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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Resident Evil 4"

This game is also available on PS2, PC and PSP.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Resident Evil 4 (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Sibs

Please Note: This guide may contain a few plot spoilers, although it won't delve too much into the details of the plotline.

=== CONTENTS ===

Section 1 - *BASIC* - The game basics, and the stuff you can unlock
-- *BASIC*.01 - Introduction
-- *BASIC*.02 - Controls
-- *BASIC*.03 - Items
-- *BASIC*.04 - Herb mixing
-- *BASIC*.05 - Unlockables
Section 2 - *MAIN* - A guide to the main game
-- *MAIN*.01 - Combat Guide
-- *MAIN*.02 - Weapons
-- *MAIN*.03 - Other Tips
-- *MAIN*.11 - Chapter 1.1
-- *MAIN*.12 - Chapter 1.2
-- *MAIN*.13 - Chapter 1.3
-- *MAIN*.21 - Chapter 2.1
-- *MAIN*.22 - Chapter 2.2
-- *MAIN*.23 - Chapter 2.3
-- *MAIN*.31 - Chapter 3.1
-- *MAIN*.32 - Chapter 3.2
-- *MAIN*.33 - Chapter 3.3
-- *MAIN*.34 - Chapter 3.4
-- *MAIN*.41 - Chapter 4.1
-- *MAIN*.42 - Chapter 4.2
-- *MAIN*.43 - Chapter 4.3
-- *MAIN*.44 - Chapter 4.4
-- *MAIN*.51 - Chapter 5.1
-- *MAIN*.52 - Chapter 5.2
-- *MAIN*.53 - Chapter 5.3
-- *MAIN*.54 - Chapter 5.4
-- *MAIN*.6 - The Final Chapter
Section 3 - *OPADA* - A mini-guide to the Operation Ada sub-game
-- *OPADA*.01 - Op Ada Basics
-- *OPADA*.02 - Op Ada Equipment
-- *OPADA*.11 - Outside the complex
-- *OPADA*.11 - Inside the complex
Section 4 - *MERC* - A mini-guide to the Mercenaries sub-game
-- *MERC*.01 - The Basics
-- *MERC*.02 - 'Boss' Enemies
-- *MERC*.03 - Level Guide
-- *MERC*.04 - Character Guide
Section 5 - *CONC* - Conclusion/Notes

=== Section 1 - *BASIC* - The Game Basics ===

Resident Evil 4 eh? A bit of a change from the usual Resident Evil formula, no zombies, no fixed camera angles, and a Nintendo exclusive (well, for a while anyway...). A bit of a departure from the norm to say the least.

*BASIC*.01 - Introduction
Resident Evil 4 is set in Europe. You play as Leon Scott Kennedy, the guy who spent his first day in the Raccoon City Police Department fighting his way through hordes of undead (Resident Evil 2). Leon has been assigned to protect the Presidents family, and someone has kidnapped his daughter, Ashley. You are off looking for her, driving to a small, remote village with two local cops. What could possibly go wrong?

*BASIC*.02 - Controls
You'll spend most of your time in Resident Evil 4 playing as Leon, although you can play as other characters in some of the unlockable modes, and you'll briefly be able to play as Ashley in the main game.

The basic controls for Leon are as follows:

Normal mode (L and R buttons both released):
-- Analogue Stick: Move forward/backward and turn
-- C-stick: Move camera angle
-- A button: Perform action (action will be displayed on-screen)
-- X button: Give Ashley a command
-- Y button: Enter item / status screen
-- Z button: Enter map screen

Aim mode (R button held down):
-- Analogue Stick: Aim weapon
-- A button: Fire weapon
-- B button: Reload weapon

Knife Mode (L button held down):
-- Analogue Stick: aim knife slash
-- A button: Slash knife

In general, the A button is used to confirm things in menus, while the B button is used to cancel things or exit the menu.

*BASIC*.03 - Items
There are plenty of items you can pick up and buy in Resident Evil 4. Items need space for you to keep them in, but fortunately the somewhat archaic slots system of old has undergone a revamp. Now you carry an attache case around with you, initially its quite small (although there are enough slots to get by), but later in the game you'll get the oportunity to buy upgrades.

Here's a list of the cases available (you start with the small case):
| Case | Size | Cost |
| Small | 6x10 (60 slots) | Free |
| Medium | 7x11 (77 slots) | 24,000 |
| Large | 8x12 (96 slots) | 40,000 |
| X Large | 8x15 (120 slots) | 60,000 |

Most items will take up a few slots, for example your basic handgun is 3x2 (six slots). You can also rotate all items to fit them into your case. Below is a list of some basic items, although I won't list everything, and I won't go through the sizes and attributes of each weapon.

Ammo boxes - 1x2 (2 slots) - These come in many different varieties, from 9mm handgun ammo to rifle and magnum ammo. All ammo boxes are the same size, but different boxes have different maximum ammo capacities. For example, a single box of handgun ammo can carry up to 50 bullets, while a box of shotgun shells will hold at most 15 shells. So if you had 30 handgun bullets you'd only need one ammo box (2 slots) while as if you had 30 shotgun shells you'd need two ammo boxes (4 slots). It may sound a bit complex, but it all makes sense when you see the cases and start playing.

Grenades - 2x1 (2 slots) - These come in three varieties; Hand Grenades (Green) are your average grenades, great all purpose devices for killing grouped enemies or damaging the tougher foes, Incendiary Grenades (Red) erupt into flame, engulfing enemies in fire, damaging and distracting them, while Flash Grenades (Blue) temporarily blind your foes. Each and every grenade needs it's own 2 slots in your case.

First Aid Sprays - 2x1 (2 slots) - These handy sprays completely restore your health when used. Each one needs it's own 2 slots.

Herbs - 2x1 (2 slots) - These come in three varieties, and can be combined; Green Herbs heal you, although not fully, Red Herbs increase the effectiveness of other herbs, and Yellow Herbs increase your health when mixed.

Eggs - 1x1 (1 slot) - These come in a number of varieties, each regenerating a different degree of health. Each needs its own slot.

Some more good news is that all plot essential items go in a seperate area so they don't take up space in your attache case. It's a similar story for valuable items you come across that you can sell. They are not stored in your case, so they don't take up precious room. However, all weapons, weapon upgrades, ammo, and healing items must go in your case, and it's a good idea to buy new cases as soon as possible so you've got plenty of room for spare ammo and healing items.

*BASIC*.04 - Herb mixing
The art of herb mixing is essential to Resident Evil 4. If you have some herbs, chances are you can mix them together to form more powerful items. Here is a list of the various combinations:

Green Herb x2 - Will heal you by a large degree
Green Herb x3 - Will completely heal you (just like a First Aid Spray)
Green Herb + Red Herb - Will completely heal you (just like a First Aid Spray)
Green Herb + Yellow Herb - Will heal you a little and increase your maximum health by a small degree
Green Herb + Red Herb + Yellow Herb - Will completely heal you (just like a First Aid Spray) as well as increasing your maximum health

It is also worth noting that mixed herbs (no matter what combination) still only take up 2 slots, the same as a herb on its own. Therefore, its not only beneficial from a health point of view to combine herbs, it saves on space too!

*BASIC*.05 - Unlockables
There are a number of unlockable extras for Resident Evil 4. Below is a list of these, what they are, and how to unlock them:

Operation Ada - Complete the game once
This is a mini-mission, set in an area of the main game, where you play as Ada and must pick up a number of items before getting to her evacuation point.

The Mercenaries - Complete the game once
This is a mini-game where you try to get high scores and ranks by killing enemies in a time limit.

Alternative Title Screen - Complete the game once
This is a different title screen, based on the village early in the game. You can pan around the image and zoom in using the C-stick.

Matilda - Complete the game once
This handgun will become available from the merchant once you complete the game once and begin another game.

Infinite Launcher - Complete the game once
This rocket launcher with infinite ammo will become available from the merchant once you complete the game once and begin another game.

Special Costumes - Complete the game once
Once you complete the game once and begin another game, you'll be able to play with Leon and Ashley in new costumes.

Professional Difficulty - complete the game once
Once you complete the game once and begin another game, you'll be able to select the Professional difficulty.

Chicago Typewriter - Complete Assignment Ada once
This gun will become available from the merchant once you've completed Assignment Ada once.

Handcannon - Obtain a 5 Star ranking with every character on every level of The Mercenaries mini-game
This gun will become available from the merchant once you've got 5 Stars on every level of The Mercenaries with every level and you begin another game.

=== Section 2 - *MAIN* - The Main Game ===

This guide is concerned with the normal mode of the main game. The easy mode has a number of differences but as far as I'm aware it simply allows you to miss out sections as opposed to having any new or different sections or puzzles.

This guide will also not guide you through every aspect of the game, and later will assume you can deal with the basic foes. It will however deal with bosses, puzzles and major set pieces.

*MAIN*.01 - Combat Guide
Combat in Resident Evil 4 is far more advanced than any other Resident Evil game, and rather than being forced to run past many enemies to conserve ammo, you can kill most enemies in this game, and often it can be useful to do so as they may drop ammo, money or other useful items.

When fighting lone enemies, it is useful to shoot them in the face or knee to make them either clutch their face or fall to their knees. If they do this you can use a close combat move by pressing A when close to them (performing either a kick, or later on, a suplex). This damages them without using any ammo. Kicking enemies away will throw them back and may also knock other enemies back, which is useful is a crowd is advancing on you. If an enemy has been downed and there are no others nearby, slash them with your knife. This conserves enemies, and if you start slashing them as soon as they fall down you can often hit them enough to kill them without wasting any more ammo. Just watch out when using this tactic for exploding heads, as you don't want to be in close proximity to a parasite-headed enemy when it gets up.

When you have to fight parasite enemies in general, keep your distance, as it can take a fair bit of firepower to make them flinch. If you have plenty of spare Flash Grenades or there are multiple enemies with parasites poking out, throw one to deliver an instant kill to the parasites. You can also then go kick any other enemies as they are blinded.

If you know enemies are heading up a ladder that you're at the top of, and there's no other ways to reach your position, just sit at the top, and slash enemies in the face as they climb up. After a few slashes they'll die, and you can jump down and pick up the items they leave, and you won't have fired a single shot.

When facing the monks and military, shooting enemies in the knee and then suplexing them is especially useful, not only as it deals a lot of damage (a lot more than kicking), but it doesn't seem to ever result in a parasite appearing, even when the enemies head explodes (which happens quite frequently, as they land on their head). It seems to bust heads open even better if you throw them onto stairs, a nice touch.

These hints should help you when dealing with your basic enemies, but advice on specific enemies will be present in the main game guide as and when needed.

*MAIN*.02 - Weapons
Resident Evil 4 has a pretty nice selection of weapons for you to blow away enemies with. You'll start with only a basic handgun, but you'll quite soon find a shotgun, and can later buy a variety of weapons as well as upgrade your old favourites.

In my opinion you always want a basic pistol (ie. Handgun, Punisher, Blacktail, Red9) as well as a shotgun (Shotgun, Riot Gun, Striker) and either the Rifle or Semi-Auto Rifle is necessary for some enemies as well as extremely useful for others, and should be bought when you can afford it. The TMP is fun to use, but not really necessary, and is inaccurate to aim unless you buy a stock which takes up more precious room. As far as I'm concerned the additional scopes you can buy for the Rifles are a bit pointless. They come with scopes built in, and while those you can buy provide more zoom, it's practically never necessary, and for the three slots they take up it seems a bit of a waste having one in your inventory.

A Magnum will come in very useful for tougher bosses, but I prefer to wait until I can get mine for free in the game rather than buying off the merchant. There is also the Mine Thrower, but I tend to simply avoid it in favour of spending money upgrading my regular guns, and you can buy a rocket launcher, but it's a bit of a waste when it costs 30,000 and can only be used once. You can get one in the game at one point anyway, so if you feel you really must have a go, wait until then.

A good tactic when upgrading weapons is to always upgrade their firepower when you can. Ammo isn't available in abundance, so you want to be getting the most out of every bullet or shell you shoot. The best way to do this (apart from not missing your target) is to upgrade the firepower of weapons. Also, it is good practice to reload when you have the chance so you're not stuck on an empty clip when it really matters. The only exception is when you're going to upgrade a weapons capacity. The merchant will fill up your weapon with ammo for free when you upgrade the capacity, so it's a good idea not to bother reloading a weapon that's not full if you're about to upgrade its capacity. The firing speed and reload speed are secondary concerns, and you shouldn't waste money on them if you've still got weapons that could have higher firepower.

If you want to experiment with a new weapon, wait until a save point near a merchant (most save points have merchants right next to them), save the game and buy the new weapon, then test it out in the next area. If you don't like it, simply load your game and don't buy it this time.

*MAIN*.03 - Other Tips
One thing I'd advise would be to buy Treasure Maps. You may shrug your shoulders and say you're sure you can find all the treasures without one, but with one you'll never miss a shiny item that you could sell for extra cash. Also, make sure to combine items where appropriate. I won't go through all the items and which can be combined with each other, as most combinations are pretty obvious. Where you get an item that mentions it has divots or anything that seems like something was once set in it, then you can combine the item with others. You may not have the other bits in your possession yet, but it's worth keeping the items until you do so you can combine the stuff before selling it. There are many small jewels that should be combined with particular items to increase worth, so if you're not sure which jewel goes where just try them all. Note some gems (spinels, velvet blues, emeralds, rubies) cannot be combined with any other items, so don't worry about saving them all in case something else needs them.

Also, I like to always upgrade my Attache Case as soon as possible. Maybe it's because I hoard items too much, but I'm usually short on space, and the prospet of more is always appealing, letting me carry more guns, more grenades, and more ammo. Also, try to buy the combat vest as soon as you can. When it becomes available you'll probably have nearly maxed out your health by using yellow herbs anyway. The game won't stop getting tougher just because you can't increase your health anymore, so the vest reducing the damage you take is a great way to increase the number of hits Leon can sustain.

When you are in the red for health, always use a Green+Red+Yellow herb combo rather than a First Aid Spray if you have one (and you can still increase your health), as not only will it max out your health, it'll increase it by a degree too, which is very useful and you may as well have that extra health immediately if you need to replenish all your health anyway, rather than waiting to use it later. If you've fully increased both yours and Ashleys health though, save G+R+Y herb combos, using First Aid Sprays or 3xGreen herbs to fill up health. If you have plenty of health items, you can sell off G+R+Y herb mixtures for the princely sum of 10,000 pesatas.

Always increase Leons health primarily. Ashley isn't with you for much of the game, and shouldn't take a great deal of damage even when she is if you're doing your job well enough. Use the odd yellow herb on her certainly, but save the vast bulk of them for Leon, as he's going to need the extra health a lot more.

It's worth noting that there's quite a few items like gems and other valuables that you must shoot down from places. When you have to do this, some of the more valuable items will be hanging above some murky water (like a dirty well or something)... You'll be able to shoot a bit of wood behind the well to bring a lid down over the dirty water so you get a clean item not a dirty one which won't be worth as much.

When you're searching crates and other breakable items, always use your knife. There's no point wasting ammo on these, and if you want to collect anything inside them you'll need to be close anyway. Occasionally a snake will be inside a crate, if you see one, instantly slash again to kill it otherwise you'll take a little damage from the snake biting you. Kill the snake and it'll drop an egg to replenish a little health.

Oh, and remember to help the injured dog at the start of the game. You won't regret it.

*MAIN*.11 - Chapter 1.1
Familiarise yourself with the controls, then head forward, towards the house. Enter and watch the cut-scene. Take out the man, and watch the next cut-scene. There will now be a group of villagers outside. You can go upstairs to get some extra ammo. You can also leap out of the window if you're feeling adventurous. Take out the three enemies outside. If you want to, head back to where the car was to see a little cut-scene. Then follow the path, and take a look in the hut on the right. Destroy the crates with your knife and pick up the items. You can save using the typewriter if you want to. Head down the path and free the trapped dog from the trap. Avoid or shoot the explosive trip wires, and look out for any bear-traps along the way, shooting them to set them off. Take out any villagers you come across, and pick up any items they leave. Check the hut on the left and pick up any items inside crates. After you cross the bridge, look out for the man in the hut on the left, then open the door in front of you.

Move forward a little and you'll see 'Look' appear next to an A button icon. You can take a look around the village before things get nasty. If you approach the village you'll start to be attacked. Your best bet is to take the left path into the village, so you're behind the buildings and take out any villagers when they spot you. Entering the second building on the left of the village will result in a cut-scene where you see the villagers planning a siege. Barricade as much of the building as you can, then head upstairs and grab the shotgun on the wall, the grenade in the glass cabinet (you'll have to smash the glass- use your knife) and the shotgun shells on the bed. Then start knocking down the ladders that are on the windows. You can head out of the West facing window onto a balcony section if you wish, but there may already be enemies there. If things get too hectic you can jump out of windows or off buildings. you can also barricade yourself in the building on the right of the village if need be. Use the shotgun to fend off Dr. Salvatore (the dude with the chainsaw) and large groups, and the pistol for other individual enemies. Use the grenade if a large group is amassing, especially if Salvatore is among them. Just do whatever you can to survive, and eventually they'll leave. Oh, but don't go up the stone tower before they leave, or you'll get firebombed and it'll be hard to get back down again.

Now explore the village at your leisure, picking up any items you forgot or didn't have time to get before, then head up the path by the tower and through the door. You can save in the small shed if you wish. There are a number of enemies here, but after the siege in the village, this should be a piece of cake. Just take them out one at a time, and be careful. Once you've despatched the enemies, shoot the 7 blue medallions (they should be on your map) and pick up the pearl pendant hanging above the dirty well (you need to shoot the wooden beam holding the top of the well up, then shoot the pendant, or it'll fall in the mucky water and be worth less), and the beerstien in the crate by the farmhouse (you'll need to get onto the balcony through the window on the top floor, then jump down). Oh, and pick up any eggs those kind chickens leave behind.

When you go through the open door and proceed down the path, some unfriendly locals will try to crush you with a boulder. This is the first of many sections where you'll have to quickly react to on-screen button combos. At first you must tap A fast to sprint, then you'll have to press either A + B together or L + R together to dive out of the way. If you fail to get out the way of the boulder, you'll be killed. Head through the tunnel, shooting the sparkling spinels down from the ceiling, then watch for an enemy with a stick of dynamite as you leave. Try and kill him before he throws any at you, but if some lands near you, try and get away from it or it'll cause some real pain. If you approach the hut in front of you, dynamite will start flying out the window, so head through the cabin to the left, shooting the trip wire and the villager with dynamite. Shoot the bear trap to set it off, so it won't hurt you if you walk over it, and proceed to the back of the hut with windows, shooting the trip wire. Climb through the window and take out the enemies inside. There's a tree behind this hut that the dynamite enemies are in with a birds nest in it. Shoot the birds nest and a valuable will drop from it. Then enter the building at the back (slash off the padlock), save if you want to, and carry on, shooting the trip wires, then push the shelves out of the way, and check the banging chest.


*MAIN*.12 - Chapter 1.2
After the cut-scene you'll have to press another button combo (either A + B or L + R) to avoid the enemy cleaving you in two. Head out of the building, and go round the back to see the merchant. After you've browsed his goods and bought anything that tickles your fancy, head behind him to get a red herb. Head out the metal doors, and prepare for a horde of enemies. Wait for them to come to you, and use the dynamite carrying ones to your advantage. Head up the slope on the right once the flow of enemies has slowed and get the left half of the emblem. At this point you can either jump down to the lower section, or head back down the slope. Either way you'll have to head to the large building close to the compound you started in to get the second half of the emblem. It's in a chest on the roof. Once you have it, head for the gate to the area, checking the other building and it's tower for items if you feel inclined. Combine the two halves, and use the emblem to escape.

Head along the path and enter the building. Take the door to the right and eliminate the enemies. Jump through one of the two windows, and immediately crouch to avoid the dynamite thrown. Wait until just after some has exploded before standing up and firing at the enemies throwing the TNT at you. Advance slowly, watching for bear traps, then head through the door on the left. Slash the boarded up window to the left and jump through to get the Elegant Mask. Follow the tunnel, and enter the sewer area. Kill the enemy and then jump down into the water to pick up the items. You can also shoot the fish in here and pick them up to use as health restoring items! When you're done shooting fish, climb the ladder out of the area.

Immediately to your left is a well with a watch above it. Shoot the wood holding up the cover to the well, and then shoot the watch to get the clean (more valuable) version of the watch. Head up the path, shooting traps, and enter the house. To open the door, rotate the ball Up once and Left once from its starting position, so it looks like the insignia to the right and left of the ball. The door will then open. Pick up the Insignia Key on the desk, and walk through the door. Enjoy the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.13 - Chapter 1.3
If you want to see a bonus cut-scene, head back into the bedroom. Then head downstairs. There's an enemy in the bathroom (under the stairs), but other than this the house is empty. Check around for items, and save if you wish. When you exit, you'll be greeted by Dr. Salvatore. Shoot him with your shotgun to knock him down and run past him, shooting any other enemies in your way. If you're feeling lucky you can keep shooting Salvatore until he dies and you should get some valuables from his body. Unbar the door at the end of the path, and head through, back into the main village.

The villagers will be ever so slightly annoyed at your second intrusion, so use the shotgun to deal with large groups, and shoot them in the head then kick them to push back groups of enemies. Your only objective is to reach the church and open the door, and there shouldn't be any items laying around if you picked them up last time you were here. Grab the items, save if you like, and head into the back room. You can shoot the lamp down to reveal a gem. Then jump down into the passage. There's some items on the ceiling of the passage around the water pool before the merchant, though you'll have to shoot down the lantern to see them sparkling. Climb up the ladder after the merchant and you'll emerge in the graveyard. There's a few enemies about, but nothing too taxing, just beware of the guy lobbing TNT. There's also five more blue medallions in the graveyard, and another three when you go out onto the cliff area, so make sure you destroy them all. When you examine the door to the church, you'll find it's locked, as is the side door. If you head around the back, and solve the puzzle you can get a valuable item. The emblems you want to light up are on the double gravestones (symbols similar to an M, V and Z). When you're ready head down the path right of the church, and take out the enemies. Inside a crate in the hut is a snake, so as soon as you bust it open, slash again to kill it and get an egg.

When you go through the door you'll be in a large pen area. Check the shacks for any items, and carry on, turning right if you want to go save or see the merchant, then head back and carry straight on through the next door. If you do go to see the merchant and you shot enough medallions, he'll have a free gun awaiting you. If you managed to shoot them all he'll even have upgraded it's firepower by one for free.

The next area has another boulder chase, the same as the first, just tap A repeatedly then press the button combo to dodge. After this is a swampy area and it can be quite tough as enemies will come from behind you as well as in front of you when you start moving across the bridge. Try to use the trip wires to your advantage, and just do your best to get to the end alive. A tree on the right side of the swamp houses another birds nest with a valuable in it. Oh, and watch out for more snakes in crates in this area.

Head through the door and carry straight on rather than turning right to see a little cut-scene about the lake, then head back down and take the turning. SHoot yet another birds nest here to get a valuable item. The shack on the right houses a yellow herb too, so make sure you pick that up, and the shack at the end of the path has a save point, which is worth using as your first boss battle is coming up... If you want a suprise you can stand near the end of the pier and shoot the water for a while (make sure you've saved first...)

Once you're in the boat, head out into the lake to trigger a cut-scene. You'll now be steering the boat while being pulled along. Use your steering to head out of the way of the logs in the lake and avoid colliding with the boss. When he dives under, he'll roll slightly left or right. Hit forward and steer left or right away from the direction he rolled (if you didn't see just guess). Hopefully you'll get away temporarily, and if not, then hopefully the boss won't collide with you. If you do get away, Leon will automatically pick up a spear, which you can then aim. If you see a red arrow, follow it to see the boss, then start throwing arrows! Assuming you hit him at least once he'll dive under the boat, otherwise he'll hit the boat, causing you damage, and meaning you have to swim back to the boat (tap A) before he eats you. You can hit him up to three times. Throw one spear as you see him, aiming quite high, another as soon as you can, slightly lower, and a third as he's diving under you (you'll have to whack the controller stick to aim downwards). After this it's back to steering your boat away from trouble. You can also pick up a spear any time by holding R (a fact I didn't realise the first few times I faced the boss), but definitely do not do this if you need to be steering away from logs or the boss. Only pick up spears manually when he is moving on a course away from logs. After 11 hits, you'll trigger a cut-scene, and will probably think it's all over. Nope. Again, you'll have to rapidly tap A to prevent Leon going down with the boss. Do this though, and you've beaten him.


*MAIN*.21 - Chapter 2.1
If you want to get a valuable item or see the merchant, get back in the boat immediately, and head for the blue lanterns. The gate there will now be open. The valuable is on the roof (you'll have to move a crate to get up there, then a couple more to get to the barrels).

When you're done head back, and go through the door. After the little cut-scene you'll have to deal with the mostrosity in front of you. If you picked up the flash grenade in the cabin you woke up in, you can use it to kill the thing instantly, otherwise just keep shooting the head (or the thing where the head should be...) until it finally screeches and dies. Make sure not to get close or it'll slash you. From now on, enemies heads can explode in this fashion.

When you're done with that, carry on down the path, across the river and back again, then down the rope. There's a spinel in the tree below, but take out the guy on the platform above first or he'll chuck blades at you. To get over the river you'll need to get the crates down by shooting their chains. Shoot the first one and jump over. There's a valuable in the woodwork just above head height near the waterfall. Climb up the ladder and shoot down one crate, then jump down and do the same to the second. Get across to the far side of the river and pull the lever on the platform up the ladder. Jump back to the middle platform and a mob of villagers will appear, so jump straight back to the far platform. Shooting them as the leap across the river will make them fall in the water and die. The only negative side of this is you'll get no items from them. But it saves ammo and avoids injury, so it's a useful tactic. Head into the cave and grab the insignia. Jump on the boat and you'll end up back at the merchant area by the large holding pen mentioned earlier. You may want to save here, as it's nearly time for boss number 2.

When your out of the merchant area, head left into the pen and watch the cut-scene. This guy's not a happy chappy. Try to keep your distance, and if he grabs you twist the control stick like crazy to stab him in the arm. If he tries to stomp on you, run under his legs. Keep an eye out for button combos appearing on screen. These will let you dodge his attacks. After a while the dog you saved from the bear trap (you did save him right?) will leap down to help you. He'll distract the boss for the remainder of the battle, giving you some time to concentrate on pumping the boss full of lead. After you've dealt him sufficient damage you'll get a little cut-scene where his back opens up and a parasite emerges. Get close to the El Gigante, and hit A to jump on his back, then rapidly tap either A or B (one will be flashing on-screen) to cut his parasite. You can also shoot the parasite, but it saves on ammo to slash it. When it disappears, go back to blasting him and eventually the parasite will appear again. If you're running low on health or ammo check the wooden cabins for items, but be aware, the boss will smash these with you inside if you're not quick. Keep wearing the boss down and slashing or shooting his parasite and he'll fall. You'll also find 15,000 pesatas on his body.

Exit the area and head towards the church. Pause just before leaving the cliff platforms though, as around the corner is a suprise. There are some less than friendly dogs waiting in the dark for Leon. Equip your shotgun and move slowly up the slope. You should be able to see a canine form at the top of the slope. If you've got the Rifle you could pick off the first one then quickly switch to the Shotgun to take out the other two. Otherwise, shoot the first with the shotgun, and keep firing at the pack when the other two arrive until all three are dead. If one leaps at you, rotate the control stick to kick him off. Now head into the Church.

Inside, go down the left aisle and head up the ladder. Jump onto the chandelier and then onto the far ledge (you'll have to time the jump so the chandelier is at it's closest to the platform). Use the control panel to make each circle match up with it's colour on the central circle. To do this rotate the red circle twice, the green three times, and the blue once, then combine. The bars blocking the door will be removed. Enter and watch the cut-scene.

Jump back down to the ground floor, and catch Ashley as she does the same. Head back to the main area of the Church and watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.22 - Chapter 2.2
Head out into the graveyard, where a mob will be waiting for you, complete with torches. Approach the graveyard gate and Ashley will suggest you shoot the wagon. Do so, and it'll explode and run down the path, handily killing most of the mob in the process.

Head back down into the cave and see the merchant if there's anything you need, then go back up into the building with the save point. Save if you wish to do so, then head into the village again. All the crates and barrels will have re-appeared, so feel free to look around the cabins for goodies. There aren't even that many enemies to deal with, so you should be okay exploring. Your main concern though is to head back to the farm. Be careful, as the path there now has bear traps along it, and you must ensure that neither you nor Ashley gets hurt by one. If Ashley does, you'll need to help her out of it.

When you enter the farm area, there's a red container. Approach it and press X to tell Ashley to hide. This way she'll avoid taking damage. There are a number of enemies located around the area, not enough to be too worried about, but caution is recommended, especially as it is in the dark, and slightly harder to see. Also watch out for more bear traps! Once the area's secure, you and Ashley will need to climb the ladder in the barn house, go out the window to the balcony and jump down by the door with lots of bear traps. The door is locked from the other side, so Leon gives Ashlet a piggy to get her over and she opens the door for Leon.

On the other side, talk to the merchant and buy anything you need, as the next encounter is a tough one, and there's no save point right before it this time. Cross the bridge, and watch the cut-scene. As soon as it finishes, start moving the shelves over to block the boarded windows. This will buy you a little extra time before they break through. When that's done, pick up all the items downstairs, and keep an eye on all windows. The best place to stand is at the bottom of the stairs, just forward so you can see the window by the door. Keep checking each window, and start firing away when enemies break through. If you need extra ammo, stand close to Luis and he'll toss you some. Shoot enemies as they're climbing through windows to knock them over, and don't be afraid to use any Flash Grenades you have on parasite heads that get into the cabin. When Luis says "Leon, upstairs", follow him upstairs. Ladders will start being shoved through the windows, so push them over when you've got spare time, but foes will also climb the stairs from the bottom floor. You can use Hand Grenades or Incendiary Grenades to stem the flow from the stairs, and again, use Flash Grenades to kill parasite heads in the cabin quickly. Survive long enough, and the horde will back off, Luis will leave (somewhat abrubtly) and the chapter will end.


*MAIN*.23 - Chapter 2.3
Check around the area, picking up any items, and then investigate the shack. You will have to chose one (or both if you're feeling very daring) of the routes to take. To the left is a fortress of enemies that will need to be despatched, while the right holds an El Gigante, rather like the one you fought before, only much harder to battle.

I would recommend going for the left route personally. Although you;ve fought an El Gigante before, this one you essentially have to run away from as it's fought in very cramped conditions with Ashley in tow, and you both can't avoid him effectively. Although there are plenty of items littered around this route, you'll spend your time running away from the El Gigante, so there's little time to collect them all. The fortress route on the other hand will see you meet a large number of villagers as you've met many times before, plus a couple of new ones you won't have seen, but aren't all that hard to despatch. Regardless, both the left and right routes will be covered here for completeness.

After the cut-scene showing the fort, shoot the approaching enemy, then shoot the cart to blow it up and kill the next couple of approaching enemies. Run to the red container and get Ashley to hide while you deal with the remaining foes. Head round the corner and up the ladder and take out the enemies at the top of the fort. At this point DO NOT jump down into the center of the fort. Call Ashley to you and get her to hide in the other red container on the top of the fort. Then make sure your all your weapons are fully loaded and jump down into the circle in the center of the fort, making sure you don't knock down any of the ladders. As soon as you do so you'll see two bandaged women brandishing chainsaws leap into the pit. These are the Bella Sisters. When the cut-scene ends, turn around and climb straight back up that ladder, and run back to behind the red container Ashley's hiding in. Now you know the enemies must approach you from that direction, so turn around and shoot any enemies that are headed your way with the pistol. As soon as you see either Bella Sister, switch to your Shotgun, or your Rifle if you have it and there's a bit of distance between you, and fire away. As with Dr. Salvatore, they'll fall down readily if you shoot them with the Shotgun at close range, just make sure you're not tied up with other enemies when they're near. They'll take some shooting, but if they're both together shoot them with the Shotgun, then lob a Hand Grenade or Incendiary Grenade at them on the floor to do some extra damage. Eventually they will die, and one will drop a gem, while the other holds the key to the fortress. Head back into the central pit with Ashley (remember to catch her when she needs to jump down), and open the door. After this there is a door on the right. Head through it and then turn left to face the window. Break the boards with your knife and jump through to find a valuable. Follow the path, and you'll see an opening on the left. You'll also see another red container, so get Ashley to hide in there. A large group of enemies will head towards you so start shooting. Use Incendiary and Hand grenades if you need to, and if they get too close switch to your Shotgun. Finish off this horde, unbar the gate, and you've completed the left route.

Head down the path a little and you'll see the El Gigante jump down behind you. You'll also see a large boulder above. Shoot the beam holding up the platform it's on so it will fall and create a barrier between you and the El Gigante. This won't hold him long though. Turn around and use your knife to slash off the chains on the door, then kick it down. The next section houses a couple of small sheds, each containing a bunch of items. You'll need to get the key from the second one (it's on the floor, right in front of the door), and there's also a valuable in the bucket hanging above the area if you have time to shoot it down. With the key, run to the end of the section, turn and shoot another boulder down (this time on the right), then turn again and slash the chains from the door and open it. The third and final section has no boulders to shoot down or sheds, simply the door you need to exit through. If he grabs you, twist the analogue stick around again until you stab him. If he grabs ashley, use a powerful weapon to shoot him and he'll drop her (and you should probably use a health item on her). Be careful not to hit Ashley in the crossfire though. You can kill the El Gigante, I would say he has no more health than the previous one you faced, but due to the tight area you're stuck in it's hard to down him and will take some practice. Although if you do kill him you'll net another 15,000 pesatas, and the sheds from the second section house a lot of goodies you can head back and collect, so there is a reward for the perseverance.

Now, regardless of the route you took, you should be in an area with a merchant and a save point. Talk to the merchant and save if you wish, then head north on the map to the cable cars. Keep an eye out for enemies on approaching cable cars, and take them out early. If they throw a weapon, be ready to shoot it out of the air. There will also be occasional enemies on a structure to the left of you, so keep an eye out for those too. Each enemy should only take a single shot before falling off their cable car. It may take a couple of tries to figure out where and when the enemies come, but you should be able to do it taking very little or no damage soon. If you're having trouble you could try using the Rifle, although it's slow speed will mean you'll have to try to hit more than one enemy with a bullet if there are more than one in a single car.

Once you've reached the end, check for items in the control room and head down the stairs. Halfway down there's a path leading to a cave where a valuable item is located, so go collect that if you want it. Head down the remaining stairs and talk to the mercahnt. You'll probably want to save here too as another boss is right around the corner.

Head through the door after the save point, and follow the path. Watch the cut-scene. After Mendez has thrown Leon and locked the door, he will approach and try to grab Leon. You'll have to hit a button combo (again, A + B or L + R) to avoid getting killed, then the real battle begins.
In his first form, there's something of a cheat to killing Mendez. As the battle starts, turn around and head up the ladder. From here turn left and then left again. Just before the end of the platform is a sheet of metal on the left. This sheet of metal can be used to hide behind to stop Mendez using his claws to hit you while up on the platform. This alone would be rather useless, as you can't just hide and hope he'll go away. But luckily there is a small hole in the metal sheet in the bottom right corner. You can use this to shoot at Mendez. Simply use your pistol or rifle if you're impatient (or low on pistol ammo) to shoot at him from here. Occasionally, he will move slightly right or left and will be able to attack, but if you see him moving to either side, just move to the opposite side slightly until he re-centers himself on the hole. If this is too dishonorable for you, then other good tactics are to make use of the explosive barrel, and to run up the ladder and throw a grenade down to damage him. All I can say really is keep pummelling him and keep your own health up until he's eventually cleaved in two.
Now Mendez is in his second form. Unfortunately I've found no 'cheat' way of killing this form, and he's a lot tougher than normal Mendez too. He'll swing around on the beams of the building, attacking you with his claws. Keep an eye out for buttom combos allowing you to dodge his attacks, and fire away with your Shotgun. When you shoot him at close range he'll fall off the beams, and have to crawl around a bit before leaping back up. Use this time to shoot him some more, find yourself a better spot to shoot him from or pick up some health items from around the building if you're running low. Just try to blast him from his perch when he's near and after a while he'll fall, leaving you his false eye and 30,000 pesatas for your troubles. When you're done picking up any items left behind, jump out the hole that opened up in the wall, and head on back to the cable cars.

There'll be no opposition on the cable cars this time, but you might want to save your game before going through the door with Mendezs eye, as there a tricky section right there. After you're through the door, head forward a little to see a cut-scene with a truck. Move back a little, then whip out something powerful, preferably a rifle, and shoot the driver of the van. Do it successfully and it'll veer off course and crash before reaching you. Otherwise it'll crush you and Ashley. Head up to the crashed van. At the back of it will be 5,500 pesatas, so pick them up, then go round the truck. A bunch of villagers will emerge from behind you. You can either run from them, or take them all out, though I'd advise running as there are quite a few and it'll save on ammo. If you do choose to kill them it shouldn't be too tough, but you may need to use your Shotgun a bit when they get too close. Keep following the path, and an even bigger group will appear, triggering a cut-scene where Leon and Ashley head inside the Castle.


*MAIN*.31 - Chapter 3.1
Check out the area for items, there's 5,000 pesatas in a chest behind the merchants hut, and buy anything you feel you need, then head up the stairs and through the door. After the little cut-scene showing the castle, you can pick off the two monk enemies on the battlements if you've got the rifle, then follow the path and head up the stairs. You'll see a cut-scene, and then the small structure in front of you will get destroyed (there'll be a spinel in the debris if you feel like picking it up). As soon as the first volley of explosions has subsided, run to the left, then down the stairs on you left. Kill the monks if you didn't shoot them earlier, and then head inside the building there for some items. Then head back up the stairs, and left through the archway. Pause here and look up to see one of the catapults, and shoot the red barrel or the monk near it to prevent it from firing. Then head up the stairs on the right. Two catapults will be on top of the wall on your left, but they shouldn't be able to hit you now as you're directly below them. Another is in the distance to your right. If you've got the rifle, use it to take out the monk or shoot the explosive barrel and stop the catapult. If not, run across the bridge and take him out with your pistol when close enough. Enter the little hut on the right, and take out the masked guy with the scythe. Don't try shooting him in the head as his metal mask protects him. Head out the hut and turn right, then right again to find a chest containing a valuable. Again, if you have the rifle, stand behind the hut and pick off the remaining two catapults. If not you'll have to carefully get a bit closer to shoot them. Two monks will also head up towards you, so beware of them if you're sniping. When you've dealt with all the enemies, go the the crank on the circular platform, and start tapping A to raise the cannon, then fire it to destroy the large door blocking your path. Chat to the merchant if you want, then head through the door and watch the cut-scene.

Get the platinum sword from the gold plate downstairs, and carefully head upstairs. There are three monks here. Try to take them out quickly as soon you'll have even more company. After the cut-scene, more monks will come from downstairs. It's best to stand behind the stairs, and try to shoot them as they come up. Keep your eyes open on either side of the stairs though, as if you're concentrating on enemies on one side of the stairs, one might slip around the other side and give you a nasty suprise. Also beware of enemies heads exploding. The monks have different head parasites, and these guys can chomp down on your head, killing you in one blow. After a couple of waves, no more will come. Check out the upstairs area and pick up the gold sword, then head downstairs and fight the monk in red. He's tougher than the others, so don't take him lightly. Use close combat moves and the knife to conserve ammo, and shotgun his head if a parasite appears. When he's down, put the gold sword in the gold plate, and the platinum one in the platinum plate to open the exit.

After the cut-scene with Luis, head forward, through the small door. Shoot the monk in front of you, and a whole lot more will be alerted. I find it best to head back out the metal door, and shoot the bunch as the come through. The shotgun will be useful for keeping back the crowd if they get too close. Head back in, take the right, and then go through the left door. Get the items in the room and head to the window right of the other door. Take out the guy with the crossbow on the archway from the window, then proceed slowly. Two guys with shields will start advancing toward you. Pistols are useless unless you have the Punisher which will fire through the shields. Use the shotgun or an incendiary grenade to destroy the shields, then finish them off. Head through the door, and prepare for action when you open the chest and grab the key. A bunch of monks will head into the room. Use the explosive barrel if you can. Head back out to where you met Luis and go through the double doors, then sit back and watch the cut-scene. Head up the stairs, and a wall will appear in front of the opening. Head towards it, turn around, and look up to see a valuable up on the wall (you'll have to shoot it down). This is another area you should probably save in, as another boss fight is coming up.

Head through the door on the left, and go to the end of the hall where the note is on the wall, then turn left into the room where the statues are breathing fire. Examine the picture on the right to find a key, and head back to the start of the room. Turn right just before the door you came in through to find the prison door. At this point it's best to get Ashley to wait outside the prison door.

Enter the prison, go down the steps and go towards the cell. Kick the door down, and enter. The guy with his eyes sewn up will break free, and he's not happy. When he breaks free, back away from the cell SLOWLY. Don't run. This guy can't see, so he uses sound. Run and he'll hear you. Walk and he won't. Try to leave the prison and the door will close, so don't bother. If he's about to charge at you then you should run to get out the way, but don't run otherwise or you'll give away your position. Wait for him to turn his back to you and shoot the parasite on his back. After you've done this move away from the position you were in when you fired the shot as he'll charge that position. There are two bells in the prison, and you can shoot these in emergencies to make him charge them. He'll also get his claw stuck in the wall, giving you ample time to line up a shot, and if you're quick you can get right up close to him and shoot him point blank in the back with the shotgun, which should cause some damage. Use the rifle if possible for general shots at him though, as it's accurate and powerful. Don't get spooked if he walks near you. If he's very close he'll be able to hear your walking footsteps as well as you running, so just stay calm, and only run when necessary. Shooting him anywhere aside from his parasite on his back will have little to no effect, so don't try. Just keep quiet, keep your health up, and shoot him when you can. If you stay as quiet as you can this boss encounter isn't really that tough at all, and eventually the guy will die, leaving you 15,000 pesatas. Head into his cell and pull the level to stop the flames in the statue room.

When you head back out of the prison a couple of enemies will emerge. Take them out, then you may want to go save again, as the next section involves a whole horde of enemies and can take a lot of attempts to do successfully. Be wary of the monks in the statue room, and once they're dead head through the double doors.

I find it best to equip a Hand Grenade just before going through the doors. As soon as you're through, throw one at the head monk (wearing red). You'll have to aim your throw quite high to hit him, then quickly equip your rifle and take out one of the crossbow monks on the balconies to the left or right. If you've got time, you could take out both. Keep moving and take out the monks, using the shotgun on crowds or shielded monks. After enough enemies have died, more will pile in through side doors. If you have spare Hand Grenades or Incendiary Grenades, don't be afraid to use them on groups. If you're getting overwhelmed, head for the stairs, and into the room at the back. Get Ashley to stand on one of the raised sections of floor while you stand on the other, and a crank will raise in the central room. Sit tight in this room as some enemies should come to you, and you can take them out as they enter the door. Watch out for the occasional one jumping from the hole in the cieling though. When the flow of enemies has slowed, cautiously open the door and take a peek around, If there's any enemies, lure them back to theroom and deal with them. Then head up, again cautiously, and take out either of the crossbow monks you missed. Check the area for any items, as when you start turning the crank you'll have more company.

As soon as the stairs lower, three monks with scythes will run down, closely followed by another, and finally a red one (who will take more damage). If any swing their scythe back slightly, their about to throw it, so shoot them with the shotgun. You can also shoot scythes out of the air if you're quick. Just shotgun the group until their dead. Their not too hard, they just look very intimidating. After this head up and check the two small rooms to the left and right for items. Give Ashley a piggy back up to one of the cranks and get ready. You'll need to stop enemeies on the platform above from carrying Ashley off while surviving a bunch of enemies headed your way. It's best to alternate between the shotgun and rifle for enemies attacking you and those headed for Ashley respectively. You can however try to pick off any enemies headed your way before they're close, but you'll need to be accurate. Don't worry too much if an enemy picks up Ashley, just make sure you take them out if they're getting close to one of the far doors while carrying her. Try and pick off enemies early though and you should be fine. Whenever you can hear them mumbling, look around for the enemies and take them down as quickly as you can, then check around you for enemies closing in on you. If you see none keep checking the upper level. When both cranks are done, catch Ashley, then jump over to the far platform and out the door.

These two sections will take practice, especially as they're one straight after the other. Just have a few tries and get your tactics sorted, then you should be okay getting through to the end. However, once they're complete, you'll reach a nice big hall with a save point, a merchant and your first shooting range!

Once your done exploring and playing at the shooting range (get all six of the available bottle caps here to earn some cash!), head through the hallway by the typewriter and watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.32 - Chapter 3.2
Head through the side door and jump down into the sewer. Walk forward and you'll hear a noise. Carry on round the corner and turn right through the hole in the wall to get the crate. Head back and proceed down the sewer cautiously. You may notice some water dripping down and appearing to hit nothing. Bring your shotgun up and you'll also see the red dot appear on nothing... This is because a bug enemy is cloaked there. Walk much closer and it'll attack, so I'd suggest shooting it now while you can. When it's down, keep shooting until it dies. If it manages to leap onto the ceiling, back away quickly. If it manages to grab you, rotate the control stick to shake it off, and tap A to kick if he tries to leap at you. Watch out for signs of its movement like splashes in the water or the glowing eyes if it turns invisible again. Head round the corner and you'll see another drop into some water. You should also be able to see two areas of water at the far end with lots more movement than the rest. These are two more of the bugs. You can either shoot them or chuck a grenade to soften them up. Again, watch for signs of movement, and move your laser sight around. If a dot appears where nothing is there, fire at the hidden enemy. Don't jump into the water, and back away from the pit if you can't find them and hopefully they'll return to the position they were in at the start. Jump down when they're dead and pick up the items. Head through the door and into the prison area. A bug will drop from the hole in the ceiling, so immediately start shooting and keep your eye on its movements. When it's dead, another will appear and head for you, so take him out as soon as you see him. Check out the four cells in the area. When you enter the second on the left, another bug will appear, so wait for him to get to the entrance of the cell and blast him. Then head down the passage on the left to investigate the remaining cells. Enter the cell on the left to get past the debris, and enter the room at the end. There's a chest containing a valuable here, and also a crank that will drain the water from the next section. Head out and look up before you turn left into the sqaure area to see something on the ceiling (another bug). Shoot it down. There's a second one on the ceiling too, so despatch of him as well, then head back to the area where the water was drained. Another couple of bugs will burst out on your way, so watch out for them. Jump down into the water and kick the door down. Immediately turn round, as another bug will drop down behind you. Just shoot him as he lands and when he's floored to finish him. Now head up the stairs and through the door, into the room with swinging blades. Just run forward as soon as the first one's gone past and leap over the pit when the second has gone. The third obstacle has two blades, but it's the same principle, just run through both as soon as they've both swung past you. Head out the other door, up the ladder and out of the sewer!

You'll see a cut-scene with a bunch of monks praying at an alter in the area you were previously in (the room just before Ashley was trapped). Creep along the balcony to where it comew out towards a chandelier. Look down to see the group praying. You don't have to fight this group, but it's worth killing them. Each of the normal monks carries a spinel, while the red one has an Illuminados Pendant (a valuable). And killing them is easy anyway. Simply throw a grenade in the center of them (pretty much where the red one is) and you'll kill all or most of the black monks. Then shoot the red one while he's down. Any that survive can run away, and the grenade alone won't kill the red one, so make sure you shoot him before he escapes. Then head down and collect your earnings. Climb back up the ladder that's now in place, and leap over to the chandelier and the far balcony. Head right and do the same with the next chandelier to reach the lever to open all the gates. At the end of this balcony is a valuable in a chest. Go back down and save if you wish, then head through the red door by the merchant.

Head through the two rooms until you open a door and see a cut-scene with a red monk. Head back in the room to avoid arrows, then open it again and take out the two crossbow monks with your rifle. Enter and kill the two monks who'll attack you. Head through the door at the back left, go upstairs and take out the monk with the metal mask. Move out the door, and follow the balcony round. There'll be an enemy stood near the door, and it's best to take him out from a distance. Once done, jump down. The red monk will run away. Follow his tracks back round the balcony. Beware of the shielded monk as you go through the door on the balcony. Head downstairs and out the other door to see a cut-scene where the red monk gets in a chain gun turret raised from the square in the middle of the room. Head back upstairs and out the door, and turn left onto the sqaure bit of balcony. Stand at the back right next to the stone wall side of the balcony and you'll avoid taking damage, then get out your rifle and aim for his head. A few shots should take him out. Head back down and pick up his key, then back up to the balcony and through the door.

Here you must swap the pictures around so that there are six bodies showing. Switch 1 will swap the left two images, 2 will swap all but the rightmost, 3 will swap all but the leftmost, and 4 will swap the two right images. It's quite easy to do by sheer luck just pressing buttons randomly, but I found that you can also do it from the starting positions simply by pressing each switch once. When you have six, hit Ok and head through the door. There's also a spinel in the reindeer heads eye you can shoot out in this room if you want.

Watch the cut-scene as you enter the next room, then equip your shotgun to take down the mass of scythe wielding monks. Again, shoot them when it looks as though they're going to throw their weapon at you or when they get too close and they shouldn't pose too much trouble. Also look out for monks coming from your sides, out of your sight. When enough die, some crossbow monks will appear on the upper floor, so take cover behind the pillars and use your rifle to kill them. Eventually two guys with rocket launcher will pop out from behind a picture. When you see them, run for cover. When everyone's dead, head over to the far side of the room, and hit the security switch to bring a pillar with a chest on it up from the floor, then head into the side room, amash the vase and press the button to get a platform out to the pillar so you can reach it. Open the door, and you'll see two guys with rockets. Turn and run back into the room, the door will close and their rockets will be wasted. Head back out and kill the two, head over to the chest and get the goat ornament to open the exit.

Save in the hallway if you want (it's advised), then head down the hallway and through the left door. Head outside. There's three gems in the spring here. Go past the barrels and through the large wooden doors. Head along the balcony area and you'll reach a locked door. Carry on along the balcony for a cut-scene. After this head into the maze. Equip your shotgun, and open the gate. Head under the archway, then back up when you see a dog advancing. Take aim and fire before he leaps at you. If he does get you, twirl the control stick to get him off. Turn left here, then right through the door. Two dogs are caged here, but will break free. The easiest way to deal with them is to throw an incendiary grenade in the cell to kill them from a distance. Take the left path again, and carry on forward rather than turning left onto the bridge. Carry on down the path until the dead end with the chest. Open it, take the shells, and turn around ready for the two dogs that'll come for you. Head back past the bridge and cell, and carry on to the end of the path, then turn right to find a yellow herb. Head back and take the first left, beware of the dog at the end of the path, then turn right and immediately right again to go to a chest with a valuable. Head out, turn left until you reach the wall, then right, up the stairs to get the right Moon Half from the fountain. Head back down and take the path leading under the stairs you just went up. After you walk under the arch, turn around and shoot the dog that will appear. Keep following the path and turn left at the wooden gate to find a chest with a first aid spray. Head back around and you'll see another kennel/cage in front of you. Stick close to the hedge and when you can see the front of the cage, throw another incendiary grenade in to see off the dog inside, that way you won't get a nasty suprise when he escapes. Head to the end of the path behind the cage here to get a spinel, then head back to the central square and to the bridge you ignored earlier. Head over, take the left, and nab the TMP ammo from the chest. Then go back, and take the other route, and get the left Moonstone Half from the fountain. As you turn the corner to the bridge, three dogs will jump out, two from the hedges, one from the bridge, so be careful! Take them down, head halfway over the bridge and jump down to the left, then go out the gate, and back up to the previously locked door on the balcony area. Combine the Moon Halves and use them. Enter and watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.33 - Chapter 3.3
Check one of the wardrobes where the merchant is for a valuable, and buy or sell anything you need before heading through the door. In this room you'll need to ring the bell by the window to the right of the barred doorway, and shoot the wine bottle. This is most easily accomplished with a rifle. Head through the opened doorway, and watch the cut-scene. I really hope you have a grenade here. If so, throw it forward and you'll kill a bunch of the monks, distract the wolverine in the cage with you, and blow the lock off the cage door in front of you. If not, throw an Incendiary grenade at the wolverine, then blow the lock off with a powerful weapon to escape the cage. Kick the door off the cage, and run out into the dining room area you were in before. Lure out any remaining monks, and despatch of them. Hopefully the wolverine will stay in the cage, unable to find the door you opened as he's blind. Deal with the monks, then head back into the cage room and shoot the back of the wolverine from the other side of the cage. If the wolverine does escape then it's just as last time. Don't run unless absolutely necessary, and shoot his back when the opportunity arises, before heading off to another area so he doesn't follow the sound of your gun fire. When he's down run back into the cage and grab the valuable, killing any more monks who jump down and getting the 15,000 pesatas off the wolverine. There's also some magnum ammo on the other side of where the bell was, so pick that up, then head through the exit out the back.

Move up the corridor of this room, and check out the enemies below with your rifle. It's a good idea to take them out using this too, aiming for the heads. One of the guys in red always seems to have his head explode, and a new type of aprasite will emerge. This one looks like a cross between a giant spider and a face hugger from the Alien movies. After killing this one, it'll actually scurry around the level out of it's hosts body until you kill it, leaping at you to attack. It's best to kill it while it's on the floor below you, as the parasite can't climb the ladder and you can take it out at your leisure once it's trapped. Jump down when the foes are dead, and pull the level. You can also take out the shielded guy behind the gate now if you want. Head back up the ladder, and beware of enemies. Two will have emerged from the door you came in through, and yet more with shields will appear through the door at the far end of the bridge. I'd say head along the bridge, take out some enemies if you can, then jump off the left side to the level below when you're sandwiched. The enemies will trickle down to you quite slowly, but beware of any of the spider parasites. If any appear, shotgun them as soon as they detatch from the host. They're nippy fellas too, so watch out. The shielded guys won't jump down, so you'll have to shoot them as they stand above (probably near the ladder) to avoid taking damage as you climb back up. Head across the bridge and turn left. Take out the crossbow monk in the window with your rifle and shoot any enemies on the ground floor before jumping down. Smash the glass cabinet and pick up the goodies. Don't worry if you don't have space for the rocket launcher, if you've got the cash there's a merchant in the next section who'll sell you the largest case of the lot, which should give you enough extra space for the rocket if you want to come back for it. Head up the stairs, take out the monk, and slash the lock off the door, then head back along the bridge and through the door at the end.

Head along the corridor, save if you want to, and if you needed extra space for the rocket launcher, buy the XL case and head back for it. You can then sell it for 15,000 pesatas or keep it for later, but frankly it's not really worth the space. It's single use, and there aren't really any targets that warrant it's use until the Salazar battle, which is so far away you're better off simply selling it and buying another rocket launcher from the merchant when you get to the fight for the hassle it'll save you juggling space if you carry it. When you're done, head through the wooden door and watch the cut-scene


*MAIN*.34 - Chapter 3.4
Check out the room you're in for items, there's 5,000 pesatas behind the picture of Saddler, then get on with rescuing Ashley. Use your rifle to shoot the three bars trapping her. Don't shoot at the center of them as the rifle bullets can go straight through the bars and kill Ashley. Aim for the side of the bars, left or right of Ashley, so as not to hurt her.

After the cut-scene you'll need to protect Ashley. Use your rifle to kill the first three enemies, and Ashley will move, but find the door is locked. Now more enemies will arrive, as well as a crossbow monk who'll shoot at you. Take out anyone near Ashley and if you've got a moment to spare kill the crossbow monk too. When all of the second wave are dead, Ashley will pick up the key from the red monk and head through the door.

You now have control of Ashley. Check the room for items (there's a yellow herb here) and save if you want. Head through the corridor slowly and run past the monk. Look for lanterns on tables and get close to one. You'll see Ashley can throw them by pressing A. Wait for the monk to approach and throw it at him. Ashley will aim the lantern automatically, but don't throw it while the monk is running or she'll miss. If the monk's getting too close, you can crawl under some of the desks. Hit him with three lanterns and he'll die. If you miss with one of the lanterns, crawl under the desk to the right of the gated archway to escape the area (but pick up the green herb first). If you do kill him you can turn the crank at your leisure to open the gate. The next area houses another monk. Again use the lanterns to kill him, or if you miss, lure him back into the first section, then hit the lever by the gate to close it again and trap him. Turn the two cranks to open the next gateway, then head to the end of the corridor, and turn right, picking up the red herb.

Go through the door, pick up the green herb on the table, and push the shelves out of the way to reveal a switch. Push it, then crawl under the desk near the door. Push the button on the wall here and head through the gate that just opened up. Take the stone tablet from the fireplace, and hit the switch. Go back and hit the switch behind the shelf again, and go through the far door you can now reach. Head down the passage until you reach the room with four knights and a board. Rearrange the pieces to make a crest shape. To do this at first move the middle-left sqaure into the centre, where the hole is. Then simply move your cursor around the board in a clockwise direction, moving the pieces as you go. The puzzle will be solved eventually, with the hole in the bottom right corner. But a piece is missing. Use the Stone Tablet you got earlier and the door will open. Head through and pick up the valuable in the chest, then take the Salazar Family Insignia from the knight figure. Open the chest that appears and take the Serpent Ornament. The door will re-open, and the knights will come in. Lure them one side of the wooden table, then run the other, and escape. Their attacks are slow, but make sure you avoid them. Carry on running along the passage to see another knight poised ready to strike. As you appraoch you'll have to do a button combo dodge. There'll be a second knight like this just round the corner. Run through the door and through the open gates to the door. A final knight will guard the exit, just do a button combo to dodge and then get out of there.

Head along the corridor and through the blue door. Check for items, then put the Salazar Family Insignia in the round dais and push it round to reveal a ladder. Climb up this and through the door to be reunited with Leon.


*MAIN*.41 - Chapter 4.1
Take any items Ashley may have, then watch the cut-scene. Now, don't head forwards just yet. Remember an area just before the maze with some big locked doors? Well, with Ashley in tow, you can give her a piggy back over and unlock the door to get some goodies. So head back through the door near Luis' body. You'll want at least 8 free slots in your case for when you head back, so talk to the merchant and free up some space if need be. Head back through the large room with the bridge in it, and into the cage room. Some enemies will have appeared in here, some carrying scythes. As usual, just be wary of them throwing their weapons, and keep them at a distance. Exit the cage room and head left. There'll be another scythe monk at the end of the passage, so take him out them head through the door.

Nab all the items, slash off the lock on the door, and head out, then turn right to head outside. Next to the fountain, approach the small window and give Ashley a piggyback so she can unlock the door. Inside is a valuable, 5,000 pesatas, a red herb and... the Broken Butterfly magnum! It was definitely worthwhile backtracking a little!

Head back to the room you rescued Ashley from either the way you just came or past the garden maze, again, watching out for enemies in the cage room and surrounding area.

When you head through the door in the room you rescued Ashley from you'll see a strange device over a lava pit. Get on it and travel across, and you'll leave Ashley behind. Save beforehand if you wish. Go through the far door and you'll be in a large room with lava beneath it. Move along a little and you'll see a cut-scene with a guy operating a large dragon-tower. Whip out your rifle and shoot the guy before the dragon gets near you, and it'll fall into the lava, and a chest will appear nearby containing 5,000 pesatas. You can also shoot the large gold coloured sections of chain the dragon is hanging from to make it fall if you can't get a shot at the guy. Head down and jump into the cage with rotating walls and the second dragon will begin to move. Despatch of this as you did the first, shoot the guy on board or the chains, and it'll fall, revealing a further chest. Jump out of the cage, and kill the monks, then grab the valuable in the chest. Head forward and the third and final dragon will appear. Again, hit the guy or the chains, although this time the chains are much much easier to hit, so it's best to go for them. Watch out behind you though, as enemies will jump from the tower just behind to creep up while you're trying to snipe the dragon tower. When the third one falls some steps will be raised, leading you to the Lion Ornament. Head back out of the lava room, despatching any monks that get in the way.

When you get back to Ashley, head right and get on the little cart. Get off and head through the door. You're back near the very start of the castle area, but with all the ornaments to put in the stone decoration. Put them all in place and save if you wish, then head into the new area. Go up the stairs on the right and look behind the Saddler picture for 5,000 pesatas, then go back down and through the door. Hop on the cart for another ride, and head through the door when you reach the end. Head right and right again, through the door to get to a merchant, save point and shooting range. The next game of the shooting range will be available, allowing you to unlock six more bottlecaps and get even more money if you nab all six. Buy or sell anything you need to and save here.

When you're done head out and right, into the room with a yellow herb on the table. Go through the door at the end of the table. Head down the corridor, performing dodge button combos to avoid the knight attacks. Get Ashley to wait before you enter the room at the end. Take the Kings Grail from the table, and three knights will emerge. Back away towards the door you came in through (now barred shut) and take out your shotgun. Shoot them in the heads and parasites will pop out. When all parasites are visible throw a flash grenade to take them all down. Reload your shotgun and pick up the items they left. The three openings will rotate back to their original positions, then begin rotating again, bringing three more knights out. The same tactics apply. Shoot them in the head, and Flash Grenade them when the parasites appear. If you're out of Flash Grenades you'll just have to pummel the parasites with the shotgun, or use the rifle if there's only one knight left. It may seem very hard at first, but assuming you've got a decent firepower with the shotgun it should only take one hit in the head at short-medium range for the parasites to appear. The second set of knights will also leave you 6,500 pesatas each.

Head back to the area just outside the save/merchant room. Go in and save if you want, then take the yellow door to the left as you head out. Push the two statues onto two of the floor plates, get Ashley to stand on a third, and then you stand on the last to open the door. Head through, watch the cut-scene, then aim up at the ceiling, shooting the four red flashing lights. Head through the door Salazar fled through and follow the passage. Watch the cut-scene and get out your rifle to kill the two monks on the mining machine. When they're dead the gate will open letting Ashley out. There's a valuable in the wooden drawer in this room, and the Queens Grail is in the red chest. Slash the padlock, and head back out, again you can go save if you want to.

Take the one remaining unexplored passage, with the Falsh Grenade on the desk, and get Ashley to wait before turning the corner. Now that you have both Grails, four scythe monks with metal masks are waiting for you with a couple of shielded ones in tow. This can be a tough fight, but if you have a spare Hand Grenade just walk to the end of the first red circle on the carpet, and the enemies still won't charge you, then throw the grenade at them to wipe them out. Otherwise, use the shotgun as usual, and maybe snipe a few with the rifle to thin out their numbers at the start. There are various gems, including one valuable, shining on the statues in this room. Place the two Grails in the appropriate places and the door will be unlocked.

Through the door, pick up any items then jump through the broken window on the right of the hall. There's a red herb on the balcony, so get it then head up the ladder and get the valuable in the red chest. Turn left and there's an archway you can jump down from. You can see a large pulsating thing hanging from the ceiling in the next room. You can shoot this down from where you are, or shoot it later, but it's not necessary. If you do it'll take a fair few hits, and you'll get a little cut-scene of the structure falling down the pit, then there'll be lots of little gems on the floor of the room you jump down into.

Anyway, when you head into the room you'll get a little cut-scene and Ashley will be kidnapped again. Then you'll have to deal with a mass of flying bugs, so get out your shotgun. Check your flanks, as they'll come from all directions, and shoot them out of the air. When they're on the ground, make use of your kick if they're about to leap at you, and keep them at a distance. Running may seem like the best option, but there's not too many of them if you choose to stay and fight. If you run away you'll have to run to the opposite end of the platform, pull the lever, shoot off the bridge chains, then head for the exit. If you fought the bugs off, pick up all the items, including the mass of gems if you shot down the big structure on the roof, then do the same with the bridge to lower it.

Buy or sell whatever you need and save before heading along the corridor and going outside. Watch the cut-scene and run forward, across the bridge. You'll see a cut-scene of some monks manning the catapults. Just carry on running across, head left and up the stairs, and they won't be able to hit you. Take out the monks on the top, then head inside, through the door. It's situated on the side of the structure closest to the catapults, so you can snipe the enemies to stop them bombarding you, but it's not necessary if you want to save ammo and just run inside straight after a volley's been fired.

Inside, head up the ladders, checking each floor for items and any bits of wood stuck in the gears in the center of the room. There are three bits of wood in the gears, and all need to be shot so you can operate the level on the top floor. The bridge will rotate around the castle, and the doorway on the very bottom floor (one below the level you entered on) will open. Head down cautiously, as three crossbow monks will have appeared. Use the pillars in the corners for cover, and make your way down, taking them out as you go. When you jump down to the lowest level, You'll get a little cut-scene. If you have an Incendiary Grenade, throw it to your right, over the railing and into the group of enemies who are advancing around the bottom floor. The first stick of dynamite thrown from above won't hit you if you stay by the ladder. Then, head along and right to the steps, taking out the crossbow monk at the bottom, and any others you meet on the way. Head down the steps, and into the corner where the crossbow monk was standing, and wait for any more foes to come for you. You should be safe from the TNT here. Once you've killed them all, you can head back up and exact revenge on the TNT throwing monk, otherwise head out the now open door.

Three shielded monks will advance along the bridge. You can take them out with the rifle before they get too close, or wait for all of them to get closer and shotgun or Incendiary Grenade them to blow away their shields, then finish them. When you're done with them it might be a good idea to save. Head along the bridge and watch the cut-scene. You're sandwiched. You can simply throw a Flash Grenade, and run through the door infront, avoiding any confrontation. If you do want to massacre the lot of them, your best bet is to turn around immediately, and shoot the three behind you with your shotgun. Eliminate them quickly and run back towards the save point area near the door, and shotgun or grenade the approaching mass. The head monk will eventually be able to fire off his rocket (he'll keep moving around trying to find a direct shot at you), so when he does, try to move forward to avoid it. If you're lucky it might hit the mass of monks in front of you too, saving you some ammo. Also, beware of the spider parasites, as a couple usually pop out here. When the horde's defeated, kill the leader who had the rocket and he'll drop a valuable. If you're having trouble with this section, reload and have a few tries, or if you get bored, just lob a Flash Grenade and run past the lot of them.

Head through the door when done, and you'll be in a room with a couple of monks up the stairs, and behind them two wolverines! This is quite tough. You need to take out the monks quickly when they approach, as they'll just distract you from your main targets, the wolverines. I like to pick off both monks quickly using a rifle, then move away from the door as the wolverines charge. The wolverines are tough. You really need to move as soon as you fire, as shoot one and the other will come running. Try to concentrate on taking one out first, then the second should be relatively simple. Use your rifle for power and accuracy, or even switch to your magnum if things get desperate. If you're lucky, the wolverines will stay at seperate ends of the room for most of the time. There's also a couple of bells up the stairs for emergencies or if you want an easy hit. Also, beware of them getting right up close to you, as they may just randomly slash around in a frenzy if they think something might be nearby, even if they haven't heard anything. Only run if one is charging your way and you need to make a quick exit out of his path. You can also use the side corridor to the right of the stairs, but beware a monk is hiding in there. Oh, also note that one of the wolverines is armoured, while the other isn't. The armoured one is slightly tougher, taking a bit more damage to kill than the regular wolverines you've faced up until now. When the wolverines are down and the doors are open, head up the stairs, and beware of three monks coming behind you, through the door you entered through.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Salazars Bodyguard
Head through the exit, and up the stairs, picking up the gems from the statues, then through the door at the end. Watch the cut-scene and be prepared for a button combo to stop Leon falling to his doom. Check the sewer area for ammo, and get the valuable off one of the dead guys down here with you. You should probably save here and get anything you need from the merchant, then head up the ladder, and down the passage picking up the red herb. There's also a couple of gems shining in some of the water pipes. Carry on through the door and along the passage to get a second cut-scene. Keep going straight, heading for the room at the very end of the passage, looking out for dodge button combos. Salazars bodyguard will begin attacking with his claws from the ceiling and the floor, so beware. Head into the room at the end, and turn on the power unit at the back right of the room to activate the elevator. Head to the door that just locked you in the room and try to open it. It will take a while to open, and as soon as you hit the switch, Salazars bodyguard will leap down and head for you. Shoot him to try and get him to flinch, or if this fails, hit the button combo to dodge his attack. Then, run past him and back towards the power switch. You'll see a large canister. Go up to it and you'll get the option to knock it over. Wait for the bodyguard to get close (but not too close), then do so, freezing him. You can kick him as he flinches from being frozen in you feel like getting some revenge, but beware, the feezing won't last too long. He'll be slown down, but it will slowly wear off, leaving you to try and run and dodge him. When you hear a shatter, that's him shaking off the remaining ice. Try to run around the square pen by the power switch, avoiding him, until the door opens. Don't be shy of using a recovery item or two if he hurts you too much either. As soon as the door opens, run for it. Back in the corridor, watch again for dodge combos. They will start coming in twos and threes, so as soon as you hit the first, be prepared for two more in order to dodge all attacks. You'll reach another canister, adn as you do so the bodyguard should leap down. Knock over the canister to freeze him again. Carry on heading down the corridor, and take the right when you reach it, and in through the door. Wait in the corner by the canister for him to approach, then knock it down, freezing him a third time. Run past him and out the door, then head back along the corridor, and run along until you hit a left. Head through it. There's another canister in here, just left of the door. Knock it down as he enters the room. When he's free from that ice, it's just a matter of surviving until the elevator arrives. Keep your health topped up, keep your distance, and hit those dodge combos!
You can actually kill this guy too if you want, but it'll take some doing. If you still have that rocket launcher from earlier, you can use it once the bodyguard is frozen to deliver a one hit kill. Alternatively you can shoot him when he's frozen, preferably with your magnum as it's the most powerful thing you've got, to try to down him. You can also throw genades as these will do some harm, and use your rifle if he's at long range. Once you've used all the canisters, run back into the corridor and try to get some distance between him and you, then open fire and dodge when he gets too close. If you ever knock him over, use the time to blast him even more. You'll need to if you're going to kill him. If you do manage to down him, you'll get a valuable for your troubles and the elevator will immediately arrive. If he's killed while frozen, he'll shatter, a bit like in Terminator 2. If he's not frozen when he dies he'll just fall over, spurting some strange coloured blood.
Note: If you're just trying to survive, it is not a good idea to shoot or damage him while frozen, as this will cuase him to break free of the ice quicker. If you are trying to fell him, blast away! Also, when he's running up behind you, the dodge combo always seems to be L + R.

Head up the lift, and it's chapter completed.


*MAIN*.42 - Chapter 4.2
Head off the elevator, pick up the items and speak to the merchant, and save if you want. You can also enter the shooting range and the third round of target practice will have opened up, another opportunity to get six more bottlecaps and earn some money. When you're done head through the door and down the corridor. Look out for the villagers, and carry on. You'll come out in a big room. You can pick off some of the villagers below, but look out for any throwing axes. Take the lot of them out, then pull the lever by the track to bring a cart onto the nearby platform. Turn around, and follow the path to the left and up the steps, watching out for the villagers that have appeared. Pick up the 5,000 pesatas from behind the lever, then pull it to bring the power back on. Head down the stairs and Dr. Salvatore wil appear near the mine cart. Head back up the stairs and take him and the other villagers out with the rifle or shotgun as they approach. Nab all the stuff off their bodies, and go back down and hit the lever by the mine track again, then head under the track and get the dynamite from the cart. Use it on the boulder next to the lever, and stand back. If you didn't already kill them the two villagers will charge you, so take them out, then head through the door behind.

These two El Gigante's are much tougher than the one (potentially two) you killed prevoiusly in the game. Before they come out, head around the outskirts of the room picking up the items, then head towards the door, noting the lever at one end of the room and the scaffolding at the other. As soon as the two enter, head for the scaffolding, and climb it. When the two are lured towards it or start to shake it, press A near the slider to slide down to the lever on the opposite side. Press A by the lever to shift your view, and then press again when one of the beasts is standing in the central circle in the room. The sides will open and one El Gigante will fall in. At this point, avoid getting close to the pit, or the El Gigante in the lava will drag you down too, killing you instantly. Unfortunately you can't deal with both this way. When the floor eventually closes up again, the lever won't open the floor again, so you'll have to deal with the second the old fashioned way. He'll take a lot of punishment before his parasite becomes visible, but when it eventually does, jump on and slash away. The best way to attack this guy is to head over to the scaffolding, climb it, and shoot him once if you've got time before he shakes it. When he does, slide down to the lever, turn around, and open fire as he lumbers at you. Occasionally he'll drop a shoulder and charge you, but just do the dodge button combo to get out the way. When he gets too close, run back to the scaffolding and repeat the process. After not too long he'll go down and you can pick up 15,000 pesatas from his body.

Head cautiously down the corridor of the next room, and it'll open out to a large cavern. Beware, as it's filled with bugs, flying and crawling around the place. Turn left as you enter the cavern for a green herb, then head right, up the ledge, shotgunning any bugs that head your way. When you reach the end of the ledge, head right, and go into the cave there. Pick up the green herb, press the switch, and turn around as a mass of bugs head into the cave. Shotgun the lot of them as they reach the doorway section of the cave, and don't let them too near. If the odd one gets close and leaps for you, hit A to kick him away. When they stop coming, leave the cave, again with caution. Turn left and follow the path round, taking out any bugs in the way and picking up the TMP ammo. There's some handgun ammo just by the entrance to the second cave too. Enter the second cave, and turn round to take out any bugs that followed you in. Inside is another green herb and another switch. Hit the switch to open the exit to the cavern, then turn again to see off the horde that enter the cave. Again, train your shotgun on the cave entracne, and blast the bugs that cram in. Head out and there'll be a few flying around, take these down and go through the gate.

Run under the first weight just after it's pounded down, as it's lifting up again, then climb up and jump off the raised section. Run under the second weight and quickly jump down, then pull the lever. This will stop the second of the next three weights falling down. Head under the first, then wait under the second before running under the third. Follow the corridor, take the Royal Insignia, then check the alter device to raise the platform.


*MAIN*.43 - Chapter 4.3
Check out the barrels, and chat with the Mercant and save if you want to. Take out the first two villagers in the ruins, then head up the ladder to the left to see a large group around a fire. Just lob a grenade in the center of them (the camp fire) to take them all out. If you have none, you can take them out from your high vantage point quite easily. Head to the building behind and right of the fire and jump through the window, then turn the crank and go down the hole.

Head along the tunnel until you come into the room containing the ruins. You can take some potshots at villagers from your vantage point, but you should also be able to see a Dr. Salvatore through a window in the structure back and to the left, so you can snipe him if you wish. After shots have been fired, some of the villagers will head for you, so take them out. If the Dr. Salvatore on the top floor of the building hears you, he'll stand at the window running towards the ladder, but he can't jump out, so you can pick him off. Head into the ruins cautiously, looking for bear traps and shooting them. In the room under the area you entered from is a valuable. Make your way to the building the Dr. Salvatore was in and (assuming you killed him) head up the ladder. Grab the key and other items in this room, and some villagers will appear outside, climbing up the ladder to lay seige to the building. You can simply slash them with the knife as they climb the ladder, as none will enter from downstairs. If you do head downstairs, you'll meet another Dr. Salvatore. You don't have to face him (simply jump back out the window when you've killed the villagers), but if you want to, I find it best to enter from the door on the ground floor after jumping back out the window, as he's then facing away from you as you enter the room, giving you a free shot before he sees you. Take the free shot and knock him over (use a rifle or shotgun) and then you can actually kill him without him ever starting his chainsaw, just keep shooting him in the head to knock him down whenever he gets up. When you're done, head up the steps and through the door, after picking up the red herb next to it.

Follow the path and enter the room. Here comes an annoying bit. The roof will start coming down on you. Shoot out the four red lights on the ceiling as fast as possible, but be aware that a bunch of the spider parasites will appear in the room (free of hosts) and attack you. There's three, but you should have time to shoot them all and then take out the lights as long as you keep your cool. Examine the tomb when your done to find a bunch of cash, then head down the spiral stairs and through the red door.

Now prepare for your first mine-cart ride! Reload any weapons that need it, and hop into the rear cart, then over into the middle one and shoot the lever to your left. Enemies will jump down into the carts, so take them out quickly, and change carts if necessary. If you're in the middle one, make sure to check in front and behind you for enemies. After the first two groups there's a dodge button combo to duck a low beam, so hit that to avoid damage. Then a villager will turn a lever, stopping the cart. Shoot the lever to start the journey again, and beware the Dr. Salvatore who'll jump into the middle cart. After this the pace will pick up. Another Dr. Salvatore will soon be joining you, so use the shotgun and rifle to deal maximum damage. After this, another wave will leap in the cart, and the speed will increase as you head down a spiral. At this point you won't be able to change carts, and soon you'll need to perform a buttom combo to leap from the cart as the track ends and it plummets down. Then, tap A fast to climb up onto the ledge.

Head through the door, pick up the Stone of Sacrifice, and head through the next door, then climb the ladder. You'll emerge back at the campfire in the ruins, so go place the stone in the door there and head on through.


*MAIN*.44 - Chapter 4.4
Head along the corridor and down the stairs to see a cut-scene. Carry on to see another, where the platforms across the water will be lowered. Head back up the stairs and take out the monk, then go up the ladder, taking out the monk there, and wait for more to head towards you from the hand moving up and down. When you've taken out the enemies nearby, jump onto the hand, then turn around as it takes you up. Shoot at the crossbow monk so he doesn't shoot you, and when he's dead, jump across to the higher level, taking out the other monk there as well. Operate the lever there to raise one platform, then look behind the statue of Salazar to see a lever on his back. Shoot it and both his hands will move up and down, then across when up to meet each other. Jump onto his nearest hand as it ascends, then onto the next one when the two are close, shooting down any monks that are in the way. Jump over to the top platform on the opposite side, and take out any monks there. Now jump back on his closest hand, turn around, and jump off when it gets to the platform immediately below. Take out the red monk and any others, then jead downstairs and pull the lever. Three monks will jump down from above. You can just run out the now open door or take them out with a Hand Grenade or distract them with an Incendiary Grenade. The choice is yours. Also, beware of more monks approaching your position from the other side of the statue.

When you head out onto the path along the water, watch the cut-scene and tap A fast to run away from the advancing statue, then hit L to dodge one pillar, then R to dodge another, then L + R to dodge two. Then slash the lock off the door and go through. Again, tap A to run, then hit L + R to jump and grab the platform, then tap A again to climb to safety. Then head through the door.

Watch the cut-scene and perform a dodge button combo just after Leon throws his knife at Salazar to avoid getting killed. Check the ground floor for items, then head up the stairs. You'll see a cut-scene with a monk pulling a lever to send barrels down the stairs. Turn to your left and watch the monk armed with a scythe walk along the wooden ledge, towards you. If you're lucky a barrel will hit and kill him. If not, take him out with your gun. Then, staying on the balcony out of the barrels way, look left and up to take out the monk operating the lever and the other one next to him. Then head up the stairs safely (you can take the route along the wooden platform if you wish). When you reach the area with the lever, you'll see a cut-scene of more monks heading to you from below, where you entered. Take out the monk opposite and above the lever who's throwing TNT, then pull the lever a few times to make sure the monks heading up the stairs don't make it to you intact. Make sure you're off of the stairs area when pulling the lever or barrels will immediately hit you as they fall. After dealing with the ascending monks, you can head back down to kill their leader if you wish. Once you're done, head to the lift on the same floor as the barrel lever, and push off the two crates before activating the lift. Look out for a couple of crossbow monks, and when monks start jumping onto the lift, take them out. When there are two or more monks on the lift, it'll stop moving up due to too much weight, so get rid of them to start moving again. Just keep battling them, and beware of any parasites that appear from their heads, and eventually the lift will stop. Get off and head around the outside of the tower, jumping over the gap, and when you reach the lift carry straight on and jump down to get to a chest with a valuable inside. Then head up the lift, follow the stairs, then save. Buy or sell anything you need to from the merchant, and head through the door.

After the cut-scene, begin shooting at the right hand eye of the boss' 'face', hitting any dodge combos that appear. If he manages to grab you and throw you down to the bottom level, beware of spider parasites that will appear and attack you, although these can be killed to give you extra ammo, and head back up one of the ladders and into the center of the room. When you've shot the eye enough times, Salazar will show himself, so shoot him with either your rifle or magnum to deal maximum damage. If you've been stubbornly saving your rocket launcher from earlier in the castle, you can use it when Salazar reveals himself for a one hit kill. If you don't have it, he'll become shielded again after you've got a few shots in. Again, focus on his eye, and hit any button combos that appear. If the mouth on his face begins to open, run to the left or right to avoid him eating you whole. If he starts smashing his head into the floor, stay central in front of the door and he should pass right over you. It's just a matter of perseverance really. Keep shooting the big faces eye, then shoot Salazar with the most powerful guns you've got when he's exposed. Keep dodging with the button combos and run to one side when he's preparing to bite you, and you should be fine. If you're finding it tough going you could always buy a rocket launcher off the merchant at the save point to take Salazar down in a single hit. Really, it's not that tough a boss battle once you've practiced a bit though. When the boss is dead, collect any items in the room then head up the ladder in the middle and pick up the 50,000 pesatas before heading through the door.

Head along the stone balcony, down the rope, then down the elevator. Follow the corridor, buy or sell anything you need to, and continue through the door, then watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.51 - Chapter 5.1
Follow the path and jump down when necessary. Head along again, and jump the gap, then carry on at the bridge, and climb up the rock twice, then check the crates for items. Head back to the wooden bridge and cross it. You'll see a cut-scene as you approach the outpost. Shoot the searchlight before jumping over the gap. Head for the window, and shoot the guard there. Take him out then head left towards the small wall, and you'll get a cut-scene showing a large military guy with a chain-gun. Run behind the building with the window for cover, and when he's finished shooting, back to the wall to the section with the hole in it and hit him with your rifle. Keep hitting him, not giving him a chance to shoot the chain-gun, and you'll kill him soon enough. There'll be 15,000 pesatas on his body. Take out any more enemies as you slowly advance, checking the left building for a green herb, then heading to the circle left of the door and checking it to get a laser to appear. Head to the roof of the structure behind the door, and line up the mirror there with the second mirror. Head to the second mirror on top of the building with the searchlight on it. Rotate this mirror so the laser hits the circle right of the door, and the door will open for you.

Head through the door and right, and dodge the boulder that will fall with a button combo. Head across the bridge, and take out the two enemies before climbing the ladder.

Immediately turn around as you climb out and pick up the gem on the crates behind you. Then head out and watch out for the enemy to your left. Jump the gap, and then jump through the window on your right, taking out the enemies inside. Explore the caves to find a red herb and an explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel and head through the gap in the wall it opens to find a valuable in a chest. Head back out the window you jumped through, and round the corner. It's best to equip the rifle here and pick off the crossbow enemy. Advance slowly, and run back if you hear a rocket being launched, then snipe the other two crossbow guys, and the TNT guy. Head round the corner and into the cave on the left. Take out the guy inside, and head to the end for some items, then turn around and take out the approaching enemies as they cross the bridge. Head onto the bridge, and shoot the wagon below to take out the enemy there, then jump down, hit the switch, and head through the door.

There's a merchant a save point here so do any buying or selling and save if you want to, then advance, sniping the crossbow man, and taking out the other enemies as they approach. Then head through the door at the end.

Head down the corridor and round the corner, then through the door with the round window in it. An enemy should run out at you, so take him down. Head forward and turn left and into the kitchen area. An enemy will burst out of a cooker on fire, so run out of his way, and wait for him to burn to death.

Head through the next door and slowly advance. As you approach the grating to your left, get out your rifle and pick off the large armoured guy with the hammer and half his face in metal. A shot to the head should down him in one. Again, head slowly down the stairs, and shoot the large hammer enemy in the face with the rifle as you turn the corner, then beware of two enemies who will approach from behind. Take them out, and the crossbow man below, then check out the room. There's a valuable in the metal case here. Head back up and through the metal door, and you'll see a cut-scene. Head through the next door, and then right to see the merchant. There's a shooting range here too, and the fourth and final shooting range game will be unlocked, so collect the six bottlecaps to get more cash.

When you're done head out, past the broken window on the right. The blast door in front will open, and two guys will throw TNT at you. Head back behind the window wall for safety, then stand there and take aim ready for when they throw again. Shoot either of them or their TNT stick. As soon as one dies, he'll blow, killing the other. When the door opens again, a bunch of crossbow enemies will be there. Feel free to chuck a grenade in while the door's open, or just shoot them all. When all the crossbow men are dead the door will stay open for you. Head through, and then through the double doors.

Turn left, unlock the door, and save in the side room. There's a valuable in the crate in the room with the typewriter too. Head up the stairs, then take a left when you hit the wall, and follow the corridor, then head through the door. Head forward, and watch the cut-scene, then check the console outside the right door. Hit the blue once, then yellow, then green twice, and finally red three times to open the door up. Head on through and grab the Freezer Key Card off the unfortunate dead guy. You'll hear a smash, and the body from the cut-scene before will be alive. You can't kill this beast just yet, so lob an Incendiary Grenade to distract it, and run past it and out the door. Follow the corridor, and round the corner is another regenerator. Again, use an Incendiary Grenade to distract it while you run past, then head through the chain-link door and take the first door on the right, using the Freezer Card to get in.

Head right when inside, and use the key card rewriter to turn the Freezer Card into a Waste Disposal Card. turn right again to turn off the cryogenic device, then head into the side room at the back right, and grab the Infrared Scope. Watch the cut-scene, then combine the scope with your rifle and equip your rifle. Shoot the regenerators three red spots as he enters the side room, and he'll explode, leaving you 5,000 pesatas.

Head out, turn right then left and get the item from the metal case, then turn around and shoot the regenerators red spots using the rifle and infrared scope. Run up the corridor where the regenerator was, then through the waste disposal door. Move along the corridor and in the right door, then operate the crane. Try to pick up enemies with the crane, and it'll drop them down the pit. It's kind of like those arcade machines where you're trying to pick up a stuffed toy, but a bit easier. After taking out the first one, the other enemies will huddle down behind the rubbish crates, but you can try to pick them up too, just line up the cranes shadow with them. You have limited tries, and then the remaining enemies will bust into the crane operating room and try to get revenge, so simply kill them. Head down to the area with the rubbish and pick up the herb and the gem in one of the bins, then go through the door and along the corridor. You'll come out in a room. Check it for items, then leave through the far door.

Head cautiously along the corridor, and turn right. You'll see two of the large armoured guys with hammers are guarding Ashleys cell. Either run in front of them then shotgun them in the head as they head for you, or distract them with something (ie. an Incendiary or Flash Grenade) and then shoot them in the head with the rifle. You'll find the cell locked, so head through the other door.

Move along the corridor, open the door and back away. As the enemy opens the door, shoot at him. A bunch more will come through the door, so kill them all, then proceed into the room. Beware of the guy with the shield and those who'll come from the level below as you enter. Head downstairs and through the door on the right when they're dealt with. Go up the stairs and straight on, to the save point. Save your progress, then head back out and go through the door outside.

Head through the door in front of you and watch the cut-scene. Equip your rifle and infrared scope, head towards the doorway in front and right of you, and shoot at the spiky regenerators red spots. If he gets too close, head back through the door and stand by the door you came in through. Shoot the four spots on his front and there's still one left on his back. Shoot off a leg so he falls down and then shoot the one on his back to kill him, and pick up the Storage Room Card Key. Beware when you've shot his leg off through as he'll still crawl along the ground with a view to leaping up and chewing down on your neck. Head through the window, into the room with all the glass cabinets and cylinders to pick up a couple of herbs (red and green), then head out the left door and exit the area. Head up the lift and grab the green herb, then go into the control tower to see a cut-scene. Head back down, buy or sell anything you need, and head back into the building.

Go back through the room the spiky regenerator was in, then along the corridor to the room with the staircase in it. More enemies will be here. Take out the crossbow enemies with your rifle, then shoot any who approach with your shotgun. Head upstairs, through the door and along the corridor, then left through the next door. Enter Ashleys cell and walk forward.


*MAIN*.52 - Chapter 5.2
Head towards the exit of the cell and pick up the note Ada sends you. Get Ashley to wait in the cell while you head out. A bunch of enemies will be down the left corridor, including a large hammer guy. Shotgun his face if he gets too close, then finish him off while he's down. There's a fair few enemies about here, but just keep your back against the wall and blast them with the shotgun as they approach. Also beware of any spider parasites if you blow off any heads. Call Ashley and head left down the corridor, then take the right and go through the door. There will be a group in here, including one with a crossbow, and they'll lock the exit door. Take them out and hit the switch to open the door again, and turn around as more enemies pour in. Shoot the two to the right, and take out the crossbow guy across the table while they're down, then finish off the others.

Head through the open door, down the corridor and watch the cut-scene as you enter the garbage room. Walk forward and operate the lever on the right to open the gate. Quickly head through as the spiky regenerator springs to life, then close it using the switch on the other side. Take it out from safe behind the grating (again, there's one parasite on his back, so shoot out a leg to see it), then open the gate and collect the money it drops. Open the grate in front of you, and push the large red box into the water, then head back into the gate room, and close the get behind you. Stand near the window by the explosive crate and look to the side, through the window, to see another spiky regenerator. He shouldn't be facing you, so shoot his back parasite now with your rifle. He'll then start heading into the room where the red box was, so simply take him out from behind your grating, and go pick up the money when you're done. Head across the red box, pick up the rifle ammo and green herb, then push the next red box out of the way and head through the doorway.

In the next room there's a group of foes including another large hammer wielding chap. Shoot him in the head with the shotgun or rifle, then take out the other enemies. Head along, right through the door and up the stairs. Turn right and jump down and Ashley will point out the gate, but you won't be able to get through just yet. A bunch of enemies will run in, another two hammer guys in tow. Shoot the group with the shotgun or maybe lob a grenade at them to keep them at a distance. You can also shoot enemies close to the central lava pit to make them fall in. When most are dead, head for the small room at the back right and get Ashley to operate the controls while you protect her. More enemies will keep leaping down into the room, so keep your eyes peeled. After about three swings of the ball the wall will collapse, so head through the door quickly. In this section you'll be able to hear a regenerators strange breathing. It's behind the metal door ahead. Operate the lever and open fire with your rifle and infrared scope, not letting him get in close. Head down the corridor on the right just before the lever and pick up the items, them head out and along the corridor. Head left when you get to the turning, and into the room to get a green herb and press the red switch on the wall, then head out the door again. Another regenerator will be outside, so take him out. Get Ashley to crawl under the stuck shutter and open it for you. Head through the door on the right and save.

Head out and get Ashley to stand by one lever, while you stand by another. Press A and it'll cut to some red bars lighting up along with beeps. Press A when the round light in the middle lights up (on the fourth beep) and the door will open. Nab the items and hop on the back of the truck while Ashley drives. After the cut-scene loads of enemies will start to give chase. You can shoot them as they run, or if you're low on ammo let some jump onto the truck and then grab the items they drop when they die. This may seem risky, but the enemies here are weaker than normal, taking only a few shots to die. When you hear the load beep of the truck coming up behind you, get out something powerful, your shotgun for example, and take a shot or two at the front section of the truck (where the engine would be) to make it burst into flame and avoid it crashing into you. Take out the enemies again as usual and soon you'll see the truck again. Just shoot the engine compartment again to finish it off.

Next you'll get stuck on the lift. Head off the truck and turn left or right (it's up to you) and up the ladder. Proceed, and take out the enemies you encounter. Watch out as they'll likely come up behind you too. This is tricky, as some will also climb onto the back of the truck and head for Ashley, so you need to be very careful, striking a balance between keeping the enemies off Ashleys back and keeping them off yours. If you haven't increased Ashleys health using yellow herbs, she can die in one hit here, and even if her health is maxed out she's very vulnerable, so be extremely careful. Using the shotgun to hit enemies near Ashly isn't recommended as you could hit her as well. Use your pistol of rifle for accuracy, or throw an Incendiary Grenade if you're sure you won't hit Ashley too. You can't even heal Ashley if she takes damage, as you're not close enough, so be extra careful. When you've pulled the lever, get down to the truck again fast and the lift will start moving.

When the truck gets off the lift, look forwards and watch out for enemies above, then shoot the enemies coming from behind. Use your shotgun when it starts getting crowded. When you reach the door, you'll have to wait a while before it'll open, then another truck will be heading right at you from ahead. Face forward and again let rip until it explodes. The trucks will still collide, but you won't die, and your truck will go through the wall to the left. Head through the door from the wreckage and look in the case for a valuable. Talk to the merchant and save. Go through the door to the left and watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.53 - Chapter 5.3
Nab the gold to the left of the stairs, then head up them and left. You'll see a cut-scene. Afterwards, go forward and head left, down the stairs. Shoot out the glass above where you see shining to get a gem to drop down. Take down any enemies who go through the door at the bottom of the stairs, then head through. Use the canister to your right as cover and slowly advance. Move back behind it when an enemy sees you and shoot them as they give chase. There'll be a guy firing a crossbow, but you probably won't be able to see him. If you can see him in the boarded window above, shoot him with the rifle. Otherwise, head forward, right, then left immediately to go under the walkway. Look up and shoot the crossbow guy through the floor. If he moves, take him out downstairs. Head to the end of the room adn turn right and through the door to get some items. Head back out and take out anyone who may have given chase, then go up the stairs on the left and into the small room, taking out the guy inside. Head back down the stairs and through the door at the bottom. Follow the corridor, go out, and get in the lift.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Krauser (knife fight)
Head forward into the square room, and watch the cut-scene. Watch out, as this cut-scene is the boss battle. Throughout you'll need to pull off quick dodge combos to avoid Krauser knifing you. If you miss any of them, you'll die immediately. The following is a list of when each button combo will appear, although the actual combo (L + R or A + B) seems to be random.

--> Right after Leon turns around and you see Krausers hand on the pipe above.
--> Just after Krauser says "After all, you and I both know where we come from".
--> Just after Leon says "What do you want?", then krauser takes one swipe and follows up with another. You must dodge the second.
--> Right after Krauser says "The sample Saddler developed, that's all".
--> Just after Krauser kicks a barrel up at you (after he says "I'm American"), you'll knock it away automatically, but then have to parry his knife.
--> After Leon slashes Krauser across the chest, and Krauser chuckles.
--> Right at the end, when Krauser says "Die, comrade!" he'll leap at you. You don't have to do a button combo, but will need to tap either A or B rapidly, then tap the other when the icon changes.

Do everything successfully, and you'll have survived the boss. The only tips really are to learn when the combos are coming (this list should be very handy) and practice.

Head down the ladder, and in the door. Head through the doorway ahead and watch the cut-scene of lasers appearing. They will move in a pattern. Run through when the single horizontal one is high up top and the two vertical beams have just crossed each other in the middle. Another, more complex pattern will appear ahead. Watch the pattern and run through when you see the two beams at the side that are usually diagonal to form a triangle go vertical. This will create a kind of doorway in the lasers. These two lasers will form a triangle at first, shift up and down to form another triangle, then shift to form the doorway. When this happens, and all the horizontal lasers are above you, run through quickly. A bunch of lasers will appear ahead and move towards you. Hit a button combo to dodge through them. Run through the crackling laser circles ahead, and get ready for another button combo as you're about halfway through. You'll backflip away from them, and they'll follow you, so you'll swiftly have to perform another combo. Head to the door and hit the switch. The lasers will turn on behind you. Watch them approach, then hit the combo when it appears to dodge. I find it's a little easier to dodge if you move towards the beams, away from the door a little. I think maybe the button combo appears a bit earlier as you're closer to the lasers. Then the door will open.
Note: I'm not 100% on this, but I think the laser dodges are always L + R as opposed to A + B.

Head through the door and take the gem off the seat. You can have a sit down too if you'd like. There's also a valuable above the room, on the archway. When you're done head behind the chair and onto the lift. Head down the stairs and get the items under them, then head to the merchant and save point. There's a red herb through the chain link door. Save here, then head through the big wooden doors. Get the yellow herb in the little enclave, then head along the ledge and watch the cut-scene with the suspended metal cage. Keep heading forward and watch the cut-scene.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: It (cage fight)
You're now stuck in the metal cage with a rather monstrous looking beast. And it's headed right for you! Shoot him in the face with a shotgun once or twice and he'll leap onto the ceiling. If he gets in too close, simply run left of him, as he'll try to grab you with his left arm (ie. the one on your right), so you should avoid it. If he manages to grab you, twirl the control stick to shake him off before he snaps your neck. Run forward, turn left, then left again. Shoot the green light to your right and head through then press the big red button. Turn around, and if It is there, shoot him in the face as before. If any button combos appear, hit them to dodge his attacks. Head back to where you started, picking up the shotgun shells, and turn right at the end to get a green herb. Turn around and again, shoot the green light. Follow the path, and turn left at the end to reach the second console. Hit the red button and head into the next cage before you fall into oblivion.
In the second one, head immediately right and pick up the Incendiary Grenade. Turn round, head right, and walk to the end. It will leap down, so shoot him again so he'll leave you alone, then head forward, shoot the green light on the right, and turn around through the gate. Hit the switch there, and head back to where the cut-scene appeared. Shoot the green light above and behind the gate ahead so it'll open. Head on through and turn right for TMP ammo or left for the switch. When you've pressed the switch, turn around and take the second right to get to the exit before your thirty seconds is up, using the map if you get disorientated.
In the last container, turn right and press the button on the first console. You'll get a cut-scene and It will be in front of you, with some claws popping out of his back. Again, quickly shoot him so he'll jump to the ceiling (he'll take more damage now), or run past him, and head through the doorway on the right. Head left as you come out, then left again. Shoot the switch on the other side of the grating, and head back to the start of the container to hit the second switch, then run for the exit and jump onto the chain hanging in front of you to escape.

Pick up all the items on your right and head to the gate, then you'll see another cut-scene. It isn't dead.

Turn around and run around the boulder and you'll see a red barrel. Lure It near the barrel and shoot it to hurt him. Then run to the gate right of the one you entered through, and operate the lever on the left to open it. Run through, then operate the lever inside on the left wall to shut the gate again, locking It out. Get out something powerful, and take some pot-shots. If you give It the chance, he'll smash the grating and head for you. If he does, turn around and run for the other gate, picking up the ammo on the way. If you want to, turn around and shoot the red barrel when you're past it and he's close to it to deal more damage. Open the gate using the lever (again on the left) and turn left when outside, and hit the lever there too so It will be trapped again. As before, get out something powerful and fire away. Eventually his head will sag, but the claw thing on his back will still be alive and roar at you. He'll now be able to dig underground, so hiding behind gates will be no use. Run away and hit any button combos to dodge his attacks. When he pops up, take a shot if you have the time, run away if not, as he may chase you and start slicing with his claw, so keep your distance. Take heart, eventually It will die, just keep pummelling him and avoiding his claw, and when he does he'll leave you 50,000 pesatas.

Head out the door you came in through, and turn right, through the metal door. Head along the corridor, get the green herb by the stairs, then climb the ladder.

Climb the ladder in front of you, and exit out the door. Look down to see a camp with a whole load of military guys. There's red barrels strategically placed so you can blow most opposition up. Even if you miss a few, you can just slash them as they climb the ladder to you so you don't use up any ammo. Pick up any dropped items in the camp, then head into the large tent and down the man hole. Follow the path and turn right for a valuable, then head to the merchant and save point. There's also a shooting range here in case you failed to get all six bottlecaps and the extra money on any of the previous ones. Save your game and head up the ladder by the save point, then through the double doors ahead. Get the herb in the barrel on the left, and head forward, jumping down when you need to.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Krauser (cat and mouse game in the ruins)
After the cut-scene, turn left and head into the wooden doorway, then up the ladder. Head to the corner the barrel's in, and hold L to aim your knife. You'll be using your knife a lot in this fight as it seems to hurt Krauser a lot, and it saves on using your ammo. As he heads for you, slash away to damage him. You may also get a button combo appearing. If so hit the combo, and prepare for more in quick succession as you may have to dodge multiple attacks. He may start firing at you, but it doesn't seem to happen very often at all. If it does, just run towards him and slash him as soon as he whips his gun out. After a few slashes he'll throw a Flash Grenade and disappear. Pick up the items behind you and those downstairs, then head through the metal barred door. Head for the wall section ahead and to the right, and stand in the corner with your knife out. Krauser should charge you, so again, slash him or hit the series of button combos as he gets close. He shouldn't be able to get behind you, but if he does you may have to twirl the control stick to escape his grasp, then hit a button combo to prevent getting slashed. Again, after a few slashes Krauser will disappear. Head along the path, turn right down the stairs, then right at the bottom to the bridge with pillars. Advance slowly, using the pillars for cover as Krauser shoots from the roof of the building in front. When you reach one of the last pillars, hide behind it, turn towards the path slightly and get your knife out again ready for Krauser to get near. Again, after a slash or two he'll use a Flash Grenade. Head into the building and on top of it to nab the items, then jump down and go down the stairs behind it. Head down the small steps, then left up the spiral steps and watch the cut-scene. You now have the first insignia, and are locked in the area with Krauser. Run forward towards the area with a roof, under where Krauser will jump up. His gunfire won't be able to reach you here, but you may still need to pull off button combos to dodge explosions. Eventually he should jump down and head for you, so again, slash him as he's close. He may also tell you to "come out and fight like a man" to which you can respond if you want to. You'll see a statue raise from the floor when he's gone. Push it over the tile inbetween the two small walls to open the grates in front of two switches. Hit the one in your room to open the gate and leave, heading back down the stairs. When you reach the small building you were at earlier, head right behind it and turn the corner left so you see the door. As you approach the door, beware, Krauser is behind the corner on the left (you can see his shadow). Advance slowly and he'll run out, so slash him some more to get him to leave you alone. Hit the switch and head through the gate, jumping down where the ladder is. Shoot the two robots, as they'll explode if you get too close, and pick up the herb in front of you. Turn left, and head right through the tunnel. On your left as you come out will be another robot on the ground, so shoot it. Head along the path and turn right at the junction, then right again. There's another couple of robots in the tunnel so take them out. Head out of the tunnel and watch the cut-scene. You can respond to Krausers question if you wish (press A), although I don't think it makes anything different happen. Quickly turn and run from the two robots that appear, one flying, the other on the floor. Turn around and shoot them when you have a bit of distance, then head back to the area and enter the tower. Pick up the yellow herb and head upstairs, then up the ladder. Head left to nab some magnum ammo and a green herb, then turn around, head to the other half of the tower, and onto the wooden section to pick up the second insignia.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Krauser (battle on the tower)
You'll see a cut-scene after picking up the insignia. Be prepared to dodge Krausers attack. If you fail to hit the button combo in time (it seems you have to be very quick on this one) you'll take a little damage and fall off the ledge. Leon will grab on and Krauser will stand above, stamping on Leons hand. Tap A to climb back up, slashing Krausers leg in the process. Back on the platform, Krauser will fight as before, only with many more moves in his arsenal. He no longer has any guns or grenades, but his transformed arm can shield him from gunfire as well as acting as a hefty close combat weapon. You'll have to hit plenty of button combos in this battle to avoid his attacks, but again, your knife is your friend. Krauser really doesn't like being slashed, so if he gets close make sure you use your knife. Some attacks you will dodge and Krauser will backflip away after, but some attacks leave him wide open to a knifing. One sees him leap towards you, smashing down with his claw. Backflip away by hitting the button combo, and slash Krauser as he gets up. He should then fall to his knee, giving you the chance to slash him again. If you're lucky, the slash while he's down will cause a further flinch, and if he's backed against a wall so he can't stumble back you can get loads of slashes in this way. If you're feeling confident, you can also chase him down as he backflips away from you (this occurs after many of his attacks), but be prepared to hit some combos very fast if he launches another attack while you're doing so. After about 10 slashes of the knife he'll go down. Not bad considering the pounding he takes if you use bullets to stop him. Just keep your health topped up and hit those combos quick.
If you insist on using conventional weaponry, keep your distance, hit those button combos, and aim low. His arm will protect him most of the time, but his lower legs and feet are exposed. If you have the TMP, now's the time to let rip, aiming low and firing fast, otherwise shoot him with something powerful, either the magnum or maybe the rifle at long range, again, aiming for the lower legs and feet and when he stumbles to one knee, open fire on his face and upper body, getitng in as many shots as you can. Grenades can also make him fall to one knee, but as he can dodge around so fast, these can end up wasted. I'd recommend using the knife method. Saves on ammo, and I think it's far easier.
Anyway, you've only got three minutes for this fight, and even then you need to get out of the area before the timers up and the whole place is blown apart, so you want at least 20 seconds or so to get out once Krauser's dead. Pick up the emblem from his body and jump down where the ladder is. Turn around and go right out of the doorway, then leap down at the end of the wooden ledge. Turn right and stick all the insignias in the wall, and the door will open. Head through, and this boss packed chapter is over.
Note: It seems that the button combo you have to pull off to dodge Krausers attacks is entirely dependent on the type of attack he does. This doesn't help most of the time as you see the button combo before you'll see what the attack is. However, whenever he sweeps your leg, knocking you down, an A + B combo will follow, so hit those two to roll out of the way of his claw smashing you.


*MAIN*.54 - Chapter 5.4
Head forward here, picking up the green herb and saving if you wish. Watch the radio conversation with Saddler, then forward again to see a cut-scene with a vast army of enemies, and a chopper arriving to help you out. It's one of the best cut-scenes in the game so enjoy it! With the help of Mike (the guy in the chopper), advance forward slowly. You'll get a cut-scene of a guy shooting a chain-gun, so nip inside the tent on the left and wait for the chopper to take him out. Head left as you reach the stairs, and you'll see a bunch of enemies head for you. Retreat a bit and wait for Mike to take them out, but don't get complacent. Some will probably slip through, so you'll have to deal with them. If you head down the stairs, a couple with shields will emerge, again you can retreat and hope Mike will take them out, but if he doesn't you should be more than capable of taking them down. After Mike has blown the hut left of the stairs you can head up for some items. Now you can either take the path under the stairs or the walkway by the building left of them, but your goal is to reach the large building with the red lights. Whichever way you go a guy will man a chain-gun turret, so hide and let Mike take him out. He should also blow up the top of the building too, but if he doesn't just be cautious when you enter it, as he will at some point, and you don't want to get taken out by friendly fire. He will warn you if you're in the way, telling you to get out of the way, so do as he says. Inside the building, hit the red light to open the door. As you head out a chain gun carrying guy will emerge. Run back in the building to avoid his gunfire and snipe him, as Mike doesn't seem to kill him (maybe he can't get a shot at him where he is). But be warned, normal enemies will also begin advancing on the building at this point, so keep your eyes out for them too. Once you've taken out the J.J. (chain gun guy), head up the stairs outside the building and to the slider. Slide down, pick up the cash from J.J.s body, jump down and pull the lever to open the gate below.

Three guys manning mounted chain guns are now firing at you. Immediately run forwards and press A at the sandbags to duck. As soon as they finish firing a volley, hit A, turn right and run for the cover behind the wall. A few enemies will probably come for you, so take them out when they do. When the area is clear of enemies, and the chainguns are taking a break from firing, run across, past the sandbags, to the tunnel opposite you. Climb the ladder inside, and turn around to check for enemies. Stay behind the stairs for now as more might come up from below, and you want to be able to see them climbing up so you can shoot or slash them back down. By now Mike has hopefully destroyed one of the chaingun emplacements. Once no more enemies seem to be coming from the ladder, cautiously head to the end of the tunnel (on the top floor). Stand behind the metal sheets so the gunfire can't hit you, and as soon as it stops, run to the right, across the metal walkway, then quickly into the little enclave on the right. Hopefully Mike will now take down the second chaingun emplacement. When the guns stop, head out and right, and turn right onto an area with a square hole in the floor. You should be out of the way of any gunfire here. Stand at the back of the square, and jump down. Immediately stick to the right wall to avoid gunfire. If you wait here for a while, Mike should take the final gun out. If you're impatient, you can always pop your head out in a break and lob a grenade at the guy (he's just over the sandbags ahead). Now, operate the two switches above the gate at your leisure. There'll still be a few enemies about, but they should be easy enough to take care of, especially with Mike backing you up.

Once you're through the door, head up the stairs and watch the next pretty cut-scene of Mike massacring many enemies (gotta love my alliteration, right?). Unfortunately the cut-scene won't end too happily though. Once it's over pick up the items on the bodies. There's also a gem shining at the top of one of the pillars near where you entered the area. Head along the ruins and through the wood door, then jump down where the ladder is, and behind you is a valuable. Head through the door and watch the cut-scene. Head through the metal door, then through the door at the end of the path. Save in this room, and head down the corridor to the left of the large gate to find a yellow herb. Then, head through the gate. The first cell on the right has some rifle ammo inside, and the second cell on the left has a regenerator, so equip your rifle and infrared scope. Once you've taken him out, nab the red herb and go left of the stairs and climb up, then go through the door.

Head down the stairs and turn around to pick up the green herb. Head along the path and stand at the bottom of the stairs. There's an enemy behind the sandbags to the left, so shoot him before he reacts, then head back from the stairs and wait for some enemies to come. Take them out, and then head up the stairs. Beware of the guy with the crossbow on the raised platform behind the two lots of sandbags. Take him out and head forward a bit and a J.J. will appear, so run for cover. Try to lure him close to the explosive barrel near the raised platform and blow it when he tries to fire at you. Then pump him with a few rifle or magnum rounds to finish the job. Next, head right from the stairs and go towards the chain link door. Open it and head through, using explosive barrels to help take out any opposition. Grab the red herb and climb the ladder. Nab the gold from the briefcase, and head out the door and into the building on the right for some more items. Then head back out and jump down, taking out anyone in the building below. Go in and operate the console to eject the key card from the machine in the earlier room. A load of enemies will begin heading towards you, so get out your shotgun and get ready. If you get overwhelmed, leap out the gap in the wall to the stairs area, and use the barrels to help you. One of the enemies will have the key card on him, so when you find it and have wiped out the rest of the horde, head back to the room with the card ket machine, and place it back in. Then head back to the first console you used, and use it again. Luckily no-one will take the card key this time. Head left out of the room, turn right at the end of the walkway, and left into the next room. A bunch more enemies will be present, so wipe them out, check around for items (there's a yellow herb in a locker) and hit the second switch. The door is on the bottom floor, at the back right corner (check the map if you can't find it). Head through the door at the bottom of the stairs, turn left, and see some shielded guys coming for you. Take them out, head down the corridor and through the double doors on the left.

Check out the cut-scene and afterwards you'll have Ashley back. Head through the door to the left, chat with the merchant if you want, then head through the door along the path. Head forward, but be wary as you turn the corner as a couple of large, armoured hammer guys will be there. Shoot them in the head with the shotgun to down them, then rifle their head to kill them. There's also a couple of normal enemies here too. Kill them all and you can either head through the doors ahead, or take the path to the right to head back to the room you saved Ashley from to pick up some items there. Saddler and Ada will be gone, but you can get a red herb and some magnum ammo from the control room area on the top floor, so it's worth a visit. Head back and through the other door when done and watch the cut-scene.


*MAIN*.6 - The Final Chapter
Head out the door and up the stairs. Nab the green herb and other items, then through the door and outside. Save if you wish and then chat with the merchant and prepare for the finale. Head down the stairs (there's a green herb at the top of them) and towards the lift. Watch the cut-scene. Leon will get Ashley to wait at the bottom, then he'll head up.

This is it, the final encounter. After the cut-scene Saddler will be transformed into some large spider-like monster. Don't be scared by the rather disgusting appearance, this guy isn't as tough as he looks. The elevator will be locked down and there's no escape. To hurt Saddler, you need to first get him to fall over. A very easy way to do this is to lob a grenade under him. Use this tactic if he's got you cornered. Another way is to shoot an open eye on one of his legs. Try to keep your distance or he'll bite you and cause damage. When you knock him down, get close and press A to leap onto him and stab his main eye with the knife. Try to approach from the front as there's flailing tentacle things on his back that will damage you. There's also some explosive barrels around the level, so lure him towards one and shoot it to make him fall down, then get close and hit A to stab him. At the far end of the platform from the elevator is a raised section (you can climb up it) with a lever. There's a green herb up there too. Get up there, lure Saddler nearby and use the lever. A crane with girders will swing round and hit him, knocking him down again, so you can quickly jump down then stab him. Close to this are a couple of bridges leading to another platform. When the lights are green the platforms are up, and they'll fall down when the lights go red. Head across when the lights are green (you'll have to hit a button combo if they turn red while you're crossing to leap for the other side, then tap A to climb up), then Saddler will probably start throwing girders at you from the opposite side. Dodge these using button combos, and when he runs out he'll leap over. There's another barrel on this side as well as another lever you can use to activate a crane and knock him down, and a Hand Grenade near the lever area. Oh, but get out of the way when he jumps though as he'll aim to land on you, sapping some health. When you've used the lever and barrel over here, head back to the other side as it's more spacious and is easier to get some distance between you and Saddler, and to run around him. This is the final boss, so don't be afraid to use up everything you've got. Keep your health topped up, use grenades to put Saddler down and if you don't have any shoot the eyes on his legs when they open to down him, then stab. After about 8 stabs in the eye (although this can vary, I think it can take substantially less, about 5 stabs, if you lay into Saddlers body a lot with some powerful guns), Ada will throw a rocket launcher to you (it'll be on the smaller platform, over the bridges). Fire this rocket at Saddler and it's game over. He's down. If you miss or you don't want to use the rocket (you can sell it for quite a lot of cash if you start a Round 2 of the game), you'll have to stab Saddler some more. It's a little strange, if it's your first game it only seems to take another 3 stabs to kill Saddler, while if you're on Round 2 it seems to take 7-8 more stabs, which is quite wierd, as I didn't notice any differences between any other bosses on Round 2. Again, it seems you can lessen the number of stabs needed by laying into Saddlers body with powerful guns, but Round 2 fights still seem to take more stabs after the rocket launcher has been thrown than on the first play through. Anyway, if it's your first play and you don't have much intention to play through again, just use the rocket. The only reason to not use it is if you want to sell it anyway, and it's not hard to hit Saddler with the missile, he's a pretty hefty target and doesn't move that fast, so you really shouldn't miss him.
All in all, Saddlers not that hard for a final boss. Especially considering you can pretty much down him 4 times (two crane switches and two explosive barrels) for free, and then as many times as you have Hand Grenades, as they down him in one. If you've got three hand grenades, you can use no ammo at all (well, apart from two shots to set off the barrels). Just practice, don't be intimidated, and use your health items. If you have no grenades, it's not that hard to shoot out an eye on his leg, especially if you use the shotgun with its wide spread. However, each eye can only be shot a few times (2 I think) before it's actually blown off. If you've blown off the eyes on his two front legs you can have problems, as he will usually turn to face you, so you can't really see the back leg eyes very often. If this happens use any Hand Grenades you have to bring him down, or try and get him round a corner from you, so you can see the eyes on the back legs. And remember the two explosive barrels and the levers if you haven't used them all.
Note: You can also shoot Saddlers main eye when he's downed. I don't know if this will damage him more/less than stabbing, but I'd guess a magnum with its firepower increased substaintially would deal more pain than jumping on his back and stabbing him, so you could try that out.

When the boss encounter's over, you're not done yet. Ada will hit the button, blowing up the whole island in three minutes. You can't skip the cut-scene, and the timer will count down during it, leaving you about 2 minutes and 37 seconds to make your escape. Pick up the money from Saddlers body (hey 100,000 is too much to pass up even when time's tight!) and head for the lift you came up in. Watch the cut-scene with Ashley, then head down the cave, catching Ashley when you need to jump down, then hop on the jet-ski at the end, using the keys Ada gave you.

You now have control of the jet-ski. Steer through the arch on the right at first (the left is barred), then the left one, then the right shortly after. You'll then go over a jump and as you go under the archway there, the first explosion will occur, creating a massive wave behind you. When the cut-scene ends and you regain control of the jet-ski you can push forward to go faster. You could actually do this all along, but the game only tells you now. You'll have to be pushing forward nearly all the time now to avoid the wave catching up with you and knocking you off the jet-ski. After the low tunnel area, keep left to avoid a falling rock. After the next low tunnel keep to the middle-left to head over the jump and avoid the jagged rocks, then keep right to hit the next jump. Keep right to avoid the rock spikes, then keep left to avoid the next set, and keep left until a rock falls on your right. Then go to the right to avoid another couple of rock falls, and head straight to get out onto the open sea.
Note: Throughout the jet-ski section, you will not be able to pause or enter the menu.

Once the jet-ski section is done, sit back and watch the cut-scenes.


Note: After the end credits you can choose to save. Do so, and you can load the save game and start Round 2, where you will begin with all the items, money and health you finished the game with, and you'll get to buy and sell stuff at the very start before you begin the game. All merchants will also be fully stocked with everything available in the game from the start too.

=== Section 3 - *OPADA* - Operation Ada ===

In order to unlock Operation Ada you must complete the main game once. It will then be available from the main menu.

*OPADA*.01 - Op Ada Basics
In Operation Ada you control (suprisingly) Ada, on a mission to secure five Las Plagas samples. There's plenty of enemies to keep you occupied, and it's pretty much like the main game except for a few differences:
--> Ada has no knife. She will have to shoot open crates and barrels to get their contents. Use either the pistol or TMP for this. You also can't slash enemies while they're down or climbing ladders to conserve ammo.
--> Ada seems to take more damage than Leon would, so keep an eye on her health.
--> There are no merchants in Operation Ada, so you can't buy any more weapons than those you start with, and you can't upgrade those you have any more than they already are.
--> Since there are no merchants, there's no use for money or valuable items. You won't find any cash or gems in Operation Ada.
--> The pistol carried by Ada is the Punisher, which is quite weak, but can fire through mutiple enemies. It is, however, useful for tackling shielded foes, as it will also go right through the shield and hit the enemy on the other side.
--> Unlike in the main game where all mission critical items such as keys were kept outside of your Attache Case, the five Las Plagas samples must be kept in your case, taking up valuable space. Each one occupies a 2x1 space (2 slots), so by the end of the mission you'll have 10 slots taken up by samples.
--> The stars on the map (usually representing rare/valuable items) now represent the Las Plagas samples.

*OPADA*.02 - Op Ada Equipment
In operation Ada you start with the following items:

-- Small Attache Case (6x10, 60 slots)

-- Punisher (9mm handgun)
---> Firepower: 1.9
---> Firing Speed: 0.33
---> Reload Speed: 1.47
---> Capacity: 20

-- TMP (9mm automatic)
---> Firepower: 1.2
---> Firing Speed: 0.10
---> Reload Speed: 1.93
---> Capacity: 100

-- Semi-Auto Rifle (rifle)
---> Firepower: 15.0
---> Firing Speed: 1.83
---> Reload Speed: 1.90
---> Capacity: 12
---> Note: The Scope for the rifle is attached to the rifle by default in Operation Ada

-- Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle)
-- Handgun Ammo (x30)
-- TMP Ammo (x50)
-- Rifle Ammo (x5)
-- Hand Grenades (x1)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

Your Punisher should be your primary weapon for dealing with individual or small groups of enemies, and also for shielded enemies as it fires through shields. Your TMP can be used effectively against large crowds of foes, and your rifle for long-range sniping as well as taking out tougher enemies (the meaty guys with chain guns for example).

*OPADA*.11 - Outside the complex
You start Operation Ada in exactly the same place as Leon starts Chapter 5-1 in the main game. Head along the path, jump down when necessary, and take out the two enemies after you have to jump the gap. Carry on and take out the three enemies around the bridge area. Instead of going along the bridge carry along the path climbing the rocks, and shoot the two crates to get a yellow herb and a Hand Grenade. Head back down and along the bridge. Jump over the gap to the outpost and grab the handgun ammo from the crate to the left of the window. Head through the window and climb the ladder on the right, then get the first aid spray. Turn around without moving forward, and take out the two crossbow guys by the exit door. Now wait for enemies to climb the ladder to you after hearing the shots you fired, and take them out as they climb or just as they reach the top. Head forward a little and a bunch of enemies, including a chain gun guy, should come out of the door you have to head through in the area. Immediately get out your rifle and shoot the chain gun guy a few times to take him out, being wary of any other enemies coming up the ladder to your position. If you get overwhelmed, jump down off the roof and find cover amongst the buildings. Alternatively, jump back over the gap and lure enemies there to take them out on your terms. If you get stuck in in a crowd, whip out the TMP to get you out of trouble. When the group are dealt with, check the outpost area for any items and head through the door. Get the yellow herb on the other side of the sandbags, then move through, taking out the crossbow guy and other enemies near the bridge. Nab the red herb from the window beyond the ladder, then head up.

Move out and turn left and get the goodies in the barrels, then turn aroudn and take out the enemy there. Jump over the gap, and look through the window on the right, taking out anyone else around. Head through and explore the caverns to find a yellow herb, and shoot the explosive barrel to reveal a room with a Hand Grenade in a chest. Exit the caves, taking out any enemies who came for you on your way, then head out and to the right, to the area where the spotlight is sweeping. Beware of TNT getting thrown at you, but take out the enemies throwing it, then head into the passage on the left. After the bridge is a red herb. Head back down taking out enemies that came for you, then head under the bridge, picking up the TMP ammo on the crate before you go under it, then taking out the foes beyond it. Head through the door and turn right down the passage. Pick up the green herb where the merchant should be and turn around to take out three enemies coming from the door behind. Head up to the crate with the rifle ammo and take out the two crossbow men. Head up the passage and climb the ladder then 'Infiltrate' through a vent.

*OPADA*.12 - Inside the complex
If you head down teh left stairs or jump down, there's an enemy, but you can also get some TMP ammo and a green herb, so it's worth it. Head back up and follow the passage, grabbing the green herb, then turning left. Follow the passage, take out the guy at the end, and head through the door. Take the items and take out the two guys in the small room (you can just toss a grenade through the door if you want), then nab the yellow herb and head into the other room. Take out the other enemy and watch out for foes coming through the door. Pick up the Plaga sample from the dead guy in the corner and head on out. If you start running out of room for Plaga samples at any point, the first thing to get rid of is the rifle scope. It takes up 3 slots and isn't really necessary as you can still zoom in and snipe without it, you just can't zoom in quite as much. Head out of the area, and follow the corridor. Carry straight on through the chain link doors, and turn right to enter the freezer room. Pick up the Plaga smaple from the room at the back on the right, and any other items around the area. As you head out beware. A bunch of enemies will be coming from your left and another couple will be on your right. The left group will contain a couple of very large armoured foes with big hammer weapons. Shooting them in the head or grenading them is the best way to take them out. Beware of this group, especially as Ada seems to take a lot of damage compared with Leon. When done, get the ammo from the case in the area, and head up the corridor through the only unexplored door.

Nab the ammo at the end of the corridor and take out the enemies through the door. Unfortunately you can't use the waste crame to dump enemies in Operation Ada, but you can snipe the enemies below from the control room. It's especially useful against the chain gun guy down there. If enemies start coming in to the control room, take cover next the the door you entered through, where the chain gun fire won't reach you. When the enemies are all done for, head down, and watch out for the two TNT guys who'll pop out. Pick up the red herb and any items dropped by the baddies, then head through the door. Nab the green herb and head up the stairs. As you enter an enemy will lock the door. Take him out, and operate the button and more enemies will pour in. Use your TMP to get rid of them, then head through the door.

Head along, picking up the yellow herb, then go into the cell and take out the batch of enemies. Grab all the ammo and get the Plaga sample round the corner in the metal case. Head out again, and through the metal door on the right. Turn right, down the stairs, and through the door. Take out the enemi on the top floor where you are, and move forward towards the stairs to take out enemies as they ascend. Pick up the red herb at the bottom of the stairs, to the left, then turn right and head for the door. It's locked. A group will appear behind you, many with shields and a chain gun guy too. Run under the stairs to avoid getting shot at, and wait for them to head down to you, taking out the shielded guys with the TMP or a grenade if they're grouped together. The chain gun guy doesn't seem to like coming down the stairs, so head out slowly, and when he begins firing, head back in a little. As soon as his firing ends, run out towards the door and hide behind the corner. Slowly creep out between rounds of firing and snipe him until he dies. When he's dead, watch out, as some enemies will unlock the door and head through. Take them all out, then head on through. As you head up the stairs, be prepared to shoot two guys who pop out of the door ahead. They'll both be sporting TNT to shoot them plenty before they can throw it to get them to explode. Go into the room with teh TNT guys to get a Yellow herb and some ammo, then head back out and through the metal door.

Head through the door ahead, take out the enemy, and grab the green herb. Turn right and take out the two guys through the glass window in the sample room. Head through the window and get the Plagas sample from the large glass cylinder in the center. If you have no space it's worth just chucking away your pistol and any ammo you have for it at this point, as it'll be largely useless for the next section. The into the sample room will lock down, so take out the shielded guys heading through the window. Before leaving the sample room through the window, make sure you have the herbs (there's one of each kind on the shelves at the opposite end) and the ammo (there's 2 boxes of each type behind the glass on one side). Head out the window, turn left, and operate the console to override the security. Stay where you are, turning right, and wait for the enemies to come. Open fire with your TMP as they do, and immediately get out your rifle and shoot the heads of the armoured guy that appears. When they're all dead, head beyond the window and turn right. Approach the door slowly as it'll open automatically. When it does, open fire with your TMP. Try to take a few enemies down before firing at the armoured guys feet to trip him up, then rifle his head as usual. Take out the remaining foes and pick up the items they all dropped. One of the armoured guys should have left a first aid spray so definitely get that. Then, head out through the exit to the area.

*OPADA*.13 - The Extraction Point
Head along the path, and you'll see a short cut-scene...

Krauser doesn't seem to want to let Ada go, and his arm is already tramsformed. He'll charge up from behind you. There's a little trick to this section to make a tricky battle a lot easier. Run past Krauser and towards the door you (and he) came in through. Head out and back in again, with your rifle equipped. Krauser will be at the far end. Try to snipe his legs (the only area not shielded by his mutated arm) and when he falls to his knees, go for the upper torso and head. You should be able to get a fair few shots in before he reaches you. When he does it's a matter of hitting those dodge button combos as you did when you faced him as Leon, and just keep shooting away. You've got no knife, so can't exploit Krausers weakness against them, so just shoot out his feet with the TMP, or the rifle if he's far away, and then take aim at his upper body with the rifle. Hopefully you've also got a fair few health items and some grenades to make the boss encounter a little easier. There's also some ammo and a first aid spray in the three barrells on the walkway, so use them if you're in need. After taking quite a pounding he'll throw a flash grenade and disappear, leaving the final Plaga sample behind.

Head up the elevator, into the radio tower, and contact the evac chopper. Sit back and watch the cut-scene.


Note: After the credits finish you'll be asked if you want to watch them again. Select Yes and the music will be different, and the cut-scene will show in a widescreen box in the center of the screen.

=== Section 4 - *MERC* - The Mercenaries ===

In order to unlock the Merceneries mini-game you must complete the main game once. It will then be available from the main menu. To start with you will only have Leon Scott Kennedy (the main character from the single player game) at your disposal, but you can unlock four others by completing each level with a four star rating (ratings range from one up to five stars).

*MERC*.01 - The Basics
At the start of each round you will have two minutes of time on your clock (the clock is in the top-left corner). The Mercenaries is essentially a high-score game, and your score is located just under the timer on-screen. When the timer runs out your Evac Chopper will pick you up, and your score will be tallied, working out exactly how you fared that round with regards to the number of enemies you killed. You will be ranked based on your score, getting between 0 and 5 stars for your efforts. Get 4 stars on a level to unlock a new character. Getting 5 stars on every level with each of the five characters will unlock the Hand Cannon weapon to buy from the Merchant in the main game.

The rank you get is entirely dependant on the number of points you obtain before time runs out. Also note that you must survive until the timer runs out; it's no use having a high score if you're dead! If you're just beginning you may be thinking it's all a matter of balancing the need to get points (which means you need more time) with the need to survive (which means you need less time). Unfortunately, if you wish to get the five star rank on every level, you'll need to be collecting almost every time pick-up in each level. However, this alone won't be enough. You'll also need to chain kills together to get bonus points, and make good use of the 1000 point bonus timers.

Below is a table summarising the score you'll need to obtain each rank.
| 0* | < 300 |
| 1* | > 300 |
| 2* | > 10,000 |
| 3* | > 20,000 |
| 4* | > 30,000 |
| 5* | > 60,000 |

So, now you may be wondering how to obtain such high scores. As mentioned before, there's the additional time pick-ups. There will be a number of these dotted around each stage, some only worth an extra 30 seconds while the largest are worth an extra 90 seconds. So while you may not think the 2 minute starting time is enough to rack up high scores, you can actually be playing for much longer than this.

Chaining kills together will earn you bonus points. Your basic enemies are worth just 300 points. So if you just went around killing individual enemies, it'd take 200 kills to earn those five stars. But by chaning kills together you can earn many more points. Once you kill an enemy you have roughly ten seconds to kill another to 'chain' the kills together. After each successive kill the ten seconds is reset, so if you kill an enemy, then nine seconds later kill another, you'll have an icon in the top right informing you that you have 2 successive kills. If you then make a third kill 5 seconds after the second, you'll have a 3 successive kills. You'll keep getting more and more, until there's a ten second gap between one kill and the next. At this point, the tally will fade and a bunch of bonus points will be added to your score, dependant on the number of enemies chained together.

As stated earlier, your basic enemy is worth 300 points. So ten enemies should be worth 3,000 right? Well, if you chain them together, you'll get your basic score of 3,000, then an additional 2,370 bonus points for the ten enemy combo. That's not far off double the points, just for linking kills together! Chain only five enemies together and you'll get 1,500 in basic points, then an additional 370 bonus points. Not nearly as good a ratio of normal to bonus points as with ten kills. The moral of the story? Big chains are better than little ones. Chaining is the easiest and most effective way to get extra points because there are usually plenty of regular enemies to go around.

There are also some tactics to chaining. First off is at the beginning of some stages (notably the Village) there won't be vast numbers of enemies around. You'll need to wait for them to spawn. So it's not a good idea to go killing everything as fast as you can. Instead kill an enemy, and if you have another in plain view (but obviously not so close that they're attacking you) then just wait a few seconds before shooting at the next enemy. Remeber the time you have to kill another enemy starts from your last kill, so if you've only just killed one foe, wait a while to kill the next to try and let more enemies spawn or come into view so you can continue your spree even longer.

Also, as stated before, one long chain is better than multiple small ones. This is because the number of bonus points for each kill increases as the chain length increases (up to a maximum). So do your best not to break chains, and if you do because there's not enough enemies in sight, wait for more to spawn before beginning the next chain.

Another good way to net points is by killing 'Boss' enemies. These are the tough enemies found on each level, and are worth varying amounts of points when killed individually (see *MERC*.02 - 'Boss' Enemies section for details), but will also mean more bonus points if they are killed as part of a chain. However, be wary as these foes are often hard to kill and very deadly. If you're trying to kill one as part of a chain, make sure there's plenty of regular enemies around too, so you can keep your chain going, as 'boss' enemies will usually take some time to kill.

And while the main objective of Mercenaries is obtaining high scores through killing hordes of enemies, to do so you need to survive. Survival relies on two things; health and ammo. Every character starts with one First Aid Spray. Use it wisely. They can also pick up green and red herbs in the levels and from dead enemies, and First Aid Sprays will also occasionally crop up. If you ever see your health dropping into the red, or even orange/amber, it's probably time to use some health items. If you're running low on ammo, shoot enemies in the faces to try and stun them and use a Close Combat attack to damage or kill them without using ammo. Search in crates and barrels for spare ammunition and look out for any red circles of light on the floor. Note that to break open containers you'll need to shoot them unless you're playing as Leon or Krauser (who can both use knives), so you really need to keep an eye on ammo stocks and be aware if you're running low before you see that 'Empty' icon flashing on your screen. Oh, and always keep an eye on your timer. There's nothing worse than being in the middle of a great chain combo, only to have to run off to pick up some time extensions because your chopper is arriving earlier than you'd like.

Oh, one final tip. Use enemies weapons against them! Every level will see some enemies carrying TNT. If you shoot the TNT they're holding, they will explode instantly, killing any surrounding enemies. If you don't have the time or inclination to aim quite so accurately, just fire away at the TNT carrying enemy once they've lit it. A few seconds after dying the TNT will explode, again killing any surrounding foes. Levels 3 and 4 also see enemies with rocket launchers appearing. Again, these can harm other enemies, and if you hear one get fired while amongst a large group, try to run away and watch as the foes get blasted. Finally, look out for red explosive barrels about levels. These can be invaluable for the 'Boss' enemies, or just despatching large groups.

Well, here ends the basic tips and hints for The Mercenaries, so onto the more in-depth stuff.

*MERC*.02 - 'Boss' Enemies
There are no 'bosses' as such in The Mercenaries, but there are tough enemies that will occasionally appear in levels and can cause you no end of headaches. Only one type will appear in each level, and they are as follows:

Bella Sisters (worth 5,000 points each):
Found on the Village stage, these sisters have their faces wrapped in bandages and both carry chainsaws. You'll probably hear when they spawn due to the revving of the chainsaw engines. They're not too hard to kill, they will flinch quite easily, buying you time to pump more bullets into them, but if they get close and sqing their chainsaws at your neck they can decapitate you, causing instant death. As far as I'm aware, these are the only 'Boss' enemies that you can use your Close Combat moves on. You should use this to your advantage, especially with HUNKs Neck Breaker move.

Wolverine (worth 7,000 points each):
Okay, I'll admit, I can't remember quite what these guys 'official' name is, but due to the fact that they have retractable claws like the X-Men character (albeit about four times longer...) I decided to name them after the famous claw-toting comic book hero. You'll find them in the Castle stage, and while these guys may be blind, they can still hear you. When they charge towards you they can cause instant death by thrusting their claw straight through your skull, but more often you'll just find yourself on the recieving end of their wild flailing. You really want to keep your distance from these guys. You should know from the main game that you need to shoot them in the back, where their parasite is popping out, but this isn't always necessary. Although that's the most vulnerable spot, using a poweful weapon (Semi-Auto Rife, Killer7) you can shoot them just about anywhere and still do hefty damage. If you're playing as Leon or HUNK you're going to want to grenade these guys or just try to avoid them. It's generally not worth going out of your way to kill them as these two, although other characters should as it's quite easy to do so, certainly easier than trying to avoid them for the whole round.

J.J. (worth 10,000 points each):
These chaingun wielding guys aren't too friendly. They'll mow down anything in their paths, including other enemies, on the Military/Desert stage. This can be very useful, as dead enemies count towards your total, regardless of who killed them. However, their gunfire can be hard to avoid, and they're not easy to kill either. Ada and Wesker should be fine using their Semi-Auto Rifles to shoot J.J. in the head a few times, while Krauser, as always, has his Claw Arm to despatch of touvh enemies. HUNK gets an okay deal, his TMP may be weak, but fire quickly and J.J. will flinch eventually. HUNK also has his grenades, which he can use to slow down J.J. Leon however, as usual, finds the 'boss' character rather hard to deal with. Your best bet is to get in quite close and use the shotgun. A couple of rounds to the head should make him flinch and stop firing towards you, but don't get too close or J.J. will slap you with his chaingun, knocking you to the floor.

Super Dr. Salvatore (worth 5,000 points each):
Dr. Salvatore is the guy with the bag over his head and the chainsaw at the start of the main game. This 'boss' enemy however, is a souped up nutcase version of him. Standing about 7 foot tall, and with a double-headed chainsaw, he runs about the Military/Island level, spinning and swinging his weapon erratically as though he's drunk. However, he can move fast. And he doesn't have to climb ladders, simply jumping high into the air instead. Oh, and a single hit by his double-chainsaw will cleave your head right off, instantly. He's not even worth many points either, especially considering he's by far the hardest enemy to take down in Mercenaries. You'll only get 5,000 points for felling him (that's the same as a single Bella Sister fact fans), but even though it's not worth the points, you'll really need to as he'll move across the stage so fast you won't get much peace if you don't. Always save your best weapons for this guy on the Island level. Ada and Wesker should be using their Semi-Auto Rifles, Wesker can use his Killer7 if Super Dr. Salvatore gets in too close. Krauser should save his Claw Arm attack, while HUNK is gonna need plenty of Hand Grenades, and Leon will want some grenades too, as well as a little luck. Luckily for you, there's a slider in the level you can use to escape. If you head to the slider on the roof of the main building, then wait for Super Dr. Salvatore, taking shots at him with whatever weapons you have. If you can kill him, great. If not, slide down before he reaches you. If there aren't any enemies on the platform you land on, you can take potshots at him as he heads back down to your position. If you still haven't killed him, it's best to run back up to the slider. As usual, Leon is getting a raw deal, his most powerful weapon being his Riot Gun, which won't even make this guy flinch unless you shoot him a lot of times. Use the slider trick though, and any grenades you have, and he will go down. Eventually.

*MERC*.03 - Level Guide
There are four levels in Mercenaries, each in different settings and with different enemies. Each level contains a number of timer icons to increase the time before your Evac Chopper arrives. They also contain a number of chests containing a bonus which gives you thirty seconds in which you'll obtain bonus points for kills. What follows is a run down of each level, which enemies you'll be facing, where the time extensions and bonus timers are, areas of interest and any other noteworthy features.

The individual level guides will often make reference to the map. The map for each level can be opened by pressing the Z button, or by selecting 'Map' from the item menu. Time extensions are marked on the maps as star icons (they are labelled as 'Treasure' in the map key, as per the main game), while chests containing bonus time (30 seconds in which you get bonus points for kills) are not marked on the maps.

LEVEL 1 - The Village:
- Enemies:
Just your general villagers from the start of the game. Note that, just like in the main game, Leon cannot use his Suplex move on villagers, he'll simply perform his kick instead.
- 'Boss' Enemy:
The Bella Sisters (see *MERC*.02 section for more details)

- Time Extensions (330 seconds / 5 and a half mins extra time available):
--> Top-right corner of the map, at the dead-end behind the large stone tower (90 seconds)
--> In the barn containing lots of chickens in the bottom-right of the map (30 seconds)
--> In the back of the building opposite the chicken-barn, in the room with the metal door (can be seen through the window from the chicken-barn) (90 seconds)
--> Behind the building with the metal door, near the sloping paths (30 seconds)
--> In the barn on the top-left of the map with the ladder inside and explosive barrel inside (90 seconds)

- Time Bonus' (inside chests):
--> In the barn on the top-left of the map, on the high platform the ladder leads to
--> Behind the top-middle building on the map (small, L-shaped one)
--> In the back of the building opposite the chicken-barn, in the room with the metal door (can be seen through the window from the chicken-barn)

- Areas of interest:
--> The 'Chicken-Barn' (bottom-right of map) is a very good place to make a stand against the Bella Sisters, and has a time extension in it. It is also good as if you take a while to dispose of the Bella Sisters, the room opposite the barn (accessible through the glass window) houses a 90 second extension, as well as a bonus chest.
--> The 'Ladder-Barn' (top-left of map) is another great place to make a stand. The best thing to do is head up there towards the end of a round, when you have a very healthy stock of ammo, but perhaps are running low on health items. Enter the barn, pick up the 90 second time extension, head up the ladder, and kick it down. There's a bonus chest up there too, so wait for the bottom of the barn to fill, making sure to kick the ladder down whenever it is erected, then nab the bonus time and fire at will. Grenades are extremely useful, as is the explosive barrel in the corner. This is such a good place to camp and rack up kills as enemies cannot touch you. The only thing to be wary of is axes that are thrown your way. This area is another good place to take down the Bella Sisters, since they can't harm you if you don't let them up the ladder!
--> The back-room opposite the 'Chicken-Barn' may seem like another good place to camp, but enemies will crawl through the window and eventually batter open the metal door, and it will get very crowded, so it's not the best place. Better to jump in, grap the pickups, and jump out again.
--> Behind the stone tower is another area you can make a stand, and there's a 90 second extension there.
--> Upstairs in the large building where the Shotgun is located in the single player game (top-centre of map) you'll find a Hand Grenade in a glass cabinet (glass must be shot out or hit with a knife) and a green herb on the bed. This is especially useful for characters such as Leon, Ada and Krauser who start off with no Hand Grenades.

- Level Notes:
--> Although this level is based heavily on the village from the main game, the objectives are NOT the same. Don't start barricading yourself in buildings, pushing furniture is a waste of time in the Mercenaries. Your aim is to survive and kill as many enemies as you can. Every character is well-equiped to deal with regular enemies and even the Bella Sisters as they will flinch and get knocked down quite easily. If an area is getting too crowded, move somewhere else, but simply running around trying to avoid enemies is pointless. You need to kill your foes and to do so you must take some risks.
--> The village is quite a useful introduction to the Mercenaries as there are plenty of chickens running about who will sometimes leave eggs for you to pick up. Make use of these to replenish health stocks.
--> Although you might think the top of the stone tower is a great place to make a stand, it's not. Enemies take too long to get up there, throwing grenades down the ladder shaft is rather pointless as not enough foes will clump there, and there's only one exit, making your escape quite hard. There are a couple of items at the top, but it's generally a waste of time going all the way up and all the way down for those. The stone tower should really be avoided.

LEVEL 2 - The Castle:
- Enemies:
Pretty much all varieties of Zealots here. There's your basic zealots, either unarmed or carrying a Flail, some with shields, the occasional zealot with a scythe, and also those with crossbows. Also, the occasional leader zealot, wearing the goat mask.
- 'Boss' Enemy:
Wolverine (see *MERC*.02 section for more details)

- Time Extensions (420 seconds / 7 mins extra time available):
--> In the large open area on the bottom floor, to the right after you go up the first set of stairs from where you start (50 seconds)
--> On the lower battlements, up the stairs opposite the metal door that leads up to the higher levels. Note you can also reach this area by getting to the area outside the large wooden gate, and jumping down (90 seconds)
--> In the small enclave at the far end of the round battlements with the hole in the middle. This is the area directly above your starting point (90 seconds)
--> On the top floor of the square tower building, located on the bottom-left of the map (50 seconds)
--> Out the door of the top floor of the square tower building, and right through the double doors (50 seconds)
--> In the large square room, top of map, behind the tall wooden doors located on the top battlements (90 seconds)

- Time Bonus' (inside chests):
--> In the small enclave at the far end of the round battlements with the hole in the middle. This is the area directly above your starting point
--> On the top floor of the square tower building, located on the bottom-left of the map
--> At the back of the large square room, top of map, behind the tall wooden doors located on the top battlements

- Areas of interest:
This level is pretty much set out in such a fashion that you're forced down particular routes. This is no bad thing however, as following the obvious route of the level usually allows you to string together numerous kills (100+ kill combos are possible given a little practice). So instead of a list of areas I'll just do a quick run through of my recommended route to take. You will always start in a room below the round battlement area. From here, head out and up the stairs to your right. Get a few kills, but leave some enemies intact, then run to the right to pick up the time extension. Turn around and kill some more foes. When the wave of enemies is dwindling, head down the path towards the metal door. You can either turn right up some stairs or turn left. Up the stairs is a timer, but you'll have to be quick to avoid breaking your chain. You can leave it for later if you wish. Anyway, head through the metal door, go up the stairs and exit the building. Run along the path, kill one crossbow zealot, run to the enclave to grab the extra time, then kill the second zealot with a crossbow on the circular battlement to keep the combo alive. Head back inside, and up to the second floor, grabbing the time there too. Out the metal door, through the double doors and grab the timer in front of you. You're now on the top battlements. Approach the large wooden doors and enemies will run out. You should have no trouble keeping your kill tally up from here, plenty of targets around. When you have time head inside the wooden doors and pick up the extra time. You can stay in this room until time runs out if you wish, shooting foes as they jump into the square room. Beware the Wolverine enemies though. Also, if you need a breather or running low on time and you didn't pick up the timer on the lower battlements you can jump off the higher battlements to pick up the bonus time and escape any Wolverines temporarily. If you want to get back up there should be ladders in place by now to do so.

- Level Notes:
--> At the very start of the level, turn around and destroy the two barrels behind you for items.
--> The crossbow zealots can be a real pain. Ada or Wesker can use their rifle to pick them off, but other characters are best running to try and avoid arrows, and getting up close to take them out quickly.
--> The shielded zealots can also pose a problem. Incendiary grenades can burn up their shields or normal Hand Grenades will kill them. Ada's Punisher handgun will also fire right through the shields, which is very useful.
--> When you reach the top battlements a zealot with a goat mask will appear. He is tougher to kill than others, so if your kill chain is about to die, don't try to kill him if there are other targets available as he'll take more damamge and more time to kill.
--> As mentioned in 'Areas of interest', on this level you will always start in the same place. This is unlike the other three levels which have characters starting at a number of locations.

LEVEL 3 - The Military Desert:
- Enemies:
All your general military foes here, including those carrying shields and cattle-prods. The occasional one with a rocket launcher can also crop up, so be wary of these. If you think you hear a rocket being fired from afar, run away! It might even blow up some enemies nearby if you're lucky.
- 'Boss' Enemy:
J.J. (see *MERC*.02 section for more details)

- Time Extensions (360 seconds / 6 minutes extra time available):
--> At the very top of the map next to the slider (30 seconds)
--> On a platform just below where you jump off the slider. Note, you must use the slider to get to this pickup (30 seconds)
--> Towards the top of the map on the middle floor, on the platform that goes above the tunnel that leads north to the ladder (30 seconds)
--> Towards the top of the map on the bottom floor, at the end of two tunnels and close to the ladder leading up (30 seconds)
--> On the top-right section of the map, near the ladder that leads down to the lower levels, at the end of the broken bridge structure (30 seconds)
--> At the bottom of the large lookout tower structure, just next to a ramp leading to the lower levels (30 seconds)
--> Behind the large lookout tower structure, at ground level, top-left corner of the structure on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the second floor of the lookout tower structure, top-right corner of the structure on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the platform next to the lookout tower structures second floor, the path leading to it is at the top-right corner of the structure on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the third floor of the lookout tower structure, in the top-right corner on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the third floor of the lookout tower structure, in the bottom-right corner on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the very top floor (fourth floor) of the lookout tower structure, in the top-left corner on the map (30 seconds)

- Time Bonus' (inside chests):
--> On the platform where you jump off the slider. Note you must use the slider to get to this pickup
--> On the top-right of the map, just next to the ladder that leads down to the lower levels
--> On the very top floor (fourth floor) of the lookout tower structure, in the bottom-right corner on the map

- Areas of interest:
--> The large, tall lookout tower structure has many time extensions, so make sure you visit this area and pick up everything around.
--> Also, make sure to head for the slider at the top of the map at some point. It's great for luring a horde of enemies towards you, as you've got only one way for them to reach you, and a guaranteed escape route behind you. Once you slide down you can also pick up a time extension and a bonus timer in a chest.
--> The area near the ladder to the lower levels and the broken bridge is a good one as well. There's an explosive barrel for any groups or J.J.s and you can lure enemies up the ladder, and jump off the broken bridge if you become overwhelmed.
--> Another good area to make a stand against a large group is the area near the slider. Instead of taking the steps on the right up to the slider, carry on and follow the path there to reach a dead-end. Get your back to the wall and take out those enemies. This one is best saved for when you're low on health and time, as escaping from this camping spot can prove problematic.

- Level Notes
--> All timers on this level are 30 seconds, so unlike previous levels where there's only been a few timers to grab, some of them with over a minute of bonus time, in this level you really need to keep moving if you want to get the full amount of bonus time. Fortunately there are a variety of areas where extra time pickups are clustered together, for example, the large lookout tower.
--> J.J.s can kill other enemies. This can be quite useful, but killing the J.J.s is still a good idea, as they're not trying to kill their comrades, they're trying to kill you. You don't want to be spending your time running away from them, or avoiding areas potentially rich in time pickups just to avoid the J.J.s.
--> There are plenty of explosive barrels situated around the level. Make use of them to distract J.J.s from their shooting sprees or to disperse and kill large groups of foes.

LEVEL 4 - The Military Island:
- Enemies:
Again, all the usual military foes here. Those with rocket launchers seem to appear more regularly, as do those with crossbows and TNT.
- 'Boss' Enemy:
Super Dr. Salvatore (see *MERC*.02 section for more details)

- Time Extensions (420 seconds / 7 minutes extra time available):
--> On the very top platform of the platform tower at the bottom-center of the map (60 seconds)
--> On the lowest of the three platforms of the platform tower at the bottom-center of the map (30 seconds)
--> On the ground floor just below the building with the large hold in the roof, left-bottom of map (30 seconds)
--> Inside the building with the large hole in the roof, left side of map (30 seconds)
--> On the roof of the building with the hole in it's roof on the left side of the map (60 seconds)
--> Just outside the topmost door of the building with the hole in its roof (30 seconds)
--> On the slightly raised section of the ground floor, slightly right and above center on the map (30 seconds)
--> On the ground floor at the bottom-right of the map (30 seconds)
--> Near the slider on the top-right corner of the roof of the large building on the right hand side of the map (60 seconds)
--> On the raised platform just outside the bedroom area at the bottom-right corner of the large building to the right of the map (30 seconds)
--> Inside the large building to the right of the map, in it's top-right corner (30 seconds)
--> On the balcony of the large building to the right of the map (30 seconds)

- Time Bonus' (inside chests):
--> On south-side of the roof of the building with the hole in the roof
--> On the ground floor under a raised platform, just south of the slightly raised section of the floor
--> Inside the large building to the right of the map, at the north end, opposite the window leading onto the balcony

- Areas of interest:
--> The roof of the large building to on the right of the map has a slider on it, and this is the best place for facing a Super Dr. Salvatore, as you can easily escape down the slider, then if the landing area is quite empty you can take a few potshots at him as he backtracks to reach your new location. The railing by the slider also has some ammo resting on it, and it'll be the best ammo for your character (ie. a full box of shotgun shells for Leon or some Magnum ammo for Wesker). Looks like Capcom knew that'd be a good spot for killing off that beast and thought they'd give you a helping hand.
--> The tower of three platforms has a 60 second time extension at its very top, so although it takes some time to climb up there, it's worth it. If you start on the platform, a Super Dr. Salvatore will spawn almost instantly, so get up to the top platform, grab the time and break open the crate there as well to get a grenade to help despatch him.
--> The southerly inside area of the large building to the right of the map can be used rather well as a point to fight off large numbers of enemies. You'll sometimes start there and it's a good idea to stay there a while and get a good kill combo going. There are quite a few options with regards to time extensions nearby.
--> The room containing the bonus timer in the large building to the right of the map may be a spawn point for Super Dr. Salvatore. Sometimes you may head up the stairs on the main ground area, and open the metal door on the right to find a newly spawned doctor there. If this happens you probably won't have enough time to kill him before he spins around and beheads you, so run the other way and find somewhere more favourable to face him.
--> The inside of the building with the hole in its roof will usually house an enemy with a rocket launcher. Sometimes he might pop out of the South facing door to fire at you, other times he'll be waiting for you as you enter, so make sure to kill him quick or avoid his rocket. However, inside this building is another good place to rack up kills, as enemies will jump in through the roof, and also down the stairs.
--> While playing as Ada or Wesker the roof of the large building on the right of the map can be used quite effectively as a spot to snipe enemies, racking up quite a few kills.

- Level Notes
--> As far as I'm aware, only two Super Dr. Salvatores will ever appear on this level. Once you have killed the second you should be able to breath a sigh of relief. However, it's not been unknown for both to be alive at the same time. This only seems to happen if you leave the first alive for quite some time though.
--> This is probably the hardest level of Mercenaries, with easily the toughest 'boss' character, and enemies will not always appear where you want them or in the numbers you require to get really big chains. It's all about practice. There's no set route to take through this level, and as on Level 3, you'll need to keep moving a fair bit to collect all 12 time extensions. Check your map if you're not sure which timers are left.

*MERC*.04 - Character Guide
Each character has different attributes, from the amount of health they have, to the weapons they carry, to the close combat moves they can pull of when an enemy is flinching. These character guides will outline

Leon Scott Kennedy:

- HOW TO UNLOCK: You start out the Mercenaries with Leon

- HEALTH: 7.8 Bars


-- Blacktail (9mm handgun)
---> Firepower: 2.7
---> Firing Speed: 0.40
---> Reload Speed: 1.47
---> Capacity: 21

-- Riot Gun (shotgun)
---> Firepower: 7.0
---> Firing Speed: 1.53
---> Reload Speed: 1.67
---> Capacity: 13

-- Handgun Ammo (x30)
-- Shotgun Ammo (x10)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

-- Kick: Shoot an enemy in the face so they clutch it with one hand, and move close to them and tap A when prompted to kick the enemy away. Not especially useful in Mercenaries, but can get you out of tight spots by knocking back a horde of foes.
-- Suplex: Shoot an enemy in the leg/knee. If they fall onto their knees, run up to them and tap A when prompted to grab the enemy and toss them behind you, often resulting in a decapitation. Not particularly useful in Mercenaries as it's not the fastest of moves. Also note that (for some reason) you cannot Suplex villagers (ie. enemies on the first stage), instead you will just kick them if they are knocked to their knees.
-- Knife: Leon can make use of his knife in Mercenaries just as he can in single player, although you probably won't be using it for anything other than smashing crates or barrels.

Leon can have a tough time. You should be fine in the Village scenario, as the enemies are quite weak. However, other levels can be a very different matter. Use your pistol to rack up a few kills and get some ammo under your belt. Make use of your kick when needed to disperse large crowds, but you should do your best to avoid getting in the midst of large groups of enemies. If you find yourself running very low (and I mean very low) on ammo, you can try to knock enemies to the floor then slash them with your knife until they die and pray they drop some munitions. But that really is a last resort for desperate situations, and you should avoid slashing enemies as Mercenaries is all about speed and chaining kills together, and the knife takes a long time to deliver kills. Using your shotgun for basic enemies is going to be a near necessity to get high scores, but you want to keep some shotgun ammo in reserve for 'boss' enemies. Also, although he starts with none, Leon can find Hand Grenades in levels, and these are generally best saved for 'boss' enemy encounters with Leon. You should be fine dealing with the Bella Sisters on the Village level, just get your back up against a wall, make sure you know where they're coming from and let rip with your shotgun. Other 'boss' enemies won't be so easy. For example, the Wolverine enemies in the Castle level are better off avoided altogether as you have to hit them on the back where you can see their parasite, and the pistol will do very little damage, while the shotgun isn't accurate enough unless you're extremely close (ill advised when facing a deranged foe with claws longer than your arms). Leon is fine for killing normal foes, his only trouble comes when facing the tougher of the 'boss' characters, as he doesn't have any guns with high enough firepower to be of great use against them. Leon really needs to kill regular enemies effectively, and try to steer clear of tough 'boss' enemies where possible, only taking them on when necessary.

Ada Wong:

- HOW TO UNLOCK: Get a four star rating on the first stage (Village)

- HEALTH: 6.6 Bars


-- Punisher (9mm handgun)
---> Firepower: 1.9
---> Firing Speed: 0.33
---> Reload Speed: 1.47
---> Capacity: 20
---> Note: This gun has had its 'Exclusive' upgrade, and can fire through 5 enemies

-- TMP (9mm automatic)
---> Firepower: 1.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.10
---> Reload Speed: 1.93
---> Capacity: 100

-- Semi-Auto Rifle (rifle)
---> Firepower: 15.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.80
---> Reload Speed: 1.90
---> Capacity: 12
---> Note: This gun has had its 'Exclusive' upgrade, making it's firing speed quicker than usual
---> Note: The Scope for the rifle is attached to the rifle by default in Mercenaries

-- Scope (Semi-Auto Rifle)
-- Handgun Ammo (x30)
-- TMP Ammo (x100)
-- Rifle Ammo (x5)
-- Incendiary Grenades (x3)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

-- Fan Kick: Shoot an enemy in the face so they clutch it with one hand, and move close to them and tap A when prompted to kick the enemy away. Like Leons kick, it's not especially useful in Mercenaries, but can get you out of tight spots by knocking back foes.
-- Back Kick: Shoot an enemy in the leg/knee. If they fall onto their knees, run up to them and tap A when prompted to kick them in the face. Not particularly useful in Mercenaries, but again, can knock away foes.

Ada has a nice range of weaponry, probably the most rounded of all the characters, but she is weak. Her health is the lowest of all the characters and her close combat moves aren't vastly powerful. However, master her range of weapons and you should be fine. Her basic pistol is weak when compared to Leons or Weskers, but remeber that it can fire through multiple enemies, damaging them all. You can also shoot through shields, meaning you don't have to destroy any shields enemies are carrying in order to damage them. This can be of great use on the Castle level. When things get a bit hectic and your pistol just won't cut it anymore, you can whip out your TMP. It's not that accurate, but it can fire very fast and is useful for killing crowds of enemies, especially at close range. And for those 'boss' enemies you've got your Semi-Auto Rifle, equipped with a Scope for a greater zoom and easier aiming. Your Rifle can also be used at medium to short range quite effectively due to it's 'Exclusive' upgrade, lowering the firing speed. A slight problem with Ada can be ammo. Because she has three different weapons, you won't always get the kind of ammunition cropping up that you want, so it's best to keep an eye on your stock of munitions and try to avoid running out of ammo for any particular gun. Ada can also pick up extra incendiary grenades in the Mercenaries, and these are also useful for burning any wooden shields enemies may be carrying.

Jack Krauser:

- HOW TO UNLOCK: Get a four star rating on the second stage (Castle)

- HEALTH: 10.0 Bars


-- Krausers Bow (bow)
---> (no stats available)
---> Note: Although no statistics are available for Krausers Bow, it is a quite powerful weapon that can make most foes flinch and will kill your regular enemies in one or two hits. It has to be 'reloaded' with a new arrow after every shot, but this is a relatively fast process.

-- Arrows (x30)
-- Flash Grenades (x3)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

-- Kick: Shoot an enemy in the face (or use a Flash Grenade with Krauser as a shot to the face with his bow generally causes death) so they clutch it with one hand, and move close to them and tap A when prompted to kick the enemy away. A double kick, and quite powerful, it can be useful as it generally deals a fair bit of damage to surrounding enemies, and often decapitates the original target. It's relatively quick too.
-- Knee: Shoot an enemy in the leg/knee. If they fall onto their knees, run up to them and tap A when prompted to knee them in the face. As with his kick, quite powerful, usually causing decapitation to the target, but it doesn't seem to knock other foes back too well.
-- Knife: Krauser can make use of his knife in Mercenaries just like Leon can, although you probably won't be using it for anything other than smashing crates or barrels.
-- Claw Arm: When Krausers arm is glowing red, you can press X to transform his arm into a a large claw. At this point you can't move, but you can turn to aim your attack. Press B to cancel and turn back to normal, or A to thrust forward with your claw, destroying any foes in front of you. This attack delivers an instant kill to any enemy (even the 'boss' enemies). Once you have used the attack it will take some time for Krausers arm to glow so he may use it again.

Krauser is possibly the easiest character to play as. Physically the strongest, he has the most health, and also some pretty damaging close combat moves. You may at first be a little suprised to see him using only a bow and arrow in Mercenaries, whereas when you fought him in the main game he had a vast arsenal of weapons. But fear not, his bow and arrows are deadly, the only drawback is that it's slightly slow. However, enemies taking hits from the bow and arrow rarely stay standing and will often die in one hit, meaning you can use Krausers weapon of choice to knock groups of foes back to buy you time to fire off another arrow. Also note his Claw Arm ability. Although it is best saved for the 'Boss' characters, as these soak up more damage than your regular foes, you can use it on a group of enemies that have you cornered. Assuming you have your arm glowing when they appear, 'boss' enemies pose no problem, just transform your arm and hit A facing them and they should explode into meaty chunks instantly. You should also be okay with ammo. As you only have one weapon (apart from grenades) you shouldn't find yourself running short of ammunition. Krausers Flash Grenades are useful for killing parasites that pop out when heads explode as these can be problematic to aim at with the bow. Overall, Krauser's quite easy to play as, and with a bit of practice you should rack up those five star rankings easily.


- HOW TO UNLOCK: Get a four star rating on the third stage (Military/Desert)

- HEALTH: 7.0 Bars


-- Custom TMP (9mm automatic)
---> Firepower: 1.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.10
---> Reload Speed: 1.17
---> Capacity: 100
---> Note: HUNKs Custom TMP comes with a TMP stock built-in (ie. it cannot be removed), meaning HUNK fires his TMP from the shoulder rather than from the hip, leading to easier aiming.

-- TMP Ammo (x50)
-- Hand Grenades (x3)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

-- Neck Breaker: Shoot an enemy in the face so they clutch it with one hand, and move close to them and tap A when prompted to snap the enemies neck. Always delivers a kill to enemies it is used on, and can be used on the Bella Sisters (two women with chainsaws on the village level) to kill them. Can be very useful if you're low on ammo, and also useful for the Bella Sisters as the TMP isn't very powerful and can take an age to kill them. Note however the Neck Breaker only affects the target and won't really knock other enemies back at all, so it's not usually a good idea to run into a group of enemies to perform this move.
-- Kick: Shoot an enemy in the leg/knee. If they fall onto their knees, run up to them and tap A when prompted to kick them in the face. Quite powerful, sometimes causes decapitation to the target, and knocks others back well.

HUNK is armed only with his Custom TMP. It's quite a good all round weapon, short bursts for individual foes or continual firing for crowds or tougher enemies. However, it eats up ammo very quickly, and if you run out, your only backup is grenades, so make sure to pick up ammo whenever you see it. If you're running low on TMP ammo, make use of HUNKs instant kill Neck Breaker move. A shot to the face then a tap of A will kill your foe instantly, and it's very useful for tackling individual enemies. Because the TMP is weak, and HUNKs only gun, his stock of Hand Grenades is usually best saved for 'boss' enemies, although don't be afraid to use one up on a large group if you're running out of TMP ammo. Because of the lack of other weapons, you'll need to fire a constant stream of bullets at shielded enemies until you break a hole in the shield and can cause some damage. Or use a grenade if a couple of shielded foes are together. That aside, most things should be relatively simple.

Albert Wesker:

- HOW TO UNLOCK: Get a four star rating on the fourth stage (Military/Island)

- HEALTH: 7.8 Bars


-- Handgun (9mm automatic)
---> Firepower: 2.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.33
---> Reload Speed: 0.87
---> Capacity: 25
---> Note: This gun has had its 'Exclusive' upgrade, giving it five times as much chance of decapitating an enemy when you shoot them in the head
---> Note: The Silencer for the Handgun is attached by default in Mercenaries

-- Killer7 (.45 magnum)
---> Firepower: 30.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.70
---> Reload Speed: 1.53
---> Capacity: 10

-- Semi-Auto Rifle (rifle)
---> Firepower: 15.0
---> Firing Speed: 0.80
---> Reload Speed: 1.90
---> Capacity: 24
---> Note: This gun has had its 'Exclusive' upgrade, making it's firing speed quicker than usual

-- Silencer (Handgun)
-- Hand Grenades (x4)
-- Flash Grenades (x3)
-- Incendiary Grenades (x1)
-- First Aid Spray (x1)

-- Thrust Punch: Shoot an enemy in the face so they clutch it with one hand, and move close to them and tap A when prompted to punch the enemy and send them flying away. Always seems to delivers a kill to regular enemies it is used on, but won't deliver an instant kill to the Bella Sisters (two women with chainsaws on the village level). Knocks the target back a long way, and will also knock back enemies directly behind them youen you punch.
-- Chikyo Chagi: Shoot an enemy in the leg/knee. If they fall onto their knees, run up to them and tap A when prompted to bring your leg up above the enemies head and bring it down, heeling them in the back of the head. Quite powerful, often causes decapitation to the target, and will kill most normal enemies instantly. Will not, however, kill the Bella Sisters in one hit. Doesn't knock enemies back much at all, will generally just make the surrounding enemies stumble slightly.

All of Weskers weapons are powerful, but he starts with no extra ammo for any of them, making ammunition stocks you're primary concern. His pistol will deliver decapitations regularly, so aim for the head. His Semi-Auto Rifle is powerful and can carry plenty of bullets, so it's useful for 'boss' enemies as well as swiftly killing regular foes. The Killer7, while very powerful, is best saved for emergencies. You never seem to find magnum ammo on dead enemies, only in boxes in the levels, so beware that ammunition for it is very limited. Wesker also starts out with an impresive array of grenades, so don't be shy in using the odd Hand Grenade when ammo is tight, or chucking some Flash Grenades to deal with parasite headed enemies. Incendiary grenades don't do too much damage, but can help stem the flow of enemies if you're cornered or burn away shields enemies are carrying. Weskers close combat moves are pretty powerful too, and a useful way to conserve ammo to begin a round is to aim for enemies heads, then if they don't explode, use the Thrust Punch to finish them off. Overall Wesker's a very solid character, and as long as you pick up ammo whenever possible, you should find him quite easy to play as.

=== Section 5 - *CONC* - Conclusion/Notes ===

Well, that's about it for the Resident Evil 4 guide. Hopefully it's been useful for something, and you'll be playing with some all new toys you unlocked pretty soon.

The entire guide was written by myself over the course of a few weeks. To the best of my knowledge everything here is correct, but there's probably a few spelling mistakes knocking around, and the strategies may not necessarily be the best around. However, they served me well and should get you through the game okay too. I played the UK PAL version of the game, so there may be a few minor differences if you're playing an NTSC version (eg. U.S. or Japan version). Oh, and as far as I'm aware, the Main Game, Operation Ada, and The Mercenaries are the same in the PlayStation2 version (perhaps a few minor tweaks), so this guide should be useful for playing through the PS2 version as well as the GameCube one, although the PS2 does have an extra game mode with more missions for Ada, which I obviously haven't covered here.

Please do not copy this guide in part or whole and try to pass it off as your own work. I spent many a long night playing and typing away to make this guide, so don't go pretending you're as sad as me unless you can actually be bothered to put in the hours and write your own guide.

Thanks for reading!

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