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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Medal Of Honour Rising Sun"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Medal Of Honour Rising Sun (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: $L!CE
Welcome to slices Medal of Honor: Rising Sun" Walkthrough and Strategy Guide for the Xbox, PS2 and Gamecube. The games are identical, so don't worry about being an owner of either consoleThe below walkthrough will take you through all of game's single player mission objectives and bonus objectives. It will also tell you where the Film Canisters are located. There are two Film Canisters for every level (excluding Pearl Harbor where there are none).

The first Film Canister you locate in each level will unlock a WWII movie for you. The second will unlock a Storyboard for you. Completing the bonus objectives for every level is necessary for you to earn medals. It is also necessary to have a high accuracy rating (generally above 75%)and a low number of hits taken (generally below 100). Once you earn a medal for a level, you'll also earn a Skeleton Key. Skeleton Keys are used to unlock those little red oriental looking boxes you'll see in every level (check the barber shop in the "Day of Infamy" if you don't know what I'm talking about). Inside the red boxes are Skins for the Multiplayer level. I do not detail in the walkthrough where the boxes are nor what they unlock. The reason being that I did not care to take the time to get Gold Medals on every level as "MOH" always annoys me in that it tracks my accuracy, but I can shoot a guy in the face seven times and he doesn't even react. That's a problem.
as it is soo big you will find it in a couple of installments.

Day of Infamy

Get TopsideThe game begins with the attack on Pearl Harbor. Your goal is top get topside and help defend your ship. Before you do, look around. Are the controls how you want them? I always need an inverted Y-axis when necessary, so, if you want that, too, or if you just want to look at your controls, hit your Start Button to go into your Menu. Scroll over to "Preferences". Here are your controls. Scroll down to "Controller Options" and invert your Y-Axis (again, only if you want to do so). OK, exit out and start playing. Move forward through the bunks and turn right down the hall. Go left through the door before the electric wiring, then right through the next door and right again. You're on the other side of the wiring. Go left down the hall and up the stairs. Atop the stairs, run forward and jump over the "shocking pipe" and crawl under the fallen pipe (again, go into "Preferences" in your Start Menu to see what your controls are). At the end of this hall you'll see a guy trying to shut a hatch. Approach him and use your "Action" button to help with the job. This will give you the Bonus Objective "Assist Engineer". Once you do this, pass through the door to your left and move up the stairs. Go through the door and run left down the hall. A fire will break out. Pick up the fire extinguisher and use it on the flames. Shoot it like you would a gun and spray each and every flame in front of you until they are out. Be sure to spray through the first door to your left. Extinguishing this fire and the fire inside will complete the Bonus Objective, "Save Crewman". To the right of the saved crewman you will find Film Cannister 1. Pick it up then exit out and put out the flames covering the next open door to your left. Pass through and the chef will ask for you Fire Extinguisher. Get close to him and he will take it from you. The chef will continue to put out the flames and complete your Extinguish Fire Objective. When the flames in front of you are out, move forward and head right into the next room. Straight in front of you is a phone emitting blue lights. This is a Save Point. Use it to save your game, then exit through the door to your right. Head left down the hall and up the two sets of stairs to "Topside". Here you will get a new objective, "Defend USS California". Extinguish FireThis objective is explained in the "Get Topside" objective. Defend USS CaliforniaUpon reaching topside you'll get this objective. Run right and over to the open rail gun. Hit your "Action" button to use mount the railgun, then shoot the incoming planes. After taking enough out, the mission will be complete. Take out ten and you will have **Assist EngineerHelp Engineer close hatch door. Mentioned in "Get Topside" Objective". **Save CrewmanExtinguish the fire to save the crewman. Mentioned in "Get Topside" Objective". Film Canister Locations:1) To the right of the burning crewman you save.2) When you acquire the Machete in the Pistol Pete level, come back and use it on the mesh in the Post Office. Behind it you will find the 2nd Canister.

Pearl Harbor

Defend Battleship RowThis objective is very straight forward. Simply shoot any planes around. Shoot 20 Planes Down for an added Bonus Objective. Once the USS Arizona goes down, you will get a new objective of "Escort the USS Nevada". Just keep doing what you're doing. Escort the USS NevadaYou'll have a lot more planes to shoot down, but just keep doing what you're doing. **Shoot 20 Planes DownDo exactly as the objective says. Remember, you have to actually blow them up to take them "down". **Shoot 75 Planes DownHonestly, I did not accomplish this objective. I got to a consistent 70 - 71 and opted to blame my failure on the game.

Fall of the Philippines
Find BrotherFrom the get go, move left (North) along the bridge. At the end you will find your brother. He will give you two new objectives. Repair TankCrouch down with your brother and pull out your M1 Garand. This is the best gun for accuracy right now. Use it to take out the bad guys in front of you. When the shooting has cooled down, work your way forward. Watch the balcony up to your left, as a few guys will pop out there. There are a couple Health Packs and some Ammo in this immediate area, so look around for them. Once you have what you need, check out the area to your right. If you weren't attacked by the men in this area earlier, you will be now, so be prepared. Pass through the archway just right of the stairs. A guy will pop out. Kill him and work your way around the crates. Here you will find the TANK COGWHEEL. Hit "Action" to pick it up. Exit out and approach the tank. Hit "Action" to repair it. Locate Lost Explosives TruckWith the tank at your side, work your way through the town, killing anyone who gets in your way. Check out the first destroyed building to your left. Work your way up the rubble and make it to the second level. Break open the crate for some Health, then collect the FILM CANISTER behind the crate. There's also Ammo here if you want it. Exit out and continue moving along with the tank, killing as you go. Keep your eyes out for Health and Ammo hidden in alleys, and be sure to clear out all open buildings of enemies. Eventually the tank will stop. Speak to the man in the tank and he will give you a new objective: "Disable Radio Command Post". Once you have disabled the Radio Command Post (below), smash open the small crate in the same press box. Inside you will find COMMANDER SHIMA'S PHOTOGRAPH, which completes Bonus Objective 1. head to the next press box in the stadium to man the gun. This will trigger many enemies to emerge. Clear them out. Shoot the many barrels to take out several, and be sure to look in the dugouts from where many will be shooting at you. Once you've cleared out a good number, exit out and head to the NW corner (take a right when you come down the stadium stairs). Behind this large crate should be a number of bad guys (if you didn't get them earlier). Toss a grenade back there and take out any remaining men and move behind the crate. Here you will notice an open grate. Go through and make your way underground until you see a sewer pipe on your right. Take it and you will emerge in a ruined building. Watch for anyone shooting at you and make your way straight forward to the hole in the bottom of the wall. Before you crawl through, however, smash open the crate to the right of the hole, and keep smashing the crates until you get the GOLDEN BUDDHA. This is Bonus Objective 2. Collect it and crawl out through the hole. From the hole, move right and shoot the guard here (also collect the Ammo and Health), then move to the main road (South), then hang a right (West) to the cream building with the archway. Pass through the archway. The gates in front of you are closed, but there's a door to your left. Pass through it and move up the stairs. Kill the bad guy, then locate the open door and move up the next set of stairs. Man the mounted gun. You are told to protect your men. Just shoot the men running around and shoot the tank that comes into the area. Once this is done, make your way back down to the archway that had the locked gates. The gates are now open. Pass through and enter the square you just fired upon. Make your way to the NW area of the square and you will find one of your men AND the explosives truck, completing this objective. Disable Radio Command PostNow you must backtrack a bit. New enemies have emerged, so be sure to remain aware. From the tank, head left (the archways will be on your left), then right down the next street. There will be a brown building at the far end of the street to your left. A tank will be just beyond it. Go through the newly blasted doors. Behind the stairs is a Save Phone. Save, then move up the stairs and forward through the hole. Go right and look through the opening to your left. Below you you should see an enemy behind a mounted gun. Take him out. Go back into the building and go through the door to your right. Go to the window and shoot any bad guys you see on the rooftop across the street, and on the ground. Move back down the stairs and go through the door to your right. Head right down the street. Most enemies should be cleared out here. Move along the streets until you come to a dead end. From here, notice there are some large double doors that are locked on the right side of the road. Along both sides leading to the door are some ditches. Jump into one, crouch, and make your way into the sewers. There's a fork at the sewers. You can't pass through the left side, but you can shoot a guard from behind. Do so and move right. You will emerge in the stadium. In the stadium, us the many crates and boxes for coverage as there are some bad guys here. Also, be aware of the two men in the two press boxes in the stands who are shooting you. Once you've cleared the area, go to the press box in the SE section of the stadium. Here you will find the Radio Command Post. Kill the man guarding it and you will have completed this objective. Signal Demolition SoldiersAfter locating the lost explosives truck you are given this objective. To complete the lost explosives truck objective you had to speak to the man who was standing in front of the church entrance. Enter the church and you'll find some stairs immediately to your left. Climb them and make your way to the top. At the top, walk around the platform to the last rope and use your "Action" button to ring the church bells, signaling your Demolition Soldiers. Deliver Explosives TruckAfter signaling the demolition team go back down the stairs. Before heading out of the church, move into the sanctuary. At the alter is a Save Phone. Use it, then exit out of the church and get to your truck to the right of the church. Before climbing in the back, notice the opening in the gate behind the truck. Pass through it and kill any bad guys who remain. Here you will find more Health and Ammo, and FILM CANISTER #2. Once you have the last of the film, return to the back of the truck and hit "Action" to climb in. Here, I stayed with my M1 Garand and shot any enemies along the way. Watch for men on mounted guns behind sand bags along the way, and keep an eye on balconies. I was never able to blow up the tank that followed, but I think blowing up surrounding gas tanks distracted it enough so it didn't shoot me too badly. Just keep shooting any enemy who pops out behind you, and eventually you'll come to the end of the level. Nice work. **Found Commander Shima's PhotographThis is located in a small crate in the stadium press box when you disable the radio command post. **Found Golden BuddhaThis is located in a ruined building that you come to after passing through the stadium sewers. Details found in "Locate Lost Explosives Truck" Objective. Film Canister Locations:1) On the second level of the first ruined building to your left when you're marching with the tank.2) Behind the gates surrounding the Explosives Truck. Next to the tree.

Midnight Raid on Guadalcanal
Reach Landing AreaYou start off in a boat. Keep your eyes peeled for any movement along the river banks and use your Springfield '03 to take out anyone who appears. Once you've been attacked from the right and the left watch the top of your screen. As soon as you are told to hit your "Action" button to get to shore, do so and you will be out of the boat. Take the path in front of you. It will be fairly nasty as taking this route is purely to collect Intelligence Documents for a Bonus Objective (if you don't want to get the Bonus Objective, simply stay in the boat and when you come to the bend in the river, toss a grenade at the bunker so the man at the gun can't hurt you). Simply work your way forward, killing as you go. You'll get to some stacked wood. This is a good place to toss a grenade as many men are behind the stacks. Once you've killed them, clear the area and go into the bunker where you will find Health, Ammo and INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT #1 (you will also get a new Bonus Objective, "Intelligence Documents Collected". Your men are on shore waiting for you in the boat. Hit "Action" to reboard. Continue riding along, scanning the banks for enemies. Eventually one of your guys will be shot and end up in the water. Too bad, he was a good soldier. A few seconds after this you'll come to your landing area. Once you do, get out of your boat by hitting "Action". Reach OutpostOn land, follow your men to an area where you will be attacked. There's a large stack of wood in the center of the area. Stand behind it for protection from the mounted gun in the bunker ahead. Facing the stack, check left first and take out any men trying to sneak up on your guys. Once you've taken them out (there should be three), pop out of the left side from behind the stack of wood and run toward the bunker. The mounted gun should be shooting at someone else. From the left side of the bunker, kill the man behind the gun. This should take care of most of the chaos. Now simply kill any remaining enemies in the area. Once you've cleared out the enemies, face the front of the bunker, then run right. Behind the stack of wood here is a path that takes you behind the bunker. Take it. Kill any enemies and enter the bunker. Inside you will find Health, Ammo and INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT #2. Exit the bunker and move into the tunnel system across the way. Immediately upon entering you can move right or left. Go left and you'll find a Save Phone. Save then exit out and take the right path. Once you reach the outside again, you'll have another two paths to choose from. Take either as they both lead to the same place. Watch out for both enemies popping out of the ground and some shooting from the trees. Most of these attackers will leave Medical Canteens behind, which is nice, so keep that in mind. Eventually you'll make it to a parked truck. Kill any soldier who pops out then sneak up along the sides of the truck to off the soldier in the back. This will trigger a few men who attack you from behind. Kill them and continue forward, killing as you go. At a point, your path will bend right. When it does, look left and you'll see a small cave. Enter it to discover a Save Phone. Save, exit out and continue forward. Here you will have reached the Outpost. Destroy Ammo DepotIn the outpost area, kill the many enemies around, focusing first on the two men atop the watch towers. Upon entering the Outpost area, you can take the small path to your right which takes you up a hill. On top of the hill is Ammo and Springfield Ammo, plus it makes for a good area to sneakily shoot your enemies. Once they're gone, come down from this hill. From the Outpost, move east and into the area with the crane. Climb to the top of the crane (you can jump up on the side opposite the door), and you will discover a FILM CANISTER. The, kill the enemies and make your way over to the larger house. Inside you will find an enemy and INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENT #3. This is all we came into this area for, so head back to the two watchtowers and take the southwest path (between the large rock and the hill we climbed earlier). Move down the path until you see some crates and barrels in front of you. Here you will also see some enemies. Shoot the barrels to take out a few at a time, then kill whomever else remains. Run up and into the structure, then up the ramp to collect Ammo and health. Also, up here, you will find a FILM CANISTER hidden behind the yellow and white containers. Grab it, then exit out and continue moving along the path, now behind the structure. You may notice near the path that continues there's a tunnel beneath the building that you can't get to now. Don't worry about it until you replay the game and get your Entrenching Tool. So, ignore it and move on along the path. Make your way to the next tunnel, killing as you go. Pass through the tunnel and kill the guards. Continue and you'll emerge at another hut. Kill those protecting it, then enter it to collect the Ammo and Health inside. When you exit some new enemies will have emerged. Kill them and continue on your path to the east. You'll eventually make it to a heavily covered truck. Kill those covering it and move forward. When you come to the fork, if you take the path to the left (west) you'll find yourself back in the Outpost area. So, take the path to the right (NE) and follow it around. The path will bend. Just beyond the bend check the wall to the left as there's another Save Phone. Once you Save, continue forward. Watch the ground for enemies and stay left. Whenever there's a directional choice to make, go left. You'll soon make it to an open area. Run along the left side (watch the ground for enemies) until you're out of the reach of the mounted gun in the bunker. As you did earlier, toast the people in the bunker who are manning the mounted gun. Once you've cleared them out, take out the men in the field. There's a path to the SW that you now need to take. There's a lantern sitting atop yellow and white containers at its entrance. Take the path. Along the path notice the tunnel entrance in the ground to your right. Take it and kill the many guards in the tunnel. When you emerge take out the guards in front of you and run forward until you come to the cave to your left with a Save Phone. This was the entire purpose behind taking this path. So, backtrack all of the way through the area and back through the tunnel, then move right. You will soon come to the bunker from which you were earlier being shot at. Go inside and collect the goods, along with INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENTS #4. Behind the bunker is another underground tunnel. Take it. When you pop up out of the ground there will be a garage in front of you. Enter it and you'll find two enemies. Shoot them and wait for more to attack. When they do, kill them, then move along the path from which they attacked you. Watch out for the guard at the watchtower. There's a building across from the truck with a large generator in it. Kill the men guarding the generator, then shoot the generator until it blows. This completes the Bonus Objective, "Generator Destroyed". Take the path south of the Generator building (opposite from where you entered the area), and you'll come to another well guarded large hut. Enter it and clear out the first floor. There's Health and Ammo here. Make your way up the stairs. There's a guard at the top of the stairs. Kill him, then head left to kill another guard and get some Ammo. Move into the large room and across to the NE door. Behind this door are a couple of guards and INTELLIGENCE DOCUMENTS #5. Exit out into the main room and go through the door to the SE. There are stairs to your right and Ammo in this room. Collect the Ammo then toss a grenade down the stairs to kill the men at the bottom. Move down the stairs and out the door. The path you need to take is in front of you. Behind you are some crates with Ammo in them, if you need it. Collect the Ammo then take the path forward. This is the Army Depot. Clear out all of the men in the Army Depot, and check all of the "garages" for health and ammo. When you've done this head to the east end of the compound and you will come to a huge rail gun of sorts. Since this game isn't too impressive in the graphics category, you may (depending on which version of the game you're playing) even be able to run through the steel sides of this weapon. Stand behind it and use your "Action" button. Turn the gun to the right and blow up the garage here. This will destroy the Army Depot. Secure DepotYou're still strapped to the gun. Many men are going to run out now. Toast them all, using the barrels to take out many at a time. Once you've cleared them all out you will have Secured the Depot. A tank will still come after you. Go ahead and toast it with your big gun, too. From the gun, head through the open gate to your left. Kill anyone in your way and look out for the small cave along the right wall. Inside is a Save Phone. Save, then continue down the path to the mounted gun. Once you mount the gun, many enemies will come at you. It's important that you kill the close ones first, as they'll stab you when they get the chance, and stabbing is much more lethal than bullet wounds in this game. Once you've cleared them all out, the level will be complete. **Intelligence Documents Collected1) Inside the first bunker you encounter, reached by getting out of your boat along your journey to the Landing Area.2) Inside the second bunker, just past the Landing Area.3) Inside the larger house in the Outpost.4) Inside the third bunker on your way to the Army Depot.5) On the second floor of the large hut on your way to the Army Depot. For more detail, check the above walkthrough. **Generator DestroyedSimply shoot the generator you encounter along your path to the Army Depot. Film Canister Locations:1) At the top of the crane in the Outpost. 2) On the second floor of the large hut without sides.

Pistol Pete Showdown
Locate Lost Allied PatrolSimply move forward along the brown path in the forest, killing as you go. You will find Ammo and Health off the path, but to keep progressing, move along the same brown path. At a certain point you'll come to a couple of enemies on a sort of platform. Kill them. From here, the path goes right. Be careful as when you move right, you'll be attacked from the right side by a man on a mounted gun. Just a warning. It's easier to be prepared and shoot him before he shoots you. There's a Health Pack behind the tree behind the gun. It's in this area with the mounted gun that you'll run into some natives and a Mr. Martin Clemens. They are on your side. Follow Mr. Clemens (if you miss him, just continue moving along the dirt path), and he'll cut some shrubbery so you can enter the caves. Enter and note the native to your right. Ignore him and move straight forward to the Save Phone. Save, then return to the native and take the path he is guarding. At the top of the path you will have found the Lost Allied Patrol. Rescue Lost Allied PatrolYour ally will hand you some binoculars. Use them to check the situation below. It's not pretty. Three men are tied up. You are told to wait until everyone is in position. I found it doesn't matter as the men were never killed once shooting started. So, go ahead and start taking out the enemies below. Once you've cleared the area of them all the Allied Patrol will be rescued. Stand behind each one to unbind their hands. The one in the middle is Harrison, and he will give you a new objective. Escort Harrison to Pistol PeteCheck out all of the huts in the area for Health and Ammo. Here is where you'll also find the MACHETE. Go to the far end of the large hut, then locate the shallow ditch. Walk into it and under the hut to discover the MACHETE. Once you've done this, join up with Harrison who has taken the path behind the gate to the south of the village. Work your way up the hill and over to the right, looking out for enemies as you go. At the top of the hill you'll find another dirt path. Take it, then work your way up to the top of the next hill by sticking to the left barrier. At the top, many men are waiting behind some rocks. Toss a grenade their way then clear the rest out. This should complete Bonus Objective 1, "Storm Pack Howitzer Emplacement". Man the Pack Howitzer. This will bring many enemies out, which is quite fun and the Pack Howitzer tosses some pretty powerful ammunitions out its spout. Kill the men, then toast the tank that comes your way. Once everything has calmed down, blow up the large rock to your right and a FILM CANISTER will show up to your right. Unman and collect it and the surrounding goods. Then, make your way down the hill and catch the dirt path below. Take it west. Be careful as you pass the rocks as there will be a mounted gun to your right. Toast the man behind the mounted gun and those across the river, then cross the bridge. Mount the gun on the opposite side and kill all those who attack from the right, then follow the path to the right. Kill as you move along and work your way up the hill. Be aware of enemies popping up from the ground. At the top, catch the dirt path again and work your way around to the banks of the river. Kill those on the opposite side and you'll eventually catch up with Martin Clemens again. This completes the Rendezvous with Martin Clemens Objective. He'll hand you a Thompson and tell you to continue up the hill. Grab the Health to the right of your friend first, then make your way up the hill and over the tree trunk bridge. Collect the goods at the opposite side, then help your friends below. Toast those popping out of the ground, then work your way up the hill killing the many attackers as you go. At the top will be a fork. You're told to follow Martin left. Go right first to collect Health and Ammo, then follow your friend to the cave entrance. Move forward through the crates. You'll eventually come to a couple of enemies. Kill them. Smash open crates for Ammo and Health, then work your way up the path. At the top will be a room with many guards. I simply tossed two grenades in and cleared it out. At this point Harrison will attach some explosives to the artillery. He puts the detonator on the crates behind it. You must stand behind the crates and hit "Action" to blow up the bad piece of machinery. When you do, then door to the left will pop open and a few guards will spill out. Kill them. Before going through that door, go through the other door, behind the gun, and you'll find a Save Phone. Save, then pass through the door to the left. Ahead of you will be a bridge. Below the bridge will be men shooting at you. It's easiest to pick them off from the cave before even stepping on the bridge. Toss a grenade if you want to, again I just picked off the men below and across the way with your M1 Garand. Once they're toast, move across the bridge and down the ramp into the area you just cleared out. Check the crates for Ammo and Health and slowly ease your way out the door. Notice the men up on the stairs across the way. Kill them then make your way over to the stairs and climb to the top. At the top of the stairs, move right, but go slow. Across all of the crates is a little bunker area with a mounted gun. Try to pop the men behind it before they see you. If you're too late, tossing a grenade should do the job for you. Enter the bunker from the right side and toss a grenade into the back room to clear it out. Harrison will plant an explosive on the gun. Get out of the way and wait for the door behind the gun to open up. Enemies will pop out. Toast them and continue forward down the hall, killing and popping open crates as you go. In the next room, look out for the men on the ramp shooting at you. Once you've killed them, run straight ahead to the lamp below the ramp. Next to it you will find a FILM CANISTER. From here, run up the ramp to the top. Across the bridge is the final gun. There are also many men. Pop as many as you can from this side of the bridge, then make your way across and clear the rest out. Harrison will destroy the third and final gun completing this objective and the "Find and Destroy Pistol Pete Artillery" Objective below. Find and Destroy Pistol Pete ArtilleryDetailed above in the "Escort Harrison to Pistol Pete" Objective. Rendezvous with Martin ClemensOccurs in the "Escort Harrison to Pistol Pete" Objective above. Escape Across Final BridgeOnce you've taken out all of the Pistol Pete Artillery, kill the bad guys that come out the door and pass through. Harrison will will get himself stuck on the bridge while planting the bomb. Despite his protests, hit "Action" and save Harrison. This is the second Bonus Objective. **Storm Pack Howitzer EmplacementAfter rescuing the lost Allied Patrol, these men are at the top of the next hill. Sneak up on the left side of them then take them out with a grenade, then shoot any remaining enemies. **Save HarrisonHarrison will will get himself stuck on the final bridge while planting the bomb. Despite his protests, hit "Action" and save him. Film Canister Locations:1) When you are using the Pack Howitzer, bomb darker rock in front of you. A Film Canister will appear in its place. 2) On the path between the 2nd and 3rd Pistol Pete guns. At the base of the ramp by the lantern.

Singapore Sling
Rendezvous with TanakaYou have a new gun in your possession: The Welrod. It's a slow loader, but she is quite lethal. Your immediate goal is to make it through the docks, offing enemies, without them calling in help. So, shoot the guy in front of you, and the guy making rounds just right of him. Walk up to the dock where the first guy was, and start popping guys across the way. Try to do it when the backs of others are turned and they can't see their own men drop. If one sees you or if you miss one, run after him and try to kill him before he reaches the gong alert. Once you have cleared them out, move across then over to the area with the trucks and cranes. In this area, try to stay behind the truck on the left side, as there are some enemies directly on the opposite side. Use the truck for protection in order to kill the men. Once you have done this, check the area for health and go through the opening in the back. Here you will see a Rickshaw pull up with a man in it. This is Tanaka. Hit "Action" to get aboard the Rickshaw. Reach the HotelYou'll ride with Tanaka for a bit, then you will be thrown off the Rickshaw. Tanaka will tell you to keep your cool. Simply stand where you are and don't draw a weapon. Tanaka will talk to the enemies telling them you are a German dignitary. When the enemies walk away, approach Tanaka and continue straight forward (north). Your weapon will automatically be pulled out. Switch over to your Welrod and use it against the men guarding the gates. The hotel gates are blocked, so enter the little cafe to your left. A man will pop out of the back door. Off him then Tanaka will tell you to meet him at the hotel. Easy enough. Pass through the newly opened door in the cafe and you'll find a Save Phone. Save, then slowly exit right. Look left and there should be a number of men on the streets. Pop them by shooting, then hopping back in the save room to reload. Once they're done, exit out and head forward (west) down the street. Check the alleys and sewers for health and ammo. Also, keep and eye o
Submitted By: gamingmad
Level : Day Of Infamy
At the first fire on your way, there is a fire extinguisher on the left hand side.Press R1 to use it and aim towards the fire to put it out.Now move down the corridor putting out the fires as you go.When you meet the cook in the kitchen he will grab your fire extinguisher and put out the fire.Now go into the eating area and go through the door on the right,then turn left and go up the stairs which takes you up on deck.Dont use the BAR you are given, run up the stairs near your left and use the turret machine gun to shoot down as many planes as possible.Once that part is over with then you must escort the USS nevada.This part is pretty much the same as what you last did.Just keep shooting down the enemy planes, but do not let too many planes get past you otherwise the ship will sink the mission will be failed.An easier way to take down these planes are to shoot them whilst they are still in formation and before they dive.

Level : Fall of the philippnes
After the tank stops at the pile of rubble go back and shoot the soldiers who come out of the buildings.Then go to the school house and kill the japanese on the vernanda.A plane then comes down and blows up the locked door. Then a tank attacks so be prepared to run through the doorway.Pick up the field surgeon pack and go to the stairs and save the game.Next go up the stairs and cross the wooden beam near you.Go left and shoot the sniper on the other rooftop.Walk up the wooden plank which goes downwards, go to the machine gun and shoot all japanese enemy.When you have done that go down the road and kill the enemy who come from behind the shutters.Turn left at next corner and get all pick ups.Take another left at the crates and go down the sewer entrance, keep walking until you get to the baseball field.Beware,there are a few enemies here so be careful.When the enemies are killed turn to the right and go up the top of the stand and into the gantry.Shoot the radio operator and the mission is completed.

Level : Midnight raid on guadalcanal
Use the AA gun to kill all the japanese who attack.Use the AA gun again to stop the tank.Even though it is not listed in the objectives you must still secure the airfield, dismount from the AA gun and go through the gate on your left.Turn right to get to the save point, then get into the near-by trench and man the machine gun.Kill all the enemies to finish the level,but there is an awful lot to kill so dont think its all too easy.

Level : Pistol Pete
At the start go into the clearing in front of you and eliminate all enemies on the left side.Pick up all the medicinal canteens that you need and follow the path to the right,killing enemies as you go.Theres a medical kit behind a rock,grab it if in need of health.Keep following the path again until u get to the overhanging log, beware there is a sharp turn in the path and beyond is a machine gun in use by the enemy, use a grenade to neautralise it.Man the machine gun and help out your allies who are being attacked by the japanese and when its clear walk up to rendezvous with Clemens.After youve finished talking go through the entrance he opens and go to the save point.Follow the guide to a position overlooking the camp where the allies are being held captive.Take out as many guards as possible using the rifle at long range, then charge in using a pistol to kill the ones you didnt get.To free the prisoners walk up to them and press X.

Level : Singapore sling
After the "boring bit" and when you get the sten gun, kill everyone in the room and walk up to the projector to get the slide reel.Go throught the door and terminate the japanese soldiers, then turn left and grab the pick ups and continue on the way.Head down the stairs into the lobby and get rid of the enemy the only way possible.....put some metal in their behinds.....that should teach them a lesson hehehe.....anyway, back to the walkthrough.Go into the back of the hotel complex , turn into the first door on the right and through the next door to get into the kitchen.Shoot the chef and the soldiers,then head into the room on the right for the save point. Back into the kitchen and through the door,up the stairs and help bromley kill the soldiers in the corridor.Go up the corridor and kill the enemy in first door into the left, do the same for the door on the right, but this time go through the room and onto the balcony.Yet another cut scene....

Level : In search of yamashita's gold
After youve rescued the pilot and saved your game, exit the detention area.Go to the right of the stairs and go through the open doorway.Kill the enemies in the corridor.In the next room an explosion causes a giant statue to fall.Move to the left of the statue and kill the enemies, as usual.After the enemies are wasted, go through the archway, killing the one and lonely soldier as you go.Use your grenades to get rid of the enemies at the end of the corridor, then go round the corner.Shoot the soldiers in front of you and use a bazooka to kill the ones in the distance.Go through the next archway and destroy the few japanese soldiers guarding the machine guns.Man one of the guns and kill everyone.When the truck to the left tried to get away,gun it down and your met with another cut scene.

Level : A bridge on the river kwai
When the cut scene has finished head back down to the railway.The carriage door sopen and your met with a load of japanese soldiers rushing out at you, eliminate them with the shotgun and when the areas clear go to just where they came from.Turn right and shoot more enemies.Move down the right hand side of the carriage and watch out for the soldier high up to the left.Head up to the black tanker and press X, theres also a medical kit on the left, if needed.Then get the pick ups in the next carriage, this time go around to the left of the carriage and you will be met with two japanese men charging at you.Turn right and squeeze in between the carriages.Open the next fuel tank (press X) before going up the metal girder and gunning down the enemy to the right.Theres another fuel take not too far away, open it (press X).An officer dressed in white charges at you from the next carriage.Shoot him before he can get you,then go into the carriage where you meet Bromley.

Level : Supercarrier sabotage
When tanaka frees you,get the LMG and shoot the machine gunners who come into the room,then follow Bromley and get to the save point.Go back the way you came and grab the sten gun on the table.Up the stairs and kill everyone in your way.But if you need health go back to where the last save point was and pick up the medical pack.Head through the small door in the far left corner.Then turn left and get rid of the sailor at the bottom of the stairs,then head up the stairs and kill the sailor there.Press Square to crouch and creep forwards to the stairs going down.Kill the soldier at the bottom of the stairs and move on.Kill the enemy soldiers below you, and watch out there are many of them so be prepared to take cover behind things like crates.After the area is cleared go down the stairs and go past the first door on the left,and head into the next room.Kill everyone in the hangar that you meet,including planes and sailors.Then go through the door on the right and go up the stairs.Kill the officers in the control room and pull the red lever to open hangar doors, and go back to the hangar.Brake open the crates if in need of health.Now go to the open doors and watch out for a batch of sailors and planes.You will now see Yamashita escaping, with your brother held captive.Take out the soldiers and destroy the planes,then take the stairs in the opposite corner.Go through the doorway and and watch out for one or two soldiers,then take the stairs and look left and kill soldier.Shoot the soldier by the gun emplacement, now machine gun the two sailors below.Move up the next set of stairs,kill the enemies and use melee attacks to smash crates for health.Go through the doorway and up yet more stairs.Kill the sailor in front of you and edge around the corner to the right and shoot the sailor waiting for you,then move into the next section of the corridor.Turn into the room on the right,deal out sum bullets and grab their supplies.Go through the door at the end of the corridor and up the stairs.The passageson the right contains two machine gunners,then move slowly until you can just get a shot on the nearest one,then bring down the second one.Through the door on the left there is a save point.Take the left fork in the passageway and carry on around the corner to the right and shoot the two sailors in the back.Go up the stairs and shoot the soldier,then shoot the other soldier that comes into view.Now comes the big gun battle that you knew was coming....Head straight agead and take out everyone on the lower bridge.Take the doorway and head to the right.Enter the upper deck and kill the officers.Then go through the other door and head to the rear of the deck.Eliminate the two sailors and smash open the crates for field surgeon packs.Go down the sets of stairs and turn round to meet Bromley.Walk up to the plane and press X to take control of the machine gun.Gun down as many planes as possible.before the charge explodes and sinks the carrier. When its done,the cut scenes start and youve done it.....Game Completed.

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