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Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 2)

Submitted By: O.o°•Jmaul•°o.O
This walkthrough goes through the first 5 levels of the game.

US Embassy

Note: This walkthrough starts from the point after the second LOAD screen.

- Infiltrate the US Embassy
- Contact Ingrid Karlsthon
- Shut off the spot lights in the village to allow extraction

1. Climb the scaffold in front of you and begin to hug the wall directly ahead of you. Pass under the window that the terrorist is looking out of and stop at the open doorway. Wait for Sadono to kill the hostage and leave the room, or you'll be spotted and it's mission over. SWAT-turn past the door and continue to the end of the balcony.

2. Climb the drainpipe and hang from the ledge. Move round as far as you can, then drop down and use the next drainpipe to climb onto the second balcony. Sneak into the room through the open French window and knock out the terrorist. Hide his body and have a chat with Doug, the hostage.

3. Once he's finished talking, move over to the door on your right and optical-cable it. Open the door, sneak up behind the guard on the balcony and remove him from the equation. Don't forget to hide the body. Once this is done, proceed down the corridor to the stairs and move down them slowly.

4. At the base of the stairs, quickly move into the shadow cast by the pillar on the right. You can either take out the light to your right and attract the attention of the guard, or you can wait for him to turn his back before moving. We recommend removing the guard, so you can then take the room at your own pace.

5. While crouched, move to the first box in front of the fire, then SWAT-turn until you are behind the flaming sofa. Then simply keep moving behind the screen until you are in the shadowed cloisters at the far end of the room. Silently move round into the main corridor and approach the double doors.

6. Move through these doors and walk straight ahead into the courtyard. Lambert will tell you to freeze, as there is a sniper in the area wearing night-vision goggles. You'll need to keep in the light for the next bit, so wait for the spotlight to come near you and step out into it. Stay in the light until you are under Karlsthon's window, then climb up the drainpipe and move onto her balcony.

7. Chat to Karlsthon and, if you want, take out the sniper in the next room. From the Karlsson room, climb out of the window and onto the roof. Move to your left and rappel down to ground level. Quickly shift yourself over to the shadow of the fence on the left. Lethal attacks are now permitted, so feel free to shoot the terrorist who's patrolling.

8. Approach the first tower, climb the ladder and switch the spotlight off. Move back down to ground level and you'll see a hut to your left. Shoot out the two lights on its porch. The terrorist patrolling on the far side of the hut may spot you - if so, simply wait in the dark and knock him out or shoot him. Repeat the process with the second tower, located next to the hut.

9. Head towards the pier, along the gangway and drop into the boat at the end to finish the level. Congratulations, you've completed your first assignment.

Weapons Research Lab - Part A

- Access Saulnier's Client Database
- Disarm bomb in boiler room

1. Climb down the ladder directly in front of you and drop down into the passage. Hug the wall on the left and look out at the end. You'll see a guard patrolling in front of a disused train. Wait for him to pass you and knock him out - no need to waste bullets this early on in the level.

2. Run and jump onto the ladder attached to the train and move along the length of it until you can drop down inside. While crouching, quickly run to the end of the train and hug the wall between the last doorway and the open end of the train. Two terrorists will stop and chat, then one will start to patrol down the side of the train, while the other spends his time checking his forward and rear positions.

3. Wait for the first guard to wander off and the second to turn his back on you at the same time, then quickly move into the shadow beyond the stationary guard. Be patient: if you try to take out the stationary guard now, his mate will spot you on his return route. Wait until the moving guard has come back and set off again before dragging his friend into the shadows to knock out. When this is done, run round the corner into the corridor with the flaming barrels.

4. When you come to the end of this corridor the passage will be blocked with fire, which you can douse by shooting at an overhead valve. The fire will disperse and you can continue into the next room. Move up to the door and use your optical cable. When the terrorist behind the door turns his back, open the door, sneak into the shadows on your right and wait for him to return. When he comes back and peers into the darkness, shoot him in the face and hide the body.

5. Don't move! There's a camera on the other side of the room. Either shoot it, shoot out the lights or use the jammer to get past, then access the CPU by the door. Optical the door and walk through. This room is simple to beat and can be negotiated by finding the light switch by the door, turning it off and moving to the door at the far side of the room while the two grunts fumble around trying to find the light switch.

6. When through the door, quickly turn to your left and pick the lock on the door to the next area. Open it and run in. This room contains health and a save point, so use as required. When you're ready to go on, optical-cable and open the next door.

7. You'll find yourself in a medical lecture theatre. Crouch right next to the wall in the shadows to the left of the door and wait for the terrorists to leave two men behind as guards for the area. Quickly sneak up behind the nearest guard, grab him and move him into the shadows to be knocked out. Take out your rifle and zoom in on the other terrorist, then kill him and hide his body.

8. Timing is now of the essence, so remember that its okay to kill. The terrorists announce that they are going to destroy all the computers, so quickly pass through the mortuary and into the corridor with the broken windows. Sneak round to the doorway, pull out your rifle and mow down the two terrorists.

9. You'll now be thinking you should access the computer database. Instead, take time to move round the corridor to the right and shoot out both the overhead lights - and, if necessary, the two terrorists in that area. Now return to the computer room.

10. Access the computer on the far left at the back of the room and you'll be told the terrorists have planted a bomb, which you have 1:30 min to diffuse. Run back into the corridor and into the second door on the left and pick the lock. Enter the room, shoot the terrorist (if he's still there) and approach the centre of the boiler to deactivate the bomb. Once this is done, go back out into the corridor and either stock up on health (marked on the map) or continue round to the stairs. Part A finished.

Weapons Research Lab - Part B

- Access the cryogenic storage lab
- Locate the security guard to identify Mortified Penguin

1. At the top of these stairs there's a camera and a wall mine. Shoot the camera with your rifle and either sneak past the wall mine or try to disable it. Be warned: attempts to deactivate wall mines can end in disaster, so if you have low health it's probably best to try and sneak past without setting it off. Open the door at the top and hug the wall on the left. Slowly move to the end and watch the terrorists shoot out the windows.

2. When two terrorists leave, the last one will patrol up and down the corridor. Wait until his back is turned and shoot out the first light. He'll investigate, whereupon you should knock him out and hide his body - always mindful of the motion detector on the left-hand wall. Turn back to the double doors with the corpse propped up against them and pick the lock.

3. When you've moved through these doors, the lab you need to investigate is on your left. This room is full of cameras and there's one guard patrolling it, so the best tactic is to shoot out the three overhead lights by the door, wait for the guard, knock him out, then access the computer to your right. This gives you the key code for the door back out in the corridor. Use it to unlock the door and pass through.

4. In this room there's plenty of ammo lying on the table by the spotlight, so take as much as you can carry then turn off the light. Move away from it and wait for the guard to come in and turn it back on, then knock him out and turn the light off a second time. There's health in this room, so heal as required then move through the door and optical-cable the one opposite. Once the terrorists have run upstairs, move through the door. Once again there's a camera and wall mine, so repeat the previous process.

5. This area is quite tricky and it's a while since you've saved, so be careful. Open the door and duck into the shadows on the left side of the room. One guard will wander off down a corridor, while the other accesses a CPU in the centre of the room. Quickly grab him and move him into the shadows to be knocked out. Access the computer in the centre of the room and wait in the shadows on the right this time. The other guard will come back and investigate the area where you entered the room, so wait till his back is turned and dash down the corridor that he's just vacated. On the right there's a door that you should enter to Save.

6. This is the brain room. Ignore the brains, but take health if you need it. Pass through the opening at the end and stick to the left of the room. Under the plastic curtain is a turret control, so deactivate it. From here there's a guard in front of you with his back turned, so knock him out and stash his body. When you leave this next room you'll step onto a metal gangway. Drop down to the left and hang on.

7. Move yourself round the gangway, avoiding the jets of steam which will appear on both sides of the walkway. Use your thermal vision to get a better idea of when they activate and dissipate. Once at the other side, wait for the guards to clear off and quickly climb up and enter the next area.

8. There's health at the end of this area, but also a wall mine on the right, so if you want the health you'll have to deal with that first. Once this is done, go through the door and approach the unit below the air vent on the right-hand side of the room. Jump on the unit and into the vent. When in, walk slowly, as there are terrorists beneath you, and drop down to the left. You'll now be able to talk to the terrified security guard hunted by the terrorists.

9. There's ammo on the box beneath the air vent, so take as needed. Once you've talked to the security guard, you'll have a limited amount of time, so climb back into the vent and take a look at the terrorists outside the vault. Shoot or drop a frag grenade down and the barrels will blow up, killing the terrorists and, more importantly, venting the steam that has been flowing down the other part of the air vent.

10. Move along the vent where the steam was coming from and drop down at the end. Then continue down the corridor and into the waiting van outside to finish the mission.

Hesperia Train

- Contact Norman Soth
- Laser-mic his conversation
- Escape

1. Move along the top of the train (don't stand up at any point!) and drop in through the first hatch. Head to the end of the carriage, shooting the dog if you wish.

2. In the next carriage, shoot out a light to your left. The guard should come to investigate. If he doesn't, whistle and he'll soon be over. Grab and interrogate him and he'll tell you where to find your man. Then knock him out and hide the body. Move to the right of the carriage to spot a trap door on the floor, just in front of the mesh grill window. Drop into it.

3. Crawl along under the train and Save. When you reach the trap door above you, optical-cable it first as there's often a terrorist in the toilet. Wait till he leaves, then climb up and turn off the side-door lock in front of you.

4. There are two ways to complete the next section. You can either move out of the toilet and climb along the side of the train, or turn out the lights and move through the carriage itself. For both routes, start by turning off the lights using the switch opposite the door you just came out of. If you want to use the outside of the train (if not, read point 5B), head left, walk through the door and climb out of the side-door on the left. Shimmy along to the third window.

5A. A woman is staring out of the first window, but she looks away for a short period of time. An added difficulty here are the oncoming trains that will stop you from moving, so make your move just after one of these has passed. Once past the second woman, there's a man looking out of the next window, but he'll look away to scratch his head. If you've been extremely quiet up until this point he may be asleep. In the next window a terrorist is checking around, so wait until he looks away to make your move. Once past these obstacles, move along to the side-door at the other end of the carriage and climb in.

5B. Alternatively, after turning off the lights in the carriage, shoot out the light in the luggage area behind you. A terrorist will come to turn the light back on, so you'll need to knock him out. After this, you'll be able to stick to the shadows and sneak through the passenger seats unnoticed until you reach the doorway for the next carriage.

6. Walk through to the next carriage, Save and wait in the door area. You'll hear the conductor chatting with a passenger. When the conversation ends, the conductor will walk to the next carriage, clearing the area for you to move into.

7. SWAT-turn past the first doorway and move along to the third one. Sneak in and talk to Norman Soth. When he leaves the cabin, quickly access his laptop.

8. After this, time is of the essence, so follow Soth into the far carriage and duck into the restaurant area to the right. Take out your laser mic, crouch and move forward until you pick up a constant signal. Listen to the conversation, then wait for Soth to walk back to his cabin. Avoid being seen.

9. Move into the corridor to the left of the buffet car and shoot out the first light. If the conductor doesn't come to investigate, whistle for him and knock him out, then hide his body in the restaurant area. Quickly move right down, past the phone Soth was using, and into the final carriage of the train.

10. To the left is some machinery, behind which is a ladder. Ignore the health, run onto the ladder and open the hatch at the top. Move quickly towards your extraction aircraft (you'll see it blow the enemy chopper up). Jump onto the rope to end the level.

Jerusalem Market - Part A

- Contact Saul and retrieve your SC-20K
- Test your weapon
- Rendezvous with Dhalia

1. Talk to your contact, then head up the stairs. Before you go round the corner, wait until the policeman has turned his back on you. Follow him to the gate, drag him into the darkness and knock him out.

2. Head back to the main street and SWAT-turn past the open doorway on the left, to avoid being spotted by the civilian inside. There's another policeman patrolling the street, so either wait for him and knock him out in a dark area (recommended), or run past when his back is turned.

3. Stay in the shadows and go round the well at the bottom of the street. Depending on how long the last section took you, there may be a policeman in the archway to your left, under a swinging light. If there is, wait for him to move away, then follow him under the arch. When you can see the courtyard in the next area, wait for the Jewish chaps to finish their conversation and sit down.

4. Edge out behind them and move around the courtyard, always sticking to the shadows under the left wall. Make a dash into the next street when the policeman isn't looking. In this street you'll notice a drainpipe at the end (marked on the map), which you should climb.

5. Zip-line down the power cable and drop onto the awning at the other end of the street. The woman looking out of the window above won't cause an alarm. Drop off the awning into a shadowed area and head towards the nearest side-alley, which leads into a well-lit courtyard.

6. The courtyard area contains a café, with a policeman telling a civilian to go home because of the curfew. Stay hidden as the civilian walks past you and stands between the boxes on the other side of the street. The policeman will then start to patrol; duck behind the first pile of crates when his back is turned. SWAT-turn along the crates, always keeping an eye on where the policeman is. Then run into the inside area on your right. Save.

7. Walk down the stairs on your right, but be silent, as there are terrorists at the bottom. Grab the nearest one and take out your pistol. The other terrorist will grab Saul, so select your laser sight and shoot him in the head. Knock out your hostage and speak to Saul. Retrieve your SC-20K and grab the secondary ammo.

8. Follow Saul and he'll take you to a place where you can try out your rifle. Move back into the courtyard with the café and avoid the policeman in the same way as before. Once in the alley, follow Saul into a side street on your right, and into an area that overlooks the entire city. Climb up onto the wall with him and follow his instructions for testing your rifle. Once you've finished, move back to the main street, where the barbed-wire barrier will now have opened.

9. Head through the barrier and turn left where there is a series of stairs. Shoot out some lights for extra cover, and watch out for the civilian woman who'll walk up the stairs when you're about halfway down. There may also be a civilian at the end of the stairs, looking over the railings. Sneak past him into the shadows on the right, where you'll come across a drainpipe. Save.

10. Climb up the pipe and run along the roof as far as you can. Drop down and hang on, then drop again so that you're hanging from a windowsill. Climb through the window and quickly sneak to cover on your right, as the man on the bed will wake up and look around. Knock him out, but be mindful of another man looking through the window from a balcony opposite.

11. Drop out of the window when the man opposite walks off, and wait for the two policemen to walk away. Drop into the shadow and continue down the street until you reach a church. Wait for the policeman to walk down the stairs, then hop onto the ledge with the stained-glass windows.

12. Travel anticlockwise around the church until you're above the very narrow alley with the policeman patrolling below. Wait for him to move away, then drop down and head left under the archway. When all the policemen's backs are turned, shoot out the light above the stall to your right. Wait for the police to come and check it out, then move under the arches and down the street they had been guarding.

13. Don't stop or look behind you. Get to the end of the street and duck into the alleyway on your left. Creep down here and climb the drainpipe at the end. Do this quickly or the police will start to patrol at the end of the street and may spot you.

14. At the top, run along the balcony until you find a zip-line overlooking a large courtyard area. Climb onto the wall and zip-line over to the scaffold on the other side. Rappel down the scaffold and section B will load.

Jerusalem Market - Part B

- Follow Dhalia
- Access the underground lab

1. Start by talking to Dhalia through the fence. She'll unlock the gate for you and will lead you to the underground lab. This section revolves around you following her, but don't worry about taking your time, as she'll wait for you at certain points throughout the level.

2. Open the gate and head right. Wait for the patrolling policeman to walk a good distance past you then take out the light above the two civilians. Quickly move up, then shoot the light above the archway, leaving a shadowed route for you to pass through. Dhalia will be waiting for you in the next section and will talk to the policeman there.

3. Either sneak past, or knock out this cop, then head down the passage to your right. Be mindful of your light-meter as either the policeman behind you, or in the courtyard ahead of you, may be able to spot your movement when passing the well-lit windows.

4. The policeman at the end of the alley is easy to avoid, so wait for him to turn away, then move into the shadow to the left of the alley. You'll see a number of market stalls, and Dhalia will walk through the well-lit area between two of them. Don't worry - there's an easier way. To the left is an arch-shaped church entrance behind one of the stalls. A policeman is patrolling a narrow passageway between the church and the back of the market stall, which is where you should be heading. Get as close as possible to the stall, remaining hidden, and use your whistle to attract the policeman. Knock him out and hide is body as far from his patrol route as possible.

5. Move through, behind the stall until you come across stairs on your left. At the bottom of these stairs is a bombed-out place of prayer, conveniently hidden behind several blocks of stone. Move to the first block, then SWAT-turn until you reach the safety of the street to the right of the stairs.

6. Follow Dhalia down the street and Save. When you reach the end of this street you'll see a well-lit stairway, which leads down to another well lit stairway with a policeman patrolling in between. Drop down, sticking to the left wall where all the shadow is. Wait for the policeman to move out of sight, then shoot the light above the archway. He'll come back to investigate and you can dispose of him.

7. This next roofed alley is fairly similar to all the others, in that there's one policeman walking up and down in a patrol pattern. Either shoot a light, wait in the dark and whistle, or simply grab him when he walks away from you - either way you need to take him out. Hide his body and continue to the end of the covered alley, then look to your right.

8. Dhalia is caught by a policeman, but she knocks him out. Hide his body and follow her to the end of the alley where she'll tell you to split up. You'll suggest a route around the roof and she'll wander off into the middle of an enormous, well-lit, courtyard area. You'll see some stairs ahead of you, with a couple of pillars sticking up from them. Hide behind one of the pillars, then make a break for the passageway directly in front of you.

9. This covered area is covered in boxes and it overlooks the main area, where you'll see a number of policemen wandering around. To attempt a dash in Dhalia's direction would be suicide, so head along the covered area until you see a side street heading off to the left. There's one policeman patrolling this street, so wait as close as you can to it (in the shadow of course) back against the wall, until he passes. Make a dash for the street and quickly move to the drainpipe at the end.

10. Climb up the pipe and drop into the window above, which will leave you in someone's bedroom. Through the doorway opposite there are two civilians watching TV, so sneak past them and out of the open window beyond. Once out on the balcony, head towards the far end of the building, where you'll come across a rappel point.

11. Dhalia will speak to the policeman on the right, so you should rappel down while she is distracting him. When at ground level, quickly move into the shadows and wait for Dhalia to walk past you and chat to the other policeman. Walk up behind him and knock him out. Hide the body and then climb over the fence he was guarding.

12. In this area you'll see scaffold and a couple of doorways to your right. There is nothing behind the first one, so head to the second, which leads into a room with a few tables and some cabinets. Dhalia will be waiting for you, so speak to her and get into the lift. She won't follow you, so speak again and quickly draw your rifle. Lambert will tell you to shoot her, so do as he says. The lift will move and you're onto Part C.

Jerusalem Market - Part C

- Retrieve a sample of the ND133K virus
- Eliminate Dhalia
- Escape for extraction

1. The gloves can come off now, so you can kill as many terrorists as you like. When the lift stops, immediately grab the guard in front of you, drag him into the lift and knock him out. Then move onto the raised gangway and take the other terrorist out before he moves back onto his patrol.

2. Move along the raised gangway until you reach the stairs. Wait until the terrorist below you is facing the other way, then move down - otherwise he'll spot you through the slats in the stairs. Quickly drop off the left of the metal walkway and crouch. Be very careful to stay in the dark as you walk underneath the walkway and the two chatting terrorists. Once you've gone as far as you can under this walkway, climb up on the right-hand side to remain hidden.

3. In front of you, you'll see a figure-of-eight walkway, with a terrorist patrolling in a figure-of-eight pattern. If you need ammo, there's an archway to your left which you should travel down first. Once at the end of the archway, you'll see a cage with two terrorists in it, and a third patrolling to your right. You'll need to shoot the two in the cage to access it, so try to do this while the third has moved away.

4. Grab all the ammo you can carry and then head back out to the figure-of-eight walkway by the same route you came in. Move round to the second archway on your left and you'll see another cage in front of you. This is the bio-lab and there's only one guard on patrol so, once again, wait for him to move away. Once you are in the cage, you won't be seen, so head straight for the bio-sample.

5. Retrieve the sample and head back out the way you came, into the archway by the figure of eight, but keep looking in the direction of the bio-lab. You'll see another exit from the lab room on your left but, you guessed it, there's a patrolling guard by it. Wait for him to move, then quickly duck into that exit.

6. Once there, hang a right and you'll see a terrorist stood under a light at the end of the corridor. Being mindful of the patrolling guard, grab the terrorist, drag him into the shadow and knock him out. Shoot out the light that was above his head. Ahead of you now, you'll see a long corridor with three terrorists on it. The first one on the left is guarding the lift you need to access to escape.

7. Shoot the light at the far end of the corridor and all the terrorists should flock to it, leaving the lift unguarded. Make a dash for it, press the button and you'll be transported back to street level.

8. Be careful here, as there are snipers on the roof. Approach the barrels directly ahead of you and use your rifle's zoom to find Dhalia (if you didn't shoot her before) and other snipers on the balcony. Take them down and then shoot the light hanging above the stairs to your left.

9. Quickly move onto these stairs and look round the corner, staying in the darkness. There's one last sniper up on the scaffold, so shoot him before moving on.

10. Move over to the narrow alley with the wooden fence at the end directly opposite you and you'll be extracted, ending the level.
Submitted By: O.o°•Jmaul•°o.O
This walkthrough goes through the last 4 levels of the game.

Heroin Village - Part A

Note: This level allows lethal attacks throughout, and so it's the easier option to just remove any opposition you come across. This will prevent you from being spotted at a later date. Just remember to hide the bodies.

- Plant a bomb on Sadono's plane
- Infiltrate the village

1. Once you've contacted Doug, jump up and zip down the line. You'll land in an area of tall grass. Quickly move into the shadow of the tent in front of you, making sure that your entire body is hidden.

2. A terrorist will walk out of the tent to your right and sit down on a bench directly ahead of you. Move round in the shadow and knock him out. Hide his body, then manoeuvre yourself to the edge of the tent you've been hiding next to. There are a couple of bottles there. Pick one up and throw it towards the bench on which the terrorist was sat.

3. The other terrorist patrolling the area will hear the sound and investigate it. Take him out in the same way. Once you've hidden his body, move along until you reach a pile of boxes and discarded oil drums. Two terrorists are emerging from the jungle, and one will kill himself by setting off a landmine. Shoot the other in head with your rifle.

4. This tall grass area is full of trip-wire-activated mines, so be extra careful. You can deactivate a trip wire by approaching it and pressing A. Once you've gone through about five or six wires, you'll see another terrorist on patrol, so shoot him in the head as well. Move through the remainder of the long grass until you reach an abandoned truck.

5. In front of you is a hangar. If you push up against the wall by the entrance, you'll hear the guards chat and then move off to patrol. When this happens, creep in and head directly left. There's a ladder in front of you, so climb it and move to the end of the raised platform, where you'll find the power switch. Turn off the lights...

6. Move to the other end of the platform and you'll see a beam above your head. Jump onto it and hand-over-hand to the other side of the hangar. Climb down the drainpipe there and move to the front part of the plane to plant your explosives. Once this is done, exit via the back door as seen on the map.

7. Quickly move through the gap in the fence and find darkness by the boxes on the right. Make sure you tuck right in, as a guard will patrol incredibly close to you. Knock him out when he stops moving and hide his body in between the crates. Move up to the roadblock booth and wait until the guard turns his back. Knock him out and then turn off the light. Operate the switch to open the gate.

8. Move through the open gate and Save. Quickly run behind the pallet on your left, as a terrorist and dog will soon be moving down the main road. Wait for them to pass, then make a dash for the first tent in front of you. You'll hear two terrorists chatting outside the tent. Move back out the way you came and look up to the top of the tower. Shoot the guard on top and wait in the shadows until the two terrorists that were chatting calm down.

9. Grab a bottle from inside the tent and throw it away from the tower to distract the terrorists. When they move, make a dash for the tower's ladder. Climb to the top and zip-line down into the central part of the village.

Heroin Village - Part B

Note: This level allows lethal attacks throughout, and so it's the easier option to just remove any opposition you come across. This will prevent you from being spotted at a later date. Just remember to hide the bodies.

- Trail Sadono
- Obtain the pass-code for his private hut

1. This section requires plenty of restraint, so try to avoid rushing into new areas, as you won't fail the mission by losing sight of Sadono. At the start, wait for him to talk and leave before moving anywhere. Two terrorists will be left behind to guard the area, the nearest of which can be removed by whistling to lure him into the shadows and knocking him out.

2. Wait for the second terrorist to disappear from view, then shoot the light on the balcony he's patrolling. This will give you cover of darkness to wait for him in. When he returns, sneak up behind him, take him out and remove the body. Move down the narrow wooden walkway until you come across the next open area, where you'll see a terrorist walking through a doorway. Follow him through the door.

3. At the other side of this room is an open doorway. Stay out of sight and fire a sticky camera into the vicinity of Sadono and his Lieutenant (directly ahead of you). Your camera will record the conversation and relay the day's pass-code to you. Once again, you'll have to wait for Sadono to leave before taking action.

4. When he does move on, shoot the remaining guard in the head with your rifle, then quickly dispose of his body. There's a fence to the right of the door Sadono used - walk behind it carefully. You'll be obscured by smoke, but could still be heard by the terrorists on the other side. When you get to the end, wait for the terrorists to move through the next door.

5. If you need health, then double back along the other side of the fence and into the hut at the end. There's a terrorist in the next room, so be sure to shoot him before walking through the blanket hanging from the ceiling. Walk up the stairs and there is health in the room to your left.

6. Once back out of that hut, move up to the doorway you saw Sadono use. Enter the room and Save. Then come back out and creep down the right-hand side of the hut. This takes you out into a darkened corner, allowing you to take stock of the next area with greater comfort. You'll see two terrorists patrolling: one nearby and the other standing directly opposite.

7. You can entice the first terrorist by whistling him over, but the second won't budge. Aim slightly above his head and your sticky shocker will be able to reach him. Quickly stash his body behind the nearby crates and zoom in on the area at the far end of the clearing. Switch on thermal vision and you'll see a dog. Approach it carefully and when it moves to charge you, shoot it in the head.

8. Move to the sheltered area the dog was housed in and take the door to your left. Sadono is in the next area again so, for the last time, wait for him to clear off. Shoot the TV on the other side of the room and wait in the darkness until the nearby terrorist walks past the door. Whistle and when he enters the now pitch-black room, take him out of the equation.

9. The guard beyond the fire is more of a challenge. He'll spot you if you walk out of the door, so unless you are on alarm stage 2, it's best to just shoot him in the head and hide the corpse. However, if he's wearing a helmet (which is possible, as this level isn't easy), use a distraction camera to force him away from the entrance he's guarding.

10. Once he moves away, make a dash for the open entrance and head to the far right. You'll see a ladder leading underground, so jump down it and get ready for the final section of the level.

Heroin Village - Part C

Note: This level allows lethal attacks throughout, and so it's the easier option to just remove any opposition you come across. This will prevent you from being spotted at a later date. Just remember to hide the bodies.

- Locate the aeroplane pilot
- Access Sadono's hut
- Bug his computer
- Escape

1. You start this level in the underground heroin refining lab, and there's a terrorist directly in front of you. Grab him and knock him out. Hide the body in the narrow alcove in which you started the level in case the guard below comes up the stairs.

2. Jump onto the banister above the guard below and, providing he doesn't move away, drop down onto his head or behind him. Knock him out and hide the body before moving on to the doorway to the far left of the room.

3. Climb up the stairs and locate the lights on the right-hand side of the room. Flick the switch and head to the area between the two heroin-refining tables. If necessary, knock out the scientist to prevent him giving away your position, and head for the door on the far right. You'll now find yourself in the boiler room, with two doors leading to the area where the pilot is being guarded.

4. The best tactic for this section is to try and silently take out one guard at a time. The one to the left can be taken unawares while he's in the shadow cast by the bookcase. Once he's down, feel free to shoot the other in the head and hide his body at your leisure. Talk to the pilot.

5. He'll open the coded door at the end of the room, allowing you to climb back up to ground level. Save. You'll see a terrorist leave the room you climb into and up the hill. You will start to hear gunfire, but don't worry as it's coming from a nearby firing range. Head up the hill after the terrorist, but don't bother trying to take him out.

6. Instead, look for the scaffold marked on the map, and climb up onto the rooftops. Move behind the hanging washing and above the area where the terrorist and a gun turret is now positioned. Climb through the hatch at the end and you'll find yourself hanging from a beam above the firing range. Bring your legs up and start to move along the beam.

7. Draw your weapon and hang from your legs in order to take out the terrorist using the range. Take out the light next to him to hide the body, then drop down silently into the darkness. The terrorist stood at the end of the beam can be dispatched with a rifle shot, but remember to hide his body. Avoid walking past the doorway leading to the boxing terrorist or he'll spot you.

8. Once you've taken out some of the lights around this man he'll be an easy target, so start shooting. For added irony, why not try to sneak up behind him and knock him unconscious with a punch of your own? Once this is done, head through the corridor to your right and out into the next room. Save.

9. Through the next door is a courtyard with two trees in it and a mounted gun turret. There is one terrorist patrolling between the trees and another leaning against the wall near you. When the patrolling one is at the far end of the courtyard whistle and the one leaning against the wall will walk in to be knocked out and hidden as far from the entrance as possible. Next, either repeat with the patrolling guard or lean round the corner and shoot him in the head with your pistol.

10. Once you leave the safety of your room, keep to the shadows on the left or the gun turret will spot and kill you. Once at a safe angle away from the turret, make a break for the door on the far left. There's health in here, so take as required.

11. You're now close to Sadono's hut, so don't lose your nerve. There are two guards patrolling the next area and a searchlight moving between two sets of crates. You can get rid of the first guard by whistling and hiding in the building. After this, hide yourself behind the crates to the left so that the searchlight beam doesn't catch you. Then fire a diversion camera behind the other crates and make a break for the door when the terrorist investigates the noise.

12. Key in the code and quickly move in. Save. Sadono is in the room to your right; as you approach he'll start talking on the phone and will gradually move down the room. As he does, take out the light above your head and move into the darkness. When he finishes chatting and turns his back to access his CPU, shoot out the next light in the corridor and wait under it.

13. You'll be facing the far right of the room and should notice a camera in front of you and one above the door to the left. When Sadono leaves, shoot out the light on the right of the room and wait. Sadono will return, shrug and leave again. Once he's done this, shoot out the other two lights. Creep in and wait near the desk containing his computer.

14. Shoot out the camera above the door and access the CPU. If you don't take out the camera it will spot you when the computer screen lights up as you hack it. Leave the room through the way you came in and continue around the corridor. Eventually you'll be able to leave the hut via the back entrance. Walk down the stairs and open the gate in front of you. Freeze.

15. You'll be bathed in torchlight by the men sent to extract you; but something is wrong. Once you hear gunfire get back behind the fence and draw your rifle, as the terrorists have spotted the special forces troops and have gunned them down. You're on your own and need to kill three terrorists! Approach the doorway and back up the hut stairs. If anyone moves into the doorway, shoot them. Cautiously move through the door in the fence and use your thermal vision to see where the terrorists are. Once you've found and killed them the mission is over.

Submarine Pen - Part A

Note: This level allows lethal attacks throughout, and so it's the easier option to just remove any opposition you come across. This will prevent you from being spotted at a later date. Just remember to hide the bodies.

- Access the caves
- Raise the sub

1. You'll start the level in the tall grass outside of the village where the submarine pen is located. If you start to move forward, a flock of birds will be disturbed and the nearest terrorist will arrive. It's best to knock him out, but don't bother hiding the body, as no-one will come looking.

2. Head towards the hut on your left and be careful to avoid the sniper's laser sight. Once you're in the hut, move round until you are in the doorway that leads into the next sniper-guarded area. Shoot out the light on the left, then wait for the terrorists to walk away and make your way into the hut opposite. Carry on through here and out, where you'll find yourself by a fence.

3. Press up against the fence and move to the end. Lean round and you'll see two guards playing poker. Move out into the shadows on the other side of the fence and they'll get up. One will walk over to the fence, while the other wanders off on patrol. Take out the one by the fence, but make sure you are quiet.

4. You'll see a hut to your right; climb up the wooden stairs and walk quietly through, being mindful of the fact that the second guard may spot you if he's returned from his patrol. Once you come to the second area of the hut, you'll see a terrorist asleep on a bed. Walk up and shoot him in the head to avoid having to move too cautiously in the next section.

5. Look out of the doorway opposite. This is the other extreme of the terrorist's patrol route, and opposite the doorway you're now in is a narrow gap, just wide enough for you to perform a half-split jump in. Wait until the patrolling terrorist is at a safe distance, then make a dash for the gap. Half-split-jump and climb up to the right.

6. You'll find yourself above a room containing a guard watching TV. Drop down onto the boxes behind him and, provided you don't make a noise, he won't move. Head underneath the platform you were perched on to find a small opening you'll be able to move out of.

7. Once out of the hut you'll find yourself behind a couple of crates, with cans and bottles lying on top of them. The terrorist in the courtyard is practising his shooting at these objects, so move to the edge of the second crate and SWAT-turn into the sheltered area on your left. Once in here, sneak behind the generator and turn it off.

8. The terrorist will come looking for you, so make your way to the left side of the room and take him out. Hide the body in the shadows. Head out of the left side of the room and turn left. You'll see a telegraph pole in front of you. Climb it and hand-over-hand down onto the rooftops.

9. Climb down through the trap door and freeze. Turn on your thermal vision and you'll see moving laser trip wires. Move through them and avoid setting any off, or it's game over. Once through these you'll see a hole in the ground with a ladder. Climb down and you'll see an elevator in front of you. Head into it and push the button to travel down. Save.

10. Once at the bottom of the lift you'll come out into a corridor. Stick to the shadows and move up to the first turn on your right. A guard will summon the other over to look at something in front of you. When he walks past, move silently down the right-hand corridor and through the double doors at the end.

11. This is the sub control room, so move round to the front and you'll notice a civilian sat on a chair at the controls. Grab him and persuade him to raise the sub and give a reason why. Once this is done, knock him out and hide the unconscious body.

12. The next part is tricky, as the guard will have returned to his desk. Look through the window in the door and wait until the patrolling guard is round the corner, then switch off the light next to you and wait.

13. The terrorist at the desk will come into the room to turn on the light, so when he does, grab him and knock him out. Hide the body well away from the switch and repeat the process when the patrolling guard comes back into the corridor.

14. Once this is done, head out and into the next right-hand corridor and through the door at the end. Save.
Submarine Dock - Part B

- Infiltrate the Sub
- Access the encryption computer
- Escape for extraction

1. Walk up the stairs and turn off the light in the room you enter. The guard should notice this and come in to investigate. This is your chance to knock him out and hide the body. Walk through the door and you'll find yourself in the sub dock.

2. Run along the walkway to the right, as far as you can and you'll come to a cable-car device. Take out your rifle and pick off the two nearest terrorists, then shoot out the light in the cable car. Flick the switch and climb in.

3. You'll be shot at, but the terrorists shouldn't hit you if you've shot the light. There's a terrorist on the walkway your car is heading towards, so it's best to take him out before you reach his firing range. Once the car stops, get out and head right.

4. Take the left fork and walk down the staircase so that you're now on submarine level. There's a terrorist patrolling, so take him out with your rifle and hide the body. Walk up to the sub and climb down the ladder. Walk forward and Save.

5. Head down the next ladder, then walk along the corridor until you come across some pipes on your right. Hide behind them and wait for the terrorist to walk past. Once he's gone, move down the corridor and into the sleeping quarters. Walk very carefully past the sleeping terrorist and climb down the ladder beyond.

6. The terrorist at the bottom of the ladder will walk into the café area and sit down. SWAT-turn past the doorway and turn off the light. The terrorist will come to investigate, whereupon you should sneak into the café and behind the bar on the right-hand side. Carry on through to the other side of the area.

7. In the next area is a Colonel who you need to capture in order to use the retinal scanners to access the next room. Wait till he opens the door in front of you, then sneak behind him and grab him. March him to the scanner and force him to use it.

8. Quickly walk into the next room (so don't let go of the Colonel). Head towards the corner shadows on your right and, when the first grunt has walked past, knock out the Colonel. Walk to the alcove directly in front of you and access the CPU.

9. Return to the main area and take out the guy looking out of the periscope. Hide his body. Open the door you came in through and make sure the first terrorist isn't coming back down the corridor. Make a break to your right and climb up the ladder. At the top you'll find another ladder which will take you out of the sub. Save.

10. Head towards the stairs at the end of the walkway and draw your rifle. A terrorist will come running up, so just shoot him and carry on down the stairs. At the bottom, hug the wall by the doorway. People are shooting at you.

11. Lean round the corner and shoot one of the barrels to take care of the first couple of terrorists. Use your thermal vision and you'll see another two terrorists beyond the fire, shooting at you. Take out the barrels next to them and the gunfire should stop.

12. Run towards the terrorists you just blew up and wait for the fire to die down. Carry on past the second bunch of terrorists and look right. You'll see a ladder. Climb down and finish the level.

TV Station - Part A

- Infiltrate the TV Station

1. Start by talking to your contact on the roof, then climb down the ladder next to you. Move across this roof, rappel down then finally drop to ground level.

2. You'll see two civilians talking under a streetlight, so wait until they wander off before moving under the light. There's a drainpipe on the wall to the right, so climb it and start to move along the roof. About halfway along you'll come across another drainpipe. Climb it and hand-over-hand to the other side of the street.

3. Move along to the end of the street and you'll come across another drainpipe which will allow you to get back to ground level. Ensure the terrorist is not watching, hide in the plants and shoot out the swinging light. It's probably best to take care of him when he investigates the light.

4. Once you've hidden his body in the plants, move into the alleyway and look out into the courtyard area. There are several patrolling terrorists, and some scaffold to your left. Shoot out the light (directly to your right) illuminating the scaffold then make a dash for the scaffold's ladder.

5. Climb the first ladder, then the second, and you'll find yourself on the roof again. Zip-line to the other side of the street and drop into the building to your left. Save. Move over to the open doorway and look out. Be careful in this area - if you're wearing night-vision you'll be blinded by the lightning.

6. Move out behind the dustbins and shoot out the light above the doorway. One of the terrorists should come to investigate (if not, whistle for him). Move back into the building, wait till he turns his back and grab him. Knock him out and move back into the street. You'll now be able to pick off the other terrorist with a long shot from your rifle.

7. Hide his body and continue to the end of the street. You'll notice that the fence right at the end doesn't have spikes on it, so this is where you should climb over. Duck behind the mini-hedge and make your way over to the right, past the Greenhouses, to the guard who'll have his back to you. Grab him and knock him out, then hide the body before the guard at the far end of the garden area spots you.

8. Once you've done this, shoot the guard at the far end with your rifle and hide his body. He was guarding the entrance to the sewers, which will take you past the fence to the TV station. Climb down the ladder and drop down.

9. Immediately head through the doorway on your right and hide in the adjacent sewer tunnel. There's a terrorist patrolling this tunnel, so wait for him to turn his back to you and move up to the first doorway on the left. If you look in, you'll notice a camera above the doorway opposite, so use your Camera Jammer to cross the room.

10. Once under the camera, stop and look around the corner to your right, as there's a terrorist in this area too. Either wait for him to turn his back and shoot, or simply stick to the shadows until you're opposite the ladder. Once you decide to make a dash for the ladder, you should be aware that you'll need to run and jump to access it, which means splashing noises, so make sure the terrorist is out of earshot before attempting this (if you chose not to kill him).

11. Climb up the ladder and Save. This next section looks much trickier than it actually is; so don't panic. Once you've climbed up, freeze! You're behind a satellite dish which will hide you from the searchlight moving around the area. Now turn on your thermal vision and you'll see the mines. The trick here is to make dashes for the next piece of cover while the spotlight is elsewhere.

12. The first piece of cover is a box to your right. Wait for the spotlight to move right, switch to thermal and run behind the box. Wait again for the light to sweep left, then right, and make a dash for the next dish.

13. Once behind this dish, it's best to wait for the light to sweep to your left before making a dash for the next box, then left again from box to dish. From this third dish you'll see a generator with a mesh fence round it. This time you'll have to wait until the second searchlight moves from looking directly at the generator before running to the far side of the fence and climbing over.

14. Press up against the first generator and SWAT-turn until you reach the door at the end. Make a run for it and pick the lock quickly. Don't run in! There's a terrorist with his back to you. Sneak in and take him out from behind. Recover health if needed.

15. This next section is very tricky, as the terrorists have short patrol routes. Accounting for the lightning, move into the doorway and shoot out the two lights hanging from the wall on your left.

16. Next, grab a bottle from inside the building you are in. When the terrorists are both facing away, run behind the parked taxi on the left and throw the bottle towards the doorway you just came from. When they move to investigate it, dash towards the wall ahead of you and climb onto it. At the end is a small gap which you'll be able to half-split-jump in. Climb up onto the TV station roof.

17. Move up to the glass skylight and shoot out the cracked pane. You'll then be able to rappel down the side of a pillar. Don't worry about the terrorist behind the desk; he won't see you.

18. Move round to the left of the pillar and knock out the terrorist behind the desk. Hide his body and keep going towards the lifts. Call the first lift on the right, get in and push the button to go up. End of section and Save.

TV Station - Part B

- Contact Ingrid Karlsthon
- Capture Sadono alive
- Interrogate him and bring him to the roof

1. Once out of the lift, head left. You'll see a doorway down the corridor with a terrorist behind it. Watch him walk away from the door then run and roll up to it. Open it and follow the terrorist down the corridor until you reach a door on the left. Shoot out a light or two to make the place dark.

2. This next section is tough, as there are many terrorists in a confined area. The best tactic is to remove them one by one. Wait until no-one is walking past the door, then walk through it and quickly pick off the light to your left. When someone comes to investigate, knock him out.

3. Hide his body under the light, then shoot out the other light behind the audience seating. When the next terrorist investigates, remove him in the same way and hide his body in the same place. Repeat until you've taken out four of the five terrorists.

4. The last one won't leave his guard position until you move out, so fire a diversion camera into the far right of the room and whistle a distraction. When he goes for the camera, you'll be able to sneak behind him and take him out. Once his body is hidden, move through the stage area and out of the door behind it. There's a good reason why you should clear this area of terrorists, which will be revealed later on.

5. Once you are out of this door you should immediately create some cover for yourself, so shoot out a light. When the terrorist comes out of a room to the right, grab him and hide his body behind the stage in the room you just left. Walk through the door he emerged from, but don't come out of the shadows.

6. Instead, turn off the light, as there's a terrorist watching Ingrid in the room next door and he'll see you. If he comes to investigate, he should be easy to take out when he goes to turn on the light. Chat to Ingrid and Save.

7. Ingrid wants you to follow her through a terrorist checkpoint, but you don't have to go through that. Simply go back the way you came, all the way to the lift (this is why you took out all the terrorists in the TV studio area). Wait for Ingrid, who will show up and use the retinal scanner to open the large glass doors.

8. Save here and talk to Ingrid. She tells you to use the left-hand tunnel, which is darker, but don't listen to her. Watch her walk down the right-hand tunnel and Lambert will tell you Ingrid's cover has been blown. Quickly shoot the terrorist at the far end of the corridor then stay zoomed in, as the near terrorist will take Ingrid hostage. Kill him too.

9. There are five terrorists in total, so make sure you've killed them all before proceeding. A number may run down the left corridor to take you by surprise, so be ready for them. Make sure you hide all the bodies in the left corridor, then go back to speak with Ingrid, who'll let you through the far door.

10. You're on your own now, but are so close to Sadono. Move to the corridor on the left side of the doors. Shoot out the lights down it, as there's a camera at the end. Take out your Jammer and use it to get under the camera. Once you are under the camera, look round the corner. There's one terrorist patrolling and another looking out over the balcony.

11. Wait until the patrolling terrorist moves away and nip into the bar area to your right. Then wait until he passes by the other way before moving out and into the waiting area beyond.

12. Jump up and cling onto the wall, and move round so you're behind the large TV in the corner of the room. Then climb into the ventilation shaft and walk through. Save.

13. This leads into the TV studio from which Sadono is broadcasting to the world. Drop down from the rigging and turn left, moving behind the stage until you can see Sadono and his guards speaking. Fire a diversion camera to the other side of the area behind the stage and activate it.

14. Wait until the terrorist is behind the curtain and drop him with two aero-foil rounds. A terrorist will then investigate your side of the stage. Wait for him to move into the darkness fully and drop him with another two aero-foil rounds.

15. Don't hang around! Move behind the screen Sadono is in front of, then grab him from the left side and quickly drag him into the darkness. Interrogate him and, when he's finished talking, drag him back to the side of the stage you were originally on.

16. A further terrorist may appear in this area - if he does, shoot him in the head with your pistol and its laser sight. Force Sadono to open the door via the retinal scanner.

17. Walk up the ramp and through the door onto the roof, where Ingrid is waiting by the chopper. Knock out Sadono so that he falls at her feet. Mission over.

L.A.X. - Part A

Note: This mission is all about stopping Soth and his men unleashing the ND133K on LAX Airport, meaning they should all be killed. However, civilians should be left unharmed.

- Kill all terrorists

1. At the start, climb over the fence and keep to the shadow until you reach the end of the wall. Wait for the truck to enter the car park and stop. Climb into the back of it and wait for it to set off and stop again.

2. The way to tell the terrorists from the civilians is to use your thermal vision. The terrorists will appear red, as their body temperature is higher because they've taken the ND133K antidote. From the back of the lorry you'll be able to make out that there is one terrorist in this area. Drop out of the truck and head left.

3. Once you've reached the end of the parking bay wait until the truck driver has chatted with the terrorist and returned to his lorry. When the security guard and dog have reached a safe distance up the car park, move over to the terrorist's hut. Move round to the side of it and push up against the wall, otherwise you'll be spotted.

4. Once you are round by the entrance, shoot th

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