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Retro Game Walkthroughs for Mario Kart DS (Nintendo DS)
Submitted By: Ashman
Mario Kart DS Mission Mode Guide

Mission mode is probably the best addition to the Mario Kart DS game, and just like the rest of the game is extremely challenging, especially if youíre going to achieve a 3-star rank in every challenge. It comprises of six levels, each of which are made up of eight stages and a boss stage. Once youíve completed these six levels at 1-star difficulty, youíll unlock level 7, for which I wonít be supplying a walkthrough for in this guide for the simple reason that itís overwhelmingly difficult to 3-star all of level 7ís missions. Whilst completing every mission isnít too difficult to do, rankings for each individual stage range from E to 3-star, so to complete the mode you need the highest ranks possible. Anyway, youíll find simple instructions of how to complete each mission, and tips on how to get the best grade for every level and stage below.

Level 1

Mission 1-1
Simply drive through the five numbered gates. The circuit is fairly straightforward, and if youíre struggling to do it in a time quick enough to earn a 3-star rating, use the mushroom boosts to pick up some extra speed.

Again, not too much trouble here. You will need to collect all 15 coins without turning round to get 3-star, but this isnít too tricky. If youíre lacking speed to get a 3-star, attempt a powerslide on the first corner to gain some extra boost.

Mission 1-3
You need to collect the 10 boxes to complete this one, and once again a fast time is vital to getting your 3-star award. This may take a few tries. Familiarise yourself with the positioning of the boxes, and make sure after the 5th box you stick to the right hand side on the rainbow-coloured boost strips, otherwise you will lose speed and one box.

Mission 1-4
This mission is a tricky one. To clear the 5 cheep-cheeps, which bounce up and down to dodge, you need to become invincible, which makes you have faster than you need to. I suggest, to get 3-star, slowing down a lot after collecting your invincible power-up (also collect a second in reserve) and simply waiting underneath each cheep-cheep and clearing them in one run-through. This will take a few tries if youíre after 3-star.

Mission 1-5
Power-sliding is vital to achieving the highest rank possible in this mission. Driving through the six gates on the track (shaped like a DS itself) can be hazardous, and the gates are small in size. You will probably need to have played the rest of the game to have enough skill to 3-star this one.

Mission 1-6
A fairly simple mission with a twist Ė youíre driving backwards. Escaping the mansion isnít difficult at all, even with inverted controls. Just make sure you hug tight to the inside of the corners and youíll make 3-star without too many problems Ė thereís no hazards to speak of.

Mission 1-7
Use your mushrooms wisely and 3-star is easy to obtain in this one too. The only hazards to speak of are the gofers, which you can risk driving through to shave a few seconds off your time, but you donít need to. Donít bother powersliding on this one, either, as the coins are all in straight lines and doing so will only slow you do.

Mission 1-8
The hardest mission in Level 1 Ė you need to powerslide boost four times in one lap, and the time you need to achieve can be tricky to make unless youíre a pro. Frantically tap left-right-left-right whilst powersliding around each corner until the sparks turn blue and make sure you stay on the track at all times. This will take practice.

Level 1 Boss
Big Bully will try and knock you off stage, and you need to ensure itís him whoís the one in the water. Collect the power-up, three mushrooms, and aim at him when heís nearing an edge. Use all three consecutively and it should be enough to send him into the drink. Make sure you donít fall in either, or you canít get 3-star. Simple.

Level 2

Mission 2-1
This is can be tricky to get 3 stars, but if youíre aiming lower its pretty straightforward. You need to destroy the 10 crates, and getting a fast time is far from easy. Take the first three crates in the obvious order, then go right down the dock, and hit the three in this direction, then back up and to the right exiting the dock to take out the final four crates. By using powerslides, and jumping at the end of the jetty which you will need to turn at sharply, 3-star is achievable, but tough, and will take a few tries.

Mission 2-2
Collect the 10 coins in this simple mission. Reverse at the start using B to obtain the first coin, which is behind you, and then just collect the other nine as you would.

Mission 2-3
Going through the five gates isnít the hard part of this mission, it comes in achieving 3-star. If you want the top grade, youíre going to need to collect all of the mushrooms on the track Ė one is ahead of the 2nd gate, and allows you to quickly boost across a large stretch of grass, the second is ahead of gate 4, and then there are two more leading up to gate 5. Collect all five and use powerslides accurately (for instance when going through gate 3) and 3-star isnít too hard to achieve.

Mission 2-4
To complete this one you need to collect a chain of boxes on the Luigiís Mansion course. The key to this mission again is about mushroom boosts. Get a good start and use the mushrooms contained in the boxes you collect to catch up with the remaining ones. 3-star isnít too difficult to obtain.

Mission 2-5
You need to collect 20 coins in this one, and its another straightforward mission. Just make sure your racing line is straight when entering each chain of coins, particularly over one chain that involves a jump, and 3-star is yours.

Mission 2-6
Make sure you take out each cactus with one attempt at bob-ombing and youíre likely to get 3-star in this one. Make sure you have each one lined up Ė thereís no point missing and then having to do all of them again Ė bare in mind your enemies move, albeit slowly.

Mission 2-7
This course is a really confusing at first, because all of the gates are jumbled up, but once you learn where each gate is it becomes a lot simpler. Still, swift powersliding and boost stripping is required to get 3-stars, so donít think this is straightforward. Donít forget the 9th gate up on top of the boost strip bank. This is where the mission ends, not the finishing line like in GP mode.

Mission 2-8
If you like Baby Park, youíre going to love this mission. You need to powerslide on every corner to get the six required to pass the mission, and as many star power-ups as possible are needed to successfully 3-star the mission. All in all, as long as youíre a decent powerslider, this isnít too tricky.

Level 2 Boss
Eyerokís eyeball needs to be battered three times with shells to defeat this boss mission. This is surprisingly easy Ė just make sure youíre aiming at the right hand, and land all three shots first time to make sure you get 3-star.

Level 3

Mission 3-1
Use of the map becomes vital in this mission that sees you collect 5 moving boxes with the hazard of a pinball machine to contend with. Try not to just speed around everywhere and take a couple of tries simply to learn the motion of the boxes, this way you wonít be deceived into running into an annoying bumper, costing valuable seconds. You need to be quick to get 3-star, but with practice its very do-able.

Mission 3-2
This is incredibly straightforward, like most of the missions that involve you driving backwards. Go straight at the split in the road and ignore the sign telling you to turn right later in the stage, heading up the steps instead. Avoid hitting any walls and hold down B the whole way and the 3-star rating is yours.

Mission 3-3
Collecting this winding circle of coins is easier than it looks. Chain chomp probably wonít get you, and you can take your finger off A a little and still achieve 3-star. You will need to get all of the coins in one go, though, without returning for more to get the top grade.

Mission 3-4
Both beating Yoshi and earning 3-star here are relatively straightforward. Just make sure you use your power-ups wisely, for example when going over the waterfalls, to reduce your time dramatically and get your 3-star. Also make use of the rainbow-coloured boost strips.

Mission 3-5
This one, which sees you head through 8 numbered gates in jumbled order, can be a source of confusion. At the start, head through gate 1 straight ahead as well as gate 5 (even though this does nothing) and into the pipe. This will lead you to gate 2, and then you can turn right on the ramp for gate 3, and right again for gate 4. Then head into the pipeline once more and go through 5 when you come out at the other end. Continue through gate 1 and get ready to powerslide through gate 6, up the ramp for 7, and then aim for gate 8 when you drop down onto ground level once again. Providing you donít get any hold-ups, 3-star will be yours.

Mission 3-6
This mission is incredibly difficult without having a direct plan of action. You need to take out 5 moles with the shells and the amount of time youíre given isnít exactly generous considering the task. The first method you can use to do this is to line up your car with numerous holes, so that when you fire, you have more chance of hitting a mole. By parking on top of an item box, youíll always have a green shell to hand, and even if you take one of the moles out, it will respawn. Another way of completing the mission is to grab one shell and hang it behind your vehicle by holding L, grab another box, and wait over the holes. You can tell when each mole is about to jump out by seeing it peek its head out a second before. The only downside to this is the need to reverse and grab more power-ups, but be swift about it and 3-star should be yours.

Mission 3-7
This is one of the easier powersliding challenges. 10 powerslide boosts in one lap seems like a lot, but there are numerous long bends where you get pick up at least two boosts. Donít rush them, sacrificing a good racing line for ambitious attempts at a turbo boost, there are good opportunities at all points in the race. It will take a few times to get 3-star, but providing youíre a pretty experienced Ďslider, itíll be within your grasp.

Mission 3-8
You desperately need to know the specific order in which to obtain the 20 coins in order to 3-star this mission. The first two coins are collected easily by going straight and heading sharply left through the first opening. Youíll now be outside and have to head right into a new room, collecting the third coin, before sharply turning in the mini room to your right to collect coin four. Youíll need to be quick turning here in order not to waste much time. Head right again, this time out the exit, and collect coins 5, 6 and 7 be heading into the next two rooms and avoiding the banana. From here it would seem sensible to head out the exit ahead of you, but turn left and take the long way round in order to get coin 8. Again, avoid the banana and collect coin 9, taking a sharp right into the next room, around the barriers, to collect coins 10 and 11. Head back out and around the outside, avoiding the bananas to grab two more. Then, after going around the corner and into the final two rooms, collect the last 7 coins in a smooth circle to complete the stage. Drive carefully and use the map well and 3-star completion shouldnít be too much trouble.

Level 3 Boss
This is basically just a race between you, Toad, and Goomboss, which you must win. To get 3-star, however, youíll need to take advantage of the obvious powersliding capabilities of Baby Park, utilising turbo boosts, as well as avoiding any traps Goomboss might have in store for you. Providing youíre a bit of a whiz with powerslides and you do manage to avoid the carnage Goomboss creates on the track, youíre well on your way to a 3-star ranking.

Level 4

Mission 4-1
Here you must beat DK in a race to the finish. Go around a couple of times to get a feel for the track before attempting a 3-star race. The trick is to make sure you donít collide with any snowmen or snowballs, and to utilise powersliding around the tighter curves later in the track. Also use the mushrooms wisely; there are some ďhiddenĒ pickups that you can get by going slower over the ramp near the start. This is pretty straightforward after a few attempts.

Mission 4-2
Possibly the only good thing about this one is that the swarm of crabs is unlimited. Thereís far more than 20 dotted around, thatís for sure. Make sure you get a triple green shell in your item box Ė bob-ombs are pretty useless unless thereís a big crowd of crabs about. Use the radar to see where the most fruitful crab area is. Unless youíre a really good shot, donít bother trying to gun down each crab, just have your green shells hover around you and drive into them. This one took me some time, so good luck.

Mission 4-3
You wonít really understand the objective of this one ďto beat the red car to the finishĒ. Itís a stupid mission, and itís very easy. Youíll overtake the car in question extremely quickly, and to get a 3-star rating you just need to make sure you use powersliding, and the mushrooms you collect, in an effective way. Do this and youíll have no problems.

Mission 4-4
I could explain to you where each of the 7 gates are in this level, but itíd be far more helpful to drive through keeping a firm eye on the radar. Plan your course of action Ė use two mushrooms to boost across the slow-sand, eliminating this hazard, and pick up enough power-ups later in the race to see you swiftly towards the end. Powersliding also helps on this one, but itís mostly about practice, particularly with the sharp turn into gate 5.

Mission 4-5
First impressions are deceiving Ė this one is dead simple to 3-star considering it is one of the later missions. From the start, make sure you boost and collect all of the coins on the right-hand-side in one go. At the other end, wait for the thwomps to slam down, and then start accelerating. You should go under them just as they begin to rise up and have enough speed to collect the remaining 7 coins.

Mission 4-6
This one is easy as well, providing you know what to do. Basically, itís your average box-collecting mission, but you have to avoid fake ones. The fakes donít show up on your radar, soÖummmÖdonít drive into boxes that donít show up on radar. Itís as simple as that. Make sure you shave valuable seconds off to achieve your 3-star.

Mission 4-7
Much like the last mission in the pinball area, you must avoid the bumpers to complete this one, whilst passing through all 10 gates in numerical order. Run through the track a few times before attempting to 3-star this mission, and once you have the obvious route figured out, make sure you powerslide at each end of the arena to shave precious seconds off your time. Itís not overwhelmingly tricky.

Mission 4-8
Another relatively straightforward one here, too. The only real hazards are the puddles, which can be annoying considering the object is to powerslide turbo 7 times in a lap. Thereís one adequate corner for every slide required, so bare that in mind and donít rush them. The key to getting a 3-star ranking is to space them out over the course of the track.

Level 4 Boss
This boss level can be exceedingly tricky, but thereís a little secret that means getting a 3-star ranking isnít as hard as it seems. Without it, youíll probably only make a 1 or 2-star ranking Ė due to the fact that King Boo frequently pops up and steals your coins. However, by jumping into the lava in the middle of the stage when he appears, he will disappear, consequently not stealing any of your coins. You will lose a balloon, but this precious secret will shave a hefty chunk off your time. Collect the coins in a timely fashion, and make sure youíre alert to Booís frequent appearances, and youíll have no trouble claiming a 3-star ranking.

Level 5

Mission 5-1
The key to beating chain chomp to the finishing line and 3-starring this mission is using your mushroom boosts at the right times, as well as utilising powerslides. At the top of the hill near the start of the race, for instance, is a good time to use a mushroom, bypassing the long grass with ease. Powerslides on the last two corners are also useful if you manage to boost Ė you will need to shade off many a second to get the top rating.

Mission 5-2
As with every backwards-facing mission, this one is incredibly straightforward. You shouldnít even need to slow down due to reversing being so much slower despite there being a few corners to tackle. If youíve gotten this far already, you shouldnít be having problems.

Mission 5-3
Here is another box chain level, with a twist. The boxes also travel to parts of the area that are unreachable. There are many methods for completing this, but the following one I found most simple. From where you start grab the trailing box and boost with the mushroom you get from it to where the boxes rejoin the track. Grab the front box that rejoins and brake straight away. With any luck, the rest of the boxes will follow in the same direction, and youíll pick them all up. Iíd suggest learning the motion of the boxes before attempting this method, but it isnít to difficult to get 3-stars if you give it some time.

Mission 5-4
I donít know about you but I love Bowserís Castle, so I found this one relatively easy. You need to drive through the 10 numbered gates in order, and with the track being so long thereís no margin for error. To improve your time youíre going to need to avoid all hazards, land as many boosts as possible, and powerslide wisely.

Mission 5-5
This mission sees you battle with oncoming traffic as you drive through Mushroom Bridge from the opposite end to the other. As long as you use as many boosts as possible and avoid all hazards (collisions and narrow sections of road) you should be able to 3-star this one too, with practice. The biggest challenge lies in pulling off successful powerslides that will help improve your time.

Mission 5-6
Take a few tries at this one to familiarise yourself with jumping from one side of the cake to the other Ė it isnít as hard as it looks. Work out the most successful route yourself by looking at the radar. It will take a few tries to line up the jumps so that you hit all mid-air coins, but 3-starring it isnít about the speed at which you go around the track, itís about 100% success at getting all 18 coins first time.

Mission 5-7
The biggest threat this stage poses are the numerous snowballs that will head down the stage at you. Driving through each of the 8 gates isnít tricky, and due to the icy nature of the area powersliding isnít required. Just avoid the walls and snowballs whilst keeping at a decent speed and the 3-star rank is easily achievable.

Mission 5-8
As with most missions where your goal is to beat a character in a head-to-head, the actual beating of the character is not the problem Ė itís achieving a 3-star ranking. Use your items wisely Ė there are patches of dirt that make your kart travel slower. Also bear in mind that star power-ups can be used to cut through the piranha plants later in the stage, for a quick route to the finish. Powerslide where appropriate, and this stage is another more than achievable 3-star-er.

Level 5 Boss
This is nearly as simple as the Level 1 boss fight. Simply grab an item box from the off, which will contain a bob-omb. If you have any experience with these, youíll know against large targets they are extremely easy to aim. Land your shot and the boss will then start throwing out more item boxes. Repeat the process until he is no more Ė a 3-star ranking is pretty straightforward to achieve.

Level 6

Mission 6-1
The hardest of the reversing missions, but thatís not saying much. Youíll need to drive backwards across Bowserís rotating bridge Ė to do this find an angle that suits you the most in terms of staying on and getting the necessary speed. Bare in mind the rotation direction will switch half way. You simply need to get to the other side to clear it Ė thereís a fine margin between each ranking, mind.

Mission 6-2
This can be a tricky mission if youíre after a high ranking for it. Basically you need to clear out 15 of your enemies, which pop up from the floor much like the moles on a previous mission, with a star power-up equipped. You need to turn sharply at each end of the stage to reduce your time, and try to learn the pattern of some of them popping up, otherwise you could be without any score for a fair while. Youíll need luck on your side to get a 3-star, unless youíre very, very good.

Mission 6-3
Thereís a LOT of coins to collect on this one, 30 in fact. Theyíre all in obvious positions, they arenít hidden, so itíd be pointless me describing where they are. Just learn where each band of three is situated so that you can take the smoothest racing line through the course as possible Ė youíll need it to get 3-stars as the margin for error is slim. As usual, use powersliding when appropriate to shave seconds off your time, and make wise use of the boosts derived from performing them.

Mission 6-4
Unlike most box-collecting missions, this one is tricky, because it doesnít seem like there is a given order to the motion of the 10 boxes Ė they donít move in a chain Ė and the level is pretty expansive. What I would suggest is that, after claiming the opening box with a boost start, head up the nearest block fort and use the middle layer ramps for access to the other block forts. Take some time to work out where everything is before you go after a 3-star ranking, its not easy. Donít be afraid to restart if you take a wrong turn or fall off.

Mission 6-5
Boosting is the difference between success and failure in this gate mission Ė it allows for some major shortcuts that lead to gates at multiple points in the track. Make use of two of the three you pick up at the start navigating through the hazard that is gate 2, and the last when you reach gate 4. Youíll need to repeat similar feats later in the stage with gates 6 and 7. Avoid any hazards and slide appropriately and youíll be well on your way to a 3-star rank in a mission that isnít as hard as it looks (and is immensely fun).

Mission 6-6
This one is a challenge for even the best of the powersliders. 14 powerslides. 1 lap. Youíll need to start powersliding on straights now, for instance when you go into the tunnel near the start of the level Ė thereís room for at least two turbo boost slides in there. Overall, this is exceptionally difficult, and will take a lot of practice. The only upside is that all the obstacles that you would face in single player, such as piranha plants, are no longer an issue. It doesnít make it much easier.

Mission 6-7
Another toughie if youíre intending to get a super-quick time, here. The minute and hour hands MUST be avoided, the donít just push you away, they squash you and make you drop coins. Try and pick off lines of coins at once, picking off just one or two will mean you will have to go back later, and this isnít helpful. A careful eye on the radar is needed to 3-star this mission.

Mission 6-8
The first thing you need to adjust to for this mission is the fact that Peach Garden has been mirrored. Beating Peach to the finish isnít so much an issue, youíll overtake her early on. To get a 3-star, precise cornering and powersliding is vital, and like in similar missions, save your boosts for times where long grass would otherwise slow you down. This isnít ridiculously hard, but does take practice.

Level 6 Boss
This is similar to the Level 1 boss, only icier, longer, and with a much more challenging opponent Ė Chief Chilly. Follow similar tactics as Level 1ís boss, only it becomes more difficult to lure him towards the edge due to the icy conditions. Donít powerslide, doing so will only end in tears. Once youíve knocked him into the drink twice, heíll start jumping to avoid your boosting attempts, and this could end up with you in the drink. You need to press L faster to counter this.

If youíve followed my instructions, and achieved at least a 1-star in every mission, then congratulations, youíve unlocked Level 7. I would have offered a guide to this level, but I havenít managed to get a 3-star on every mission yet Ė itís insanely difficult in comparison to the rest of the levels. Iíve managed to get every mission complete at 1-star, but even that was a challenge. If you manage to 3-star all these missions, then you can afford to be proud of your Mario Kart-ing ability. Youíre a better man than me.

Good luck!
Submitted By: Meka Dragon
Mario Kart DS Nitro Cup Track guide

Mushroom Cup

Figure 8 circuit

A simple track, with two large turns and long straights. Try to stick to the dotted line when taking corners, going too wide of the mark will lose time. Use mushrooms on the straights if you get any. Be wary of attacks from behind, and if you have a suitable item, like a banana or a shell, drag it behind for protection. Slide on the corners to stay as close as possible to the best racing line.

Yoshi Falls

This track gives you the option of taking a different path to the right. Take this, but unless you have a mushroom get back on the main path when you see the second waterfall. After crossing the bridge you can return to the low road, and there's another waterfall, but item boxes are hidden in it this time. Keep an eye out for the two consecutive speed boosts as you approach the final straight of the lap.

Cheep Cheep Beach

After hitting the speed boost and flying off the ramp onto the beach, careful not to miss the item boxes as they're scattered around a bit. Keep an eye on the tide here, especially if you have mushrooms. After the next ramp, when on the sandbar, sometimes you'll be able to cut across, shaving seconds off your time. Watch out for those darn cheep cheeps jumping around on the beach.

Luigi's Mansion

This oneís a bit wavy to start with, but after you go up the stars slide around three sharp turns, but avoid the open cabinet. Try to save any speed boost for the red stuff, you don't have a choice but to go through it, and it slows you down, so if you have a mushroom or a star, use it here. Look out for the walking trees.

Flower Cup

Desert Hills

Sand slows you down considerably here, so stick to the middle of the course where possible. Plenty of corners to slide around, but donít do it if in danger of running into any of the fireballs. A pokey will pop up all of a sudden after a right turn, so be wary. Power slide around the long right turn to avoid losing speed.

Delfino Square

Use the skid/ drift to take the corners as quickly as possible. Mastering this is the key to this course. There's a shortcut you can take by the crates, which leads you to a speed boost near the finish line. If you take the drawbridge when it is up, be prepared to slide as soon as you land, as youíll land close to the edge.

Waluigi Pinball

Drifting and sliding is again the key to this one, as well as avoiding the black balls. Make sure you use all three speed boosts at the start of the course to get off to a flying start before being launched onto the table. There are a couple of big three-quarter turns, but when sliding careful not to be knocked off your path. Careful around the bumpers, theyíll send you flying if you catch them.

Shroom Ridge

Weave carefully between the cars, squeeze up the inside of them if you want to risk it, but not towards the end of the course where you can drop off the sides. As soon as you come out of the tunnel, itís a sharp turn, so be prepared.

Star Cup

DK Pass

Stick to the centre of the track to avoid being slowed down and watch out for falling off the sides, and those darned snowmen and snowballs. Itís a case of up and down the mountain. Watch out for the S-turn after you exit the igloo, a sharp slide, followed by one the other way quickly will make it easier. Watch out for the snow covered hill, the item box you hit over it always contains a triple-mushroom or a star. Hug the final curve tightly to avoid the snowmen.

Tick-Tock Clock

Take advantage of the speed boosts near the start, avoiding the red poles. So many obstacles on this course, and dropping speed to get around them is better than hitting them and coming to a complete stop. Careful sliding may help get through some parts without dropping speed, but it's difficult to master. When you drop onto the clock, there are speed boosts on both sides Ė but watch out for the clock-hands. When you drop to the spinning gears, always head in the direction the gear is spinning Ė this will switch for the next lap (ie left lap 1, right lap 2 etc). On the way up the slope, past the spinning gears, you can go through the forwards spinning ones, and theyíll throw you forward at high speed.

Mario Circuit

Again avoid the edges, and don't hit Goombas (unless you're using a star, then take them out for fun). Using the slide properly will shave seconds of your time. Look out after the third turn after the Goombas, as you can fall off the track. After this and another curve thereís a fireball to avoid. Take the s-bends with power slides, switching direction mid-way through.

Airship Fortress

Annoying course! Watch out for the bullet bills after dropping down after the start. Youíll drop down again after this, and some freaks will throw wrenches at youÖ avoid them! Most annoying part is when you hit a speed boost that takes you into a hole. If other characters are nearby they can knock you off so you miss it, costing crucial time. If you get through okay, be prepared to slide left when you land. Before the end of the lap look out for the section on the left where the road has crumbled away Ė a good spot to get revenge on other characters with shells.

Special Cup

Wario Stadium

You've got to hit all of the speed boost in this one to give yourself a chance. Avoid the mud unless you can speed boost through it. The first three bends are relatively gentle, and the first speed boost is on the straight after them. After the next turn there are four speed boosts, donít miss these. Take care getting item boxes after the ramp, as the fireballs are quite an obstacle. More speed boosts come up, and another ramp to finish the lap.

Peach Gardens

Chain Chomps and water at the start of the course are your first obstacles, Avoid the flower beds unless you have a speed mushroom or star. Bushes and moles will also slow you down, but if you have a speed boost, you can take the bushes, and save time. Take the second bridge, and after grabbing an item cut across the bushes on the right. It helps if you have a mushroom, but still a shortcut even if you donít have.

Bowser Castle

Careful not to fall into the lava - it's better to slow right down than drop off the course. The rest of the course is all about avoiding thwomps and masterng the moving platforms. Drag items behind on the logs, if possible as you'll often have to face attack by red or green shells. Also, right at the start you drive into Bowserís mouth. Which is nice. The turnstile is not a problem Ė when turning against you itís best to stay near the inside. Thereís an exit up ahead and an immediate turn to the right, If you continue turning right thereís a shortcut.

Rainbow Road

Avoid falling off the edges, and don't let other characters knock you off either - they will try. Catch all of the speed boosts if you're confident enough to do so without losing control and flying off the sides!

Unlockables from Nitro Cup:


Star cup - win gold trophies in mushroom and flower cups

Special cup - win a gold trophy in Star cup


Dry Bones - Win gold trophies in all Nitro Grand Prix courses on 50cc

ROB - Win gold trophies in all Nitro Grand Prix courses on Mirror 150cc

More karts can also be unlocked by doing the following:

Gold trophies on all Nitro cups at 100cc

Gold trophies on all Nitro cups at 150cc

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