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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Harvest Moon DS (Nintendo DS)
Submitted By: DS girl
Hi this his ds girl this is the first time i have ever written a harvest moon walkthrough this is all the basic little bits and a few cheats in with the credits are at the end and my email address if you have any questions on harvest moon i hope this helps there are key information below where the things are .
1.0. Controls
2.0. Building your farms
3.0. Natural resources
4.0. Tools
5.0. Growing crops
6.0. Raising live stock
1. L button whistles for your pets
2. R button use with other controls see below
3. R +X button equips the next available item in your rucksack
4. Control pad ,up ,down ,right and left
5. Select not used
6. Start pause button
7. X button lets you eat any food in your hands
8. Y button lets you use any tool you have equipped
9. A button lets you pick up items throw items talk to people and open doors
10. B buttons lets you run or jump over an obstacles
Building your farm
Gather materials
Build your farm shed from fodder, wood, stone and gold lumber .gotz the wood cutter will always sell you the material but it will cost you much more than collecting the materials you’re self
Place and order
Once you think that you have enough money and material pick the shed you would like and then call gotz the next day if you ordered something he will come around and ask you where you want to put it
Natural resources
Wild furits and plants
You will find different kinds of edible and things you can cook pull or cut away the weeds
Building materials
Just because you cleard away the weeds and plants does not mean you have finished there will still be rocks and sticks smash the rocks with your hammer and chop the sticks your axe
Community gardens
You can still harvest your crops on other pastures out side your farm some will be better than others
You need these five esstensials to look after you r farm there are more things you need to look after your animals
Galen and the fishing rod
Galen will give you the fishing rod if you visit there on a Saturday between 11.00 am and 1.00pm
You can upgrade your tools with every swing and then get the blacksmiths to upgrade with copper, silver, gold , mystrille and mmythic which you find in the mine.

Growing crops
Clear the weeds and rocks and then till out an 3x3 tilled plot
You can buy seeds from the supermarket or vestas shop
Water your plant s every day even when they are grown keep watering
Raising lives stock
Chickens should be kept in the bird shed on rainy or stormy weather they can be let out when the sun is out and will find food for themselves to raise more keep putting chicken egg in the incubator
Ducks are similar to chickens but will need to build a duck pond to be able to buy them from poultry farm other then that they are the same as chickens
Cow need more work youneed to feed them every day or you can leave them outside in good weather only if you have fully grown grass they need to be washed every day petted every day and milked evey day you.
Sheep are less work they need to be sheard but there hair grows back every 3-4 weeks.

So thats the basic things you need to know to live a life of luxery this is my email address if need to ask any questions [email protected]
Submitted By: w11man
hi this is my first walkthrough so go easy on me right down to bisness

sprites the sprites are very easy if you try hard th casino sprites are 8 spring walk acroos bridge and you will find the main casino sprite he will allow you to buy thing that yuou could not purchase any were else the other three. one is in the well so press a next to it. two is in the fountin at the manor the third is at the side of rubes inn press a at the cooker

how to build your farm

in your home there is a phone press a at it to call gotz the wood cuter there are lots of buildings to chose from choze the one you want the next day gotz will come to ask where you want it place it where you want it


in your rucksack you will find a hoe place it on the red square then press y to use it make a 3 by 3 grid but leave the mideal blank because you wont be able to water the plantes in the midel of the square then stand in the midel and press y after you put the seeds on the red square then you can put the watering can on the red square then go to the edge of the water and press y then go to the crops face them and press y or just go to channel 8 and that will tell you every thing you need to noo

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