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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Def Jam 2: Fight for New York"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Def Jam 2: Fight for New York (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare
For PS2
By Killer Nightmare

A walkthrough that will help you complete this amazing, knuckle swelling, rapper busting game! Get ready to get nasty with the toughest rappers this side of Goldie Lookin' Chain...


1. General Information
2. Show Me your Style!
3. Types Of Matches
4. Original Ganstas!
5. The Venues
6. The Ten Toughest Matches



Knockouts are possible in several ways - as you Blaziní moves, try to pick four different ones that will let you ditch an opponent in a specific area of the ring.


If your opponent picks up a weapon, itís best to sprint at them and hit them with a running attack. If this fails, hit them with a combo to smash their weapon as they block - even a punch is strong enough to break a bottle.


Unlike Smackdown, itís possible to use weapons as you jump off turnbuckles for enormous damage. This is very useful if it is pulled off correctly - try it.


Most combination punches arenít, strictly speaking, real combos, because even if the first two hits connect, itís possible to block the seconds two. Later the CPU opponents will always block, but itís actually possible to block the third hit, then counter the forth by tapping forward as you hit block.


When an opponent picks you up off the ground, theyíll almost certainly go for a throw, so tap towards them and hammer the punch or kick button to counter it.


In Story mode you can start with one style and buy up to another two for 2,500 development points each. Itís important to do this as it varies the ways itís possible to get a knockout, and makes your fighter stronger in certain areas. Trouble is, not all of them work that well.

-Street Fighting:

Emphasises strong blows and vicious combos. Letís you knock out opponents with an L1 + TRIANGLE Haymaker, making it a good style to use as your base, since itís tough to get grapples in during the early going. Pick this, then develop you strength at the gym.


Improves your grappling ability and allows you to knock out opponents by grappling with L1 + X and following up with either SQUARE or TRIANGLE. Use it as third pick if you must, because itís tough to land those grapples against a quick opponent. Youíll need decent technical skill ability before using this.

-Kick Boxing:

Another good opening pick. This is excellent for combos and allows you to knock out opponents with strong kicks and quick grapples, making it an excellent choice.

-Martial Arts:

The best choice as your seconds style. Martial arts improves your speed and recovery time, and lets you pull off wall springs. Knockout blows come from jumping attacks - these are impossible in certain arenas, but crucial in areas such as Club 37.


This allows you to win by submissions. Itís not that useful since you have to hit the same move three or four times to have a chance of finishing your opponent, and is next to useless in team or free for all matches.

-Street Style:

Donít forget - your threads play an important part in how well you do. Turn up dripping with bling and bespoke trainers and the crowd will be impressed, giving a temporary boost to your charisma score and letting you build up your Blaziní meter easily. Itís best to coordinate your threads, so donít wear a Capone hat and casual shoes with tracksuit bottoms and a hoodie. As a general rule, if Snowball says "I ainít mad for that" when you try on an outfit, you look stupid.


-Team Matches:

Itís practically impossible to win when things get two on one, so team matches are all about being the first pair to score a knockout. Itíll mostly be you against one person, but always look for chances - if your ally is getting killed in the corner of the ring or thereís a weapon handy, go and bust the other guy in the back of the head.

-Free-for-all Matches:

In these matches, itís often prosperous to step back and let everyone else tear each other to bits, and grab weapons to slowly drain everyone elseís energy. Apart from that, donít use your Blaziní move to KO the penultimate fighter, or youíll be left struggling to build up another one for the showdown.


There are two ways to win this = either K.O your opponent or wreck their ride. Itís best to keep the action over by the driverís side doors of your opponentís car so that they canít do environmental attacks without damaging their own car/or, alternatively just quickly lob them into the bonnet and chuck them into the windshield a couple of times for an easy victory

-Subway Matches:

Like a normal match, but you can knock your opponent onto the train tracks with a shove and a quick kick. The screen shakes to show when the trainís on its way, so if your going to jump after them, make sure you get back on the platform in plenty of time or youíll suffer a double K.O.

-Window Match:

Held in Crowís office - the object is to throw your opponent through a window. You can either wear down the glass or - and this is the best option - get your opponent into the danger zone at which point theyíll hurdle through automatically.


Completing the game unlocks 62 of the gameís characters and all the venues, but there are another 14 slots on the roster to fill. To get these, you will have to earn points by playing single matches one at a time. To do this in a hurry, just set up a two player window match, throw the lifeless through the glass then pick rematch and do it all over again. It still takes a while though because you only get five points a time.

-D-mob: 100 Points:

There are three versions of D-Mob to buy fully suited, shirt D-Mob and vest D-Mob. They all cost the same.

-Cindy J, Shawna, Lil Kim and Lauren: 50 Points Each:

You can earn one of these ladies by nabbing them as a girlfriend, but the rest you have to buy.

-Snowman, Stingray and Jacob: 50 Points Each:

These are the two crooked cops that arrest D-Mob at the start of the game.

-Sparks and Jervis:

The hairdresser, jeweller and outfitter from the shop district are available to buy. Manny the tattooist is unlocked after you finish the free for all tournament.


This oddly grey chap is based on the police Wanted from the start of the game. Heís terrible.


-The Terrodrome:

No audience participation here- just four big pillars to jump off. Try to corner your opponent and nip up for an aerial move quickly, or pin them against the walls and use multiple slams to slow them down. A good arena for a martial artist.

-The Pit:

A crowd heavy arena. Bear in mind though, there is a pile of sacks near the bottom right that is possible to climb if youíre in need of a quick aerial move. The Foundation is similar but with a set of speakers that provide bottles as weapons.

-The Red Room/Club 357:

Boxing style rings where itís difficult to do environmental damage because your enemy will just bounce off the ropes, so the best way to achieve a K.O is to finish him with a Blaziní move or a weapon. If youíve got a Martial Artist skill, try a flying attack off the turnbuckle.

-The Chop Shop:

A bit like a ring, but with solid walls and crowds passing weapons over the top. This is the only area where itís possible to pull off a WWE style turnbuckle move such as a superplex. Remember to try jumping weapon moves.

-Dragon House:

The only arena where Ring Out rules apply - three environmental moves will break any section of wall, after which a throw and a punch will knock your opponents down. Use the computerís obsession with ring-outs to counter its grab attempts.

-The Power Plant:

Oddly there is no electricity to use here - just two fence and an extremely aggressive crowd. Grab wrenches, pipes, hammers and bits of wood for a very easy win in this area.

-The Gauntlet/Club Murder:

Enclosed arenas with no audience participation, so use wall slams constantly to keep your opponent off balance, Thereís only one bit of damage to cause - do a wall move on the far left of the Gauntlet and youíll slam your opponentís head into the tiny cage door.

-Seventh Heaven:

Unusually for a gentlemenís establishment, there arenít; any women to help you hurt people. Youíre in a circular arena with half a dozen bottles on the walls. Thereís plenty of room, so the best betís to keep retreating and blocking, then grab a bottle when your opponent is down.

-Liberty Heights:

This oneís tricky, as you can only slam opponents into the pillar a the centre of the top wall. Theyíll just bounce off the lower wall. For knockouts, itís best to lob opponents into the crowd, then do a double team. Opponents seem particularly aggressive in this area.


Plenty to do here. The jukebox and the pillar are good smashing points, and if you pull off an environmental move on the pillar on the right, you can smash a fluorescent light bulb over your opponentís head. For general fighting, keep it close to the right hand wall.


Itís a cage match against Crowís best scrapper, and itís one of the toughest matches so far. Crackís all about slamming you into the cage walls, so counter with a kick every time he picks you up, then slam him into a wall until heís dead. This oneís sure to be over in a couple of minutes. Itís all about getting the momentum and keeping it. Thereís nowhere to run, so donít even bother trying.

This is really the first really tough match, and itís in a ring so you canít even use environment moves. Tís keen on jumping off the turnbuckles, so when you see him climbing with run away or, if youíre feeling confident, run towards him. He canít hit you if youíre close enough, and youíll be able to grab him for a quick throw. Youíre unlikely to lose by knockout because heís constantly going for the submission, so keep countering his grapples and everything should be fine.

-Getting The Girl:

After your first fight at The Limit biker bar, youíll be given the option to try and chat up a lady. Whoever you chose, youíll have to fight Nyne to get to her. Heíll come at you like a steroid-addles bull, so keep blocking his shoulder charges and clotheslines, then shove him with some quick throws and be on the lookout for pool cues being waved around by the crowd. If you lose, donít worry too much as you still get a girlfriend, but itís Shaniqua instead of Lil Kim.


Your seconds fight against Trejo shouldnít be too tough, since youíre now well beyond his level. The most important thing is to make sure you chuck him onto the train tracks, because you get a special trophy for killing him.

-Cat Fight!:

After a couple of matches in Babylon, Carmen Electra makes a move on you after your fight. To ditch your current girlfriend, youíll have to fight her with Carmen. It shouldnít be too tough, but bear in mind that the crowd wonít hit a lady, so youíll have to win with other environmental moves.


This is a Demolition match. Keep slamming Busta "Magic" Rhymes into the car on the right, and grab the occasional tyre iron off a member of the crowd for an easy knockout. Donít wander too close to your own car, otherwise heíll end the match early by busting up your wheels, especially if he smashes your windshield.


Itís the final showdown with D-Mobís crew. You against Doc in Club 357. The crowd hate you here, so theyíll keep passing Doc bits of pipe. When this happens, run at him and give him a quick flying kick in the teeth. Doc doesnít block as much as some, so combos can be the best way to deal with him, especially since the only environmental hits are slightly weak rope burns when you throw him into the turnbuckle. Wear him down with a couple of Blaziní moves, then quickly sprint up one of the turnbuckles and nail him with a flying kick to finish. When heís on the offensive, be wary of him doing the same to you.


Finally, you go back to your old crew, and itís you can Blaze against Method and Crack, but the methodical one has had a kicking, so you have to do the work. Itís best to go for Busta, he blocks less, so itís easier to finish him quick. Keep slamming him into the scenery and try to finish him fast. Thereís a handy bat lying around at the start, and if you shove someone into the skip on the right a couple more weapons should fall out. If Blake manages to pull of a Blaziní move, get over to him to help finish his opponent off. Now D-Mobís entire crew square off against Crowís boys, and itís time to head upstairs for the final showdown.

-Sticky Fingaz:

Itís time for your showdown with your treacherous bro Stick Fingaz, and heís set the place ablaze. Fire does huge damage to you, so whatever you do stay central so that he canít shove you into the flames, and try to use running kicks or shoves as often as possible. Thereís just one weapon here, a bit of wood that falls from the ceiling early in the bout, and thereís really no quick way to finish it, because heís got so much energy. Just be patient, keep lighting him up like a Christmas tree and be ready to hit your blazin move as soon as possible.


The Snoopsterís tougher than his stick-thin frame suggests, and you start the fight with a quarter of your energy gone and him swinging his cane. Your one advantage is Crowís obsession with throwing you through a window. If you walk towards the bottom of the screen, heíll keep shoving you towards the window without doing you any damage. Itís tough to shove him through the windows until heís low on energy because heíll counter, so mix it up with some combos and block a lot. Also, watch out for his Blaziní move, if he does it near the windows, heís got a special version thatíll lob you straight through.

And there you have it, some of the gameís tougher aspects, and now you have finally taken back New York! Who said this was hard?

A Killer Nightmare walkthrough :)

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