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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Grand Theft Auto Advance"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Grand Theft Auto Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Meka Dragon
The small screen version of Grand Theft Auto getting you down? Well never fear, the walkthrough’s here! Whilst this walkthrough will guide you through each of the missions, I try not to give away too many details of the story, so even if you know how to do it, most of the cut-scenes should still come as a surprise to you.

Lets start with the basics – though I hope you’ve mastered these by now – what the buttons do!

(on foot)

A: Shoot (or hit if unarmed)
B: Sprint
L: Steal vehicle
R: Hold for strafing
Select: Switch weapon

A+B together can be used to jump certain barriers & objects


A: accelerate
B: Brake
L: Leave vehicle
R: Handbrake

If in a mission vehicle hold L+R together to start that mission

Now one more thing you’ll need to know before you really get started:

Saving: You’ll want to do this often – it can only be done in one of your hideouts – a pink house on the radar. You can’t save whilst on a mission, but certainly do so when you’ve finished each one.

General stuff:

Before starting a mission, try to be clean – no police on you, have a decent car available, a bit of cash, and plenty of weapons and ammo – it’s always best to be prepared.


The game is open for you to wander as you please, with various missions dotted about on the map. If you fail a mission, you have to start it from the start.

So here we go, from the top:

You start in Portland – take a ride around, get to know the place, you’ll spend a lot of time here.


Vinnie’s Missions:

1: Jump Start:
Follow Vinnie, get in the car, and drive as indicated to the restaurant – simply drive into the blue box on the road. Now head for the pink house as indicated on the radar – drive into the alley, let your passenger out and get out of the can – head on foot north then west into a blue circle on the street. Mission 1 over. Simple.

2: Dirty Laundry:
Drive back to the restaurant to pick up the mission – White square with ‘V’ for Vinnie on it on the radar. Head out to buy a pistol from Ammu-Nation, then it’s time to go out and kill Fedrico. Head in a southerly direction – wait for the red dot to appear to completely be able to pin-point him. Get to the point where you see a cut-scene – after which, turn and run, putting a bit of distance between you and he before turning to shoot him.

3: Hot Wheels:
Back to the restaurant to pick up the next mission. Take a trip to Atlantic Quays, and enter the parking lot. Drive to the car – the parking attendant will ask for a stub, so kill him dead. Don’t damage the car in the process though. Get in the banshee, and you’ll get a message telling you to take it for a Pay ‘n’ Spray – head for the orange square. You’ll be chased by cops, so it might take a bit of practice in avoiding them before you can make it there safely. Drive into the blue square, and the cops will be thrown off the track by the sudden re-spray of the vehicle. Head back to the hideout (nice and easy so the cops don’t come after you again, and you don’t write-off the car) and it’s mission cleared.

4: Ill-gotten
Back to the restaurant to pick up the mission – then head for the green dot and pick up the package in the alley. Another dot will appear, head for that, but this time you’ll have to kill a couple of punks before you can get it. Drive over them, shoot them, get out and beat them, whatever you like. Head for the third package in another parking lot. Kill the first chap, then look out for two that attack from behind. How go for the pink dot on the radar, and stand on the blue square next to Vinnie to finish the mission.

5: Payback
The next mission starts on the same spot – so pick it up, then head for Trenton (South). Red dots will appear on the radar – these are the chaps to kill. Run the first one over – in the parking lot you’ll find the second demanding money, so kill him too. The final chap is in a van, so make sure you’ve got a decent vehicle that’s not about to blow up. You can ram the van off the road, or shoot it up –or a combination of the two, blocking the van in the getting out to shoot at it with the shotgun works well – just don’t let it get away. If you manage to stop it and set it alight, the chap will flee, so run him down or blast him away to complete the mission.

6: Fake IDs
Back to the restaurant to pick up this mission. Head for Portland Beach – the pink dot on the radar. Step into the blue circle for a cut-scene. Your wanted level will go up to two stars. There’s a bribe nearby, which the cut-scene shows you, and you’ll have to visit the pay ‘n’ spray to get it down completely. Head back to the restaurant to complete the mission.

7: Getaway
Vinnie’s icon has finally moved from the restaurant, so head for Chinatown to pick up the next mission. Drive to the hideout to the north, and get in the car out the back. Drive to the pink dot. Meet Vinnie in the parking lot across Callahan Bridge to see a cut-scene. Mike says he needs to get to the hide-out – don’t go there though, go for a Pay ‘n’ Spray instead. 8-Ball will warn you the cops are at the hideout, and redirect you to Portland Beach. On the radar he’s a blue square with a number 8 in it. Stop by him to complete the mission.

8-Ball missions

8: Twisted Metal
Start this next mission by 8-Ball on Portland Beach. Get into the red car – it’s got a big arrow pointing to it. Head for the pink dot and park the car in the crusher. 8-Ball will talk to you, and it’s mission over.

9: Ill repute
Back to 8-ball’s warehouse to pick up this mission, and you’re against the clock. You have 4 minutes to pick up and drop off a series of girls – drive quickly, but don’t run them over when trying to pick them up! The first one is in a southwest direction. Once you’ve picked her up, take her to the pink dot - make use of driving on the sidewalk if you have to, to get through traffic, but be wary of getting wanted stars should police see you. Park on the blue square and she’ll hop out. A green dot will appear on the radar – this is your next lady. Once you’ve picked her up, a pink dot will appear near the hideout – you should already know the best route back to here by now. Drop her off on the blue square, and head north-east to pick up the third. You’ve got to take her way down south and stop on the blue square to complete the mission.

10: Droppin’ Bombs
8-Ball wants you to deliver a package, so go back to the warehouse to pick up the mission. Get in the orange car that the arrow points to. You’ve got to look after this car, so a damage meter appears. You’re in no great hurry, so try not to wrap it around a lamp-post or anything. Head in a westward direction, as indicated on the radar. Park on the blue square to complete the mission.

11: Scorelli
Again, back to 8-Ball’s warehouse to pick up the mission. Grab a car, and head for the pink dot to the south-west. Head into the alley on foot, and a bunch of bad guys will show up, and it’s your job to take them all out. You can flee into the street, get back in your car and run them down (doing a donut will keep you moving, as if you stop they can drag you out of the car). Alternatively you can shoot them if you’d prefer, just try to keep some distance between you and them by shooting, running back a little then turning to shoot again. Once they’re all dead get in a car and head for the green dot to the northwest. Swap cars in the parking lot for the one that has the arrow pointing to it. A cut scene will start. After which a van will chase you. You can either fight it, and try to kill all of Scorelli’s men, or you can get to a Pay ‘n’ Spray, which will get them off your back. To complete the mission, head back to 8-Ball’s place.

12: Love boat
Another mission to start at 8-Ball’s warehouse. Get a car, and head for the pink dot to the southeast. Drive into the blue square at Portland Harbour to meet up with Jonnie. A bunch of guys will appear in front of the car, so hit the accelerator and drive through as many as you can. You’ll be chased by a couple of cars if you haven’t run over enough of the men, so try to lose these – or stop and kill them. Once they’re off your tail – one way or another – Jonnie will tell you to head for his bar in the red light district – this will be a pink dot on the radar for now. You arrive just as some thugs are threatening Jonnie. It’s best to get out of the car and shoot them down, as they can blow up a vehicle pretty quickly. You should have time to drive straight for one of them to take him out, then bail out and start shooting though. Once they’re dead, it’s mission cleared.

Jonnie’s Missions

13: Time’s Up
This mission you pick up at Jonnie’s bar. You have to find a kill people within a time limit. Start off by finding a fast car – as fast as you can handle, it’s no good having the fastest car if you’re going to overshoot every turn. Three red dots appear at first, and shortly after a fourth appears. The fourth that appears is a moving car, and it should be the closest one to you. Stop the car – ram it into something or stop in front of it, drag the guy out, and kill him. There are three dots left. Head north to Harwood – there’s a chap walking on the sidewalk, so just run him down. This will cause a bunch more thugs to come at you, so just run them all down by turning a donut and swinging out of it from time to time. Now head southwest to the basketball court in Saint Marks. This one’s on the northern-most court, so run or gun him down. The last guy is in Callahan Point. He’ll see you and run, but your car is faster, so run him down to complete the mission.

14: Sober Driver
Back to Jonnie’s bar to pick up the mission. There’s a parking lot next to the bar. Pick up the drunk girl from here. The girl wants to go to a club in Harwood, so be a gent, and drive her there. Two goons show up when you arrive, so kill them, making sure to keep the girl safe by going after the one nearest her first. When they’re dead approach the girl – she’ll get back in the car, so drive off. Her boyfriend will show up, and try to run you off the road. Drive around avoiding him until the pink dot appears on the radar. This is the girl’s home, so dump her there to complete the mission.

15: Happy Hour
Return to the bar to pick up the mission, and it’s another timed one. Your job is to collect a number of pick-ups and return to the bar before 4 minutes pass. Head south-west first to pick up the first one, and from there head anti-clockwise to pick up each one in turn. You have to get out of your vehicle to pick up the packages. One of the pick-ups is by a Pay ‘n Spray, so if you’ve gained some unwanted attention, you can get rid of it here. Just follow the dots on the radar, pick up all of the packages and return to Jonnie. Keep speed at a maximum when on straights, and try not to wreck your car, as grabbing a new one will waste time.

16: Grand Opening
From Jonnie’s bar, get in the indicated Idaho, and drive it to 8-Ball’s shop. Head for the pink dot – you can use the ramp to jump over the barrier to the southeast. Get the bomb, and pay attention to the setting instructions. A bomb symbol appears on the radar, from where you can later get bombs from. Head carefully for the pink dot, and stop on the blue square. Set the bomb as indicated (select it, then A+B together) get out and run, and press A to detonate when a safe distance away. Grab a new car, get a Pay ‘n’ Spray, and head back to the bar to complete the mission.

17: Pocket Rocket
Start the mission at the bar, then head for the green dot at Portland Harbour. Pick up the rocket launcher. A bunch of guys show up, so as before, hop in the car and drive over as many as you can. There’s a car indicated by an arrow, the guy inside must die – either shoot up the car, or drag him out and finish him off. Once all the guys are dead – and all the red dots clear of the radar – head back to the bar.

18: Political Will
Take the mission at the bar. You have two minutes to complete this one. Get in the car in the parking lot, and head for the pink dot. As you approach it will turn red as the limo pulls away. Catch up with it, and start ramming it. After a sufficient amount of rams the senator will get out of the car. Cops will probably be on to you at this point, if any get too close, take them out, but leave the senator alone. Once you have time, attack the senator with fists. Once his life bar is down below half way he’ll give up, and you’ll see a cut-scene, and it’ll be mission clear. Your wanted rating will probably need attention before you take on another mission though, so head for a Pay ‘n’ Spray.

19: Show the Money
Pick up the mission from the bar, then head for the pink dot on the radar. You’ll have to leave your car to go down the alley. Talk to the bloke to get the money. You can either take the money and run at this point, or wait for him to come back with a group of thugs – the easy option is to flee, but if you want a fight, then go for it. Head back towards Jonnie’s bar. A cut-scene will interrupt, diverting you to a pink dot to the south. Head west over the bridge. Stop in the blue square. Once you cross the bridge you’re on Staunton Island.

Staunton Island

King Courtney

20: Race to Run
Head for the K on the radar at Newport Docks. There’s a blue car that will follow you in this mission, but you can give yourself a chance to get away by pinching a few other cars, and blocking it in – don’t get in the green car with the arrow above it until after you’ve done this. Once in the car a pink dot will appear to the north on the radar. You have a time limit to get the checkpoint – once you’re there another pink dot will appear, and another time limit, so keep moving through all checkpoints until you get back close to were you started, then it’s mission clear. Keep moving at a steady pace, and don’t write-off the car, and you shouldn’t find it too difficult. If you find your car starting to deteriorate way before the end, don’t wait for it to blow up, block a suitable car in, forcing it to stop, and jack that, it’ll save time.

21: Latin Coffee
Return to the dock to start the mission. You have to pick up 12 coffee cans for King Courtney, indicated by the red dots on the screen. Head south-west first to the parking lot in Bedford Point. Kill the four thugs, concentrating on the two with weapons first (run them down) and take their coffee cans. Head north to find six more - one will run off, but you don’t have to worry about him, concentrate on getting rid of the two with guns first. Don’t forget to collect the coffee cans before you move on to the third red dot where four more guys await. Again, the easiest way is to try to kill them with a vehicle where possible, and if not, don’t let them get too close or back you into a corner. Careful, these guys could well blow up your car, especially if it’s already taken damage. Head back to the dock to complete the mission.

22: The Big Score
Pick up the new mission from the dock, and get in your car and head northwest to the pink dot. When you get there the two men you need to kill head into the alley. You can wait for them, and kill them when they get back (trap their car in and beat it up so you can blow it up when they return if you like). Alternatively you can head after them into the alley, where you will have an additional 6 thugs firing at you. If you go about it this way, just make sure you take out the two you need to, as you can always flee once they’re down.

23: Fine Dining
Back to King Courtney to pick up the mission. Head west to Belleville and the pink dot on the radar at the restaurant. You can head in the front and take on the five guards if you take the heads on approach, but your target will escape out the back, and you’ll have to chase him. Alternatively you can head round the back, and face him in the restaurant. Either way, when you get hold of him, put your weapon away, and punch him until his damage meter is depleted.


24: Flying High
Head for the C on the radar – this is Cisco’s pad. Hop in the Diablo to make some deliveries – you can take a short cut by jumping a ramp over the freeway. Head south to the green dot and stop on the square to pick up the shoes. Keep travelling south to the next dot. Once you get here you’ll get a four star wanted rating. Head north-east to the third green dot, then all deliveries are made. The police will be gunning for you badly now, try to make you way to a pay ‘n’ spray to enable you to complete with mission with a little less heat. Drive back to Cisco, then follow his instructions, and the dots on the radar – pick up more shoes first, then the meat, then back to the pink dot where you were for an earlier delivery. Kill the men that attack to complete the mission.

25: Factory Wages
Pick up the mission from Cisco, then head to the bomb shop in Torrington to pick up a car bomb. Head southwest to the pink dot, and you’ll find your target as the radar turns to a red dot. He’s in a car, so run him off the road. When he gets out, attack him until his life meter is fully depleted. Pick up the ID card. It’s up to you whether you kill him, or leave him battered on the pavement. Now head for the pink dot to the north, park in the blue square, get a distance away, then detonate the bomb (A+B)

26: School’s Out
Pick up the next mission from Cisco, you’re against the clock, and have three minutes. Get in a car and head north – you can cut through the stadium car park to save time. Head for the pink dot, then look out for a stretch limo. Attack it, but do not destroy it – batter it enough to get the two guys out. Take care of them with your shotgun. Get in the limo, and get it Pay ‘n’ Sprayed. Head north to the pink dot, and park in the blue-square. Let the girl get in, then drive to Cisco to complete the mission – you have to lose the cars that are following you, which shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t crash – go in circles around a block, or the stadium to get away from them before going back to Cisco.


27: Kid’s A Hero

Time to turn here – go to Asuka’s mansion – her niece has been kidnapped – which I’m sure is a huge surprise to you. You get given some money to complete a drop. Head off with it to the pink dot. Kill the guy and keep the money if you like, then follow the point on the radar to find the coach near the stadium. You have 90 seconds to get the coach, and the girl. Run the guys down, and look out for a key that one of them drops. You now have to get the coach out of there, you’ll be chased, and it has a damage meter. Don’t take the corners too fast, or it may flip over. Return to the mansion to complete the mission.

28: Ante Up
Go to the mansion to pick up the mission. Head for the casino and talk to the bloke. Now head for the pink dot, and ram the corrupt cop of the road – it takes a fair while. When he gets out of the car he’ll attack with a shotgun, so avoid him as best you can. Stop by Pay n Spray on the way back to the casino if necessary. Alternatively you can forget about the cop, go get a bomb and blow the casino up. This will give you a 3 star wanted rating which will make getting back to the mansion a little tougher.

29: Two-Hand Toss
Take the mission at the mansion, then go to the stadium. Head onto the field, with baseball bat in hand, and give the Quarterback a whack. Don’t injure any other player, or you could fail the mission. Run from them, and attack when the quarterback is in a bit of space. You need to deplete half of his life meter to complete the mission.

30: Scorned Lover
Pick up the mission from the mansion, then head for the movie-set indicated by the pink dot. Watch the performance. The bodyguards all leave the set, so attack them. When they’re all dead, approach the actor. He’ll leave you his shoes. Kill him if you like, but you’ll get an additional wanted star to the two you get otherwise. Lose the cops with a Pay ‘n’ Spray, then get back to the mansion to complete the mission.

31: Sue Me Sushi
From the mansion pick up the mission, and you’ll have five minutes to sort out a situation with some bad fish. There are three green dots on the radar. Head southeast to the first one. When you get close a red dot will appear. This is a truck. Head it off, force it to stop. Shoot it up until the guy gets out. Beat him a little until he submits, but don’t kill him. Head northeast, and follow the same process – head off the truck, shoot it up, beat on the trucker until he gives in. Now head north to the last truck, and again, head it off, shoot it up and force the trucker out. Don’t damage the truck too much, as after beating the trucker, you have to return it to Asuka. Opt to keep the trucker alive and take him with you, and you’ll get more cash for completing the mission when you get back to the mansion.

32: Down the River
At the mansion, Asuka will give you a Katana. Get in the truck and take it to the first location indicated on the radar and attack the guys with arrows pointing to them with it. Don’t kill them – hit them no more than twice and they’ll wait by the truck. Once you’ve got them all drive the truck to the dock marked on the radar to drop them off. Now head for the next location – park on the blue square in the parking lot and more thugs turn up – again beat them and they’ll wait by the truck. You only need get a total of 15, but the more you get the more cash you receive, as well as other bonuses, such as the use of the Katana outside of this mission. However, once you are at 15, a 3 minute timer starts to count down, so you don’t have long to gather more. You get the best rewards for 21+. Return the truck to the dock to complete the mission.

33: Bad Pimpin’
Start the mission at the mansion, head for the pink dot, then get out and stand on the blue square. A pimp and four goons appear, so kill them all, then head back to the mansion. Asuka will give you a location of the guy you’re looking for, head for his apartment for a cut-scene. After this you’ll be chased by the police and theMafia, and be up against time. Follow the radar across the bridge in Belleville to Shoreside Island to complete the mission. You can get rid of the cops via a Pay ‘n’ Spray, but not the Mafia.

Shoreside Island

34: Mystery Killer
You’ll get a page telling you to head for Wichita Gardens, but on route Cisco will page you to say it’s a trap. You can meet Cisco if you like, either way you have to go to Wichita Gardens. There are nine guys to take out when you get there – you get more cash if you visited Cisco in his new location first, as well as some back-up to help take out the bad guys. Head back to Cisco at the airport to complete the mission.

35: Decoy Disaster
You’re back doing missions for Cisco again. You have to get in the stretch limo, and head for all of the checkpoints. You have two minutes to complete all stops. Unfortunately the limo has a damage meter, and after the first checkpoint you will be chased by a couple of cars. After a few more checkpoints you’ll be chased by thugs on foot, but as long as you don’t stop, they won’t cause a problem. The Mafia give chase when you get to the tenth checkpoint, but you don’t have far to go, so as long as the car isn’t a wreck already, you should be able to get through the last one. Cross the river to the spot on the radar. Here you will have to face 9 men. Five are unarmed, so concentrate on those with weapons first – particularly the boss with the mini-gun. Kill them all to complete the mission.

36: Truth Revealed
Head back to Cisco’s plane. A gang approach, and you have one minute to kill them all. There are eight in total, five of which are unarmed. Now you have to give chase to the car. It has a damage meter, and you have two minutes to wreck it. Try to force it to stop, and continue to smash into it. A familiar face will jump out of the car with a life meter. Focus your attacks on him, but look out for the waves of unarmed thugs that will also try to attack you – these will keep coming and eventually wear you down, so keep aiming for the boss when you can. Once he’s dead, it’s mission complete.

37: Love of Money
It might be worth going to pick up more weapons and body armour before starting this one, as it’s you against the world. 8-Ball will tell you to come to the restaurant. You must now stay in this area whilst four waves of eight men attack you. Always take out the three with weapons first. If you’re running low on health, there’s some behind the building. When all four waves are dead, you have to get out of there – get rid of your wanted rating by visiting the Pay ‘n’ Spray to complete the mission.

38: Taking Revenge
Head for the Cartel icon on the radar and stop in the blue square. Drive to the red dot on the radar, and do what you can to stop the truck – just drive across it’s path to cut it off. Get out and shoot it up a bit until the guy gets out. Shoot him up a bit too, and he’ll surrender. You can kill him, but they his boys will attack you, which you’ll also have to kill. Alternatively you can watch him run off into the sunset and complete the mission with no further bloodshed.

39: Smackdown
You have to kill ten thugs in a very strict time limit. The only way you have a chance is if you know the map well, including jumps, have a fast car you won’t total, and can make the kills quick. The best way to do quick kills is with the shotgun, taking an extra second to line the shot up perfect. As soon as they fall get back in your car and head for the next one. Once all are dead the clock will go, but you have to get the police off your back via the Pay ‘n’ Spray.

40: Assault Joint
Before starting the mission pick up body armour and flamethrower ammo tanks as directed by Asuka. Go meet her to start the mission properly. You’ll be attacked by thugs right away, give them a blast with the flamethrower, but don’t waste the ammo.Time it right and you’ll do maximum damage with minimum ammo. Head for the A on the radar. Men will assist you here, get the flamethrower ready and toast the guys to the northwest – pay attention to those with weapons. You can pick up health packs on the grass before heading in to top up the energy meter. Once inside approach the pink dot. Waves of goons will attack you, so take them out with the flamethrower until you get to take on King Courtney one-on-one. He attacks with a rocket launcher. Be prepared for his attacks. Keep moving, and you’ll pick up the pattern to his attack – there’s an opportunity to go in and blast him with the flamethrower. Back away and avoid the rockets again, taking advantage of every opportunity to blast him until he retreats.

41: Freedom Flies
Go to the nearby K on the radar to start the final mission. Jump the barrier to be confronted by a tank. The cops and the army will be after you, so you’ll have to use all of the police avoidance techniques you’ve mastered so far, avoiding roadblocks, and not stopping to let them get you. The best route is to head to the far west and follow the road south to the airport – anything giving chase will find it much tougher to follow you down here. Stop on the blue square at the airport to complete the game. Sounds simple, and the idea is, it’s avoiding all that attacks you that becomes difficult. Keep an eye on the status of your vehicle, the amount of attacks you come under could see it taken out, and you too if you’re not ready to replace it. This one is a case of good luck, and practice.

Other things to do

Even with all missions complete, there plenty of game left. In the game there are 100 hidden packages to find – 33 on Portland, 36 on Staunton and 31 on Shoreside.

Vigilante missions are available from police cars. Get in and press L+R to give yourself a timer, and a suspect to apprehend.

Fire missions
Get in a fire engine, hit L+R then head for the fires, taking them out with the hose.

Ambulance missions
Get in, activate with L+R then pick up passengers and drive them to the hospital.

Taxi missions
Get in a taxi, pick up a passenger, then drop them off.

There are six on each island, chequered flags. Follow the checkpoints and beat the competitors.

Skull icons – pick them up, then kill a specific number of gang members with a specific weapon.

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