The next trainer has a Lv29 Subame and a Lv29 Oosubame. After fighting the trainer move to the left and go all the way up. Turn the bottom left gate clockwise once. Walk through the top right gate. Then turn it clockwise once. The trainer nearby has a Lv28 Kyamome, Lv28 Oosubame and a Lv28 Pelipper. Without touching any of the gates walk around to the top left gate. Walk downwards through the gate. Walk around the next wall so you can turn the next gate counter clockwise once. Walk through the next gate and you path is now open. You can now go to the Gym Leader. The Gym Leader has a Lv31 Oosubame, Lv30 Pelipper, Lv32 Skarmory and Lv33 Chirutarisu. you Pokemon should be around Lv38 for this battle.

vii. Up to the Seventh Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hiwamaki City ------------- After the battle heal at the Pokemon Center. The path to the next town is quite long so stock up on Super Potions before you go. Then exit the town through the Eastern exit and go back to the bridge on Route 120.

Route 120 & 121 --------------- This time continue on past the bridge. Just after you cross it will start raining. All battles in this area will start with Rain Dance in effect. The route us pretty straightforward. Just follow the path. Eventually you will reach a large patch of tall grass. The continue on you need to jump off the ledge near the lower right corner of the tall grass. Soon after it will stop raining. Keep going down. When you reach to bottom turn right and head onto Route 121. Continue going right. Eventually you will see some Team Aqua/Magma members. They will say something then walk off. Follow them and you will see a dock. Remember this place, we will be back later. But for now continue to the right. When you reach the blue fence area, go up a bit then choose the bottom right route. You will soon reach Minamo City(C on the map).

Minamo City ----------- Once again heal your Pokemon. In front of the building behind the Pokemon Center you can find your Rival and challenge him to a match. After you win heal and leave Minamo City through the West exit.

Route 121 & 122 --------------- Keep going left until you reach the dock we were at before. Surf downwards following the right wall. Eventually you will find a cave, enter it. You are now in Mt. Okuribi.

Mt. Okuribi ----------- Ignore the stairs and head left to exit. Once outside follow the path all the way to the top. Near the top it will got foggy. Continue up to the next screen. There will be some Team Aqua/Magma members here to battle you. At the top talk to the Team Aqua/Magma leader. All the Team Aqua/Magma members will leave. The two old people here will tell you something then give you an item. Next Fly to Kaina City.

Kaina City ---------- Heal yourself at the Pokemon Center then go to the building that is just above the Pokemon Center and a little bit to the right. Talk to the person in front of the doorway. You will be taken inside the building. Try to walk up to the Team Aqua/Magma members and they will escape and steal the submarine. Leave the building and fly back to Minamo City.

Minamo City ----------- Head for the Northeast corner of town, then go down to the beach. From the beach surf upwards into a cave. From the first room of the cave enter the door in the top right corner. Use the teleporter on the right to get an item, use the one on the left to continue. In the new room, use the teleporter on the far left. In the next room use the teleporters in the order Left, Middle, Left, Left. The room you go to has two Lv30 Electrode pretending to be items and two real items, one of which is the Master Ball. Go back the way you came and use the middle teleporter then the left teleporter. Next use the teleporter on the far right of the room. Exit through the top door. Use the teleporter in the lower left corner for an item. Then use the teleporter on the right to continue. Go up the stairs. Go through the door on the right side of the room. Go into the teleporter. Talk to the Team Aqua/Magma member for a battle. Exit the room through the lower teleporter. Exit the building. Go heal your Pokemon. Then leave the town by Surfing Eastward. Check your position on the map as you head for Tokusane City(D on the Map). You can also go to Monagi Town(E on the Map) so you can fly there later.

Tokusane City ------------- As always, heal your Pokemon, Tokusane City has a Gym. This is a Psychic Pokemon Gym. This Gym can be very confusing. Here's a map: ____________________ -------------------- v<<<<<<<<| Ev GG 0^| v |^| 4> |^| -v--| |----|^| F * | | |^| | | v|----|^| |^ -|e| |^| |d| |v|* C|^| |^| |v| |^| |^| ---v^|v|--v^|^|--|^| v^|v| v^|^ |^| v^|v| v^|^ |^| ^ v^|v|v v^|^ v *^| a v^|v|b v^|^ c> | |^|v^|v| Bv^|^<3> ^| |^|v^|v| ^|----D^| |^|v^| > |^| |^|v^|v> |^| |^|v^<<< --------|^| |^ >>>>>>>>>>>>>v|^| |1 <<<<<<<<<<<<|v|^| |^A * |v|^| |^| |v|^| |^| <<|^| |^|----- ------|^| |^<<<<< >>>>>>^| | @&& 0 |

Raised Floor areas:

>>>>>>>2>>>>>>v ^ v v a b c

v<<<<<<<<<<<< v ^ e d

Trainer A has a Lv37 Kiruria. Trainer B has a Lv36 Kadabra and a Lv36 Kiruria Trainer C has a Lv37 Xatu Trainer D has a Lv35 Natu, Lv35 Girafarig and a Lv35 Kadabra Trainer E has a Lv36 Rarutosu and a Lv36 Kiruria Trainer F has a Lv36 Rarutosu and a Lv36 Kadabra Trainers G are the Gym Leaders.(2 on 2)

^>v< Automatic floor |- Walls && Entrance @ Advice Guy * Switch(Switch the nearest red tile) 1234 Red Tiles 0 Teleporter(goes back to the start) abcde Ramp to raised floor

When you enter the gym, step on the Automatic Floor to the right of you. When you stop moving, flip the switch beside you. This will change Red Tile 3. You can fight Trainer D if you want to. The step onto the automatic floor that is top left from your current position. When you stop go down to the next set of automatic floor. Go up to flip the switch. This will change Red Tile 4. You can also fight trainer F here. Then go back down by talking the automatic floor to the left of the one you just used. Go left to flip the third switch. This will change Red Tile 1.You can fight Trainer A by talking to him. Next step on the Automatic floor to the left of the entrance. This will put you in front of Trainer B. After the battle, step on the upwards pointing Automatic floor to the right of Trainer B. You will be put in front of Trainer C. After the battle, flip the last switch. Then take the automatic floor to the left of the one you just used. Then use the automatic floor just below you. Finally take the automatic floor to the left of the entrance to get to the Gym Leader. This Gym match is a two on two battle. The Gym Leader has a Lv42 Runatoon and a Lv42 Soru-rock. After the battle go to the house in the top left corner of the town to get HM08 Dive. Teach it to a Pokemon(like Tentacool).

viii. Up to the Eighth Gym ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Tokusane City ------------- Heal your Pokemon and go to the South end of town. Go down the second staircase from the right that goes to the water. Surf straight down until the water gets dark then use Dive. Follow to path down until you reach a cave. Inside the cave you will see a submarine. Resurface and you will now be in the Kaitei Cave.

Kaitei Cave ----------- Go up and into the Cave. Continue upwards using Strength to push the rocks. At the split go left. In this area, go left and use Rock Smash on the cracked rock. Next push the round rock down using Strength. Go right and push the next rock out of the way. Continue upward and into the upper left door. Push the first rock up once with Strength. Then go right and push the next rock up twice. Go left and push that Rock left once. Smash the cracked rock above you. Go up and push that rock up once. Smash the cracked rock to your left. Push the next rock left once and go into the door. Surf up then right, then right, then left. Surf up to the door and enter it. Push the rock on your right up once. You are now at a difficult rock puzzle: | -- | |1 2 3 | | 4 5 |-| 6 7|-| 8 9 --

Push Rock 8 left once. Push Rock 4 up once. Push Rock 2 up once. Push Rock 3 right twice. The path will now be clear. Continue upwards and into the next door. You will see another Rock Puzzle. __D__ |X X| |X1 2X| | 345 | |6 7| | 89A |

Move Rock A and 8 up once. Move Rock 9 to the left once. Move Rock 4 up once. Move Rock 3 to the left and Rock 5 to the right. Move Rock 1 and 2 up once. Move Rock 4 left once and enter the door.

You will notice that you are in a foggy area. There is only one way to go so continue down the path. At the end you will see Kyogre/Groudon. Step on the square about 4 steps in front of it. This will start a chain of events leading to a battle with a Team Aqua/Magma member. Afterwards you will automatically leave the cave. You will notice that it is raining/sunny. For the next little while, all battles on the right side of the map will have Rain Dance/Sunny Day automatically turned on. Surf near the South end of Rune City(F on the map). You can dive at this location and enter a cave. You will then resurface near the town. Surf straight up to get there.

Rune City --------- You can't enter the gym yet. So heal and go talk to the people in the top right corner. Bring a Pokemon with Flash and lots of Ultra Balls. You will need them. Now enter the place they show you, Mezame Hokota.

Mezame Hokota ------------- Go straight up and enter the door. Use Flash to light up the room. Go left from your starting point and follow the path. Go down the stairs. Go down to reach the next staircase. Continue to follow the path. After the next stairs go up. Pick up the next item, its HM07 Waterfall. Teach it to a Pokemon, but you won't need it for a while. Go down the next stairs to reach Kyogre/Groudon. Save before the battle, you only have ONE chance to catch it. Step in front of it to start the battle. Afterwards leave the cave and heal. Next stop, the 8th Gym.

Rune City --------- The Gym is near the center of the town. Talk to the person standing in front of it and he will fly away. The objective of each puzzle is to crack all the ice, but if you step on one spot twice you fall through. __F__ |6 7 *| |5 4 3| |* 1 2| --S--

For the first puzzle take 1 step up onto the ice, 1 step right, 1 step up, 2 steps left, 1 step up, 1 step right and finally step up onto the stairs that appear. ______F______ |6 7 8 K J I H| |5 * 9 A B C G| |4 3 2 1 * E F| ------S------

For the next puzzle, take 1 step up onto the ice, 3 steps left, 2 steps up, 2 steps right, 1 step down, 3 step right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 2 steps up, 3 steps left and finally step on to the stairs that appear. __________F__________ |V W Z 1 4 5 H G D C B| |U X Y 2 3 * I F E * A| |T S P O L K J 4 5 6 9| |* R Q N M 1 2 3 * 7 8| ----------S----------

For the next puzzle, take 1 step up onto the ice, 2 steps right, 1 step up, 2 steps right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 3 steps up, 2 steps left, 1 step down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 2 steps down, 2 steps left, 1 step down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 1 step down, 1 step left, 1 step up, 1 step left, 2 steps up, 1 step right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 1 step up, 1 step right, 1 step down, 1 step right, 1 step up, 1 step right, and finally step on to the stairs that appear.

Now you can fight the Gym Leader or you can step onto the cracked ice and fall down to fight the trainers. When you step on the cracked ice you will fall down near a group of trainers. The trainer on the far right has a Lv41 Hasubrero. The trainer below her has a Lv36 Azurill, Lv38 Marill and a Lv40 Azumarill. The girl in middle has 2 Lv40 Wailmer. The girl on the left has Lv39 Kibania, Lv39 Samehader and a Lv39 Wailmer. Go down the slope. The person in front of you has a Lv41 Azumarill. The next trainer has a Lv41 Seaking. Go down the slope. Another trainer will battle you. She has a Lv40 Goldeen. The last trainer has a Lv41 Rabukasu. Leave the Gym to heal, then go fight the Gym Leader. The Gym Leader has a Lv40 Rabukasu, Lv42 Namazun, Lv40 Todogurar, Lv42 Seaking and Lv43 Mirokarosu. After the battle heal your Pokemon. It's time to head for the Pokemon League!

ix. Up to the Elite Five and the Battle Tower +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Rune City, Route 128 and Saiyuu City1 ------------------------------------- Leave the town and Surf towards the South end of Saiyuu City(G on the map). Go up the Waterfall using Waterfall, then go into the Pokemon Center. You need Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash and Waterfall to pass through the next cave. When you are ready, leave the Pokemon Center and head for cave, Victory Road.

Victory Road ------------ From the start head straight up. Go up the stairs and across the bridge, continue on and go down the next ladder. Use Flash to light up the cave. Go right, down a bit then left. Push the boulder left and the next boulder right. Continue down the path that was previously blocked. Use Rock Smash on the cracked rock to continue on. Go up the stairs and across the bridge. At the split go down, you will eventually find another ladder going down. On the next floor head up to the pool of water. Surf all the way to the left and go up the Waterfall. Continue to the left until you reach another Waterfall. Go down it. Next head right and up the ladder. On the next floor go down. You will come to some rocks blocking the path. Rock Smash the first cracked rock and push the first Boulder down. Then Rock Smash the second cracked rock and continue on. On the next floor head up, across the bridge and then up again. Near the top a trainer will stop you for a battle. He can be tough if you aren't prepared. Afterwards continue on upwards and out of the cave.

Saiyuu City2 ------------ A short walk up and you will see a large building, the home of the Pokemon League(H on the map). Enter the build and heal your Pokemon. Afterwards go to the shop and buy as many Hyper Potions(2nd item, cost 1200), Revives(6th item, cost 1500) and Full Heal(5th item, cost 600) you can afford. Put all you HM Pokemon in the PC and take out your strongest Pokemon(if you have an open slot you may want to keep a Pokemon that knows Fly with you). You can go back to the cave if you need any more training, it's recommended that you be at least Lv50, Lv53 to be safe. Talk to the two people in front of the door in the middle. Save you game. Enter the door and prepare for battle with the Elite 4 and Champion.

Approximate stats given.

First Trainer, Dark type Pokemon

Lv46 Guraena Dark HP 134 Att 102 Def 83 Spd 83 SpA 74 SpD 74 Lv48 Daatingu Dark/Grass HP 159 Att 115 Def 77 Spd 96 SpA 106 SpD 77 Lv46 Nokutasu Dark/Grass HP 134 Att 125 Def 74 Spd 69 SpA 125 SpD 74 Lv48 Samehader Dark/Water HP 140 Att 135 Def 58 Spd 111 SpA 111 SpD 58 Lv49 Abusoru Dark HP 137 Att 147 Def 78 Spd 93 SpA 93 SpD 78

Second Trainer, Ghost type Pokemon

Lv48 Samayooru Ghost HP 111 Att 87 Def 144 Spd 43 SpA 77 SpD 144 Lv49 Jupetta Ghost HP 136 Att 132 Def 83 Spd 83 SpA 101 SpD 81 Lv50 Yamirami Ghost/Dark HP 125 Att 95 Def 95 Spd 70 SpA 85 SpD 85 Lv49 Jupetta Ghost HP 136 Att 132 Def 83 Spd 83 SpA 101 SpD 81 Lv51 Samayooru Ghost HP 117 Att 92 Def 153 Spd 46 SpA 82 SpD 153

Third Trainer, Ice type Pokemon

Lv50 Onigoori Ice HP 155 Att 100 Def 100 Spd 100 SpA 100 SpD 100 Lv52 Onigoori Ice HP 161 Att 104 Def 104 Spd 104 SpA 104 SpD 104 Lv50 Todogurar Ice/Water HP 165 Att 80 Def 90 Spd 65 SpA 95 SpD 90 Lv52 Todogurar Ice/Water HP 171 Att 83 Def 93 Spd 67 SpA 99 SpD 93 Lv53 Todozeruga Ice/Water HP 196 Att 106 Def 116 Spd 90 SpA 122 SpD 116

Fourth Trainer, Dragon type Pokemon

Lv52 Comoruuu Dragon HP 145 Att 119 Def 125 Spd 73 SpA 83 SpD 73 Lv54 Chirutarisu Dragon/Flying HP 161 Att 97 Def 118 Spd 108 SpA 97 SpD 135 Lv53 Furaigon Dragon/Ground HP 164 Att 127 Def 106 Spd 127 SpA 106 SpD 106 Lv53 Furaigon Dragon/Ground HP 164 Att 127 Def 106 Spd 127 SpA 106 SpD 106 Lv55 Boomanda Dragon/Flying HP 186 Att 170 Def 110 Spd 132 SpA 143 SpD 110

Fifth Trainer, Steel/Ground/Rock type Pokemon

Lv57 Skarmory Steel/Flying HP 158 Att 113 Def 182 Spd 102 SpA 68 SpD 102 Lv55 Nendooru Ground/Psychic HP 148 Att 99 Def 137 Spd 104 SpA 99 SpD 154 Lv56 Bosugodora Steel/Rock HP 161 Att 145 Def 223 Spd 78 SpA 89 SpD 89 Lv56 Yureidoru Rock/Grass HP 179 Att 113 Def 131 Spd 70 SpA 113 SpD 142 Lv56 Aamurudo Rock/Bug HP 167 Att 162 Def 134 Spd 72 SpA 100 SpD 111 Lv58 Metagurosu Steel/Psychic HP 178 Att 179 Def 173 Spd 104 SpA 133 SpD 127

After the battle there will be a small talking scene. Then your Rival walks in! Not a good thing. After you are done with him the professor will come talk to you. After all this your Pokemon are registered in the Hall of Fame and the credits roll. After the credits, enter your game again. You will start inside your house. When you go downstairs a person will talk to you and give you an item. The item lets you take a ship to the Battle Tower. At this point you are free to do whatever you want. Happy training!

III. Side Quests **************** 1. Sky Tower 2. Safari Zone 3. Battle Tower 4. Fossils

Sky Tower +++++++++ Monagi Town ----------- This is the Side Quest to catch the Legendary Pokemon Rekkuuza. It can not be done until after you defeat the Elite 4. First check to make sure you have the Mach Bike with you. You will need it. Go to Kinsetsu City to switch bikes if you have the Dart Bike. To get to the Sky Tower, first Fly to Monagi Town. If you haven't been there yet, Surf there from Rune City. When you get here, heal and make sure you have plenty of Ultra Balls, you may want some Repel also. Surf right from this town onto Route 131.

Route 131 --------- Surf along the top side of this Route as your Surf Eastwards. You will come to a small hole in the wall, it can be difficult to spot. Surf upwards through the hole. You will save a Cave opening. Enter it.

Sky Tower Cave -------------- A very short cave. There are no wild Pokemon in here. Exit through the other side. Go up and you will see a large tower. Enter it.

Sky Tower --------- You are currently on Floor 1. Go left, up and around. Go up the stairs to Floor 2. Now you need to get on your Mach Bike to run over the cracked floor. You need to be at least 3 spaces away to gain enough speed to run over the cracked floor. Also if you stop or hit a wall while on the cracked floor you will fall back down 1 floor. Changing directions will not cause you to fall through. Bike straight down, and hug the lower wall as you bike left. Next you have to zigzag a bit to avoid hitting the rocks as you bike upwards. You are now on Floor 3. No cracked floor here. Just go down, right and around. Go up the stairs to Floor 4. Bike straight down but move to the right a bit. Remember that you need at least three spaces to accelerate fast enough to go over the cracked floor. Go straight down the middle, at the last second turn and go straight up. There will be four squares of cracked floor to the right of you. Fall down either of the middle two holes. You will fall down to Floor 3 in front of the blocked stairs. Go up the stairs to Floor 4. Go up the stairs on the left of you to go to Floor 5. No cracked floor here, once again just go down, right and around. Go up the stairs to reach the Rooftop. Go up and you will see Rekkuuza. It is a Lv70 Dragon/Flying Pokemon. It has the attacks Outrage, Fly, Extremespeed and Rest. Save you game in front of Rekkuuza, like Kyogre/Groudon you only have ONE chance to catch it. If you fail, reset your game and try again. Afterwards you can Fly off the tower.

Safari Zone +++++++++++ Kaina City ---------- Before we can enter the Safari Zone we need to get the Plock Case. Fly to Kaina City. Enter the red building in the top left corner of town. Talk to the small girl to the left. She will give you a Plock Case. Exit the building and Fly to Minamo City.

Minamo City ----------- Exit left onto Route 121.

Route 121 --------- Continue to the left past the blue fence area. You will reach some small steps. Go up and you will come to a building. Enter it. Welcome to the Safari Zone!

Safari Zone Entrance -------------------- Go up and then left. The person behind the counter will stop you. There is an Entrance fee of 500. Choose the top option to say yes and you will pay the 500. The person will then give you 30 Safari Balls. You will then enter the Safari Zone.

Safari Zone ----------- The Safari Zone is divided into 4 sections. Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left and Bottom Right. You need the Dart Bicycle to access the Top Right section. You get there by jumping across the White Rails. The Mach Bicycle is needed to access the Top Left section. You need it to go up the Mud ramp. Pokemon by location:

Oddish- Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right Gloom- Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right Doduo- Top Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right Dodrio- Top Left Pikachu- Bottom Left, Bottom Right Wobbuffet- Bottom Left, Bottom Right Natu- Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right Xatu- Top Right Girafarig- Bottom Left, Bottom Right Phanpy- Top Right Pinsir- Top Left Heracross- Top Right Rhyhorn- Top Left

Psyduck- Top Left(Surf), Bottom Left(Surf) Golduck- Top Left(Surf)

Magikarp- Top Left/Top Right(Old Rod, Good Rod) Goldeen- Top Left/Top Right(Old Rod, Good Rod, Super Rod) Seaking- Top Left/Top Right(Super Rod)

After the time runs out or you run out of Safari Balls, you have to leave.

Battle Tower ++++++++++++ Kaina City or Minamo City ------------------------- This Side Quest can not be done until after you defeat the Elite 4. Fly to either Kaina City or Minamo City. Go to the ship port(top right in Kaina City, bottom left in Minamo City). Talk to the green hair woman and choose the second option. Then choose the top option to confirm. You will shortly arrive at the Battle Tower.

Battle Tower ------------ This location has now been added to you Fly list. It's marked by a Red Square when you use Fly. Go up and enter the large Tower. The Battle Tower is a place where you can battle you team of 3 Lv50 or Lv100 Pokemon against 7 CPU opponents who have similar restrictions. The battles here are much tougher then most of the other battles in the game. Kyogre, Groudon and Rekkuuza are banned. Jiraachi and Deokishisu are probably also banned. You can not use more then one Pokemon of the same species or have two Pokemon with the same Held Item. You can not use any items inside the Battle Tower. Your Pokemon are automatically returned to full health after every battle. If you manage to defeat all 7 trainers, you will get a cool item. To start a battle talk to the person in the middle. Choose the top option to the first question. Next choose which level you wish to compete in. Select the three Pokemon you wish to enter. Keep in mind, the first Pokemon you choose will be the starter for all 7 trainers. So choose a Pokemon that can handle many different situations. Choose the top option to confirm your choices. Choose the top option to the next three choices to save your game. You will then be taken to your first opponent.

Fossils +++++++ Fuen Town --------- This Side Quest can be done after you get the 4th Badge and the Gogo Goggles. You will get either a Ririira or a Anopusu from this Side Quest. Go to Fuen Town. Exit right onto Route 112 and continue going until you reach Route 111.

Route 111 --------- Go up until you reach the desert. Enter the desert and head for the top right corner. You will see two fossils laying on the floor. The Fossil on the left is the Root Fossil and will eventually turn into Ririira. The Fossil on the right is the Claw Fossil and will eventually turn into Anopusu. After you choose one, the other disappears. Now go to Kanazumi City.

Kanazumi City ------------- Enter the large building in the top left corner of town. Go right and up the stairs to the second floor. Talk to the scientist in the lower right corner. Choose the top option to his question. Go downstairs. You need to have an open spot in your team to receive the Pokemon. So go back to the Pokemon Centre if you have to. Then go back upstairs and talk to the scientist again to get your new Fossil Pokemon.

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