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"Thief 3 : Deadly Shadows"

This game is also available on PC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Thief 3 : Deadly Shadows (Xbox)
Submitted By: Silent Thunder
Thief 3: Deadly Shadows weapons, tools, societies and leaders walkthrough

By Silent Thunder

A walkthrough that will guide you through every single weapon and tool on the game. Also I will go through the societies and leaders of the societies. I have included some detailed uses of the weapons and tools and when and how to use them efficiently through out the game. I hope it helps!


Noisemaker Arrows – Not a weapon but a great distraction creator. If you are stuck in a corner and a guard is approaching and there is no escape fire this arrow behind the guard. The arrow will then explode and release gunpowder creating one of the best distractions. Then once the guard runs to investigate slip away. It’s always best to avoid conflict in the game and to remain stealthy; these arrows help a lot and so always keep some on you. Tip: If you run out of noisemaker arrows you can always use some items on the floor like boxes, candles, etc. throw them for the same effect.

Water Arrows – Again not a weapon, but essential for any Thief. This arrow has three main purposes in the game which are: One, fire this arrow at torches and gas lamps to create darkness, the darker it is the more likely you cant be seen. This doesn’t work on electric lamps. Two: When you kill an enemy it will create blood on the floor, this can give away your position to enemies so fire the arrow at the blood and it will be washed away. Finally every new day in the city remember to go down to the Pagan’s hideout in the docks where there is an elementary circle. Firing a water arrow, which is an elementary arrow, into the circle will increase your Faction with the Pagans. Highly recommended, keep the Pagans happy. All the arrows have zoom in when you hold down the right trigger to cancel it gently release the trigger.

Moss Arrows – A multiple use, elementary arrow. This arrow has four uses. As above it can be fired into the elementary circle in the Pagan’s hideout. Remember: You only need to fire elementary arrow into the circle, if you fire more nothing will happen and you will waste your arrows. Secondly the main use of this arrow is to fire it on hard floors such as wood and metal, doing this will create a soft, moss patch on floor allowing you to walk silently on the floor unlike before. A third use of the arrow is to fire it into ‘Corner Stones’. Look out for the Pagan green symbol on the corners of streets. Fire the arrow into the symbol then vines and moss will cover the whole wall. This will increase your Faction with the Pagans because you have increased the greenness of the city. The final use of this arrow is where an innocent arrow becomes a weapon. It doesn’t kill, but it’s still a great weapon. Fire a moss arrow into the mouth of a guard and he will choke and wont be able to defend himself, then all you have to do is knock him out or stab him. Simple. Again this arrow has zoom in options and also the cancel options just apply the same technique.

Broadhead Arrows – One of the main weapons in the game. This isn’t an elementary arrow. This weapon’s main purpose is for sniping or face to face combat, always try sniping first though, as it won’t give away your position. The guard must not suspect you or know you are near by then once he is standing still fire an arrow into his body, but not his legs. This will kill him in one. If he suspects you are there this won’t happen. In combat always aim at the head, the weakest point of the body, also the back is another weak point. Always have a good supply of Broadhead arrows on you, as they are the main weapons. They don’t do much damage on any monsters or creature though. Near the beginning of the game a Hammer Priest will bless your arrows with super strength which allows them to kill dust mites. There is more information on dust mites below. Zoom in options is important on this arrow so use them to sniper from a distance.

Fire Arrows – The final elementary arrow in the game. An awesome weapon that will cost you a lot in the shops and for a good reason. This will do a lot of damage on anything that you fire at, from beasts to men they don’t stand much chance with these. For a beast kill it usually takes about 2-3 arrows to kill it. A good shot in the chest of a guard should kill him in one and damage anyone near. Remember: Any gas lamps or torches near by will be re-lit if they are in the arrow’s path. When you put out some torches sometimes the water arrow you used to put them out with will turn into a fire arrow, so look out for them. Again you can snipe from a distance or shoot from a distance with this arrow with zoom in options.

Gas Arrows – On impact this arrow will release a poisonous gas that will cause the enemy to pass out. You must aim for the enemy’s face to make him pass out. Once knocked out you can pick up the body and hide it. It’s a stealthy weapon that will keep you a master thief. It’s silent and so know one will hear or come to investigate when you fire it. All that is needed for a stealthy attack. Like all the arrows this also comes with its own zoom in when you hold down the trigger down to cancel a fire gently release the trigger.

Hand Weapons:

The Blackjack – This should always be your first choice of weapon, always avoid combat as it will lead to loss of health and a waste of weapons. The blackjack is the stealthiest weapon in the game and so will require some patience to use correctly. The blackjack is only effective when you strike the enemy from behind this will cause him or it to fall to the floor silently. It will cause no blood or noise. To use it effectively you will need to know where to strike your enemy as they walk around so watch their chosen path carefully and make sure no one can see you knock them out or they will give away your position. Killing civilians is wrong so don’t do it and if you need to mug them don’t use weapons use the blackjack as a substitute. The same rules apply. In combat the blackjack does little damage, use the dagger instead.

The Dagger – It can be used for stealth or just full on attacks. Sneaking up behind your opponent is ideal for this attack. Once your behind your enemy stab them in their backs, this will kill them on the spot. Remember: This will create noise and blood so other guards will investigate. In combat this is the best weapon as the blackjack does little damage and arrows take to long to fire. If you can aim for the chest area and the head this is where most damage can be inflicted.

Items and Tools:

Flash Bomb – I would recommend carrying at least eight of these with you, they are essential in the game so don’t forget to buy them. They are a perfect price as well. Carrying eight will allow you to complete one mission and get through and back through the streets of the city. If you are in a tough situation or you just don’t have any weapons to fight with but there are many guards ahead, simply drop one of these bombs on the floor and it will explode and release bright light. The bright light will blind the guard for quite some time, enough to let you make your get away. Remember: When the guard is blinded don’t strike him because then he can strike back. That’s the first main purpose of the flash bomb. The second is killing the undead. No weapons work on the undead so when you approach them insure you have enough flash bombs to kill them. Again simply drop them on the floor then the undead will fall to the floor and die. Top Tip: Just because a zombie is lying on the floor doesn’t mean it’s dead.

Gas Bomb – Like the gas arrow but on a larger scale. You can take out a small group of guards or enemy with the gas bomb. Simply roll in across the floor towards them and then it will explode that will create a large cloud of poisonous gas, knocking the group out down to the floor. Also you can throw them around corners by bouncing them off walls or ceilings. A great stealth tactic, but remember unlike the gas arrow this can be heard when it explodes so be prepared for guards investigating the noise.

Health Potion – You must carry quite a few of these potions around with you for obvious reasons. In combat you will almost get injured every time so that’s where the health potion comes in, simply take sip of a bottle to regain health. Tip: In combat often you will only get a few cuts and bruises so don’t waste a whole bottle on it, just wait until you are injured again then use it. The price in the Thief’s shop is reasonable, but often you will just find them lying around. Tip: Search Hammerite’s buildings, they often have a lot of potions there.

Explosive Mine – An awesome weapon that kills anything that treads on it. Don’t waste it though, I recommend using them on general monsters and Pagan monsters, as they are strong, but not strong enough withstand the mine. They are well worth the price in the shop; also they can be found in the Hammerite’s factories. Simply slide or throw the mine across the floor into the desired area then wait for the enemy to walk over it. This may take some patience because if you want to get a direct hit you have to wait to see the path of your enemy and where is best to strike them.

Holy Water Flasks – Found mainly in docks and churches these flasks are an excellent repellent to the undead. When the undead hit a puddle of Holy Water they will stop and wont be able to pass, it doesn’t kill them but they won’t be able to get to you. All you have to do to use them is throw them on the floor in front of you; you can block out whole corridors and passageways with them. You can sometimes buy them in the Thief’s Shop as well, but not all shops stock them, the one near the docks does as this is where the source of the undead are.

Oil Flasks – These can be bought at all the Thief’s shops for a reasonable price or alternately you can steal them off the Hammerites in their factories where they use the oil for their machines, they wont notice if you take a bottle or two. They are great defence, if a guard is chasing you or there is a guard blocking your way throw the oil in his path and he will slip over, not able to defend himself. Also if you position the oil perfectly you can make guards fall down stairs or fall off balconies. Just watch where they walk first then position the oil.

Lockpicks – A thief wouldn’t be a thief without these vital tools. Press the ‘A’ button to select the door, it will then go into lock picking mode. This is where you just see your hands armed with two lock picks. Move the left thumb stick around until the controller vibrates, keep moving it until you find the strongest area of vibration then pull the right trigger this will unlock the first tumbler, keep picking all the tumblers the same way until the lock is open. Locks can be found on chests, vaults and doors all for valuable items inside. Tip: Remember to look around for people watching you, if they see you they will report you to the City Watch. To exit the lock picking mode at any time press ‘A’.

Wall Climbing Gloves – Very, very expensive in the Thief’s shop, but well worth it. They cost 2,000 and if you do buy them you will soon realise that it is money well spent. The wall climbing gloves allow you to climb vertical walls if they are made out of wood or brick. Often there are items that are too high up to reach, such as potions, but with these gloves you can reach them. Also you can sneak around guards because they don’t look up at walls because they wouldn’t expect you to be there!

Garrett’s Mechanical Eye – You are always equipped with this feature and brilliant one it is. Garrett’s artificial eye can zoom at several levels, you can zoom in and out. It’s a handy feature as it allows you to see any guards up ahead and see which way they are facing, and then you can launch your attack.

Symbols to look out for:

Green symbols on street corners or corner stones – These strange green markings on the corners were placed there by the Pagans. They are there for you and you should use them. All you have to do is fire a moss arrow into the centre on the symbol. Doing this will release a green vine that will cover most of the street, this will improve your Faction (popularity) with the Pagans because you have made the city greener which they approve of.

Keeper Door Glyph – Early in the game you will meet the Keepers, see below for more detail about them. During this meeting period they will allow you into their library where you will meet Keeper Caduca, she will bless you and give you knew powers the Keeper powers. This new power will allow you to Keeper Door Glyphs; these are bright blue symbols. If you press the action button, ‘A’ when you find one of the symbols you will open a secret door that allows you to walk around the city undetected. Also you will find these symbols when you are about to enter Hammer or Pagan territory. Look out for them, sometimes they will just lead to a small room with lots of weapons and potions in.

Red Handprints – These are very important to look out for. If you see them near by it indicates that there are thief shops close to you, just follow the handprints and you will find the shops. The first encounter of these symbols is in Black Alley where you can buy and sell items. Tip: There is no need to hold on to loot, it’s worthless, you may as well sell it and buy weapons or tools. Each Thief shop will sell only one elementary arrow, so shop around.

Elementary Circles – These are two large rocks that are shaped like half-moons that lean inward creating a circle in the middle. You will find them in the Pagan’s hideouts. Here is what you do: To increase you faction (popularity) with the Pagans simply fire One elementary arrow into the circle, the circle will then glow indicating the process is complete, you cant do this more than once each day. So don’t waste arrows trying do it.

Street Creatures:

Rats – You will find large groups of rats running and playing in their own filth in the streets and in the sewers. They don’t harm you and don’t pose any threat what so ever. But when you are trying to launch a stealth attack on an enemy and there is a rat near by, don’t tread on it, as it will make a noise that the guard may investigate giving your position away.

Cats – You won’t often find them in the streets, but in houses in front of fires and in kitchens. They parade around in front of fire not causing any harm. But as before if you are trying to launch a stealthy attack be careful not to tread on the cat or, like before with the rats, they will make a noise giving your position away to anyone who investigates.

Dust Mites – In the early stages of the game you will probably notice giant golden bug scuttling around the city floors, but not really knowing what they are there for. Well later on in the game you will have the honour of having your Broadhead arrows blessed with special powers that allow you to slay these bugs, known as dust mites. The Hammers blessed your arrows with this power so you can kill all the mites, this will improve your Faction (popularity) with them. They want rid of them because they eat metal and wood, which the Hammers made.



Guards – You will find guards almost everywhere you rob, patrolling, loyal to their masters. They’re armed with swords and bows. You need to remember that guards are bored, uneducated and have little to do so they are more than willing to chase you around. You can hear them before you can see them. They often talk about how they hate their jobs and rumours about the city. If you listen to them you will often pick up vital information which you will need later. If civilians suspect you they will summon the help of any guards who will quickly come to their aid. They are strong brutal fighters so it is best to avoid conflict.

City Watch – These guys are better equipped and better trained with a weapon, they are they only armed force in the city that watch over it and deal with crimes. They know about you and know your face so avoid them at all costs. They are armed with swords and bows and know how to use them efficiently so use flash bombs to bind them so you can slip away. If they do catch they will strike you down and throw you in prison where you will lose all of your weapons and tools. You will then begin a separate mission where you have to steal everything back and escape prison.

-Other Enemies-

Beastmen – There are several different variations of these evil creatures. Sometimes they take the form of animals which have mutated such as dogs and other times they appear somewhat human. Either way they don’t really care who they kill, they answer to no one. Many people who explore have encounted these beasts and not returned. They have debated whether they are after human flesh and blood or they are guarding their secrets. Either way make sure you take some arrows and some holy water with you. Fire arrows are highly recommended when you plan on tackling these creatures.

The Undead – At the beginning of the game you probably hear of the quarantine at the docks where a ship was supposedly carrying the plague amongst the crew, well there is a very different reality to that. In one of the first missions you will board the ship to find it swarmed with zombies. There is only one way to kill them, and that is with flash bombs. Simply throw a flash bomb near them and they will fall to the ground and die, leaving just dust. Tip: Just because a zombie is lying on the floor doesn’t mean it’s dead. They deliver a mighty blow by swinging their arms around. Also they can run quite fast for dead people, so watch your back.

Other monsters – If you go into the darkest parts of the city you will rarely see a guard, as they will not be employed, but you will find something else down there. The darkness contains unspeakable horrors. Top advice is not to travel to such dark places without a large supply of arrows with you and appropriate tools. Be prepared for anything out there; it’s nasty.

Hammer Priest – They can be large or skinny either way be aware of them, they know a lot of magic that could leave you with a permanent scar. They can seriously damage you in combat where a dagger would be useless. The best options to deal with them are to knock them out with a blackjack or if they know of your presence use a flash bomb to escape. Alternately you could sniper them off with a Broadhead arrow into their back or chest. Try and avoid head on combat. Also try the magic wand tip (see below).

Pagan Shamen – Usually women and you can hear their cackle from a distance so you know what you are about to face. Like the Hammer Priests you should be very warey of them as they wield a great power. They can do a lot of damage so avoid head on combat. Try and disable them with the tip below or blackjack them to the floor or even sniper them off.

* Magic Wand Tip: The Hammer Priests and the Pagan Shamen always carry wands with them, so you can easily tell who they are. They carry them in their pockets and so why not try and pickpocket them? Without their wand they will be rendered useless. *


Civilians – Wherever you go you are going to meet civilians, whether they are maids, shop assistants or just walking around. Civilians should not be killed at all costs always try and blackjack them if you have too. In the City they wont cause you any harm and they will quite happily let you walk by, unlike if they catch you in their masters homes. In the City civilians are easy targets for easy thieving, you can pickpocket or mug them. To pickpocket them you have creep behind them and then press the action button, ‘A’. To mug them you have to knock them out then steal their belongings that are scattered on the floor. If you mess up a mugging or pickpocket they will call the aid of the City Watch or Guards. One final point of information, listen to what they say to each other, they will often be plotting or saying about secrets where you can get involved and gain some more loot.

Thugs – You will often see men walking around the city armed with a blade, sometimes you will hear them plotting about whom they will rob next. They look like Pirates basically and you should probably avoid two or more of them together as they may see you as a target. One on his own will leave you, unless you strike him first. Often if you mug them you can get some interesting items off them, such as maps and loot. Keep an eye on them like the City Watch do too.

Societies and Leaders:

Keepers –This secret organisation trained Garrett in his youth, he learned most of his skills from them. The Keepers employ many invisible glyphs in the City that only you and Keepers can see and use. They do this to maintain the City and not to be seen by anyone. In their library they are working on their prophecies where Garrett keeps appearing. And so the Keepers are calling upon Garrett, you, for help to avert a dark, uncertain future without you it may be sooner than they think. At the beginning of the game they will grant you access to the Keeper Library where you can read about the future, the Dark Age. Also they will bless you with vision that allows you to see Glyphs, secret doorways.

Keeper Assassins – These are large bodyguards under the employment of the Keepers who are there to protect the Keeper’s secrets and to deal with anyone in the way. They guard such places as the secret library, which is almost impossible to enter. They have a lot of strength and they use telepathy.

Keeper Artemus – This is one of Garrett’s few contacts outside of the thieving world and he wants to keep it like that. You don’t trust each other well enough to tell every single thing you hear off the street, so it’s strictly business. Often you should meet with Artemus as he will give you vital information and sometimes tell you where you can work and jobs. He is the one who brought you to the library and so you should respect him and should not steal from him and the library.

Keeper Interpreter Caduca and Translator Gamall – You will rarely see these two as they work away in the secret library. Caduca is one of the oldest Keepers and can read the glyphs. Translator Gamall is a young scribe who at the beginning of the game will pass on some information about the coming Dark Age. He helps Caduca by translating the text into a readable language where prophecies can be read and told.

First Keeper Orland – You have a rough history with him and you should keep it strictly business with him. If he could he would leave you out of the equation, but he needs your aid. Of course this will be with benefits for you and him. As the leader of the Keepers he is the only reason you allowed to enter the library and read the books.

Hammers – (The Hammerites) This is a large group of strong men who are armed with war hammers, they created the city through discipline and craftsmanship, they worship the Creator, the excepted creator of all civilisation. As the City grew older people began to loose respect for this group and so now they want to get back strong discipline anyway they can. Whether it is by magic or calling on thieves to carry out tasks for them. To improve your Faction (popularity) with them they want you to destroy every single Dust Mite, kill the undead and carry out certain tasks for them. If you enter Hammer territory you will find factories that contain useful oil, help yourself. Also you will often find storage areas full of potions used by the Hammer Priests.

Pagans – The other society in the City. They worship a god known as the Trickster. You can tell if a person is a Pagan by the way they speak they add “S’s” to their words. They promote chaos and nature to the City and wish to undo the works of the Hammerites. It is probably best to have them as allies as they are a strong group. They have Pagan Shamen that can bless their allies with invincibility and other such things. You can increase you Faction (popularity) with Pagans by firing moss arrows into street corners (see above) or firing elementary arrows into elementary circles (see above also). The Pagans live mainly under ground in the sewers or in hideouts amongst the dock land. They control many creatures and monsters that will happily shred you, so it’s best to keep them on your good side.

Well that is every single weapon, tool, society and leader in the game, I hope this helped you get a clearer understanding of the game and all that is in it. Enjoy the game!

By Silent Thunder.

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