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Retro Game Walkthroughs For

This game is also available on PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mercenaries (Xbox)
Submitted By: Silent Thunder
Created by Silent Thunder for Freeola Walkthroughs.

Welcome to your briefing on the Song Initiative, mercenary, here you will learn all you need to before yet out into the battlefield. There are a lot of dangers out there, but there are equally a lot of opportunities so listen up.

Firstly I’ll take you through all the characters you’re likely to meet in your numerous missions:

Fiona Taylor – Possibly one of the most useful contacts to have, she has loads of experience and will help you out throughout your missions. She’ll be on hand throughout and will provide you with any tips about the objectives and how to achieve them; she also has access to numerous feeds from both the allies and enemy’s satellites, so pay attention to her.

And now the men you’ll actually meet:

A.N. Leader: Colonel Samuel Garrett – The man in charge of the Allied Nations Task Force, he’s desperate for the Deck of 52 to be captured or eliminated and you’re the person who will be doing this for him. He will provide a lot of resources for you throughout your time in North Korea. He’s also the only man who can give you clearance to go after the Aces, including General Song, so stay on his good side, he’s been known to have a bit of a temper at times.

Chinese Leader: Colonel Peng – In charge of China’s army in Korea, Peng’s objective is to gain territory and he can be pretty ruthless about how he achieves this and he’ll get you to help out, even though he doesn’t trust private contractors. Try not to get caught up in Peng’s feud with South Korea; it’s quite a messy situation, unless you know you’re on the winning side, of course…

Mafia Leader: Sergei Voronov – They say if you want anything at any time this is the man to see. He’s a dangerous character, but if you get in his good books he can be your best friend. He controls the Merchant of Menace, a website dedicated to supplying people just like you with everything they could possibly want. Pay him a visit, play nice and he’ll give you access, be aware though: he’s a powerful person.

South Korean Leader: Special Agent Mitchell Buford – Supposedly Agent Buford is working with the South Koreans, however, it is much more likely that he’s the one pulling all the strings. Buford works for the CIA and holds the traditional prejudice against communists, so obviously he isn’t exactly friendly towards China. Again, all mercenaries must be reminded to try and avoid getting caught up in this feud.

North Korean Leader: General Choi Song – The big cheese. This is the man behind all of North Korea’s troubles, he negotiates with force only. He’s an extremely dangerous character with loyal soldiers willing to die for what they believe to be the right cause, all possible caution must be taken. We advise searching for his Generals and other commanders to find as much information as possible on him before striking.

I bet you’re pretty eager to get out there now and talk with these men but before you do you’ll need to know what and who they are in charge of and their potential dangers. Let me take you through the different factions:

The A.N. – The Allied Nations Task Force is in North Korea to remove General Song from power, crush resistance and remove the threat of nuclear weapons. They don’t make trouble with other factions and you should stay on their good side: after all they pay your wages every time you capture one of the members of the Deck of 52. A.N. soldiers wear blue helmets and are easily recognisable; their vehicles are also clearly visible with the blue A.N. logo.

The Chinese – They do actually play a role in the A.N. Task Force, however, China has decided to send in its own personal army to take some of North Korea’s resources. Chinese troops can be recognised as they wear China’s red flag; they also have some heavy weaponry available and will allow you t use if you stay on their good side.

The Russian Mafia – They are here for business only and occasionally look for a good fight, which they know they will win. Although thought as only business man they should not be underestimated, after all they command a lot of fire power and can import almost anything to anywhere. Russian thugs don’t wear military uniforms, but instead don balaclavas and dark coats. Russian vehicles can be identified by the skull and cross-bones flag flying from them.

The South Korean Union – This organisation is under the heavy influence of our friends, the Americans. They wish to install democracy in Korea and with the US’s influence they’ll be pro-West too. The CIA supplies the South Koreans with extremely accurate air strikes, if you wish to use this valuable resource, befriend them. You can identify their soldiers and vehicles by the white flag attached to them.

The North Koreans – I’m pretty sure it’s obvious who these guys are. They believe they are fighting for freedom and they are under the extreme influence of General Song, unfortunately we can’t talk to them and tell the truth so expect a hostile reaction when seen by them. They have access to many different types of vehicles and aircraft so be advised. NK bases could be anyway and likely to be hidden in mountainous terrain or dotted around the countryside, so be visual.

When dealing with the different factions, certain kit you’ll be carrying on you can come in handy:

PDA – An essential piece of kit for any ExOps agent. It has everything you’ll need to get around and contains very useful information, so don’t lose it:

Map – This shows you the area you’re currently in and shows you possible routes you may take. If you have discovered the locations of any members of the Deck of 52 they’ll be shown on this map, indicated by a green symbol. Also the map shows the locations of the different faction’s Headquarters by labelling the location with the appropriate flag. The green arrow on the map shows your current position.

Email – Very useful, you’ll receive emails about almost everything, including information about objectives, members of the Deck of 52 and their locations. Also you’ll receive tips on how to use your weapons efficiently.

Shop – Also found on your PDA is the Merchant of Menace website. Although we don’t personally acknowledge its existence there is nothing stopping you using its ‘services’…

Status – Under the status section you can keep a log of your progress in your mission so far, including how many members of the Deck you have either captured or killed. Also you can see how many national treasures and weapons of mass destruction you have recovered; we’ll come on to them in more detail later.

Factions – This final section shows how in favour you are with the factions.

Binoculars – Although a simple piece of kit, they are essential nonetheless. The pair you’ll be carrying will have the ability to zoom in up to 20X, so use this to your advantage. Zooming in on a soldier or vehicle will allow you to determine what faction they belong to and whether they pose a threat or not.

C4 – Ah, I thought that might make you look up, mercenary. Yes, you’ll have your fair share of explosive adventures I’m sure, but you’ll have to supply yourself with the actual C4. You can use it to blow up almost anything; some targets may require more than one satchel though. Also you’re advised not to blow up civilian structures.

Grenades – Two types of grenades are available to you in the field, flash and frag. Frag is lethal to not only enemies but you also, so once you pull that pin don’t hold it for too long. Flash grenades are there to subdue enemies, they won’t injure them, the effects eventually where off so don’t worry if you get caught in the flash too.

Next we’ll come onto the reasons why you’re probably all here – the weaponry:

Light Machine Gun – This weapon comes a standard with most soldiers in the field, it’s the primary weapon used by North Korean troops because it’s cheap and simple. It doesn’t cause much damage but being sprayed by its bullets is obviously still not enjoyable. Its accuracy is poor compared with some of the other guns, but there’s plenty of ammo for this weapon across the land so take advantage of it.

Covert and Normal Submachine Gun (SMG) – Now, this is a neat bit of kit. The standard SMG is extremely effective, with high accuracy delivering a painful bite. If you fancy going for a stealthy approach the covert SMG is for you. It makes minimal noise so it allows you to get as close to the enemy as you like. Normally only North Korean Elite soldiers will be armed with this weapon, so acquiring it could be difficult, you may need to visit the Merchant of Menace for more supplies.

Sniper Rifle – Again if you fancy yourself as a secret agent this weapon will be ideal, with 10X zoom ability you can be far away from the enemy when you take them out. Aiming for the upper part of the body of an enemy will generally cause more damage than shooting lower parts and if you wish to conserve ammo we recommend going for a clean head-shot. It’s a specialist weapon so the only way of getting it is to use the Mafia’s resources.

Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG) – A very powerful weapon which can cause immense damage to people, vehicles, buildings and other structures. Only 4 grenades can be carried at once so use it wisely. It is very effective against personal and vehicles, but buildings may take a few more hits. Please don’t practise the use of this weapon on civilian buildings: this will be frowned upon.

Anti-Air Missile – North Koreans love to use the air to their advantage so show them who’s boss with this weapon, simply lock on to the flying target (indicated by a beeping) and then pull the trigger, not many pilots can escape this lethal missile.

Shotgun – A Russian’s favourite, although not generally favoured by any other factions this weapon can be extremely useful it close combat situations and is highly effective too. Being a Russian favourite it’ll obviously have to be imported via the Merchant of Menace, but at a nice price. You get seven shots per magazine, so it should be able to help you get out of any difficult situations.

Anti-Tank Missile – It works on the same principle as the anti-air missile launcher, simply use it against any vehicle by locking onto the desired target and pulling the target. Most vehicles will explode with one hit; however, some armoured vehicles will take two hits to finish them off.

Not enough for you? Maybe I can tempt you with just some of the air strikes available to you (please remember you’ll be purchasing these through the Mafia and we will deny all knowledge of this if questioned…):

Stealth Bomber Strike – Using laser technology this can deliver one precise smart bomb onto a target. You have to lead the laser beam onto the desired target and if you want complete accuracy you have to hold your position for a few moments whilst locking onto a target, this will be indicated by a beep. One of these bombs can easily take out any vehicle or building and compared to other air strikes it’s pretty cheap.

Bunker Buster – Often stealth bomber strikes have no impact on more heavily armoured complexes, so using a bunker buster against such structures will level them easily. This bomb is very cost effective and shouldn’t disappoint. This weapon uses satellite technology and you will need to plot the coordinates for precision bombings.

Tank Buster – It works exactly the same as the bunker buster, but will struggle to destroy buildings, however, as the name suggests, it will totally destroy any tank or vehicle. Again it uses satellite technology and is very cost effective for the work it does.

Fuel Bomb – This is the cost efficient of a nuke, according to the Merchant of Menace. I’ve only witnessed one fuel bomb in operation and, yes, I have to admit the level of destruction was immense. It works by detonating mid air, dropping fuel on the surrounding area and then igniting, resulting in heavy destruction. This uses satellite technology also. You’re advised to stay away from the area that is the target as we’ve never seen a survivor when this weapon has been used.

Cruise Missile Strike – Truly another weapon of mass destruction. This weapon causes much destruction and can level large areas of anything whether it is vehicles or buildings. There are two blasts, the first extremely weak, but don’t let it fool you the second is devastating and you will need to stand well away so as not to get caught up in it. Again this weapon operates using satellite technology for an accurate bombing.

Artillery Bombardment – Supplied by China with this you can direct a heavy bombardment of artillery strikes onto a wide area, all you have to do is place a smoke beacon and a Chinese commander will do the rest. Although we consider this highly inaccurate the sheer amount of strikes delivered means you’re likely to hit your target at least once. The bombardment is effective against vehicles and buildings a like, but there is a bit of a price tag to go with it.

Of course, there are many more air strikes available, but let’s leave the Mafia to explain the rest, I’m sure you’ll be more than willing to listen. Of course if you want to buy such things you’ll need to complete missions, there are also other opportunities available to you, just waiting to be taken advantage of:

Nation Treasures – As North Korea is pretty much a war zone now, it’s not exactly surprising that some of the country’s cultural heritage has been lost across the country. These items could be anyway and could be anything, they may surprise you. For each treasure recovered you’ll receive a little cash and also as China is interested in acquiring the treasures for herself their mood towards you will improve.

Blueprints/Weapons of Mass Destruction – Also lost in the chaos were the blueprints for weapons of mass destruction the North Koreans were developing; you’ll be doing us all a favour recovering them so we’ll pay you for each plan found.

The Chopshop – If you ever get a vehicle that you know longer need and you don’t feel the need to dispose of it with C4 pay the Russians a visit and they’ll take it off your hands and give you some cash and respect back, just look for the metal garage door. The more unique and less damaged the vehicle is the greater the price you’ll receive.

South Korean Listening Posts – Well unsurprisingly with South Korea’s ties with the CIA at the moment they have placed listening posts across the country tracking the moves of other factions. China will be impressed if you destroy them and will reward you accordingly.

Crates – Often military transport trucks accidentally lose some of their cargo, look out for wooden crates and you’ll find some interesting items inside, some more interesting than others…

Challenges – The local folk for some reason love to set military personal tasks, sometimes they actually have a purpose but other times they seem to make a mockery of the armed forces so we generally advise to steer clear. However, if you pull of a challenge successfully you’ll get a nice wad of cash, so if it interests you have a look around.

Monuments – What’s worse than an evil dictator? An evil vain dictator. Song has left statues and monuments in his own honour across the country and clearing them up will impress the South Koreans, after all who wants to look at the past?

Well that about wraps it up, mercenary, you’re now ready to get out there - making friends or enemies, making your fortune or spending it on ‘necessary’ items… Enjoy yourself out there.

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