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Need for Speed: Most Wanted Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox, GameCube.
Submitted By: scottd
walkthrough for need for speed most wanted.

I introduction

II start of career mode

III buying your first car

IV bounty for destroying cop cars

V rap sheet

VI challenge series

VII hints and tips

VIII if you need urgent help

X infractions

XI info you may need

XII some tips on the cops

XIII heat levels

XVI the fastest car

XVIII tricks on races

XX what happens at the end of the game DO NOT READ THIS SECTION UNTIL YOU HAVE DEFEATED RAZOR. skip this one unless you win career.

XXII if you need help if you are stuck

This game is the next version of racing since need for speed underground.

unlike need for speed undergroud, there is a blacklist to take out. this game starts from when you left bayview and look for more to conquer.

when you start you will see a cutscene. this shows you evading the police.

you will go for a short distance racing against razor.

when you reach 70% mia calls you saying you left oil at the start the race blacks out.

Next you take on ronnie. he should be easy to beat since your car is faster then his. this sprint features you going through rockport and finishing on the coast. when you win, you get rewarded cash.

Next challanger is bull. he has the mercedes-benz slr mclaren. try not to crash, also give him a bump if you want. just past the start on highway 201, the police will give chase. after a certain point, you evede them. cross the line first, you receive a cash prize. cross second you get nothing. you can restart if you get second, otherwise, carry on.

the next race is against 4 racers, rog included. try not to crash and save your nitrous up until you need it. cross the line and get your prize.

next race, you will be versing razor. now to notice your nitrous tank is short. the police chase you again.

when you reach 70%, mia contacts you saying you need to finish fast. IMPOSSIBLE because razor messed with the fuel tank. next a cutscene showing you handing the pink slip to razor. after, cross comes and arrests you. after, mia comes and rescues you from custody. after she explains about the blacklist. you have 14 racers to go through. then you get taken to the car lot.

once you are there, you must choose a new car, you may choose between the lexus, the punto, the cobalt [which is recommended]

or the golf gti. once you have chosen, you must go to the safe house.

the bounty for destroying cop cars increases if the car is more advanced.

you can only start at heat level 2 but i lill tell you it all.

civic crusers, 250 bounty, 100 bounty per 10 seconds. these are the city police.

civic undercover cruiser, 500 combo bounty, amount of bounty per 10 seconds is same as immobilizing one of these.

state pursuit vehicle, 2,500 combo bounty 1,00 per 10 seconds

SUV light 10,000 combo bounty,

State undercover vehicle, 5,000 combo bounty same as listed above.

SUV heavy, 15,000 combo bounty.

federal pursuit vehicle, 20,000 combo bounty. per 10 seconds, 25.000 combo bounty.

federal is national.

federal undervover vehicle, 25,000 combo bounty. note That heavy suvs at this level are worth the same as federal undercover vehicles.

the rap sheet lets the cops keep track of your pursuit summary,

vehicle database, infractions, cost to state, top 5 pursuits, rankings. cannot be viewed until unlocked.

the challenge series is 68 challenges, i don;t have time to list the events but if i create another walkthrough i will list them.

if you are in a tight pursuit use pursuit breakers. i recommend the gas station don't use them unless lots of cops are following.

don't crash in a pursuit unless the cops aren't aggressive.

it may be funny what they say but if they put you to a complete stop all around your car, youll be busted unless they move away.

if you require urgent help, email me at [email protected]

i will email you the answer you want.

no offensive or threatening stuff please.

the infractions are listed as follows: speeding go 240 k's. excessive speeding go 280 k's. reckless driving go 320 k,s. ramming a police vehicle hit a police car at high speeds. hit and run hit traffic. damage to property destroy anything. resisting arrest enter cooldown mode. driving off roadway drive on grass or go through a gas station.

if you are versing police civic cruiser JUST RAM THEM!. you will take them out easily.

every walkthrough i post will have details and a tip of the day. i only post 1 tip because i am busy.

evading the cops requires fancy pedal work.

bust through sawhorses when nearing a roadblock.

try to go around a block.

heat level 1 cops use city cars they are easy to take out and evade.

heat level 2 the cops use undercover city cars these are harder to evade unless you car is fast.

heat level 3 cops use state cars you cant disable them by hitting them they are too heavy you need pursuit breakers.

heal level 4 cops use undercover state cars they use a helicopter to monitor action.

heat level 5 cops use national cars more aggressive helicopters hevier suvs and cross.

heat level 6 require a certain amount of infractions to reach cops use undercover national cars helicopter with more fuel and suvs join the chase.

heat level 7 requires huge amounts of infractions to reach cops use only heavy suvs don't think they're slow they are fast and I MEAN FAST!

the fastest car in the game is the lamborghini murcialago.

keep a good speed during races.

at the end of the blacklist once you defeat razor mia flips him. lol at this cutscene.

if you need original help create a chat thread asking for help i will come along and look at it and if i know what to do i will post a reply with the answer you need.

i dedicate this walkthrough to everyone.

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